The Straits of Love and Hate (1937) Movie Script

You think carefully.
Can't forget, that is impossible.
We thank to those people to help.
All right, it is good.
You no matter.
Because you are always like this.
He is so stubborn.
May I consider again.
Where do you plan to be going.
What do you go there and
can be done on earth.
Who are the people staying here after
guaranteeing to graduate originally.
You should not forget this.
If you go back on one's
word now, leave here.
Don't come back again.
My father.
Are you really so cruel.
After studying abroad.
Though everything is useless now.
Leave like this.
Do not have other markets
I have other work in Tokyo.
You think of either.
This fool.
Shouldn't regret.
Welcome, welcome.
Come this way.
You have really worked hard.
The working environment is not very good.
Are the girls here all very good?
All new-comers.
Keep you waiting.
You have come.
Ah, No wine?
You go to take a bottle of wine.
Take another wineglass.
It is taken away icily if it is cool.
You are very strange.
Just drink like that
It is still very hot now.
It is always like this.
Refuse that person first.
See what you said.
Have paid no attention to you.
Really say so.
How is that later on.
Say, how did you say?
Discuss again another day.
Hello, we will sleep,
prepare a room for us.
Yes. I am sorry.
It is invited that go this way, please.
Say, how is it on earth?
Do not seem good.
Not all right.
They will certainly say that
can't live with woman like me.
It is not like this.
What have they all said on earth?
Such a thing that I do not want to elope.
Even if reaching there, we can
not be comfortable either
I originally planned to go
to Tokyo to live with you.
Then ask their pardon.
There are no other methods.
They disagree too.
What shall we do?
Only we make great efforts
to persuade father again.
Except this one.
That is impractical.
Can only be like this.
They have all known.
Have known our thing.
If tell them.
Will be full of ideas.
They will be very glad.
Even if being glad, they
will not promise us either.
Jinjun, you have forgotten.
Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten?
You have forgotten.
You mustn't think of so many.
Have known.
My if separated with you, I went to die.
Ask you to lead me to run together
OK? Have asked you...
Had not I already said just now
I am very clear for your idea
I can't make the thing unfair to father.
And we have no ability.
But, it is all right so long
as you work, is that right?
Then we are diligent together.
It is of no use to say everything now.
Is not it all right to even if love?
Not all right like this, so not all right.
You do not want and I am together?
Don't talk about the foolish words again.
What I said can not go wrong.
It must be like this.
You are very cruel.
Can not be like this.
Could you tell me it is you that calls me?
This person says that knows you
Have you seen him?
How about it? Remember me?
I am your distantly related uncle.
Hello, don't be like this.
You will certainly remember me.
You are really old.
In order to let you come
here specially this time I.
You are just here as expected.
This boss.
He is my younger brother's younger sister.
We were when being in the homeland.
Because dance very excellently.
Very famous there.
Just not long ago.
With a mysterious man.
Run away from home.
Not say those and has not used ing.
You know anything.
My but your uncle.
I have already requested your boss.
I have been coming over
alone all the time too
I am very afraid of a person's life too.
One remembers you who becomes a monk
I can not fall asleep
I do not settle down.
Isn't it?
Do not you want to go back with me?
No, I should stay here
I am sorry.
I have words to say, hello.
Can not what I said go wrong? Except
this one, you have no other things.
Very terrible.
Jinjun is threatenning me.
Someone comes to look for
me today, is my uncle.
My mother said in the past.
He is the person doing out a piece
of everything conscienceless.
He plans to take me to go back.
Have no route of retreat.
OK? Jinjun.
If you do not help me
I will die.
You give to me.
Are you fearing?
Or glad?
From now.
Think of living the life of both of us.
Seem to do dreams.
From now on, I will make
great efforts to live too.
In order to.
Two people are diligent together.
Eh! Certainly out of question!
Quite right.
I have come back.
Come in quickly.
Come in.
Went outsiding, why even a letter was not returned Do
you know how anxious the persons of the family are?
You plan not to come back all the time.
What are you thinking on earth.
What if you want to think you over?
So you are not let me go outside soberly?
If does not know
Whether you are healthy.
Everybody can not be comfortable.
Make the thing clear today.
Can not tow like this.
Don't say again.
Let himself decide.
What? Have you heard?
But not really easy to handle.
Can't think out any way.
This person always disturbs one
without stopping with that person.
If you force him like this.
Maybe he will still run away.
No matter who it has to be difficult
a when most in time in work.
What you said can not go wrong.
It is very difficult for him.
It is not like this.
It seems you are very anxious.
You have a chat slowly.
Be careful.
Child's father.
Let's say clearly as soon as possible.
Let's understand.
You come, are you tired?
Really a busy bee.
Always come back according
to original time.
Make cigarettes for me.
Have you had a meal?
Do not have.
Very amazing
I can be less than such you.
So you want to look for a company?
You are still a man who pays
much attention to the family.
Really envy you.
Then, you should begin to do things now.
Very great.
Have that matter.
What? Do not you eat this?
I have a thing to want to discuss with you.
There is any difficulty.
It is not very easy for
you to live in this house.
Still do.
These words cost 10,000
Japanese yen at least
I can not afford to live.
But if it is diligent, all right.
What you said can not go wrong.
You are very amazing.
Hurry up, hurry up.
If does not bring all persons out.
They will be unhappy.
However, it is very good that you can come.
This is interesting
I am sorry.
Not clear it is everywhere of the things.
Go there to take time very much too.
You are go to sure alone
that fear very much too.
How a bit more careful are
you at that time soon.
You tell me while going back tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
It doesn't matter.
Madam, how can you know this person.
Know in the working occasion
I meet this to still really
cause him trouble very much.
You are affectionate
well how I say to seem.
Then please excuse me first.
Hello, don't watch the
scene of bustle here.
Do you have time here? You made clear.
All right. Please blame two
sentences of mine little.
Then come with me
I am unable not to say.
It is my impoliteness today.
However, you are curious and strange.
Don't say so, you have any
qualification to talk about me.
What do you have to attempt?
Close to that person.
I have killed you.
Let me take.
How can you be so apt to
believe someone else?
Please give a start.
Do you distrust me
I really can do nothing about you.
In fact I do not say you
should be clear too.
It is like this as expected.
Why do you come here?
And is still taking that person.
But I think he is a very
interesting person.
You are really simple! Yes.
Whether you feel he is very good.
So still safeguarded him just now.
But the work is the work
There are no other reasons.
Must remember this
I request you.
Are you afraid I tell others?
Please enter.
Guests come.
Really? Thank you.
Could you tell me who you are?
I am an uncle of Jinzi writing to you.
Please enter.
Thanks! Thanks!
You are really her uncle!
Let her really bring much
trouble to you so long here.
Not at all.
Where is the boss?
He is in the inside.
Is it possible to enter?
Your niece has not come back now.
Hasn't she?
That one.
You can enter inside and talk with us.
It doesn't matter.
Please enter.
I want to know your
requisition for salary first.
It doesn't matter.
Person like you.
Always so honest.
This is bad
I like very much.
But I have a question.
Not I understand you.
Then like this.
Let's begin tomorrow.
Thank you.
It doesn't matter.
If hear you have found the work.
Wonder how glad that person will.
Really thank you.
This is right
I have period of time too because until is
it receive many and bitter to work worker.
Many companies have run too.
Found at last.
Expect me to think as doing
dreams too that time.
Very excited too while getting the salary.
It is very good.
Sorry for troubling you.
Always in this way please.
These say these kind of polite expressions.
I have come back
I am late.
Come in quickly.
These are a little compliment.
Because there are good
thing feelings today.
Ones that so buy it to you.
Will be glad too that you have heard.
He has already found a good job.
You needn't be more anxious either.
But very strange.
I feel good too like this.
You are being apt to say anything
to correct oneself again
I can not think.
That one.
Has that person gone out.
My father's father.
Have not you heard.
This is.
There are no stamps.
He went back today.
Let's joke in anything.
It is true.
That is impossible.
You can not open this kind of joke with me.
You said not to go wrong as expected.
How do you plan.
The thing is turned into like this.
You mustn't come back
I have to do it in this way too.
Let's revise it OK.
Please wake up.
If people can not retrieve again
once ceasing to be faithful.
He will not come back again.
Once the man thinks that living on will
look for the other outlets separately.
I advise him several times.
A person has left mercilessly.
Look on the bright side
of things and click.
It is better that this kind
of man abandons him earlier.
Have heard.
I am sorry
I am not a heart that want to injure you.
But I do not think this is that one
deserves such sad thing of yours, right?
Do not you feel much more relaxed?
Then request you.
Go to quickly quickly.
That scholar is really a
person with ruthless heart.
Have gone too far too like this.
Say now all these are of no use.
It is very damnable to still
pretend to have pity on by oneself.
He is not individual.
There is not a little sympathy at all.
You needn't worry about that fellow.
All let me deal with
I knew one he looked for back.
Don't cry like a fool.
In this way he will not know either.
You come out quickly.
Though you can not see him temporarily.
But don't be too disappointed.
If I will let him apologize
to you in that comes back.
Can not take things too hard.
Have known.
Your health is the most important.
Must make resolution all right.
Come over as soon as possible.
It is I that have known
I have gone down first
Can not do foolish things.
It is clear to remember.
Oh you.
Click at will.
Must let him make spirit.
No the stimulus that take she.
Good morning.
Take back that.
Whether can say that not in a hurry now.
It is working time now.
Not it is played that time is idle.
Don't bother others and do things.
It is not everybody that looks like you.
How can the words be spoken so
I am so long to come
A little unfair to.
You needn't say so either.
You qualify for saying these now.
You are in this kind of place.
In fact just cause us trouble.
In fact I think of the competition.
Have to be just like this.
How you think.
It is said it is rich and others'
Say even more that it is very difficult
nearby to find such a family.
Do not want some children.
It is some reasons to want to stay with me.
I have already been used
to a person's life.
Live in freedom that you can go
according to your oneself idea.
In this way I will be very glad too.
That one.
This was taken back by this child's father.
There is 50 yuan.
Then this requests you.
Because I will not say good-bye to
him this thing is difficult to pass.
Already been over.
Don't cry in front of mother.
Then request you here.
It is known that you needn't worry.
Person who can really worry about.
Let's go back as soon as possible.
The sun will go down the hill soon.
Some of you are worried.
You comes to have in arms like this
Take home.
We will set out as soon as possible
Hurry up!
Then request you
I will work hard and make money
I go to meet this child soon.
You request you from now.
This name of " Xianxia " arises for him
I have known.
This word of " Xianxia
" is valuable meaning.
I know.
Come, the child, say goodbye to mother.
Wave, wave.
There is not anything that regrets now.
After seeing this child off
Hope you abide by the commitment.
Come us move
Mei, do you really think
what is to be done?
How do I play one for you.
Often hold your good fortune.
It is really too surprised.
It seems you live well.
Do not really change at all
That sample of before.
Then play.
Let everybody look.
This is a challenge.
You are seeing anything.
Drawing so terrible a face.
To have a drink.
All right get away.
It is very boring.
To eat something.
Open one's mouth
I do not like this.
Do not you eat
It seems it is good too that you live.
Let me give a start too.
Have never expected you will
be in this kind of place.
You will be very arduous here.
Thank you for your care.
All right please walk please go.
Very terrible.
Change so quickly.
You are a fool.
You can look for some proper work
I do not want to listen to some nonsense.
Do not you come to drink.
But, I can't stop this job now.
Because can not support the child
by this a small amount of salary.
Your child.
It has been already two years since.
Oh thanks.
You have not seen.
It is that a boy is very lovely.
Feeding to you you to
you and doing something.
Don't be jealous.
Then he brings up and
drinks a glass of wine too.
Then I am impolite I have drunk.
He is not the type that I like.
You are the my liking most.
You do not mind.
Oh do not matter.
You must drink more.
You are all men.
Though eat more
Mei, I will drink to one's
heart's content today.
Must be very interesting.
Take my one.
It is delighted to really want to drink.
Then it is good that you play.
Feed to come here quickly.
Feed and come here it.
I had already played hard today.
You are saying anything.
You are so happy, what can I do here?
We play together.
Will phone me afterwards.
Sure everybody all stand up and set out.
Wait a moment.
How much do not I bring today.
It doesn't matter.
Everybody goes with us.
Feed over here.
You let her do something
I do not think of it separated form you.
I play one for you
I offer a cup of yours.
I do not think of it separated form you
Don't forget me.
Welcome to come over again.
It is very good.
You are very amazing.
Where has that person gone?
Must have gone to the lavatory.
A blockhead equally.
We continue playing.
Sing and sing again again.
Hello, do you know where
that guest go just now?
He has already gone back.
Have gone back?
Hello, he has already paid.
No, he says you are the host to entertain.
Don't joke.
It was he that asked us to come.
But he says all will be paid by you.
Yes, so not good enough as to forget.
How to do this, have let him run away.
Is what you said true.
It is true. All request you.
It is really too good.
You do not deceive people,
the elder sister.
You come to pay today.
You are saying anything.
Really a pauper.
All paupers.
But I will not accept.
Why did the person leaving
come back so fast.
Do not really know how you thought.
However, if you, at that time.
Enter university know how it will be now
I am not joking.
You say, what plan is it on earth?
I am the gentleman coming to protect you.
It is my talisman.
You pretend to be my guardian.
Want to utilize me.
If you want to coax me like this,
let's give up as early as possible.
Have treated me as everybody.
You become quite suspicious.
Why did you meet that kind of person
I saw today
I do not want to hear these
I have already been used to it.
Did you look for me because
of there is any reasonning?
I am not easy to be cheated by the man.
You had better give up
I can not have.
My parents had all already died.
There are no people now.
So I have said early you
will have this day.
If you do not mind the result
like this, you will be injured.
Look, uncle.
What is the matter? How
could you come here?
Long time no see.
What is it about this fellow.
You two's in the past.
If you feel strange
That is that you are too conservative.
Delicious! Delicious!
Have not really had so delicious
a thing for a long time.
Eat more a little more.
Hello, give me another bowl again.
Yes, thank you.
I remember the parents who
die have said these words.
You once want to sell me.
Don't mention the foolish words.
Have no method at that time.
Quite right, please sell me.
Not real as you.
All right this guest
You have already got ready.
In order to.
You cross alone till now.
Do not work too hard.
Don't mention this again.
But in a few years.
Older and very difficult.
Let's think about yourself.
Don't say again.
How about it? OK?
That is that your nephew can consider.
How about it?
The uncle does not understand him.
You are a changeable fellow.
Don't speak me sarcastically again.
I am still eloping with this man.
All right.
Come us have a drink.
Maybe will get back to
the relation of the past.
I do not know now.
Do not you know?
No wonder.
There is that reason.
You wait a mement.
That is real things, can not act foolishly.
Because you are a very capable person.
Such a thing is too relaxed for you.
Not just.
For the most part done
by the lady definitely.
The words are spoken so.
Will find she is an outstanding
woman after a while and then.
Please enter.
Welcome you.
Have you heard.
Thing of your child.
Here we are.
The child, you come
I am very glad.
Very lovely.
When he becomes so old.
Wear very big.
Don't say so.
He is very lovely.
Very healthy.
Their good fortune that this ask.
Child, from now, you will stay with mother.
Very glad.
Come, call mother.
Stay with mother how is it.
With uncles here.
Though everybody is the busy bee.
Hello, don't say so.
They will all look after you.
All right, without time, everybody
comes over to do things.
It is very hot this day.
What to do.
Know like this early, do not come.
Will we go back?
Hello, has already got here,
why do you also say such words.
If we do not understand
Can't divide into the win and defeat.
You should make spirit.
Already very much hard we.
We do not have confidence
that go to the end.
It is a miracle to go to
now since the morning.
Let it be.
It is only several li that get here.
Even if it is good to die.
It is good too to be hot.
Always go.
Cheer up as soon as possible.
The child is delicious?
It is the fruit.
You will fill out to eat these things
I can not fill out.
He can not be like me
I am joking.
It is really strange today.
Weather even morning.
Have not really thought of being like this.
I do not want to stay in that kind of place
Think of the pastime.
Have no time to play this time.
But we went to make money.
It would be better if it is a bit cooler.
She seems angry.
Let's begin to set out.
How can dance this kind of dance.
It is not good, it is very hot!
Perhaps it is too cold here.
It will be a cold.
Eh? See.
It is a little hot.
I think for this child's future.
His health is the most important.
You reconsider better.
You say even more I do not have that plan.
There is no method.
You are really a silly woman
I consider that did not
say until this child.
In order to let your life go down.
Are you listening to me.
The most important one is still the money
I do not like.
Like a fool.
Don't say that kind of sentence.
What I said is true.
If live with you.
You know what kind of person I am.
Don't say the words of no use again.
We will arrive soon.
I am very crazy about this road.
Only crazy about?
Like there is no feeling that
come back in ten years 20.
Hello, hurry up, speed up.
Make the best use of time.
Let's go a bit more quickly.
You come too late.
We, etc. Have been for a long time.
Prepare these things and take
time very much, very arduous.
Really? I'm sorry.
Because it is really too hot
while coming, delays much time.
It is really very sorry.
Enter as soon as possible and prepare.
Hello, how about it? Have a fever?
The head is very hot.
Will have already begun soon, has
prepared as soon as possible.
Our child is ill.
Fall ill.
Very serious.
It is a little hot, it doesn't matter.
Give him to me, I will arrange him.
Do not matter like this
You are busy too.
Oh I do not matter
I go to look for a doctor.
Feed and tie as soon as possible.
Your movements hurry up.
We begin now
I can ask a question.
In order to.
Xin state, this place,
is really a good place.
Madam is
I come to such a good
place for the first time.
But anything.
There are a lot of places
of entertainment too here.
This place to dance at first
I am familiar with that place too.
You are saying anything.
Say the scenery in this one.
Have nothing to do with this one.
What I said just now is the
place of entertainment.
Do you feel a great interest in amusement?
Yes, yes.
Are there many? Yes.
The first is japanese cuisine here
japanese cuisine?
Have not heard.
Have not heard?
You have been still food.
Too a lot of that that is eaten.
No way! I will not take a fancy
to this kind of people of yours.
Where am not I good.
Not just.
It is not all right in this kind of place.
Forbidden here.
You are very familiar with them.
Because I grow up here.
It is impossible for me not to hate here.
Oh here is very interesting.
How do we want one.
Talk about the reason.
There are no others.
I will come back soon.
You needn't worry.
I assure you.
The dear one.
Father will not forgive us.
Ask you not to discard me.
Please don't take things
too hard like this.
You do not really like me.
If you really minded
You will think about our child.
The child?
Several years old.
One month.
One month.
Is what you said true.
We are acting in a play.
The dear one.
My dear, I ask you.
Ask you to take me along in Tokyo, OK?
Have asked you! Please!
You are doing something.
We want Xie Li.
In order to.
Where do we say.
In order to.
What is this.
Ones that use for children.
Our child will not die.
Should pay attention to.
See me.
My child.
You should stay with me.
Study this mother of mine.
Must listen to mother.
Your mother.
Like your sky.
After waiting for you to grow up.
Like mother.
Let's know like this.
I am sorry.
This is your interest too.
Thank you.
This uncle.
Long time no see.
How can you come here.
Come to come in quickly.
It seems that unwell too here.
You seem not to change at all.
There are one day in one day
totally propped up in the past.
That is.
It will be the same as
before too this evening.
This is your child.
You can have a look carefully.
She is performing now.
In order to.
You have only this.
It was really very unexpected to see.
That is natural.
I am sorry.
I think you have difficulties too.
It is I does not good all to be.
Really feel too shamed and see you.
It is I that have ceased to be faithful.
If you find oneself wrong now.
How remedy now begins to
try every possible means.
It is not always any method to
throw the child aside like this.
I know, I will do one's best and remedy.
Hear I have rested assured
about this sentence of yours.
I think this still needs a little time.
I think of watching the play
this, you will come here.
I am sorry.
I can see one with her this evening.
OK? I am a bit anxious...
Think of tell hering.
Then thank you very much.
If in this way she will
change the idea too.
How is the child? Have a fever?
What's the matter with him? The cold?
It it seemses to be to have in arms he
run here and there and catch a cold.
I go.
We will go out Request you here
I see, careful on your road.
Where did the child went.
Just been here first guest
lead child go out with boss.
A man.
Please enter.
Is Jinjun here?
Is it alone? Know that came with someone?
It doesn't matter, I go to look by oneself.
Come in.
You come.
Return the child to me quickly.
He is having a fever now.
It is unnecessary you manage! I
want to bring up him to go back.
Put the child here.
OK? You should be like this.
Anxious to leave that you do
not need, I have to tell you.
No, I wants to hear nothing!
Hello, you mustn't make a noise.
He wants to discuss with you carefully.
Because he regrets
abandonning you originally.
He has already felt guilty very much.
Think about the child at least
You are a bit more calm.
Don't let him catch a cold.
Have a fever like this not to joke.
Wrap as soon as possible.
Put somewhere.
Hello, prepare a room.
Look for a quiet place.
Oh, then first I am impolite.
Is your family all alright?
They are all still fine
It seems you are still a person
Please forgive me, OK?
You are very arduous alone.
We are still all a person now.
OK? Forgive me this time!
One excuse me two getting enough word.
You want to tell me this sentence.
You are satirizing me.
This is not that anything is satirized.
You will only pay lip service.
How I am willing to do you to forgive me.
You tell me.
To nowadays this stage
What I still can tell you.
If you can cool down, I
do all right everything.
You are very sick! Don't say again.
You will not know at all.
I am a prostitute.
So if want to play with
me, I can accompany you.
OK? Happy that we play one two times.
These people request you
after you have come.
We welcome you to come.
It is very arduous.
Why do not you sleep.
It is that I do not matter at once.
Let's sleep soon.
It will be bright soon
The child has seemed already all right.
I had thought for a whole night yesterday.
OK? We get married, OK?
I want to remedy over.
Please joke.
It is a real man to pick up to
the talent that can put down.
You look for an other outstanding
rich women and get married again.
I actually always miss you.
Person who only knows the money as you do.
You mustn't say such words again.
So I just have a headache to you.
Whom you speak follow.
Because you regard me as
so interesting a woman.
So just regard me as the new toy.
It is not like what you thought.
OK? Mei.
You must think about our child too.
See and in fact want to become
reconciled with me because of child.
Incomplete too.
It is really disappointed.
Whether good.
Don't be so stubborn.
Give me a chance.
In this way you will not be very in pain.
Though know your present mood.
If does not really want to get married
I have to take the child away.
This is impossible.
If you are good for child
I forgive you for your such a thing.
There is no advantage at all to child.
But, Mei you think about.
Is the child fine at your side?
Do I come to bring up him better?
You think about if the child is with
you what sample will turn into ed.
Yes after growing up Like me.
Will become a prostitute.
Otherwise become one geisha.
Anyway is a person of no use.
Future that please don't
manage the child OK.
You really thought you
could raise the good child
I can.
Then you listen to me carefully
I do not have anything that
has been expected to you.
Can really think of children
I did not know.
Though want to go, not all right.
You say
I have other men.
A good person.
The family is very rich too.
People are very good.
And there is good work.
I want to stay with him.
The person like you understands.
In his drugstore.
We are diligent together.
Want to bring up the child
into an amazing person.
Though can't meet his demand now.
What you said just now
I think such a thing of the happiness
I have experience very much.
So this topic leaves it at that.
Have understood? Jinjun.
Do you understand me.
If you catch Please leave here.
I ask you to walk quickly.
Feed to you and come with me.
Come with me quickly.
Unexpectedly act foolishly here.
Left here at once.
You wretch.
What's the matter with you.
What's the matter with me.
Don't do such a rough thing.
Leave me alone
I dislike that fellow.
You ask while knowing the answer.
Does not this person come
to look for your trouble
I will not treat him as this
kind of people back to the thing.
Don't boast.
Did you associate with
this person in the past?
I do not want to listen to such a thing.
Are you safeguarding him.
You should let me kill him
I have never been threatened by him.
You mustn't act foolishly like this.
You go away.
This eldest brother.
You want to snatch away this fellow.
Please come here specially today.
Why and then not persuade her either.
Hello, you want me to kill you.
What do you do? This is too dangerous.
What are you going to do.
You do not want to run anywhere today.
You want to do something.
You are doing something.
Leave me alone.
No one wants to prevent me.
Go away.
Extremely noisy.
Hello, eldest brother.
You can not be like this.
Until what time do you
want to make a noise.
You feed it to me.
You lack and shake from side to side here.
Court death.
Let people come over as
soon as possible! Hurry up.
Hello, cheer up.
You are still there is an opportunity.
Depend on such a level of yours
It is sure to be successful.
The person like me could
not think over anything.
Why give up so soon.
Yes, even I myself do not know.
This is a troubling question.
Like a fool.
It seems you have not put
one's own mood in order yet.
Upset by so many things.
If not a bit more sober, probably
everything has been disarrayed
I think in this way too.
Those people.
It seems that the god is
smart and very sensitive.
Some meaning.
The head is problematic.
Feed and speed up.
Come, have a drink.
Take the ship for such a long time.
Will feel a pain very much.
You drink by oneself.
You will forget soon.
Even if such you.
I remember it very clearly.
Though you have so beautiful a wife.
But does not understand you at all.
You lack and say the irresponsible
and sarcastic remarks here.
Where is that.
I have been never like you.
Like such a thing
I did much better than you.
Even if how.
She will depend on me.
Will certainly not betray me.
Thing of people who can make clear.
See, the child is very interesting
? No one touches our thing.
You like children very much.
This is good and beautiful.
Change a place.
This kind of thing.
There are many after going to Tokyo
with the uncle to wait for Babe.
OK? Such a toy uncle will
buy for you a lot Babe
Whether you want to go very much.
The large house there, there are big toys.
It will be better than here, OK? Babe.
Very glad.
You say these are very lovely.
A very lovely fellow
I said right to be wrong.
Very obedient.
Would you like to sleep.
You are still thinking
of the thing in the past.
It is enough, have already said so long
I do not know
I am thinking of other things.
You know nothing.
He is very in pain.
I really feel bad.
I have understood everything.
Hope to let Babe be passed
and got the happiness
I do that for him.
You come here this time, I
will not change my idea.
If remember those things in the past.
I am still very happy.
Please enter.
Sir, an uncle has come.
Enter quickly.
Uncle, come in quickly.
Thing which we are talking about.
We plan to go back to Tokyo.
Uncle, sit down, please.
You plan.
The ones that really come are newly good.
It is very cold outside.
To have still better families you.
Really come at the appropriate time.
Have not really gone to
visit you for a long time.
You want to drink something.
Please have some tea.
Is this your nephew?
What are you saying? My father.
Me with the child of Mei.
Wear it very well.
I have only this son
I want and bring him up wholeheartedly
? Mei.
We are also talking about this just now
? My father.
Father becomes the grandfather too now
? There is a grandfather.
You have a lot of things to do
And she will not forgive
you on being so apt either.
Such a child.
How on earth to talk to others.
You should think of your
own future carefully.
I have thought of this one too.
But we have even child
I have already decided.
Very clear such a reason
that this wife should
Is it sure to have other reasons
that you do it in this way?
? Is it like this that you are?
Enough for father.
It is I that ask her constantly.
You shut up.
This woman.
We can not accept such a woman.
This is a thing that has no idea.
All of us have already registered 01:26:33,468... 01:26:35,470 Registration 01:26:35,470... 01:26:38,473 Must change the idea 01:26:38,473... 01:26:39,474 Bring the registration 01:26:39,474... 01:26:40,463 I will destroy it 01:27:40,535... 01:27:42,537 Jinjun 01:27:42,537... 01:27:46,530 Are the person that comes back you? 01:27:48,543... 01:27:51,546 It is really too funny 01:27:51,546... 01:27:52,547 Person like you 01:27:52,547... 01:27:55,550 At such a grandfather's side 01:27:55,550... 01:27:59,543 It is impossible
for me to entrust this kind of people with my Babe 01:28:00,555... 01:28:01,556 Under that kind of environment 01:28:01,556... 01:28:05,549 Can't really imagine that what sample he will turn into coming out 01:28:09,564... 01:28:11,555 Mei 01:28:34,589... 01:28:35,590 What do you have to prove? 01:28:35,590... 01:28:36,591 I am an legal person 01:28:36,591... 01:28:37,592 Right? 01:28:37,592... 01:28:39,594 If that is true 01:28:39,594... 01:28:41,596 I will not lie 01:28:41,596... 01:28:43,587 Everything here is proving