The Stranger Game (2006) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
[Sam] I sure am gonna
miss New York, Louie.
You too?
(dog whimpering)
(dramatic music)
Excuse me.
Listen honey, your mom's
been in a little accident
and I'm supposed to take
you to the hospital.
Get lost lady.
No seriously, I have a taxi waiting.
We really should hurry.
Do I look like a moron?
Okay, I have two tickets to Disney Land.
Would you like to see the Magic Kingdom?
Help, help!
(dog barking)
(whistle blowing)
- Call 911!
- Excellent.
She's my mom.
You're scaring people Mom.
Nobody else plays the stranger game.
[Joanna] Oh come on, you love it.
[Sam] Maybe I did when I was little.
No, you still do.
Hey I told you to put him on a leash.
(dog barking)
Come on Louie.
- Keep you on a leash now.
- It's raining we gotta get
in the cab before we get soaking wet.
You're lucky you're
getting out of this city,
it's a death trap.
Yeah Mom, I can't wait to go west
where they shoot you from cars.
Well at least you're a moving target.
Mrs. Otis, you're an
extremely paranoid woman.
Oh Dr. Frugenfist, I'm
extremely cautious woman
with paranoid tendencies, ya?
Save me, save me, she's
makin' me leave New York.
Come on, we're getting wet.
(upbeat music)
[Sam] It's not completely in the pits.
No, it looks like a home.
How late you think
Dad will be this time?
Oh, just the usual working late.
(dog barking)
Oh yeah you better put a leash on him.
He's bound to think we're in Manhattan.
- Yup.
- And go off lookin'
for Central Park.
[Sam] Yeah.
Wait, no, no, no.
(dog barking)
Hi. (laughing)
You didn't miss me did you?
Oh, you can tell?
Come with me, come on.
Sammy, oh buddy, it's good to see you.
- How you doing?
- I'm good Dad.
And who's this guy?
Lou, Lou.
How are you Mr. Lou, good to see you.
He hasn't forgotten your touch Dad.
Oh he still loves me best.
You know what we are going to be
doing a lot of things together.
Hey maybe we could drive around
and see some stuff tomorrow?
Well as soon as the job levels out
we'll be doing a whole
bunch of things together
and the first thing I want to do,
fix that up that tree
house, what do you think?
Looks pretty good huh?
So I'll tell you what why don't you go in
and find your room?
Let's see.
Go find your room, Mom and I...
Want to make out.
Where does he get that?
What do you think?
Can we really afford this?
Well you know once your
checks start rolling in.
How did you find it?
Oh Ellie turned me onto a
really good real estate agent.
And who's Ellie?
Elanor Glassman's my boss.
And you like her.
And that's all.
Hon, we are 3,000 miles
away from all that crap.
That crap can be bicoastal.
I promise you.
I know, just the last time...
Well that's why they
call it the last time.
I found my room.
Hey bud.
Excellent, let's go find our room.
(dramatic music)
Hi, Joanna Otis.
Hi Joanna Otis.
I'd give you the welcome speech
but we already know each other too well.
I know, the beauty of email.
We don't have to play catch
up or lie or anything.
I bet I even know how you
like to take your coffee.
Oh that would be great.
I didn't have quite enough this morning.
Well I'm gonna love working with you.
We're gonna make a good time.
You have all the right hotel experience,
we're already friends...
And Elanor Glassman
is a very good client
and wanted to make sure
my husband would be happy.
And you sure don't mince words.
Well getting right to it
I brought some fabric samples
that I thought would be interesting
for the upholstery in the lobby.
[Barbara] Okay.
What's Elanor like
anyway, is she pretty?
Not exactly.
Ah, here it is.
This one with this accent.
These guys are practically indestructible.
Hey, hey, that is your dinner.
Hon, have you found my Bomber's mug yet?
It's in here with the good silver.
We have good silver?
Ah, ta da.
We gotta organized around here so.
Okay just give me a
minute I'm working on it.
[Paul] Uh huh, where's the sitter?
Her mom said she'd be
here at two, it is 1:57.
Is she like a pro who plays Doom
or is she just an amateur
who blabs on the phone?
She lives in the blue
house down the street.
Her mom was the one who brought
the muffins the other day and...
(doorbell ringing)
Punctual, I like that.
Remember the numbers are by the phone
- where we'll be alright?
- Yes Dad.
Okay, and honey don't be a brat.
I may have to be using this girl a lot
and from what I understand
she's very sweet
- and very low key.
- And so boring huh?
(whimsical music)
- Look maybe I...
- We're going.
I gotta surprise for you, go on.
Enough surprises for one day.
It's in the glove compartment.
Is this a reward for leaving
my son with Miss Megadeath?
Actually you can call it an
early anniversary present.
(dramatic music)
- You like?
- Oh my god.
(dramatic music)
They're beautiful.
Does everyone here work for you?
Ah yes, the managing editor is king.
Oh look at that.
It's great.
Hey isn't that your cover girl, the model?
And my boss, that's Ellie.
Oh hi.
Come on, I'll introduce you.
Joanna I'm so glad to finally meet you.
Oh thank you.
Thank you for inviting us.
Well, let's see how they look.
I told you they would be.
And you were right.
Yours are very lovely too.
Oh mine are just a present
to myself. (laughing)
Ellie I need you for a minute.
Looks like I'm needed.
- Very nice meeting you.
- Likewise.
Oh Paul you might want to go
rescue John from your office.
He's showing off your software
and he doesn't got a clue.
Uh huh, this way.
So what'd you think of Ellie?
The word flawless comes to mind.
This is the office over here.
- Go ahead.
- Sorry, I'll be back alright.
Could you give me a hand
with this it's not working.
[Paul] What's going on?
- It's frozen.
- Yeah this happens sometimes.
You look like you're having a good time.
If I weren't so happy
you'd see it from my face,
I wouldn't be talking to you.
Ah I guess you met Ellie?
Not exactly pretty was not
exactly an accurate description.
You didn't seem ready for stunning.
[Paul] You got that.
Oh well, might as well get fat.
Thank you.
So she gave me my big break
when I designed this place
and she featured me in the magazine.
Can't you tell me something
unattractive about her?
She's been married three times.
Glamor doesn't necessarily
keep the love alive.
- Mm-hmm.
- I know that look.
You've got a sitter and
you have to call home.
Again, the lines been
busy ever since we got here.
We're gonna be putting in
some seriously long hours Joanna.
You're gonna need more than a babysitter.
I never have before.
Is there a quiet phone some place?
Try Ellie's office over there.
Okay, be right back.
Hey I'll call you back in five minutes.
Is it alright if I use the phone?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
(phone dialing)
(busy signal beeping)
My babysitter has been on
the phone for over an hour.
She's probably talking to her boyfriend.
I have a feeling she's
going steady with Satan.
(busy signal beeping)
- I can't believe this.
- May I?
Yes operator, yeah I'd like you to cut in
on a line for me if you would please?
It's an emergency.
Name and number.
Yes, Joanna Otis, 555-2670.
Get your ass in gear man
we're supposed to be serving dessert.
Thank you.
Yes this is Mrs. Otis.
Yeah I've been trying to
reach you for over an hour.
The sitters breaking up with her boyfriend
and he's in Hong Kong.
Joanna do yourself a favor,
call the home agency, get a nanny.
I gotta find Paul.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Were all the moms on time?
The housekeepers were on time.
The moms were late.
- And I'm the latest.
- Yeah.
Hey, you could've told me
I had a roller in my head this morning.
Yeah and go to school
on crutches, smart.
School, how was it?
Dad has to teach me how to play soccer.
Okay, why?
I gotta learn by Monday.
Okay, he has to help
me unpack on Saturday
so maybe Sunday morning.
Oh yeah, we have to do the curtains...
Mom you know what you need, a nanny.
I work for Mr. Bill
Gates' brother 13 months
and then Robin Williams'
sister-in-law three month.
Not funny to work for.
Well that's nice.
Who are you related to?
I leave by four, no windows,
shopping but no coupons.
Between 11 and 11:30 I watch Guiding Light
and rest between two and four.
I do not work for republicans.
I do not eat with you,
I am not your family
and you are not my family.
I call you Mrs. Otis and
you call me Mrs. Wilson.
Thank you Mrs. Wilson.
So Margaret is there
anything that you don't do?
I can do anything you need Mrs. Otis.
In the convent I even laid the tile.
I have a machine and can
do the mending if you like.
I'm a good cook.
I get a bit nervous with the bread
but that's my goal this year.
Alright, well I have
a nine year old son,
- do you have any experience...
- And I raised six brothers.
- Where's your boy?
- He's right out back.
The boy needs to learn the correct form.
Head down, eye on the ball.
You're gonna love your room Margaret.
(dog barking)
Oh and here's Louie.
Hi baby, hi baby.
(dog whimpering)
I'm not gonna shave him.
[Joanna] Well I guess it's
back to the drawing board.
Excuse me?
Oh, hi.
Remember me?
Oh from the party.
Charlie King Mrs. Otis.
I didn't want to wake
you so I just waited.
I got your name from the home agency.
I'm here about the job.
The nanny?
I'm a houseman.
My last job was with a
family in Palm Beach.
Here's my letter of reference
and Mrs. Powell's phone number.
Oh I'm really just looking for somebody
to drive my kid around
and clean the house.
I do that as well as simple plumbing
and light gardening and heavy lifting.
Well as you would
know running a household
is an art form and I'm very good at it.
Oh, are you married?
You know what none of my business, sorry.
No it's alright, maybe
someday if I find a woman
who appreciates what I do.
Well Charlie the agency
never mentioned you
and frankly I don't
know if I can afford it,
I mean Palm Beach.
Oh no no the salary is fine
and since I never mentioned it to them
you would've have to pay the fee.
I never really thought
about hiring a man.
I know, but I don't...
I don't smoke or drink or do drugs.
I have a perfect driving
record and I love kids.
And you'd never even have to worry
about changing a light bulb.
I'd need to discuss it with my husband
and of course Sam has a say in the matter.
Charlie King Mr. Otis.
I saw you at the Glassman party.
Charlie's applying for
the house person job.
You're kidding?
You're not kidding?
What do you call a guy nanny?
Look why don't we talk about it
and I could give you a call tomorrow?
Unfortunately I'll be on
a plane to Florida tomorrow.
Why don't I show you how
I work right now, please?
Sam the man huh?
You know what you look an awful lot
like my favorite little brother.
(dramatic music)
And why did he leave?
Oh I'm sorry.
Well thank you Mrs. Powell.
Okay bye bye.
They got divorced.
She said he made a
better wife than she did.
I don't know.
He still writes to the
kids, they loved him.
Yeah, it just seems
kind of weird you know?
- Yeah kind of weird.
- Yeah.
(bell ringing)
I call first dibs.
(dramatic music)
Do you play soccer?
[Paul] Hon, we're out of toothpaste.
We're never out of anything anymore.
Just check the cabinet.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
Oh please let me get that for you.
Charlie I heard this
scratching in the wall.
Is it possible we have a
pigeon's nest or something?
Yeah, yeah it's probably just pigeons.
Is salmon okay for dinner?
[Joanna] Yeah.
I'm picking up salmon at three
and then we're off to
practice soccer 'til 4:30.
We got tryouts next week.
They're rats.
There's a rat nest in the
wall, Charlie found it.
Oh god I hate rats.
I'll pick up a rat trap on the way home.
That's okay, I'll do that.
How was it?
It's perfect, you're a genius buddy.
Have a great day sweetie.
Love you.
Hey wait there.
Come on I want one of those.
- Oh have a good day buddy.
- Thanks.
Oh I put the stuff from
your pockets on your bureau.
Oh and Dad I just wanted to say
I want to show you the stuff
that Charlie bought me for
my science project tonight.
A side of dead rat.
Paul don't.
I just don't like a stranger
going through my pockets.
He lives with us, he's not a stranger.
He's been here a week and
he's going through my pockets.
I mean I don't know where
anything is and neither do you.
Everything's exactly
where it's supposed to be.
All you have to do is look.
(rats squeaking)
Oh terrific.
We gotta call somebody,
or is he an exterminator too?
[Boy] Pass it here, over here.
Oh hey.
Nice block Sam.
(whistle blowing)
Come here for a second alright?
[Boy] Come on guys.
Really good work today.
When does this end?
It's over. (laughing)
Oh damn traffic.
Which one's yours?
This guy right here.
Oh so you're Sam's dad.
I'm Susan Copeland, Jason's mom.
Hi Susan, Paul Otis.
Dad I made it to first string goalie.
[Jason] Right away,
just like he thought.
Way to go buddy.
I'm so happy.
If I had a personal trainer
I would be first string too.
[Both] Butt head, turkey butt head.
- Great save wasn't it?
- Great, spectacular.
Hey can I work out
with you guys next week?
Hey you know what, Mom is working late,
what do you say we get a
couple of victory burgers?
I'll see you guys back at the house.
No don't go.
Dad no more burgers I need to train now.
How about sushi?
I don't know too many sushi
restaurants around here.
Charlie does.
You need to tell me how I messed up
on that first save you know?
Sam you and your dad
should go ahead and...
Go ahead.
So how did I mess up on it?
Okay when he came around the inside.
[Sam] Okay I get it.
(dramatic music)
Alright, that's that one.
Don't let them move around
to much up there got it?
Got it.
(rock music)
So this waiver says when the brainstem
is severed by a renegade
skateboard it's not their fault?
Sam do not let Charlie out of your sight.
If anything happens to
him I'm coming after you.
Don't worry, I've got to
do some planning sketches
for the Halloween party,
I'll watch him like a hawk.
Mom go to work.
Okay, play safe.
Okay buddy, let's see what you got.
- Have fun.
- Okay.
I can hear you
Tell before you call me
I've got John Carver
Don't worry
When you need me I say yeah
Ah sorry dude.
Hey, you change for a dollar?
You know what, I left my
cigarettes out in the car.
I bet I got some change around there.
I'm ready to stand up for you
I'm bad
That's a really nice
skateboard you got there.
[Boy] Oh thanks man, yeah I just got it.
Bro, I mean look at this thing huh?
You, you could learn to be
a little more careful punk.
(suspenseful music)
- You're psycho man.
- You think?
Let's go yeah
That man, I'll be your cheddar
Cannot let them beat us again.
Oh tricky, very tricky.
You can do it, you can do it.
- Very tricky.
- She can see it.
I'm trying to distract her.
Eight ball side pocket.
You can't make that shot.
That's one of ours.
Great shot.
Oh man.
Hey Ellie you think John can
handle that Janis account?
Oh behave Paul, no business talk.
This is supposed to be a fun evening.
Next time let's play them
for diamonds. (laughing)
I might have to.
I can't find one of my earrings.
I know it's somewhere at home.
I just can't remember where.
Well, it'll turn up.
I hope so.
I can't wait to see what you and Barbara
are gonna do with the Windward Joanna,
it's such an amazing space.
Their advertising budget must be huge.
Does he ever stop?
Doesn't know how.
Give me a hand in the kitchen Paul?
[Paul] Yeah sure.
Jeremy seems really sweet.
I hate that he's leaving
for that damn play.
I mean part of me hopes
that it closes in a week
and then the other part
of me hopes it's a smash.
He needs his own success.
Paul's always been the
driven one in our family.
You know I keep him at
the office too much Joanna.
- I apologize.
- I'm used to it.
Sam would like more of him
but it's not who he is.
(suspenseful music)
- Why is the house so dark?
- I don't know.
(suspenseful music)
(door creaking open)
- What is going on?
- I don't know.
- Maybe a bulb burned out.
- No not with Mr. Perfect.
Did you tell him to do this?
No but...
This is like Honolulu without Mai Tai.
A gift to celebrate our one
month anniversary, Charlie.
Honey it really is a sweet gesture.
It's totally out of line.
(suspenseful music)
Look, if you still don't feel
good about him in six months
I'll find somebody else okay?
What's he gonna do on
our six month anniversary,
remodel the house?
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
- Two, Three.
- Okay.
Try again, try.
Everybody try and fill your bowl.
Grab some candy that's it.
Now fill your pockets, okay.
Whoa Halloween treats.
Ellie made them.
Joanna you are blessed.
The kids love him, he cooks,
he cleans, no bad habits.
He never takes a day off,
he's our very own Cinderfella.
He is kind of perfect.
Found that other earring yet Jo?
It'll turn up.
Charlie got me these for the party.
(rat squeaking)
That's okay, that's
just my special surprise.
Halloween rat and the best scream prize
goes to the princess, yay.
And the best costume prize okay?
I can't be it 'cause I'm the host
so best costume prize goes
to Jason the werewolf.
My last live in was a nightmare.
Took things bit by bit,
silverware, a wine glass.
Said the cleaners lost my silk blouse.
Okay, now let's go over here.
Watch out.
What the hell's he doing?
I haven't even finished that yet.
[Charlie] One, two, three.
A ghost story.
The pied piper from hell.
Wave to your parent.
Come on up everybody.
So this gets you in touch
with your inner peeping tom.
You can bring up any floor.
An individual location.
Larry, our sex symbol. (laughing)
Huh, the restaurant's
terrace camera's out again.
Let's check it out.
(hammer pounding)
Coming out here to smoke dope.
[Barbara] Surely that's
why the camera's not working.
That would explain it.
(suspenseful music)
I used to be afraid of heights too.
Oh yeah.
For our last anniversary Paul tried
to take me to that restaurant
at the top of Rockefeller Center.
Oh, I've heard that's very romantic.
Yeah well I was too
afraid to go up there.
So we ended up having
champagne and hotdogs
on the Staten Island ferry.
That was romantic.
My ex and I spent our last anniversary
at the marriage counselor.
A month later we split.
Oh well, two weeks
after our romantic dinner
I got a letter saying that
Paul had been having an affair
with one of the women he worked with.
It had been going on for a year.
Or maybe it wasn't?
No, she included a picture
from one of their corporate weekends.
I just don't know if
I can trust him again.
Trust, that'll just set
you up for the big fall.
(dramatic music)
(speaking in a foreign language on TV)
Hey did you know that
Charlie speaks French?
(knocking on wall)
What is it?
Sorry, don't mean to bother you,
just wanted to tell you I
found your earring Joanna.
Oh my gosh that's great where was it?
Just in back of your nightstand.
Thank you, I wasn't worried.
Could Charlie watch the
rest of the movie with us Dad?
Sammy this is our family time.
(speaking in a foreign language on TV)
- I'm gonna go get a drink.
- Okay.
(speaking in foreign language on TV)
(knocking on door)
Hey, didn't like the movie?
Oh it's not in English.
[Charlie] You could hand those to me.
Dad says he loves me but
I know who he loves more.
Your mom right?
No, Louie.
No way.
See that, it's called a jib.
Can we start French lessons?
Well, I'll be,
you'll look at the words in French
and I will tell you the story in English.
- Is it scary?
- Parts of it.
It's about a boy your age who
had nine brothers and sisters,
but he knew in his heart that
they weren't his real family.
See he was a prince and he knew one day
somebody would come and take him away.
And then one day somebody did.
His mom's rich cousin.
He said he could take one of the boys
to live with him and his mom.
She cried but she wanted one
of her kids to have a chance.
Did he pick the prince?
(dramatic music)
He made the boys lined up
and he picked the three
with the cleanest hands.
And then he made them run a race.
He ran so fast he thought
his heart would burst.
But he won.
So he went with the cousin
to live in a castle.
A place called East Hampton.
Where are we?
He was given everything he ever wanted.
The cousin ignored him.
Until one day when he
took him to his boat...
Was it like that one?
And he gave him a pair
of bright red boat shoes
- and he let him steer.
- Cool.
And then he took him
downstairs to a cabin
and he hurt the prince.
And the boy he cried.
He said, "let me go home,"
and the cousin said, "you never can,
"and if you ever tell..."
I don't want to hear anymore.
Sam the man it is a happy ending.
What happened?
Later the bad cousin, he
had an accident and drowned.
And the prince well he
found a perfect home
and a perfect family.
I bet he never let
anyone hurt him again.
You can take that to
the bank. (laughing)
Hon, why did you let me oversleep?
You got in so late again.
I am not having an affair.
Of course you're not.
- I gotta go.
- Okay.
- Have a good one.
- Yeah you too.
Oh for god's sake.
Come here.
I do not want you on that board
without your helmet and your
gear, do you understand me?
- You understand me?
- Yeah.
Have you done your chores,
have you fed the dog?
I couldn't find him.
What do you mean you couldn't
find him, is he missing?
Oh no, he's around here somewhere.
Is he missing?
It's not my fault Dad.
We'll find him and I'll
give you a call at work.
I'm not going anywhere, come on.
People sell dogs to laboratories you know?
Let's split up so we
can cover more ground.
I'll go with you.
You look for him in
the area in our backyard.
- I'm gonna check over here.
- Louie!
Here boy, come on Louie.
- Louie, here boy!
- Louie!
- Louie!
- Louie!
(dramatic music)
I wish I was the one who was lost.
Louie! (whistling)
(dog barking)
- Louie!
- Louie!
Come on buddy.
(dog barking)
Louie, hey buddy.
Hey buddy how are you?
How are you boy?
- Hey boy.
- How are you?
Where you been Louie?
- Okay Sammy take him home.
- Okay, come on Lou.
- We'll see you.
- Let's go.
Come on Lou.
Come on.
Louie didn't get lost,
you set this up didn't you?
(suspenseful music)
Well why would I do something like that?
I don't know, I'd lay money on it.
(suspenseful music)
(horn honking)
Hey, how do I get to Market Street?
- Two blocks straight down.
- Thanks.
Hey, what's with you?
That guy probably has
dead kids in his freezer.
I never talk to people I don't know.
Come on.
Mom trained me not to by
playing the stranger game.
Well how do you play?
Say this chick walks up, hey
do you want to go to a party?
Hey, sure man.
The party's in the car trunk
and so are you after she steals your money
and cuts your throat.
Oh, okay.
Try me again.
Say a super babe, great bod,
in a bikini waving tickets.
Hey, dude you like basketball.
Get lost babe!
Yes, she's gone and you're safe.
No, no, no, she's safe.
I'm the murderer.
You're the stranger.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Hitch a ride little boy?
I don't have my helmet and you know...
Ah yeah yeah, Dad.
You sure?
Be our secret.
- Alright.
- Okay.
You ready?
Hang on.
Okay here we go.
That's it, steady.
Good man, there you go,
you're doing it buddy.
Who needs a helmet huh?
John, I missed the meeting today.
Now why didn't you tell me
the restaurant had changed?
'Cause I left a message
with your house man.
This is very cool.
It's an anniversary
present for my husband.
I love your earrings.
Oh thank you.
Special face don't you think?
I like it a lot.
I'm just not sure
what Paul likes anymore.
This is it Joanna.
All it needs is an inscription.
Something romantic.
Okay, something romantic.
Yeah, let me help you.
We are timeless, all my love J.
It's perfect, I'll take it.
Do you really think he'll like it?
Oh he'll love it, it's beautiful.
Ooh, I love your earrings. (laughing)
Now what about my
commission on that watch?
I thought this was it?
(suspenseful music)
Never insult that family.
I didn't mean it that way.
(phone dialing)
Now do what I said.
(phone ringing)
(suspenseful music)
- Hello?
- Paul?
Is Paul there?
Who is this?
(suspenseful music)
Who was that?
Just a hang up.
(suspenseful music)
What's he doing?
Oh he said he was gonna plant tomatoes.
[Sam] I want to help.
Go get changed.
Hey they won't get any sun there.
What are you doing?
Nothing, just a little gardening.
(suspenseful music)
Oh god, oh I hate rats, yikes.
(suspenseful music)
[Sports Announcer]
And it looks like Alan
will get the first down here
on a conversion down near the 20.
That'll make them first
down and 20 in order to...
[Joanna] Oh thank you.
Charlie and the coach
are in a big football pool.
Hey honey why don't we let
Charlie watch the game with us?
Come on just this once?
[Sports Announcer]
Now they're playing here
for fourth quarter and
it is getting louder
here on the goals.
Shoes on the furniture.
Yours are so clean you could
put them on the kitchen table.
- Touchdown.
- Yes, it's in the bag.
Game's not over yet.
Lou, come right here, come.
Good boy.
Good boy.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Which one?
That one.
Yep, you're right.
I told Joanna I'd have you home by 10.
Could you explain the printer
moved the deadline up again?
My curfew has not been enforced lately.
Everybody's a little nuts these days.
Maybe it's the moon.
At my house it's Charlie.
I swear that guy's out to get me.
You serious?
You remember I missed
that meeting last week?
I think he set me up.
I thought Joanna just forgot
to give you the message.
Joanna doesn't forget anything.
The way things are at home right now
I can't call her on it.
Join the club pal.
Jeremy used to call me every night.
Now it's every other night.
You woman are so suspicious.
And we usually have every right to be.
Then we find a way to forgive.
But you never forget.
(dramatic music)
We can't do this.
(dramatic music)
[Sam] Come on Lou, come
on, come on, let's go.
(dog barking)
Oh nice.
Go get it, go, go.
(dog barking)
(dramatic music)
Who was that at the door?
[Joanna] Oh they're
beautiful I love them.
White is still your favorite I take it?
- Thank you.
- Happy anniversary.
[Sam] Let's go Louie.
Let's do this.
Lou go.
Go get it Lou, go get it.
(dog barking)
Let's go.
You can do it, go get it Lou.
Come Lou, let's go Louie.
(dog barking)
You're dripping.
Yeah I'm dripping all
over you, okay I'll be back.
[Sam] Come on Louie, go for it.
Go for it, let's go.
(dog barking)
Good job Lou, good job.
Good job Louie.
(dramatic music)
[Paul] Shells on the
sand and you in my heart,
'til Monday P.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Oh come on, come on Lou.
You, you almost got it.
I know it's a mistake
but how did it happen?
Uh huh.
Read it to me slowly.
[Man On Phone] Thank
you for my best years.
Alright so how did I get this one?
[Man On Phone] Maybe from the
other flowers Mr. Otis sent.
Thank you.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
I love my watch and you
deserve more than flowers.
Well you gave me diamonds remember?
Was your card from the heart?
Every word.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Yeah John just make sure
you take notes alright?
This reception's important to Joanna.
I want to be there for her.
Okay good, bye.
(suspenseful music)
Oh man.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Pleasure to meet you.
Thank you very much for meeting me.
Joanna this is Bill Fox of Fox Tours.
Oh very nice to meet you.
I've been wanting to meet you all night.
I was hoping you could give
me a tour of your model rooms.
I would love to.
If you wouldn't mind waiting a moment?
My son just got here.
But I'll take you.
[Joanna] Hey guys.
Where's Paul?
- Car trouble.
- Is the food free?
Yes, come and eat, come on.
Alright just one, just one.
There's a lot of stuff here to try.
We have lemon tarts.
Thank you.
- Mom.
- Goodnight.
Can I take some cream puffs home?
Yes honey.
You just let me know
whenever you want to go home.
I love you Charlie.
I don't know what I
would've done without you.
You're a lucky man.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Thank you for coming, goodnight.
[Woman] Goodnight.
Thank you Mr. Delgado.
One more thing.
My wife found this inside
your husband's pocket.
She says things like this
can be very important, very precious.
Well she's right, this is
very important, thank you.
You're welcome, bye bye.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
[Paul] What's wrong Joey?
[Joanna] Nothing,
nothing's wrong with me.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
- Hi Dad.
- Good morning.
What're you doing?
I'm sending this file to Ellie
so we can work on it together.
Better burn it to a
disc just to be safe.
How'd you get so smart?
I'm your kid.
I will.
(knocking on door)
- Hey.
- Hi.
I hate taking you away from
your family on the weekend.
Yeah it's deadline time you know.
John gave me all the data on Friday
and I finished up this morning.
I sent you everything by email right?
Yeah I got the email but
the attachment was blank.
Oh that's weird.
- Well I burned a backup here.
- Oh.
Let's see.
Is it Jeremy?
Blank card.
Secret admirer.
Okay what do we got?
Paul, thanks for not letting
anything stupid happen the other night.
It's funny about stupid things isn't it?
They almost always happen at night.
Let's see what we got.
(computer error buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
There's nothing on this.
There's nothing on this.
(phone ringing)
Otis residence.
You feeling kind of warm honey?
[Charlie] Hey Sam your
dad wants to talk to you.
I need your to find me that file Sam.
I can't find it Dad.
Well I know it's there
because I saved it remember?
I'll get Charlie Dad.
No, no, I want you to do it.
I spent weeks on this and
the deadline is tomorrow.
It's not here Dad I swear it.
Okay, I believe you son.
Thank you.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
We're gonna have to
do it all over again.
I'll call John.
Oh thanks.
[Paul] It's gonna be a long night.
(thermometer beeping)
If it's over 103 I'm gonna
use some cold compresses.
We should get ahold of Paul.
Would you try him and
bring me back a cold pack?
Here sweetie take a sip.
Alright honey I'm just
gonna have to do this.
[Sam] No!
It's just gonna be a
little cold, it's okay.
No answer.
Would you try him again please?
It's okay, it's okay.
It's gonna be just fine.
Okay honey.
(dial tone humming)
Did you get him?
It went straight to voicemail again.
Where is he?
Okay honey, okay, there we go.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
I want you out of this house.
(alarm ringing)
(guns firing)
Probably a terrorist.
Where's Charlie?
He's getting you a hot dog.
- So how's Dad's new apartment?
- Boring.
Are you guys gonna get divorced?
Well we didn't last time.
(guns firing)
I don't know honey.
How about another ride?
- Okay.
- That one.
(carnival music)
Hey, Ronnie man, it's me Tony.
Name's Charlie, you got the wrong guy.
Oh no, no, I got the right guy, Charlie.
You're hard to forget.
Phoenix man, we were tight.
No one could be tighter come on.
Look buddy I've never seen
you before in my life okay?
Yeah, yeah okay Charlie.
You're in for a hell of a ride
just like the one you took me for.
You guys are gonna have
to hang tight okay?
This one's gonna be special.
- Woo hoo.
- This is so fun!
[Joanna] Woo hoo.
(suspenseful music)
[Sam] This is so fun Mom.
This is so fun.
[Joanna] Oh my god.
Stop the ride.
Help me.
Mom this is making me sick.
(suspenseful music)
[Joanna] That was awful.
- I'm gonna be sick.
- I don't feel so good.
Remember me now Charlie?
(suspenseful music)
- Hey you know what?
- My stomach.
I dropped my keys, I'll be right back.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
Oh no!
Nice to see you again Tony.
Oh back with Joey.
You know what we need guys?
- What?
- To make a record.
Sounds great.
(pop music)
I can hear you long
before you called me
And I'm on my way
I've got you covered
Don't you worry
When you need me I say yeah
I'm there and I got your back
Yeah I'm gonna stand up for you
I'm there, you can count on that
And I'll restore you
I'm there when the wind blows cold
Yeah and in the rain I'll be
I saw that one.
- And that's rated R.
- Oh.
Well I suppose we could
go to the zoo again.
Oh the best part's coming up.
After this second spray.
Hey, did Charlie...
It's my idea.
Well we're definitely
doing this again. (laughing)
Is everything okay at home?
'Cause if it's not you know
you can always call me.
At the office, it doesn't matter.
I know you and Charlie are close.
He takes really good care of me.
Dad I miss you too.
Oh buddy.
(explosions booming from video game)
Sam the man victorious again.
Well then, you're so good at this.
Makes me think you've
forgotten these other things.
You know squiggly lines on
paper, what are they called.
Oh I know books.
I read a lot, I just
don't like that one.
Really The Prince, I loved it.
Well I don't, it's creepy.
It's about this kid who gets
given away to this mean guy
and he does bad things to him.
Oh honey, what are you talking about?
- That's not the story.
- Yes it is.
Charlie told it to me, he knows French.
Has Charlie ever touched you?
Mom, it's Charlie, he's not a perv.
- Play again?
- Yeah.
I shall be victorious this time.
(explosions booming from video game)
(dramatic music)
It's right this way.
[Joanna] Still no business cards Max?
The number on the matches is the same.
Take some.
And let me clean those
earrings for you Joanna.
She'd love that Max.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just tired.
Thank you Max.
Where are you?
Talk to me.
I miss him.
Good, phase two.
Phase one you hate him,
phase two you miss him,
phase three you find someone new.
At least the rest of your
life's under control.
No it isn't.
Charlie's not leaving?
He's changed Barbara.
He's not who he thought I was.
Thank god Paul's taking
Sam camping this weekend.
I can give you a very good price
on a diamond to replace that CZ.
What do you mean?
You didn't know?
One of the studs is a VS1 diamond.
The other is a CZ, cubic zirconia.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Paul wouldn't buy a fake.
Mrs. Powell this is Joanna Otis.
If you remember I called you
about a reference for Charlie King.
Oh that's wonderful.
Yes thank you.
The Powells reconciled.
Charlie King has been working
for them in Palm Beach
for the past two months.
Barbara who is this guy
in my house with my child?
Hey Charlie you said
you'd come play with us.
Yeah I'll be there in a minute.
Ha, aces at five.
- Hey, what's this?
- I don't know, take it down.
- It's Charlie's stash.
- Party.
Whoa, that's strong.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
No you gotta puff harder dork-o.
- Dude.
- Oh shoot, shoot, shoot.
Get the water.
[Jason] Shoot, shoot, shoot.
[Sam] Charlie help, Charlie!
Charlie help!
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
[Sam] Charlie.
Go, come on, go, go, go.
(suspenseful music)
Hurry up.
Wait 'til I get down Jason.
- No, no, go.
- Jason wait.
It won't hold us both.
It's burning, let's go.
We have to get ourselves down.
Help, please help!
Ow, ow, ow, ow.
Ow, ow.
(suspenseful music)
- Sam.
- Hold on, hold on.
(suspenseful music)
(muffled talking on radio)
Dude I'm so sorry.
If they find anything wrong
it's on your head Joanna.
(muffled talking on radio)
(dramatic suspenseful music)
Sam I want you to go up to your room.
I need to talk to Charlie for a minute.
I want you out.
I just ran inside for a
minute, it wasn't my fault.
Charlie King has been
working in Palm Beach
for the past two months.
I can explain that.
Who the hell are you?
All this, this is me.
This house, this home, it's all me.
Do you have any idea
how much all this cost?
About as much as a half carat diamond.
I want you out!
You said you loved me.
You're a liar and a thief.
Yeah well let me tell you what you are,
you're a lousy mother and a rotten wife
and you and your phony husband
don't deserve a kid like Sam.
I'm calling the police.
No way.
I haven't hurt you, yet.
Get out.
(suspenseful music)
I don't want you here alone.
Now if the alarm system can't
be installed until Monday
Sam and I can go camping next weekend.
No Paul he's really been
looking forward to this
and it's okay, I can stay
at Barbara's tomorrow night.
Then let me stay just tonight.
We'll get up at dawn,
we'll miss all the traffic.
Alright, just tonight.
(dramatic music)
(dog whimpering)
Would you get Lou?
Go get him.
[Sam] Hey.
Hey there you are.
Bye Mom.
- Have fun baby.
- Thanks.
Come on Lou.
(dog barking)
- Up you go buddy.
- Up you go.
Good dog.
That a boy, careful now.
Good boy.
(dramatic music)
Didn't want to lose that.
Got you.
(dramatic music)
(answering machine beeping)
[Answering Machine] You
have two new messages.
[Barbara] Hey it's Barbara.
I'm just running out to get
the video, see you later.
Oh and I came by to get that tree.
It wasn't on the porch.
Do you think someone took
it or did you just forget?
See you later.
(Sam singing pop music)
Just long before you saw me
(suspenseful music)
(doorknob rattling)
(suspenseful music)
Oh my god.
(suspenseful music)
(muffled talking on police radio)
You're positive this guy's responsible.
- Yes.
- Any sign of break in?
Did you change your locks?
I'm having a security system installed
but they wouldn't come on the weekend.
Did he ever threaten your son?
No, and Sam doesn't
know anything about this.
Without proof we can't do a thing.
Look, well here's the cut off timer
our mechanic found under my husband's car.
He could've been killed.
But he wasn't.
Your guy got his revenge.
His type usually moves on.
And that's it, there's
nothing you guys can do?
Mrs. Otis don't be too hard on yourself.
If you're a working mother
you have to trust your kids to strangers.
It's a risk.
It's up to you to protect your family.
(dramatic music)
[Charlie] Hey little boy.
Jeez Charlie, you into
scaring kids these days?
Only the ones I love.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm going away Sam.
- When?
- Tomorrow.
Will you come with me to say
goodbye to your mom together?
Oh she's pretty mad huh?
No we had a big talk,
she's not mad anymore.
She even said I could come back.
Yeah she does get over things
pretty quickly even with Dad.
Hey, she sent me to pick you up.
[Jason] Hey Charlie.
Hey dude.
Can you give this note to your mom?
I'm taking Sam with me
and my car's on the other
side of the parking lot.
I want to go with you guys.
Well I'm just taking
Sam to his mom's office
so I'd love to take you.
[Woman] Jason!
See you Sam.
- See ya.
- I missed you Charlie.
Hey you're wearing your
special shoes today, how come?
Well today's a special day.
A very, very special day.
(dramatic music)
Two cheeseburgers, two french fries,
two onion rings and two chocolate shakes.
Oink oink.
Sam the man, I sure missed you.
- So where are you going?
- Mexico, you want to come?
I don't know if my mom would let me.
What if she came too?
No way, she hates tacos.
So where'd you get the car?
My friend Lisa.
Must be a good friend.
Yeah, she didn't need it anymore.
Hey when we get down to
Mexico I'll be your new dad.
That's not funny.
Then I'll be your brother.
Cut it out.
Cut what out?
- I mean who's your best friend?
- Jason.
What am I you little
punk, the hired help?
I want to go home now.
I'd never hurt you.
You know why?
Because we're family.
(suspenseful music)
I gotta go to the bathroom.
- You gotta hold it.
- I can't wait.
We can gas up for the trip.
(suspenseful music)
- I'll be watching.
- I gotta get the key.
I'm being kidnapped, call the cops.
- Huh?
- Give me the key.
He's got a gun.
Got a carton of these?
No English.
Move it.
(suspenseful music)
Open it!
(suspenseful music)
The back door.
(suspenseful music)
(car engine whirring)
Hey there little boy.
I gotta puppy in the car.
(suspenseful music)
Now you will notice on page two
that our monthly profit
has remained stable
for the last seven months...
I'm sorry sir, you have an
urgent call, it's your wife.
Excuse me.
Hon I'm in a meeting.
[Joanna] Paul it's Sam.
Charlie's taken Sam.
Jason said they were going to my office.
I'm on my way there now.
Don't you go into that
building until I get there.
I'm on my way.
I've gotta leave, Sam's in trouble.
(suspenseful music)
One of the little
buggers just bit my toe.
Did you see that?
Answer me.
Yes I saw that.
(suspenseful music)
He's here.
Don't worry I can talk to him, hurry.
(suspenseful music)
(elevator dinging)
(suspenseful music)
Going up?
If my son's hurt?
It's just a game Joey.
It's like the stranger game only real.
Please, please just let me get Sam.
He's in no danger for a while.
What do you mean for a while?
Well you saw the dress rehearsal.
(mimicking electricity buzzing)
Sam loves you.
He cares about you, I did too.
It doesn't have to be like this.
How could it be, hmm?
Happy family?
Could you love me?
Show me.
(suspenseful music)
It's okay.
It's okay.
(dramatic music)
It's okay.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(gun firing)
Your son is dead!
(suspenseful music)
(flames crackling)
(suspenseful music)
(gun firing)
Are you hurt?
I heard a shot.
- I thought you...
- No.
No honey, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Listen, Dad's coming.
Oh, he's gonna take us home.
I am never letting you
out of my sight again.
Mom I have to go to college.
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
You're a pretty good shot Joey.
- Paul?
- You shot him for me.
He wasn't a very good father Sam.
I'm gonna do a much better job.
(elevator dinging)
Come on.
You know Sam and I, we
were thinking about Mexico,
but I hear you don't like Tacos.
You know what Sam, your
mom, she had her chance.
She blew it.
Say goodbye Joanna.
I love you.
The stairs, run.
Get out.
[Sam] Mom, Mom!
Oh yeah, good idea.
You'll get it right into your face,
but I love you so much I'm gonna nail you
right through the heart.
[Sam] Mom, Mom!
Don't let him see me die.
When you say things like that
it just makes me love you even more.
This will be our moment.
(glass shattering)
Go, go.
Help me.
(dramatic music)
You're gonna have a great time
with Auntie Barbara aren't you Lou, yes.
Yes we're gonna eat liver
and we're gonna watch lots of movies.
What you don't like Lassie?
How about Benji?
When we get back he's
gonna be spoiled rotten.
So much spoiling, I can't wait to do it.
Hey Lou, hey, Lou's a good boy.
Can't we bring Lou with us?
Come on let's get four little skies
and we'll strap them to his
paws and he can ski with us.
No handsome, no.
Hey, has Sam packed?
Yeah, he's just picking out
skateboard magazines for the ride.
Lou, we are gonna go for one last play.
Come on buddy, let's go, here we go.
Come on buddy.
- You two good?
- Yeah really good.
It's amazing how going
through something so terrible
can actually bring two
people closer together.
Hey that reminds me, I
wanted to show you something.
Remember that lady cop I told you about?
She went through the
files at the home agency
and she found this.
Does he look familiar?
I think I know this guy.
Yeah this is the waiter
who ruined my dress at Ellie's party.
After you left he dumped a
glass of red wine into my lap.
I was crazy.
So was he.
Someone had just stolen his backpack.
His whole life was in it,
phone numbers, license...
And a reference letter from Palm Beach.
This is the real Charlie King.
They never found our Charlie.
Apparently the current's really strong.
To happier days.
I will drink to that.
(dramatic music)
- Alright we're going skiing.
- Yeah.
(dramatic music)
(phone ringing)
[Sam On Machine] Hi, if
you've got a message for Paul,
Joanna or Sam just
leave it after the beep.
(machine beeping)
Can we just
Long before you called me
And I'm on my way,
I've got you covered
Don't you worry
(dramatic music)