The Strangers (2008) Movie Script

911, what's your emergency?
911, what's your emergency?
Are you there?
There are people here.
Okay, calm down. Where are you?
What's your address?
I don't know.
Are you in danger?
Yes. Yes.
What's your name?
We need help.
Okay. Can you tell me
what street you're on?
I don't know where we are.
Jordan, who are you with?
We went into the house.
We found people.
You found who, Jordan?
Who did you find?
There's blood on the walls.
Help us! Help us!
Jordan. Jordan, calm down.
It's everywhere.
Jordan, what happened?
There's blood everywhere.
When did you do all this?
Today. With Mike.
When you were with the girls.
I thought you'd like it.
You can have this room.
I'm gonna get set up out there.
Yeah, I don't know
about the tub.
Didn't know if the roses go
in first or after.
Yeah, I don't know either.
Let me.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Mike, it's me.
We're at the house now.
I... I know you're fucking drunk,
maybe you're asleep now, but...
I'll tell you when I see you,
but things...
They didn't work out
the way I planned at all.
I'm going to need you to
come out here and get me.
Just whenever you wake up in the morning.
I'm going to give her the car.
Just call me when
you get this, okay?
I know it's a bitch
to come all the way out here
but, sorry, this sucks. Okay.
Come outside with me.
I only wanted to dance with you.
We're dancing right now.
- You're a jerk.
- You're a jerk.
Oh, it's freezing.
Let's get in the car.
Wait a second.
I just want to
tell you something.
What do you wanna tell me?
I remember the first
time I ever saw you.
It's really nice,
everything you did.
It's beautiful.
I can't keep it.
I can't take it back.
Just take it, please.
Your clothes are in the
bedroom, if you want.
I wanna wear this.
You know, I only get to wear it tonight.
It makes me feel pretty.
You are pretty.
I'm so sorry it wasn't the
way you thought it would be.
I'm really sorry.
Well, what do we do now?
I don't know.
I'm just not ready yet.
- James, please...
- Please.
Talk to me.
This is embarrassing.
You are my girl.
What is it, like,
4:00 in the morning?
Is Tamara here?
No. No, you got the wrong house.
You sure?
Yeah. I'm sorry.
See you later.
That was weird.
You know, people get lost out here.
Should I go get her?
She seemed okay. I mean,
I think she would've said if she wasn't.
It's cold out there.
I'm out of cigarettes.
I'll go get you some more.
I didn't mean that.
You don't have to.
I'll just go to sleep.
I'm tired, anyway.
No, you won't.
I'll try.
It's all right, I want to drive
for a while, anyway.
Let me light you a fire.
I was thinking when
you were taking a bath.
I want you to take
the car back tomorrow.
What do you mean?
I don't think a road trip's
a good idea right now.
I called Mike. He's gonna come out
and get me in the morning.
Are you sure
that's what you want?
Okay, I'll be back.
If you want,
we can talk some more.
We don't have to. Okay?
You gonna be okay here?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Thanks for lighting me a fire.
Is Tamara home?
You already came by here.
Are you sure?
Oh, come on.
James, where are you?
That girl came back.
That girl, I mean,
she keeps knocking on the door.
What do you mean?
I heard her voice.
No, I didn't open the door.
I don't know.
The battery is dead.
I'm charging it right now.
Okay, okay.
I just want you
to come home, okay?
No, I'm fine, but just, you know, hurry.
How far away are you?
Will you just stay
on the phone with me?
This isn't happening.
This isn't happening.
Go away!
- Jamie.
- Kristen.
There is someone out there.
- What are you doing? What?
- There's something...
- They'll hear you.
- Stop, stop, stop.
What happened to your hand?
Stop. Stop!
Come here, come here. Sit down.
Sit down, sit down, sit down.
How do you know there's
somebody out there?
I saw a man at the back door.
He's wearing a mask.
What do you mean?
Like a ski mask? What?
I don't know.
A fucking mask!
- I don't know.
- Okay, okay. Calm down.
Jamie, I'm so scared.
Don't go out there.
Please, don't go.
- Please, stop.
- Just stay here.
I'm right here. Stop.
No one out here.
Nobody. Come here.
Come here.
It's okay, there's nothing here.
So, what do you wanna do?
I don't know.
Kristen, what is it?
She's watching us.
She looks like a ghost.
You want me to go talk to her?
They don't wanna talk.
Well, they want something.
People just don't stand out there
staring at us like that.
They want something.
- Shit.
- What?
I left my phone in the car,
I'm gonna go get it.
You can't go out there.
One of them came in here
and took my phone.
Kristen, nobody came in here.
She's gone.
What do you want?
All right, get the fuck out of here!
Kristen, go back inside.
- What's happening?
- Kristen...
Kristen, go.
Jesus Christ,
what are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I'm waiting for you.
I want you to get your things.
Put your shoes on.
Did you find your phone?
No, I told you,
they took my phone.
Babe, I put it in your bag.
James, it's not in the bag.
I plugged it into the wall,
and when I came back it was gone.
It's just, I don't understand.
We checked the whole house,
and nobody in here.
Let me see your hand.
What are you thinking?
Since we've been here
I haven't heard a dog bark,
a car pass, nothing.
Just us and them.
Why are they doing this?
Kristen, I don't want you
to think about that, okay?
Don't think about it.
Doesn't matter right now.
We don't need a reason
if they come through that door.
What is it?
It's my phone.
We gotta get out of here.
Who is that?
I don't know.
Get out of the car.
Come on.
James, we need a gun.
I'm looking.
Does your dad have a gun?
Kristen, I'm looking.
There was one here when I was a kid.
He always hid it.
Let's go to the bedroom.
Oh, my God!
What are you doing?
Looking for bullets.
Stop. I got them, I got them.
I don't know how
to use this thing.
What do you mean?
I'm not sure I even
know how to load it.
But you said you used
to hunt with your dad.
No, I never did.
It was just something that I said.
When I open the door,
I just want you to run, okay?
Block the door, block the door.
Come on.
We're not gonna fucking die here.
We're gonna sit here, we're gonna wait
for the fucking cops to come, or whatever,
but we're not gonna fucking die.
Yo, Jimmy James.
What's up, buddy?
It's Mike. Listen, man, I'm outside.
I got here early.
I just decided to come out,
and you know,
just be here for you
as soon as I possibly could,
because you know how I like to wait
on you hand and fucking foot.
What the fuck?
Kristen, I shot him.
He didn't have a mask.
Why didn't he have
a fucking mask?
What do you mean,
he didn't have a mask?
Oh, God!
- What is it?
- Stay there.
James, answer me.
Oh, fuck!
Don't. Stay there.
Get off of me.
Stop it.
It's Mike. Mike.
Please don't look.
It's Mike.
Oh, God.
Baby, it's not your fault.
He was my best friend.
He's my best friend.
He was my best friend.
What am I gonna do?
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go outside.
I want you to hide somewhere.
What are you talking about?
There's an old radio at the barn,
I'm gonna try and call for help.
I don't know what else to do.
It's okay, I'm gonna
come right back for you.
Listen, I want you to go,
and I want you to hide there.
I'll keep them away.
I'll come find you.
James, no.
- Kristen, please, it'll be okay, I promise.
- I want to come with you.
I'll be fine.
Be careful. James.
Oh, shit!
Oh, fuck!
Can anybody hear me?
This is K-50.
Can you hear me?
Please, answer me.
Help me.
Where are you?
He's gonna kill you.
Why are you doing this to us?
You're gonna die.
Kristen, run!
Let me out!
Kristen! Run!
Why are you doing this to us?
Because you were home.
I love you.
No! Please! No!
No! Please!
You don't have to do this. Please!
You can stop now.
You... Please! No!
Please, listen to me. Please.
You can stop now.
You don't have to do this.
Baby, look at me.
Look at my face.
Don't Look, please.
Please! Please!
Please, don't!
Can I have one?
Are you a sinner?
It'll be easier next time.