The Strongest Man in the World (1975) Movie Script

(BELL DINGS) (SHIP'S HORN BLOWS) (BUZZING) (ROARS) (ANTIQUE CAR HORN HONKING) (HORN HONKS) (ENGINE SPUTTERS, STOPS) (SPLAT) (SQUAWKING) Ohh. Ohh-ho-ho! Does that hurt. Ohh-ho-ho. Ohh! It is unbelievable how much pain
a thing like this can cause. It, uh... Have you ever had a corn? No, I have never had a corn. Regent Dietz, I know that it's hot today
and people are a bit out of sorts, but there is no reason to be mad at me
just because I have a corn on my foot. I am not mad at you
because you have a corn on your foot. I am mad because
I have something important to say. And I haven't been able to get it
out because of your foot. I'm either hearing about it,
or you're limping around on it. Will you please sit down? (MURMURS) Sit down. Yes. Ohh. (GRUNTS) Oh, you're right. That's better. Yes. Well... I have a message
from the Board of Regents. Good. The Board of Regents.
How is the board these days? - Disappointed.
- Disappointed? Disappointed. - Disapp... Uh, about what?
- Plenty. They feel that your problems
here at the school are overwhelming. Well, so do I. And the board wants action. New blood. Fresh ideas.
Top level changes, Higgins. That's what the board wants
and, frankly, I agree. Oh, uh, good thinking, Dietz. Yes! Fresh faces. New blood. Top level changes. That's the ticket. Good! Good to hear that you agree. - When are you leaving?
- Oh, just as soon as I can... What? When am I... Well, you didn't mean...
Top level changes. Yes, Higgins. Top level. Well, not the very tippy-tippy-top. Well, surely not the very
tippy-tippy-tippy top. Yes, I'm afraid the very tippy-tippy, tippy top. Let's face it, Higgins. You've had years to get this place
back on its financial feet and you haven't done it. Waste. Waste, waste. Here. Look at this budget. Well, the costs for the science
department alone, they're ridiculous. Oh, the science...
That's that Quigley again. Oh, I know. I'll fire him. That'll end the waste.
Oh, I guarantee that. Quigley out, waste out. You'll see. Ohh... I'm afraid firing Quigley is not going to
satisfy the Board of Regents. Now, Higgins, let's not
make a problem out of this. Why don't you just
step down gracefully? Step down? Well, I can't step down. I'm right in the middle
of my, uh, uh, my promotional program. - Promotional program?
- Yes! To raise money.
That's what you want, isn't it? Money? Yes, money. But how... How? Don't you worry about... Uh, uh, all I need is 30 days. Higgins, honestly, I don't... Thirty days, Regent Dietz. All right, 30 days. But that's it. No more excuses this time. (SIGHS) I don't know what I'm going to
tell the Board of Regents. Regent Dietz, you'll find your confidence
in me is amply rewarded. - What confidence?
- "What con..." Ohh. (CHUCKLES) In 30 days, the changes
you'll find around... Higgins, I've already told you,
you have your 30 days. But do something. Let's get some order restored
around this place above all, and no more expensive nonsense. Uh, regent Dietz, there is no nonsense
going on around here, I can assure you. If there were, I would see it.
Nothing escapes my eye. Higgins, what are you doing? How... What... What am I doing? - Uh, you forgot something.
- Forgot something? Yes, you forgot your, uh... Oh, your hat. Oh, yes. Wait a minute. This is not my hat. As a matter of fact,
I wasn't even wearing a hat. Oh, that's right. That's my hat.
I thought I recognized that. Oh, and tell
the Board of Regents to cheer up. Every cloud has a silver lining.
(CHUCKLES) Doesn't it? Type something. A little higher on your side. That's it.
Leave it right where it is. Perfect. Hey, Dexter, what do you think of that? That's terrific, Schuyler. Yeah, it does
look pretty good, doesn't it? You know, I'm not sure
a cow twice as starved as Ruthybelle would have anything to do with this stuff. Well, it's probably
that acid taste she doesn't like. You get rid of that
and she'll probably like it. Yeah. Maybe you're right. Carry on. Good morning. - Good morning.
- Good morning, Dean Higgins. - All right, where is he?
- Hey, dean, what happened to your foot? - Never mind my foot. Where is he?
- Who? - Who? Quigley who. That's who.
- Isn't he here? Uh, he'll be a few minutes late. He just dropped by the supply room to
pick up a few more test tubes. You mean that
he leaves you people alone? Well, sure. Why not? Yeah. We're on the honor system. (COW MOOING) I suppose that is
on the honor system too. A cow, on the honor system? Hey, that's pretty good, Dean Higgins. (ALL LAUGHING) Stop trying to butter me up.
I know that isn't funny. Dean, is there anything
we can do for you? No, there isn't anything
you can do for me. I just came up here to make
a little announcement. Back to work. A little announcement? Hey, maybe he's
going to give Quigley promotion. Yeah, wouldn't that be something. If it isn't asking too much, do you think I would be going beyond
my prerogatives as dean of this college to ask you what you're doing? Oh, no, sir. Well, what are you doing? Well, I'm crushing vitamins. I can see that. Any fool can see that. - What for?
- Oh, for the cow, sir. Everything we do
around here is for the cow. You mean to tell me that you're crushing
up perfectly good vitamins to feed to a cow? Well, yes, sir. That's how we're gonna
cure Ruthybelle's nutritional problem. - Who?
- Ruthybelle. The cow. As you can see, she's sort of skinny. Hopefully we'll end up with a fat cow. So that's what all this expense is for.
To make a cow fat. Oh, not only fat, sir,
but a strong cow too. - Thrilling, isn't it?
- I'm overwhelmed. I knew you would be. - You see, it was really my idea.
- I thought so. The kids are just helping me out.
Uh, if you'll excuse me. Shorty, I need another piece of pizza. The flavor's not quite right yet. One piece of pizza coming up. - Pizza?
- Yeah, and she seems to like it too. Do you think maybe she's Italian?
(LAUGHING) - That's not funny, Schuyler.
- Don't you get it? An Italian cow eating pizza. An Italian cow! That kills me! Engaging in a bit of merriment,
Dean Higgins? He is. I'm not. Oh, I see.
Well, it's nice of you to come by. - May I show you around?
- No, you may not show me around. I've already been shown enough with this vitamin-grinding numbskull
that calls himself a science major. - I heard that, sir.
- Good! That's not all I have to say, Quigley. Do you have any idea
how much this operation is costing you? Well, not really, sir, but we're cutting
back everywhere we can. - You take the cow rental, for instance.
- HIGGINS: Cow rental? Do you mean
we're paying money to make a cow fat? You don't want us to have
skinny cows, do you, sir? Skinny cows, fat cows. Who cares? - Dean Higgins, please don't get excited.
- I'm not excited! Just tell me how much rental
we're paying for this so-called cow. Well, not very much, sir. (SNORTS) - How much?
- Would $15 a day be too much? Fifteen dollars a day? That's the extravagance. If the Board of Regents
ever finds out about this... Quigley, you're... (GROANS) Yes, sir? I'm what? You're... (GASPING) What's the matter, sir? I'm what? You're... (GASPING) Boy, he sure is having trouble
getting out that announcement. (GASPING CONTINUES) You're fired. - Fired?
- Fired? Yes. Fired. - Well, what about his promotion?
- Promotion? Quigley, just as soon as you can
get out, I want you out of here! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! And another thing! You kids better
stop thinking about fat cows and think about some way to make
some money for this school, because if you don't in 30 days I'm out,
and if I'm out, you're all out! You're all out.
I'll see to that! Out! Out! DEXTER: What's the matter with him?
He acts like he's gone crazy. QUIGLEY: I think I can explain it. The school has got some
large financial problems. In fact, it may be going under. The Board of Regents has been giving
Dean Higgins a lot of pressure. GIRL: But what's he
going to do without you? The school will get
along fine without me, but thank you. I'll tell you what. Why don't you all go back and clear
away your things and... (POPPING) I guess we'll call it a day. (PHONE RINGING) (SIGHS) Yeah. Hello. MAN: Uh, hello. This Dexter Riley? (SIGHS) Uh, yeah, this is Dexter Riley. Well, this is Silas Willoughby, the man who rented Ruthybelle to you. Yeah, how are you, Ruthybelle?
How you doing? This isn't Ruthybelle.
Ruthybelle's a cow. Oh. Now, what I wanna know is
what you fellas did to her. Yeah, well, somebody
did something to her. She's already given us
80 gallons of milk and still goin' strong. What do you think of that? (BARKING) (BARKING CONTINUES) Come on, Brutus. (BARKING CONTINUES) (SIGHS) Go home, Blossom. - That big dog pickin' on Brutus again?
- Yeah. Schuyler, you're just gonna
have to teach that dog not to be chicken. Yeah, Brutus, you're cute, but one of these days
you're gonna have to stand up and fight. - Can I have some of your cereal?
- Sure. Help yourself. Thanks. Boy, that's sure gonna be tough. Tough? What do you mean? - Quigley having to leave the school.
- Oh, yeah. This place isn't gonna
be the same without him. Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry about it. I mean, after all, how many times
has Higgins fired Quigley? (POPPING) (POPPING CONTINUES) I mean, I can remember him being
fired at least five times. I've only been here six and a half years. (POPPING CONTINUES) I think. Or is it seven? Uh, Schuyler, I don't think I want
any more of your cereal. Well, that's okay. - Comin', Dexter?
- Yeah, I'll be right there. Come on, Schuyler.
You're gonna Miss psychology. No, I'm not. I'm not gonna miss it at all.
I'm gonna fix my car. Hey, your cereal.
You sure you're through with it? (SIGHS) Yeah, I'm through with it. Give it to Brutus. He'll eat anything. Oh, yeah. Hey, Brutus!
Come on, Brutus! Breakfast! Brutus! (BARKS) - Go to that test.
- Yeah, I know. Late again. What'd you do
with my blue socks yesterday? (BARKING) (BARKING CONTINUES) (ROARING) (ROARING CONTINUES) (BRUTUS BARKING) (BARKING CONTINUES) (ALL LAUGHING) That's great! - I think I got a rock in my shoe.
- I'll hold your books. (GRUNTS) - Dexter, how'd you do that?
- Dexter! Uh... (CHUCKLES) - I'll take it!
- My man! I'm gonna take it! (LAUGHING) Go, buddy! There you go! (CHATTERING CONTINUES) Slam-dunk it! Slam-dunk it, Dexter! Wow! Hey, Dexter, you're goin' the wrong way. Oh, no, I'm not! Come on! Really, Elmer,
I hate to have to keep haranguing you, but all of this eating in class,
it simply has to stop. I can't help it, Dean Higgins. I get hungry every once in a while. "Every once in a while"? Do you realize I have reports from your first, third, fourth
and your seventh classes? They are all complaining
about your eating. Really! All of this bag-rattling
and cracker-crunching while people are trying to study. (INTERCOM BUZZES) Yes, Mercedes. What is it? Professor Quigley's here
to pick up his severance check. Professor Quigley, hmm? Well, you inform Professor Quigley that we don't give out
severance checks anymore. But we always give out
severance checks. Well, we don't anymore.
We just ran out of money. Money, money, money, money. That's all some people
think about. Money. What do you want? Uh, where was I? You were talking about my bag-rattling
and cracker-crunching. Oh. yes. And that is not the half of it. I've got complaints here
from our janitorial service. They're reporting large cake
crumbs in rooms 306 and 308. Now, this is very
serious business, Elmer. Teachers I can get, students I can get, but janitors... Ohh. So, consider this a final warning, Elmer. I don't care what you do out of class, but in class no more jelly beans, no more cake,
no more cookies, no more... (FINGERS SNAP) Elmer? Elmer, am I getting through to you? Hey, Dean Higgins, guess what. "Guess what"? Guess nothing. How dare you burst into my office
when I'm reprimanding a student? Oh, I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to interrupt, but something happened to Dexter. "Something happened to Dexter." Something is always happening to him.
That's nothing new. Besides, that's no excuse to come... Quigley, what are you doing here? I'm afraid I don't know, sir. Listen, Dexter got strong.
I mean, really strong. (ALL MURMURING) Professor Quigley,
your ideas on that formula really worked. Are you talking about
the formula you used on the cow? Yeah. All right, you kids.
All right. Out, out, out, out! - (ALL CHATTERING)
- Hey, Dean Higgins. Look! (WHIMPERING) Good heavens. And that's just with his right hand.
Show him what you can do with your left. You see what I mean? (LAUGHING) Hey, let me down, will you? Yes, for heaven's sakes, let him
down before he breaks something. - All right!
- (ALL CHEERING) There you go! - How did all this happen with the...
- I don't know. I just ate some of Schuyler's cereal,
and all of a sudden I got strong. Let me see that cereal. This is the same cereal
I eat every morning. I never get strong. Well, of course not.
It's not the cereal that made him strong. It was, well,
Professor Quigley's and my formula. Just plain cereal
wouldn't do anything like that, no matter what those companies say. I know. - What's the matter, Dean?
- Hmm? Oh, uh, nothing. Nothing. Would you young people mind waiting
outside for a moment? You too, Elmer. There you go. Everybody out. I want to talk to Professor Quigley alone
for a moment. You mean he's still working here? - Well, of course he's still working here.
- (ALL CHEERING) You kids get the craziest ideas. Would you do something about that? Everybody out. Here we go. Bye-bye. (CHUCKLES)
Aren't they wonderful? Quigley, do you realize
what we have here? Well, it seems as though
we might have quite an amazing
scientific development. It is more than that, Quigley. Do you realize what
these cereal companies would give to have a strength formula
like this in their cereal? - No. Never really thought about it.
- Well, you think about it. You think about it! Why, we've got something here that will
get this school out of hock forever. Much-needed new buildings, a new lab, money for all kinds
of scientific experiments. And besides... Besides, if something doesn't
happen around here pretty soon, you'll be out of a job. That's right... That's not the point! Uh, um... Mercedes,
would you get me the, uh, president of the Crumply Crunch cereal company, Coyote Corners,
Kern County, Connecticut. That's Crumply Crunch? Crumply Crunch! (GRUNTING) (ALL MURMURING) See, under normal conditions
I can hardly move that at all. Why don't you try to... Oh, he can't do it. - (GRUNTS)
- (BACK CRACKS) Oh! I... I see what you mean. Gentlemen, I think that it's
time that we get started. - What do you think, Harry?
- Obviously a charlatan. A dime a dozen. A strength demonstration? Can you imagine the boss falling
for a thing like this? Over the hill. Should step down, let a younger
person run things around here. Now, gentlemen, as all of you know, the chairman of the board
hasn't arrived yet. However, I would like
to welcome Dean Higgins and ask him to be patient with us
for a few minutes. That's quite all right.
My time is your time, gentlemen. Yes. Unfortunately, our time is not yours. Now, it is approximately
two minutes past 1:00. I humbly suggest that you demonstrate whatever this is
you're going to demonstrate so that we can get on
with the real business of the meeting. MAN: But we can't start
without the chairman. As senior vice president
and second-in-command, we can start whenever I say. Any objections, gentlemen? (ALL MURMURING) Trying to start without me again, Harry? Who, me? Of course not! (LAUGHING) I could never do a thing like that,
Aunt Harriet... I mean, Aunt Crumply... Uh, Mrs. Crumply. Aunt Harriet will be fine. But remember, just because you're
a relative doesn't mean I can't fire you. (ALL LAUGHING) Any of you. (ALL MURMURING) At ease, gentlemen. Now, will the secretary please tell us
what's the first thing on the agenda? Yes, Aunt Harriet. That's, uh, Dean Higgins. He's the one who claims
to have that strength formula. Oh, yes, I believe I spoke
on the telephone to you. You're that funny little man from that
funny little school downstate. Um, yes, I guess I am. And you're here to demonstrate
your strength formula for us? If I recollect correctly, and I always do. - (ALL MURMURING)
- Oh, yes. And, madam, that is
precisely why I am here. Really, Dean Higgins. Hmm? Oh! Oh, this...
This is my old gym outfit. We weren't so fussy in those days. How... (CHUCKLES) How cute. - Very cute.
- Oh. Thank you. - Uh, may I proceed?
- Certainly. (CRACKLING) My. Doesn't that cereal
have a lovely crackle? BOARD MEMBERS: Yes! (HISSING) (SQUEAKING) (BOARD MEMBERS EXCLAIMING) (CLEARS THROAT) (TARZAN YELL) Oh. Excuse me. That was a little
throwback I didn't expect. Now, with your permission, I'd like to
start with some weight lifting. Going to show you how easy
weight lifting can be. (GRUNTS) - Bravo!
- ALL: Bravo! Ohh. - Ohh!
- (ALL CHEERING) MAN: Bravo! Bravo! (CHUCKLING) Oh! He's gonna balance it on his chin! (ALL CHEERING) - Bravo!
- (CHEERING CONTINUES) Oh, no! Ohh! MAN: If I hadn't seen it
with my own eyes, I would have never believed it! (CHEERING CONTINUES) He is truly remarkable. Ohh! (LAUGHING) HARRIET: Oh, my, that was exciting. And that's not all, gentlemen. ALL: Oh, more! More! More! More! (ALL GASPING) (CHEERING CONTINUES) Oh, marvelous. Hyah! (CHEERING CONTINUES) (MOUTHS) More? Oh, no, Dean Higgins! No! No! Please, Dean Higgins, uh, that's...
That's quite enough, thank you. Oh, I'm sorry.
I got a little carried away. I didn't realize how potent
that formula was. I hope I didn't upset anything. Oh, no, you didn't upset a... A thing. (CHUCKLES) Did he, gentlemen? Oh, no, aunt Harriet! Not him! Not at all! Be seated. Now, tell me, Dean Higgins, how long
does the strength stay with you? To tell you the truth,
we don't exactly know. That depends on the person
and the amount of the formula used, but the duration
of the strength is definitely limited. - Oh, that's bad.
- Oh, but, Aunt Harriet, all the better. If a person were to lose his strength,
he'd have to eat more cereal to regain it. Just think what that would do. Why, we could sell cereal
morning, noon and night. Now, that's good.
Brilliant, Cousin Edward. Brilliant. Now, gentlemen, I want you
to pay strict attention. The time has come to talk turkey. To say nothing of cereal. (LAUGHS) (STOPS LAUGHING) (LAUGHING) "To say nothing." Sit down, Roscoe. Sorry, Aunt Harriet. Gentlemen, after years
of playing second fiddle to the Krinkle Krunch cereal company, we are now going to be number one. We're number one! We're number one! ALL: We're number one!
We're number one! We're number... Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. Dean Higgins, do you have
a weight lifting team at Medfield? Well, uh, no. We don't exactly have
the personnel to go in for that sort of... Good. Stanley, put the phone together... And then get me Kirwood Krinkle of the Krinkle Krunch cereal company. Krinkle? Aunt Harriet, what are
you doing, talking to Krinkle? (BOARD MEMBERS CLAMORING) Just you wait and see. A weight lifting contest
between State and Medfield? But we were national champions
last year. I mean, State, that is. You know, I went there. Oh, I believe
everyone knows that, Kirwood. But really, Harriet,
what is the point of all this? I am proposing, in the interest of sports and the cereal business, of course, that a much-publicized match be held
between State and Medfield in which your company
will support State and my company will support Medfield. That way, the public can determine which is the number-one
weight lifting team in America, and perhaps the number-one
cereal company. But, Harriet, we are the
number-one cereal company already. - Remember?
- Oh, I know that. And I understand if you don't want to put
your number-one position in jeopardy. Nonsense. Krinkle Krunch is
always ready for competition. Besides, what a great publicity idea. You know, Harriet, sometimes
I think you're a wonder. Just a wonder. Good-bye, Harriet. Medfield vs. State. What a laugh. We'll murder 'em. Right, men? ALL: Right! Uh, right. - (CLEARS THROAT)
- Yes, Uncle Frederick? Don't you think we should remind
Dean Higgins of one little problem? Problem? What, uh, problem? Spies! "Spies"? He means industrial spies,
Dean Higgins. There is no length to which the Krinkle
Krunch company would not go to learn our plans. Oh. Well, I can assure you
that this project will be top secret. I'll see that the lab is
placed under maximum security. You won't have to
worry about any spies. (CHUCKLES) That's fine. Of course we do
have a few spies of our own. But the ones
from Krinkle Krunch are everywhere. It's just that we don't know who they are. - This is me.
- This is me. Good. Were you followed? I don't think so. - What is it, Harry?
- You're in trouble, Krinkle. - Trouble?
- Yes. That weight lifting match. Withdraw. Withdraw? You're kidding. State has the greatest
weight lifting team in the country. We'll wipe Medfield right off the map. - She's sandbagging you, Krinkle.
- Sandbagging me? Yes. That Medfield bunch
have come up with a strength formula they're putting in Aunt Harriet's cereal that will literally knock
your number-one out. I'm telling you, withdraw. I can't withdraw. I just had a press conference.
I announced the whole thing. In fact, I even bragged a little. Then you're going to be
number two, Krinkle. I saw a demonstration of how that
formula works and, believe me, Medfield is going to murder State. Medfield's not gonna murder State, and Krinkle Krunch'll
never be number two. Now, look, Harry,
I'm counting on you to get that formula. It's worth $100,000 to me. - It's worth a lot more than that.
- All right, 150. 150 is okay for me,
but this is a big job. I'll need help. All right, another 50 for the help, but for heaven's sakes,
get some good people. Don't you worry
about a thing, Mr. Krinkle. I think I have the right party in mind. Exactly the right party. (BELL RINGS) Well, good-bye, Pete. Always a pleasure to visit you,
just so it's not for too long. Well, Mr. Arno,
you come any time, and just consider... Our house is your house. That's very good. (CHUCKLES) Thanks a lot. Come on. What does he mean,
their house is our house? It ain't my house. I never wanna go
back to that joint again. He's just puttin' you on, stupid. Besides, we won't have to go back there
again if you don't louse up anymore. Why do you always blame me every time
we get into predicaments like this? Because it's your stupidity that gets us
into these predicaments, that's why. ARNO: Hey! It's Harry! That's nice. A reception committee. Hey! Harry, you old son of a gun. - How's life treating you?
- Couldn't be better. Chauffeured limousine, penthouse
downtown, first cabin all the way. As I said, things couldn't be
better. How about you? Well, as you can see
I've had a temporary setback, but don't let that worry you. I'll be right back on top
before you know it. I know you will. As a matter of fact, that's why I'm here. Oh? What's up? (NERVOUS CHUCKLE) Is he okay? Who, him? Oh, sure. A little stupid, but he's okay. You gonna start that kinda talk again? You keep that up, you're gonna
cause me to lose my confidence. Oh, yeah? (LAUGHING)
Hey, what's the caper, Harry? I'll tell you all about it
on the way to town. Get in. But, boss, I don't care
what that guy Harry says. Every time we get mixed up with them
Medfield kids, we end up in jail, and I don't wanna go to jail no more. I don't go for that "Our house
is your house" stuff anymore. Cookie, nobody's goin' to jail. It's a real simple job that we're getting
paid a lot of money for. All we have to do is find out where the
formula is and go in and get it. - You say that's simple?
- Why, sure. As a matter of fact, it's so simple
I'm gonna let you handle it yourself. Yeah? All by myself? All by yourself. It's a chance to prove yourself. You'll figure it out, you'll do
the leading, I'll do the following. You really mean that, boss?
I do the leadin', you do the followin'? That's what I said. Yeah, I like that. I lead, he follows. Terrific. All right, now here's the plan. When that truck leaves
we go around the back of the building, up on the roof, over onto the scaffolding
and down in front of the lab window. The formula's in there. I don't like this scaffold business. But, boss,
I cased this joint this afternoon. The halls are loaded
with security guards. It's the window or nothin'.
We gotta use the scaffold. - All right, but I still don't like it.
- Here. Wear these. - What for?
- For the ropes of the scaffold. - What, are you stupid?
- Who's stupid? I don't like takin' orders from you. But, boss, don't you
remember you said to me, "Hey, you lead and I'll follow"? Quote. Yeah, and that's the stupidest thing
I ever did in my life. - (DOOR CLOSES)
- (ENGINE STARTS) Okay, follow me. Come on, come on. Hey, it's windier up here
than it is down there. Yeah, because it's higher up here
than it is down there. I know that! - Come on, boss. Come on.
- All right. I'm comin', I'm comin'. Come on, come on. Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Put my foot on the rail, will you? Put your foot on this, like this.
Okay, easy now. - ARNO: I'm comin'. Wait a minute.
- Okay. - Right down. Just jump.
- Wait a minute. Perfect. Perfect. Just perfect. (YELLS) ARNO: Ohh! Oh! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Ohh! (SCAFFOLD CREAKING) - I'm gonna die.
- Boss, let go of the wall, will you? I can't let go. Boss, let go of the wall.
You're all froze up. Let go of my arm! - Aaaah!
- Ohh! COOKIE: You know, you're violent. And you're an idiot. What are you tryin' to do, kill me? All you had to do was let go of the
wall. The whole thing was lopsided. I'll say, this whole thing's lopsided.
I'm gettin' up there again. You don't wanna get off now.
The worst part's over. The rest is a cinch, I'm tellin' ya. All we gotta do is
work these ropes here, we go down nice and easy
to the window. - Yeah?
- Come on, get the rope. This I gotta see. Uh, you're sure you know how to
work those ropes, right? Sure I'm sure. I worked on 'em today all by myself
with a phony window washing job. Now with you helping me,
it should be a snap here. All we gotta do is release it together, a notch at a time,
and we go down nice and slow. - Yeah.
- Ready? - Okay.
- Okay, boss, lower away. - Ooh.
- There. You see, boss? Yeah. Yeah, this works pretty good. Oooh. Ohh. (CHUCKLES) Yeah. This does work pretty good. Sure it does.
I told you I had it all worked out. You know, boss, you got all choked
up and froze over nothin'. That ain't good for your heart. And another thing. You gotta trust other
people to figure things out sometimes. Oh, yeah?
Trust other people? Like who? Well, people like me, for instance. (BOTH SCREAMING) - Cookie! Get me up!
- Give me your arm, boss! - Give me your arm!
- ARNO: Get me up, you idiot! I can't get up! Ohh! Oh, my arm! - Wait a second.
- (GROANING) Whew! I don't blame you
for bein' scared, boss. - For a minute I thought you was a goner.
- Aah, you idiot! It wasn't me, boss.
It was the rope. It got a knot in it. You got a knot in your head! Just stay there, boss. No problem. I'm not stayin' anywhere. All I gotta do is release
the rope, that's all. (YELLING) (GASPING) Oh, boy. Hang on, boss! I got it. (GRUNTING) Ohh! Cookie! Cookie!
What are you doing, you crazy nut? - Wait a minute.
- (GROANING) Ohh. Take it easy, will ya? - Take it ea...
- Uh-huh. I got ya. Oh, you got me. You got me. Ohh! - Ohh! Ohh!
- Jeez! Oh, that smarts. Ohh. You did that on purpose! Boss, here we are,
right at the window, just like I said! - Look. We just gotta go in here. Yeah.
- Oh. Oh. Goin' back, we take the stairs. You can't. The halls are
loaded with those security guys. I'll take my chances with
those security guards. I'm not goin' back on
that scaffold with you. But I know how to work the ropes now. I don't wanna hear
any more about those ropes. Now, let's get that formula
and be quick about it. All right, no problem. It should be right over here. Yeah. The kid was workin'
at this desk today. Let's see here. I thought he put it in
one of these drawers here. - That's funny.
- Funny? What's funny about it? You drag me here
in the middle of the night, almost get me killed on
that stupid scaffold, and all you can say is, "That's funny"? But, boss, it's gotta be here someplace. I could swear the kid put it
in one of these drawers, I'm tellin' ya. Wait a second.
I was washin' that window there. I look through,
I see the kid workin' around here. It's funny. Will you quit sayin' funny
and find that formula! I'll find it, boss. I'll find it. You'd better. It's worth 50,000 bucks. - Now, start lookin'.
- (SNORING) - Shh!
- What was that? What? Sounds like somebody snoring. Don't be ridiculous. (SNORING CONTINUES) Hey, maybe they got this joint bugged. You know how those security guys are. They're probably picking up
everything we say right now. That's it. We'd better get outta
here in a hurry, but quietly. But boss, wait a second.
You can't go out there. The place is loaded
with security guards. Cookie, I'm takin' over now. We do it my way. I'm not followin' you
anymore. You're followin' me. Understand? Ah, whatever you say, boss. That's more like it. Come on. (SNORING CONTINUES) - (EXCLAIMS)
- Oh, shut up. Over here. (WHISTLE BLOWING) - Cookie! Do something, stupid!
- Yeah. (WHISTLE CONTINUES) Wait a second, boss. I got it. (WHISTLE CONTINUES) - Hurry up! Hurry up, will ya!
- I'm hurryin'! - I'll handle the rope this time.
- But, boss... Oh, shut up! (BOTH SCREAMING) (CRASHING) The window. HARRY: Well, you two
really botched things up. I suppose you read this paper? Well, of course we read it.
Everyone in town read it. Including Mr. Krinkle, and he's furious. Well, it looks like
we gotta go back there. What do you mean, "Go back?"
We can't do that. Those security guards'll be around there
like crazy. I don't care what you do,
but get that formula! How are we gonna do that
unless we go... Now, wait a minute. There's only
one way I know of to get that formula. That's out of the head
of the kid who owns it. But boss, I know that kid. He couldn't remember all that stuff if he had the formula
right in front of his face. Well, I'm not so sure about that. Let's pick him up. I know a certain Chinese gentleman who can be a great help
in a case like this. Brutus? Here, boy! (ENGINE STARTS) (BRUTUS BARKING) Brutus? (BARKING CONTINUES) Brutus? (BARKING) Hey, kid, you lookin' for a dog? I sure am. - (LAUGHING)
- Mr. Arno. Well, gee, thanks a lot.
Where did you find him? Oh, he was wandering around
a few blocks down, so we picked him up. His address was on his collar. We were
just taking him there when we saw you. You looked like you were
looking for a dog, so we stopped. That sure was nice of you. You know, I don't care what
anybody says about you, Mr. Arno. Anyone who's that thoughtful about
dogs is a friend of mine. Think nothing about it, kid. - Thanks again.
- That's okay. Good night. Good night. - Aaah! Aaah!
- (BRUTUS BARKING) All right, get in. (GROWLING) Get outta here, ya mutt. Come on, ya mutt! Get outta here! (BARKING CONTINUES) (BARKING CONTINUES) Huh. Schuyler was so worried
about Brutus being lost. Really. You would've known he'd be
home before Schuyler would. (BARKING CONTINUES) Officer Hurley, this is Dean Higgins. I want to report a kidnapping. A kidnapping. It's, uh, Richard Schuyler,
that boy genius from Medfield college. How do you know he's kidnapped? How do I know he's kidnapped? Because he's been out looking for his
dog for three hours. That's how I know. Well, Dean Higgins, a boy looking for
his dog for three hours is not unusual. Well, it is when you consider that the dog has been back
for two hours and 45 minutes. I'm sorry, Dean Higgins, but the department
can't get all ruffled over this. I do have a suggestion to make, though. What's that? Well, if the dog was lost and was able to
find his way home in 15 minutes, why don't you send the
dog out to find the boy and don't bother
the department about it? How's that? I don't like it,
and I don't like your attitude. Let me speak to the chief. I'm sorry, the chief is not available. He is out addressing a Chinese dinner. A Chinese dinner? You mean, with all of these
vicious kidnappings going on, the chief of police of this city
is at a Chinese restaurant stuffing his face with rice and noodles? Yes! Thank you. Thank you. I'm sure I don't need
to tell you gentlemen that I didn't come
down here to Chinatown just to stuff my face
full of rice and noodles. (LAUGHS) Rice and nood... (CLEARS THROAT) Well, I... In any event, they're very tasty.
My compliments to the chef. No, I have more
important things to do than that. I'm down here, gentlemen, to talk to you
on behalf of our police department. SCHUYLER: Honest.
You gotta believe me. I don't know where the formula is, and I
don't know what's in the formula. COOKIE: Boss, I hate to do this,
but I gotta get rough with this kid. Five minutes, I find out. It always works. Honorable sir. I admire your enthusiasm, but this boy can never tell you
what is in the formula, because he thinks he doesn't know. How do you know? I know. You see, stupid? He knows. Now, will you shut up? In order to find truth,
I must put boy in deep sleep. Then he will tell us all he knows. Aw, boss, this guy's
gotta be kiddin'. Come on. Be patient. You will see, my son. "My son"? Where does he get off
calling me his son? - Maybe he likes you.
- Well, I don't like him. He gives me one of those complexions, like maybe I'm not
as smart as he is, or something. He does, eh? I wonder why. Now what's he gonna do? With your permission,
what you Americans call brainwash. Brainwash? Boss, I don't go
for this hocus-pocus stuff. Neither do I. Why don't we just go back
to the old-fashion method, belt the kid around
and get the information? Will you be quiet?
I'm paying Fong to do this. Now will put boy in hypnotic trance. Cause deep sleep. Make patient feel very happy. Very happy's okay,
but what's with that needle there? Must use acupuncture. Fashionable today
among modern Chinese. Mallet, please. This won't hurt, my son. FONG: See? Patient happy. You are very tired, my son. Your eyes are heavy. You will sleep, you will be happy. And you will go into a deep, deep sleep. When I snap my fingers, you will open your eyes, and answer my questions, though you will still be asleep. (SNAPS FINGERS) Hey, would you look at that. FONG: Remember, we are your friends. You shall tell us everything you know. Everything. Right from the beginning. Right from the beginning. Oh, yes. Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow. What? Not quite that far back. Tell us about the formula. Do you remember what you put into your strength formula? Oh, yes, I do remember what I put in my strength formula. Proceed, please. Unit consistency,
600 decagrams, thymine. 700 centigrams, calcium pentethemate. 900 milligrams, niacin. Not so fast! 450 centigrams, pyridoxine. 500 milligrams, pyridexamine. (MUMBLING) What did he say? What did he say? That must be all. There's got to be more than that. We shall see. Another needle, please. For the life of me I cannot understand
what has happened to that boy. Frankly, Dean Higgins,
I find it all very mystifying. - (PHONE RINGING)
- That could be him now. I hope so. Dean Higgins here. Harriet Crumply here. Oh, ha... Aunt Harriet. Uh, how are you? Absolutely miserable. What seems to be
bothering you, aunt Harriet? I don't know.
Maybe it's just woman's intuition, but I have the strangest feeling. - I can't pin it down.
- (COUGHS) Dean Higgins, is everything
going along all right? (COUGHS)
Everything is wonderful here. It's fine. I mean, uh,
wouldn't I have called you if it weren't? Oh, good.
I'm glad to have your reassurances. You know,
everything I have is tied up in this. If we were to lose,
I don't know what I'd do. No. Uh, well, frankly,
my future wouldn't look too bright either. HARRIET: Well, good. I'm glad there's nothing
to worry about then. Good night, Dean Higgins. Good night, Aunt Harriet. FONG: Is there anything else, my son? And one piece of pizza. Must admit, very unusual
ingredients for medical formula. However, ways of western
people I not quite understand. Sounds crazy to me too. Well, what else
can you expect from this dopey kid? He's come up with a formula that's
just screwy enough to work. Come on. Let's get this over to Harry. That Krinkle cereal guy is waitin' for it. Now, wait a second, boss.
We gotta take care of the kid here. He can identify us. Young man will be unable
to identify anyone. He will remember
only what I tell him to remember, will do only what I tell him to do. Good. I trust you, Fong. See that he gets home
as soon as possible, and make sure he doesn't
remember anything. Just give Cookie
and me a minute to get out of here. My son, you will awake when I clap my hands. When you do,
you will remember nothing. You will not remember
where you have been, nor what has happened to you. All you will know
is that your little dog is home, and he is looking for you. He needs you. You must hurry to him. He is lonesome. You must get home as fast as you can. Take the first means
of transportation you see. (CROWD CHEERING) Thank you.
Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you. I'll be very happy
to come down again any time at all, but... (LAUGHS) Right now
I'm afraid it's getting a little late. I've got to be along back to my office. There are many
pressing duties awaiting for me there. So, just at the moment
I'll say good night all, or... Ah! Better than that, er, uh, "saranola." - (CHUCKLING)
- Is that Chinese? What? No. Forget it. How about just one more picture, chief? With the official committee,
and your men, of course. Why not? All right, men. Over here. Chop-chop. Picture time. Eccles. Winwood. All right, Melzer. Oh! Hoppins, Hoppins. I think I left my gloves inside,
on the table of the restaurant. Would you be kind
enough to get them for me, huh? There we are. Ah, now, huh? Any friend of the friendly
sons of St. Pat... Confucius. Uh, right? Here we go, gentlemen. - Hmm? There we are, now.
- Excuse me. I have to go home to my dog.
He's waiting for me. Sonny, will you get out of here?
Can't you... (CHUCKLES)
His dog. His dog is waiting for him. - Huh? You know, man's best friend?
- (ALL LAUGHING) Very loyal. Fine, son.
You go right ahead. Go right along. A fine, upstanding boy. All right, here we go now. All set? Okay. Everybody say, "chow mein." ALL: Chow mein. FONG'S VOICE:
You must get home as fast as you can. Take the first means
of transportation you see. (ENGINE STARTS) (TIRES SQUEALING) - (TIRES SQUEALING)
- (SIREN BLARING) That crazy kid took my car! Mount up. After him. Everybody! Mount up and get that crazy kid! Get on the radio.
Emergency. Call headquarters. I want an APB sent out on that kid. All right, Winwood,
burn rubber to headquarters. Huh? Oh, hold it just a second. Fine example of young America. Confucius say, "joy gin." Oh! Ah! Ah! Wait! (YELLING) Chief, your gloves! Forget the gloves, you idiot! Shoot me down! Chief? It's been almost five hours.
I know Schuyler real well. He's just not the type
of guy that would go wandering off for that length of time
without at least phoning somebody. Officer, you're not listening to me. Maybe you'll listen to me. What?
Well, of course this is Dean Higgins. Wants to know if it...
Who else would it be? But Dean Higgins,
a boy out looking for his... You should have sent
someone out here by now. (SIREN APPROACHING) Well, I know he's on his way,
but so is Christmas. Wait a minute.
I think I hear someone now. Could he have picked up
a friend on the way? Sounds like he's picked up a couple of... Listen, I better get some satisfaction.
I've waited long enough. Ridiculous. I hate to tear
down the police department, boys, but we have a young fella kidnapped. They could at least
send one person out here. But it's the same old story. There is
never a cop around when you need one. (SIRENS BLARING) Brutus? Brutus? Brutus. - Brutus?
- On the ground! (BARKING) Hi, Brutus. I'm sorry about the bail money. Oh, sorry.
Sorry doesn't feed the bulldog. And you're paying me
that money back. One hundred dollars! Can you imagine, Quigley, paying $100
for some shenanigans like... What I don't understand, Schuyler, is what you were doing
in a Chinese restaurant. I don't understand either.
I don't remember anything. Didn't happen to
talk to anyone, did you? I don't think so. - He doesn't think so.
- QUIGLEY: Well, think hard. You didn't happen to talk to anyone
about anything important, did you? - Important?
- He means about the formula. Oh, of course not.
Don't worry about the formula. I got that all locked away up here. ALL: Up with Krinkle!
Down with Crumply! Up with Krinkle! Down with Crumply! Up with Krinkle! Down with Crumply! All right, all right. Cereal history is about to be made. Gentlemen, it works. I feel the blood
rushing through my veins. It makes me feel
so young, so strong, so, so, uh... - Vibrant?
- You got it, Becker. That's it. Vibrant! Ah! Feel that! Feel it! Feel it!
Don't hold back! Feel it! - Feel it!
- (MEN CHATTERING) Enough! You'll wrinkle the suit. And now, what to do? Sir, with your strength, if I were you,
I'd do just whatever I wanted. Aha! Good thinking, Mertons. I know exactly what I want to do, what I've wanted to do for years. Great-grandfather Krinkle,
I'm so sick of you sitting there, looking down at me,
watching everything I do. Not that! Not our founder! Oh, yeah. I guess you're right. Excuse me, great-grandfather.
I lost my head. So you think you're number one, huh? - Do you?
- ALL: Yes! - Do we deserve to be number one?
- ALL: Yes! We've gotta prove it.
You think we can prove it, men? - You can do it!
- I know, men, I know. I'll... The weights.
No, no, no. They're too easy. The lights! Ah, that would be silly. Ah! I have it.
We all know that Dean Wiggins split that cheap tabletop
of Harriet Crumply's with a karate chop. Can I do less with this? ALL: Perfect! Gentlemen, stand back
and watch out for splinters. Ha! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh, that... Ooh! - Forty-eight five, forty-nine...
- Forty-eight five, forty-nine... - ...forty-nine five...
- ...forty-nine five... - Fifty G's.
- Fifty G's! - Cookie, we're on top again!
- (PHONE RINGS) Good news. That must be him now. Hello. (WHISPERING) It's him. Hello, Mr. Krinkle. How are you? What do you mean, it didn't work? Well, it didn't work! And I can prove it! - I can't believe that.
- Well, believe this. If Medfield wins that weight lifting
contest, we're all gonna be through. Can you imagine those skinny punks
defeating a great team like State? - Why, it's ridiculous!
- Yes, it is ridiculous. Wait a minute. It really is ridiculous. Look, Mr. Krinkle, if the formula doesn't work,
it's all the better. If it doesn't work for us,
it doesn't work for them. It just means
that Harriet Crumply will be destroyed. She'll have a bunch of weaklings
eating her cereal on TV with the formula in it. (LAUGHS) Now, what if the sure winner, the greatest
weight lifting team in America was seen eating Krinkle Crunch
cereal just before the match? What would that do for us
on national TV? Huh? He likes it. Yes, I can handle it. Oh, and Mr. Krinkle? Try and be there. You'll love every minute of it. Love every minute of it. No, no, no. I'll take care of
this until after the match. But why?
I just heard you tell him he had it made. I mean, what could happen? Probably nothing, but you better have
some boys lined up, just in case. Medfield had
the right formula once before. Let's make sure they don't get it again. (SIGHS) I'm tellin' ya, it's gonna be a cinch. You guys saw me when I lifted that real
heavy guy in Dean Higgins's office. - He was like a feather.
- Yeah! And remember the look
on Dean Higgins's face? - Yeah.
- And the basketball backboard? (ALL LAUGHING) I really can't take any credit for it. Schuyler, it's your cereal. It's terrific! The second you guys eat the stuff,
you're gonna feel like giants! Yeah, I can hardly wait
to get that stuff in my stomach! We'll murder those guys!
Come on! Let's go! Well, good afternoon, gentlemen. ALL: Good afternoon. I'm warning you, Higgins. You've been dragging us out to these
foolish events for the last 30 years, and you never had a winner. This is your last chance. I'm sick of it! Sick of... (COUGHING) We're all sick of it, Higgins. Well, uh, gentlemen, Regent Appleby, I think I can assure you,
you won't be sick this afternoon. I'm tellin' you for the last time, you better have a winner! MAN: You can say that again, Appleby. I'm tellin' you
for the last time, Higgins, you better have a winner! (COUGHING) Well, ladies and gentlemen
of TV land, it looks like we're about to begin this
much-publicized match of the century. ANNOUNCER: And now,
sponsored by Aunt Harriet Crumply and her new vitamin-enriched
cereal super formula "X, " we present the Medfield Wildcats! (CHEERING) And sponsored by Horatio Krinkle, and nurtured
by the world-famous Krinkle Krunch, we proudly present
the national champion State team! (CHEERING) You know, on the surface
this does look like a terrible mismatch. Doesn't it, Harry? Yes, but we know better,
don't we, Quigley? Good luck. (WHISTLE BLOWS) I'm not sure whether
we're having a weight lifting match or a cereal-eating contest. (WHISTLE BLOWS) We'll murder those guys!
Let's go get 'em! - Hey, you comin', Dexter?
- Uh... Uh, yeah. I'll be right with you. Is something wrong? Huh? Uh, no. Nothin' at all. Good! I feel great! ANNOUNCER: There will be
a two-minute warm-up before the competition begins. Breathe!
Get up there! Good! Come on! Let's go! - What's the matter, Dexter?
- Plenty. Professor, we got trouble. - The formula doesn't work.
- Doesn't work? Dexter, how can you say it doesn't work?
Look at them. Yeah, look at 'em.
They're just carried away. They're just psyched up, I'm tellin'
you, but they're not any stronger. Schuyler, you didn't
change anything, did ya? - No, I'm sure I didn't.
- It's just not the same. It isn't? Well, gee, I can't understand
what could've gone wrong. It's missing something. No smoke, no nothin'. Dexter, what do you think is wrong? I just don't know. It's... Wait a minute. The acid taste. It had an acid taste before. But a vitamin formula like mine wouldn't
have an acid taste. That's impossible. You're right. A vitamin formula
wouldn't, but mine would. It had a definite acid taste. That day half of my formula
was missing. What day was that? The day all that stuff
got knocked over in the lab. The day the cow gave all the milk. That was the day
before I ate the cereal and got strong. Schuyler, somehow my formula
got mixed up in the cereal. It was my formula that
gave it the strength, not the vitamins. You mean my formula
didn't have anything to do with it? I don't know, Schuyler. All I do know is
that we don't have the right formula now, and if we want to win,
I'd better get the right one in a hurry. Good. I'm glad you're doing something
about it. By all means, get going. ANNOUNCER: Will all
contestants clear the floor, please. - Give me the keys to your car.
- I ran out of gas just as we got here. - How about yours, Professor?
- No. I came over with Dean Higgins. ANNOUNCER:
The first contestant for state... Dean Higgins? ...attempting 250 pounds,
Ambrose Joykowski. (CROWD CHEERING) Arno, this is Harry. You got the guys? Okay. Here's what you do. Dexter Riley is one of our contestants. - Say hello to the nice gentlemen, Dexter.
- Hi. Dean, I need the...
Could I have the keys to your car? One of our better students too.
The keys to the car? Certainly. - (KEYS JINGLING)
- Thanks, Dean. Oh, that Dexter Riley.
Been around here a long time. He's a senior now, but I remember
when he first came to apply. He came to me personally. He said,
"Dean, can I have the keys to your car?" Well, naturally, I said no, because the... The keys to my car! He's got the keys to my car! If that lunatic so much as scratches
one bit of paint on that car, I'll... Uh, nice boy, that Dexter. Nice boy. See him? Nice. Won't be the same when he graduates. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (BAND PLAYS FANFARE) ANNOUNCER: For Medfield,
attempting 275 pounds, will be Peter "Porky" Peterson. Two hundred seventy-five pounds.
He'll rip that off easy. Yeah. We'll be ahead already. What is that thing?
He's not liftin' weights for us. (COUGHS) Uh, is he? As you in TV land will notice, the Medfield contestant
is a little bit out of shape, but don't let that fool you. Remember, the cardinal
rule of any sport. It's not the muscle you have,
but how you use it. (CHUCKLING) (DRUM ROLL) Higgins, what's he doing now?
This is embarrassing. (DRUM ROLL CONTINUES) (DRUM ROLL CONTINUES) (CROWD GASPING) (ALL LAUGHING) (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) Atta boy, Porky, take it easy. It's okay, Porky.
Everything's gonna be all right. (COUGHS) (MEN CLAMORING) (SOBBING) Gone. Everything's gone. I'm sorry, Aunt Harriet.
I just don't know what happened. ANNOUNCER: For State,
attempting 275 pounds... Oh, leave me alone! ...will be Sam Nicoletti. (CROWD CHEERING) - Professor Quigley?
- Uh, yeah, Hector? Well, you know,
since the cereal thing didn't work, we were just wondering
if maybe you might be interested in, uh, an honorable surrender. Sit down, Hector. Now, look, you guys, let's get one thing straight. This meet is not over yet. - It isn't?
- I've never seen anything more over. ANNOUNCER: So then Yablonski
of State pressed 350 pounds. Then it was Medfield's turn again. (BIKE HORN HONKS) (CAR HORN HONKING) (SIREN WAILING) Hey, kid, we appreciate
you keepin' the speed down, but don't you think
this is being a little bit ridiculous? Uh, I'm sorry, but I can't go any faster. The next contestant for Medfield
is Slither Roth, who will lift... (CHUCKLES)
That is try to lift 100 pounds. It looks like they've
changed their strategy. They're going
down in weight instead of up. (CROWD CHEERING) Well, ladies and gentlemen,
once again we have a Medfield contestant who
doesn't look overly strong, but he does look
- He did it! (CROWD CHEERING) (CROWD GASPING) (WHISTLE BLOWS) His muscles seem to have frozen.
He can't let go of the barbell. (ALL LAUGHING) (WHISTLE BLOWS) Let go of it! Ooh! Ohhh! (YELLING) (ALL LAUGHING) (BAND PLAYS FANFARE) - That's the acid taste.
- (DOOR OPENS) AJ Arno. What are you... Okay, Dexter, we'll take that formula. Uh, why? It doesn't even work. (GRUNTS) See? Oh, that's all right.
We'll take it anyway. Go get it, boys. (MEN YELLING) - Ah!
- It's you. You leave me alone, young man. You were behind this
all the time, weren't ya? I'm warning you, young man.
Now, you let me go. DEXTER: Hey, fellas! Here's your captain! Strike! (DRUM ROLL) Yaah! - (WHISTLE BLOWS)
- (CROWD CHEERING) Yaaaah! And now for Medfield's
last contestant and last hope, Dexter Riley. (LAUGHS) In order for Medfield to win, Dexter will have to lift over 1100 pounds. What do you mean,
he's out for equipment repair? He's gonna need more
than equipment repair to lift that thing. ANNOUNCER: The referee is allowing
Dexter Riley exactly four minutes. Four minutes?
How can I get there in four minutes? (ENGINE RUMBLING) (ALL COUGHING) (SIREN BLARING) (SIREN BLARING) (SCREECHING) I don't know what's
happened with you kids, but you sure change
your drivin' habits fast. Let me have your operator's license. Uh, I'm afraid I left it
in my clothes back at the gym. That just makes it worse, kid. Hope you got license
plates on this thing. - Well...
- Charley, wipe that off, will you? ANNOUNCER: Now I see
we're down to our final two minutes. Now, if Dexter Riley doesn't appear
and perform by that time, it will be all over. Two minutes? (BELL DINGS) I'm sorry. I gotta go! - Where is that kid?
- Don't yell at me! I told you, he's out for,
uh, uh, equipment repair. Why don't you call this whole farce off? That kid's not out for equipment repairs,
and you know it. - Let's face it. He's run out on you.
- How dare you! If Dean Wiggins says the boy is
out for equipment repairs, the boy is out for equipment repairs. Right, Wiggins? - Higgins, not wiggins! Higgins!
- Higgins! (TIRES SCREECHING) - My car.
- DEXTER: Don't worry about it, Dean. It's just a question
of replacing a few parts. The only thing left is Annabelle. ANNOUNCER: Dexter Riley,
attempting 1111 pounds. (CROWD CHEERING) (DRUM ROLL) (GRUNTS) (DRUM ROLL CONTINUES) (GRUNTS) Oh, no. It's going! I gotta get some more cereal, ref. (ALL MURMURING) Hurry up, kid.
You haven't got much time! - I'm all set now, ref.
- What was that? That's Dexter Riley. He's a member
of our weight lifting team. (MURMURING CONTINUES) (DRUM ROLL) It's working, Dexter. Come on! Ooh! Come on! (APPLAUSE, CHEERING) (WHISTLE BLOWS) He did it! He did it!
Medfield's won the meet! Dexter Riley is
the strongest man in the world! TEAM: We are number one!
Hey! We are number one! Hey! We are number one! Hey!
We are number one! Hey! We are number one! Hey!
We are number one! Hey! We are number one! Hey!
We are number one! Hey! We are number one! Hey!
We are number one! Hey! (COUGHING) We are number one! Hey!
We are number one! Hey! We are number one! Hey!
We are number one! Hey! (CHANTING CONTINUES)