The Struggle (2019) Movie Script

Growing up in the heart
of this miserable world, I
struggle with my addictions.
I'm on my nine.
We struggle with poverty
and not having much,
but she did the best she
could for us to make it.
I was a disobedient child
and I guess I get my
anger from my dad,
which of course is
no longer with us.
No longer in our lives.
I didn't know I was gonna
make it past my 18th birthday
but I'm here and
I'm still hoping
that God brings me through.
Where the fuck is Darnell at?
He's supposed to been here.
Ayo, Darnell.
Let me holla at you.
Hey, where you goin', Missy?
Mom, look I'll be back, okay?
Well hurry back, okay?
Dinner's almost ready.
All right.
What the fuck are
y'all gonna do with this?
What's up?
What is this?
What the hell is what?
What are you talking about?
Look you got it?
Yeah, I got it.
You got 10?
Yeah, I got it.
Come on.
You're supposed to
already have it ready.
What kinda drug dealer are you?
Shut your ass up before I leave
you out here with nothing.
All right.
All right.
Now carry your ass back home
before Miss Debra
come back here.
I don't need her
saying shit to me.
Is that Tracey?
The hell she doing over here?
Hey, Tracey.
Hey yo, Tracey.
I need to speak to
you for a second.
What you need to
talk to me about?
I ain't done nothing wrong.
Now you ain't did nothing wrong?
Did I say you did
anything wrong?
What's that in your hand?
I got to home.
My mama cooking.
Uh huh.
Now you ain't did
anything wrong, right?
What the hell is this?
I don't know, nothing.
Look I got to go home.
Please let me just go home.
Let me tell you something.
Why the hell you out here
in these streets anyway?
Don't you know this shit
will fuck your life up?
It doesn't even matter.
My life already messed up.
Listen I'm gonna
tell ya this one time
and one time only.
Stay your ass out
these god damn streets.
Go home.
Well, can I have it back?
I did pay like $10 for it.
From who?
Who is he?
I don't know.
That guy over.
He ain't there now.
What's his name?
I don't know.
Can I please go home?
Go home.
And don't let me catch
your ass out here
buying this shit again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right.
So what's your
excuse for being late?
Ma, I ain't got no excuses.
What you mean by that anyway?
Look, I told you dinner
was gonna be ready.
I woulda starved waiting on you.
Well, I'm here now.
I would've starved.
Good thing I already ate.
Answer the phone, dude.
Hey look.
Look, I need you to
come by my house, okay?
Bobby done took my shit.
I ain't worried about all that.
Look, just come here, okay?
Hurry up.
All right.
All right, bye.
You got it?
No, I ain't got it.
Hell, I done sold it already.
What's taking you so long?
Shut up.
My mama's in the next room.
Anyway, you sold it?
Yeah, I sold it.
I need to make my money.
All right.
I got some more at the house.
We got to go to the house.
All right.
Hey Mom, look, I'm gonna
be back, all right?
Come on.
Yo, hurry up.
I can't believe
you sold my shit.
I can't believe
you had me waiting.
Slow ass.
That shit good.
You cut slow as hell.
Hey, keep talking.
Come on.
Gonna leave your
ass here with nothing.
You love talking shit.
Shut yo ass up.
Fuck around with you.
Hurry up 'cause
I got to get back.
You know how daring this
shit is I'm trying to do.
Cut it up faster.
Man, you rush your ass.
Hurry up.
That's that good shit, huh?
That's that feel good, huh?
That's what's up.
You good?
Punk ass bitch.
I'm leave your ass here.
Your broke ass.
Yeah though.
Oh my god.
Tracey, you in here?
What's wrong with you, girl?
You on drugs or something?
You real funny, Ma.
Look I done told you these
streets are no good for you.
Ma, I'm okay.
No, you're not okay
'cause if you were okay,
you wouldn't be in the
streets doing drugs, Tracey.
Look, I'm not
doing any drugs okay.
What am I gonna do with you?
You look like you about to
die or something, Tracey.
Ma, nobody's about to die.
Look, I'm not about to die okay.
All I need is some rest.
Some rest?
Are you kidding me right now?
Some rest?
Girl, you think I was
born this morning?
Somebody done gave
you something, Tracey.
Ain't nobody gave
me nothing, Ma.
What the hell is this?
Is this tracks?
Girl, you need some rehab.
I hurt myself okay.
Look, I hurt myself
falling down.
What the hell did you fall on?
A damn needle?
You think I'm stupid?
Look, just let me
get some rest okay.
Cut it out for real.
Tracey look, baby I'm
just trying to help you.
Trying to help me?
I don't need nobody
to help me okay.
I look after myself.
Okay, missy.
So now you're wearing the
big girl panties right?
Okay so you know what?
If you could take
care of yourself,
why the hell you on my
couch in my house then?
Oh okay.
So this your house right?
You got complete
control over me.
Look Tracey.
Ma, I'm not a little
girl anymore okay.
Okay, okay I didn't
say that, Tracey.
All I'm saying is you going
down the wrong route little girl
and you definitely
need some help.
I don't need no help okay.
I'm good.
I got me.
All right?
You need rehab.
Lord, I don't know what I'm
gonna do about this situation.
Now what you doing?
Nothing, baby.
I'm just sitting
here with you, honey.
I'm okay.
I'm all right.
No Tracey, you're not.
You don't understand, honey.
We've been going through
this for a long time.
We lost your brother
to the streets
and I just I don't wanna lose
you to the streets, Tracey.
Ma, you'll never lose me.
Okay I said I'm okay.
It's not gonna be okay, Tracey.
If something happens to you,
I don't know what
I'm gonna do, Tracey.
You're my little girl okay.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
These streets are not good.
Ma, I'm not in the streets okay.
And I'm good.
I can take care of me.
We're gonna be good period.
No, we're not.
We're not but I
just got to believe
if you say okay then
Tracey then okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah okay.
Who's calling me?
Hey what's up, girl?
Yeah I wanna go.
Look I have to throw
some clothes on.
All right.
All right see you later.
Where you going?
I'm going to the skating rink.
I'll be with Kandi okay.
Where she at then?
She'll be here in a minute, Ma.
What's up?
Hey girl.
Ma, Kandi's here.
Hi Miss Moore.
Hi Kandi.
Look, watch after my daughter.
I got her, Miss Moore.
No worries.
No worries.
All right.
All right y'all be safe.
Yes ma'am.
Girl, your mama be tripping.
Yeah always.
See I told you.
You always getting in trouble.
What's up ladies?
Where y'all going?
We going to the skating rink.
You wanna go?
Nah, I got too much work to do.
Y'all stay out
these damn streets.
Especially your ass.
Say bruh.
What you gonna do
with that little trick
over there ain't
making no money, man?
Man, what you talking about?
She making plenty money for me.
Bruh, she ain't doing shit,
and you ain't gonna
do nothing with her.
You need to give her to me.
I'll show you how to work her.
Hell nah.
Hell nah.
What's up, Tracey?
What's up, Darnell?
Look, my girl is here okay.
And first of all you left
me doped up at that house.
I ain't messing with
your stuff no more.
My mom's gonna kill me so.
That ain't got
shit to do with me.
What y'all whispering about?
Tell Darnell to get out my face.
Come on.
Let's go get in line.
All right hit me up.
Anyway here go Tracey.
Her fine ass.
Hey Tracey, what's up baby?
What's up?
You know I got that
juice for you, baby.
What's up?
Y'all be killing me
with them lame ass lines.
Come on.
Look at this drip, baby.
Come on you know I
got this for you.
What's up?
You gonna give me
a chance or what?
Make some real money.
Hey Kandi.
You need to get with a real one.
I'm telling you.
I'll catch you later.
Her fine ass.
She so damn fine.
I'm a get her though.
It is what it is.
She'll be talking to you later.
Hey we need to go pick up
that little money though
round that corner.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
'Cause I hate to get
them pimps out here.
Oh yeah.
Let's get this.
Ain't that one of them bitches
that was in my nigga's face
at the skating
rink the other day?
Come on.
Didn't I see you in my man face
at the skating
rink the other day?
I'm talking to you.
Let's just go all right.
Let's go okay.
Nah, this bitch
ain't gonna talk crazy to me
and think I'm gon' run.
See I don't want you to run,
but if I catch you in
my nigga face again.
And didn't I see your
drug ass shooting up
the other day with Darnell?
No wrong person, bitch.
Your mama.
Eenie meenie miney mo.
She 'bout to stick a hoe.
It's like that?
Yeah it's like that.
Skeet, skeet.
Let's go.
Ooh they lucky.
Look, I told you I didn't
feel like fighting either.
And what's that
shit she talking about?
You shooting up?
She ain't talking about nothing.
You know what?
I'm a cut that bitch
the next time I see her.
For real I got her.
I'm about to leave.
I'm a go this way.
All right.
Be good.
Yeah you too.
What's up, ma?
Y'all 'bout to get this bread.
Man you know it.
Aye y'all don't want the book.
Hey Bree?
Let me talk to
y'all for a minute.
What's up?
What's up?
What's up?
What you got for me?
What y'all got for him?
All of it's right there.
It's all there?
It's there.
It better be.
All right.
Okay see you later.
What's good?
She short?
What's up, y'all?
What it do, bruh?
You about that paper, man.
Shit more paper than zigzag.
Man, what up with it?
Yeah, that's what
I'm talking 'bout.
It's a slow day.
What the fuck?
I'll take care of
your ass later.
What's up, Charles?
What's up my man?
What's up with that paper, dog?
What paper?
You know what the fuck
I'm talking about, man.
I ain't got time today.
Man, I'm focused
on something else.
Man, I don't know what
the fuck your problem is,
but you better get some
hand on your tip, man.
You don't really know me, man.
I'm chilling.
I'm just getting my bread
like you getting yours, man.
All right.
See your ass later, punk.
Yeah sister you got it.
He ain't running
shit no goddamn way.
Exactly, man.
Always acting like he is.
Hey y'all can take
it down there.
Be down in a minute.
What's up baby girl?
You need to make some money?
No, I'm trying to get home.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait hold a second there.
I got a really nice job for you.
It ain't gonna hurt.
What you got?
I got some girls out
here making a little change
on the street you know.
What you mean
making some change?
You know hoeing, prostituting.
Look, I ain't gonna
be none part of that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You ain't hear nothing at all.
You gon' work for
me 'cause I need
another woman on the street.
What are you?
You working for me I said.
What you doing?
What you doing?
Yo get off me.
Yo get off me.
You working for me.
Get off me.
Get off me.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Man, what do you want, man?
What do you want?
All I need is a
fifth of the bottle.
Let me go.
Man, I got more...
I'm handling this bitch here.
Get away from me.
Come on, man.
I better not see you again, man.
Where the hell this girl at?
Where you at, girl?
Where you at?
I know you out here somewhere.
Where you at?
Come on out.
Where you at?
I know out out here somewhere.
Where you at, girl?
Where you at?
I know you round here.
Come on out.
Where you at?
Come on.
Come on let's talk about this.
I see you.
I told you you wasn't
getting away from me.
Told you you wasn't.
What are you doing?
Told you.
Keep trying to run from me.
Hey, you have about two seconds
to get your hands off her
before I take your ass down.
Hey look man.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, man.
It's cool, man.
I'm a tell you right now, man.
No you ain't talking, man.
You heard what I just said.
You got about five
seconds to hop your ass
in that damn car and get
the hell out of dodge.
All right, man, all right.
It's good, man.
It's good.
Miss Debra.
Miss Debra.
I got your daughter Tracey.
Come on, come on.
Is she okay?
Yeah, she all right.
What happened?
I don't know.
Oh my baby.
I caught this guy attacking her.
I don't know who the
hell he is but she okay.
Are you sure she's okay?
Yeah, yeah I checked her out.
I think she's good.
Oh my goodness gracious.
Oh Tracey.
- Tracey.
- Look.
I got to go find out
who this guy is okay,
but let me know if you
need anything all right.
Okay, okay I will,
I will, I will.
Sweetie, wake up.
Tracey, wake up honey.
See this what I'm talking 'bout.
Tracey, wake up.
Please Tracey.
Honey, mama's here.
Please can you hear me?
Oh Tracey.
Please honey.
My baby.
Please let her be okay.
Oh my goodness gracious.
Oh honey.
What am I gonna do?
What am I gon' do?
It's Kandi, Miss Debra?
Girl what?
Miss Debra, is she okay?
Girl come on in here.
The door is open.
Talking through the door.
Hey Miss Debra.
I heard what happened.
Is she okay?
Yeah she's okay
but doggone it, Kandi.
You were supposed
to be watching her.
I was.
I mean, I did.
She was close to the
house when I went home.
She's not okay.
Look at her.
Oh god.
I'm so sorry, Miss Debra.
It won't happen again.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Why does my head hurt?
They're saying that you fell.
Somebody tried to rape you.
Rape me?
Who is it?
It's Zack.
Open up.
Boy come on in here
and stop all that beating.
She all right?
Who fool?
You know who I'm talking 'bout.
Tracey, you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
My head hurts.
Bobby just told me what
happened a few minutes ago.
Man, look at your head, girl.
Oh my gosh.
And where were you?
I was around the block.
I didn't hear nothing.
I'm sorry.
Some guy came and
asked me something
about some prostitution
or something.
What the fuck?
Oh no.
See that's exactly
what I'm talking about.
Okay you two, y'all
need to go home.
Go home.
I need to talk to my daughter.
I'll check on you later, girl.
Yeah, I'm a call y'all later.
All right.
You know what?
You finna tell me right now
what the hell is going on.
Mom, I told you.
This guy approached me.
I said no and I
guess he got mad.
Tracey, that's exactly
what I'm talking about.
See these streets.
You and these doggone streets.
Mom, I'm not in these streets.
You make me sound so bad.
Like you ruin it for me.
You are too pretty of a
girl to be in these streets.
I don't understand, Tracey.
Oh my god.
What's the problem?
Ma, there's no problem.
All right look.
Like I told you, I can take
care of myself all right.
You can take care of yourself?
Girl, who the hell you
think you talking to?
You can take care of yourself
like I asked you before,
then why the hell you
still in my house?
Ma, we can change that okay.
And how we gonna do that?
Well I can go.
Where huh?
To who?
Kandi and Zack, Ma.
Girl please.
You think they mamas
'bout to let you come
and stay with them?
Look, I don't ask
much from you okay.
All I want you to
do is do right.
Is that so hard to do?
No Ma, it's not hard to do.
Just leave me alone.
My head hurts.
Get on my nerve.
Her head hurt.
She can take care of herself.
Her ass 'bout to hurt.
Nobody loves me.
I'm so tired of making
everybody else happy
and nobody wants
to make me happy.
As pretty as a girl you are.
It's whatever.
Keep that.
Damn dream.
Who is that at my door?
What you want, Zack?
I'm just making
sure you all right.
I mean 'cause you
was lost last night.
What you mean I was lost?
You were hurt.
You bumped your head, remember?
Oh yeah.
I'm good now.
I thought it was a dream though.
Some pimp and whoever
tried to rape me
and Bobby came over to help me.
Yeah, I heard.
Look, I'm no fool and all but
he got one coming from me.
What you gon' do?
What I'm a do?
I'm a put a hurting on
fools for messing with you.
Yeah I bet.
You bet.
You bet this then.
Zack, what you doing?
Nothing, nothing.
I was just in the moment.
That's all.
Yeah well the moment
ain't with me all right.
I ain't saying all that.
I was just trying, you know.
No, you was trying
to get off my porch.
Ain't no free coochie over here.
Oh my god know all that.
I was just look.
Just let me explain.
You need to go.
And go do your girl
'cause I ain't messing
with nobody else's property.
You know I don't play that mess.
Go on.
I'll just speak to you later.
All right fine.
Somebody help.
Somebody help.
I'm a need this today.
I already know.
Hey Sasha hey.
Ain't that one of the bitches
that was talking shit the
other day at the skating rink?
Yeah, that's one of them.
Yeah little ho.
Wasn't you at the skating rink
the other night talking shit?
Yeah I was at the skating rink,
but I wasn't talking no shit.
Oh this bitch tried
to smart you huh.
I hear her but she
clearly don't know
who the fuck she talking to.
I know who I'm talking to.
What I'm supposed to
be scared or something?
Nah bitch.
I don't want you to be scared.
I don't like scary bitches.
I like them hoes that
talk that shit back.
Fuck you mean.
I done had a rough
night and I ain't got time
to entertain y'all bullshit.
So if y'all would
just keep on moving.
Listen to her trying to
talk all proper and shit.
Bitch you got me fucked up.
All you got to do
is come over here.
You ain't said nothing
but a motherfucking...
And what?
So that's how you gonna play it?
That's how we doing it.
What the fuck is this?
Man, get the hell off my street.
Yeah what's up?
Yeah y'all thought that
shit was gon' be easy huh?
Look you ugly
bitches got two seconds
to get the hell out of here
or y'all gonna feel the heat.
Oh so that's how
we doing this shit?
Hell yeah it's like that.
Oh we got you bitches.
Just walk the street.
Just walk the street, bitches.
Just walk the street.
Bye bye.
Y'all came just in time.
I was 'bout to whip
both them bitches ass.
I wanted that Erin bitch so bad.
What the fuck you
get the gun from, Zack?
Look, don't worry 'bout that.
Just know I got you all right.
Yeah, we got your back.
And Kandi, you the one who
started all this bullshit
in the first place.
Yeah, I'm a crime starter.
Look at all that.
I saw you about to
knock her ass out though.
See you lay them hoes everyday.
That's the nigga who tried
to rape me the other day.
You talking 'bout the
old dude right there?
I swear that's him.
You know who that is though?
That's the pimp of
the neighborhood.
That fool got all type
of girls under him.
Fuck who he is or what he do.
All I know is he got
something coming to him.
I know that's right.
Hold up, hold up.
I know y'all mad and all.
But fool ain't nothing
to be played with.
I'm just saying.
You supposed to be
scared or something?
Nah, nah look.
What about what you
said at the house?
I won't let nothing
happen to you?
It's just what?
You know what?
We just gonna come up
with something else
since you all scared.
What the hell I got
to be scared of?
Fool ain't got this.
Where was your protection
when you need it?
I protected you from Erin
beating your ass, didn't I?
Ain't nobody beating
my ass all right.
I can hold my own.
Damn right.
Yeah, don't be instigating.
Look, all I know is we
need to go to the house
'cause we need to
come up with something
'cause I'm not finna to
let him slide with this.
Man, come on.
First of all, what
you got in mind?
What you got in mind?
Just come on.
Both of y'all crazy.
We're scandalous.
You know what?
What big daddy?
I know that
chick from somewhere.
That's that same chick that
gave me kick in my balls.
Ma, have you
seen my other earring?
Where you going?
Ma, I'm going out
to meet some people.
You said that last time
and you all dressed up.
Ma, I'm gonna be out front.
If I go anywhere, I'm not
really going anywhere,
but if I go somewhere,
then I'll let you know.
All right?
Let me ask you something.
What's up, boss?
You got my money?
Do I got your money?
Do you have my money?
Yeah boss, I got your money.
You been late, man.
My business is about time.
My money got to be at a certain
place at a certain time.
You been later and later, bruh.
You been late.
Come on, man.
You know how I roll, man.
You know I ain't gonna
do you like that, man.
Tighten up, man.
Tighten up, son.
I need my money.
Let me ask you something, boss.
When can I get in one day?
I told you in due time.
You got to be patient.
You got to be patient.
Son, I'm grooming you.
I'm grooming you to take.
I'm grooming you for this.
You got to be patient.
I been patient.
How much time is due time?
You'll see.
You'll see.
I'm working on things.
Working on things.
Can't just hand my
business over, man.
Be patient with me, man.
Most of all, have my money.
Look, so y'all ready?
Man, where you
going look all sexy?
She got to attack
the guy first, fool.
Don't you know anything?
You over here
looking for friends.
Y'all ain't talking
'bout nothing.
Look, we need to get on
this right here okay.
So we can do this.
I got your back, girl.
I'll get you your money.
All right.
All right.
He's leaving.
Y'all ready to go?
Hey baby girl, don't I know you?
Yeah you know me.
Didn't you try to like
rape me the other day?
Oh no.
I wouldn't hurt you.
I was just trying to
get your attention.
That's all.
The hell they
talking 'bout, man.
You so impatient.
Come on.
Horrible way of
trying to get someone.
You're so beautiful.
I need a girl like
you working for me.
You can get some real money.
How's that?
You know.
I'd get you with my
girls and they show you
how to do things.
Tell you what.
All my girls make good money.
I take care of my girls.
They do?
All my girls have cars,
houses, everything.
You right.
I need a big daddy like you.
Yeah there you go.
Coming around.
Get you started in
about a minute, baby.
Yeah, I didn't see at
first but now I see it.
You know what I'm saying?
Got your ass.
Tick tock, pimp.
Your time is up.
Motherfucker you thought
that you was gonna rape me okay
and get away with it.
You tricked me.
Damn just rob the
damn dude so we can go.
Zack, give me the gun.
You crazy.
I ain't giving you no damn gun.
Come on just rob the man.
Give her the gun.
Give me the fucking gun.
Give me the gun.
So you can do some stupid shit?
Give me the gun.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Let's talk about this now.
So you really
thought that you could do that?
Let's go.
Fuck that.
Let's go.
Come on.
Fuck him.
It hurts.
Come on you fine.
Calm down.
Calm down?
Yo my mom's gonna kill me.
Zack, hold her up.
I'm holding her up.
All right, Kandi.
All right come on.
It hurts, man.
I know.
Zack, get her.
I got her.
Look, come on.
Go find something.
Go find something.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Put it on her.
It's gon' be okay.
It's gon' be okay all right.
What am I gonna tell my mama?
We got to get out of here okay.
Come on let's go.
We got to go.
We got to go.
We got to go.
Ah Zack.
Zack, get her.
I got her.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Let's go.
What's up, Zack?
Hey what's up, Darnell?
What's going on?
What's up?
Man, guess what I saw tonight.
What'd you see tonight?
Boss man got shot.
Damn that's messed up, man.
And I saw you there.
Nah, man.
Look man, you ain't
see me nowhere, man.
Nah man, it's cool.
It's cool, it's cool.
'Cause nigga wasn't paying
me right no damn way.
But you know what else?
You owe me now.
I owe you?
Owe you for what?
You owe me one 'cause I
ain't gonna snitch on your ass.
Oh that's how we do it now?
You gon' blackmail me now?
It ain't about
no damn blackmail.
You cutting into my pockets.
Besides man, I need
a little security.
Yeah, but what that
got to do with me?
Sound like I just
helped you out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you
did, but you didn't.
Your girl, Tracey, she was
buying her stuff from me.
Been getting high as hell.
You seen the mark on her arms.
Yeah, I did that.
No, I didn't see
the marks on her arms.
What you doing selling my
friend drugs though, man?
What you trying to get
her addicted or something?
It ain't even about that.
Forget all that.
But you know what?
You and your girl Kandi is
gonna help me make this money.
I ain't got no
part in that, man.
I'm not asking.
I'm telling.
Hey man get this damn
gun out my face, bruh.
Well, well, well.
Little Zack got some balls.
I like that.
Just remember what
the fuck I said.
Shit getting
crazier and crazier.
Fuck I get killed him.
I killed him.
I killed him.
Damn it.
How can I?
I can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this.
What's up, Zack?
You know you in trouble
with me since you left us.
Look, I ain't worried about
being in trouble with you
'cause it's the
least of my worries.
What you need to be
worried about is Darnell.
What you mean
worry about Darnell?
Where his name come from?
I ran into that
fool on the way back.
Talking 'bout he saw
what happened tonight.
I didn't see nobody.
Yeah and he said we owe
him or he gon' snitch.
Low down ass okay.
I mean it must be real serious.
He put a gun to my head.
Talking 'bout man we owe him
and he gon' kill all of us
for killing his boss.
Look, Darnell ain't gon' do
shit and he ain't gon' snitch.
And plus he said he
be giving you drugs.
Getting you high and shit.
What's up with that?
Why you just didn't
shoot him with the gun?
Shoot him with what?
I ain't got no gun.
You took it remember?
Look man, I ain't got
time for all this, man.
Look, I'm 'bout to go home.
I'm 'bout to go to bed.
I'll talk to you later.
I'm a get his ass, too.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't Miss Badass.
The hell you want, Darnell?
Aw baby you know I
got that dope for you.
I don't want nothing to
do with you or that shit.
All right?
Oh okay.
I guess you talked
to your boy huh?
Yeah, I did and you don't
wanna fuck with me, Darnell.
Oh okay.
So just because
you killed a nigga,
you think that you bad huh?
You think you cave
woman or something huh?
Look, it didn't even
go down like that.
And I ain't got to
explain shit to you.
All right?
You know what?
I don't need you to
explain shit to me okay.
What I need for you
to do is for you
and your motherfucking friends
to help me sell my shit
because if you don't
it ain't gon' end well
for none one of
you motherfuckers.
You can believe
that shit, bitch.
All right I'm a
tell you this okay.
You ain't scaring me and
if you ever put your finger
in my face again, I'm
a cut that bitch off
and you can believe that, nigga.
What's going on out here?
Darnell, I know you not
harassing my daughter.
No, we just talking.
Well you know what?
Get your drug dealing ass
away from my damn porch.
Okay sorry Debra.
Don't forget what
the fuck I said.
What did he want?
Ma, nothing.
He's talking about
Zack or something.
What about Zack?
I don't know, Ma.
I don't know.
All right well whatever.
Look, I'm gonna go
get something to eat.
You wanna go with me?
Not really.
Oh no you are going.
It wasn't a request.
So go change 'cause
you not going any place
with me looking like that.
Come on.
No come on.
Oh it's a gorgeous day out here.
Hey Darnell.
How you doing this morning?
Hey Miss Ida.
How you doing?
Just fine.
What are you doing out here
in front of an empty house?
Nothing, nothing.
Just came just you know to
get my thoughts together.
Just wanted to be alone
by myself for a minute.
You okay?
I mean you hungry?
You need to go to
church or something?
You need to go to
church with me?
No, no ma'am.
No ma'am, no ma'am.
I'm fine.
You sure?
Yes ma'am, I'm fine.
I just need to be
by myself right now.
That's all.
- That's all.
- Okay.
Nothing wrong.
Okay now look.
You know I stay down the street.
Now you know I be
back and forth,
so if you need me for anything,
make sure you get in
touch with me now.
Yes ma'am, I will.
Okay now.
You have a blessed day.
You too, Miss Ida.
She stay harassing.
You say something, son?
No ma'am.
No ma'am.
I'm just like I said
just thinking to myself.
That's all.
Take your ass to
church or something.
So I mean what are you gonna do
when you get out
of school, honey?
I really don't know.
I need you to start
thinking about it, you know.
I am, Ma.
I am.
What I really need to be
thinking about is my dad.
You ain't told me
nothing about him.
Baby, there's nothing to tell.
That was a long time ago.
Okay a long time ago.
I need to know
something about him.
His name was Robert.
That's really all you need.
I mean that's.
Doesn't make any difference.
He's not around.
He's not helping us.
So it's not important.
It's important to me.
Okay and how I feel.
Maybe the way that I act is
because I don't
know who I am fully.
Well what about me?
I mean I've raised you.
I've done the best that I can.
You have.
I got you.
I just I need something.
More than what I'm
doing right now
and I won't be
able to go forward
until I at least know
something about him.
He was a bad guy.
You don't know need to him.
He was just bad news, you know.
He just came into my
life at a bad time.
Maybe he changed.
No, hardly doubt that.
We're good.
It's like you feel
about me already.
What do you mean?
You talking 'bout me being
on the streets and stuff,
but you don't know.
Maybe he's different.
That has nothing to
do with you though.
I raised you not to
be in the streets.
So whatever of his genes...
I'm saying the way
that you feel about me,
is maybe also the way
you feel about him.
I'm just saying.
So his name is Robert.
That's it.
Yeah, I mean that's all.
It was.
It's just not important.
Please believe me.
Yeah, Ma.
All right.
Baby, don't be like that okay.
I mean, I'm doing what I can.
I'm gonna get us out
of our situation.
I'm gonna get a better job.
I'm a get a better job
and I'm gonna get us out
of you know the hood.
Come on in, Tracey.
What's up?
What you watching?
Ease of Pain.
You know it's on
repeat at my house.
Why you got the bandage
on your clothes?
'Cause it's bleeding
on the inside, too.
You know I have
to have my pants.
It's cold.
I'm sorry though.
Don't you know I'm
sorry for real?
Girl, don't worry about it.
I'll be all right.
But I did have to tell
my moms about the bullet
'cause the doctor was
gonna tell her anyway.
What your mama say?
Just told her some guys were
shooting at the skating rink.
Doctor said it was just a graze.
I'm glad 'cause look
Zack ran into some trouble
on his way to the house.
Some trouble?
Darnell said he saw everything
and that he was gon' snitch
if you didn't do what he say.
And what he want us to do?
I don't know but I think
he worked for that pimp
and I think he want
us to sell for him.
He got me bent.
What you say?
So how the shit come together?
I don't know but he
stopped by my house
and if I had my gun, I
would've blast his ass.
And I'm cutting
his shit off, too.
Wait what?
You talking 'bout down there?
Nigga put his finger in my face.
You know I don't play that.
I don't play that.
Oh girl.
And then you know
Erin and Sasha's ass.
They gon' be round soon.
I'll be glad when
my damn leg heal up.
I won't be able to help you.
Yeah, we just got to stay out
of the way from all of them
so that I'm not fighting
by myself but I will.
I know you will.
Yeah you know I will.
Zack's ole scary ass.
I don't know.
Zack might end up
surprising us one day.
Yeah right.
He said that he was
talking a lot of shit
to Darnell when he saw him.
Yup he sound
scared on the phone.
Oh god.
Girl, let's go get something
to drink in the kitchen.
Help me up.
Yeah come on.
Girl you know you
weigh like a ton.
Picking you up.
You was like all over here.
Come on.
What you call
me a fat ass now trick?
You lucky I love you.
What's up, Zack?
Oh hey sir how you doing?
You hear anything
about what happened down
on the corner last night?
No, sir I haven't.
They said somebody killed pimp.
Hell it probably was
for a good cause.
Shit had them girls
down on the block
selling drugs and shit.
Like that damn Darnell.
When I catch his ass,
I'm a lock his ass up.
Well I wouldn't know
nothing about that.
What's wrong with you, man?
Why you looking all nervous?
Me nervous?
Nah I ain't got nothing
to be nervous about.
What you talking 'bout, dog?
I don't know, man.
Sound like you are nervous.
Oh by the way, they say
it was about three people.
So if you hear
anything, let me know.
I can do that, sir.
But look I got to go though.
Talk to you later all right.
You got it?
Yeah girl.
This my favorite part.
I'm trying to relax.
Who that?
Hey what's up?
You know I just ran into Bobby
and he talking 'bout
the pimp being dead.
Zack said that Bobby.
According to him he's
talking 'bout that pimp.
We're in so much trouble.
I wonder if Darnell
said something to him.
I don't know.
I'm just saying.
All he know is there's
three people involved.
No look, we need
to get Darnell okay
before he go run his mouth.
No, no, you mean y'all.
I'm not getting involved
in this shit, man.
You gon' kill up the
whole neighborhood.
What do you want
him to go snitch
and then we all go to jail?
What I do?
You know my leg.
Come on, Tracey.
Why we always got to
do this shit, man?
Look, you gon'
stay here all right.
Zack, you know you don't
wanna have her now.
Kandi's leg is hurt.
Punk ass better
not be backing out.
Man all right.
All right bet.
Look, you just stay here okay.
Be careful okay.
Damn leg.
Here go these two bitches.
Yeah ho.
I see you ain't got your
little friend to back you up.
I don't need nobody to back me.
I can handle my own.
Listen to her.
I can handle my own.
Yeah you was talking all
that shit the other day.
Talk that shit now.
Get off me.
Oh hell no.
Handle your friend, bitch.
Handle your friend.
We got you, bitch.
We got you.
Ooh this bitch just stabbed me.
We got you.
Come on.
Stab my friend.
We got you.
Yo Kandi.
You won't believe these
bitches tried to jump me.
For real?
Girl look, I had
to stab Erin ass.
Shit Sasha better be
lucky I let her ass go.
Hell she was scared.
Damn I wish I was there.
Them bitches won't be
bothering us no more though.
Look, I'm gonna call you when
I get back home though okay.
All right.
Hello, hey, Bobby.
Have you heard from Tracey?
Oh yeah.
I'm looking for her and
her friends right now.
What's this about?
I stopped them earlier today
'cause I had to question
them about something.
Yeah it looks like
somebody killed the pimp
and I think they
may be involved.
At least that's what
Darnell told me.
I know you don't
believe Darnell.
The way his life is going.
No, no.
I'm not saying they did
anything wrong okay,
but whenever I hear from
'em, I'll let you know.
All right.
Now you know it's our block.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
I got you, daddy.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
You ain't got to
worry 'bout nothing.
That bitch?
That heading bitch.
She got to go.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
She got to go.
This block, man.
This my block.
Look Charles.
You seen Tracey and
her fucking friends?
What the fuck?
I ain't seen nobody, bro.
Why you always running
up on me talking 'bout?
Hell nah, bruh.
Talk about some money, bruh.
Who the fuck you
yelling at, dog?
Bro, you know what
happened last time
you tried that bullshit.
Come on now, Darnell.
You know he ain't did nothing.
Carry your ass on, Darnell.
Come on he ain't did
nothing, Darnell.
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
Man it's too damn cold out here
to be trying to start a fight.
Bitch shut the fuck up.
You know the rule.
When two grown men are
talking, shut the fuck up.
Chill baby.
Hold up, man.
It ain't got to be
like that, bruh.
I told you I ain't
seen shit, bro.
I'm just getting my
motherfucking money.
That's it, bro.
Go on with that bullshit.
You know what, Charles?
I ain't got time for this shit.
I don't give a fuck what
that motherfucker did.
If you see them, you tell them.
I ain't telling them shit.
Look for them, bro.
Motherfucker you tell
I'm looking for them.
Been on some tough ass
shit since the pimp dead,
but we gon' see 'bout that shit.
I got you.
Fuck him.
Let's get this money up.
Pussy ass.
Like I was saying though we
gon' take over this block.
We gon' get this money and
get rid of that bitch ass.
Can't believe that
fucker, Darnell.
Can't believe his ass.
It's all right.
It's all right.
This my motherfucking block.
You gon' get his ass back.
Damn man.
Hey what's going on, Charles?
Oh what's up, Bobby?
What's going on, man?
You all right?
What's up?
Yeah man, I'm straight, man.
Hey man, you see Tracey, man?
No, but that damn Darnell
just came through here, man,
looking for Tracey,
Kandi, and Zack, man.
All in a fucking rage, man.
I don't know what
that shit was about.
For what?
Did he say?
No, he didn't.
He just said he was
looking for 'em.
If I see 'em, to tell 'em but
I don't get in that shit, man.
You know me.
I stay to myself.
Tell you what, man.
You hear anything
man, give me a call.
Oh for sure.
You know I got you, man.
All right man.
What they do?
Shit crazy.
Fucking with the
wrong man though.
You know how I get down.
I got you, baby.
Yeah you know.
Let's get this money.
Man, what's up, man?
I been looking
for you all night.
I got the call from Kandi.
She said you went
to go see Darnell.
What's up?
You weren't gonna do nothing.
Aye man, what's
up with your hand?
Is this blood?
Oh come on.
Don't tell me you done
killed this man, too.
No, I didn't kill him okay.
It's Erin's blood.
Them bitches tried to jump me.
I had to stab that ho.
Aw damn I knew it.
And you weren't around.
I know.
Look, my fault.
I was just.
Damn there go Bobby.
Oh shit.
This nigga.
Every time I see y'all,
y'all in these damn streets.
Won't y'all go
home or something?
Matter fact that's
what we were doing.
Come on.
Yup we finna go now.
Come on, come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What happened to your hand?
- I cut myself.
- Is this blood on it?
I cut it and we finna go
to I think get a bandaid.
Yup talk to you later.
You need to get
that checked out.
Yeah we are.
By the way, hold up.
There's something suspicious
going on with both of y'all
and I'm gon' find out.
Suspicious with us?
Got dang.
I'll talk to y'all later.
See you later, see you
later, see you later.
Aye what you doing to that boy?
That was close.
The fuck?
You need to get your
hands washed off for real.
I don't even feel
like going in the house.
I don't.
I don't even.
All right look,
let me go find a rag.
Wash 'em out.
Wash 'em out.
I am.
I got it.
You know, Tracey.
We've been friends for awhile.
You know that right?
Yeah and?
18 years now right?
You know I always
liked you right?
Why you ain't never
said nothing then?
I was scared.
I was scared you ain't like me.
I was scared.
So, I guess you can tell me
that when you single right?
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah I'm single now.
You such a lie.
Lie, lie, lie, lie.
Lie bye.
I hope you washed all
that blood off for real.
Darnell done snitched.
No look, Darnell ain't
gon' say nothing okay.
We already know that.
Did you kill him good enough?
Zack, what the fuck?
I'm just asking.
I mean you crazy, man.
I'm crazy now.
I'm trying to protect us okay.
I understand.
I understand.
He already had it coming.
He already know
what he was doing.
That shit was foul anyway.
Man, what's up with this mess?
You think he know what we did?
Yeah 'cause Darnell a snitch.
Just the two I need to see.
There's a rumor going round
that y'all killed the pimp.
Come on, man.
Where you hear that from?
Now didn't I just
say it was a rumor
going round in the streets?
Boy I tell you the more y'all
hang around these streets,
the dumber y'all get.
Yeah, I said there's a rumor
going round the streets.
Look, hold up Bobby.
I just.
What he trying to say is we
don't know nothing all right.
Tracey, I ain't
ask you a damn thing.
I think Zack can
speak for himself.
Now what were you saying, Zack?
I was just saying
we didn't do it.
That's all.
Ain't nobody say
anything about doing it.
Let me tell y'all
something right now.
If I find out any of y'all
have anything to do with it,
it's gonna be hell
on earth to pay.
I can promise you that.
As a matter fact, won't
y'all ride with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Where we going?
I ain't trying to go to jail.
I ain't trying to
go to jail either now.
I ain't taking
y'all to jail, man.
Just get in the car, man.
Come on.
This nigga done
locked this damn lock.
Who is it?
Hey it's Bobby.
Hold on please.
Come on in.
What's up, Bobby?
Mister Bobby.
Nah girl, you know who I am.
So what's going on?
Not much.
Hey, I got Tracey and
Zack with me right now.
They're in the car.
I want you to come with us.
I wanna show you something.
Am I in trouble or something?
No, no, you not in trouble.
Just wanna show y'all something.
My leg is kind of
really hurting today.
Your leg?
What the hell
happened to your leg?
I fell on some concrete.
That must've been some mighty
strong concrete right there
to put a gash on
your leg like that.
Yeah it was.
You need to get
that checked out.
I did.
I'll be okay.
All right well.
Yeah, come on roll
with us right quick.
It won't take long.
Come on.
Yes sir.
All right.
Oh no I think you need to
get that checked out again.
It don't look too good.
Come on, man.
You brought us into this mess.
That was that bullshit.
He knows.
Sit your scary ass down.
Yo Bobby, what's going on?
Yeah, why ain't you
telling us anything?
If you trying to
kill us man, just say it.
Just be straight up.
Man, he done went out
of our neighborhood.
Yeah I know.
Look, we're not
gonna say nothing okay.
I ain't say nothing
in the first place.
You was about to.
Aw man.
Can you go easy on them bumps?
Come on.
I got a busted leg.
Well the incident
happened right around here.
So tell me Zack where were you
around 7:00 p.m. last night?
Come on, man.
The hell I'm watching TV, man.
Your mama's.
Is there anyone I can confirm?
Your mama.
My mama?
Speaking of that,
where were you, Kandi?
At Tracey's house
talking with her.
Is that true, Tracey?
Look yeah, like she said.
Y'all must think
I'm dumb as shit.
Do y'all honest believe
I was gonna fall
for that damn story?
Oh come on, man.
I know all of y'all
were together that night.
I'm trying to help
y'all ass out.
You gon' make me
click on y'all ass.
All right you know what?
Enough of this shit.
What the fuck?
If we say we didn't
do it, we didn't do it.
All these questions,
Bobby, is not called for.
Tracey, what the hell you doing?
Zack, shut the fuck up.
You did the same
thing the last time.
Now Mister Bobby
here is gonna get
his handcuffs out of his pocket.
Know what?
Matter fact, Zack
get his handcuffs.
I'm not doing this shit.
He a cop.
Do what the fuck I say.
Girl why you tripping?
Get his handcuffs.
Definitely going to jail now.
Ain't nobody going to jail.
Bobby, I'm sorry but I
got to do this all right.
Come on.
Tracey, you putting yourself
in deeper trouble like this.
Yeah, so what?
All I know is you ain't
taking us to jail.
Hurry up.
Look, I'm only
trying to get the damn truth.
We told you the truth
and that's it all right.
We had nothing to do with it.
And now we finna to go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Aw hell.
I know you ain't gonna leave
me handcuffed to this bullshit.
Come on let's go.
Tracey, bring your
ass back over here.
Motherfuckers, man.
Ooh damn.
Aw looks like they
got your ass huh.
Man, where
the hell you come from?
I was over there watching.
I seen the whole thing.
Aye man check it out.
Reach in my back pocket, man.
I think I got the key to it.
Your back pocket?
Nigga I ain't gay.
Look, I got my own key.
Just in case somebody try
to handcuff me to something.
Where the fuck
you get a damn key from?
Man, don't worry
'bout all that, man.
Let me do this.
What they tell you?
They told me they didn't do it.
That's a damn lie.
Shit 'cause I know what I saw.
I saw them do it.
I saw the whole thing.
You could be lying, too.
They already know you
don't like they ass.
What they got to
do with anything?
That got a lot to do with it.
Man whatever.
Now you out of this shit, man.
Anyway, I know what I saw.
Just find out about that.
Hey man, I got to go, man.
Try to find out
where they went to.
Well damn.
Don't I get a thank you?
You ain't getting shit.
You ain't getting shit.
Well fuck you, you rent
a cop ass motherfucker.
Yeah fuck you, too.
Punk ass.
Tell them to give you a
better police car, bitch.
Where they ass go?
Handcuff me to a damn pole.
Must be a damn fool.
Can't believe I let
myself do that shit.
Oh y'all come on.
Can we stop please?
All right come on.
We need to hurry up
'cause we ain't
trying to get popped.
Come on.
Ain't nobody gonna get popped.
Stop saying that shit.
You know what?
You are very selfish.
Fuck that, Kandi, okay.
We need to go.
Can we cut this
talking shit out?
Can we just help Kandi so we
can get the hell out of here?
First you shoot me in the leg
and now you acting like
you don't even care.
Kandi look, I made a mistake
by getting you shot okay,
but I'm just trying my best to
keep us from getting killed.
What you talking 'bout?
Zack, didn't you just say
how you had a gun
put to your head?
You don't think that
Darnell keeps up to his word?
How many people okay?
We need to make sure that
together we get out of this.
We need to go.
We need to get out of here.
Hey y'all ready?
Yeah come on.
Look husband and wife,
can we just not have
any more conversations.
Let's just get home.
What's up, man?
What's up, bro?
Man, it got colder than
a motherfucker out here.
Where you been, man?
I need to get some
fucking money out here.
I'm trying to
get money like you.
Man, I been
getting it, you know.
Shit put me on that shit.
Shit you need to ride.
Fucking money yeah.
Yeah honestly I'm just
getting yeah for real.
Hey Charles.
That's some real shit.
Oh hey Miss Debra.
How you doing?
How's it look like I'm doing?
Have you seen my baby?
Who Tracey?
Boy, who the hell you
think I'm talking 'bout?
No ma'am.
Not through here.
No ma'am.
Not through here.
How you doing?
If you see her, please let
her know I'm looking for her.
Most definitely.
I'll bring her straight to you.
I will.
Ain't there something
y'all should be doing?
Trying to get it popping now.
Get your ass off the corner.
Here you go.
Miss Debra, I'll bring
her straight to you.
I promise.
You should been told
me about her, man.
Man, that's Tracey mom.
You know little Tracey.
Yeah, the thing with
Zack thing yeah.
What the fuck going
on with that, man?
Yeah Darnell
looking for them, man.
He been riding through this
motherfucker looking for them.
I don't understand.
Nigga tried to start some
shit with me and everything.
I don't know what's going on.
The pimp got shot.
The pimp got shot for real?
I don't know what the nigga
did but he sure got shot.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
There's some shit going on, man.
You need to put me
on a lot of shit, man.
Man, this shit's crazy for real.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
Yeah I'm just
getting some money.
Stay the fuck out
the way though.
You know what I'm talking 'bout?
Pissed off situation.
Yeah she always mad.
She don't play that shit, man.
Never played that shit.
Oh wait a minute.
Is that Miss Debra?
Hey Miss Debra?
Yeah it's me.
Detective Bobby.
Hey I need you to ride with me.
Too much done happened.
Your daughter done
pulled a gun on me.
What my daughter?
Your daughter done
pulled a gun on me
and had Zack to handcuff me.
I'm looking for 'em right now.
My daughter?
Yes, your daughter Tracey.
Okay, okay, come on.
Let's see what's going on.
All right.
Oh my goodness.
Right now I'm
still looking for them.
I don't know where they went,
but I know they
can't go too far.
Out here no.
Where the fuck are they?
Stop all that damn humming.
Zack, shut up.
Stop bitching all the time.
You know what, Miss Debra?
There they are right there.
Oh my god.
You need to stop all
that damn hollering, too.
Shut up, Zack.
If I didn't know your ass,
I'd kick the shit out your ass.
Can y'all stop with this
husband wife and shit?
What's up?
What's up little bitch?
I got your friend.
Let her go.
Let her go.
You real funny.
You know why don't
you just go home.
You know your mama
looking for you.
Look, my mama okay all right.
Look, look, look.
Yeah, that's what
I said 20 years ago.
What the fuck you mean?
You know what?
Don't even worry 'bout it.
Just bring your ass over here.
You better do something.
Now do what the fuck I said
and bring your ass
over here right now.
Why don't you just leave
us the fuck alone, Darnell?
No, no, no.
See, I can't do that.
See, y'all done messed
things up for me.
Y'all done cost me a
whole bunch of money.
Do you know how hard it took me
to work to take
the pimp's place?
I almost had him but
y'all messed it up for me.
You always mess it up for me.
We didn't do
nothing to you okay.
Why don't you just
leave us alone?
Shut up, Kandi.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Yeah, I got the gun, nigga.
What you gon' do now huh?
Go 'head.
What you gon' do?
Go 'head.
You gon' shoot your own father?
Go 'head, shoot him.
What the fuck
you just say to me?
That's right, Tracey.
He's your father.
Now put the gun down.
It's not worth it.
What do you mean huh?
You heard what he said.
I'm your father.
So why don't you
just do it, huh?
Pull the trigger.
Go 'head you little bitch.
Go 'head and do it.
Do it.
You know what?
All this time you been trying
to shoot me up with drugs,
overdose me, trying to
kill me and my friends.
Why Darnell huh?
What the fuck?
'Cause I left him alone.
All he wanted to do
was run the streets
when I was pregnant with you.
Sorry ass.
Why didn't you tell me, Ma?
I didn't want him to have
anything to do with you.
You know, and I didn't want you
to have anything to do with him.
He put his hands on me, Tracey,
when I was pregnant with you
and I'd be damn if that
was gonna happen to you.
Also Tracey.
I know you had to defend
yourself from the pimp.
We know you didn't do it.
What are you talking about?
Well, after Darnell
tried to frame y'all,
he went back to the
store across the street.
Saw some surveillance footage.
So when y'all left the scene,
he came over to finish the job,
so he can take
over the business.
The nerve of you.
I should shoot
your ass right now.