The Student (2017) Movie Script

[door slams]
[watch alarm chimes]
[shoes squeak]
Oh! Oh my God.
[gasp] Oh no!
[pills clattering]
[phone keys beep]
[phone ring tone]
[emergency operator]
911. What is your emergency?
Emergency, what is your problem?
[elevator dings]
Good morning, professor.
Good morning, Joe.
[elevator dings]
[Abigail] Would the tranferees
from Professor McDeere's class
please give me
a show of hands.
I know it's rather
late in the term
but the syllabus
is the same
so it should be a
pretty smooth transition.
Especially since
we're on our last topic,
which is...
ethics and law.
Two words not often spoken
in the same breath.
[students chuckling]
Ignore it at your
own peril,
ladies and gentlemen.
You could risk ending your
career before it's even begun.
So remember,
only fools...
-[all] Break the rules.
-[Abigail] That's right.
Yes! Alright, I would like
to start today's class
with a quote from
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin.
Some of you may know him
from the silent movie era.
"Man is animal, with primary
instincts of survival.
"Consequently, his ingenuity
has developed first,
"and his soul afterwards.
"Thus, the progress of science
is far ahead of Man's
ethical behavior."
What do you think he means?
[Abigail] Yes, Mr. Vaughn?
I think he's saying that,
while primary instincts
are inborn,
ethical behavior
has to be learned.
Ethical behavior.
So, who of you bright,
young, would-be lawyers
can tell me what we mean
by "ethics"?
-[Abigail] Miss Hart?
-Well, ethics is like
a system of moral
standards or values.
[Abigail] Yes. Thank you.
Would anyone like
to elaborate?
Oh, come on.
At least Miss Hart
consulted Websters.
[all chuckle]
No one else did their
homework last night?
Yes, Mr.?
Van Sickle, Vance.
Ethics are a set of rules
codified by an
established society.
Do's and dont's
that dictate and govern
acceptable social behavior.
Well said.
That doesn't make
them right.
Like morality,
they're just a set of
arbitrary rules imposed
on us by society.
You are quite the cynic
Mr. Van Sickle.
Moving forward,
just so those of you
who just transferred in
are clear, in my class
we follow the rules.
Moving on...
Who can give me
an early example of
a code of conduct?
How about you,
Mr. Van Sickle?
Mr. Van Sickle?
Mr. Van Sickle, I was
asking if anyone could
give me an example--
You can find the code of conduct
pertaining to law
in the A.B.A.'s Rules of
Professional Conduct, 1983.
And you thought
I wasn't listening.
[Abigail] A.B.A.'s
Rules of Conduct.
This particular code
helps us to negotiate
the ethical minefields
of a courtroom.
Pay particular
attention to...
Rule 3:
The responsibilities
of an attorney
to the tribunal.
Read my lips, people.
This is crucial!
This rule plays an integral
part in your mock trials,
are your final exam,
and 60% of your final grade.
Okay, time is up for today.
Don't forget
to check the board
for your presentation times.
Mr. Van Sickle?
May I see you, please.
You wanted to see me,
-Professor Grandacre?
Look, I just want
to make sure
you're not
one of these students
who thinks they can
rely on their good looks
and their charm just
to get a good grade.
Absolutely not!
I'm on full scholarship
so let me assure you,
I take my grades
very seriously.
I'm relieved to hear it.
Good. I'm glad.
I've worked very hard
to get where I am today.
Very hard.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mrs. Grandacre.
Sounds like you really
shut her down, man.
Listen, if anyone can handle
Grandacre, though, it's you.
You already know it!
[man] Do you think
that's about McDeere?
How should I know?
They say he OD'd on
his meds, man.
You need a ride home?
[Vance] No, thanks.
I've got my bike.
Vance! Vance!
[man] Claire Hart?
Daughter of the Donald Hart,
as in, Lawson-Hart
School of Law, Hart?
The one and only.
You have got no shot.
Care to wager a beer?
You're on!
Hi Vance.
I'm glad I caught you.
Yeah, I'm glad
you did too, Claire.
Oh. Claire, Arthur.
Arthur, Claire.
Arthur was just leaving.
Oh. Yeah. I was...
Nice meeting you.
So, I just wanted
to tell you
that I saw on the board we're
going to be trial partners.
Wow! A Hart for
an opponent!
Looks like I have my work
cut out for me.
I mean, with all
that free advice...
Oh, no. Not really.
My dad says
doing this on my own
will make me
a better lawyer, so...
That's one of
the many reasons
many reasons I
don't go to his school.
Probably a smart move.
So why did you pick defense?
I prefer to make sure
innocent people are
not wrongly convicted.
Yes, but you're
going to wind up
defending the guilty
a lot of the time.
I'm okay with that.
You will be mine.
Oho! Or not.
Come on!
Vance, are you crazy?
Relax. If I thought
you'd stand a chance,
-I wouldn't have done it.
[Arthur] Bravo.
Hey. Check this out.
You got Claire's
digits? Man!
I guess I do owe
you that beer.
Oh, you owe me
a lot more than that.
I let you crash here
at my awesome hideout.
Yeah, I don't
really get it, man.
Why don't you
stay here with me?
Your dad gave it to you,
but you stay with your mom
and your dipstick step-dad,
who you hate,
and he hates you.
No, man. Too many
bad memories here.
I like to just use it
when I want to stay
anonymous, you know.
Besides, I like to keep
an eye out for my mom.
Make sure she's okay.
-Fair enough.
Here's that essay you wanted
on civil disobedience.
You are a life saver.
Hey! Remember to reword it.
Don't I always?
Thank you. You are
a life saver, my friend.
And you're a
profitable enterprise.
"While courts normally
award damages to
victims of negligence,
"those damages may
be reduced if the
victims themselves
"are found to be negligent.
"However, in a precedent-setting
case, Gough vs. Thorne,
"the court decided
to waive culpability
"in the case of
a young child.
"Sui generis rule,
"setting aside previously
established rule
in order to impart justice."
[man] You're late.
Dinner's getting cold.
[door closes]
Hi, honey.
How was your day?
Where were you?
I was at the library,
I'm so proud of you.
One more year and
you'll be a real lawyer.
They serve beer at
the library now, do they?
Go on, I made
your favorites.
You were supposed to work
with me at the garage today.
I give you room and board,
and you come down and help me.
I carry a full load of
classes and have to
get perfect grades
or I lose my scholarship.
[Mom] He's right, Paul.
Honey, maybe you could
give some hours on
Saturday or something.
I'll tell you what I get.
Bills up the kazoo.
I bust my butt,
just to keep our
heads above water--
-Maybe you should have
worked harder in school.
-You know what else I get?
I get food on the table
for your mother and you
and a roof over your head.
And now I get
a 23-year-old deadbeat,
living off his old man!
I told you.
You are not my old man!
Damn right I'm not!
I don't go out boozing
and stealing cars,
and then...
hang myself in jail.
What kind of
a father does that?
And what kind of a man
marries his brother's wife
two weeks after
the funeral, huh?
-I'll kill you!
-Vance! Stop, oh!
Stop. Stop!
I'm sorry, Mom.
I lost my appetite.
I'll be in my room...
Your kid
has got no respect.
[Mom sobs]
[crickets chirping]
Hey, honey!
You're late.
Yeah. Long day.
You know how that goes.
Yeah. But I'm only doing
two days a week now, so...
not the way you know.
Isn't that the most
gorgeous thing
you've ever seen?
Hmm. Bet you say that
about all the books.
Besides, I thought I was.
You are.
But you're no...
rare illuminated Chaucer.
[pouring wine]
And I was just about
to click "purchase," too.
But, it's too
extravagant, isn't it.
Sure. I...
-Can I splurge?
-Sure. Yeah.
Is there anything wrong?
-Nothing's wrong. Why?
-Because I'm about to
spend $800 on a book
and that's fine to you.
You're off in
la-la land, somewhere.
What's going on?
Oh gosh. I don't know.
It's one of these new
transfer students of mine.
He is extremely bright.
I read one of
his old papers and he
analyzed this precedent-setting
case like a pro.
It was impressive.
So what's the problem?
I don't know.
His overall... demeanor
in class is arrogant.
Did this happen to take place
during an ethics lesson?
You know how I feel
when they don't take
the rules seriously.
If I can just spare one
of them from making
the same mistake that I--
You can't. You can't.
The best you
could ever hope for
is that they learn
something useful from it.
And honey, your only mistake
was being a little naive.
But you learned that there are
vultures out there, didn't you?
And you learned
how to survive.
Damn it!
This ruins my case.
Can't use this.
Hey, Professor Grandacre.
Do you have a second?
Uh, actually no.
I have a class right now
but if you want to make a--
It's about the mock trial.
I need more time.
Ah, yeah,
you and everyone else.
Listen, despite what
you may have heard.
I, in no way,
expect perfection.
Just do the best you can.
Yeah, but, I do...
so if you could just
switch me with
someone presenting later?
No. I can't.
It's too late.
And it wouldn't be fair to
the others or your partner.
It's what I said
in class, isn't it?
The lame remarks?
Look. I'm sorry--
It has nothing
to do with that, okay?
I cannot offer you more time
and not offer it to the others.
I can't make one rule for you
and a different rule
for the rest of the class.
What if there were
extenuating circumstances?
Such as?
Look, Mr. Van Sickle,
my best advice to you
is just to buckle down
and do the best you can.
Excuse me.
Yo! Yo! Van, Van!
I need to tell
you something--
-Not now, man.
-Hey, dude--
-Don't touch me, man.
Bro! I was just going
to say that I...
[car starts]
-[tires screech]
-God! Dude!
And so, in summary,
my client's speed was not
the cause of the accident.
The main cause, in fact,
was the plaintiff,
[Claire] Your Honor,
according to the Doctrine
of Comparative Negligence
I do not have to prove
that the defendant's
negligence was the sole
cause of the accident.
Just a contributing factor.
Look, at 3:00 pm,
in front of a school,
regardless of his speed,
it was foreseeable
that a 6-year-old child
might run into the street.
Foreseeable? Come on!
Is the prosecution suggesting
my client should
have been clairvoyant?
This was not a
pedestrian crossing.
There was no
crossing guard present.
The court must recognize
that the plaintiff was
contributorily negligent
In support, I cite the case
of Froom vs. Butcher.
"In cases where
"the plaintiff's own
culpable conduct is a factor
"the court shall reduce
the award of any damages
according to the level
of the fault of the plaintiff."
Miss Hart,
can you offer me any
reasons why the court
would not find your
client culpable?
She's a child, your honor.
I mean, is that fair?
Be that as it may,
this is a court of law.
As such, we are only concerned
with statutes and precedents,
not notions of fairness.
Can you cite any precedents?
I, um...
No, your honor.
[Vance] I have one more
thing to add, your honor.
Under the modified Comparative
Negligence rule,
if the plaintiff's
own negligence
constitutes more than
50% of the fault,
the plaintiff is not entitled
to any damages at all.
-Wait! Objection. 50%--
The child did run into
a busy street, between
parked cars, your honor.
Objection overruled.
I do have one final question
for you, Mr. Van Sickle.
Is there any reason
you know of,
why the court should
not reduce the award
to the plaintiff?
Well, based on the
given circumstances
and the current laws
of this state,
none whatsoever.
You're certain?
Well based on my
research, absolutely!
Very well.
I, uh, find for
the prosecution.
This court is adjourned.
What? You mean I won?
Congratulations, Miss Hart.
Are you kidding me?
I proved my case.
I am very disappointed
in you Mr. Van Sickle.
Gough vs. Thorne.
Sui generis rule: "A child
under the age of seven
cannot be held responsible
for his conduct."
You wrote an essay on it for
Professor McDeere's class.
It was eloquently
written, in fact.
I could not have more
strongly emphasized
that an attorney
has an obligation
to fully disclose
any relevant material.
My first obligation
is to my client, okay.
It was the prosecution's
to find the cases that
support her argument.
Why are you penalizing me
for her stupid mistake?
Would you please
excuse us, Miss Hart.
You well know,
by not citing that case
you broke Rule 3.
That case would have sunk
my whole defense.
That is irrelevant.
You are missing the whole
point of this exercise.
The goal was not
to necessarily win
but to play
the game ethically.
You had other
options, Mr. Van Sickle.
You could have argued
that Gough vs. Thorne
didn't apply to this case,
or simply acknowledged
that because
of the child's age
the award should not
have been reduced.
Okay, well, how will
this affect my grade?
Grades will be
out next week.
-I need to know now!
What you just did was
tantamount to cheating.
This is your final exam.
You know the penalty.
You think you can fail me?
You did this to yourself.
Let go of me, Vance.
Oh good. You're here.
Dean Castle wants
to see you at 4:00.
Oh. Uh, maybe it's about
my grant application.
it looks like you need
this more than I do.
Am I misunderstanding?
Are you saying that
the approval of my grant is
somehow dependent on
Mr. Van Sickle's grade?
No. Of course not.
But, we cannot risk
an appeal hearing.
Now look, Van Sickle
is under the sponsorship
of Lawson-Hart,
at this university's
recommendation, so,
if they don't get the expected
return on their investment
they just might consider
pulling future investment.
Catch my drift?
Oh, I'm starting to.
Other benefactors
may follow suit
and without that investment,
we'd have to consider
pulling other programs...
like your grant.
The grant to establish
an ethics board?
Huh, yeah, well,
it's ironic I know, but, uh,
no funds... no grants.
It's as simple as that.
Look. For two years,
until your final exam,
the boy was able to maintain
a B+ average to secure
his scholarship.
So, all I'm suggesting
is that you investigate
to see if there are
other circumstances
that might warrant
consideration. Okay?
Look, he deserves
at least that much.
Oh. Did Mr. Van Sickle
happen to mention
why he failed? Did he?
-He misled the court.
-Abby, you know
I would never condone
breaking the rules. Right?
But... sometimes you've just
got to bend them a little.
Ahh. I don't believe it.
It's an ethics class!
Okay, okay, fine!
Then, look, how about
a compromise, huh?
I mean...
have him have
an "incomplete" now,
instead of an F.
You know, let him do
a make-up test
or a paper or something,
I mean--
A make-up test? Final
grades are due next week.
I'll give you
a week extension.
Okay? Yeah, yeah.
A week extension.
Anything but a hearing!
Fine. I'll agree.
Okay, if he can get in
an assignment by next week
and you agree
that his final grade
depends on
that assignment.
Fair enough.
All right.
a little flexibility.
No harm done.
Oh, no. Thank you.
So tell me...
Just politics.
Hey, can you pull up McDeere's
grades on a particular student?
Enjoy your night, ladies.
Okay, 4,3,2,
-2,3,4. That's an easy one.
-Beyond easy!
Legal Profession A,
Van Sickle, Vance.
[woman] Is that the one
that failed trial?
Well that's an A- average.
-Oh, with your F.
-Yeah. I know. Thanks.
[Abigail] Mullnomah Blvd.
That's off Highway 12, right?
Yeah. That's the other side
of the tracks.
He must have worked really
hard to get here.
God, I can't believe I let
him get away with that.
What was that?
He grabbed my arm
today. Hard!
-Did you tell Castle?
Well, I tried. No.
Abby! Why the hell not?
That is totally
Why wouldn't you go
straight to Castle with that?
Don't you think I know that.
Because I want the grant.
He had me over
a barrel, okay?
No funds, no grant.
What are you doing?
What are you doing!
Were you planning to hide
these from me again?
When did you
start up with these?
You know what?
Here, stop it!
-Look at you!
-Are you happy?
-You are so wound up!
-I get, I get headaches!
You're about to snap!
Is this kid somehow
triggering some of
your past issues,
or something?
I have not seen you
like this in a long time.
-My past issues?
-Okay, why are you getting
headaches then?
Why are you getting
I see you at night, you're
having nightmares. Why?
It's been three years. Why?
And what's next?
The panic attacks?
I think we need
to find someone--
Oh, you want to
find somebody?
Shall we find somebody?
A therapist? Are they going
to grade my papers for me?
Are they going to deal
with this situation with
the kid and Castle--
They can help you!
These pills...
are not going
to help you.
Are they? We know that!
I have had
a really long day.
I am tired.
I just want to go to sleep.
I want to wake up
and start over.
Look. It's just
a few more weeks.
I'll either get the grant,
or I won't.
Okay, the,
the situation with the kid
and Castle,
it will get resolved.
If this is still
happening then,
I will talk to someone.
[Abigail sobs]
[grunting and pounding]
[shouting angrily]
[phone rings]
You okay?
Uh... No. I'm not.
What is it?
The same thing
happened to him.
Who and what are
you talking about?
[Abigail] The student
that I was telling you
about last night...
His father was wrongly
convicted. And...
he hung himself.
Okay. I think you should
take a nice deep breath
and try not to let
all that pain and guilt
come rushing back to you,
after all your hard work.
I did that to someone.
I did that to someone and
it and the same outcome.
[Stan] We've been over
this a million times.
You have to stop blaming
yourself for doing your job.
Stan, that is easier
said than done.
Look. I have to go.
I'm working.
[pills clatter]
Oh... Vance.
You're, uh, you're early.
Is this a bad time?
No. Not at all.
You just caught me
taking my allergy medication.
[bangs chair against desks]
Allergies are
the worst. Right?
Huh. Yes.
-So you heard I appealed?
-Yeah. I did.
And I talked to Dean Castle,
and he has offered a solution
which I am willing to consider
as long as we can
come to an agreement.
I'm relieved to hear that.
Well, your past records
have earned you
that consideration.
Your lowest grade is a B.
That's impressive,
and you've only gotten
one of them.
I do realize the impact
your grades have on your
position here
so that's why I'm
willing to reconsider.
I really appreciate that.
Do you remember
the day I stopped
you in the hall
and mentioned
extenuating circumstances?
reluctant to tell you
the truth, because I...
I didn't want you to think
I was playing
the sympathy card.
My mom's been
fighting cancer.
Oh God.
Vance, I'm-- I am so sorry.
So when I found
Gough vs. Thorne
I realized I'd have to
rework my whole defense.
Normally I'd be up to
the challenge, but
spending so much time
at the hospital...
watching her suffer.
Then with my
other finals...
and helping out at home.
Not eating. Not sleeping.
Did you ever feel
so... overwhelmed
that you thought
you'd just...
totally lose it?
Yeah. Of course.
I think everyone has at
some point in their life.
So you, um, you
mentioned a solution?
Um, yeah, yes.
Uh, Dean Castle
and I agreed that
should circumstances warrant,
which I now see
that they do,
and you were
willing to, uh,
do a make-up exam
by next week,
I'd be willing to
change the failure
into the deserving grade.
Sure, I'll do anything.
My whole future
is at stake.
I'm sure you'll
do just fine.
I'll have the make-up
assignment by tomorrow.
I don't know how
to thank you.
Look, just
follow the rules.
That's thanks enough.
I understand your passion.
I read your father's case.
So now you know
why I'm so determined
to succeed here
and become a defense lawyer.
To protect other innocents
from false convictions.
Thank you, Mrs. Grandacre.
[dialing phone]
[phone ringing]
[phone beeps]
Hi. This is Professor Grandacre
from Green Cove University--
What did he do now?
Excuse me?
Vance! What did he do now?
Uh, no, no.
I'm sorry, I--
Who am I speaking with?
[Paul] His stepfather.
Oh, okay, uh--
I was just calling
to check because I was--
I was a bit
concerned about Vance
and all he's been
dealing with, with
his mother's sickness.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I'm sorry. I, uh--
My wife is perfectly healthy.
Look. I don't know what
that boy's been telling you,
Professor, but I'd be
careful what you believe.
[phone hangs up]
[phone rings]
[Paul] What the hell do
you think you're doing?
Don't even think about
touching those guns. Ever!
That's what my dad
used to say to me.
Why are you
so cranky, man?
Thought you said
Grandacre fell for it.
Yeah. She did.
But how the hell was
I supposed to know
she'd call my house.
She's gonna pull my make-up
assignment from me now.
Man, you are screwed.
She's going to
fail your butt!
There's got to be a way.
Think of something, dammit!
Have you ever searched her?
I mean, there's nowhere
to hide on the net, man.
Maybe we can find
something incriminating.
Come on.
Let's check it out.
I got this.
[Arthur] Whoa!
Check this out, man.
It sounds like your dad.
"Still proclaiming
his innocence,
"John Ross, convicted
of grand larceny,
"prosecuted by A.D.A.
Abigail Grandacre
hanged himself in a courthouse
holding cell today."
You've got
to be kidding me.
"The case raises
"embarrassing questions
for the D.A.
"Especially since A.D.A.
Grandacre failed to mention
"that there was a witness
who came forward
to offer Ross an alibi."
Then what?
Says she resigned before they
filed any criminal charges.
She got away with it
and she failed me
on an ethics charge!
-Wait, hold on.
-[cans clatter]
Whoa! Hold on.
There's more.
A couple of months
later she was put
into a mental institution.
She's psycho, man! Ha!
I can use this.
I'll ruin her.
You're not going to, like,
do something crazy, are you?
I need a way to get
into the grade site
and change my grade myself.
Okay. That is crazy.
I mean, this site's
probably fire-walled
up the kazoo.
What are you going to do?
Break into her house
and hack into her computer?
And you're going
to help me.
No. No, I am not.
That's breaking and entering.
No, no, no. Listen.
All you have to do is
be my driver
and my lookout.
Well, unless you'd rather
cop to cheating all year.
And you still have
two more year's worth
of papers you'll
be needing. Hey,
tell you what...
I'll make you
the deal of a lifetime.
You help me out
and I'll give you all
of my old A-papers...
Okay, but just
the lookout and driver.
[phone buzzes]
Hey. So I'll meet
you at 12:00,
but if you need anything
I'll be in my office, okay?
Okay, bye.
[printer beeps]
[elevator dings]
[elevator doors close]
Aah! Professor G.
Mr. Fine. What are you
doing in this building?
I haven't graded
your final yet.
Grant vs. Foster was
the main case though, right?
I will be happy to go over
everything with you.
But right now I have
a ton of papers to grade,
including yours.
Okay, cool!
That's awesome!
Excuse me.
[phone rings]
[text buzzes]
Have you seen him yet?
No, I sent him
a message informing him
that the make-up assignment
was off the table.
And I referred
him to you.
Yes. He called to
make an appointment.
He sounded really desperate.
Look, in my book,
there is no excuse
for this kind of
blatant dishonesty.
Actions have consequences.
Yes, they do.
For all of us.
you gave him every
benefit of the doubt,
as I asked. And...
well, given his actions...
there's no other decision
that can be reached.
Well. He seems like a...
very resourceful
young man.
Perhaps he'll find
another way.
If nothing else, he
certainly is resourceful.
-Have a good weekend.
-You too.
Hello, professor.
Hey, I just want you
to know, I understand.
You're just doing your job.
No hard feelings.
I will break you.
Are you threatening me?
Excuse me?
What did I say?
I couldn't hear you.
Mr. Van Sickle.
I think you'd better
come inside.
[metal clattering]
[car door unlocks]
[car door locks]
[car brakes screech]
[gasp] God!
What's going on?
I just saw something
just run out in front
of the car. It was--
It looked like a person
but it was faster.
-Hm. Was probably a coyote.
-No. It was bigger than that.
A deer then.
I'm sure it was nothing.
I don't see anything.
I'll drive it up.
I don't like this at all.
Come on, man.
[Arthur on phone] Alright!
Time to get out of here!
[papers falling]
Stan. Stan!
You okay?
You have a bad dream?
I wasn't dreaming.
I heard something downstairs.
I don't hear anything.
Stan, please go.
Be careful.
That's it. My manuscript
fell on the floor!
Check your office doors.
[Stan] Locked!
All clear.
How did the book fall over?
Probably too close
to the edge or something.
Oh my God! Finally!
Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
[whistle screeches]
Okay, I admit it.
I'm addicted.
Come to papa, baby.
[computer beeps]
It's impossible!
So we've either
been hacked, or...
one of our bank cards
has been scammed.
Honey, did you see
the date and the time?
He was here last night.
He was in our house.
He didn't hack us.
He broke into our house!
-He was here!
-Do you have any idea
how paranoid that sounds?
All the doors were locked.
He's not getting in.
Okay, fine! Do you have
a better explanation then?
Well yeah, as a matter
of fact. [sigh]
Uh, it's one that you're
not going to like.
But, isn't it possible,
just possible...
that you made
a purchase and just
-don't remember it.
-Seriously? You're saying--
Well you've been under
a lot of stress lately
-and all the medications
you've been taking--
-I take two medications!
-We know that Rembatol
makes people sleepwalk
and even drive in their sleep,
and they have no memory
of it afterwards.
And you remember yourself.
Don't you?
It hasn't been
that long.
Yeah. I-I cannot believe
that you're saying this
to me right now.
[sigh] Stan.
What is it?
What if I am
losing it again?
And wh-what if this
is happening all over again?
I don't remember
doing any of that stuff.
I don't remember--
I hear you.
It's going to be okay.
And I'm sorry about earlier.
I wasn't listening
to how you were feeling.
I think I'm ready
to call Dr. Lieberman
and get that referral.
And I called the police.
They're sending
a detective over.
Just in case.
If anything else comes to mind,
please call me.
I would suggest that
you change your locks today
and get an alarm system
put in as soon as you can.
Especially since you guys
are somewhat remote here.
It just made it easier
for whoever this was.
Good. Thank you
for your time.
A pleasure.
Hi. Arthur.
Nice to meet you.
Would you
excuse us for a second?
I tried everything, man.
I was right. The grade
site's fire-walled.
I did some research.
There's only two other
computers that have access,
and they're both
in Castle's office.
And the only person,
besides him, that has access
to change the grades
is the assistant.
Then that leaves only
one other option.
I make her change the grade.
I'm out, man.
-I mean it!
-They'll kick you
out for plagiarism.
That's a lot better
than hard time for assault.
[Vance] Okay, we'll meet
at your place, talk later.
Hello, professor.
Look, you can play-act innocent
all you want.
I am not buying it!
I don't know what you mean.
No, you don't?
You didn't break into my house?
You didn't hack
into my bank account?
Those are some serious
allegations, professor, I...
I hope you can back
them up or I might
have to sue for defamation.
This stops now!
Do you here me?
Or I will make sure
that you never practice law.
Are you threatening me?
In front of
all of these witnesses?
Get to class. All of you!
Why don't we just get
to what this is really about?
You screwed up.
Nothing you say,
nothing you do,
is going to intimidate me
to change your grade.
Oh yes, you will.
There's no evidence.
Even that cop
you talked to
won't find anything.
You change that grade
or your life will be such hell
you will beg for me to stop.
How dare you!
I assume you have somewhere
where you should be,
Mr. Van Sickle.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Abby, Abby,
Abby, Abby!
Hey, you alright?
Yeah. Yeah, I will be.
I, uh, I have to proctor.
-Excuse me.
-Well obviously
we have a great
deal to discuss.
Look, Dean--
Abby, look, I'm a lawyer too.
And I pass no judgments
until I've heard all the facts.
Look. Just take a moment.
Catch your breath.
Come and see me
after your proctor.
Oh God!
-You okay, professor?
-Uh, no. I'm okay. Thank you.
[students chatter]
[slurring words] Please
pass out your... tests.
Don't open them until
the bell rings.
I don't feel good...
-Oh my God!
-Is she okay?
Are you okay?
Oh my God,
Mrs. Grandacre?
-Call 911.
-Call a nurse.
-I-I'm okay.
-I know you're okay, honey.
But you're going to go
to the hospital anyway.
I love you, honey.
I'm so sorry.
Oh please! I love you too.
I'm going to follow
the ambulance.
-I'll be right there, alright?
-[siren blaring]
-Mr. Grandacre.
Is she taking any
other medication?
Uh, yeah. Rembatol.
That definitely
could be the culprit.
Especially if she
took more than one.
She usually only takes
one, occasionally,
just to help her sleep.
May I?
The pills actually look
exactly alike.
The only difference between
the two, is Marvan has
MAR etched on the side.
But they'll do all the
blood tests at the hospital.
Well, we won't need
to wait for those results.
This is Rembatol, REM.
That's him. He did this.
I'll take these.
So, it's the same as
the McDeere case.
Medication switched.
Well, she's luckier than him.
She should be out of
the hospital in a few hours.
I'm going to need a warrant
for that Van Sickle kid.
[Stan] I'm going to follow
you for a while, alright?
Then I'll stop
and get some dinner.
Okay. Thanks.
Careful, please.
Thanks for
picking up dinner, hon.
Of course.
How are you feeling?
[doorbell rings]
Oh, that's the locksmith.
[phone rings]
Hello, Abby.
You're never going to get away
with this, you little bastard.
Come on, counselor!
No evidence, no case.
You know that!
The police can
trace this call.
You honestly think I'd use
my own phone?
Now look at that.
I see Stan-the-man
is changing the locks.
Imagine what
a long-range rifle
could do right about now.
Listen to me--
This is between you and me.
You leave Stan out of this!
-I didn't hear you say please.
Who's in control now, Abby?
You are.
Sorry. I didn't hear you.
You are!
Okay, look. I'll--
I'll do whatever you want,
I don't...
[Vance] You'll do whatever
I want, and then maybe
I'll consider
leaving you alone.
I'll change your grade, okay?
I-I don't even care any more.
[Vance] Smart girl!
Now here's what
you're going to do.
The deadline is midnight.
So you're going to
call Castle right now,
and tell him I handed
in the paper and got an A.
And an A-minus
for the course.
You got that?
No. No, it won't work.
He's already
left for the day.
I have an idea.
Meet me at the school, okay?
I can't tell Stan.
After everything
you've done, he will
never let me leave.
It's-- It's going to have
to be after he's asleep.
You'd better not
be messing with me.
I told you. I will do it!
Just meet me at 11:15.
What about security?
Uh, security, they see me
come and go all day long.
It's fine.
How do I get in there?
I will-- I will leave
the west stairwell open, okay?
I'll tell them that I need
to bring up stuff from my car.
You've got yourself a date.
When this is done,
I get my life back.
Of course.
Well, apparently we now have
the best locks money can buy.
Guess we should do
the alarm next, huh?
I feel safer already.
I'm not going to feel safe until
that lunatic is behind bars.
I keep telling you, that's
not going to happen
without any evidence.
Speaking of which,
was Keyes on the phone?
-No. It was just my sister.
-Okay, I'm going to call Keyes
because I want the police
to put a car out front.
-Tonight, if possible.
You just said that the
locks are good, so what?
Besides, I--
I made a decision.
I think there's an easy
solution to all of this. I...
I'm going to change
his grade, Stan.
I don't care any more,
you know?
I'm through standing
on principle.
We can't live like this.
Just promise me you'll do it
over the phone, okay?
Sorry to disrupt
your dinner.
I'm looking for
Vance Van Sickle.
So are we.
Haven't seen him in
a couple of days.
Have any idea
where he might be?
He's always gone for
long stretches at a time.
May I?
I have a warrant to
search the premises.
Can you show
me his room?
[Paul] Yes.
It's that way.
Where was this taken?
[Mom] That's where
his father lived.
No one's lived there
since he died.
I'm going to need
that address.
Vance Van Sickle!
Gun missing from a lock up here.
Clear over here!
Be thorough.
He's smart.
He knows the law.
Hey. Bag this.
[car starts]
[phone rings]
-[Keyes] Mr. Grandacre,
I need to speak to Abigail.
[intercom beeps]
[security guard on phone]
Yes, Joe?
[Joe] I unlocked the records
office, so you're all set.
I'm off doing my rounds,
so just lock up the front
doors after yourself.
-You bet. Thanks.
-[phone disconnects]
4, 3, 2... 2, 3, 4.
You started without me.
I was just setting up.
You're early.
Dying to know
how you got my key.
No dying until you
change my grade.
how did you get it?
You type in "How to
make a copy of a key,"
on the interwebs.
You were pretty clever
about switching out my pills.
Ah, the resemblance
was just dumb luck.
All simple.
Is that what
you did to McDeere?
Because he gave
you a B-minus?
Now if I told you
that was the case,
that would be a bit
wouldn't it?
I'm ready.
What if I had died?
I wouldn't be able
to change your grade.
I saw you only took
two at a time.
Two Rembatol will mess you up,
but it won't kill you.
Calculated risk.
Allow me.
Now that wasn't
so painful, was it?
[gun cocks]
-[police car siren]
-[telephone ring tone]
[phone message]
This is Abigail Grandacre.
Please leave a message.
[Vance in distance]
[Vance in distance]
Joe! Joe!
[banging on door]
[Vance in distance]
-[woman] Dispatch.
-4th Street Division?
There's a gunman on campus.
Okay, backup is on its way.
-[police car siren]
-[phone rings]
Okay. I'm almost there.
Send backup.
Security from
the university just called.
[doors banging]
[locker door bangs]
Listen to me.
You stay in this car!
[police car sirens]
Security says they're in
the administration building
and Van Sickle's got a gun.
You two go that way.
You stay three steps
behind me, you hear?
-Let's go.
Hold it right there, son.
Drop it!
Yes, sir.
Now, kick it over.
-[Joe] Aah! No!
Sounds like it's
coming from the gym.
Day of reckoning, Abby!
Time to meet your
judge and jury!
Or should I say,
[body thuds]
[both grunting]
[grunting and shouting]
Hon, are you hurt?
You okay?
Oh honey!
Are you okay?
Am I under arrest?
No, Abigail,
you are the victim here.
It's over. It's over.
[Stan] It's okay.
It's all over. It's all over.
-It's over, honey, it's over.
-[Abigail sobs]
Here you go, Abigail.
Well deserved!
The board
unanimously decided
that we could all use
lessons in ethics.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
You are probably
wondering why I wrote
all the question marks.
Well, this quote from
Jacob Bronowski
offers an explanation.
"The values, by which
we are to survive, are not
"rules for just
and unjust conduct,
"but are those deeper
illuminations, in whose light,
"justice and injustice,
good and evil
"means and ends
are seen in fearful
sharpness of outline."
So, I have posted
your first assignment
on the computer
blackboard, which is
"To find and explain
ten definitions to
the word 'ethics'"
and evaluate each definition
to the following yardstick:
Are ethics or
codes of conduct
merely external sets
of rules to be
blindly followed?
Or, do they rather
originate in the light of
an inner illumination,
viewed through a lens
of a greater morality?
I have often
had to ask myself
the same question.
I, uh, have made
the mistake
and it cost
an innocent life.
That's something that
I have to live with.
And I would like to save
you all from making the
same mistake.
So, any questions?
I do, professor.