The Sublime and Beautiful (2014) Movie Script

Hey everybody!
Let's go!
There's your eggs.
Nice, nice.
Will you try it again
if I cool it off?
Doing good?
Mmmm! Good eggs!
Who's gonna eat that?
This orange juice
tastes terrible.
It tastes horrible!
I was trying something new.
50% less calories,
50% less sugar!
I just wanted to try it.
That's all.
Hey, you guys,
you almost done?
Okay, get changed for school.
- Oh my gosh, look at
the time, look at the time.
Let's go, let's go!
There you go buddy!
Good boy.
Let's go! Everybody out!
Oh no, I'm sorry.
You get everything?
- Yup.
Alright. Backpack in the car,
I already threw that in...
Alright, I'll see you later.
And... Lunch?
Yeah, 2:00... late one.
And he goes around,
like, stealing stuff?
And then he, like,
gets some eyeballs.
Like, he gets fake eyeballs...
like, emerald ones
and gold ones,
and when he puts the gold one in
he transports to this place
where the person...
like, he sends him on a mission.
That's really kind of
where I'm at.
On the mission?
- You guys decide what
you want for Christmas?
I know what I want!
Yeah? What?
- A laptop and
a bean bag chair.
A bean bag chair?
Uh huh.
- What do you want
a bean bag chair for?
- You just want
something to sit in?
They're cool!
Any toys?
- I want a giant
In the back yard?
- I want a swimming pool.
- Yeah, right!
That ain't happening.
I want a tree house?
What? What about toys?
Clothes, books, toys?
I want some clothes!
I do not want toys.
- No toys. Are you
too old for toys now?
Alright, guys.
Alright, love you!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Watch out!
Watch out!
You can call your garbage!
I heard it!
Dave, time out.
One sec.
- Kelly wanted me to ask
if you were coming over
- Absolutely.
Are you kidding me?
I got a feeling.
I got a good feeling.
About you!
This year's gonna
be the year for you.
You're gonna get one.
Oh my God!
That's nasty!
Oh my God!
That's impressive.
Impressively nasty.
- That's years of
hard work right there.
Yeah, hard work.
Like lookin' in a mirror!
How bad?
Am I teaching these
kids anything?
Hey, do you have a second?
Uhh, yeah.
I'm sorry...
Mandy. Mandy...
Come on in.
Open or closed? -
- Umm, I just wanted
to talk to you about...
my grades?
Grades haven't come out yet.
Uhhh, the paper
that you assigned...
Uhh, I didn't do it.
What happens now?
- Your grade becomes
an incomplete,
and if it's not on my desk,
or in my box,
by the beginning
of next semester
it becomes an F.
Is there...
any other...
Everything okay?
Do you have a minute to talk?
Can we do it later?
Anyone home?
Oh, you're getting
so big and heavy!
You're getting heavy.
You're getting heavy.
Hey, hey!
Yummy, yummy! What do we got?
Peanut butter!
- Grapes? He said he
wants some grapes.
Here you go, buddy!
This looks...
incredibly sparse.
Where's the chips?
Do you have to go back?
- Don't be late, because
don't forget we have
your Mom's tonight.
Yeah! The tree trimming!
- I've got final grades
due tomorrow...
9, 10, maybe?
That's alright.
I mean, we'll miss you.
It's nicer when you're there...
but, umm...
me and the kids and
a bunch of sugar,
and your Mom and Dad...
I got it.
- Sounds fun.
- I got it.
I'll make it up to you.
- I know.
Thank you!
- Thanks for the
delicious lunch, mommy!
I feel so much lighter now!
Hi Daddy!
- Are you having
fun at Grammy's?
- I miss you. Are you gonna
be home for bedtime?
I'm gonna try!
I'm gonna do my best.
Put your sister on.
Hi Daddy!
Hey, are you guys having fun?
Put it on the tree.
I'm sorry, I wish
I could be there.
Does your Mom
need to talk to me?
Sure. Here she is.
I guess we're just
all missing you,
but we'll see you later.
Alright, I love you!
When you're 46 years old
a lot of things start happening.
You get hair where
you don't want it...
And not where you do.
Smells come off you
in strange places.
That was amazing.
- It's not too late
for you to come.
To L.A?
I can't.
I can't!
You were fantastic tonight.
Want me to walk you to your car?
What happened?
Where's my family?
Where are my kids?
I want to see my kids!
There you go.
- What time is the doctor going
to see my daughter-in-law
in the morning?
- I'm sorry, what was
your daughter's name?
Kelly Conrad, in 27... 127...
What happened?
Looks like a car accident.
Was anybody else hurt?
- I can't be sure,
but we'll find out.
Come out here!
That drunk driver
is in that room.
Right there.
He's in that room
right next to your wife!
Who's in charge here?
I want him moved, right now.
Get him out of here.
Are you in charge here?
Who is in charge here?!
Who is in charge?!
I want someone in charge!
Right now!
Right now!
I need your help over here.
Get away from me.
Sir, I need that
chart back right now.
What... what's going on here?
Get him out of here!
Get him out!
Okay, listen! Listen!
Get him out!
Right now!
Oh my God!
Jesus Christ!
So, why are you here?
Why are you here?
My wife had a car accident.
I'm sorry to hear that.
My grandma had a
heart attack last night.
I think she'll be okay.
She's strong. Real strong.
Yeah, she'll be okay.
I need a drink.
It's the middle of the night.
I always wanted to have another.
Little brother or
sister for you.
We tried and tried.
It's not as easy as
they'd like you to believe.
When I was a teenager, I
thought if a boy so much as
looked at me I
would get pregnant.
It's too dangerous
to just have one.
I used to lie awake at night
listening for you to come home,
thinking "What if... "
The kids?
Anyone need anything?
You sure?
Something to eat?
- I don't need a fucking
sandwich, Dad.
He's just trying to help.
- I don't need a
fucking sandwich!
I'm exhausted.
I think I'm gonna go out.
Oh my God!
Listen, if there's
anything I can do.
No, really. Anything...
It's fucked up.
Look, if...
If I knew what to say...
I'd say it.
I can't.
Come here.
I can't!
Fuck me!
I can't!
I should've died.
I should've...
I always wear my seatbelt.
And the one...
and the one time I don't...
I should've fucking
burned up in that car.
Thank God you didn't.
Oh yeah.
Thank God.
I need, uh...
some 12 gauge bird shot please.
Nine dollars.
Anything else?
How about a Stetson hat to
go with those pretty blue eyes.
Just the uhh...
There you go.
You okay?
Where'd you get this?
- When we went to the
lake at the Ozarks.
- That was before
I married Kelly.
That's right.
How's she doing?
Not good.
This guy...
This guy should not
be walking around
like nothing happened.
He should not just
be walking around
like nothing happened.
Lock him up and
throw away the key.
- The DA's working
on that, right?
I don't know.
They don't tell us anything.
What if I told you
I wanted to kill him.
I'm just kidding.
That would be fucked up.
Dave, did you walk the dog?
What are you working on?
- I'm chatting with
a Dad in Idaho
who's son died of
stomach cancer.
15 years old.
- Because he needs
someone to talk to.
Your Mom called.
She wants to see you.
Are you ready?
Forgot the keys.
I'm without words.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry. So sorry.
- We've been through
this kind of grief.
It's so different when
it's your children.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you...
- If there's something we
can do, please let us know.
- I know it's hard to ask.
- Anything at all.
I'll cover your classes.
That will make them glad
to see you come back!
Alright. Appreciate that.
- So we want to offer some
kind of condolences,
and... there's just
nothing we can say.
Except that we love you.
I'm just gonna go grab some.
I'll be right back, okay?
I'm so glad you came, though.
Oh, thank you.
- It must've been a
hard choice to come.
- I think it's fine to be in
Scotland, to be in Ireland.
It's taking your shoes off
to get on the plane.
It's getting there.
Right, right.
- And travel is not
what it used to be,
as far as I'm concerned.
Oh, yes of course.
- It's just not a
pleasant experience.
Plus, my legs are too
long for those seats.
I'm sure that's not true.
- It's so good to
hear you laugh.
Mmm hmm.
- It's... it's very
nice to see you.
I'm glad to see you again.
Glad to see you... out.
Ohh, thank you.
- I'm sorry to hear about
your children, my dear.
I appreciate that.
- Hope you're doing well.
- I'm doing okay.
- Excuse me. Is
that the family...
Yes, yes that was.
- I'm sorry about
the other day.
Physically, she looks...
Subdued, I thought.
Surprisingly together,
for what they've experienced.
But they're strong.
Excuse me.
How are ya?
How you doing?
I'm good, how are you.
I'm fine.
- Yeah, it's good to see ya.
- Thanks.
- Kelly's here somewhere.
I saw her around.
I thought she was...
I'm surprised she
showed up.
- It would change
a person forever.
I thought they might pass.
It's great to see them
out and about.
Did you see the
mother's hands?
Thank you.
You doing alright?
I'm so glad to see you.
Okay. That's enough.
I don't know you that well.
So getting hugged by you
makes me feel really weird.
So... stop hugging people
you don't know that well.
That's just a tip for you, okay?
It's a tip.
And I'd like to actually
make an announcement!
No more hugs!
From people I don't
know that well.
Because I don't need
any more hugs!
And I actually don't
need any of your pity.
I don't need any of your pity,
I don't want any of your hugs!
I am sick and tired!
Of all of this!
And I need to go!
I don't know where the
fuck you have been
all fucking night!
Don't touch me.
Do not touch me!
Woman with dead kids!
Walking out this fucking door!
How's your family?
They're good.
They're good, yeah.
Billie's third grade,
Sarah's kindergarten.
Thanks, David.
So... look.
I gotta ask you.
Have you been drinking?
Just a couple of beers.
How's he doing?
Not so good.
Why don't you take him home?
I was with Katie that night.
The night of the accident.
I was with Katie.
Wanna get out of here?
The other guy...
and she couldn't get back in.
When was that?
Just on Christmas Eve.
Was that in the paper there?
I must've missed it.
They all got killed?
What about the mother?
I was told that I should
bring that to you.
I hope that's the right amount.
I'm sure it's fine, Dave.
Umm... Is there anything
I can do for you?
What do you mean?
I don't know.
We could talk... I could...
I could lend you an ear.
You're gonna lend me an ear?
Sometimes it helps to talk.
Dave. Please.
Do I look sane to you?
I... I don't know.
I don't know what sanity
looks like, I guess.
- Dave, I know this
gonna be hard...
I know this is hard
for you to hear, but...
Sometimes, things happen.
Horrible, horrible
things happen.
But maybe... just maybe...
there's a reason.
- I should punch you right
in the fucking face right now.
Get 'em out.
Get 'em out of here!
Get 'em out of here.
Who is it?
Fuck! Who is it?!
What do you want?!
Go sit down.
Go sit down!
Sit down!
Sit the fuck down!
I'm sitting.
Shut that blind.
Shut. That. Fucking blind.
I know who you are.
you know why I'm here, right?
- Put your head right on
that fucking table right there.
Put your goddamned
head right on that
fucking table right there.
Just lay it down.
- This isn't gonna
solve anything.
Just shut up.
- What are you
gonna fucking do, huh?
The fuck!
It was an accident.
Shut up!
Shut up! I don't...
Shut up!
Shut up!
Hey, you want a drink?
You want a drink?
Do you want a drink?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding
me right now?!
Can I have a drink?
You want a drink?
Go ahead.
Go get a fucking drink.
Go get a drink.
There you go.
Go ahead.
Real slow. Real slow.
Sit down. Pour your drink.
Sit down and pour
your fucking drink man!
I only got one hand.
- Am I supposed
feel sorry for you?
Am I... Am I supposed to
fucking feel sorry for you?
You only have one fucking hand?
Pour your drink.
Pour your fucking drink.
Go ahead.
I am not waiting
all fucking night.
Alright, that's it.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Now put your head
between your legs.
Go ahead, swing around
here and put your head
between your legs.
Right there.
I'm sorry.
You don't get...
to be sorry!
Do it.
Shut up!
Do it.
Shut up!
Pull the fucking trigger!
Pull it, goddamn it!
Shut up!
Shut up!
- Do it!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Look at all this stuff.
I forget.
I forget not to buy so much,
and then, you know, you're
not eating here anymore,
so, um... I don't know
what I am thinking.
I'll eat at home more often.
Sure you will.
What's wrong?
Oh my God.
No, no. That's okay.
Dave's here. We'll be okay.
I don't know. We will.
He died.
- Is... is that all
you have to say?
What do you want me to say?
Well, I'm glad.
Or fuck that motherfucker.
Or... I don't know, that sucks.
That makes me really sad.
Just anything.
Fuck that motherfucker.
- Someone saw a car drive
away from that house
the other night.
They got a partial plate.
I don't know if you knew this...
But, umm...
I was one of the first
responding officers...
On the scene.
From the night of the accident.
I just wanted you
to know that, Dave.
You were at that house
the other night.
Weren't you.
Your total is $5.25.
Your kids are cute.
How much?
Thanks. Have a good day.
So when do you leave?
Is this okay?
You want some food?
- I think your Mom's
getting me something.
That's good.
I know what happened.
My Mom told me in the car.
But I kinda figured
it out anyways.
I just want you to know,
he wasn't a big
drinker or nothing.
And I know he felt really bad
about what happened.
Okay. Okay.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Can I take that for you?