The Successor (2023) Movie Script

It'll be OK.
It'll be OK.
Get ready, final line-up.
Space, please.
Go, go... Girls.
Move forward.
Keep the space between you.
Very good. Great.
Keep the same spaces.
Yann-Olivier would be so proud.
Thank you, Sarah.
Ellias, go.
Ellias, now, go.
It's still a draft,
but it gives the general idea.
Its inspired
by Matisses Flight Of Icarus.
You, in black,
with a red handkerchief,
lying on a blue background,
surrounded by
the three models, the stars
in the canary yellow
dresses we loved.
- That's very pretty.
- Big hit with our clientele.
Superb. I love it.
- We have several titles.
Not easy to mourn one creator
and welcome the birth of another...
We want to pay tribute
to Yann-Olivier, as you did so well,
and honor your first collection,
that was received with emotion.
No superlatives,
I know you're allergic.
First suggestion:
"The heir to House of Orsino".
Some of us feel
its not active enough.
Velazquez gave us the idea
of a consecration, a coronation.
That's most impactful,
and moving.
Two options:
"Ellias Barns,
the new prince of fashion".
"The Little Prince of haute-couture",
which fits
the iconic nature of the photo.
It's beautiful...
Not sure about me
as the Little Prince, but...
Is this the final casting?
Veronica and Bijou
represent your identity well.
Yes, yes, they're fine...
It's Sarah...
She's the face of the label.
She's under contract
for our campaigns.
She represents Orsino.
That means a lot to our clientele.
- Yes, and I love Sarah.
But this is different.
Its not an ad.
Its not a campaign.
It's the cover to promote my
first collection.
So, the casting should perfectly
represent my identity.
We need to send our clientele
a message.
The Orsino spirit is alive,
with a new signature.
- Of course.
Sarah will understand.
Who do you have in mind, Ellias?
If she's available.
If not...
Maurane. Or Michela.
And Alayna?
- The canary yellow's too hard on her.
So, Veronica, Bijou and...
- Renata.
Maurane or Renata.
Have you been stressed lately?
Yeah, but...
It feels like something else.
Have you had these pains long?
- Two... Three years...
At first, rarely,
but now nearly daily.
Any heart disease in the family?
- No.
Does it hurt here, when I press?
- No.
OK, sit up.
Breathe in deeply, mouth open.
And your asthma?
- Almost gone.
Thanks to my Ventolin.
- Breathe normally.
Blood pressure's a bit high.
You can get dressed.
Anything that might
have triggered these symptoms?
Nothing I can think of.
What you describe sounds more like
panic attacks, than a heart attack.
It really feels like my heart.
Panic acts on the heart,
but it's not a heart problem.
Your fear of a heart problem,
makes your brain create one.
That fear increases anxiety, which,
in turn, increases the pain.
It's an anticipatory
But with a bit of
temporary chemical help,
we can restore a balance.
Anything against anxiolytics?
No. No.
- OK, Bromazepam.
When the feeling starts,
take one, immediately.
A quarter, because
it causes drowsiness.
Earlier, you mentioned
hereditary pathologies...
My father had a stroke
two or three years ago.
Is he treated for it?
I don't know. We haven't
spoken in years.
Did your problems
start before or after his stroke?
Maybe after...
I don't know.
I'm sending you to
a cardiologist for some tests.
Just to make sure.
Did he pass
something on to me?
Find out what caused his stroke,
see how he's doing,
while we wait for the results.
We'll get to
the bottom of this.
Sender contains: barns
Hi Sbastien! (Who's Ellias?)
Glad I found you.
I'm recovering from a stroke.
How are you?
Attached my will, in case.
Hi Dad.
Thanks for your
Sorry for getting back so
How are you?
Wondering how you're doing?
I'm wondering
how you're doing now?
Great, Ellias.
Lift your chin.
That's it. Veronica,
raise your leg.
Bijou, head a bit towards me.
That's it.
We have to take a break.
The police want
to speak to Sbastien Barns.
It's my given name.
What do they want?
- They wouldn't say.
Are you in any trouble?
- No.
Nothing the press can use?
Nothing illegal?
A story that could come out?
No, not that I can think of.
We'll stay with you, OK?
- OK.
Excuse me.
This way, please.
Yes, Seb?
- Mum, where were you?
Key Largo.
Fishing with Claude's clients.
What's up?
Three missed calls, isn't like you.
Jean-Jacques is dead.
Oh, well...
Four days ago.
Give me a second.
It's Seb.
- Yes?
Your brother's dead.
What from, he asks?
- Heart attack.
Heart attack.
You're an idiot.
What did he say?
He had a stroke
three years ago.
Did he have heart problems?
We haven't seen your father
in 25 years...
And Claude? No heart problems?
- No.
Claude's in super shape.
How did you find out?
Quebec police
contacted French police.
And I talked to his attorney.
He bought a house
on the North shore.
Oh, did he?
OK, listen...
My collection's coming out,
I can't leave.
I'll sign a power of attorney
so that you can deal with his estate.
Miami is closer...
You can keep everything.
We don't need anything.
Jean-Jacques has long been dead
to Claude.
But he's his brother.
- But you're his son.
It's my promo campaign, Mum!
Claude owes a shitload in taxes.
He's never going back to Quebec.
And you?
I don't owe anyone anything.
I have a call waiting...
Hey, I adored the serin yellow
in your collection.
Thank you.
It's called canary.
Okay, bye.
Cutting it a bit short, no?
- No, we're there.
Is something wrong?
- I'm fine.
Should I reschedule
the cardiologist?
No, Ill come back
right after the funeral.
How long since you've been back?
I've never been back.
Twenty years...?
It's only a few days.
The attorney
knows you're in a hurry.
And the photos?
Well get their selection
later today.
The realtor
will be at your dad's
with the guy from the charity.
Im forwarding the e-mail.
- Thanks.
You have to pick up the keys
at the funeral home.
Your driver will have
a sign with my name on it.
For more discretion.
Thank you.
Hang in there.
Hello officially. I'm Pierre-Luc.
Judith. It's a pleasure.
At your service, Mr Barns.
May I take my shoes off?
Make yourself at home.
Your father has been prepared.
But we need to dress him.
Could you bring clothes
that he liked,
or that had symbolic value.
- Perfect.
Would you like
his belongings now or later?
Now's fine.
- Thank you.
Could you sign this, please.
I sent the death certificate
to his attorney.
To speed things up.
- Much appreciated.
This is the copy.
Your assistant said,
just a simple ceremony
and the cremation after.
The express option.
This is where your
father's car is parked.
And the number
of one of his friends
who wants to be part
of the ceremony.
From now on, Minna,
our celebrant, will take over.
You see her at 6 pm.
You can bring
photos of your father
and tell her how you want,
to honor his memory.
To your father's?
No. I have to go by
the Red Roof market.
You know it?
- Yes.
Call Dominique Duchesne
Your destination
is on your right.
You have reached your destination.
Sorry I'm late.
No worries.
I did the outside evaluation.
I'll be right there.
Simon, from Follow Your Heart.
- My sympathies...
We collect
donations for refugees.
One man's joy,
another's sorrow.
Thanks for coming.
Shall we?
- Yes.
Did your father renovate recently?
I don't know...
I really don't know anything.
If you find any utility bills,
I'm interested.
And the certificate
of localization too.
Are there things with sentimental
value you want to keep?
Photos maybe. A few things...
Everything else can go.
- Good.
- Yes.
I'll start over here.
Do you have the keys?
There's a locked door.
Yes, I'm coming.
Its a standard bungalow,
but in great condition.
We can ask a good price for it.
There's a locked door.
- Thank you.
No washer-dryer in the bathroom,
it might be in the basement.
I don't know how many trips,
it might be full down there.
That complicates the estimate.
- Damn...
What do we do?
If you find the keys,
send us photos.
If not,
Ill come with a locksmith
and for 100 bucks...
But I'll charge extra
if there's a lot down there.
- Thanks, you too.
Tomorrow morning, 9 am.
- Fine, thank you.
- Bye.
Jean-Jacques' son?
Marie-Odile, his neighbor.
Sorry for your loss.
Sbastien? Right?
- Yes, that's it.
I'll give you a hand.
- Thank you.
Your father was lovely.
I didn't see him much,
he was very discreet.
We got along well.
We've never seen you here?
Ah, no, my work keeps me very busy.
You're in haute couture in Paris,
your father said.
Yeah, that's it.
- Very impressive.
Have dinner with us.
Take your mind off things...
Very kind of you,
but I have a meeting at the
funeral home before going to Montreal.
The Lalonde funeral home?
- Yes.
They're very good.
- You're welcome.
When is it?
- Sorry?
The funeral?
- Day after tomorrow.
Well, I'll go.
You must be very busy.
- Yes.
If you change your mind for tonight,
we're right there, at number 30.
- Great.
Thanks, Marie-Jos.
- I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Mr Barns.
- Thank you.
I forgot to give you this.
The medics must have
taken it off in the ER.
Thank you.
Minna's waiting for you.
Follow me.
Minna, Mr Ellias Barns.
My condolences, Mr Barns.
- Thank you.
I'm aware that
you need to get back to Paris quickly.
I'm a huge fan,
since the very beginning.
Thanks. That's very kind.
This is neither the time
nor the place,
but your collection for Orsino...
I don't know what to say...
I'm touched.
You don't remember me,
do you, Sbastien?
No, I'm sorry.
We did fashion together
in college.
We did a project on Lagerfeld.
Just before you left for Paris.
You had blue hair back then?
Di Salvio Minna!
Yes, of course!
I'm straight-laced now,
and you talk like Mylne Farmer.
We all change, don't we?
Still love Mylne Farmer?
- I guess...
Me too.
Maybe you'll get to dress her!
- Who knows.
Listen, I've found some photos.
Thank you.
When I saw that you were
coming for your father,
it was strange...
I seem to remember
you said he was dead.
Well, that sums up our relationship.
Now he really is dead,
let's choose one.
Do you know what he wanted?
These models can be rented.
They're only used for
the ceremony.
There's a cartridge
inside for the cremation.
Better for the environment.
And the fabric inside is beautiful.
For the ceremony,
do you have any texts in mind?
Did he express
any desires in his will?
I don't know.
Can your father's friend
I haven't had time to call.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.
Well, that one.
Very good choice, Mr Barns.
Mr Barns?
- I'm sorry,
the suit and shirt you brought
don't fit your father.
He wore two sizes bigger.
Could you bring another suit?
- Yes.
Early tomorrow?
- Yes, fine.
Listen, I...
I found an anti-hemorrhagic in is car.
Did he have a pathology
that caused his death?
We only have
the ER doctor's report.
What does it say?
A natural death.
Is a heart attack a natural death?
Compared to a road accident,
or a suicide, yes...
You can ask for
his medical records.
As his son you can ask his doctor.
- OK. Thank you.
We're here to make your life easier.
I need to stop by my fathers
before the hotel.
Good evening, Sbastien.
Or should I say Ellias?
You are?
- Dominique, your dads friend.
I left my number
at the funeral home...
Sorry. I didn't have time...
- I understand.
I came by earlier,
Marie-Odile saw me...
You have your dads eyes...
So, Marie-Odile
kindly invited me to dinner...
We met through Jean-Jacques.
You said you weren't
coming back
but when we saw you,
she said:
"Go see him, give it a go".
Will you come and
have dessert with us?
Or just a drink? Not for long.
I don't want to bother you...
We haven't met, right?
You already lived in France
when your dad and I met.
I know you were on bad terms...
You could say that.
- He often spoke of you.
He showed me photos too.
Having you in front of me...
I'd love to share a drink,
in all simplicity.
I'll finish up here
and join you.
- I can't stay long.
Just a drink. In his memory.
Ill bring one of his bottles.
- Great!
See you in a bit.
- Fabulous.
The neighbor invited me.
Come back in an hour
and call me.
It'll give me an excuse to leave.
- Perfect.
Hello, Pierre Luc?
- Yes?
I'm still at my father's...
I haven't finished.
Did you find your Quebec accent
in his boxes?
I'll call you tomorrow...
- Everything alright?
I just have all this sorting to do.
Go home, I'll call you.
Thanks, good evening.
- Good evening.
911, what's your emergency?
You've reached Judith Alvarez.
Leave a message.
Judith, it's me...
Call me back
as soon as you can, OK?
Yes, hello?
You just called 911.
Is there a problem?
Oh no, I'm really sorry, I...
A dumb mistake,
I should have explained,
not hung up.
Are you in danger, sir?
Can you talk?
Yes, I snagged
the emergency button.
Really stupid.
Are you sure?
Quite sure.
I'm really sorry.
Very good, sir.
Im sorry again. Good evening.
We saw your driver leave,
so, we wondered...
I fell asleep...
Something wrong?
- I won't be coming,
I'm beat.
I have to drop off
his funeral clothes early.
The trip knocked me out.
- Yes, poor you.
Can I do anything?
No, I'm just a bit
overwhelmed right now.
I understand.
Don't worry.
My apologies to Marie-Odile.
Good evening, Dominique.
- Good evening.
Can you hear me?
I'm going to help you.
I'm going to get you
out, okay?
What's your name?
Soleil, is that it?
Is it Emilie?
It's me.
I've brought you food.
He died a few days ago.
You have nothing to fear now.
It's night time.
Eat something and get some rest.
I'll get you out tomorrow,
It's me.
Don't be scared, okay?
Wait, wait, no, no!
No, wait! Stop!
Wait, I want to help!
I just want to help!
Wait, I want to help!
I won't hurt you!
I don't want to hurt you, I swear!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Mr Barns? It's Pierre-Luc.
Can you hear me?
Maybe he's asleep.
Mr Barns?
I heard noise.
Are you OK?
Everything alright?
Yes, I'm coming!
All good. He's here.
I said I'd call you.
Judith asked me to come over.
She's worried.
I have her on the phone,
she wants to talk.
- My God, Ellias!
You scared the hell out of me.
I got your message.
Why didn't you answer?
What's going on?
Everything's fine.
What's up?
Your voice was so...
Really? That bad?
- Yes, yes.
You were talking Quebecois...
I don't know,
I'm deep in my father's stuff.
I get it.
It must be difficult.
How can I help?
I don't know, it's...
It's not easy.
You don't sound well.
I'm just very busy.
I really have to go.
You know I'm here for you.
- I have to go.
Thank you.
I won't be needing you.
Invoice what was agreed.
- What about...
I have my dad's car.
Okidoki. You're the boss.
- Thanks. Good night.
No, no, no, no, no!
It's not real, it's not real!
Come back!
Come back!
Come back!
It's not real, it's not real...
It's not real...
Hello, Mr Barns.
- Here you go.
Thanks. You can see him soon.
- I couldn't.
Minna needs to go over
the ceremony.
I cant stay.
- It's important, Mr Barns.
It won't take long.
Please have a seat.
I'll get Minna.
Good morning, Ellias.
- Good morning.
Did you manage to rest?
I've brought some photos
and music that he liked.
I'd like to say a few words.
To pay tribute to him.
What about his ashes?
I chose
the express option.
It comes with a scattering
behind the car park.
I wanted to
plant a tree
at the lake where we fished.
I thought
we could scatter his ashes there.
I'd give anything for you and me
not to be here.
You don't have children, do you?
The absence of a child
is an unbearable thing.
Your father suffered from it,
whatever you may think.
Maybe you don't care
about his ashes, but we need
a meaningful place to go
when we miss him.
Your father was someone
who had a big impact on my family.
On my children.
Please, don't rob us of that.
Mr Barns. Mr Duchesne.
You were discussing the ceremony?
We'd started, yes...
Let's go and talk in my office.
Yes, hello?
- Yes, Mr Barns?
I'm at the house
with the Charity volunteers,
I knocked, no answer.
Don't move,
I'm on my way.
I can't stay.
Should we reschedule?
I have to open the house.
Do what you want!
On my way!
No rush. The locksmith's here.
He can open the front door.
Don't touch a thing,
wait for me!
I'm on my way!
I'm really sorry...
- No worries...
This is Stphane, the locksmith.
- Hi.
My girlfriend loves your work.
Thanks. I forgot to text you.
I found the basement key.
Sorry you came for nothing.
You're mourning.
It's normal to forget stuff.
It happens.
- My mistake. Take this.
This is way too much.
- Thanks a lot.
Clear it all, take what you want,
throw out the rest.
I'll deal with his office.
And the basement?
Well, I...
I need more time.
It's full of family stuff.
So, we forget about it.
Maybe a washer-dryer?
- It's a piece of junk.
Let's go.
Gang, let's go for it.
It'll take all day.
When you're tired,
think of the Hamoud family
and how happy they'll be
thanks to his dad.
Let's go!
Come on! Come on!
Mr Barns?
I need to see the basement
for the estimate.
That's not possible.
If I'd known...
I'll call you when I'm ready.
The sale can wait.
Have a nice day.
Can I take this?
- Yeah.
Knock, knock.
I met your dad at a Fugain concert.
Will the refugees mind
if I take it?
No. No.
Nice gesture,
giving it all to charity...
My son is in social work.
He'll be at the ceremony tomorrow.
Jean-Jacques and him
adored each other.
Did you hurt your hand
with the shredder?
Your father knew he'd
messed up with you.
I did everything
not to be like him.
He loved you
and he missed you.
He just couldn't tell you.
What's wrong?
You were in bad shape last night.
You looked like a boy
who'd pissed himself...
You pissed yourself, right?
I dreamt I was dying.
Poor child.
You're not dead.
You're alive.
Very much alive.
You're his son.
Nothing will change that.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- No. Thank you.
Minna and I planned out
the ceremony.
It starts at 11 am.
Followed by a light buffet
then Marie-Odile
will do a drink at her house
before spreading the ashes.
Want a lift to Montreal?
We could grab a bite.
Very kind, but I really need
to rest at the hotel.
I get it.
Get some rest.
Tomorrow will be tough.
Good morning, Mr Barns.
This way, please.
If you need anything,
we're here.
Do you mind if
Mr Duchesne speaks first?
"Once the storm has passed,
"you'll ask yourself how
you came through it.
"How you managed to survive.
"You won't know for sure
that it's really over.
"But, know one thing:
"once you've weathered this storm,
"you'll never be the same.
"Such is the meaning of the storm."
As Murakami says,
death teaches us the meaning of loss.
That's the only comfort all of us,
his friends and family,
can take from today.
Jean-Jacques still has
something to teach you.
But for now,
all united in grief over his passing,
you must face the irreversible,
shattered by his sudden departure
and overwhelmed
by so many images of him.
Jean-Jacques' face, his bright laugh,
his unique presence...
When death takes a loved one,
memories rush back,
as if they were still with us.
In these last moments with him,
let us pay a final tribute.
With this song, so dear to him,
let us remember the man he was
and how he touched our lives.
To this music, full of hope and joy,
let us lull in the memory
of the beautiful moments
we shared with him.
Jake, my friend.
Who could have predicted,
when fate seated us together
at the Big Bazaar concert,
that 12 years later I would
be speaking at your funeral.
Who knew,
when we exchanged numbers,
that it was the start of a friendship
that would transform my life.
For years, we did everything together,
didn't we?
My wife and sons can testify to that.
You said we were cosmic brothers.
And that cosmic brothers are
stronger than blood brothers.
I know you said that
to heal your own wounds,
you ended up saying it
to soothe mine too.
I miss your shoulder,
on which I so often mourned
the loss of my daughter.
I miss your hand,
that I held so often
during the white marches,
in the hope of
finding our Janie...
This week she would have been...
She is 22.
I miss your voice
on the phone
"Hello, handsome Dom!"
After your stroke,
I saw you less.
It was
harder to get you out of the house
but we chatted on the phone...
I'm going to miss you so much...
All the compassion
and warmth you gave me,
I want to share them today
with your son, Sbastien,
to show him my unwavering support
at this painful time in his life.
You left too soon, my friend,
you left too fast.
I don't know if the cosmos
can recover.
Rest in peace, my brother.
Mr Barns?
"If I am the first to die,
"let not grief darken your sky.
"Be yourself,
but moderate in your mourning.
"It is a change, not an absence.
"As death is part of life,
"so does the deceased
live on in the living.
"So, when you wander through
the forests we walked,
"searching, in vain, for my shadow
on the speckled bank,
"look for my hand.
"When you don't find it,
"let grief seep into you.
"Do not move.
"Close your eyes.
"Breathe in.
"Reach out and listen.
"Hear to my footsteps in your heart.
"I have not left,
I wander within you."
These powerful words
by Nicholas Evans,
mark the end of the ceremony
for M. Barns.
The time has come
to say goodbye to him.
You may pass by his coffin.
To say farewell.
I'm sorry.
No, I am.
Your daughter.
Your father was
one of the few to stand by me
when I became a suspect.
The ashes are here.
Until next time, perhaps?
- Yes.
Hang in there.
Please forgive me.
I called a taxi,
to go to the hotel.
They're expecting us
at Marie-Odile's.
My son took my car...
Will you be long?
- No, no.
We're going
to the lake after.
Theres good wine in his cellar.
Take some.
The keys to the basement
are in the glove box.
I'll be right back.
The Successor