The Suicide Theory (2014) Movie Script

Hey Paul... where's
the cookie dough?
Had a freezer malfunction...
Lost a lot of what we had...
Just had the new one
installed yesterday.
Well I think this one's
working a little too well.
Well at least it's working.
Annie's not going to be happy.
So... How is Annie?
She's pregnant.
You're not exactly jumping
for joy, are you?
I mean it's...
It's not that.
Ha. Look at me. I'm not exactly
fatherhood material.
I don't know the first
thing about raising a kid.
Hell... I felt the same
way about the first one.
It's... um...
It's a big step in a man's life.
You know...
Once upon a time I swore I would
never be like my old man.
Now... here I am...
Giving the same
advice he gave me.
Packet of Smokes... Blues.
Excuse me; Can you
not see we're in
the middle of a
conversation here?
Oh I'm sorry.
I thought this
place was a store.
Steven? Steven Ray?
- Yeah?
- We should meet.
So how did you find me?
Do you believe in fate Steven?
I mean me, myself; I never
really used to think about it.
But I'm coming round to it.
- Right...
- Look the re-the reason I
bring it up is because...
I believe the two of
us were meant to meet.
That this conversation
we are having
right now was meant to happen.
Doesn't matter what
happened yesterday.
We'd still be sitting talking
to each other right now.
What's that? Some sort of
Sigmund Freud shit?
It's Elisabeth Kubler-Ross...
I don't know who
the fuck that is.
Is that why you called me here?
Well, did you want
to tell me why you
need someone of my
particular skill set?
Well where do you
want to start?
Say I was to shoot you,
right here, right now?
Right now? No, it wouldn't
work. It's against the rules.
- Rules?
- It has to happen
when I least expect it.
Okay, if I was to shoot you...
Right here and now...
without warning...
Would you expect it?
It's a good point but...
still it wouldn't work.
For it to work...
I need to not want to die.
Right now I want to die.
If I didn't I wouldn't
be here talking to you.
So you've...
paid someone to
shoot you before?
I provoked a situation
that led to it, and...
it obviously ended
with mixed results.
Right. Why don't you
just do it yourself?
What is it about my
face that makes you
think I haven't
already tried that?
Look, I have gone
through an extensive
series of elimination and...
Look I've come up
with this theory.
- A theory?
- Yes.
Really? And your last attempt
that was jumping
off the building?
Uh, sort of.
It wasn't exactly the plan.
Why didn't you think
of that sooner?
I was scared of heights.
Vertigo I think they call it.
Makes me dizzy.
You sure you want to
go through with this?
This is your chance...
If you're not...
people kill themselves
all the time...
usually when they fail...
at suicide it's
because they didn't
actually want to kill
themselves at all.
It's for attention.
Desperate cry for help.
This is much more complicated.
Is it?
If you're fucking with me...
playing games...
me killing you...
that's going to
be the last thing
you have to fucking worry about.
if I tell you, you
have to promise
to not think it's stupid.
I already think it's stupid.
I jumped off the Humber Bridge
in London last year.
Over two hundred people have
successfully committed suicide.
Now I'm one of five to survive.
self-inflicted gun wound...
look... pfff...
You get the picture.
I'm like Cain...
There's something else
happening here that's
out of my control.
You telling me you can't die?
It's a curse.
Is that it?
When exactly am I
supposed to do this?
You have to do it when
I don't want to die.
How the fuck am I supposed
to know when that is?
Look, I'm paying you a
lot of money Steven.
Be creative.
It's a pleasure doing business
with you Mr. Wells.
call me Percival.
How are we doing tonight?
Coffee... Black.
- What?
- Independent jobs I see.
Freelancing again.
I needed the money.
You get my consent first
before you do anything Steven.
It's easy money.
It's not like I'm making any
fucking money working for you.
We're not exactly working
for free Steven.
Frank Dubios.
Is he dead or not?
Something happened.
There was an incident.
That'll be $12.95 sir.
Across the street.
Mind getting out here?
Yeah I do fucking mind if I get
out here. Across the street.
Yeah, you can walk
across the street.
No, across the street.
Far left corner.
Look... just pay me and get out.
- You free?
Yeah I just need him to pay.
I'll pay you when you take
me across the street.
Sir, you're being
very difficult.
It's a seizure.
Still struggling with the
street crossing thing I see.
And as for our old pal?
Well that's to be continued.
You're awake.
How do you feel?
You were shot three times.
On the train.
You remember?
Turns out being shot could have
been a blessing in disguise.
While we were removing
one of the bullets,
We found a golf-ball
sized tumor...
dangerously close to
your spinal column.
We were able to remove the
tumor without complications.
Now it wasn't cancerous...
But if it had grown
much larger...
you could have ended up
spending the rest of your life
in a wheelchair.
Or even be dead.
Everything else appears
to be tip top.
None of your wounds
is life threatening.
No significant damage to any
internal organs,
no artery damage.
We were only able to remove
one of the bullets though.
So you might have
a bit of trouble
getting through
airport security.
Three bullets.
You're very lucky to be alive.
Although I appreciate
the effort...
I did tell you the conditions.
You still don't believe me?
I'll give you credit
where credits due.
Certainly an ambitious little
theory you got going but...
It's still ridiculous.
It's not possible.
You saw me land on
your cab. Right?
Remember those three bullets
you put in my chest?
People fall of buildings.
People get shot, I
have heard of more
fantastic tales of
survival than that.
It's a curse. I know it is.
Let's say for a moment
that it is a curse.
- It is.
- It's not...
but let's fucking say
that it is.
How do we break it?
I don't know.
Oh Come on...
Come on it's clear you've got
a very vivid imagination.
You seem to know everything
about everything else.
But you got nothing for that?
Tell me what do I have to do?
Okay, a werewolf...
A werewolf will die
with a silver bullet.
Vampire's weakness... garlic!
Superman... Kryptoni-
It's not a comic book.
Look, I'm just trying
to level with you here.
No, I'm trying to understand
where the fuck it is that
you're coming from.
Because from my point of view,
your point of view is a
little fucking Norma Desmond.
I know it's crazy but...
Look there's... there's no
other explanation for it.
There doesn't need to be an
explanation, shit happens,
Get that through
your fucking head.
There's no such thing as
fate, there's no such thing
as Karma. There's certainly
no fucking such thing...
as a curse.
Look I don't know how
else to prove it to you.
I thought everything that
happened would speak for itself.
Enough playtime.
We're both adults here.
The fact of the matter
is that I fucked up.
We were on a public
train and I rushed it.
I wasn't precise with my shots.
I'm usually more thorough.
And how many times have
you done this before?
So ah...
for this to work...
you need to be happy
when I do it?
Not quite I need to be in...
um... an overall state of mind.
Where I truly and
honestly want to live.
But you said you
don't want to live.
You don't want to live, right?
That's a problem. Well that
makes it next to impossible.
I didn't say it was
going to be easy.
That's why I paid you
as much as I did.
try and get to know me.
Figure out what makes me tick.
My likes, Dislikes...
Try and figure out something
I do take joy out of.
This isn't the fucking
make a wish foundation.
I kill people.
You asked for a suggestion.
You're no different to any
of the others you know.
Bullet through your fucking
brain does exactly the
same thing to you as it
does to everybody else.
Let's just hope so.
I'll see you when I see you.
So how do you feel?
You're lucky to be alive.
Where to?
It's across the road.
So what's with this place.
Couldn't you pick
some place quiet?
Look I've been in isolation for
the better part of a month.
Eating nothing but
hospital food and...
watching daytime television,
excuse me for wanting to
get out of the house.
Does it hurt?
What, this hole in my face
where my eyeball used to be?
You know every time you
try and kill yourself?
You don't want to know.
If you hadn't turned
around I would have
got you right in the
back of the head.
You bagged and tagged in the
morgue right now probably.
Oh probably...
Someone's starting to believe.
Hell of a coincidence, I'll give
you that. It's no coincidence.
All this has happened
for a reason.
Maybe I'm just not
the guy for the job.
I don't know.
I haven't been myself lately.
Out of all the hundreds
of cabs in this town...
I landed on yours.
You'll get the job done.
Yeah, why? What's
wrong with ice-cream?
I got a sweet tooth.
Mmm good.
So tell me.
Why do you want to kill
yourself so badly?
Mummy and Daddy, they
didn't love you enough?
No it had nothing to do
with anything like that.
It has everything to do
with anything like that.
How do you expect me to
help you if you don't
give me all the
necessary information?
I mean...
you told me I had to kill you
when you least expected it.
Tried that, didn't work.
Let's get creative here.
No I don't want to
think about it.
When was the last
time you were happy?
- Happy?
- Yeah.
You know the most recent
point in time where...
You didn't feel like
a suicidal maniac.
I don't want to think about
it, it gets me depressed.
It's a little late for
that don't you think?
I'm getting warm huh?
That's it.
Lost loved one?
Well done Steven.
What, were you a psychiatrist
before you went into the
business of killing people?
You should have you
own... talk show.
I don't have the
personality for it.
Good, you've done your homework.
At least my money's
not going to waste.
What was her name?
Come on, what was her name?
It's a nice name.
I like that name.
Sounds hot.
What was she like?
Oh! Give me something,
what did she look like?
Humph! Ah... 6 foot...
and a HUGE cock.
Did you say a huge cock?
Oh it was a she-male?
Hah No, not a she-male.
He was a man.
You're a fag?
I'm gay.
you fuck guys.
I mean you know it's ah...
It's... yeah... good for you.
As long as you think...
It's alright...
and you're happy...
and the other person's...
Look maybe I'll stop you there.
So, what happened?
You want me to kill you or not,
what happened?
He was murdered.
You did it?
No, uh... I'm not like you.
You're not like me.
Certainly not like me.
That's it.
I got it.
- I've got an idea.
- Ooh!
An idea.
Come on, don't
keep me waiting...
I'm on the edge of my seat.
Okay, but before I say anything.
I just want to remind
you that I think
all this is a crock
of shit. Clear?
You ever thought
about dating again?
Well I am human...
I do appreciate companionship.
But... dating...
It just takes so long to
build up a relationship.
Quite frankly I don't want
to live that long.
I'm not talking about a
fucking relationship.
It's not like "dating" dating.
I'm talking about fucking.
Steven, look at me.
I look like a pirate.
Who wants to...
do anything with me sexually.
This is the valley.
I'm sure there is...
fags like you everywhere.
Maybe even in this bar.
- Hah.
- What?
What did I say?
What can I get you?
I'll get a draft please.
And whatever he wants.
Dirty martini.
Extra dirty.
Thanks for the drink.
Don't mention it.
What's your name?
- Kim.
- Kim...
I've got this friend who is
really dying to meet you.
Really? Where is he?
He's a great guy.
He's a little bit bashful.
Name's Percival.
Yeah, not really my type.
But you're gay?
Yeah, so?
You've got a cock?
Excuse me?
You've got a cock.
What else do you need?
He really needs to get laid.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I know he's not much to look at.
Who the hell do you
think you are?
I'll pay you.
You're sick in the head.
$500 if you seal the deal.
Oh my God.
I paid you to kill me,
not innocent people.
I don't leave witnesses.
Where is he?
I buried him.
He was a good person.
You didn't even fucking know
him. He didn't deserve to die.
What am I supposed to do?
I'm a professional,
no loose ends.
You shot him point
blank in the face.
All you did to me was
smother me with a pillow.
Yeah well I felt bad about
taking your eye out.
Didn't want to disfigure you
more than I already have.
He's a good man.
Saw past my face
and he liked me...
for who I was. Made me
feel like I was somebody.
Yeah well, that's what
he was paid to do.
Excuse me?
I paid him to have sex with you.
- Oh, come on.
Really, you going to cry?
Well I'm going home,
call me when you're done.
This isn't a fucking
game Steven.
My name's Steven.
Nice to meet you Steven.
Not going to tell me your name?
You didn't ask.
It's Jessica.
I see you round here a bit.
Always alone.
So what do you do?
I kill people.
Hah, is there much
money in that?
You any good at your job?
Not lately.
Haven't been laid in a while.
Promise to be good at it?
Wow... ah... I do have to ask...
About the um... eye-patch.
What about it?
Is it for fashion or...
It was an accident.
Oh what happened?
I tripped, fell and lost an eye.
Must have been one nasty spill.
Yeah. I suppose it was.
I'm sorry I don't mean to stare.
Sorry, it's just um... that
I'm still getting used to it.
I never really saw myself
as an eye-patch kind of a guy.
That's fine, you...
you look good.
This one, sir...
is on me.
It's Brad, right?
You... you from around here?
Come on.
Fuck me. Fuck me harder.
Come on.
You stop.
Oh. Oh!
Stop. Please... Stop.
What the fuck?
Get the fuck off me!
What did I do?
You tried to fucking
strangle me.
- What?
- Fucker!
I'm sorry.
What the fuck is...
Fuck off!
I'm sorry.
I thought you enjoyed it!
I want you to take off your
pants and close your eyes.
What are you doing?
What the fuck do you think...
You think this kind of
lifestyle is appropriate?
You faggots, you
fucking make me sick.
You may know who we are...
we know who you are.
And if you even think about
getting the law involved, mate.
You'll be begging
for us to kill you.
This is what happens when you
go around sucking dicks, mate.
Think of it as...
What's that? Wait, the
queer's got something to say.
Come on, speak up
so we can all hear.
All you faggots...
can suck my dick.
I've locked myself out.
Could you open up
for me please?
Who... who is it?
Apartment 10 Frank Dubois.
Who is it?
Do you have any idea
what time it is?
You hear that?
I can hear you thinking.
Something's the matter.
I can't do this anymore.
Do what?
You fucking know what.
You been killing people
your whole life, kid...
and all of a sudden you can't?
Why is Frank Dubois
still alive?
Something's happening
to me, mate.
I feel...
I feel different.
No my boy...
I can see right through you.
I know you better than
you know yourself.
Lying to me is
You don't feel anything.
This is different.
No it's not.
It's different.
I can feel things I haven't
felt in a long time.
Like what?
I don't think I can
do this anymore.
Kill the queer...
and move on.
Why do you hurt people?
I don't know.
You just...
You do it for the sake of it?
I'll never understand it.
Why people can do such...
ugly things to one another.
Why is there so much...
hate and anger in the world?
You remember being born?
First words?
First steps?
Of course not, nobody does.
My earliest memory.
Is of my father.
Throwing me head first through
a plate glass coffee table.
Fifty stitches.
Closest thing to affection
anybody had ever shown me.
Till Annie...
came along.
Your wife?
Where is she?
Is that why you do it?
Goes back to that.
That first memory, you know.
It wasn't what...
It wasn't what happened.
It's what I was
thinking at the time.
I envisioned myself
picking up...
One of those pieces of glass.
And slicing his throat with it.
Watching him bleed to death.
Couldn't have been more than...
Four, five years
old at the time.
And that's what was
running through my head.
This is the kind of thoughts...
kids just have.
Not like that.
So where did it all start.
I don't know, I can't
remember being born.
Can't remember my first...
words, first steps.
I can't remember
when all this...
began but...
it's like it was always there.
I'm no better than the
guys that did this to you.
Five on one.
Just doesn't seem fair.
You from around here?
Just visiting.
Oh yeah, vacation?
Business trip.
Business trip.
Oh yeah, what do you do?
I'm a salesman.
Life insurance.
Ah Yeah.
You in town for long?
No, I leave in the morning.
Oh that's too bad.
Hm... staying at the Grand Royal.
That's a good hotel.
Ah, business must be good then.
So so.
Been a bit slow lately.
Ah, that's a bummer.
I have a feeling
it's going to...
pick up real soon.
This one's on me.
What time you get off?
You want to turn the light on?
I like the dark.
What's with all the newspaper?
You got a dog or something?
Whoa! What are you doing?
Shut your fucking mouth or
your head is next. Okay?
Shit! Fuck!
I want you to call...
The three gentlemen
you had come round
and rough up my friend
the other night.
I don't - I don't know
what you're talking about.
You don't fucking know
what I'm talking about?
Holy shit.
I'll give you ten seconds, Brad.
Before I call every
single contact...
in your phone...
and I kill them.
Ten seconds, Brad. Call them.
I did, they - they're
on their way.
Oh shit.
So that's how it works huh?
- How long till they get here?
- I don't -
Speak of the devil.
- What are you doing on the
floor? - That's not right.
Whur! Huur!
Oh fuck.
Please... please...
Pull your pants down.
Don't fucking make
me ask you twice.
Don't make me do this.
I'm not making you do anything.
Oh fuck!
Come on, it's not that bad.
Look at that.
I think I missed a spot.
Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
Oh fuck.
Why is it that you hate
gays so much? Huh?
You a religious man?
Get a little too
much attention?
From your uncle?
Maybe it's just
me... I don't know.
Maybe I'm just incapable
of understanding.
You see, I don't give a fuck...
If you're gay, straight,
black, white...
Fucking purple...
I kill everybody.
Please just fucking kill me!
No, it's too easy.
I'm going to give you some time
to think about this Brad.
In case you get any bright
ideas. About retribution...
or speaking to someone about
what's gone on here tonight.
I will come back to
finish what I started.
Cheer up Brad.
It's a good day for you.
You're lucky to be alive.
Just kidding.
So... ah, this is your place?
You did all these?
I did.
So that's what you do?
You're like an artist?
I try to be.
Make money from these?
Here and there.
I have my work in galleries
sometimes and if
someone likes them,
maybe they'll buy them.
Something new?
Work in progress.
That's a face.
Thanks, that's what
it's supposed to be.
You got a name for it?
Don't worry.
I didn't kill everybody.
What did you do to them?
Let's just say...
He's a changed man.
You gave me his address.
Yeah, so?
What did you think was
going to happen?
Tell me something. Be honest.
Somewhere deep down
in your mind...
You wanted me to
kill him, right?
Didn't you?
You want to crack a window
or something, it's er...
These paint fumes are
making me nauseous.
Yeah, I need some fresh air too.
Why did you do it?
Who knows why I do half
the things I do, good or bad?
You're welcome.
Once upon a time.
I used to be afraid of heights.
Not anymore?
Used to get vertigo.
First time I jumped
off a building...
I was scared out of my mind,
I almost didn't do it.
Maybe it wasn't the height
you were afraid of.
Maybe it was a part of you
that was afraid to die.
I wanted to die that how
I overcame my fear.
If I were you...
I wouldn't think of
this thing as a curse.
Well think about it it's
like you're invincible.
You can pretty much do anything
you want without consequence.
You're not afraid to die.
What are you afraid of?
Clowns. Clowns?
Yeah, ever since I was a kid.
That's not what I
meant. I meant...
There's got to be a reason.
Why you want to die so badly?
No don't get me wrong,
I understand what
it's like to lose somebody,
believe me I do.
But there's something
you're no telling me.
There's something more to this.
I loved Christopher.
He was taken away from me.
But unless you pulled
the plug on him
I don't understand why you feel
so fucking guilty about it.
Who said anything about guilt?
I saw your painting.
That had nothing to
do with Christopher.
You want my advice?
You want to break this curse?
You have to face what you
are really afraid of.
What are you really afraid of?
I see you have a
history of seizures.
Diagnosed as an epileptic
three years ago.
Been taking your medication?
If you care to live
a longer life...
I'd follow through on this one.
Former patient of mine had a
seizure a few weeks back.
On her ninth floor balcony.
Right in front of a bunch
of school kids.
All because she wasn't
taking her medication.
Yeah well um...
I'm cloudy enough
without the pills.
Do you have any idea
how lucky you are?
You were this close
to being road kill.
Nine times out of a ten,
A vehicle like that is going to
crush your head
like a watermelon.
I guess I got lucky.
Must be here for a reason.
What's wrong? What, you're not
allowed to cross the road?
I can cross the street, why?
Well come over here.
We'll go to this cafe.
No, I been to that place before.
Yeah and?
I didn't like it.
So what? It's a coffee shop.
I fucking hate coffee.
Ah... yeah okay fine,
well where then?
Look like a couple of
pedophiles in the place.
I'm a gay man with an eye-patch.
You think I care
what people think?
But you're right, it's
an odd place for lunch.
Why? It's pizza.
There's a perfectly good
pizzeria across the street.
Fuck off, I'm eating.
Now this is what kids
do for fun, huh?
This game's bullshit.
Well how can you not
like whack-a-croc.
I don't even know what the
fuck whack-a-croc is.
You have never played
Stop saying whack-a-croc.
Now this...
This is more fucking like it.
No I think this sends the
wrong message to kids.
What like a message
from God or something?
You're the one always talking
about... God and astrology.
Fate, all that other crap.
I tend to think my
belief in God is at its
strongest when I need
someone to blame.
Why do you think
Christopher died?
Excuse me?
I mean he's dead.
You think that happened
for a reason?
Maybe once I figure that out...
I can die in piece.
Something to drink?
Just water, no ice.
This Annie?
What's that?
Is this Annie?
This an antique?
Yeah, yeah, you're like a bull
in a china shop. Take it easy.
You listen to opera music?
Yeah I do.
Listen I've got this um book.
I really want you to check out.
Which book?
- You read Voltaire much?
- I've heard of him.
Now well...
It's called Candide...
Classic Voltaire.
Highly regarded as one
of his greatest works.
What's it about?
That things happen and
no matter what you do...
you can't change it.
And all that theoretical
science bullshit, you know.
I think you'd enjoy it.
Have you got an aspirin?
Why, you got a headache?
A... everything ache.
In the bathroom.
Medicine cabinet.
Geez Steven...
You've got
enough prescription drugs
in here for a mass suicide.
- Well, feel free.
Already tried it. Didn't work.
God, I put this book
in here somewhere.
Have you ever tried to
kill yourself before?
You know, even thought of it?
No, can't say I have.
Not even a little bit?
No not even a little bit.
I don't know Percival,
I just haven't.
Hypothetically speaking...
say you believed in fate.
That everything has
a purpose, that
everything happens for a reason.
Where the fuck is this book?
Why do you think Annie died?
It was here two fucking
days ago, I swear to God.
Why are you still here?
What's your purpose?
What is this?
Twenty fucking questions?
I'm just curious.
I'm trying to find this fucking
book and you're distracting me.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Ah, got it.
Found it.
What the fuck?
Fucking pig.
Where the fuck are you going?
I've got a wife;
She just had a baby girl.
Please, don't do it.
So Officer Green's doing okay?
He's in a stable condition,
nothing life threatening.
He's a good man.
Just had a little girl
a few weeks back.
You have children Mr. Ray?
Well he's very grateful for what
you did for him tonight.
Putting yourself in harm's
way to save him life.
Bullet smashed
through my window.
I saw the gunfire outside.
It's funny how life works, hey?
And that bullet
misses your window.
Who knows?
Little girl has to grow
up without a father.
Is that lipstick?
I'm not here to judge
a man's lifestyle...
You saved one of our own...
We'll forever be in your debt.
You're a hero.
Something happened tonight man.
It's hard to explain.
Fate I guess... I don't know.
But I had some kind of ah...
Breakthrough... ha ha.
I saved a man's life Percival.
A policeman.
At first I thought it
was all one big
coincidence, you know.
Then I thought about
what you said.
The more I thought about it...
the more I think it
happened for a reason.
I don't know.
But I've never felt like this
before in my life
about anything.
I mean I don't know what my
purpose is. Not yet anyway.
But tonight I served a
purpose, tonight...
I did something purposeful.
Can't explain it.
I don't know it was all
these different elements...
When they came together,
all these pieces...
It was perfect.
It was like it was
always meant to be.
I don't...
I don't know.
I don't know why...
Annie died, I don't...
can't tell you why
Christopher was killed.
But for the first
time in my life.
My actions...
My actions had a reason.
A real reason.
I don't know why
you're still alive.
I don't know what your
purpose is Percival.
I mean that's something
that you're going
to have to figure
out for yourself.
But I do know that...
None of this...
none of it could have happened
if it wasn't for you.
For that I thank you.
And the deal's off...
You hear me? The deal's off.
Money's yours.
The world's better
with you in it.
What the fuck is he doing?
Hey! Percival.
What the fuck is the
matter with you?
Holy shit...
Holy fucking shit.
What are you doing?
You honestly thought
that was going to work?
Jumping in front of
fucking traffic, really?
Come on.
Christopher was
taken away from me.
I know.
I know.
Come on get up.
Where did you get this from?
It was cold.
It rained that night.
The roads were wet.
I was right Steven.
Fate brought us together.
All this happened for a reason.
Where the fuck did
you get this from?
Percival don't fucking
tell me it was you.
Christopher was
taken away from me.
I was at a bar.
About that time mate.
Come on pack it up,
come back tomorrow.
- You told me to confront my
guilt. - SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Out of all the
millions of people and
cabs in this town,
I landed on yours.
All of this was meant to happen.
This is how it's
supposed to end.
Go ahead I deserve it.
Go on.
It's supposed to
finish like this.
Oi! Freeze!
Put down the weapon.
He had a gun pointed
at your face.
Now if there was
anyone who should
be able to give
us an accurate...
detailed description of the
gunman it would be you.
And yet...
You don't recall.
Perhaps you don't
realize how lucky
you are to be alive right now.
Can I help you?
- What's this?
- Read it.
I don't understand.
That's your license
plate number Frank.
How do you have this?
Because I know everything there
is to know about you Frank.
Who are you?
How do you know my name?
I've killed a lot
of people Frank.
Excuse me?
I killed people even
before Annie died.
After she passed, I just...
I don't know, I started
to think like...
Maybe I was doing
it for a reason.
I saw...
the license plate number
on the car Frank.
I saw.
Clear as fucking day. I saw it.
But when I woke up I just,
I couldn't remember it.
A few letters and numbers
stood out but...
I just couldn't put it together.
Check please.
I thought I had it remembered.
It was there, it was there!
I just... I couldn't reach it.
I don't know what you're
talking about but
you're starting to give
me the creeps, okay.
So I hit my head.
And it was hard for
me to remember.
Hey, who is this guy?
So I just...
I killed anyone who's...
that came even remotely close...
to what I had in my head.
Hey pal...
I think you've had enough, yeah.
It's time for you to go.
Listen... Time to die.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Can you not fucking
see that I am
in the middle of
something important.
Thank you.
Then your number-plate...
came up Frank.
Your number came up.
And I thought for
the longest time.
I thought you were the one.
Look fellow...
I think you got the
wrong person here.
I nearly killed you Frank.
I nearly fucking killed you.
But you got lucky...
You got real lucky.
Luckier that the rest anyway.
Why do you think that was?
We, I-I-I don't know.
Do you think it was
fate that saved you?
I mean if I put two bullets...
right between your eyes
right now as we speak.
That would pretty much trump the
idea of fate now wouldn't it?
Or would that just be what was
meant to be all along.
Is it fate?
Or is it because of my free will
you continue to be alive?
And I don't know...
I don't fucking know.
Be thankful... Frank.
Be thankful.
Hello Steven.
I can't do it.
You have to.
But, before you do.
I need you to forgive me first.
Please Steven forgive me for...
I'm sorry.
Me to.
Forgive me.
I can't do that.
Please, not yet.
So how did you know Percival?
He was, um...
We were friends.
I'm Todd.
Percival's brother.
You... ah... you guys close?
Yeah, we were.
He... ah...
kept most people at a distance.
Even me...
Especially after
Christopher died.
Look... um...
As you know, Percival
was quite the artist.
Yeah, I saw.
Some of his work. He was...
Very talented.
Look he... ah...
One of his favorite galleries
is putting on a...
exhibition of his work.
As a memorial.
I think he'd like it
if you could come.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I don't believe you.
I don't give a fuck what
you believe or not.
Because I'm done.
You're a killer.
You always were.
There's no sense in
trying to change
it. Because that's what you are.
This conversation's over.
For now, Steven.
For now.
He... ah...
He painted this not long
after Christopher passed.
Steven, right?
You're... um...
Percival's brother. Yeah.
It's good to see you.
Glad you could make it.
You know I... ah...
I always admired his talent
you know, even as a kid.
He was always
painting and drawing.
Not so sure I'm fond
of his recent work.
It's beautiful.
Yeah... yeah I suppose.
It's just so dark.
Heartbreaking actually.
To have someone you
hold so dear be so...
I just hope he found
some sort of closure
before he left this
world, you know?
This... ah, is some
of his earlier stuff.
You can see the difference.
This is how I prefer
to remember him.
I remember him...
working on this one.
Yeah this... ah...
This was the last thing he did.
Yeah he painted this
totally from memory.
No photos, no pictures, nothing.
It's amazing isn't it?
Yeah I knew Christopher
quite well and ah...
No this... this really
captures his essence.
Excuse me can you not see
we are in the middle
of a conversation here?
Oh I'm sorry I thought
this place was a store.
Did you... ah... ever
meet Christopher?
You are very lucky to be alive.