The Summoned (2022) Movie Script

(bright music)
(logo twinkles)
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
(guillotine whooshes)
(Guillotine giggles)
(foreboding music)
(waves lapping)
(owl hooting)
(dirt rustling)
(ominous music)
(gentle chilling music)
- [Elijah] To Joplyn Rose
and guest.
That's my favorite part
by the way.
- [Lyn] (chuckles) Okay.
- [Elijah] And guest. The
estimable Dr. Justus Frost
summons you to join him
at the Staufen House.
I've never been summoned
to therapy before.
- [Lyn] Well, that's
because the Staufen House
isn't just therapy.
It's actually a-
- [Elijah] Exclusive mental
health program
designed to set you free.
Yeah, it says it on the back.
- [Lyn] It's a really big
deal, okay?
All the famouses swear by it.
There's like a two year
waiting list
to even get into this shit.
- [Elijah] Of course, of course.
Hey, I've read about this
Frost guy, by the way.
- [Lyn] Yeah. What'd you read?
- That he's super strange,
that his patients are
sworn to secrecy, that...
- [Lyn] Okay, well,
I can tell you
that he has changed people's
lives, okay?
People that I know.
He's eccentric, but it works.
I'm just saying the coupon
was a much better gift
than you're giving me
credit for.
- And I'm just saying,
it sounds like some white
people shit.
- [Lyn] Well, no argument there.
(pop ballad plays)
- [Elijah] Uh-oh. Oh,
hold on now (laughs).
- [Lyn] All right, you don't
have to do this every time.
- [Elijah] I'm proud of you.
- [Lyn] You know I've
had my songs on the radio
since I was like 14, right?
- [Elijah] Lyn, look, I'm
excited about the new album.
Babe, these songs, I don't
know, they feel special.
- [Lyn] Yeah, they always do.
- [Elijah] Hey wait,
stop. Pull over.
- [Lyn] What? Why?
- They might need help?
- No, Elijah. Not our help.
- Lyn. Lyn, come on. Lyn.
- Oh my God. Okay.
Okay. Fine.
(sighs) This doesn't look
ominous at all.
- I'll be right back.
(crows squawking)
Anyone here?
(insect buzzing)
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
Hey man, you need a hand?
Looks like you're having
a little bit of trouble.
Cool. Cool.
Well, sorry to bother you.
Hey come on-
- Where are you going?
- Is everything okay?
- I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
- Who the fuck was that guy?
- No fucking clue.
- Come on, let's get outta here.
- Jesus.
(mysterious music)
Whoa, is that it?
- [Lyn] That's it.
- [Elijah] Damn.
Look at this place.
Ooh. Sexy-ass car too.
- [Lyn] (laughs)
- [Elijah] What?
- [Lyn] (scoffs) I offered
to get you
anything you want for Christmas.
"I don't know, just gimme
some coupons or something."
- [Elijah] Well, I wasn't going
to ask you to buy me a car.
- [Lyn] Why not?
- [Elijah] Because I
can buy my own damn car.
- [Lyn] (sighs)
...and plus, I love the coupons.
- Okay.
You ready?
- Let's go.
- All right.
(suspenseful music)
- Holy shit. Lyn?
- Joe? No way.
- I haven't seen you since what?
New York?
- Yeah, it was one
of those ridiculous
launch parties of yours.
- It wasn't a launch,
it was an IPO.
- Oh I'm so sorry, an IPO.
- Yeah. I made a lot of money
on that one.
- Mm-hmm.
How are you?
I mean, aside from knocking out
platinum records every year.
- I'm good. Yeah.
Working on the next one
as we speak.
What are you in for?
- Well, I got divorced
again this year.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Nah, it's fine.
It's the fourth one.
Getting pretty good at
it by now.
(both chuckle)
Nah, I thought maybe it was time
I did some work on myself, so...
Plus I was summoned.
- Well, can't say no to
that can you?
- Nope.
- What about you?
- Oh, I'm just trying to be
less broken
so I don't lose this one.
- Ah, there's really no
risk of that.
- Hey man, Joe Agrippa.
- Oh shit, yeah.
No, I knew I recognized you.
Lyn just gave me your
book for my birthday.
Wow. You're like real-life
"Iron Man" or something.
- Well...
- I didn't know you knew him.
- Oh yeah. Elijah, I
kind of know Joe Agrippa.
- It's nice to meet
you too, man.
What do you do?
- Oh, nothing fancy.
I'm a mechanic.
I run my granddad's shop.
- He's actually an
amazing musician as well.
- Oh, really?
Anything I've heard?
- No. God, no, no.
I tried for a little bit
and didn't have whatever
it takes I guess...
Which is fine,
I'm happy running the shop.
- Hey, there's nothing wrong
with being a small
business owner.
That's how I started and
now I own three planes.
You never know what can happen.
In fact,
I may have something for you.
Yeah, let's talk later.
- Wow. Really?
I mean, yeah, okay.
I'd love that.
- Good.
How are you Lyn?
- I'm good.
- Did I mention you look great?
- [Lyn] Oh I don't
think you did.
- [Joe] Well, you really do.
- [Lyn] Do what?
- [Joe] Look great.
- Why, thank you.
The secret is crushing
self doubt.
- (chuckles) You're a lucky man.
Better lock that up soon.
- Oh, I'm definitely trying.
(gravel crunches)
- Of course, a limo.
- Oh, you're fine.
- Here we are bitches.
The Staufen House. Oh my God.
I have been waiting to be
summoned here
for honestly like forever.
I just can't wait to get like,
and just like, discover my
inner goddess, you know?
- Whoa, is that Tara Grandier?
- I think it is.
- Oh shit,
it's my therapy buddies.
Hey kids, smile for the camera!
Fuck. Why the fuck are you here?
- To get over the shit you
put me through.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you back.
- I'd rather deep-throat
a fucking harpoon.
- Have at it.
- Oh shit. Joplyn Rose.
I am such a huge fan of
your music.
- Oh come on, just call me Lyn.
- Ah, girl.
That last single about
being stuck in something
like, I don't know,
like honey or...?
- Yeah it was a murder ballad
about being stuck in honey.
- Yes.
I loved it.
It's like something, something
I'm stuck in honey...
- I literally never say the
word honey.
- I, I'm sorry Miss Grandier.
I don't mean to make this weird,
but like a month,
like a month ago,
a month ago, Lyn showed
me a bunch of your movies.
Wow. Ah man.
I'm sorry. I'm geeking.
I, I just cannot believe
I'm meeting Tara Grandier.
- Sweetie, sweetie.
Don't apologize.
I love meeting my fans.
What was your favorite movie?
- Oh, well I,
I loved "Paganini."
- Oh yeah.
The one where I show my tits.
Real cool dude.
- No, no.
I, I'm, I'm sorry ma'am, miss.
I, I'm not... you're
acting is what I was...
- I'm just fucking with you.
I'm so glad you liked it
Where do I know you from?
- You ever get your
brakes checked?
- What do you mean?
Were you in like, a
car movie or something?
- No, I'm a mechanic.
- Oh, can you imagine
- No, that's actually what I do.
- Elijah and I are dating.
- Oh. Oh, okay.
That makes sense.
No, see, I just,
I've been waiting so long
to, you know, come here
and it'd be kind of bullshit
if you, that's all I'm saying.
- Right. No, yeah.
It's all thanks to Lyn.
We are here to work on some
of our stuff.
- He is such a button.
I just love him so much.
- Oh, thank you.
- All right bitches,
let's go change our
motherfucking lives.
I'm not fucking you this time
no matter how much you beg.
(Joe exhales)
(playful music)
- I didn't think wife number
two would be at therapy,
but why not?
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
They're just so famous.
- This's your last chance
to turn around
and go get a burger.
- No, no.
No, it's gonna be awesome.
Let's do it.
- All right.
(Elijah exhales)
- Good taste.
- How many times a day do you
jerk off to your own book?
- As many times as I need to.
- Hmm.
- Hey, that book really
helped me actually.
- You see, he's already more
supportive in 10 minutes
than you were in our
entire marriage.
- Oh cool. Maybe you
should cheat on him too.
- Is this gonna be like a whole
weekend thing with you guys?
- Probably.
(gentle foreboding music)
- Modern art bullshit.
Never really understood it.
What part helped you?
Of the book, I mean.
- Oh, I know it's weird,
but I actually love the
story behind the title,
the guy who tricked the Devil.
- The guy who tricked the Devil?
- [Joe] (scoffs)
- I wrote it while we
were together
and she never even read it.
- His name was Wagner, right?
He made a deal with the Devil.
He'd trade his soul in exchange
for having his boots
filled with gold every week
but then he cut the bottoms
off the boots
so they couldn't get full.
The Devil couldn't fulfill
his side of the bargain.
So he couldn't take
Wagner's soul.
- Hmm.
Whoever wrote that is a
terrible writer
and should probably
kill himself.
- I didn't make it up.
It's a legend you idiot.
- Kind of a strange choice.
Writing a self-help book
about Satan.
- Well, people say don't
make a deal with the Devil.
I say, fuck the Devil.
Be smarter than him,
be crueler, be meaner,
make the deal, just win it.
You know what I mean?
- I think so. Yeah.
- So Lyn, didn't you-
- I, I was just gonna say
you guys should get together
at some point this weekend
and chat about business.
Maybe you can get a
car like his after all.
(light ominous music)
- All right bitches.
If I gotta be stuck with
my ex for three days,
we're gonna motherfucking drink.
(glasses clink)
- Friends, visitors,
esteemed guests.
- Welcome to the Staufen House.
I am your host and guide Dr.
Justus Frost
and over the next three days,
we will embark upon a
journey that will alter
what is possible for you and
your lives within each of you.
We will create a new realm of
One wit, one atom,
one scintilla at a time
until you will finally
discover your true potential.
Please, come, join me.
I will show you to your rooms.
(ethereal music)
Do not love the world, for
everything in the world,
lust of the flesh,
lust of the eyes,
and the pride of life,
lives not in the father,
but in the world.
That was John, in 2:16.
It's rather poorly written
if you ask me.
From birth,
humans are conditioned
to believe that our desires,
our wants, our needs,
our very existence is
somehow corrupt.
We are baptized in shame
and in shame we live.
Cowering from the monsters
of our own desires.
But as we creep cautiously
through our lives,
trying to be good, those
who do not, flourish.
Do not love the world,
the Bible tells us.
To love it is to sin.
To sin.
Is there anything more damaging
than the false idea of sin?
While here you will be
from your doubts, your
guilt, your self-loathing.
And you will find out
who it is you truly are.
We have a lot of work to do.
Your room is through there.
Miss Grandier, yours is there,
Mr. Agrippa, Miss Rose,
yours are below.
Please, get comfortable.
I will call when the
festivities begin.
- I, I prefer to stay with
Lyn actually.
- I'm afraid not.
We are doing hard emotional
work, Mr. Moulton.
We must be given time
to process in solitude.
Come, follow me.
- Don't worry, babe.
I'll sneak up in a bit.
(Tara chuckles)
Hey, can I ask you a question?
What do you think of my tits?
- I'm sorry?
- In the movie.
- Oh, they were...
very nice.
- But like if you were
to put a number on them.
- A number?
- Yeah.
- A number.
- Yeah.
- A number.
Nine? and half?
(Tara scoffs)
Or, I'm sorry.
I'm, I'm a little uncomfortable,
I'm with Lyn, so...
- Oh, I know.
Oh, (chuckles) oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Don't worry about it. Yeah.
- Why are you two here
together though?
- We're just, you know,
working on some issues.
Not even issues, really. Just-
- Oh, she wants to fuck
other people.
- No. No, nothing,
nothing like that.
We, I wanna get married,
you know, have a family,
the whole thing
and she's having some
difficulty with that.
- Oh sweetie,
she's a fucking rock star.
- Well, we've been together
for two years.
- Two years?
- Yeah.
- I've never read about you
in the trades or anything.
- Yeah you know, she's
really private about us, so.
- Okay.
Well I guess this weekend
it'll be a good test, huh?
- Yeah, I guess.
- Oh, I mean, Joe Agrippa,
he's got a bit of a reputation.
I would know.
He's gonna try and fuck her.
(ominous music)
Hey, don't worry about it.
If you need anything,
I'm right across the hall.
(zipper unzips)
(pensive music)
(Elijah sighs)
(Elijah tuts)
(Elijah sighs)
(wind whistling)
(Elijah's tongue clicks)
(wind gently gusts)
(suspenseful music)
(elevator bell dings)
(object thuds)
(suspenseful music builds)
(discordant music)
(elevator clunks)
(elevator whirs)
(elevator thuds)
(inaudible voices)
(voices droning)
(muffled speech)
- You don't understand.
If this doesn't work,
it'll be the end of me.
(Loud whoosh)
(howling wind)
- Hey.
(twigs snapping)
(shovel thudding)
(dirt rustling)
- No no no. You've had years.
We had a plan,
We've already he made a
promise to him.
If we fail, we are doomed.
Do you understand?
You will do as we planned.
(glass shatters)
(Elijah gasps)
(wound squelches)
(Elijah winces)
(dramatic music)
I do not like little lambs
skipping about my halls,
listening to my secrets.
You're not ready yet.
But you will be brought
to slaughter soon enough.
(Elijah panting)
- Hey, hey, whoa.
- Lyn.
- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Hmm.
I was texting you,
knocking on the door.
Kind of got me worried
about you.
- Sorry. I must have passed out.
- Okay, well, Frost wants
us to meet downstairs.
- It's like 3:00 AM.
- Mm-hm. A lovely fireside
chat is what he said.
- All right.
- Yeah?
- See you down there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You sure you're okay?
- Frost gives me the creeps.
- Listen, if it gets any
weirder, we just dip out.
- Cool.
- Put that on.
- What? What is this?
(ominous music)
- [Tara] Well,
maybe if you followed
the fucking script instead
of fucking improvising you...
- [Lyn] Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you guys
talking about?
- Just some bitches who
cost me an Oscar
because they decided to
go off script
on the day of shooting.
- Did you sleep well Mr.
- Fine, thanks.
- Good. Please sit.
Enjoy the beverage by the fire.
(owls hooting)
Historically, the night was
a particularly difficult
time for humanity.
It was in the middle of the
night that my mother drowned me.
That's who she was.
Question is, who are you?
- Drowned you?
- Indeed.
- And?
- And now I am no
longer drowned.
The lust of the flesh,
lust of the eyes and the
pride of life.
The three great sins within
which all others reside.
Touch no one, want nothing
and do not under any
circumstances take pride
in yourself.
I would like each of you
to focus on your own sin
and then if you wish,
share it with us.
(Tara chuckles)
- Okay. Okay.
I love my shit.
I love my planes, I love
my boats, I love my cars.
I just fucking love being rich.
Probably too much.
- Definitely too much.
- Yes. "The Lust of Eyes".
To enjoy the things you have,
but then to want more.
This we are told is some kind
of cruel immoral failure.
- Oh...(chuckles).
If, If I could,
I would marry cocaine
and Vicodin
and ice cream and
pizza and sushi
and cocaine and, and cocaine.
- You said that one.
- And sex.
I guess that's bad.
- Yes.
Enjoy nothing. Want nothing.
Cage yourself in purity.
"The Lust of The Flesh".
Thank you, Miss Grandier.
Miss Rose,
any sins you wish to discuss?
- I think I'm good.
(Joe scoffs)
- Are you sure?
- Mm-hm.
- There's nothing at all?
- No.
- Okay.
- She's not ready yet.
It's perfectly acceptable.
Mr. Moulton?
- I don't know.
I try to live morally, I guess.
- Elijah fancies himself
as somewhat of a hero.
- Not a hero.
- I wonder if Miss Rose,
you would give us the pleasure
of playing one of your songs.
Music is the great lubricant.
It can often take us to places
we refuse to go ourselves.
Perhaps some music will help
you and Mr. Moulton dig deeper.
- Yeah, sure.
- No. Wait, wait.
Didn't you say you were
a musician?
- No. Not really.
- Oh, well I wanna
hear you play.
- No, no.
I think it makes much more sense
to hear Joplyn Rose sing
than the guy dating her.
- Come on Rick, have some balls.
Take a risk.
- His name is Elijah,
you jack-ass.
- Sorry, Elijah.
- "The Pride of Life".
Arrogance, boasting,
Is that the sin you've been
taught to fear most Mr. Moulton?
- A little, I guess.
- Let's do your song.
- No, I don't,
I don't think they wanna-
- Yeah, play.
- Yeah, Come on. Come on.
- [Joe] Come on dude.
Just play it.
- [Tara] All right. Woo!
- All right.
Why not?
Why not?
(fire crackling)
(gentle guitar music)
I should have seen
And I should have known
When the fire in your eyes
Put a chill in my bones
And I cursed the heavens
And I picked the fruit
Now there's a snake in
my garden
With nothing to lose
I'd give it all
Just to stop loving you
But I'm damned if I don't
And I'm damned if I do
Murder the messenger
And blame the bearer
of truth
I took what I wanted
Now I'm no better than you
Can't unsip this bitter wine
Can't unring this bell
You can't turn back the time
And you can't outrun
But I'd give it all
Just to stop loving you
But I'm damned if I don't
And I'm damned if I do
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
I'd give it all
Just to stop loving you
No, now I'm damned
if I don't
And I'm damned
If I do
- Forget you dude, I
wanna fuck your voice.
- Jesus Tara.
- (exhales) Anybody sounds good
when they get to sing with Lyn.
- You cannot accept that you
are talented, Mr. Moulton.
- Well no, I can, I...
- Just say it.
- Say what?
- [Joe] Say you're a
good musician.
- I'm a good musician.
- Aw, come on. Mean it.
- I do.
- Really?
- [Frost] The pride of life.
- Anybody else feeling a
little weird?
- A sin only to those who
wish to fail.
- Okay, fine. It's a good song.
- You can do better
than that, Mr. Moulton.
- It's a really good song?
- Oh, come on, dude.
Own your shit
- Fine. It's a great song.
I wrote a great song.
The best one I've ever written.
It should be on Lyn's
next album.
It's good enough.
Better than some of the
stuff you do now.
(owl hoots)
- No, go ahead.
- Oh shit, there it is.
- I offered to record
it with you.
- No, Lyn,
you didn't offer as much as say
it was the kind of song
that could be on the album.
- Well, you didn't ask either.
- I didn't want to take
- We've been dating for two
years, Elijah,
if you can't talk to me
about this kind of shit,
I don't even know what
the fuck we're doing.
- Oh, so I can ride
your coattails to fame,
but the minute I talk
about marriage, you...
- Oh, you're gonna do that now?
You're gonna do that now?
- Yeah.
- Right now,
that's what you wanna do?
- That's why we're here,
isn't it?
- I don't wanna talk
about our relationship
in front of strangers
at three o'clock in the
fucking morning.
- You don't wanna talk
about our relationship ever.
Not in front of strangers,
not with me.
You're so scared of
accidentally committing to me
that you don't say-
- You know what?
I'm gonna, I'm gonna go to bed.
- No... Come...
Damn it.
Come on Lyn.
- We are here to grow,
Mr. Moulton.
Let her have her time,
without the ever present
specter of you.
- What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
- Hey, I, I'll go talk to her,
all right?
- Good work.
(ominous music)
- Well, I guess therapy is over.
- I don't trust that guy.
- Something is off about him.
- Yeah. He's probably a
con artist.
They all are.
Hey, hey.
You don't look too good.
Want to talk upstairs?
- Yes.
- Come on.
(crickets chirping)
- What do you want for
yourself, Elijah?
- God, I feel like I'm the
only one getting therapy here.
- (chuckles) Just making
Consider this our business talk.
- I don't know.
I, I do wish I could have
been a musician.
- You know the difference
between you and Lyn?
- (scoffs) Talent.
- Money.
Her whole family's crazy rich.
She could try and fail
for as long as she wants.
She doesn't have to worry
about anything.
Her life will never be
I'm guessing you didn't have
that luxury.
I didn't either.
- So how'd you do it?
- I cheated the Devil.
- Huh.
- Elijah,
I got a proposition for you.
I need to put some money
into something, quickly.
And I'll be upfront,
it's not exactly legal,
but hey, anything's legal
if you don't get caught.
- I'm sorry. I, I just
need a, I need a second.
- Let me invest in you.
- Invest in? What do you mean?
- I could buy your little
car business
for two, two and a half million.
- I don't, I don't understand.
Why, why would you do that?
- Because I like you.
I think you're talented.
- I don't know man.
- I saw you looking at my car.
You like it?
You can have it.
Part of the deal.
- I don't want to get
mixed up into anything.
- Okay. Hero complex, I get it.
But just so you know,
no one will know
and it's fucking two and a
half million.
- Can I talk to Lyn first?
- Sure.
Attaboy. Get some rest.
You look like shit.
(slow foreboding music)
(elevator rattling)
(elevator clunks)
(shovel thuds)
(woman screaming)
What part helped you?
(shovel thuds)
(dirt clattering)
(Elijah gasps)
(Elijah groans)
(Elijah inhales sharply)
- Lyn?
Hey Tara, have you seen Lyn?
- Uh, yes. She and Joe
went to go get alcohol.
- I'm gonna go find them.
- Hey, are you okay?
- No, No.
I'm pretty fucked up actually.
I've been having weird
dreams and last night-
- You passed out, yeah.
Joe and I found you outside.
- I don't know what the
hell that was.
- When Joe was cheating
on me, I was a total mess.
It's amazing what anxiety
can do to you.
- Lyn is not cheating on me.
- No, I know.
I'm just saying that,
that if you need to talk.
- Thanks I, thank you.
Did she say when they would be-
when they uh...
Where's Frost?
- Exploring the three great sins
wherein all other sins reside.
Hey, since everyone's gone,
you wanna hang out with me?
(ominous music)
- No, thanks.
(Tara chuckles)
(branch breaks)
(dramatic music)
- Hey!
Hey! Wait!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You can't stop it.
You can't stop it.
- Wait.
(eerie music)
(car engine puttering)
(brakes squeaking)
(car engine turns off)
(car door opens)
- What are you doing out here?
- Just a,
nature walk.
- Is everything okay?
- I uh, wish you would've
told me you left.
- Well, you kind of disappeared.
Thought you didn't wanna see me.
- Of course I wanna see you.
Yeah. I'm sorry about earlier-
- Hey, fun drive right?
- Oh.
Yeah, yeah. It was,
it was great.
Thanks again.
- No problem.
- Hey, feeling better man?
- Not really.
- Ah, that's too bad.
Oh hey,
I told Lyn about the deal.
She's excited.
- Actually, I don't think I
was thinking clearly earlier.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- Hey, hey, second thoughts
are totally natural.
But you should know I already
have someone else interested.
- Really?
- Yeah. Just called
him a little while ago.
So if you're sure you
don't want it,
I'm gonna go ahead and call-
- I really appreciate the offer,
I just...
- Okay, okay. No pressure.
I just wanted to help.
You wanna beer?
- Hmm, maybe later.
I'm gonna go nap.
I'll uh, I'll see you in a bit?
- Yeah, yeah.
In a second.
- Cool.
(keys jingle)
(slow gentle music)
- Enjoying your stay so far,
Mr. Moulton?
- I don't think we're
gonna stay, actually.
- No? Not your cup of tea?
This is life, Mr. Moulton.
You either seize your chances
or you linger in mediocrity.
You've the world at your
(brooding music)
(door bangs)
- Yeah, that's what I mean.
But I can't right now.
(Joe speaking Spanish)
- Hey, wait.
Hey wait. Hey, wait, Joe.
- What up?
- I changed my mind.
- This is not a good way to
start a business relationship.
- Yeah, I'm sorry,
but I wanna do it.
I want to. Please.
(Joe speaking Spanish)
- Welcome aboard.
You just gotta whole lot richer.
- Hey, did you also mention
something about the car?
- You're right, I did.
(eerie music)
(wind gusting)
- This has been
such a crazy day.
- I'm sorry if I've been
acting kind of weird.
Just, I feel like I've been
losing my mind
in the last few hours.
(tense music)
- You know,
she's fucking him, right?
- What the hell?
What are you doing here?
- Did he offer you something?
Like a, I don't know, like
a deal or money or...?
(chuckles) Yeah. Yep.
That's what he does to
people he screws over
to make himself feel better.
- You're lying.
- I really wish I was.
I really wish this was
some kind of weird joke,
but I got video.
- No, no, I can't.
I don't, I don't...
- I'm sorry, Elijah.
- Tara, please.
- Hey. I know.
I know what it's like, okay?
I've been there.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
- Please.
I can't.
- Hey, hey.
You deserve happiness too,
you know?
- No, no. Wait.
- Shh. It'll be our secret.
(tense music)
(Elijah grunting)
(audio distorts)
(Tara moans)
(audio booms)
(both moan)
(Elijah gasps)
(foreboding music)
(elevator rattling)
(shovel thudding)
(Elijah choking)
(flesh squelching)
(tense music builds)
- Help me.
(Elijah grunting)
- Shit.
(high-strung music)
- Here we are bitches.
The Staufen House.
Oh my God. I have been waiting
to be summoned here for
like, ever.
I just, I can't wait to
just like get grounded
and just like discover my
inner goddess, you know?
Oh shit,
it's my therapy buddies.
Hey kids, smile for the camera!
Here we are bitches.
The Staufen House.
Oh my God. I have been waiting
to be summoned here for
honestly like, forever.
I just can't wait to like
find my goddess
and get grounded, you know?
Oh, it's my therapy buddies.
Here we are bitches.
The Staufen House.
Oh, my God, I've been waiting
to be summoned here for
honestly like, forever.
I have been waiting to
be summoned here honest-
Oh Shit,
it's my therapy buddies.
Oh, It's my therapy buddies.
Ooh, it's my therapy buddies.
Hey kids, smile for the camera.
- Can we not film? Sorry.
- [Tara] Oh,
but we're making memories.
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
- [Abe] You can't stop it.
You can't stop it.
- Good morning.
- Put the axe down.
- Oh sweetie, I can't.
See I need it in case you,
do that.
(axe thuds)
- Elijah!
You know Frost is never
gonna let you leave (laughs).
- Lyn. Lyn.
- Elijah, there you are.
I've been looking all over
for you, man.
I thought we should have
a talk about our future.
Don't you think?
I do.
- [Tara] Ready for round
two (laughs)?
(elevator dings)
(elevator whirs)
(elevator clunks)
- [Frost] How good are
you really Mr. Moulton?
(Frost cackles)
(elevator gears grind)
- [Frost] The three great sins
committed in less than two
days (cackles).
I fear I cannot let you escape.
Our master needs you.
We need you.
(tense ominous music)
(elevator thuds)
- I haven't been
completely honest with you.
- Lyn, Lyn, what are you...?
- Please put the knife down.
- When my grandmother was
young, she lost her parents.
Alone, poor, nowhere to go.
She made a deal.
She sold her soul.
Tara's great-granddad
did the same.
And Joe?
Well Joe is just a greedy fuck.
He sold his own soul
at a tech convention in '08,
And with it comes fame,
success, the works.
But when you make a deal
with the Devil, Elijah,
there are stipulations.
- The Devil?
- Every year on a certain
day, by a certain time,
you are summoned to
renew the deal.
A sacrifice.
Someone pure of heart.
And if you fail,
or if you refuse then you're
sent to hell
and the contract falls
to your next of kin.
- No.
No, no, no.
Hey. Come, come on Lyn.
- Just...
I can't put that on my babies.
- No. Hey, hey.
Look at me.
Is this what Frost is
telling you?
- Frost doesn't make the rules.
(discordant music)
- Who are you here to sacrifice?
- I was ready to let
this end with me, Elijah.
I was. I just...
I don't wanna go to hell.
I'm sorry.
- (laughs) Time to go.
- No wait.
(gun butt thuds)
- [Joe] I thought you
were working this guy.
Why did it take so long?
- [Tara] Did you seriously
fall in love with the lamb?
You dumb slut.
Oh my God, these boots.
- [Joe] Every year is
the same thing with you.
Buy some fucking running shoes.
- [Tara] Fuck you.
I like to dress up for things.
- Can you guys give it a
fucking rest?
- Shut up bitch,
you totally dropped the
ball this year.
- Lyn. Please,
please don't do this.
- It's part of the gig, man.
It's you or us.
- You do this every year?
- Yeah. And it's a whole thing.
First we gotta find
someone innocent,
get them to do the sins,
lug their asses to the
fucking woods
and then sacrifice them.
I mean, it's like exhausting.
- How many people have
you killed?
- You're the 17th.
- You're murderers. Let me go.
Let me go.
- Relax, relax.
Think of it this way.
Your dying saves three people.
It's simple math.
- That's true.
As long as we all draw blood,
one death counts for all of us.
Cool, right?
- You don't have to do this.
You don't have to...
Lyn, Lyn, Lyn, I bought a ring.
- Give it a rest, man.
- I was gonna ask you
to marry me after this.
- [Tara] Fuck, my fucking boots.
- Please, let me go.
- What the fuck?
Ah! Fuck.
In the arm pit, really?
(Joe groans)
- Lyn?
- [Joe] Lyn,
what the fuck are you doing?
Ah. You fuck.
- Run Elijah, run.
- (groans) Lyn!
You're gonna get us
fucking killed.
- Fuck.
- Fuck
- That fucking hurt,
you little fucking cunt.
- Fucking hell.
- Get up.
(tense dramatic music)
- Damn!
(Lyn panting)
- If you die, you go to hell?
- That is none of your
concern right now.
- Of course it is.
I can't lose you.
- Okay.
You bragged at the fire,
that's pride of life.
You took Joe's deal?
- Yeah.
- Lust of eyes.
And you fucked Tara?
It's fine.
We're very good at what we do.
Look, you committed the
three sins.
Now we have to sacrifice you
on the altar by midnight. Okay?
So you run and you hide.
You just have to wait them out.
- There's gotta be a
way out of this for you.
- There is.
(Lyn grunts)
- Lyn!
(axe squelching)
(Tara grunts)
(Tara laughs)
- Wanna make out?
- (cackles) Elijah?
- Hey Elijah.
Fuck, marry, kill the
people you met this weekend.
Me personally, I've always
wanted to fuck Frost.
We are baptized in shame
and in shame we live,
I mean, tie me up and put
that cane to use daddy.
Oh shit.
You know what I just realized?
I fucked you.
I married Joe and I killed Lyn.
I did it! (chuckles).
I completed the game.
How many people can actually
say that?
That's actually pretty cool.
- Elijah!
(chilling music)
(branch breaks)
(dramatic music)
- Come with me.
(brooding music)
- What the hell?
Why are we back here?
- Shut the fuck up.
- Who are you?
- I was you once.
A lamb.
- You escaped?
- No, no, no, no. Lyn let me go.
- And why are you still here?
- He won't let me leave.
He makes me take the bodies
after they're done with them.
I mark their passing.
- How long have you been here?
- Nine years. Nine years.
- We have to stop them.
- Yes, exactly.
When Lyn let me go, she
let me go too early.
They found someone else and
completed the sacrifice.
Not this time.
This time you wait,
you stall them until
the last possible moment
and then you shoot yourself.
You send them to hell.
- What?
That's your plan?
For me to kill myself?
- It's the only fucking way.
- Just fucking, just, just,
just, get away from me man.
- [Tara] Elijah!?
- Oh, fuck.
- I'm gonna chop an
itty-bitty piece of you
for every minute of my life
your wasting.
(dramatic music builds)
(engine thrums)
- Oh shi...
(Tara laughs)
(engine roars)
(engine drones)
(ominous music)
(brakes whine)
(engine idles)
(dramatic music)
(slow tense music)
(brakes whine)
- [Frost] (cackles) Oh,
little lamb.
I can't let you leave.
Not like this.
Not until you've heard
our offer.
- Please.
Please, don't do this.
- Shut the fuck up.
- I give to you this
lamb of God.
- Please, please. I have kids.
Please don't do this.
- [Joe] Lyn!
- [Tara] Just fucking do it.
- Please.
- [Joe] What the fuck?
- [Tara] You let him go?
Are you fucking kidding me?!
- You can save Lyn from this
life of murder, Mr. Moulton.
- Lyn's dead.
- [Justus] Not yet.
There's still time.
- How?
- Your soul.
Give him what he wants.
Take her place.
We need your soul.
(Elijah gasps)
- Lyn?
(foreboding music)
(elevator rattles)
- [Lyn] I can't keep doing
this Frost.
I can't keep killing people
every year.
It's worse every year.
- [Frost] I'm afraid
you don't have a choice.
It's the deal your
grandmother made.
- [Lyn] There's gotta be
a way out.
- [Frost] There is, Wagner.
- [Lyn] The man who tricked
the Devil?
That's real?
- [Frost] Yes, it's real.
Wagner Moulton has a descendant.
A young man whose soul the
Devil would give anything for.
- [Lyn] Including our freedom?
- [Frost] Yes.
You have to find him,
bring him here.
Convince him to make the deal.
- What's his name?
- You should know.
If we fail, our master
will not be forgiving.
- What is his name, Frost?
(melancholy music)
- [Elijah] Loves Lyn,
hero complex.
- Well, here we are again.
Oh, we can only die if we
don't renew the contract,
otherwise it just really hurts.
Frost used to be human, you
know, hundreds of years ago,
but he and a friend summoned
up the Devil
and that friend was Wagner,
who tricked the Devil.
Got those shiny boots of gold,
he got away with his soul.
And in punishment, Frost
has been trapped here
paying for it ever since.
You are the direct
descendant of Wagner Moulton,
eight generations removed.
- He's been after the soul
of Wagner Moulton descendants
ever since he was tricked.
He'd do anything for it,
including give me and
Miss Rose our souls back.
Sign the contract
and your beloved Lyn is
freed from this burden.
- You didn't bring me here
to kill me.
You brought me here to
trade my soul for yours.
- I'm so sorry, Elijah.
For two years, I worked you.
Two years to make sure that
you fell in love with me
and then I fell in
love with you.
How fucked up is that?
I just thought if you
saw what you could have-
- How could you do this to me?
- I didn't know what else to do.
I just thought there was
a way out of this for me.
But I realize now that this
is exactly what I deserve.
I'm so sorry, Elijah.
You have to get out of here.
You have to get out of here.
- You goddamn, motherfucking,
bitch-ass traitor motherfuckers.
We were a team!
- You didn't even think of
cutting us in.
- If he signs the contract
and you and Frost go free,
we don't have a lamb.
You're fucking killing us.
- I thought we were friends.
- Friends? This?
You're monsters.
You don't deserve to be free.
- That's it.
We're sacrificing this
motherfucker right now.
We can talk about our
relationships later, okay?
- Either one of you two
would've done
the same fucking thing.
- [Elijah] Hey!
- You shut the fuck up.
- I don't-
- Hey!
(revolver cocks)
- You come any fucking closer
and I'm gonna fucking
shoot myself in the head.
- Just, wait.
- It's an hour until midnight.
Ain't no way you're finding
another sacrifice before then.
I die, you die.
- Elijah, come on.
- Relax.
- Okay, it's okay.
Okay. Okay.
- [Joe] Easy.
Put it, put it down.
(intense music)
(Abe yelling)
- [Tara] Elijah! Get back here.
(engine thrums)
(tires screech)
(engine drones)
- [Lyn] I don't want this
anymore. Please.
Don't make me do this.
Just let me go.
- [Frost] The way I see it,
Mr. Moulton,
you have two choices.
You can save the love
of your life
or you can run like a coward
- Shut up!
- [Frost] And let an
innocent man die for you.
Take her place, Elijah.
You want to be a hero?
(tires squealing)
Here's your chance.
- Shut up! Shut up!
I don't care!
I don't fucking care!
(Elijah panting)
(curious ominous music)
(revolver rattles)
(Abe whimpers)
- Shut the fuck up.
- Why is this taking so
fucking long?
You do this every fucking year.
- You wanna do this?
- Let them go.
(Joe laughs)
(Tara laughs)
- You remember,
we can't die right?
- You could die for a
little bit.
That's enough.
- [Tara] Ow!
- Fuck
- What are you doing here?
- Untie him.
- What?
- Untie him.
- Are you fucking serious?
I just spent 30 minutes
doing that shit.
- Untie him!
- What the fuck?
(Abe whimpers)
- Okay. Now go home.
- No, I'm signing the contract.
- No.
- Yes.
I'm not losing you, Lyn.
If this is the only way we
can be together, then fine.
I love you.
- Elijah, please.
- You're not changing my mind.
- I hear we have a deal.
- You've made the right
choice, Mr. Moulton.
(knife thuds)
- Lyn, will you marry me
when this is all over?
- Yeah.
- Well damn.
I guess the therapy
worked after all.
- Your blood,
signed on the dotted line.
- And then you and her are free?
- [Frost] Indeed.
- Just under the wire too, huh?
You've got minutes left.
- Yes. Swiftly please.
- I love you Elijah.
- [Elijah and Lyn] More
than you'll ever know.
- What?
- And then Tara says, "You're
a fucking traitor Lyn."
- What, what are you? I don't-
- That's your line, isn't it?
"You're a fucking traitor Lyn."?
- I don't know what you-
- And then Joe says,
"She'll never love you.
You'll die alone."
- I, I don't understand-
- Stop, please. Stop.
Just stop.
You knew I would never
sell my soul
just because you asked me,
but I want to be a hero.
That's my weakness.
So you put on a little show.
Got me to think I'm saving
you from these monsters.
Sacrifice myself for you,
but I'm not just saving you,
am I Lyn?
I'm trading my soul for
all of you.
You've been working me
together this entire time!
- Dude. Just,
just please just...
- I found your little script
in Joe's car.
You lose.
You're done.
It's over.
Did you ever really
love me, Lyn?
Tell me the truth.
(Lyn sobs)
- Yes.
- Get him!
- [Joe] Go!
- [Tara] No!
(rifle fires)
(bodies thud)
(ominous music)
- Your children,
your grandchildren.
It doesn't matter how
long it takes.
Elijah, we won't stop
until we have y-
(whimpers) No, no, please.
(flesh squelches)
(Frost splutters)
- [Demonic Voice] This is
the last time you fail me.
Not like this.
(sticks thud)
(sorrowful music)
(gravel crunching)
(electric window whirs)
- You're Tara's driver, right?
- Yes, sir.
Can you let her know I'm here?
- Hate to tell you this
man, but she's gone.
I think her exact words were,
"Fuck this therapy bullshit."
- (chuckles) Of course.
Thanks anyways.
- Mind giving me a lift?
My ride left too.
(gentle pensive music)
- So how was your stay?
- Pretty fucking rough,
but I learned a lot.
Wrote a whole new album too.
I think this one's really
gonna hit.
(suspenseful music)
(calm guitar music)
I should have seen
I should have known
When the fire in your eyes
Put a chill in my bones
And I curse the heavens
I picked the fruit
Now there's a snake in
my garden
With nothing to lose
I'd give it all
(Lyn panting)
(rifle blasts)
Just to stop loving you
Now I'm damned if I don't
And I'm damned if I do
Murder the messenger
And blame the bearer
of truth
Well I got what I wanted
Now I'm no better than you
Can't unsip this bitter wine
Can't unring this bell
Can't turn back the time
And you can't outrun
Well I'd give it all
Just to stop loving you
But I'm damned if I don't
And I'm damned if I do
Oh, I'd give it all
Just to stop loving you
Now I'm damned if I don't
And I'm damned
If I do
(ethereal music)
- I'm Dr. Rose, and for
the next three days,
we will be working together
to break you down and build
you back up.
One whit, one atom, one
scintilla at a time.
Until you finally reach
your true potential.
(brooding ominous music)