The Summoning (2017) Movie Script

I can't thank you enough
for getting us
the rent money in advance.
It's for the best,
you know.
We're going to be
with my mother
for the last couple
of weeks of her life,
and then she's gonna
be at peace.
I just wish there was
more I could do,
but you know how it is
with graduation right now.
No, no, no. You've done more
than enough for us here.
You've been like
a daughter to me
the last couple of years
that you lived here,
especially since Bill and I
have no children of our own.
Everything's ready.
Do you need me
to get anything else?
Yeah, could you go out back
and get that cooler
and fill it with ice
before we leave?
I already packed that up.
I guess that's
everything we need, then.
Okay, now, the number
to my mother's house
is up on the refrigerator
just in case you need
anything at all.
- Okay, thanks.
- And we're going to try
to get back
for your graduation,
- I promise.
- Really?
I'd love that so much.
All right, you take care.
You, too.
Drive safely.
[Woman] Oh, Bill, you
just killed that tree.
It's a 13 page essay?
Yeah, no more
than 15 pages, Rachel.
Okay. Thanks, Professor.
- Oh, no problem. Have a good day.
- Thanks.
- See you in class tomorrow.
- Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How did you do
on the exam today?
Finished early.
Figured we'd get a head start
on our next mock case.
Still trying to wrap my head
around the last one.
I know. We only have
two weeks.
A slave named Deborah.
See, here's the thing,
good buddy.
I, A, need your story
on the record.
Since you're just
one case away
from being kicked off,
your story
has to be massaged
to fit within
certain parameters,
are you with me?
Law is the law,
and the fact is even
child-molesting murderers
have the right to hospital
care and a lawyer,
neither of which he got,
because he arrived D.O.A.
thank you very much.
We'll see it probably
in the news.
But as of now, my friend,
you... you are a hero.
So do me a favor.
Let's keep it that way.
Get out of here.
Hi. I think there's
someone in my house.
[Police radio chatter]
No signs of forced entry.
You certain the turners
didn't stop on by?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Molly would have called me
or left me a voicemail
or something.
I searched the entire area.
The house is clean.
I'm telling you guys,
there was someone in there.
We'll have the prints
run for testing,
see if there's anything
in our database that matches.
We'll keep you posted.
That's all for now.
Thank you.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, let's go.
You know, Beth,
when I finally...
...found the guy
that took away our Abby...
I was sure things
would go back to normal.
Like, even though
she was dead,
I figured you'd
find closure,
that I would.
But I don't know...
I don't know
what to say to that.
You found him,
but you're never going
to be able to bring me back
my little girl alive.
There are no more birthdays,
graduation, no wedding
to look forward to.
All that was taken.
Is that why you left?
Part of it was anger,
and your obsession
with the case at the time.
That's when I needed
you the most.
You were so cold.
Mostly because
she was her daddy's girl.
She had your face
and your heart.
I just couldn't...
I couldn't keep waking up
to that anymore.
It's all right.
It's okay.
I miss her.
[Music playing
on headphones]
[Static buzzing]
[Static continues]
You don't look so good.
- Barely sleeping.
- Why?
I think there was someone
in the house again last night.
- I don't...
- Should have called me.
I mean, the police.
Did you call the police?
Nothing in the house
was working,
not the phones, nothing.
I ended up back
at Anna's again.
- Oh, wow.
- I know.
The Turners have any
guns in the house?
What am I gonna
do with a gun?
I don't know.
I'm just saying.
I wouldn't even know
how to use it.
I'll keep the phone
and the bat close by.
Hey, you got fitted
for your cap and gown yet?
No, I haven't.
Want to go after class?
- Yeah.
- All right. See you later?
- Yeah. See you later.
- Yeah, okay. Bye.
Just need to know
how it happened,
what you can recall.
This car appears
out of nowhere.
I mean, things like this
just don't happen.
What do you mean by that?
I go to a gas station
to fill up
and right in front of me
is a cutlass, okay?
So the suspect hops back into
his vehicle at this point.
And I followed him.
So why didn't you
just take him then?
And risk losing the girl?
Do you think
there was a chance
he would disclose her
I mean...
All right.
So you trailed him.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
At what point
did you call for backup?
As soon as I was sure
it was him.
On the ground now!
Get on the ground!
- It's cool, man. I didn't do anything.
- Get on your knees.
On the ground, now!
- Just calm down.
- On the ground.
It's all cool, all right?
Hands behind your head.
Take it easy, man.
Hey, man!
I'm not resisting.
Just chill the fuck out!
- Where is she?
- Where is who?
- Where's the girl?
- I don't know anything about...
Tell me where
the girl is right now.
I said I don't know anything
about any girl!
Tell me where she is!
- Where is she?
- She's over there.
At what point
did he draw his gun?
He spotted me
as soon as I moved in,
and then he fired off
And you called the ambulance
shortly after,
is that correct?
Sounds about right.
[Phone buzzes]
[Faint giggling]
- Here you go.
- Thank you, but you know what?
I'm not drinking
these days.
This is a good picture.
That's the last one
she ever took.
This law student renting out
a room at the Turners'
stumbled upon something I think
you might find interesting.
It's too soon
to say exactly,
but the bones she found
appear to belong
to a small child.
Yeah, they're being
tested now.
Could be tied into one of
your earlier cases, pal.
I'll understand if you're
not ready to come back.
[Doorbell rings]
Detective Silva.
I've been assigned
to your case.
I'm Rachel.
Please, come in.
Sorry for the intrusion.
No, not at all.
Thanks for coming out.
I've been a little uneasy
the past few nights.
Hopefully we can put
an end to that soon.
Where are my manners?
Would you like
something to drink?
- Lemonade? Water?
- No thanks. I'm okay.
Can you show me where
you found the remains?
Yeah. Right this way.
It's just over there.
How much longer
do you think this will take?
Because I have to get
to class.
Here, just give me a call
at your convenience.
- Okay.
- You don't mind
if I stick around here
for awhile, do you?
No, not at all.
Stay as long
as you need to.
[Speaking Spanish]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Rachel.
- Hi. Rachel.
- Nice to meet you.
- He was just leaving.
- Oh, okay.
- [Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
Bye. How'd you do?
You don't want to know.
Damn. Damn.
You studied
all week for this.
- I know.
- You suck.
Thank you.
I think it drops me
a full letter grade
in that class.
That's all right.
You still got
that mock case to work on.
You can bring it up then.
- I hope so.
- Easy.
Got any plans tonight?
You want to work
on that case?
Do I have a choice now?
I guess not.
Let's see. Do you want to stop
by my place around seven?
I should be home by then.
Yeah, yeah.
Seven is great, yeah.
Okay. Well, I got to head back
to class right now, so...
- Have fun.
- Thank you. I will.
You be good.
- Seven o'clock.
- Seven.
It's a date.
Deborah, a slave working
at the Ferguson Sugar Factory,
clubbed a man
as he approached her
in her cabin.
The man turned out
to be her master...
Deborah was tried for murder
shortly thereafter,
she would stand trial
and be sentenced
to death by noose.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right, so...
are we approaching this
with the intent
to get our would-be
client set free
or are we going to try
and get him a lesser charge?
I just don't think
it's realistic
for her to be set free
when we're talking murder here.
Why don't we just
approach it in a way
trying to avoid her from
getting hung for the crimes?
Okay, yeah,
we can do that.
- [Crashing]
- Oh, shit.
Oh, no.
Molly really
loved this vase too.
Oh, man, it's all right.
We'll get her another one.
No, you don't understand.
Her mom made this for her.
How did it fall?
It was probably just too close
to the edge of the table,
I'm guessing.
Do you have a broom?
- Yeah, let me grab it.
- Okay.
[Phone ringing]
All right, so after
killing her master
Deborah dragged the body
into a raging fire
that she and a few other
slaves had built.
Then early the next morning
she gathered up
the remaining bone fragments
and spread them
- throughout the fields.
- Hmm.
Hey. Huh?
- Wake up.
- I'm awake.
- No, you're not.
- Violent.
Huh. The ashes would then be
placed into ground up coffee
and then served to the rest
of the slaves
believing that that would
give them power
- over their masters.
- What?
Yeah, to the ground up coffee.
Just kidding, I made up
the last part.
- Humph.
- Hmm.
You're so funny.
I'm gonna call it a night.
- I'm tired.
- Really?
Okay, well, fine,
I'll just start building
our case, then.
Okay, cool, then.
I'll just...
I'll just see you
at school tomorrow, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, actually do you think
you could stop by
and pick me up
in the morning?
I haven't had a chance
to fix my bike yet.
- Yeah.
- Okay, thank you.
Yeah, no problem.
Okay, I'll see you
in the morning.
All right.
See you in the morning.
- Drive safely.
- Okay, bye.
[Doorbell rings]
We gotta go!
I don't wanna be late.
Yo, Rachel!
Hey, Rach!
Come on!
I don't wanna be late.
Come on, Rach,
I don't wanna be late!
Hey, Rachel,
are you in here?
Come on, Rachel,
pick up.
[Phone ringing]
[Distorted voice]
[Woman's voice]
Hey! Is somebody
out there?
[Patrick] Do you need anything else?
Do you have my number?
- [Woman] I got it right here.
- [Patrick] And my address?
- [Woman] We're good.
- [Patrick] Yeah?
- I'll be in tomorrow.
- Anytime you wanna call just...
- All right, we'll find her.
- Okay, thank you, Officer.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you very much.
- Afternoon.
- Hi.
- Deputy Forster.
- Detective Silva.
Yeah, no sign of the girl,
or anyone for that matter.
Did you talk to any
of these neighbors?
Yeah, no one heard
or saw anything.
It's Patrick.
No, it's Rachel,
she's gone missing.
Was anybody else here when
she disappeared?
No. Patrick came by
this morning
to give her a ride to school,
but she was already gone.
Rachel's cell phone's
still here,
books, keys.
I don't know.
I... I came over...
No, I came over earlier
and the door was open,
but she's not here,
and the cops
are here right now.
I'd like to have a few words
with this guy.
- Well, be my guest. I'm finished here.
- Thank you.
Yeah, and the cops
are here right now.
I... I gotta go.
All right?
I'll talk...
I'll call you later. Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going?
It's a nice area, man.
You're gonna
find her, right?
That's what I intend
to do, yeah.
You all right, here, I...
- Nervous?
- Yeah, I am.
Sorry, I don't got a light.
I just... I'm trying to quit.
I got one.
Patrick, how long
have you known Rachel?
I don't know.
A couple of months.
You guys are just
Yeah, yeah, we're just...
just good friends.
Would you like to be more
than just classmates?
- Yeah.
- Hey, I don't blame you.
She's a very
attractive girl.
I'm sure she would have guys
lining up around this block
to take her on a date.
So what?
What does that got
to do with anything?
Well, it could be nothing.
Patrick, you know how
little kids get
when they want something
really bad
and they don't get it?
They, um,
they feel rejected.
They start to act out.
Throw a tantrum.
Get violent.
See what I'm getting at?
Something about that guy.
That's not setting right
in my stomach though.
Get a car on him?
I got somebody out
on him, tailing him.
Every move he makes.
- All right, you take care.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Don't tell him nothin'.
- I won't.
Deputy Forester has a search
party out for Rachel.
She's starting
on Weistheimer tonight.
I hear ya'll needed
some help.
Joe Ferguson.
Chief Lubbock, and my top hand
Detective Silva.
Pleasure's all mine.
So word has it that you'll
be owning this town
by year's end.
More like two.
Gotta sweep it up
when it's low.
Sitting on a gold mine
when we land this, Chief.
And just to go build
on top of my station.
Well, it's not for sale,
Ooh, now back up.
Well, what me and my son,
Junior, come down here for?
I heard there's
a search party out
looking for a girl
who's gone missing.
Now, is there
any truth to that?
There's some truth to it.
I got a small army
that works for me.
Now between the builders,
and even real estate agents,
I got about a hundred people
that can help.
Well, if you can spare them.
Well, I'll send them
in shifts.
How'd that be?
Appreciate it.
We start one tonight.
All right, well,
then it's settled.
I'll get Junior
on the horn.
- Ya'll have a good day.
- Thank you so much.
Good man.
I've known Patrick
since grade school.
He was several years
ahead of me,
but we just clicked.
You know?
Oh, we both met Rachel
around the same time
when she started
school here.
Just friends?
Me and Patrick?
Just friends?
We've fooled around
here and there.
But, yeah,
friends mostly.
Patrick's always been
into Rachel.
Totally obsessed with her.
How do you mean?
He can't stop
talking about her.
He's tried, but Rachel's never
shown any interest in him.
You know, has he ever
shown aggression
towards her?
At least, not around me.
How about you?
- About me what?
- Been aggressive with you, or...
- No.
- Did they get physical?
- God, no.
- No?
- What?
- You sure?
- Yes.
- You sure about that?
Why do you want to know
so much about Patrick?
We have an open case that he
may or may not be involved in.
You understand?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
[Faint humming]
[Humming continues]
Wait! Don't leave!
[Humming continues]
Hello, is there someone
in there?
Yes, there's
someone in here.
Just hang on.
I'm gonna go get help.
- My keys won't open the door.
- No, no, please don't leave me.
Please don't
leave me in here.
I'm not gonna
leave you in there.
I'll bring help back.
Hey, uh, pardon me,
but, uh, you're
that superstar cop
from the papers, right?
Detective Silva.
That's me.
Listen, I just wanna thank you
for the job you're doin'.
We all appreciate it
around here.
Hey, Suzy, anything
Detective Silva has...
- No...
- No.
- All right.
- It's on my tab.
All right? Give him one
of them Creamsicle sodas.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
Hey, you got a second?
About as long as
it takes me to finish this.
How did you find me here?
Uh, Lubbock informed me
you have breakfast
here at least
four times a week.
Mmm, well, hmm.
Well, we're not friends and the only
time we speak is about the case,
so I'm assuming that's why
you're here?
It's about the case.
Welcome to Another Time
Soda Fountain.
Would you like a menu?
Oh, I'm fine.
Phones still work.
Well, I figured you'd want
the new passed on in person.
You could email.
- Well, I'll give you the short version.
- Please.
You cleared.
I submitted my report, you acted
in the victim's best interest.
Moving in on the suspect
when he began firing on you,
believing that the little
girl was still alive.
Now, you told me
that for three days
you're cleared of
of any negligence.
However you will be under
careful observation
for the next six months.
It's not even a slap
on the hand, really,
we had to deal out
- Do I owe you anything?
- Nope.
Not for now anyway.
Look, Lubbock's
vouching for you
and that's all we need.
You did a bad thing
for a good reason.
Or at least, you did something
that needed to be done
that goes against
what we deem acceptable.
A man will hang one day
for his sins anyway.
Food any good here?
You can have
the rest of it.
Egg whites?
- You're not from around here, are you?
- No, sir.
You're not being
charged with anything,
so talk to us, pal.
Then why are you here?
I mean, you guys found
Rachel alive, right?
You were the last person
to see her before she vanished.
We wanna catch
the people that did this.
Maybe you missed something.
Maybe you saw something,
but you don't remember.
Think about it, pal.
Think about it.
Can you not do that, please?
- What?
- That.
- What?
- [Patrick] That.
That's a pretty rare box.
Can I have it back, please?
Thank you.
Look, guys, like I told
you before, all right,
I was at her house
studying that night,
then I went home for the night,
I came back the next day,
she was already gone.
Rachel's doctor isn't letting
us talk to her right now,
but as soon as we can,
I'm telling you, pal,
we're gonna crack
this thing.
Good, good,
I really hope you do.
And then you better get
your story together,
'cause you're gonna
need it real soon.
He ain't breaking.
He's either one hell
of an actor,
- or he is telling the truth.
- When can I speak to Rachel?
Her doc says first thing tomorrow
morning she'll be cleared.
I'm going to speak with the
caretaker that found her.
Good thinking, pal.
I usually come down here
every Thursday,
do maintenance
on the sugar factory,
keep transients out
from breaking in.
Keep the place tip top,
as much as I can.
- Ferguson's own it?
- Yeah.
Joe and Junior.
Matter of fact,
they own all the surrounding
land around it.
Don't look
like much now.
This place was full
of life at one time.
Although some say
it still is.
If you get my meaning.
I get paid to believe
in what I see.
Facts, George, facts.
Don't matter much.
What's in here, don't
care which way you think,
but it's always around.
[Chuckles] What are they
gonna do with this place?
I haven't
the darndest idea,
although there's some talk
about Junior
reopening the place
back up.
Picking up where
his granddad left off.
I'm all right, Molly.
No, I really am.
Thank you for asking.
You don't have
to worry about me, okay?
[Sighs] Besides, graduation's
practically in a few days,
I have a lot to concentrate
on before then.
[Doorbell rings]
Besides... Uh-huh,
but you need to be
there for your mother.
- [Knocking]
- Oh, I know you do, Molly.
I know you do,
and I appreciate it.
I know, but you really don't
have to worry about me anymore.
Everything's fine now.
Yes, I will.
Actually, Molly, you know
what, look, can I call you
back a little bit later,
the police just got here?
Okay, tell Bill I say hi and I
hope your mom feels better.
Thanks for stopping by.
Would you like some water?
So, how are you holding up?
I'm not.
But, my friend, Anna's going to
check on me from time to time,
or at least until
the Turners get back.
[Sighs] But, after graduation
I'm moving back to New York.
Rachel, I want you
to think real hard,
and tell me everything
about that night.
The night
of your disappearance.
It's okay.
Take your time.
Hey, I'm gonna
call the cops.
[Rachel screaming]
In all your years
as a homicide detective,
have you ever experienced
something like this?
There has to be something.
So you're saying what happened
to me the other night,
there's no
explanation for it?
And that maybe
there never will be.
Did you go back to the place
where I was found?
There's nothing there.
Just an old derelict
waiting to be torn
to the ground.
We found this next to you.
It belongs
to a Melissa Ward.
She's a law student that went
missing a few years ago.
She went to your school.
A few days after
she went missing
her bloodstained clothes
was found in a dumpster
near her home.
Her husband, Clayton Ward, is
still the main suspect at large.
- Would you know them?
- No.
They must have been
a few years ahead of me.
We're hoping
he's back in town.
Detective Silva, look,
I really think this thing
wants me to go back.
I'm guessing there
has to be a reason
for why I ended up
in that place.
Well, whoever killed
Melissa Ward
had the same plans
for you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, I missed you.
I mean... I mean I missed you
in class today.
I wasn't feeling well.
Well, Professor Martinez,
he gave us an extension
on that mock case
we were working on.
Oh, really? Well, how much
longer do we have?
Till graduation.
- I mean, it's not that much longer.
- Yeah.
That's good though.
So, are you, what?
You ready to get back
on this thing, or what?
Yeah, I think so.
Hey, do you remember that
abandoned factory I was found at?
I found these
drawings there.
I think they're related
to our case somehow.
Oh, wow.
Any luck on your end?
The case we were
assigned to,
it's an old murder case
from the Slave Era, right?
Ten points, Rach, we got
that part down already.
[Sighs] The factory
she used to work at
is the same one
I was found in.
It's owned by Junior
and Joe Ferguson.
It's been in their family
since 1838 when it first opened.
Families around here go back
several generations.
I mean, you can't blame
the Fergusons
for atrocities committed
by their ancestors.
How does it relate
to our case, anyway?
I don't know.
Maybe it doesn't.
I just think Clayton
and Melissa
were discovering something
even beyond the case.
Slave labor,
prison labor?
See for yourself.
It's all here.
A lot of people died under the
Ferguson name to build this town.
There has to be
more to this, right?
Think about it, why else was
I drawn to that factory?
Something wanted me
to see it.
Well, never thought
I'd see you anymore
in this place again.
That makes two of us.
I, uh, I never got a chance
to thank you for finding me.
Things could have been
a lot worse if you hadn't.
Well, I just happened
to be passing by
at the right time.
I've always had
a knack for that.
I would offer you
a chair if I had one.
Oh, don't worry about it,
I don't want to take up
too much of your time.
I, um, I just wanted
to stop by, also,
to ask you something.
Do you remember a law student
by the name of Clayton Ward?
He and his wife, Melissa, had
done an interview with you here
regarding this place
several years ago?
It's all here in this
mock case we're working on.
I remember them.
Clayton was a quiet man.
Kept to his self a lot.
Watched his words
very carefully.
You're required
to disclose the fact
that these new tract homes
are being built
on a former slave plantation.
And in certain cases,
burial grounds.
I see none of that there.
Is it there?
- How much are you looking for exactly?
- What now?
No one comes barging in here
not looking for something.
We're not looking
for anything,
we just wanna
run this by you
before we take it
any further.
A lot of this can
be resolved easily
outside the courts
with no fuss.
You damn right about that.
Yeah, I'll tell you what,
when you're ready
to talk again,
give me a call.
[Rachel] Did they
ever find her body?
Oh, no, but it's just
a matter of time, though.
It's a shame
when youth is taken
so quickly like that.
She brought me here.
What's you talking about?
I think she was trying
to tell me something.
She, uh, she's the one
who led me to this place.
How much you believe
in the afterlife?
Spirits and things
like that?
To be honest with you,
I never used to,
but lately...
lately that's
been changing.
Well, you've been tapped
on the shoulder
and it wasn't by accident,
it's for a reason.
My father always told us
the dead speak
and you can summons the dead
without even realizing it.
You just keep listening,
you'll find out
what you looking for.
What do you think she wants?
For you to find out
who killed her.
[Doorbell rings]
- You got a minute?
- Of course. Come in.
This is a very
interesting case, Rachel.
- Any new developments?
- A lot of new developments.
Actually, Forensics came back
and they found the results
on the remains you found.
Well, they claim it's
at least a hundred years old.
You know, in these parts,
especially around Sugar Land,
and it's not uncommon
for cemeteries to be shifted
once a new development
comes in.
Sometimes the dead
get left behind.
- So that's it?
- That's it.
They belong to a woman that
passed away in the 1800s.
Died of natural causes.
Truthfully, I was hoping
it was Melissa Ward belongings
it's because I'm really
tired of this case.
Well, then I found something
that could be useful to you.
I found this.
Okay, it was an old mock case
that Clayton Ward
and his wife
were putting together.
It talks about
Sugar Land's past.
It hasn't been
exposed yet.
It's interesting.
We already got a copy.
Okay, well, then, any idea on why
they would have disappeared?
Nothing I can tell you.
Still an open case and Clayton
Ward is still our main suspect.
We have Melissa's
the bloody clothes
right next to her house.
Doesn't take a genius
to figure this one out.
- Did you believe me?
- About what?
The other day when I told you
about what happened to me
the night I was taken,
did you even believe me?
Absolutely not.
There's a logical explanation
for everything
we just have
to look closer.
What did you say,
the something spirit
took you back
to the sugar factory?
Well, that's ridiculous.
Who then?
I don't know. Still trying
to figure that out.
[Faint whispering]
Rachel. Rachel.
- Here you go.
- No, thank you.
what can I help you out
there with, little lady?
Does the name Clayton Ward
mean anything to you?
Yeah, he's a wanted man,
if I'm not mistaken.
You're also one of the last
people to speak with him
before he vanished.
I have some notes here
regarding a conversation.
It looks like it was you,
Junior Ferguson,
and Clayton Ward
about three years ago.
- Do you remember that?
- Crystal.
Like it was yesterday.
What about it?
- What can you tell me?
- Not a whole lot.
He and his wife were working
an old case regarding a slave
who had murdered her master.
Now, the man shared a name
and a bloodline with me.
Daddy, we got a meeting
in about five minutes.
This won't take that long.
You got three minutes.
[Clear throat] Well, it
also says in this report
that you've been
failing to disclose
certain information
to the public,
especially regarding the land
you've been building
your tract homes on.
Now, I'm still not catching
what you're getting at here.
I own that land.
I'm not doing anything
illegal by it. Never have.
You're building on land
that was worked on
by prisoners and slaves.
Look, I mean,
some of the land
is also the burial sites
for some slaves.
Listen, we turn
a blind eye sometimes
because it's necessary.
Makes us feel
all warm and fuzzy.
We go any further
than that,
people start to get
a bad feeling.
You're worried.
You're worried that people
would stop buying from you
if they knew the full
truth, is that it?
Daddy, we gotta go.
You know, you're acting
like you're providing
brand new information.
Clayton Ward believed
the same thing.
Then why not disclose it?
Isn't what you're doing
You're the lawyer.
You tell me.
Now listen, we can
continue this conversation
at a later date
if you'd like,
but right now, I've got a
meeting with some grown-ups.
You should frame these.
- Cute kids.
- Yeah, they are.
A little pain in the ass,
but they're good.
I like them.
Hey, before we go in, I haven't
had a chance to pick up.
So it's gonna be
a little messy.
Don't worry about it, okay?
I warned you.
Come on in.
Okay, so, uh, I'm gonna
go get my laptop
from the other room.
- Make yourself at home here.
- Cool.
Mi casa, su casa.
You want anything to drink?
Some water, some wine?
- No, I'm good.
- You sure?
Nice place.
Okay, thanks, yeah.
I'll be right back.
[Patrick] Hey! You hear
from the Fergusons?
Yeah, yeah, I just...
I was just over there.
Couldn't get anything
out of them though.
- You all right?
- Yeah. No, I'm fine.
I'm just thinking I've been
feeling kinda sick lately.
- Oh.
- Like everything I'm going through.
I'm not feeling well.
I can get you some
medication and stuff.
An aspirin?
No, you know what,
don't even worry
about it, I'm fine.
I'm just gonna go,
but... Oh!
It's all right, Rachel.
It's okay, I got it.
Probably excited.
You don't look
so good.
Oh, I'll be fine.
I'm fine, thank you.
Sorry. I just...
I think I'm still shaken,
that's all.
I thought I was over it.
Shaken up.
What about the assignment
and stuff?
You know what? I'll call you.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I'm just...
I just thought
I was over it.
Sorry, Rach... I... Sorry,
I... I have the keys.
The keys...
It's a habit.
I just... Sorry.
It's a habit of locking
the door behind me.
So, um, tomorrow. I'll just keep working.
Is that cool?
And then tomorrow,
we'll just meet up in class
and then, I don't know,
compare notes or something.
- Cool.
- Yeah?
I just need to know.
Was Patrick ever a suspect
in the Melissa Ward case?
He's still a suspect
for your disappearance though.
Just trying to pin a reason
to bring him in again.
He knew
Clayton and Melissa.
Look, I know this probably doesn't
make any sense to you right now,
but I'm telling you, it's like she was
trying to lead me to her and Clayton.
Yeah, the case we were working
on just so happened to be
the exact same case that they were
working on before they disappeared.
The fact that he knows them
is clearly circumstance.
It doesn't automatically
make him a suspect.
They lead me to that factory,
and there was a reason for it.
Patty, boy!
Are you in there?
Come to see if that
plumbing issue got resolved.
Hang back.
Don't get in the way.
Ah, man.
I'll get on the radio
and start a search for him.
What the hell is this?
You're fucked, Patty boy.
Go home, Junior.
You guys can't be in here
without a warrant.
We have probable cause.
Oh, you do?
- Have a seat.
- I don't wanna sit.
Make it easy
on yourself, pal.
Right here would be good.
So you two still think
I'm wanna hurt Rachel?
We're not here
about Rachel.
Clayton and Melissa Ward.
When's the last time
you saw them?
I don't know.
What, maybe,
three years ago.
You guys were close, right?
Friends, classmates.
You don't seem too worked up
over their disappearance.
It was a long time ago.
You know, Clayton is still
the final suspect.
I think you know
where he is.
You're lying.
Why would I lie
about something like that?
I don't know, buddy,
you tell me.
I told you
when we first met
I'd find out the truth.
- Didn't I?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go get
a burger.
You guys want anything?
I'm a vegetarian.
Healthy man,
good for you.
Your loss.
Be smart.
So, you know the old
sugar factory on Six?
Yeah, it's where
Rachel was found.
Okay, so, do you
wanna tell me
what you were doing there
the other day?
What are you
talking about?
You were there
the other day.
Come on.
Yeah, well, I wasn't there,
I was like...
I go for walks behind the
building to clear my head.
You clear your head?
At an abandoned
sugar factory?
No, I go for walks behind the
building there. So what?
- You walk behind the building?
- Yeah, to clear my head.
- Then, to clear your head.
- That's what I said.
Is that where you
buried the body?
- What?
- Yeah, is that how... is what it is?
What about Clayton's wife? And you
buried her at the sugar factory.
That's what happened.
Listen, if you're gonna
accuse me of something,
then bring me in.
If not, this conversation,
it's over.
Hi, I'm Rachel. I don't think
we've officially met.
Yeah, oh, pardon
my poor manners.
My hands are dirty.
That's okay.
That's a nice watch.
Oh, that's kind
of you to say.
It's been in the family
for generations.
You're showing a lot
of interest around here.
What exactly are you
doing out here anyhow?
Oh, an old murder case
about a slave from the 1800s.
Well, partly, anyway.
It's why I went
to visit your dad.
What do you care
about some slave been dead
for over a century
and a half for?
Because nobody
even knows about it,
and they don't even
know about the slave labor
that's used
in the factories.
I still can't quite get
what you're aiming at.
It's just for school.
Hey, you stay in that
Turner house, don't you?
How do you know that?
It's my first deal,
Daddy let me do
the entire deal by myself.
Mm-hmm. It's a nice
place, isn't it?
You're the one that found
there were remains, right?
Yeah, you missed something
when you built the house.
Well, it happens.
It's old.
What do you expect?
I, actually, would like
to schedule another interview
with you and your dad,
if that's all right?
I'll set something up.
You should come in sometimes.
Maybe next time.
I'll save a seat for you.
You'll find the answers
you're looking for.
And what might those be?
Look, son, the entire town
loves your Abby.
We all still miss her.
We're not asking you
to forget about her.
That's impossible,
but just come in,
it will help.
I don't know.
The place never
helped me before.
It takes time.
I know you didn't come all
this way to talk about church.
I got a warrant to search
the sugar factory.
Can you help me get in?
Sure thing.
I got spare keys
you can use.
- [Rachel] Hi.
- [Junior] Hi.
Come on in and make
yourself at home.
I just have
to turn off the oven.
Wow. The place looks
just like I remembered it.
Say, Bill and Molly around?
No, they're still
out of town,
they'll be back
tomorrow afternoon.
I'll have to catch up
with old bill.
You know, Daddy's
a little worried
about all this talk.
I thought we buried
all that.
Why do you think he wanted us
to meet him here, anyways?
I don't know.
It's pretty run down.
Yeah, it looks deserted.
Yeah, maybe he wants
to offer us a bribe.
- I'm not gonna take it.
- What was that?
What was what?
- Did you hear that?
- No.
I think you're too worried.
This place creeps me out.
No, it'll be fine.
- In. Out.
- [Gun cocks]
Get down
on your fuckin' knees.
What were you planning
on doing, Clayton?
We just wanna go.
We can forget everything.
Please, just let us go.
They say there's
dead slaves... Property.
How you gonna feel
when you meet them
on the other side?
- Huh?
- [Gun shot]
It's a beautiful place,
isn't it?
I aim to keep it
that way.
- You killed them?
- Had to.
Couldn't done ruin an empire
I'd eventually inherit.
[Junior grunts]
[Gun cocks]
[Music plays]