The Super (2017) Movie Script

[wolf howling]
[instrumental music]
[elevator bell dings]
[keys jingling]
- Ms. Daigle?
- Huh! Aah.
- Mr. Johnson.
- How's that brother of yours?
Getting better.
I dropped our friend
this morning.
I'll stop by to see
if you'll be home tomorrow
so we can change out
your locks.
- Why?
- A master key ring went missing.
Well, can you
change them now?
No, no, no, we've gotta
change the locks out
on the whole floor.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Nothin' for you to worry about.
We'll surely keep an eye on you.
Yeah, I was wondering too
if, uh, you'd given any thought
to my proposal.
Yes. Yeah, I did.
Um, thank you very much
but I cannot switch
apartments right now.
Be less expensive for you.
Yeah, I know.
I appreciate it a lot.
If anything changes
I'll, I'll let you know.
- Okay.
- Okay. Bye, Mr. Johnson.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Okay.
Ann, I'm home.
Hey, Brad.
[switch clicks]
Hey. There he is.
Hi. How was your day?
Mine was okay. I think
one of my students was sick.
Threw up on my shoes,
that was super fun.
- No.
- No?
- It's your favorite.
- Uh-uh.
All right.
I'm gonna leave this
right here.
Maybe a little later.
[sighs] I have a mountain
of papers to grade.
Beautiful dreamer
Wake unto me
See you later then.
Starlight and dewdrops
Waiting for thee
Sounds of the rude world
Heard in the day
Led by the moonlight
[door creaking]
Beautiful dreamer
[static on gramophone]
[Brad groans]
[Brad grunting]
What's wrong? Sweetie?
- Aah.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Wait, let me, let me
turn the music back on.
What the hell happened
to this thing?
[Brad grunts]
Here, here we go.
See? It's all right.
[breathing heavily]
["Beautiful Dreamer" continues]
[sighs, gasps]
[Daigle] Brad?
Brad, what's going on? Hey.
Brad, where did you get these?
[Brad grunting]
Brad, where did you get these?
[Brad grunting]
Brad, give me the keys now.
[Brad groaning]
Brad, give them to me,
Please, don't... Huh!
- Aah.
- Get out!
- Huh!
- Get out!
Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
[clock ticking]
[Daigle] Hello?
I'm calling the police.
[clock ticking]
[pencil rattling]
[Daigle gasps]
No, please! No!
No! Ugh! No!
[breathing heavily]
No. No!
Help! Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
[siren wailing]
[breathing heavily]
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
[breathing heavily]
[chiming continues]
Hi. Uh, Phil Lodge here
to see Mr. Johnson.
- I see you were here last week.
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah, right over there.
- Thank you.
- Daddy?
- Yeah.
- Why can't I come in?
- I'm just gonna be a second.
So you stay down here
with your sister, okay?
Hey, Violet,
I want you to keep
an eye on Rose for me, okay?
[female #1]
Right this way.
Mr. Johnson, this is Mr. Lodge.
- Ahem.
- Coffee?
- No, thank you.
- All right.
So, Sylvi didn't tell me.
How'd you hear
about the position?
Uh, one of my daughters.
Her old teacher lives here.
She told me about an apartment.
I came to look at the place,
Sylvi told me
there might be
a job available.
Six years with
the Newburgh Police.
And why'd you leave?
Uh, my wife passed away.
Oh, sorry.
Loved being a cop,
but, uh, couldn't risk
having my daughters grow up
without both of their parents,
so here we are.
Let's take a look.
Ah, Bernard Shaw.
Nice to see someone your age
enjoying the classics.
[dog barks]
[indistinct whispers]
The building was originally
the headquarters
for Pete Moore
Savings and Loan
until it went under
in the Depression.
Depression put them
under in '33.
There's more than one
that made up
the old vault area.
Place is a maze.
I don't even go down there.
It's off limits to tenants,
of course.
Owners and high-end renters
have access to the gym
the conference room,
the lounges.
Get a good deal.
Ah, we like to keep the more
affluent residents happy.
You know, they pay very
expensive maintenance fees.
Some pay for parking
in our garage.
It's more than, more than
some of the tenants' rent.
This way, now.
[indistinct whispers]
Give me one of those.
Who are you?
I'm Rose.
You don't belong here, Rose.
Well, not that
it's part of your job,
but it'd be good to have someone
on staff with your experience.
- Are there problems?
- No, no. Hell, no.
With the low-income tenants,
it's always good to have
an extra pair of eyes.
I'm not familiar
with furnaces.
- I'm pretty handy.
- You know what? That's good.
That's, that's one of
the oldest working furnaces
in all of New York City
right there.
That's... Look at that.
Pennsylvania Boiler Works, 1890.
[Johnson] Yeah, don't mind
those photos over there.
Those belong to Walter.
Now, Walter's
our most senior super.
Yeah, best to keep
an eye on him.
He's into some Ukrainian
psycho voodoo shit, but...
probably nothing
to get excited about.
Well, this is...
There you go.
Usual staff quarters
are all taken.
But, uh, well,
this should do for now.
I've got to call Conrad
about that.
It's not much, I know.
No, it's, uh...
Uh, as long as
it's only temporary.
Thank you for this.
- Tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m.
- Bright and early.
- 7:00, it is.
- Don't be late.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
I'll give these myself.
I don't want you
in my apartment alone.
I understand.
Excuse me.
Uh, my daughters,
one 14, one seven,
have you seen them?
Do you mind?
Excuse me, I didn't
see a seven-year-old,
but I saw a teenage girl
a few minutes ago by that door.
I appreciate it. Thank you.
I doubt I'll still even be here
when school starts so...
I don't even wanna think about
where I'm gonna go.
I told you to
watch your sister.
Give me the rest
of the cigarettes.
He only gave me one.
He only gave you one?
Hey, there you are, baby.
I was looking for you.
Where do I get
a ball like that, Daddy?
- Ball like what?
- The one the boy had.
[female #2]
Everything all right?
It's great.
- I'm Beverly.
- That's Violet.
She's my oldest.
Thank you very much, by the way.
Are you taking a place here?
Actually, I got a job
here as the super.
So, next time you see me,
I'll be in uniform.
- Phil Lodge.
- Well, welcome aboard, Phil.
Thank you very much.
Can we leave now?
- Why?
- I don't like it here.
If Mommy were here,
she'd want to leave too.
You're gonna like it here.
[man speaking foreign language]
- Stop that.
- [whimpers]
[instrumental music on TV]
Who's in here?
Don't think I won't use this.
[plate shatters]
Damn it, Murphy.
Boy, leave it alone.
That's not for you.
You all right, baby?
What's wrong, baby?
I'm sorry. I thought
the room was empty.
Clearly it's not.
Ahem. I'm Phil Lodge. Hi.
I just started working here.
I live here, so...
Suppose they
should've told you.
Did you need anything else?
[male #1] Hey.
What do you think
you're doing, man?
No, I'm just fucking around, dude.
You can take that.
You can take anything you want.
38-C moved out.
She left all that.
- I'm Julio.
- Phil Lodge.
Hey, Phil, good to meet you.
Does this happen a lot?
It's a lot of stuff.
Well, you know,
some people donate stuff
and some people,
they just leave it.
I took a dresser.
So, is this your first gig
as a super?
Yeah, I used to be a cop,
Well, this is gonna be
a lot less exciting.
I don't mind that.
Get to spend a lot more time
with my kids anyway.
Vondell, stop with the ball.
Stop with the ball,
you're scuffing up the wall.
How many times
do I gotta tell you this?
Fucking kid.
Anyways, family
is the most important thing.
- Ah, it's pretty empty, huh?
- Yeah, don't worry about that.
Come Monday morning, it's gonna
be like Macy's out there.
What's your name?
- That's Violet.
- Hey, Violet.
I'm Julio.
Right, she's just quiet.
See you later, sweetie.
[door shuts]
[clock ticking]
[door creaking]
Rose? Rose?
[breathing heavily]
Rose! Rose!
[Phil] Rose?
What are you doing, baby?
Just looking at the flames.
[indistinct chatter]
Just come upstairs with me.
How's the little one?
Rose seemed lost.
How do you know
my daughter's name, Walter?
She told me.
You spoke to my daughter?
Just enough, Phil.
[Johnson] Just head
up to 70-B, will ya?
There's a faulty window.
It's off the track up there.
It's gonna break
somebody's neck.
We'll have a damn claim on our hand.
Cal, listen up.
I'm getting complaints
about Mrs. Grey's dog yapping.
She knows she can't leave that animal
alone up in there. Go check it out.
Yeah, but she said
she'll have you fire me
if I'm up there
when she's not home.
She lived in this building
50 years
payin' a $100 rent.
I don't give a rat's ass
what Mrs. Grey wants.
- Go check it out.
- Yes, sir.
I can go up with you
if you like.
[dog barking]
Mrs. Grey?
Mrs. Grey?
Man, did she say
she was going away?
If she did,
I'd tend her out.
Come here, boy.
Get over here. Come here.
Mrs. Grey?
All right, put it down
and let's get out here.
We can't leave him.
We should take the dog, right?
This is your idea, not mine.
All right.
- What the hell?
- Daddy said I can have the dog.
What's that thing?
I think someone's
little princess outgrew it.
It's just perfect for mine.
Okay, there you go, sweetie.
- I wish Mommy could see it.
- And I'm still on the floor?
It's just for now.
I'm still on the floor too.
- I'm so fucking sick of this.
- Hey, language.
Everything's for Rose!
Every goddamn thing we do!
Violet, wait.
[indistinct chatter]
Mom, door.
Little busy
over here, Vondell.
Get your ass up
and get it. Come on.
[door creaking]
[door creaks]
Violet, right?
You know,
I have a younger sister.
She was always getting
in the way, messing up my life.
There are so many times I really
thought I was gonna kill her.
You know?
[chiming continues]
[chiming continues]
What are you doing here?
That was weird.
[vehicle horn honking]
Hey, you got
a flat-head screwdriver?
Must've left it inside.
You're so athletic.
My wife works for Beverly
at the Folk Art Museum.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sofia reach you?
Friday, 8:00 p.m.
at the terrace.
- [siren wails]
- Turning fuckin' 50, bro.
My wife's throwing me
a birthday party to depress me.
You're coming, by the way.
[police radio chatter]
He said someone
was at the door.
- Freddy, what happened?
- Vondell Evans is missing.
I mean, he pulls this crap
all the time,
but usually
it's just for an hour or two.
Someone has my son!
Julio, what do you know
about Walter?
He's got those pictures
by the furnace
that freak me out
every time I see them.
I'm gonna see you later.
If you ask me,
the place is haunted.
Something down, it's gone.
Look again, it's back.
What's going on?
The police are looking for,
uh, Vondell,
the kid you were
smoking with, uh...
They don't know what happened.
He probably just ran away.
Uh, I just
got a little worried.
We have to look out
for each other, right?
Violet, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
[indistinct whispers]
[Rose gasps]
Don't worry, Rose.
Your father is still there.
What's that?
Now, this, this is Nisitas.
He was tormented.
So tormented,
he moved to a cave
and lived as a hermit.
But then Nisitas
learned to do something.
Something so magic
that no one
has ever done before.
- What?
- He whispers.
Can you hear him?
[speaking foreign language]
You, you know what happened
to this boy, Vondell.
He isn't missing.
Show me where he is.
Show me.
Show me where he is!
Hey. Hey!
What are you doing?
[breathing heavily]
I don't want you around
my children. Never again.
Bye, bye, Rose.
Baby, come on.
Bye, bye.
[clock ticking]
[Rose] Daddy?
I just saw Mommy.
Mommy and I were in the garden,
and she let me use the hose,
and everything that I watered
turned into flowers.
They were everywhere.
Go back to bed, baby.
- What are you doing, Lodge?
- I'm just mopping, sir.
Just do the halls. You don't need to go
in there. It's not part of your job.
Yes, sir. I apologize.
[indistinct whispers]
[upbeat music]
All right.
Give it a chance, okay?
You might have a good time.
What do you think?
With or with no
chocolate frosting?
- There's the man.
- Hey.
- I'm Sofia, Julio's wife.
- Phil. Nice to meet you.
- Nice meeting you.
- Happy birthday, sir.
- Oh, thanks, man.
- Oh, all right.
- Thank you so much.
- My kids.
- Hector and Diego.
- Hey, Hector.
Julio said you have two.
Violet right here,
this is my oldest.
Little sister Rose is...
run off to find
some fun somewhere, I guess.
Hey, you want something to eat?
[Phil] Uh, yeah.
Violet, you hungry?
[indistinct murmuring]
Who is that?
So, Violet,
what do you think
of Beverly?
I wanted to stay at the party.
Mommy would've let me stay.
- Violet?
- What do you care?
Why did we have to leave?
Other people got to stay.
[Phil] I know.
- Daddy?
- Yeah.
- Smells bad.
- What does, sweetie?
Rose. Rose.
- What's going on?
- What's wrong?
I don't like it, Daddy.
It's all wet.
I'll be right back.
[telephone ringing]
Hey. Did they find Vondell?
Johnson doesn't like things
on the walls.
I know you were
in my apartment, Walter.
I'm gonna have to kill you,
all right?
Uh... Uh...
Phil. Hey, Phil.
What's going on, guys?
Hey, are you okay?
Wouldn't worry
too much about Walter.
He told me that
after his wife died
every night at dinnertime
he'd see her sitting
across the table from him.
I thought it was
kind of romantic.
Huh, yeah.
You have a strange sense
of romance.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, after my college boyfriend
proposed to me,
- I couldn't stop laughing.
- You laughed at him?
Then he called me a mental
patient, and that was that.
Don't worry,
it's not like I'm gonna...
come after you
with a knife or anything.
[glass shattering]
Hey, um, I should get going.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Well, it's... Um...
Just... Put your deadbolt on.
[alarm ringing]
Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of
the color of these walls though.
I love this building.
It has such a good vibe.
Well, the building
was really the headquarters
of Pete Moore
Savings and Loan
till it went under in
the Depression in 1933.
Look at this.
That's her.
- That's the teacher.
- I know her.
That's Violet's
favorite teacher.
She was the one that told me
how much she loved this place.
- Why would she move out?
- Family emergency.
People split all the time.
That's blood, man.
Mr. Johnson?
Can I show you something?
Look at this. That's blood.
You do some
maintenance too, huh?
Huh! So you like it?
- Yeah, we'll take it.
- Well, that's good.
We have three terraces,
a roof garden, and a gym,
conference room, lounge.
I have something
I think I should show you.
Excuse me.
The elevator's stuck.
It makes perfect sense
that it's Johnson.
We don't know that yet.
But he was acting weird
around this room.
You get the old rent-control
tenants out,
prices skyrocket.
There's nothing in here, bro.
I don't know
if he's a murderer,
but... he's
definitely a pervert.
[Violet] Hello. The
elevator isn't moving.
Excuse me. Hello!
You're so stubborn.
You would not listen.
You are gonna re...
Get away from me! Get away!
[speaking foreign language]
No! Get off! No!
Hey, what's wrong?
Hey, what's wrong?
- This is your fault!
- What's my fault?
This would've never happened
if Mom was here!
Maybe I wouldn't have creepy,
fucking old men
chasing me around basements.
What's going on?
I'm taking this guy down
right now!
What are you doin', man?
What are you doin'?
Dude, she needs that
to get around.
She's not away.
Something happened to her.
The same thing
that happened to Vondell.
The same thing that's gonna
happen to my kids
unless I do something
about this.
What if it was your kids
he was threatening?
Dude, planting evidence?
Make an anonymous call.
They'll talk to him,
they'll get a warrant.
I promise you,
they'll find plenty
of real evidence
on their own.
[siren wailing in distance]
He's coming, he's coming,
he's coming.
Hey, Walter.
- Sofia's looking for you. There's a leak in 12-B.
- So fix it.
It's no secret they think
I'm a shitty plumber.
Johnson's office
is right below it, please.
We don't want that stuff
leaking through.
- I don't have my tools...
- Can you just get 'em, Walter?
And do me a solid, please?
I owe you, Walter.
Don't fuckin' do that!
Now fuckin' what?
We make an anonymous call.
When was the last time you saw
the tenant in 15-H, Mrs. Grey?
Oh, I, I got hundreds
of tenants, you know.
She could be in the park, or she's
shopping, she's riding a bike.
Who knows?
Do me a favor.
If you hear something,
give me a call.
When I was 12,
my mother had an affair.
And... my dad had
all these connections,
so he managed to get custody
and basically...
cut her out of our lives.
Sorry to hear that.
I was a little younger
than Violet,
so I know what it's like
to act out at her age.
Ah, Violet...
I'm the bad guy right now.
She blames me for everything.
Which I don't really
fault her for, 'cause...
I blame myself.
For what?
There was a fire.
And my wife was stuck upstairs.
The floor collapsed. I was able
to get Rose and myself out,
but I wasn't able
to reach her.
What about Violet?
Uh, she was in the yard.
Thank God for that.
So Violet,
when her mom died...
she wanted
everything else dead too.
I'm sorry.
You're a good dad.
[knock on door]
[knock on door]
[bolts unlatching]
Why did they let him go?
[Sylvi] He didn't know how
the old lady's cane handle
ended up in the dresser.
They're not even convinced
the old lady is missing.
They also didn't find
anything else
when they searched
his place, Phil.
[hoarse whisper]
You can't protect them.
I'm coming for them.
- Uh!
- Dad?
You all right?
What are you doing up?
I heard you and thought you were
having a bad dream or something.
Come here.
You are a good kid.
Are you okay, bro?
I'm not getting much sleep.
I guess with Walter back,
I'm just kind of freaking out.
Hey, you seen
Phil and Julio?
Hello? Walter?
Are you guys looking
at the work screen or what?
I've been texting you
all morning.
38-C has a problem
with the lock.
- I got it. I got it.
- Phil's taking it.
You want the job,
don't you, Phil?
- You keep an eye on her.
- Yeah, yeah.
Maybe I should go
help him with the lock.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Oh.
[Sylvia chuckles]
I'm watchin' the kids.
- Hello?
- Hey.
Uh, the office said that you
had a problem
with one of your locks.
Yeah, I woke up,
and they were all unlocked.
- The deadbolts and everything.
- Oh, my gosh.
Can you please
just put some clothes on?
I'm sorry to drag you up here.
She just stumbled in
really late last night.
[Beverly] I did not
stumble, I never stumble.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
[indistinct chatter]
Julio? Julio?
Violet? Are you all right?
- Where's Julio?
- He left.
Where's Rose, Violet?
- Where's Rose?
- You know where she is.
Something reeks.
Smells just like Rose's bed.
Hey, listen, you go back,
and you lock the door.
- Okay? Okay?
- Fine.
You're fine, baby.
[dog whining]
Hey, sweetie.
Puppy, don't go. Puppy.
Hello, Phil.
The knowledge has been
passed down for generations.
Nisitas was the first.
With a great fire,
he summoned the unwanted souls.
He forged a chain
and sent back the cursed ones
from where they came.
Where is she, Walter?
He protected us from the dead.
Now it is me
who must protect us.
Where is she? Where is she?
- Where is she?
- Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she? Where is she?
Where is she?
Tell me where she is.
Give her back to me!
Can I come in?
[breathing heavily]
[Rose] Daddy?
Oh, God!
I was really worried about you.
Where were you, baby?
I heard the bad person.
So I ran away.
He was chasing me.
I'm glad you're okay.
[clears throat]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, I was just about
to call you.
[Phil] Julio...
Listen, there's something
I need to talk to you about.
I fucked up.
I fucked up so bad.
Hey, man, what's wrong?
What's wrong with you?
Mr. Johnson,
you're not gonna like this.
Let me call you back.
[clears throat]
I thought he had my baby,
and I...
I just wanted him to tell me
where she was.
I just couldn't stop.
Where is he?
He was right here.
You lost him?
Phil, look at me.
What's going on with you, man?
Why was this in your apartment?
That's mine.
Who are you?
I'm Rose.
I don't think I've ever
met you before, Rose.
Most people don't see me
until it's their time.
He was my friend.
He found out.
They'd take you away from us.
That's my sister.
She's the cute one.
- You know, I think it helps...
- Don't try to be my mom.
I'm not your mom, Violet.
I want to show you something.
This is Rose.
Mr. Lodge?
Mr. Lodge?
Walter was right about you,
Mr. Lodge.
When I rehired him, he suggested
you falsified your resume.
Newburgh Police
has no record...
no record of you.
There must be some mistake.
Oh, no.
No! No!
She's cute.
You know,
I've never actually met her.
That was just before
the funeral.
- And that's Rose?
- No, that's me.
You looked a lot like her.
That was taken seven years ago.
[breathing heavily]
- Daddy.
- No.
- Violet, I don't understand.
- This is where we grew up.
Burned down on our birthday.
You and Rose
have the same birthday?
Of course we do.
We're twins.
I'm a few minutes older.
You and Rose can't be twins.
Phil said she's only seven.
No, we were both seven.
We were both seven
the day she died.
She can't be dead.
Phil talks about her.
He sees her.
He sees her, and that weird
janitor Walter sees her
ever since we moved here, and...
You'll see her too.
No. Oh, God!
Oh, my God!
Please. Oh, no. No! No!
[chiming continues]
Violet's telling.
Rose always did
whatever she wanted,
and no one ever
did anything about it.
My favorite teacher,
Ms. Daigle, did you know her?
She used to live here
until Rose got to her.
We were friends.
That's all it took.
I had a picture of Vondell,
I never got one of Mrs. Grey.
I think Rose
just wanted her dog.
It's been happening like this
ever since she died,
and I don't think
she can be stopped.
- I don't understand what...
- Don't you get it?
She's evil.
Hey, Phil.
Have you seen Julio?
His phone is off,
and I can't seem to find him.
You're not covering
for my husband, are you, Phil?
I mean, I know
the kind of man...
[drowned speech]
Carol, he's up on the...
on the roof fixing a railing.
Give him that
when you see him.
Rose set the fire
that burned the house down?
It was all because Mom
wanted to punish Rose.
For all she's done.
Rose burned down the house.
I didn't know my mother was home.
I swear I didn't.
Violet told Daddy what I did.
So he broke my neck
and threw me
out of a window.
How did you get in here?
You see her, don't you?
- Daddy knows what Violet said.
- We have to get out of here.
Why are we doing this?
If you saw Rose, it means
my dad's not far behind.
I don't understand.
[Violet] Shit!
- Hello, Beverly.
- Rose?
Beverly, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Run! No! No!
- Wait.
- Let's go this way!
There's no way out.
- What are you...
- No! You can't touch her!
- Violet...
- You can't.
[speaking foreign language]
- What are you doing?
- Aah!
Get off of her!
You do not touch her.
You can't.
He's getting rid of her.
- She's just a child. What...
- No, she's not!
[speaking foreign language]
[speaking foreign language]
Violet, help me!
Daddy, Daddy, help me.
You're okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm trying to save you, Phil.
No. Phil, you don't
have to do this.
Daddy, wait.
You know what
I really want?
A mommy.
- What do I do?
- Just do what she says,
and it's okay.
Are we done, baby?
No, Daddy.
We're just getting started.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[music continues]