The Super Parental Guardians (2016) Movie Script

This is trouble.
Paco is here! Call Jake.
Hurry! Get out of my way.
Where's Jake?
Oh, he's sleeping.
Go after them.
What now?
Hey! Why did you do that?
-To the roof.
For you.
Beat him.
I'm going to die.
Quick! Go after them.
-Come on.
-Hurry up.
Run! Quick.
They're on the roof.
You fools.
Take that.
Paco, wait for me.
Go home! Call the police.
Hurry up, guys.
What now?
You can't beat me.
Call the chairman. Hurry!
You don't want to stop?
-How dare you.
If you don't stop, I'll shoot your faces.
Come here.
How dare you?
Don't you steal my girlfriend!
Your girlfriend? She's mine.
Got it?
He's right, Paco.
Jake is my real boyfriend.
What do you mean?
I seduced you so I could spy on you.
That's enough.
Let's go.
Hey, be careful, you might trip.
Wait! You're too tall.
It hurts.
Stop crying. OK?
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Thank you for coming.
Good morning.
-Just one of my an executive assistants.
You're two hours late. The program
hasn't started because of you.
Why are you dressed like that?
Didn't you teach me
to dress for the occasion?
-What's our occasion?
-Ribbon cutting.
That's why I'm dressed this way.
We just need a pair of scissors.
And why did you bring your minions?
Introduce yourselves to her.
Madam, I'm Kath.
-Kathryn Bernardo?
-No, madam.
Kat-tunying Taberna.
Hi. I'm Liza.
-Liza Soberano?
-Liza de Lima.
And I'm Nadine.
Nadine Lustre?
No, Nadine Monio.
Can you please focus on your job,
Ariel Ciriaco?
Ma'am, call me Arci.
But I'm from Muoz, so that's fine.
Enough of this.
-Hon, shall we start?
We're about to start the ribbon cutting.
Get our giveaways from Clumsy.
Shall we distribute the giveaways later?
Look after my house in Quezon City.
Supervise the construction
on the third floor.
I'm off to Europe. It's so hot here.
Here's your to-do list.
Can't you just hand it to me?
I can't reach it.
This is really long list.
Is that so? Well then...
I guess we shouldn't help you
with your trip to Korea.
I'm just kidding! That was just a joke.
Just tell me whatever you want.
Even if you ask me to arrange peace talks
with the rebels, I'll do it.
Just make sure
you take care of your Korea trip.
OK, madam.
-Can we have a picture with you?
Let's have a picture.
Look. Gosh, so embarrassing.
-I just don't know about him.
-What a villain.
You will pay for this.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Look at him.
I'm sorry.
The child.
-The child fell.
Whatever! You don't have a womb.
Yeah, right.
No, the child fell.
That child!
Ouch! It hurts.
-You're hurting me.
You think you're so tough,
but I just put a little alcohol on
and you complain.
It really hurts.
I've been telling you
not to get involved in gang wars.
Just be a full-time stuntman.
You rarely go home.
And when you do, you're wounded.
I don't earn a lot by being a stuntman.
There are no action movies these days.
But at least you make a living,
which is more than you do
getting involved in gang wars.
They started it.
They took Emmy with them.
Hey! Totoy and Buboy, won't you stop?
A lot of drug addicts
are getting imprisoned nowadays.
Who's an addict? We're not drug addicts.
But you look like addicts.
And you are a bad influence on my brother.
Get out of my house.
-We're still eating.
-Get out.
-I am telling you...
-Fine, we're going.
-See you tomorrow, Paco.
-Go home.
As if she's not addicted
to duck eggs herself.
Don't you try to get Emmy back from Jake.
She's not worth it.
Remember this.
If you let your anger control you,
we'll all be in danger.
You will even endanger your nephews.
You're not involved in this, sister,
and especially not my nephews.
-One, two, three, four... Can you do this?
-Hey! Melvin Gaspar.
-That's right...
-What are you doing?
Excuse me, Uncle Paco.
And we're practicing for our Family Day
at school.
Mother, Ernie, and I will dance.
Do you want to join us, Uncle Paco?
It's like boxing.
See, it's easy! Come on! Join us.
-Even you?
This is cool.
-Aren't they cute?
-What have you been teaching your kids?
Another dead body
has been found here in Anuvali.
He is allegedly another victim...
Ernie, Megan! Hurry up.
You'll be late for school.
However, he was not addicted to drugs,
only cotton buds.
Authorities continue their investigations
to identify the people
behind the killings.
Stay tuned here on AVS-ZVN for updates.
I told you. This place isn't safe.
Let's get out of here.
James, here's your pork chop.
Where's my kiss?
What was that?
Were you giving away relief goods?
It was nothing. I just shared our food.
All we have is sardines,
and you gave it away.
I didn't give away our sardines.
Then what?
So the boys get pork chops,
and us gays get sardines?
Sardines are good.
-Good for the skin.
I'll have them all then.
Are you still going to go to Korea?
By the end of the year,
I may have already left.
I'm just getting the documents organized
and working on my portfolio.
That has always been your dream.
Yes. Even back when I was studying at CEU.
Yes. I studied there. I could afford it.
-Centro Escolar University?
-Do you know the CEU's school anthem?
I... yes.
Go ahead and sing it then.
-A famous pop star sang the school anthem.
-Since when?
It's "see you," not "CEU".
It's the same thing.
I'm just kidding.
I really studied at TESDA.
I'm really into fashion design,
but I've had no luck pursuing it here.
But Madam Marife hired you.
She's just wicked.
But you'll just be an assistant stylist
in Korea.
What difference is there
compared with working here?
There's a big difference.
It's my dream to work in Korea.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
-Who are you?
-I'm... Sarah.
-How are you?
-I'm good, Ariel.
-How are you? I'm OK.
-What are you doing here?
I just got my Korean visa.
See, it's approved.
I'm going to leave by the end of the year.
-I love your forehead.
You better treat me for lunch.
Where you want it? Do you want me
to stamp a visa on your forehead?
My visa's approved.
You owe your godchildren so much.
What godchildren?
My children, of course.
How could you forget?
I didn't even know you had a womb.
Now I am the godparent of your children?
How could you forget?
We made a promise. Remember?
We will be the godparents
of each other's children.
We had a blood pact.
Look! Here.
Here! Look at yours.
-See. I told you.
-You're funny.
I already have a lot of responsibilities.
I have many things to do
in General De Los Santos' office.
You work for General De Los Santos?
The new spokesperson
of the National Police?
That's nice.
What exactly do you do?
I knew it! I picked the right godparent
for my children.
If anything bad happens to me,
you have to take care of my children.
Promise me.
There are so many gangs around our place.
People get killed every day.
One more English word
and I'll hit you with this egg.
You speak as if
you don't have parasites in your tummy.
I think you still have parasites even now.
I said it.
I'm not an--
I'm always hungry.
Throw him into the river.
Ready for the next take.
Paco hurry, come home.
I witnessed a crime! I'm in danger.
Hurry! They might come after me.
I'll be there.
Hey, you! Get out of here.
Go ahead.
-Uncle Paco...
-What are you doing?
Why do you look like that?
Uncle Paco...
What happened?
Uncle Paco, we don't understand
what mother is talking about.
Maybe she's eaten too many duck eggs.
Mother, stop drinking coffee.
Stop eating duck eggs.
And stop watching the news.
-Mother, relax.
-What happened?
Go to your room. Go to bed.
Sleep now, my son.
Let's go, Ernie.
-You got me worried.
Somebody was killed near the creek.
The murderers saw me.
They even chased after me.
I'm dead. They're on their way here.
You're safe with me.
No one can harm you.
I won't let anyone hurt you.
Guys, let's go. They need to rest.
When drinking, they're with us.
When it's time to clean up, they leave.
Come, let's clean this up.
Shall I clean her up too?
Let her be.
What are you doing here?
-Sarah, what now? Ouch.
-This person...
I've been looking for you.
I thought you were in Saint Table.
But you were just in Santa Mesa.
Do you live here?
-I mean, no.
Those ugly gays live here.
ADDICTED TO BALU Why are you here?
Wow! You missed me.
Ouch! Don't touch it.
-What's that?
-It hurts.
She's bleeding.
You're bleeding! Why were you stabbed?
Who hurt you?
Relax. Call for help.
Call for help.
Get the phone! Hurry.
There's blood.
Here's the phone.
Hold her.
Press the knife harder
so it won't fall off.
I'm shaking. 911?
What? You have a 50% off promo?
They have a promo, 50% off.
Which flavor would you like?
Ham? Pepperoni?
What flavor of pizza do you want?
-Hurry! The discount is under your name.
-Anything with ham.
Anything with ham! Anything with ham.
Do you have hamburger?
Yes, hamburger-flavored pizza.
Can you wait?
-They'll arrive in 45 minutes.
-Give me that.
Yes, here, in Santa Mesa.
I was stabbed in the back.
How many minutes before you arrive?
OK. Never mind.
-Call for help.
-What number?
922-22. To run for help.
-Help! Help.
-Help us please! Anybody.
-Sarah, who did this to you?
Who stabbed you? Tell me! Sarah.
Sarah! Who did this to you?
My children... Take care of them.
Who? Your killers?
Take care of my children.
-Protect them.
-I will protect your children.
Why did you leave us, Mother?
Who did this to you?
Who did this?
I promise.
They will have a taste of a kid's revenge.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with you.
Who are you?
-This is not Sarah.
-She is not Sarah.
Who is he?
I don't know.
Maybe it's Sa-rotten.
Where's Sarah?
Is that Paco's relative?
I don't know.
It's my first time seeing him.
I can smell trouble.
Why are you making a scene here?
I'm Arci.
I'm Sarah Nabati's best friend.
And you? Who are you?
I am Sarah's child. She's my mother.
What's the proof you're her child
aside from your bewitched face?
You can be our relative
because you look like a witch.
Who are you?
I don't remember
my sister being friends with demons.
I am Arci.
I am Sarah's best friend.
And I'm here to take her children with me.
-Like I said,
Sarah asked me to look after her children
because their lives are in danger.
I won't give the children to you.
I will take care of and protect them.
I'm only fulfilling her dying wish.
And I'm taking the kids with me.
I am Sarah's brother.
And I will take care of my nephews.
Do you understand? Huh?
You know what? You all better leave.
If I get mad, you might end up in hell.
I'm not afraid of you.
I'm taking the kids.
Is that so?
-You're taking the kids?
-Oh. Oh no.
It's been a while
since I hit someone with this.
Who told you that I'm taking the kids?
-Are you taking the kids?
Why would you do that?
You don't have the right.
He's the uncle! He will take care of them.
The kids will stay here.
You can't take them.
Leave this place. How dare you.
-Yes, we will leave.
We're not taking the kids.
They're crazy
for wanting to take the children.
Go away.
I'll tell them not to take the kids.
What? Get lost!
Why were you thinking of
taking the kids with you?
Don't worry. I won't let them take you.
You have agreed to
being the caretaker of this house.
I don't have a choice.
If I don't do it,
they might not sponsor my Korean trip.
-This will only be for a little while.
-What about us in Santa Mesa?
You keep on leaving us.
I'm just a caretaker here.
I won't live here.
I'll go home to Santa Mesa.
I can't leave you.
-Good afternoon.
-Let's hope we can go out for lunch.
Do you see what I see?
-I see them.
-So many men.
Sorry, but I won't go home.
I'll stay here for about two years.
I'll just send you letters.
I'll even send you money.
And I don't like that place.
Yuck! It's so dirty.
Ma'am, it's our lunchbreak.
And hashtag Macoy.
This one, too. Hashtag Zeus.
Zeus-scary! Tunying.
What are you doing here?
Aren't you on Umagang Kay Ganda?
-Excuse me.
-That's was unexpected.
Tunying is also a construction worker.
He's really hardworking.
This is just a guide.
-What's this?
-Zenaida Seva.
-There's a dog.
-She's not a dog. She lives here.
What are you doing to the Madam's house?
-We're styling it.
You're just a caretaker,
not an interior designer.
-So ugly! As ugly as you four.
-Where's my phone?
This background suits you.
I'll take your picture.
-Really? Oh.
-Put your foot here.
-Here? Here?
-There you go...
And raise your skirt a bit.
-That's what I'm talking about!
I think you'd look better up there.
Go higher.
No, not there, sit on the top.
Pose like this.
And put your hands on your hip.
-What the--?
-What is it?
-I ran out of battery.
Bro, I took all your things.
I brought them all here.
How are things going?
Take this.
I saw this. Is that a book?
How are things going there?
Bro, Jake's group has a sponsor.
They have high-powered weapons.
I'm telling you,
we're no match for their weapons.
We can't beat them.
If I were you,
I wouldn't take revenge.
I know what you're thinking.
-It's dangerous out there. Believe me.
-But we're the ones in danger here.
I understand your difficulty, Paco.
But please, leave this place.
Even my livestock are affected
by the kids' sadness.
Ernie, don't go near the cow.
It may hurt you.
Stop it.
Ernie! That's not our mother.
It looks like our mother.
It's white, but it's not her.
It's a cow, Ernie.
Maybe she's just in costume.
That's not what I meant.
It's not our mother. She's not here.
I miss our mother.
-I told you.
Come here, Totoy.
I know how much you miss her.
-Yes, Aunt?
I'm too old
to get involved in this kind of trouble.
Yes, Aunt.
-Yes, madam, we already took that down.
-What else?
Text me if there's anything else, madam.
I'm OK.
Take care. Have a safe trip, madam.
Madam is such a slave driver.
What's the matter? Do you need our help?
I don't think you can do this.
This is a lot of things.
This is more than both our pimples
Even if I put layers of powder on my face,
I still look haggard
because of these crazy errands.
You were born haggard.
You will die haggard.
Really now?
You were born a poodle.
You will die a poodle.
That's harsh.
-What is it?
What are you talking about?
Girl! Your underwear!
-Oh my God.
-You're disgusting.
That's why it felt cool.
What are you doing here?
So, you are Ariel Ciriaco.
Far from Arci.
If you plan to make a scene,
I won't back down.
-This is my territory.
I didn't come here to fight.
I just want to know where
I will sleep with you.
Sleep with me? What?
I said we'll talk about
where I will sleep with you.
Don't. Stop.
-Come on.
Stop it. What were you saying?
I'll sleep with you, if that's OK.
-You mean to live with me?
So, can I get my things now?
This is not where I live.
I'm just visiting here.
I live somewhere else.
If you want,
I'll just text you my address.
I'm free tomorrow.
-I'll see you tomorrow then.
What's your number?
-To wait for my text, OK?
-Stop it.
-No. It's 3-1-8-5-1-2-1.
Oh, it's you.
What are you wearing?
My nightgown.
It's hot tonight. I want to feel fresh.
-Excuse me.
This place is fancy.
This house is so nice.
I thought you were living with me here?
I am living here.
-But I'm with them.
Bad luck, girl.
Wow! Delicious food.
Hey! Wait for me. Leave some for me.
-Cool! Lots of food.
-Where's mine?
Give me some food.
-Let's divide it equally.
-Eat some more.
-What's this?
-Ernie, give me some.
My favorite.
These guys...
You have so many candles.
Is there a brownout here?
Before you arrived,
I burned two kids.
You two were late for that.
Do you have an issue with my brother?
With your brother? None.
-With you? I do.
Oh. Ariel Ciriaco,
thank you for welcoming us here.
Thanks for preparing such delicious food.
What an ugly name.
It's Arci.
Stop laughing. What's your name?
My name is Megan.
As in, Megan Fox.
I thought it was Me-Gone Girl.
And you are?
I'm Ernie.
You can call me Ernie.
My name is Paco.
Paco? Is that your real name?
No. My real name is Neil.
Oh, you're Paco.
And Paco in English is Neil.
You had wise parents! Excellent.
What the heck? My portfolio.
Portfolio. This is crazy.
Come here.
Come here. Let's talk.
-Come here.
Hurry up.
You told me...
you were the only one coming to live here.
Why did you bring the kids?
Didn't you promise my sister
that you would take them with you?
Yes, before she passed away.
-She even made me their godmother.
I thought you didn't want me
to take care of them.
I didn't want to.
At first.
You look extremely dangerous.
But I have no choice
because the kids are in danger.
What danger?
Crime is rampant around our place.
And I'm a gang leader.
My enemies are looking for me.
I don't know how to provide for the kids.
Wow! You give me such excuses.
Tons of excuses.
And you think I would instantly agree?
I know why
my sister entrusted the kids to you.
Because you work for
General De Los Santos.
And... you're living a good life.
You have this huge house. You're rich.
You're asking for too much, Paco.
Arci, please. Come on.
I'll help you with the household chores.
And all the expenses.
And if I find who killed my sister,
we will leave immediately.
So how are you going to find the killer?
How will you do that?
Let me be.
Where's the father of the kids?
Why don't you give them to him?
I don't know.
My sister didn't tell me anything
about their father.
-They don't even have birth certificates.
-Wow! Doesn't she have a diary?
I know she has one.
She may have left it to you.
Yes, she did.
I'll get it, wait.
I told you so.
-What's this?
-Her diary.
But this is an encyclopedia.
This is too thick.
If I read every page, I may not make it
halfway before I die of old age.
You read this.
"I entrusted my flower to these men:
Bruno Belza, Val Santos, Dylan Diokno."
Do you know them?
OK, so here's what we'll do.
I'll agree to let you stay here,
but only for a little while.
You have to look for these three men.
But, please, don't put me in danger.
We'll do this for Sarah.
OK! For Sarah! For the economy.
For Obama! Whatever.
We've already killed a lot of people,
All different kinds of addicts.
Even those who just look like addicts.
Let's find out who our next victims are.
Go, gay.
The traitors.
You know what to do with them.
Yes, boss.
Continue with our operations.
Soon, violence will be widespread.
Those who know of our plans
should be terminated.
Show him the notebook. Go, gay.
But boss, the police are getting stronger.
We might get caught.
No, that won't happen.
I have a spy.
He will spy on
General Ding Ang Batodarna...
and the police operations.
The list of the next people to be murdered
is in that notebook.
Go ahead and eat. I cooked all that.
You cooked all the imported food.
It was Neil's request.
It's too early to be irritable.
Come here and eat with us.
You have good breakfast here.
-Do you have juice?
-Yes, we have.
-Put a lot of ice in, please.
-OK, wait.
Hey. Look around.
I posted up the house rules.
You have to follow all of them.
The third floor is under construction.
Don't talk to the construction workers.
What's written there is wrong.
Miss Arci?
Shouldn't it be Mister Arci?
You're not a miss.
May be you're a misery.
Melvin Gaspar and Ernie,
just follow the rules.
It's for your own good.
Uncle Paco, can we go to school now?
Hurry up. I'll take you to school.
-What about our allowance?
-I'm out of money.
-Ask for some from your godfather.
Godfather Arci,
can you give me extra
for my contribution to the Boy Scouts?
You're dressed like that,
and you want to join the Boy Scouts?
You want money from me?
You think I'm an ATM?
Come on. I'll pay for it.
-What about the Family Day?
-What Family Day?
Uncle Paco, Family Day
is the day for the family of the students.
I'm not free today. I have a shoot.
Wow! A shoot?
Take him with you.
He's an actor?
No. Uncle Paco's a stuntman.
Just a stuntman,
and he tells me he has a shoot?
Hey! Don't look down on stuntmen.
-Oh no! Deal with it.
-You go with them.
-Why me?
-You're their godfather.
You're their family.
Calm down, both of you.
Family Day's next week.
Uncle Paco, I'll go take a bath.
Go around that way.
I can go this way.
Take your brother with you.
Take a bath with him.
You can tell me normally.
Come, Ernie.
That suits you.
Go to the streets
and beg for your allowance.
Sir, alms, please.
Like that?
Like that.
Oh! Hey.
What happened?
Stand up.
Are you drunk?
Who's drunk?
You are drunk.
You can't even walk straight.
We just had few bottles.
Why did you drink?
Stand up.
-I'm not drunk.
-Stand up.
What the heck?
Hey! Stand up.
You're crazy.
Come on.
What's that?
Huh? What did you say?
Wait, I'm ticklish.
Is your throat having an El Nio event?
Let's talk. Gay to gay.
Are you having an affair
with my Uncle Paco?
An affair?
Third party, home-wrecker,
number two, mistress, affair.
Don't you call me Megan.
Answer my question.
-Are you in love with my Uncle Paco?
Crush it.
Crush that feeling.
Forgive me, Megan.
I cannot control my feelings.
As the saying goes,
Sharam daram sham daram.
Wherever your heart leads you,
you can't help but follow.
Then throw away your heart
so it will stop leading you.
What's your problem if I love your uncle?
That's exactly the problem.
If Uncle Paco is like our father,
then you will become our mother.
I won't allow you to replace our Mother
that easily.
It's not like that, Megan.
It is, Arci. It is.
You do not understand me.
Because you don't know the feeling
of missing a mother.
I surely don't know.
Because I never experienced that.
How about the feeling of a child
who never knew his mother?
Because his mother passed away right after
he was born? Do you know how it feels?
I know how it feels.
I experienced it myself.
So don't you tell me
I lived a better life than you.
Because you don't know...
what I've been through.
-Boys, do you like spaghetti?
-Boys, do you like spaghetti?
You're crazy.
This is just sticky rice balls.
They serve this every Holy Week.
Yuck! So cheap.
Duh! The hell with you two.
Are you fighting again?
No. We're just fooling around.
Megan is so cute. You're sweating.
I told you to wipe your sweat.
Let's eat the spaghetti.
Come here. Let's eat.
Join us, boys. Let's eat.
Look for the father,
not for rare monsters.
Wait, that's mine.
There's more. Don't worry. I saw him.
In Pokehamon Go?
No, girl.
In Binder, the dating app for gays.
My face doesn't get noticed on Pinder.
-Where is he?
-There he is.
Hey, Bruno Belza.
Do you know Sarah Nabati?
Are you the father of Megan and Ernie?
Are you aware
that Sarah has already passed away?
Answer me.
I never got involved with Sarah.
She's not my type.
-Faster! I'm scared.
The actor...
That's good.
-Double time.
-Let's shoot this.
Standby for take. Ready.
-We're ready.
-Help us.
Can somebody escort them away?
-We are shooting here.
-Who are those people?
Help! Help us.
Are they extras?
There's a movie shooting.
Wait! Let go of me.
Stay there. Be quiet.
We're about to shoot.
-Who's your actor here?
-It's Alex Santos.
The handsome Alex Santos? He's my idol.
Where is he?
He's just around. Don't be rowdy.
-Let's look for him.
-That's not allowed.
-We'll just take one picture with him.
-We don't allow taking pictures.
-Come on! Just one photo.
-We don't allow it here.
-I was his fan club's president before.
-Sorry but we don't allow it.
-We'll not take long.
-It's forbidden.
-Where is his tent?
-Just one selfie.
-Don't be noisy.
-Let's go!
-Don't let them slide.
-I got you, let's go there.
I hate it. I didn't get to take a selfie
with Alex Santos.
I'm a big fan.
The fat assistant director
ruined my only chance.
And that's your only concern?
You're not even afraid
of the masked criminals.
Of course, I'm also worried.
I witnessed how they shot Bruno Belza.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Hey. Tell me.
Did you get any leads from Bruno Belza?
I did.
He's not the father of your nephews.
Sarah is not his type.
Don't you think this has something
to do with my sister's murder?
I mean the murder of Bruno Belza?
And all the series of murders?
What makes you think that?
The guy who was chasing after you.
The guy in a mask.
What about him?
Didn't he want to kill you?
Maybe he just came from the Mask Festival.
Just because he's wearing a mask?
-Son of a...
-The one who murdered me is...
The father of my children is...
-The father...
Hey! You were having a nightmare.
What are you doing?
-Don't. Stop.
-What are you doing?
You're so ugly without makeup.
Why are you here? Don't look at my face.
Look at my body instead.
Stop fooling around.
I have to tell you something.
I was dreaming a while back.
I talked to Sarah.
She was telling me who her murderer was,
but I woke up.
Me, too.
I also dreamed of Sarah,
but she was telling about...
the father of her kids.
But you woke me up.
What does this mean?
You dreamed of her.
I did too.
We both woke up.
I think it means,
we have to sleep together
so we can dream about her together.
Come here.
Sleep with me. There...
-Would you like me to?
-I would.
-Do you really want me to?
-I really do.
-Like this?
Would you like to sleep forever?
I'm serious.
I almost swallowed my Adam's apple.
What now?
What are we going to do?
Wait. You're so impatient.
You dreamed about the murderer.
I dreamed about the father.
Don't you think she's telling us
to join forces in looking for the murderer
and the father?
The father.
The murderer.
I'll first meet with Totoy.
They say they have leads
about Addictus Anonymous.
They may know about their whereabouts.
Where are you going, Uncle Paco?
I need to go somewhere.
But today is Family Day. Did you forget?
He has important thing to do,
but he'll follow along soon.
I'll go to the Family Day with you.
All right?
I'm really sorry. You take care, OK?
What's that? A solicitation letter?
What's with these solicitation letters?
I wanted your attention because the kids
have been ignoring the school rules.
I think you are being unfair, ma'am.
When the kids ignore house rules,
do we demand your attention?
Now I know where the kids
got their reckless attitude from.
I was just kidding, ma'am.
I just think you're being harsh
about the kids' suspension.
We had no clue about the suspension.
The letter was sent a long time ago.
Are you aware of
the kids' behavior in school?
Ernie turned their classroom
into an art room.
He drew on all the walls.
That's great.
Oh, isn't it a good thing?
At such a young age, he's already showing
potential in the arts.
He wrote the word "Mother"
on all the chairs and walls.
Believe me, it isn't art.
If he wanted to become a painter,
he should have spared the school walls
from his drawings.
And Melvin,
he used to be one of our best students.
He used to have high grades. Look, 97.
Now, they're 79.
You're right.
Ma'am, I hope you understand.
They started to flunk their classes
when their mom passed away.
They're going through a difficult time.
Uncle Paco didn't give us money
to register.
-He forgot the event's payment.
-Megan. Gay.
Is there a boy named Megan? You're crazy.
Come again?
-You're crazy. We're not saying anything.
And why are you even here?
Today's Family Day.
You can't join us
because you don't have a family.
-Really now?
-Did I tell you we would be joining in?
You're really crazy.
-And if we don't have a family,
how can we exist? Huh?
Our family is in heaven.
I will have them haunt you.
Gay orphan!
-Let go of me.
Do you have a problem with my brother?
Yes. He's toothless.
Don't my hair pins scare you?
-No. Because you're gay.
Let's settle this through a fistfight.
Hey! What's wrong? Stop fighting.
-Why are you fighting?
-He started it.
He hit me.
-Is that true?
-No. He pushed me.
-That's right.
-Did you push him?
He said something really offensive.
He called me a gay orphan.
Is that true?
Did you call him a gay orangutan?
Godmother Arci,
he called me an orphan, not an orangutan.
What you said is more offensive.
Don't say such things.
You might hurt his feelings.
-Excuse me. What are you doing?
-Don't fight--
Why are you shouting at my son?
-Why are you meddling with them?
-I was just talking to your son.
Because your son called my godson gay.
Son, why did you call him gay?
He's wearing colorful hair pins.
He really is gay.
Why did you wear those?
Now you're confirmed.
Your son even called him an orphan.
-Who started it?
-What's going on?
Why are you arguing with a woman?
If you didn't want me
to argue with a woman,
you should've married a man.
-So what now?
Don't ask me that.
You're wife might get jealous.
-Are you flirting with my husband?
-Stop accusing me.
I said, talk to your son.
-Ma'am, sir.
-All right.
-OK, for a moment...
-Let's get inside.
Good luck
because you'll lose in the games for sure.
-Let's go.
-Do your best.
It doesn't matter
because we're not joining in anyway.
Prepare to lose.
We're not joining in. Let's go, Ernie.
Where are you going?
-I thought we're doing them too.
-We're going home.
We didn't register.
I already shouldered your registration.
I already paid.
We don't have a family.
We don't have a father.
And we lost our mother.
Don't worry. I will find a way.
Wow! He's so hot.
You're right.
Hey, faster. Hurry!
He has abs?
Here is what you need to do.
We need three players.
-Godmother Arci?
-One in the middle, one at the back.
Don't react. Come, we're joining in.
OK, we're now complete. Let's go.
-Come on, hurry up.
Go! There.
-Did you have fun?
-We won!
-What did I tell you?
I need two representatives per team.
-Do you already have, Blue Team?
Why are you dressed like that,
Godmother Arci?
Don't be inquisitive.
Let's pretend I have royal blood.
I think you have vampire blood,
not royal blood.
You're the one with vampire teeth.
Just let me be.
Take it. That thing too.
-Just, just, just.
-Just, just, just.
-Like that, like that, like that.
-Like that, like that, like that.
-Just, just, just.
-Just, just, just.
-Like that, like that.
-Like that, like that.
Like that.
-Like that.
-A round of applause.
Melvin Gaspar, are you ready
with your family presentation?
All right. You're next.
Hey, what are we going to do?
Just be ready.
Go! Move it.
Just like that! Energy.
Hey! Why is it...
Secure him.
My daughter.
Mother, it's your turn.
-Auntie, it's your turn.
-Your turn next to dance.
I don't know how to dance.
Hail Mary full of grace...
What did I do wrong?
This is killing me.
OK, I don't care anymore.
I'm entrusting my life to you.
Go ahead and kill me if you want.
See you in heaven.
You monsters, I just wet my pants.
You can be a parent.
You can be qualified as a parent.
Let's talk later.
Where's the clinic?
-I need myself checked first.
Are you OK?
I'm dizzy.
-Is it this way?
-Yeah, that way.
His name is Val Santos.
Either he's the father of my nephews
or the murderer of Sarah.
Maybe he knows
who's behind my sister's murder.
Addictus Anonymous
has invaded our territory.
They've already invaded our area?
Positive, brother.
Rumor has it
that Jake's group has a backer.
Bro, Jake's here.
-Let's prepare.
Welcome back, Paco.
-You really want to meet your end.
-Goodbye, too.
What do you know about Addictus Anonymous?
Are you involved in my sister's murder?
Hey! Stop.
Stop that.
I said stop it.
Won't you stop?
If you won't stop, I will walk out.
I will report you
to the president of the homeowners.
All of you, stop.
Take me instead.
Take me.
You're always angry.
Be careful.
Have patience.
That's what you get
for always being angry.
I know you grew up in the slums,
but I hope...
you won't let your nephews grow up
seeing you like that.
Are you aware...
that Ernie dreams to become a painter?
Ernie? He wants to be a painter?
You didn't know
because you're busy with your gang.
You know what he did?
He drew on all the walls of their school.
Are you aware
that Megan has been failing his classes?
I'm sure you don't know
because you prioritize your gang.
Your hands fascinate me.
Your fists are marked with "love",
but your heart is filled with anger.
That's how I love. I use this.
I may not be able to
give them a good life.
But I make sure I give them a safe life.
Your expression of love is surprising.
You combine it
with extrajudicial feelings.
Thank you, brother.
Brother! Brother with lipstick.
Don't worry. I'll make it up to you.
-Good night.
You know what?
It's best
if we keep ourselves out of trouble.
We don't want to involve our families.
I also plan to focus on my nephews.
Why don't you apply for a job
as a stuntman, like me?
So you can make a living.
Wait, are you serious?
You're starting anew?
Is that your final answer?
Final answer, brother. I'm starting anew.
Maybe the Lord will fancy you now.
Maybe he'll join forces with the Lord.
Do you want to become a priest?
Father Paco?
Instead of fooling around,
you better change your lifestyle now.
Brother, how?
You see these?
You must be kidding.
What if you track down
the murderer of your sister?
I'll still avenge her.
But I'll abide by the due process.
I'll report him to the police.
Extra rice and a beer.
-Take it easy.
-What are you doing?
Uncle Paco, help me with my math homework.
-All... all of it.
-Can your uncle really help you with math?
The line at which the earth's surface
and the sky appear to meet.
Come here. Join us.
What are you doing?
I'm posing for a picture.
Ding, there's a stone! Darna.
-Stop peeking.
-I am not. Peeking is like this.
Paco, join us.
No, thanks. I'm leaving.
Come on. So we can have a family photo.
-Come, join us.
-Come closer.
Go away.
Fine, I'm leaving.
There. I'm already far away from you.
Go away, I said.
What a killjoy.
I'll hit you with this soap.
Good job, baby boy.
After that, what will you be cleaning?
Your face.
You have dirt all over your face.
I thought we were friends?
I'm kissing you because you're so cute.
Thank you.
You're so adorable!
I'm itching to pull out your teeth
without painkillers.
here's my share of the house expenses.
Your share?
I just got paid at work.
Goodbye. We're heading to school.
-Take care.
-Thank you.
All right.
Let's go, Ernie.
-OK and you...
-I'll go ahead.
-Such a wife.
-You look like a wife there, huh?
-It's Uncle Paco, Ernie.
-Uncle Paco.
-Are you hungry?
-We're starving.
You want to eat out?
-Of course.
-Do you have money?
I don't.
Ernie, Melvin,
just order anything you want.
I want to pee.
Melvin, go with him to the washroom.
-Go with your brother.
Accompany him to the washroom.
Be careful. Don't run.
Thank you.
I haven't told you this.
But when you came into our lives,
you gave me a sense of direction.
Same for the kids.
Thank you for truly loving them.
You ordered special noodles, didn't you?
That's why it's long.
That's just like the love I feel.
It's endless.
And it doesn't easily give up.
Is it OK...
if you pay for what we ate?
I'll pay you next year.
I promise to pay you.
We found the second guy
you're looking for.
I'm not looking for a boyfriend.
You're crazy.
I mean the second guy in your list,
Val Santos.
What? Where is he?
He's Val Santos.
We saw him outside the orphanage.
He was lost and disoriented.
Bad luck.
Show him Sarah's photo.
He might recognize her.
Do you have a picture of my sister?
I have one in my cellphone.
Here. Do you remember her?
Sarah Nabati?
My ex who is addicted to duck eggs and had
two children before we became a couple?
-That's her.
-That's her.
I don't remember her.
He can't remember
despite all that he said?
But I saw her.
Where did you see her?
She was stabbed in the back.
Then someone hit my head.
Who stabbed my sister?
He was wearing a mask.
-A mask?
-A mask?
Excuse me.
-It's the same masked men.
-Let's not stress our patient.
He's in a very delicate condition.
-What is he sick with?
-Hiccups. Stage 4.
The four of you, come here.
We've had too many takes.
You can't perfect the routine.
Work on it.
Especially you, Paco.
You're Alex Santos' double.
Make sure your jumps are high.
Can you do it?
Yes, we can.
Are you sure?
-Let's go.
-Let's start the shoot.
-Let's shoot this.
-Let's start shooting.
One more mistake and you'll be replaced.
Let's make this fast, OK?
Make sure this is one take.
-Yes, we're ready.
-You did great.
-Thank you.
Can we take a picture with you?
-Take our picture.
One more.
-It's my turn.
-Thank you.
That's the last one, OK?
Let's continue shooting.
-Thank you, sir.
-You're welcome.
Let's go.
why'd you let yourself get beaten up?
We'll do that too?
Are you willing to get beaten up?
That's too small.
You're crazy.
That's my job as Alex Santos' double.
Alex is here.
Dylan Diokno, rehearse his lines with him.
Wait a minute.
Stop bothering me.
I already told you,
I'm no longer part of Addictus Anonymous.
What do you need from me?
Hey! Who are you?
What do you need from me?
Hey! Wait! Wait.
-Hey! Who are you?
Are you the father of my nephews?
Get ready everybody.
Let's shoot this, one more time.
Stop. I'll tell you the truth.
Yes! Sarah Nabati is my ex-girlfriend,
but I'm not the father of her children.
That's impossible because I'm infertile.
How are you connected with
Addictus Anonymous?
Wait! OK, I admit,
I'm a former member of that gang.
But I already quit a long time ago.
They kill random people
as long as their boss tells them to.
Who's your boss?
-Who's your boss? Tell me.
-It's... It's...
Our boss is Madam Marife De Los Santos.
Oh, no.
Val Santos has been killed.
His body was found
right outside the orphanage.
If Madam Marife is the mastermind
behind Sarah's murder
and all the other murders,
you better tell the police.
For the kids and for Paco.
You're crazy.
Then his trip to Korea will not happen.
Don't decide for Arci.
He may get into trouble
when he tells the police.
Girl, I'm telling you. Do what's right.
Until when will you keep this to yourself?
Can your conscience bear it?
Do you not want justice?
If Madam Marife finds out
that you're letting strangers
stay in her house, you're dead.
If she finds out that you know
she's the mastermind, you're dead.
Wherever you go, you'll be dead.
I knew it.
Why is there a dead rat here?
So, you're really letting strangers
stay in Madam Marife's house?
What are you saying?
I'm not.
-That's not true.
-You are! I heard you.
That's not true.
Why don't you have your ears checked?
What you said was clear,
clearer than your conscience.
If I find out what you've been up to
in Madam Marife's house,
you better get ready.
-Hey! Won't you leave?
-Yes, go away.
Leave us.
This is a Japanese restaurant.
They're not serving overcooked squid.
And also, we don't celebrate Ash Wednesday
in December.
You better get ready.
-We're not over yet.
-What's happening to you?
The truth! "Truth," not "true".
Girl, it's the same thing.
It's the same.
OK, Girl. I got it.
It's Marife. Marife is the mastermind
behind Addictus Anonymous.
Who is Marife?
Marife! Your boss.
Ah! Ma'am Marife, my boss. What about her?
How about General Aldo?
Is he also involved with this?
Is he also involved?
I don't know.
From what I know, he's a good man.
I found Dylan Diokno.
And he squealed.
Really? Was he high-pitched?
Did he hit high notes?
Let's make him audition
in a singing contest then.
Arci, what's wrong with you?
Why are you changing the subject?
If you keep doing what you're doing,
my trip to Korea might be compromised.
Right now,
your trip to Korea is what matters to you?
Your sponsor may actually be a murderer.
And she may be behind the murder
of my sister.
Aren't you glad we're bringing justice
to my dead sister?
Don't you understand?
I told you from the start,
my dream is to move to Korea.
And you're better off now.
Your nephews, too.
You'll be fine if I leave you.
Hello, madam.
-Yes, girl?
-I confirmed it.
-They're there?
Arci really knows about our activities.
-All right.
You're leaving us?
Just like that?
You're leaving them
without telling the truth?
Come on, Arci.
Is your ambition more important than us?
What more do you need?
You have a good life here.
-You have a nice house.
-This house is not mine.
This isn't mine. This is Marife's.
She just asked me to look after it.
This isn't your house?
You've been lying to us the whole time?
What else?
-What else do you need to confess?
-I know about everything.
That Ma'am Marife is the mastermind.
That she's behind Sarah's murder.
You know
that she's behind my sister's death?
How long have you known? What else?
What else have you been lying to us about?
There a lot of things
that I kept from you.
I have not been honest with you.
But there's one truth I can't keep secret.
I love all of you.
The kids already love you.
We already love you.
Don't love me because I love you.
Love me because you love me.
You're seeking a love you deserve?
Seek what's true in you first.
I thought you'd changed.
But look at yourself.
You're not being true to yourself.
That's the way it is.
In life, sometimes we have to pretend.
We need to pretend
so we can be accepted by the people
who are important to us.
We need to pretend
so we can be loved
by the people we really love.
You know why?
If I'd told you I had nothing,
wouldn't you have left me?
If you'd found out I was a loser,
you would have abandoned me.
That's how it is.
You will abandon me.
The truth is, I'm not worth anyone's love.
With how I look?
With how I am?
With the past I have?
There's nothing lovable about me.
That's why everyone keeps on leaving me.
My father.
My mother.
My family.
Those who are important to me
left me alone.
Because I'm not worth keeping.
And that goes for all you, even you.
You will all abandon me.
That's the truth.
You're wrong, Arci.
You're not difficult to love.
You don't need a boyfriend.
You need someone who will truly love you.
And that's us.
We are your family.
But you have to accept
and love yourself first.
Because it's hard to love
someone so untrue.
Madam, those are the children
Arci kept in your house.
I'm sure they know about our activities.
Hello, kids.
-Where are you going?
Nowhere important.
Wait, listen.
It's dangerous to be outside at this time.
It's horrible outside.
It's more horrible inside.
-He's right.
-Why is that?
They might call the police.
We don't want to get involved.
-Wait! Wait a minute.
-Oh no!
I have a proposal.
We'll give you a ride
and we'll drop you off at a safe area.
We'll pass by the town hall.
You'll be safe there.
Let's go, Ernie.
Don't be disobedient.
-Let go of us.
-Stay away from us.
-Hurry up.
-Come, on! Hurry up.
Hurry, run.
-Uncle Paco, Godmother Arci, help.
-Hurry up.
Uncle Paco.
Uncle Paco, help.
-The kids outside have been kidnapped.
Megan and Ernie.
-Hurry up.
There he is! Catch him.
He's with Ma'am Marife.
They kidnapped the kids.
Don't let him escape.
Who took the kids?
Why did you kidnap the kids?
Why would I tell you?
Where are they taking them?
-Why would I tell you?
-Tell us.
-I don't want to.
-You won't?
Love Street.
Paco, stop. Don't hurt him.
I think he's willing to tell us the truth.
Where are the kids?
-At the train station.
-Which train station?
-In Santolan!
How do we get there?
From Anonas, go straight to Katipunan.
Last station is Santolan.
-You're not lying to us?
-I'm not.
-You sure?
-Here, take the keys. Use my car.
The kids might get hurt. Hurry up.
Why did you kidnap us?
-We're poor.
-He's right.
You already know about our plans.
-You just think we do.
But we don't!
Whatever. Keep quiet, ugly kid.
Bring these two to Boosan.
So they can be murdered
along with our next victims.
don't get us involved in your evil plans.
You can't do anything.
Your godfather has already involved you.
Go that way. Be careful.
Hey! What are you doing there?
Who's that?
That's Arci.
Jake! George! Go after them.
Make sure they don't get here.
-Use this.
-What's that?
Use this to hit them.
-Hit who?
-Our enemies.
How does this work?
Here they are.
Let's deal with this properly.
Just give me that.
-Come on, hurry.
-Let's go, faster.
Let us know if you're here.
At least stand upwind so we can smell you.
Don't you dare come near me. You'll die.
What happened to the guards?
Will you make your parents proud
with this job?
You won't! Right?
You think your children are proud
you're involved in this?
They aren't! Right? No way.
Be a man! Change your ways.
Wake up, Paco.
You fools.
What did you do to him?
You idiots! Wake up, Paco.
What did you do? Fools.
Remember this.
You'll pay for this.
Have a taste of the revenge...
of the...
Start the engine. We're leaving.
You son of a bitch.
You'll pay for this.
You'll pay for this.
You'll pay... for this.
You're crazy.
You're a crazy horse.
You're crazy horse, Arci.
-You're the one who's gonna kill me.
Paco, forgive me.
I was carried away by my anger.
That was for you.
Forgive me.
-Let's split up.
-No way.
-I can't let that, Paco.
-Let's split up.
I can't leave you! I love you.
We have a better chance
of finding the kids if we split up.
I won't leave you.
-Let's split up.
-No, Paco.
-Let's split up.
-So we can find the kids.
-Go that way. I'll go this way.
Come on. Hurry.
Leave me here.
I'm not afraid of you.
You're a coward.
You can't even show me your face.
Oh my God.
What a treat.
Don't. Stop.
Stop it.
I fear your weapon. Drop it.
Wait, you'll like this.
Take this. Run away. Change your ways.
You're too good-looking to be here.
Hurry, before the police catch you.
Be careful.
-He's so hot.
-I know, right?
-What do we do now?
-Wait, I saw this in a game.
This is cool.
Take this.
This is really cool.
Get him.
Why aren't we moving?
I'm a driver of the trains in theme parks.
-Not of real trains.
Get out! Let me do this.
Where are you?
Get the gas gallons. Hurry.
We will be needing them.
-Show up!
You are their goddess?
Why me? Who are you calling your goddess?
-It's really you.
I'm their goddess?
Girl! What are you doing?
Go away! Move.
Go away.
Move. Girls! Run! Fast.
-Hurry up.
-There are zombies over there.
You're dead!
Go after them.
I see, the assholes are all here.
Free the kids! Hurry.
-The kids.
-The kids.
Free the kids! Hurry.
Get out of here.
-Hurry up.
Uncle Paco.
Uncle Paco.
-Uncle Paco.
-Uncle Paco.
Godmother Arci is in the train.
It's about to explode.
It won't light up.
Jump off.
Arci, you're alive.
-Arci, you're alive.
-Ouch! You hit my face.
-Arci, you're alive.
Yes, I'm alive. Isn't it obvious?
OK, it's my turn.
Why didn't they include us
in the film fest?
These kids... Maybe they're the reason
why we're not in the film fest.
He's our Uncle Paco.
He's a stuntman.
If before his role was an actor's double,
now he's the sidekick of no lesser person
than Alex Santos.
Godmother Arci
is a full-fledged stylist now.
He styles famous celebrities
like Angel Locsin,
Anne Curtis, Liza Soberano,
Nadine Lustre and of course, me.
And now he's studying...
He's already happy and content
living with us.
Uncle Paco and Godmother Arci
are our parents now.
We're so lucky to have them.
Ma'am, sir, please join the kids.
OK, go.