The Survivalist (2021) Movie Script

Good morning, darlings.
I'm Alpha One-Nine
and here every day
to disseminate the dirt,
destroy the disinformation
and hopefully, God willing,
deliver a soupcon of hope.
It is day 592 since the
outbreak of COVID-19 Delta
and you are listening
the Doomsday Daily.
I'm part of the small but
fierce network of radio ops
across this sad but so
far undefeated country.
I believe that we are defeated,
but we are still here,
so here's your news.
I would have loved
being at that meeting
where the people in
charge thought it would be
a good idea to take
the healthy folks
and put them into the camps.
'Cause putting lots
of people in camps,
that's always worked out
so well in the past, right?
In Pennsylvania where the
remaining isolation camp
is located reports are
clogging the frequencies
verifying an infected
person or a persons
entered Camp Bastion.
Almost all 20,000
people are dead.
Rumors are someone's planted
a napalm in the area,
well, I would love to
know who got their hands
on that kinda shit.
What do we do here?
Your fever's gone.
That's impossible.
How far are we?
Less than a day.
We could be there
tomorrow morning
if we push through all night.
Sarah, what are you doing?
Food, Guy, we need food.
Yeah, we'll find it.
We haven't eaten since
yesterday, we haven't slept.
Come on, we can't sleep
til we get to Ben's.
Are you sure
Ben will be there?
When his dad died
he went a little nuts,
became something
of a survivalist.
He started stockpiling
things, fortifying his land.
As long as he didn't get
sick, he'll be there.
Over here.
Slow down, sis.
- I'm too hungry.
- It has to hydrate.
No, I'm too hungry.
You promise Ben will take us in?
He was my mentor
at the bureau,
one of the best FBI
agents I've ever seen.
He won't turn us away.
He might when he
finds out who I am.
Listen, we had to run.
At least there we
would've been running
from that nut job.
I know.
I know, I still can't figure
out how he found out about you.
It was that nurse,
I'm telling you.
She got all kinds of religious.
Like some kind of fanatic.
And he was her god.
Do you see anything?
She's gotta be here somewhere!
What do we do?
How does he keep finding us?
It's been weeks.
Don't shoot
her, we need her alive.
You need to run.
No, what about you?
I have to protect you.
No, I'm not gonna let you die.
Yes, you are.
You've known it was
eventually gonna end this way.
Keep running west until
you find Route 21.
Stay off the roads.
Don't stop until
you get to Ben's.
Get the girl!
know, I do feel sorry
for those who tried
to run Camp Bastion.
I think it was the last place
pretending to be civilization
as if COVID Prime,
I just made that up,
wasn't bad enough, it
just kept mutating,
getting stronger each time.
Things didn't get
completely discombobulated
until the great
collapse due to the lack
of healthy workers, which
then caused the first
of the nuke plants to melt down.
Then no food, no supplies,
and you know what that
led to; land pirates.
Marauders acting all
rapey and pillagey
and the cities
descending into chaos.
Survival of the vicious.
But I have a question.
What do the land pirates
do when they've plundered
everything in the cities?
They go into the
country where people
have stockpiles of stuff.
And we all know what
that means, right?
We're back in the
wild wild west.
In the "What Does It
Matter Anyway?" Category,
they're saying at
Camp Bastion survived.
Like Lazarus going for a stroll,
he just left death's door
and he did not look back.
Now, this is, of course,
something we haven't seen before
so you ask, "Did he just
walk out of the camp"?
Why yes, yes he did.
After killing a couple
of the caretakers,
and like any good messiah,
he got himself some followers
and he's on a quest.
What and where?
No clue.
The big brains at the
World Health Organization
said 1% of the infected
could be asymptomatic.
So batten down the hatches,
dial up the paranoia,
stranger danger, all that.
Watch out for unknowing
carriers and deranged messiahs.
I'm not saying you might need
to drop people you don't know,
but you might just
need to drop people
that you don't know.
Like I tell ya, darlings,
keep your asses home,
stockpile your food, make
sure your guns are clean,
take care of yourselves.
With that, all right,
I'm back tomorrow.
How much further?
We're close.
Do you think she could've
gotten here already?
On foot she could've gone
straight across the land.
She's either there or
we'll be waiting for her.
When we get her we're
gonna protect her, right?
What'd you think
we'd do with her?
We're gonna breed her,
it feels kinda cruel to me.
She's our hope, Owen.
This is how we make sure
this planet keeps going.
But how many others are
gonna be hunting for her too?
Shut the hell up!
We follow Aaron's
plan without question.
Without hesitation.
He saw death and laughed at him.
And death set him free.
And now I'm the one who
decides who lives and who dies.
I conquered this virus
and every one of you
is still breathing
because of me.
I kept the virus away
from you, I pulled you all
out of the trash and
made your lives whole.
I gave it order.
And I can make you
un-whole just as fast.
Death gave me the
sight, but it is only
the true believers who
will reap the reward.
I will make everything right
again through this girl.
Do any of you doubt me?
You're the boss.
Do any of you doubt me?
Yes, I am the boss.
And why is that?
Because everyone is
looking for this girl
but only I was
able to track her.
And do you know why?
Because he showed me where to go
and he will show me what to
do when she's in our hands.
I'm starting to hear things.
It's been too quiet
out here, Dad.
Starting to lose my mind.
Hey, Ben.
Take a second.
Look how beautiful this is.
How lucky are we?
Small enough that I
can keep my eye on you
and big enough that I don't
have to see your ass every day.
Hey, I'm the one who's
supposed to keep an eye on you.
I promised Mom I'd protect
you, not the other way around.
It was a joke.
You losing the ranch
was never a joke to her.
- Losing it?
- Yeah.
We ain't gonna lose shit.
Your FBI pension is
keeping us afloat
until things turn around.
You'll see.
Things are never
gonna turn around if
you keep blowing through
your money the way you do.
Not now, Ben, please.
Just enjoy nature.
Have some fun for once.
It's never gonna be a
good time for you, is it?
You just keep on running.
Wake up.
Ben Grant.
What name did you just say?
Ben Grant.
Guy Hodges.
Go, first step.
Name's Matthew.
What can I do for ya?
Why, you see, we've been
living out of this thing
for awhile now and we're
running out of supplies.
Any of you infected?
No, no, we're all good.
Can't help you.
Can't spare anything.
What'd you say your name was?
I didn't.
You should probably keep going.
I've searched for
miles, I found nothing.
Are you Heath Grant's son?
Don't I know you?
I don't think so, but
it wouldn't surprise me.
All right, all right.
What do you want?
Since we aren't armed,
perhaps we could have
a conversation without the gun?
I know it's the end of
the world but couldn't
you show us some decency?
I'll put mine
down when she does.
Ah, that's my friend Marley.
You caught us.
A little insurance
always comes in handy,
clearly you're a man
who understands that.
As I said, I'll put
mine down when she does.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
So we're gonna have to make due.
Now, listen, as my
friend here mentioned,
we're gonna be relieving
you of some supplies,
but more importantly I
think you may have something
that belongs to me.
What would that be?
That would be a girl
about yay high, dark hair.
Haven't seen her!
Not exactly a time to be letting
strangers into your home.
No, but maybe we could
have a look around,
see if she's hiding
on your property.
Why's she so important to you?
She's important to
the future of mankind,
but that's all you need
to know about that.
So, what do you say?
Can we have a look around and
we look and we don't find her
we leave, no one gets hurt?
Except a girl.
If she's hiding
out here somewhere.
Look, I don't wanna kill
anybody, but I'm done talking.
You have 30 seconds to
get off my property!
That's a little abrupt.
By the way, the
ranch looks great.
Your father would be proud.
We'll find her.
How do you know that guy?
I know of him
from a former life.
His father was a gambler
indebted to the organization
I worked for.
This is a sign.
Because if death didn't have
a plan for me and that girl
then how did we end up here?
You could taste the
lies coming from him.
She's there.
I'm sure of it.
And we're gonna make him pay
for taking what's rightly ours.
We do
whatever has to be done.
We turn around and go back.
We'll find her.
What do you think?
What do you think?
I think it's a lot of work.
Well, if anyone
can do it, it's you.
Come on, Benny,
it'll be worth it.
How would it be worth it?
You've been out there
in the real world.
Out there everyone is waiting
to take something from ya.
What happens if this
virus thing gets bad
like they're talking?
They're saying manufacturing
might even shut down.
We have to protect the ranch,
we have to protect what's ours.
It's a huge piece of property.
It would take weeks, no months.
What else is there to do?
All I'm asking is to
beef up the fence,
grab some more
guns, I don't know,
build some more
security around here.
Is this about those
guys from the city?
No, it's about us.
I have work to do.
We don't have a lot of time.
We can't trust anybody.
You sound like
you're going crazy.
This land is all we have, Ben.
It's just me and you out here.
I mean, how would you
feel if you didn't do it
and something happened to me?
Oh, Jesus, Dad,
would you stop?
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
You're losing your fucking mind.
What the hell happened?
What do you mean?
What kind of
world do we live in
when a boy don't listen
to his own father
or a boy don't have
respect for his own father?
What am I supposed to respect?
Am I suppose to respect how
you gamble away all your money?
Am I supposed to respect
how Mom used to sit up
every night not knowing if
or when you'd come home?
If you were dead in a trash can?
Stop, don't say another word.
Okay, Dad.
You know, you tell me what
I'm supposed to respect
and I'll start respecting it.
I gotta go to work.
Here we go.
Get back inside!
Not a chance.
I wanna see hands!
I know you're lying.
Where's the girl?
We can talk about this!
There's nothing to talk about.
Providence brought us here.
And I told you, I
don't have any girl.
I can hear the
lie in your voice.
Like father, like son.
We can barter!
This isn't
exactly a negotiation.
It should be!
Okay, you'd like to barter.
Well, all right, may I go first?
- Ready?
- Ready.
You can A, give us the
girl, all your supplies
and let me burn your
ranch to the ground.
Or B, try and fight at
which point we will kill you
and take the girl anyway.
And C?
Uh, A and B are
your only options.
They're pretty limited.
Now you hear me out.
Think about the long run.
If we fight we waste
a whole lotta bullets
and we both know they're a
hot commodity around here.
That they are.
I'll trade you
food and supplies
in exchange for you leaving.
We forget this happened
and go our separate ways.
Doesn't work for me.
You see, I am duty
bound to save the earth
from this virus and I
won't let anyone stop me.
So now what's gonna happen is
we're gonna take everything
that you have and then
we're gonna kill you anyway.
Oh, God, stop it!
I will bitchslap you
right through that wall.
Your crying isn't
helping anyone.
Jackson is dead!
Yes, he is dead, so grab a gun
and kill the son of
a bitch who did it.
Where's your gun?
Go ahead.
Stop firing.
We're running out of ammo.
Matthew, how much do we have?
Close to out.
So, what are gonna do?
Well, we're not
gonna keep doing this.
Jeez, there are five of
us, there's one of him.
But he has ammo.
Well, then we
make him run out.
Well how do we stop
him from running back
to the house and getting more?
We shoot back.
Not a lot, not more than
one bullet at a time.
Just keep him there.
Until he runs out.
- Exactly.
- And when we run out?
We deal with that
when we get there.
Just worry about
keeping him pinned down.
That's all we have to do.
I hit him.
Fuck you, Heath.
He's running out
of ammo, and if he's hit
we've got him just
where we want him.
At this rate we'll
probably be here till night.
Your point?
By then we
could probably go out
- and find supplies the-
- We're not here for
the supplies.
We're here for the girl.
And if we leave and
that idiot inside starts
telling people that we ran
and then everyone out there
starts to think that we're weak.
And I don't know about
you, but I'm not a fan
of being anyone's bitch.
I'm not either.
He didn't take you in.
He didn't take any of you in
because he thought
you were weak.
Are you weak?
We're gonna take the
girl and we're gonna kill
the rancher and if any
of you think that isn't
what's gonna happen, I
suggest you step outside
the war wagon now and gamble
on who shoots you first.
Thought so.
Oh shit.
Come on.
Come on, you fucker.
- My leg.
- Matthew, get something!
Breathe, Ben.
Fucking breathe.
You can do this.
Just sit.
Oh, fuck.
I'm fine.
Yeah, you look fine.
I mean it.
I'm sure you do.
Let me fix you up anyway.
Just rub some dirt in it.
We both know that's bullshit.
Oh, that's nice.
I'm sorry, does it sting?
Like hell.
It's what you get.
No, not now, Ben.
Actually, I can't
think of a better time.
All right.
Let's hear it.
How many times have
I told you to stop?
How many?
How many?
Too many.
Too many.
How many times
have I asked you
to add some more
security around here?
Because of all the ass
beatings you're taking?
It's not that simple, Ben.
But it is that simple.
Look at me, look at me.
I'm glad you're home and
I'm glad you're safe.
I gotta lock up outside.
Rub some dirt in it.
I'm gonna need your help.
Wake up!
I need you to wake up!
I need you to wake up.
Come on, baby.
Have you seen him?
Great, so now he's
out there somewhere
with a ton of ammo.
You're assuming he has
ammo, you don't know that.
Then we need a plan, we need
to walk through our options.
Now you're thinking.
He's holed up in
one of those buildings
with nowhere to go.
We could storm in there and
pretend our guns are loaded.
Any smart man would
surrender right then.
What happens if
he shoots back?
Why don't we sneak in there
instead of storm in there?
Don't you think
he's watching us?
John, he's smarter than that.
So if we leave the war wagon
we'll most likely be shot.
Right, and if we
stay in the war wagon
we're gonna run outta
supplies and starve
or he's just gonna come
down here and kill us.
We wait until nightfall, we
could sneak up to the house,
storm in, take him by force.
Or you just don't
be chicken shits.
What we need to do is
just go in right now
and shoot this fucker
of mothers in the face.
We tracked this girl for weeks.
It was destiny that brought us
here to start the world anew.
With her blood she will breed
and her children will be immune.
And they will speak of us as
the people who saved humanity.
You're just being tested.
You're being tested.
Shit, I am being tested.
And I have to ask you, are you
ready to embrace your destiny
or do you wanna be just another
stain in this dying world?
I was led to you
and you saved me.
I'm not turning back now.
I'm not going anywhere.
Let's show that asshole
who he's dealing with.
You're my family now.
You know I would die for you.
The greatest expression
of love is death.
Get back.
Get us in there
as far as you can
and then we charge.
What about the barricade?
Fuck the barricade!
Do it, Matthew!
Jackson wouldn't of
died for nothing!
Fuck off.
You're in my house.
Who are you?
Why did you come here?
I'm Guy's sister, Sarah,
and I'm in your house
because my brother told me
that you would protect us.
Well your brother
is full of shit.
You wanna know what
I did at the FBI?
I teach agents how to read maps.
Who did you think I was?
They found me.
Come on!
Don't let them take me.
Put that away.
Follow me, now.
Go, go, go!
Not you.
Not on that leg.
How much ammo you have left?
Enough to kill
him if I see him.
You're my right hand.
My work is your work.
Bring her back to me.
Anything for you.
They've broken
through the barricades.
Get into the basement.
Stay quiet and lock the door.
Do you see anything?
He's here somewhere.
Owen, Matthew, come with me.
John, check that house.
I saw on TV that virus
is killing a lot of people.
Lotta countries
closing their borders.
Another new reason for you
not to go into the city, okay?
I ain't seen a deer
around here in weeks.
Maybe it's a deer virus.
Well, if we can't
kill one for dinner
maybe I'll go into
town and buy one.
I just told you you need
to stop going into the city.
I said town, just down
the road to the market.
It's a venison kinda night.
If you insist, if that's
the case, I'll drive.
No, really, Ben, I
owe you for patching
me up the other night.
Oh no, I insist.
A little father-son bonding.
We can bond here over dinner.
You're in no shape
to drive, Heath.
Just let me go as a thank you.
You know, I can't
think of the last time
you bought venison
as a thank you.
Usually we kill 'em ourselves.
Well maybe if we sit
here longer, try harder.
We've sat here
long enough already.
I mean, we can't
sit here all day.
- It'll be quicker-
- Dad!
Stop lying.
Just trying to do
something nice.
Oh God, you're so
full of shit it's coming
out your fucking eyeballs.
I'm telling the truth.
The market doesn't
sell venison, Dad!
I'm tired of this.
I'm your son.
I'm not your babysitter and
I ain't your fucking sponsor.
If you keep this up, you're
gonna lose this place.
If you lose this ranch,
you lose everything.
And not just our home, you
lose everything Grandma
and Grandpa ever worked for.
I lose all my
childhood memories,
all my good memories
with you and Mom.
You wanna talk about
Grandma and Grandpa?
Well let's talk
about them, huh?
Where were you
when Grandma died?
And what about Grandpa?
Where were you, Ben?
Fuck you.
Don't tell me about loss,
I sat here and watched
- my parents die.
- I was working!
I had a job!
You knew I couldn't leave.
Do you know why you knew?
Because one of us had
to be the grownup.
Since when does growing
up meaning turning
your back on your family?
Turning my back on my family?
My family?
Where were you when Mom died?
- I was-
- You were fucking gambling!
You were gambling!
It's not the same.
Of course it's not the same
because you have a disease.
I'd never turn my back on you.
If I did, I wouldn't be here.
You wanna do this to yourself?
Then you just go right ahead.
I can't do it anymore.
If I do, I'm gonna have a
heart attack just like Mom.
I'm done wasting my
energy trying to stop you.
It's up to you, Heath.
I'll do the barns,
check the deer blind.
Shoot that bastard.
You're fucking dead.
No sign of him or the girl.
Was that just
sitting up there?
Yeah, there's
another one up there.
Based on what I've seen
I wouldn't be shocked
if there's weapons hidden
all over this place.
Go sit in the blind, you
see him, you start firing.
We'll come running.
And you?
I'm gonna take a
walk in the woods
and see what I can find.
All right.
Good luck.
You, too.
You can come out now.
You did that?
Why do they want you?
They think I can
somehow save them.
Their leader, he...
He wants to breed me.
I gotta put some
lights on outside.
It's gonna be dark soon.
It's gonna be a long night.
You know, I don't think
you're lying to me,
but you're definitely not
telling me everything.
Think about how that helps us.
I know your footsteps.
In a pride of lions
the female does most,
if not all the hunting.
Do know how a male lion hunts?
Okay, I'll tell ya.
He sits on his ass in
the brush and he waits
for the prey to come to him.
I am the male lion.
I am the king of the jungle.
I just wanted to check on you.
I'll go.
You need to get this
done, it's taking too long.
I know it's a big ranch,
but he's out there,
Marley, and so is she.
He knows where to hide.
There are four of
you and one of him.
You disappoint me.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry,
that's for the weak.
You're not weak.
You go out there and do what
you have to do, get it done.
Make me proud.
I will.
No, no, no, no.
I have the virus.
They don't know.
They think I'm
immune, but I'm not.
I'm a carrier, I
just don't get sick.
The refugee camp
in Pennsylvania.
That was you.
That was me.
All those people.
I didn't know what I was.
I showed up and everyone
started getting sick.
They were all dying
except for me.
The doctors couldn't
tell people that
they messed up by letting
me in, so they hid it.
They told everyone I was immune
and everyone believed it.
They threw me in
a quarantine cell
and said that they
were gonna send me off
to some research place.
But I've heard stories.
You don't know what they
do to people like me.
They experiment, it's like
being a fucking rat in a cage
waiting to be dissected.
Was your brother
Guy a carrier?
He was sick and
helped me escape.
Neither one of us knew
how long he would make it.
Am I sick?
I don't know.
I'll see who it is.
- Ben-
- Go on.
Go on.
All right.
What do you want?
What we always want.
shouldn't of come here.
Heath, we came to collect.
I just need more time.
You've had
more than enough.
Just a little
more, I'm so close.
Is that a joke?
Close? Hear that?
You owe us more money every time
you set foot outside that house.
- I understand, but-
- Do you have it?
Well then why don't we
see if there's anything
more valuable inside?
Not in the house!
What are you doing, Heath?
Get out of my way.
Don't come back!
It's not your fault.
It's nobody's fault.
It's just the way it is.
Where are you?
I got you.
Come on.
I know she's here!
14 people are dead,
including three children.
Four others suffered
serious injuries.
Police have a suspect in custody
but are not releasing
any information
until they complete
their investigation.
Health officials
from around the world
met virtually today
seeking to unite
all their resources
as the worldwide
death toll now tops eight...
To suppress
the mass looting
the president sought to
order martial law in effect,
but with more than 2/3rds
of the country's military
and law enforcement
officers sick...
Good evening, darlings.
This is the new Doomsday
Daily and I'm still learning
how to operate this
radio along with catching
all the relays
across the country,
so I'm coming to you from
somewhere in the heartland.
So if you can hear me, I just
might be able to see you.
It's been a brutal 24
hours, so let's forego
the witty alliterative banter.
The president has died.
There's just no more government.
He was the last.
There is no longer anybody
running this country.
I'm not sure what else
to report as we're all
just figuring this out, but
I'm just gonna keep coming back
for as long as I can.
This is Alpha One-Nine.
You know what?
This is Jessica.
Goodnight, darlings.
You're never
gonna get that girl.
You're never gonna get my land.
You come to my house, you
try to kidnap this girl,
and then you try to kill me?
Just wanted the girl!
No, wait, wait!
No, no, no, don't.
Oh no, no, no.
Don't do this.
I don't have a choice.
Yes, you do.
She's not immune.
The girl is sick.
Hell, at this point, so am I.
I have to kill you
or Aaron kills me.
You can run, you can
head into those woods
and don't you ever look back.
It's too late for that.
We're gonna go for a walk.
You try anything,
you try to run,
I swear by sweet
and sainty Jesus
I'll put a bullet in your head.
Get up!
Come on!
Oh, my God.
Well, look at us.
Let's be done with this.
No, we have to talk
before we're finished.
We have nothing else to say.
You're gonna toss
that gun aside,
I'm gonna give you
your lady back,
you're gonna get into that truck
and you're gonna ride
off into the sunset.
Ah, happily ever after?
- That's the idea.
- Uh huh.
Well, let's think through that.
So, I toss my gun,
you let her go,
and how do you think
that would end?
I mean, two people who've
been trying to kill
you all day long standing
in front of you defenseless,
we'd be dead in seconds.
I see how that looks.
I'll throw my gun
as soon as you do.
You have my word.
Your word doesn't
mean anything to me
because I've been ordained
by the other world
to kill anyone who
stands in my way.
I don't want this!
I'm not a killer!
I think today you
earned that moniker.
And now you're standing
with a gun to Marley's head
and you expect me
just to walk away?
Yeah, I guess I do.
Yeah, I guess you can see
that's not gonna happen.
I didn't ask you to come here!
Doesn't matter now, son.
Look around you!
I've already won!
Toss your gun, cut your
losses, and go home!
Just out of common courtesy,
do you mind taking off her gag?
I think she has some
wisdom to impart.
Fuck you.
Hey, Marley,
how's it going?
I have had better days.
Boys, I think we're
at a stalemate here.
And the only thing
killing anyone is old age.
The only prize is still
hiding somewhere on this land!
See, we've been after her
ever since she left the camp.
It was always about the girl.
But you're wrong
about the girl!
She's immune and Aaron
sees the big picture.
He knows that she could
change everything.
But she's not immune!
That's a lie they
told you at the camp.
She's a carrier and she
will infect you both!
You're a liar.
You expect us to believe that?
Well, you better believe it!
Because right now I'm breathing
all over your lady's face.
And if I'm sick,
then she is too.
I can smell your lies.
I walked straight through
that disease, son,
and came out alive.
The girl is my right,
she is my destiny.
But your destiny is
gonna get you killed.
She is mine and
I'm taking her.
Don't do it.
I've told you time and
again that I would do
whatever it took to end
this and get her back.
You did.
And I have kept my promise
until now, haven't I?
You have.
Then you do what
you need to do.
I will.
Come on, come on, come on.
I had this thought
that when I got it
it would be the virus
that took me down,
not some dumbass with a gun.
Sorry to break it to you,
this isn't how it ends.
You're gonna have to live
with what you've done.
What I've done?
I beat death again!
I'm invincible!
He killed Guy.
He would've done this again.
I couldn't let him do
this to another person.
I'm so sorry, Ben.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
Don't apologize ever.
Are you okay?
I've been better.
I always figured if the
world ended we'd band together
and help each other and...
I don't know what to do now.
I don't have anyone.
We have each other.
We do have one
thing going for us.
Yeah? What's that?
An armored truck with
a tank full of gas.
It's time I leave this place.
Maybe someone out there's
working on a cure.
You'll need help
if you're sick.
Are you coming with me?
You shouldn't go
out there on your own.
You got any supplies
we can take?
We'll be fine.