The Suspect (2013) Movie Script

Every month there are hundreds
of thousands, and each year
thousands of illegal immigrants
from North escaping.
Every month there are hundreds
of thousands, and each year
millions of illegal immigrants
fleeing the North.
Until now, the number
of defectors from the
North have exceeded 20
thousand people.
Until now, the number
of defectors from the
North has exceeded 20
thousand people.
This place is hell...
The defectors from the North
risking their lives...
i Catch him!
Catch the sonofabitch!
The Suspect 2013
Help me!
The bottom of the washing
machine will get wet.
If it continues, it'll
short out for sure.
Oh yeah, I've been
meaning to tell you,
As documentary filmmakers,
we make a lot of money.
To buy rice or other
necessities of life -
If you continue to insist like
this, you could be arrested.
What are you still doing there?
Come over here, quickly!
You must live in peace with integrity.
Shut up! Look for the
beauty, and try to produce
a good photo with the
effect of the rain.
I'm talking to you!
Why should you care
about such things?
All this portable equipment.
A special report is also
no news of anything.
And tither!
Why do you insist on doing it?
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Here's some money for you!
Now, get the fuck outta here!
I'm here. Please come in.
- = Chairman Haeju Group, Park Geon
Ho will visit Pyongyang tomorrow. = -
Your resignation letter
is still not approved.
You can work here if you like
Thank you for your offer.
But I don't want to.
You are the right man but, you still
have to try hard and not give up.
You think independence
in this country is easy?
True, but there's
also temperance.
Everything is fine.
Working as a driver?
I've just arrived
Oh, you've finished your
food and are talking.
You do not know just how
scary the outside world is?
Do not fuck up again!
Finish your meal.
When we talk about the problem of wheat,
Bong-pyeong will be the champion.
You really you don't
understand me.
The North region is a
paradise for wheat.
Rice grains that you eat well
aren't definitely small.
For people who hate being
over there and come here,
every day discussing matters that
concern them on the other side.
They all do it.
What you eat also
must be plentiful.
You can eat pasta or jelly.
Yeah, right.
It's easy to digest wheat but it's
easy to digest vegetarian food too.
Lack of sunlight or dry
soil is not the problem.
In hard times, many do not
have any wheat to eat.
Conditions will
improve inevitably.
Everything will change
for the better.
Dong Cheol, the
Chairman is worried.
Because he is not
in the village.
But, he remembers his son,
who lives in the North.
Gift from the Chairman.
- = Dongdae-mun, Jeonnong
# 588-44 Sanyi. = -
He already knew from the start
you wanted to find someone.
- = Dongdae-mun, Jeonnong
# 588-44 Sanyi. = -
He already knew from the start
you wanted to find someone.
Chairman has long hesitated. He
said that you are the right person.
Forgive him for that.
And this is your payment.
Who's is this bastard?
must be buried.
It's been reported
to the police.
Should we intercept?
You are the only the
people in the house?
Yes . There are only those of
us who are here this evening.
The man's...
name is Ji Dong Cheol,
refugee from North Korea.
Because the Chairman trusts him,
he's allowed to remain here.
Excuse me, can I see that?
Give it to me!
You don't know what this is,
immediately you ask for it?
I suspect is goods to do with...
What's the situation?
He's escaped, but
we are pursuing.
= Certainly he's hiding around here.
Give me a little time. =
Shut up, bitch!
Want to wake everyone?
He is not a person
who easily captured.
I am the Director of the National
Intelligent Service, Kim Seok Ho.
Connect me to Kim Ho Wi!
Your wives are waiting for you?
Yes, sir!
Louder! Your wives
are waiting for you?
Yes! Sir!
For the last time,
Shout that person's name
outloud, then plunge into hell!
A technical fault on the plane!
I'm almost dead, anyway.
If I don't, you'll die, asshole!
Wake up, motherfucker!
Collect your spirit!
We've arrived from Pyongyang.
Leader Min, what are
your instructions?
Where's that bastard?
He does not know that
dogs would not interfere
with the final day
in this hell week?
Say you have to get there, there
are people who should be hunted.
Why is that bastard
so ill-mannered?
Name was Ji Dong Cheol.
What is the name of that bitch?
Do not talk about things
that are not relevant.
Why would someone do
something like this?
Party there was not a witness,
plus there are still many doubts.
Then I'll ask them directly!
That's your right, but
when you get back,
you will be arrested on charges of
violating the National Security Law.
You're threatening me?
Dong Cheol?
The Chairman was murdered.
I know.
Where are you now?
You do not need to know where
I am, just listen to me.
There are items the
Chairman gave me.
He told me to bury these goods,
but there is still work to do.
So, where are you now?
No response. I've
tried several times.
If the head of the
department knew I was here,
I'd get my ass chewed out again.
Don't even bother to
answer your phone?
Get moving!
Starting at 9 this morning,
we've moved to capture the
killer of Chairman Park,
Pursued by the police in
collaboration with intel.
Main base is Unit 1 Northern
Intelligence Agency.
And the suspect responsible is from
the Northern Intelligence Agency.
As we know, Chairman
Park was very concerned
about the development
of the North.
Later today, he was scheduled
to attend a visit to Pyongyang.
And the suspect in this incident
is a defector from the North.
From here we are able
to draw conclusions.
We see what you mean.
If so, who is responsible
for hunting down suspects?
Let me give you...
As I've said, veterans who
will lead the arrest.
This event is scheduled to give a hope
for the refugees from the North.
Although this is a pay-TV station,
we have alot of regular viewers.
Donated funds we receive per
week is also not small.
If the situation is rather special
Uh, what's that?
Listen! He said
Chairman Park died.
Chairman Park from Haeju Group?
Some time ago seonbae not
been interviewed late?
- = The police ruled out the
possibility of murder. =
- Some time ago seonbae not
been interviewed late?
- = The police ruled out the
possibility of murder. =
- = Against the suspicion of
the possibility of homicide, =
- = The police have
ruled out murder. =
- = But the facts confirm this even
with the secrecy of the police. =
= Police say that there is
no support for murder. =
= Housekeeper Mo Kang and caregivers are
not willing to give any statement. =
- = Visit to Pyongyang
today failed =
- = Housemaid and Nanny Kang Mo is
not willing to give any statement. =
- = Visit to Pyongyang
today fail =
- = On the one hand, welfare for those
who are refugees from the north... =
= On the other hand, care
and aid are being offered
for those who are refugees
from the North... =
Oh yeah, Dong Cheol, didn't you meet
with Chairman Park before his death?
Why did not you tell me before that
Ji Dong Cheol defected to the South?
It was better that
you didn't know.
It's a long story. Don't worry about it.
Remember the instructions this time?
Blue House (Presidential Palace)
He said the guards
were also killed.
This is the second time.
If it's true asshole,
it was easy for him
to make the death of
Chairman Park look natural
and not difficult.
That we leave it to the Board of Inquiry.
All you have to do is catch Ji Dong Cheol.
That's fine.
You need sniffer dogs?
No one knows that you are
a military man until
you need a sniffer dog
instead of technology.
This is a great thing
that concerns the State.
Capturing spies is your forte.
Stupid motherfucker...
What is this?
Wearing scarves...
Why the hell? It's great!
Is this cushion gum or cake?
I called him in for help.
His new job requires
him to be elegant.
Learn all about Ji Dong Cheol.
The database will benefit you.
You son of a bitch!
Why the database? Ji Dong Cheol?
What's wrong? Don't you know?
Everyone stand up!
Let me introduce to you all.
You ever heard about
Yonggang military forces?
Yonggang is a small town located
in the west of Pyongyang.
There is a training base.
There are more than a dozen instructors.
But every time
there is only one person who
receives the training.
to be sent here, that person must first
become an elite special forces.
Most of them while receiving training,
are seriously injured or die.
Internally, the place was
dubbed as 'hell'.
The passing rate of the
training does not exceed 3%.
Those who pass the
training will be sent
abroad to carry out a
specific mission.
After the mid-20th century,
they were known as Interpol.
Most of the cases that
have sprung up in China,
such as murder or kidnapping
carried out by the
agents of the north.
- = San Juan, Puerto Rico. =
- Conducted by agents from the north.
- = San Juan, Puerto Rico. =
- Were working for client in the North.
But no evidence was left behind.
30 thousand pieces of
counterfeit 100 U.S. dollar.
It's perfect!
Let's see those
hands, motherfucker!
You heard him asshole,
put those hands up!
I spent the last two Christmas' away
from my family chasing you motherfucker!
In the meantime, there was an
event in Hong Kong in 2009.
To start the production of
weapons with North Korea,
our country sent troops
- = Hong-Kong, China. = - Our country sent
in troops as counter-intelligence.
- = Hong-Kong, China. = -
But it turns out we hooked the
north mobilization strategy.
- = Hong-Kong, China. = -
But it turns out , they were gone.
The weapons have been
moved to another boat
and transferred to the Philippines.
At that time,
One of the members who participated
in the mission, was killed.
And five people were
severely injured.
Not long after that,
a Northern Elite who participated
in this mission escaped.
Thanks to the Elite,
events can only tell you now how
it was announced to the world.
True, this guy is our target.
Ji Dong Cheol.
= Chairman Park today was supposed
to make a visit to North Korea. =
= What are you going to
do about this case? =
= Why did Chairman
Park suddenly die? =
First of all, we must prepare
as long as we have time.
Check all the records and call
recordings of Ji Dong Cheol.
Contact all the people
who may have called him.
If there is any hint,
report it immediately!
He worked as a rental driver.
So, focus on the numbers that appear
over and over and investigate!
Contact banks and freeze all the accounts
in the name of Ji Dong Cheol!
-accounts payable,
activity groups...
Contact the Assoication
of Northern Refugees...
Firearms found in the
home of Ji Dong Cheol.
Similar to the weapon used
to kill Chairman Park.
= Set up the camera! =
= To transmit to the display
screen to headquarters. =
Walther P99 made in Germany.
Take the existing
fingerprints on the weapon.
Compare the rest of the
bullets in the gun
with the bullet in the
body of Chairman Park!
= Evidence has been taken. =
What is this?
= In the back of the map there
is a name and phone number. =
Lee Gwang Jo.
It seems he was the target.
Try to find out, why
he stayed there.
Approixmately an hour ago, there were
people who were seen with Ji Dong Cheol.
A documentary filmmaker.
And correspondent.
Immediately bring them here and question
what the relationship is between them?
Find out what he's
been doing lately!
Yes sir!
- Hee Choi Gyeong?
- Yes.
Turns out she was a reporter
who was suspended a year ago.
Now working as a documentary PD.
What was the relationship
with Ji Dong Cheol?
She's working on a documentary film
about the lives of the North refugees.
Name: Dongseong Film Company.
Has been verfied.
None listed companies
named as such.
- = There is no hope for the future.
(North defectors suicide rate of 16.3%) =
- No registered companies
named as such.
- = There is no hope for the future.
(North defectors suicide rate at 16.3%) =
- A company 'ghost'.
- = There is no hope for the future.
(North defectors suicide rate at 16.3%) =
- Company Ghost
She's prettier than the picture.
This is serious!
Looks like after you freeze, you start
digging stories about Northern defectors.
False planning book.
What are you planning to
set up a stealth company?
We already know everything.
Let's be honest!
Why do you want to
investigate Ji Dong Cheol?
What the hell?
You searched my office?
You bastard!
Want you doing?
Hey, what's your name?
From which department?
What is this?
People who are supporsed
to work to serve the
people are now looting
offices of private citizens!
Looks like you still
do not understand.
This is a murder case.
Ji Dong Cheol has
been killing people.
Maybe he has found it, Seonbae.
Found who?
There is a call from someone who claims
to be Ji Dong Cheol in the Alarm Center.
The People
is Colonel Min Se Hoon, right?
There in the document.
Hong Kong time events with
Director Kim Seok Ho,
arguably that 'god' is in
terms of catching spies.
I know. You be
quiet, not so noisy!
I'm finished.
How can I get involved
in something like this?
- = How does the performance of a
business through a series of = -
- = Chairman Park Geon Ho. = -
- = Director of Administration:
Geun Song Shang. = -
We've found him.
Near the Dongdaemun area.
Is there anyone in the area?
A sniper and a controller.
Take the glass eye,
then kill him.
But, in Ji Dong Cheol's home
the handler's name was revealed.
Seems that Ji Dong Cheol tried to
find out who he was working for.
Which controller?
Li Gwang Jo.
He used to be in the special
forces team with Ji Dong Cheol.
Now, a Board member
of the North.
Lee Gwang Jo...
Oh, the bastard.
Even better.
We thus have a suitable bait.
Is this the person in charge
of the case of Chairman Park?
Long time no see, Ji Dong Cheol.
Who are you?
You bastard, have
you forgotten me?
Turn around and put
your hands up
Seems like you're fighting alone.
Walk to the edge
- = Security Command Defense
Forces Colonel Se Hoon Min. = -
Shoot me!
If you do not shoot me
now, you will die.
You should've killed me.
Until now you still
don't understand?
You left them to fend
for themselves.
Thanks to you, my
life has been shit.
= This is a great insult. =
I became an instructor
of New Forces..
Nothing to do with me.
Let's finish our of
debt after the meeting.
Need 10 seconds more.
Why did you kill Chairman Park?
= I'm not guilty. =
The man who killed
Chairman Park is not me.
So do not make me a fugitive.'re lying, bitch!
There is someone else.
Who held a syringe.
Do you think I
would believe you?
After killing Chairman Park, he
intended to take his glasses.
If you give me a little
time, I will die in peace.
I'll catch you
with my own hands.
Once caught, I'll kill you.
Go to Cheongyang Samui.
The body was supposed
to be there.
Team, you got 5
minutes to get there!
Who's does he mean by
saying "the other person?"
What did he mean
about the glasses?
Oh that...
I'm not sure.
He must be stopped!
I told you to take her him to the
police station, why is she still here?
The guy could be really be dead!
You are looking in
the wrong direction.
What he wants is to
kill someone else!
The one who killed his
wife and children!
He plans to commit suicide after
successfully killing whoever's responsible!
Let me go!
Li Gwang Jo...
I have your weapon.
To see that you have a weapon,
seems that you have
completed your main task.
No matter what, it
also must be done...
if you want to survive.
Have you changed your name?
Because I change the country.
I've been looking for you.
= How did you find me? =
= Someone said to
me, it is a gift. =
Tell me,
before they died,
what did they say
that moment?
They asked me to
help your mother.
And they told me that
you would find me,
then kill me.
Anything else you want to say?
This is the gift
by Chairman Park.
= Take a look! =
Want me to come to you?
Block the path, and
go up the stairs!
Right there!
What's the situation?
Shootout occurred in Samwi.
Looks like he got away.
= Team A is close. =
= Team B has arrived
at the scene. =
Where is he?
Search everywhere!
Identify! Identify!
Verify Exit 4!
Connect to CCTV Exit 4!
The bastard's there!
Transfer camera to the 1st floor of
shopping mall CCTV monitor to the center!
Shopping mall!
CCTV is being transferred
to the monitor.
Target appears in
the shopping mall.
On the first floor, and moving
toward the west exit.
Include a label
'target' of his back!
Combine all shopping mall cameras!
System is in process.
screen display is in the
process of merging.
= = screen display has
been incorporated.
Now you are a turtle in the pot.
Go to the 2nd floor escalator.
Team B immediately move towards
the escalator to the east!
Team A move to the escalator!
Team A and Team B maintain!
Team C, deply and
block the way out!
He ascended to the third floor.
What are you doing?
= trying to get there! =
= On the 3rd floor, 3rd floor! =
What is the bastard doing?
He hasn't escaped.
It seems like he was
chasing someone.
= At the umbrella shop.
Get him! =
= Quick! =
Target is not on the screen!
Target is not visible on
the display floor 2.
How can this be?
Where is he?
He's covered by an umbrella.
Search carefully!
= Not visible. =
= Missing. =
Check all emergency exits!
Confirmation from a CCTV
in an umbrella shop!
CCTV is being verified
in real-time.
The target was not visible in
the system in real-time.
Elevator! Central elevators.
= Looks like he changed clothes. =
Keep your eyes on the exits.
Team C block the way out!
The rest stand down!
= Quickly! =
= Lee Gwang Jo. =
Lee Gwang Jo.
Where are you, Lee Gwang Jo?
Who's the bastard?
Looks like he is our sniper.
= He carries equipment
similar to ours. =
= I'm not guilty. =
= I'm not the one who
killed Chairman Park. =
= So do not make me a fugitive. =
= You you're lying, you bastard. =
= There is still someone else, =
= who holds the syringe. =
= Do you think I'm
going to trust you? =
= After killing Chairman Park, he
intended to take his glasses. =
What is this?
This is not something
that can be discussed.
What is meant by the 'glasses'?
I take orders from superiors.
Sorry. However...
True Ji Dong Cheol has
been killing people.
The 'item' is in his hands now,
which is a very important
item for the country.
It has actually been
great for you now, huh?
I'm not your military
boy shining shoes,
not a small pawn, again.
We're both on the
same level now.
There are people who make waves,
in order to boast
their strength.
Is this the reason
you called me here?
To polish your shoes?
The organization was formed by the
power of North Korea 10 years ago
And, you've succeeded, right?
North Council.
Although I do not quite
but the plan sounds pretty good.
Don't get caught!
Please enjoy the food!
You should be the
team leader again...
How long do you intend
to be an instructor?
You're a soldier. Defeated once,
you have to get up again.
What part do you play?
Silent at his side,
or go with me?
I'm also a soldier.
Small peon.
He is a two-faced bastard.
We also have to prepare.
= We still don't know who is the
assassin of Chairman Park. =
= Everyone wants to know who
the suspects are in the case =
= and the motivation
behind their actions. =
= On the night in which the Chairman Park
killed, housekeeper 50-year-old Kang, =
= and head waiter aged 62 Moo =
= also killed; causing great
shock to the public. =
= According to informed sources,
Chairman Park usually like to invite =
= driver Ji to his home
from time to time. =
= Ji has become the
prime suspect. =
= And the main witness... =
Wounded by two gunshots.
There's nothing else.
You can read it yourself.
The bullet has been checked?
The bullet from a
gun that was found,
is exactly the same bullet found
in the body of Chairman Park.
What about fingerprints
on the gun?
What good is talking about it? It is
certain that belonged to Ji Dong Cheol.
When the autopsy report is out the
matter will be considered terminated.
You don't believe it? You
have an alternative theory?
Listen to me..
There are inconsistencies
that arise continuously.
Everything should be verified.
Double-check the notes
of the autopsy.
Including the records of calls and
meetings with outside parties.
Of course, a re-autopsy
is impossible.
Since the report has
been completed.
due to the pressure
from some people
due to pressure from
certain parties,
and pressure from people
associated with the incident,
this will certainly
make them uneasy.
By doing so, you need
look for a scapegoat.
What's wrong with you today?
It'll be hanging in your faces
like a cow's nose ring.
- = Leader: Se Hoon Min. = -
Check this out!
This is the data that was retrieved
from the workspace of Hee Choi Gyeong.
All the files related
to Ji Dong Cheol.
- = Police Report:
Northern Defectors = -
People fleeing from the North?
True, these are
verified details.
Really distinctive.
this is Gwong Jo Lee's file
from the Intelligence Agency.
If you look closely,
after completing the mission
in Hong Kong, Ji Dong Cheol
returned to North Korea.
According to Choi Gyeong Hee,
he had a wife,
and a child.
But why?
Before Kim Jong Il died,
he designated Kim Jong Un
as his successor.
When all the forces considered to be a
threat to Kim Jong Un were eliminated,
Ji Dong Cheol who served his country,
found out after returning to it
everything had changed.
Fuckin' Traitor!
You know who she is?
- = Deserter woman
found in China = -
Ji Dong Cheol was punished for
something that he never knew.
He fled after receiving
news of his wife.
But why?
Heard about the homicides of
Pastor John and his wife, right?
They were killed when he was preaching
to the defectors from the North.
- = Pastor John Kim and his
wife were killed in China.
Was found burned to
death along with
renegades in refugee
camps in China. =
- Killed while giving a sermon
to the displaced North = -
- = Pastor John Kim and his wife
were killed in China. Was found
burned to death along with renegades
in refugee camps in China. = -
Ji Dong Cheol went there?
But it was too late.
Lee Gwang Jo?
Ji Dong Cheol was in
the Yonggang Elite.
But they tried to eliminated him on
the last stage of the test.
But, Jil Dong-Cheol's wife
and daughter were there.
Shoot them! Why are
you standing there?
Help us.
I beg you.
After that,
Lee Gwang Jo fled to the South.
Mental problems?
Tormented by the
feelings of guilt.
It is assumed that they
were close friends.
- = Born in Yonggang (hiding after
defecting), friends, was born in Yonggang,
opposition = - Friends are supposed
to be closest to Ji Dong Cheol,
- = Born in Yonggang
(hiding after defecting),
friends, was born in
Yonggang, opposition = -
Ji Dong Cheol's wife.
- = Born in Yonggang (hiding after
defecting), friends; born
in Yonggang, opposition = -
Ji Dong Cheol's wife.
People who are wanted
by Ji Dong Cheol...
What Choi Gyeong Hee
said was wrong.
He wants to kill the
one responsible.
So the person he pursued relentlessly
in the shopping mall was
Lee Gwang Jo.
- = Daughter... = -
- = still alive = -
= After the murder
of Chairman Park, =
= Ji who at that time
was at the scene =
= to date 's whereabouts
are unknown. =
= Currently the police
are chasing Ji =
= How do you view.. =
= Ji Dong Cheol as
the prime suspect? =
= Really just nonsense . =
= Why do you think so? =
= He was not like that. =
It's Ji Dong Cheol.
Do you want to die? Who is this?
= I will give the glasses to you.
Find for me Lee Gwang Jo! =
Hey, you bastard, I'm not going
to make a deal with you.
I have absolutely no
interest in the glasses.
= The people above you
wouldn't agree... =
Now you're trying
to deceiving me?
What secrets are
hidden in the glasses?
= The truth will
soon be revealed. =
= Before that, find
Lee Gwang Jo! =
- = Secondhand Mobile,
Mobile SIM Card. = -
..been identified.
The person who lives in Samwi,
is Lee Gwang Jo.
He changed his name.
from Lee Yeong Jo
to Lee Gwang Jo.
- = Korean Full name: Lee Yeong Jo. =
- Lee Yeong Lee Gwang Jo Jo is.
- = Korean Full name:
Lee Yeong Jo. = -
He was the sniper yesterday.
- = Korean Full name: Lee Yeong Jo. = -
He was with the organization.
North Council.
The organization
managed by Director Kim as
a private organization.
- = Entities Progress Meetings
North, factor in the killing of a
double agent = - managed by Director
Kim as a private organization.
- = Entities Progress Meetings North,
factor in the killing of a double agent =
- There are many
things in doubt.
There are many things in doubt.
Verify whatever is in doubt.
Find Lee Gwang Jo soon!
This also...
- = Various images and data
post-production, film Dongseong = -
Why again with Reporter Choi?
Look carefully!
Choi Kyung Hee was fired,
because of external pressure.
She covered and wrote about internal
breaches in the Intelligence Agency.
- = Special Report, Kim Seok Ho. =
- She's covering and writing about
internal breaches Intelligence Agency.
She covered and wrote about internal
breaches Intelligence Agency.
That's why she lost her job.
Pastor John Kim
This is a photograph that was found in the
secret documents Intelligence Agency.
Very suspicious, is it not?
person who leaked internal
breaches to the Reporter Choi was
Pastor John Kim?
Director Kim deliberately leaked about
John Kim's corpse was in China,
to the people of the North.
Things constantly investigated
by Choi Kyung Hee
not Ji Dong Cheol,
but director Kim.
But why is Choi Gyeong Hee
so focused on Ji Dong Cheol?
To be able to complete the
report, they need evidence.
He is a victim in this case.
And of course he was offered to
join the Council of the North.
Ji Dong Cheol turns out not only is the
evidence, but he's also a witness.
Found the data....
= It's me. Ji Dong Cheol. =
= I know you are a reporter. =
= I have something to give you. =
= Can you help me? =
What will you give me?
= Have you found Lee Gwang Jo? =
Hey bastard, do you think
it's easy to find people?
This fuckin' bastard!
Find someone who's dead, huh?
How dare you hang up!
Choi Kyung Hee is
moving in her car.
From Chungmuro
towards Yeouido.
What is the status of tracking
Ji Dong Cheol phone position?
North Hankang Road and
moving toward the north.
Opposite direction
with Choi Kyung Hee.
There is a team following
Choi Kyeong Hee?
Yes, of course.
Tell them to standby!
Report Ji Dong Cheol's
position to the other team!
Where are you going?
To search the wind.
Have her position.
Position: Ji Dong Cheol
passing Hangang River bridge.
He is talking with someone.
Copy, track Kyung Hee Choi's
phone and keep an eye on her!
But, you think Ji Dong Cheol
will emerge from the wind?
You quickly catch the mouse!
Next place to visit is the
cosmetic surgery hospital.
great leaders who did not
receive the prize...
But acquired by the Hospital
Director Apgujeong-dong.
Please buy me a box
of chewing gum.
Do not forget a receipt!
But, there's a machine...
You go.
Take your time.
Where is she?
=Almost there. =
= Taxi Seoul orange, heading
towards Gangnam station. =
= Keep your distance! =
= Location of the
phones confirmed? =
Not a payphone, but it looks
like prepaid cellphones.
In the process of tracking.
Ahh - what is it?
Customer says he was in a hurry,
so I was speeding a little.
Where are you?
= The road to 3 o'clock
there will be a ladder. =
= I'll be Jo Mart, look for me
there, and do not hang up. =
Jo Mart. Locate!
= Second floor, No..
153, Jo Mart location. =
I'm here.
- = Jo I Mart. = - We are.
- = Jo I Mart. = - = Beside the shop
attached to a piece of paper. =
= On a piece of paper taped
to the shop next door. =
= Go to the address
written on paper! =
- = [Notice] Stores DVD EOS
Cheonguk moved to # 101. =
- = Go to the address
written on paper! =
- = [Notice] Stores DVD EOS
Cheonguk moved to # 101. = -
- = EOS DVD Cheonguk = -
I'm here.
= There is a pedestrian bridge.
The road through there! =
Choi Kyung Hee's headed
towards Ji Dong Cheol's car.
I managed to elude them.
Now we're okay.
Are you all right?
Back-up team where are you?
Are you okay?
Where's the back-up team?
Approaching now.
Block all ways; in and out!
Back-up team, move now!
Quick, block them!
= Penetrate the parking lot.
Field 5 parking. =
= Where does this lead to? =
Yongmun-the Way.
= 50 meters turn right in front of
the entrance to the road-Yongmun. =
= Block from the front. =
I'll crash your car, bitch!
= Out of the exit is a
residential area. =
Exit from the right!
Where are they?
= Approaching the station. =
Block from the front!
Closer! Closer!
Stairs! Stairs! Do not!
= One of our cars
turned upside down. =
Where is my back-up?
= It's taking a little time. =
What are you doing? Don't shoot!
= Careful! There are
many bystanders! =
Report the condition
of the road ahead!
= Just ahead there is an intersection.
After 100m there is a T-junction. =
= Leader Min, there are several trucks
coming into the next intersection! =
I'm sorry, all of this
is because of me.
What are you talking about...
What the hell?
Hidden in there?
Nice to meet you. I was the
Minister for youth in the North.
Looks like you intend
to catch him yourself.
Sassy. Really, we are.
Since you intend to kill
him before he is arrested.
Who do you say, want to kill?
Do you have to continue
to talk like this?
Enough is enough!
At least listen to
what he has to say.
According to what I've heard,
he cannot be reasoned with.
Please explain to me,
what excuse you have to do this.
The reason?
Now that we see is
glasses given by Chairman
Park Geon Ho before he died.
Looks transparent when
viewed by naked eye.
but it's hidden until
put under a microscrope
as it is often used in research
institutes and companies.
Technology manufacture of
chemical weapons.
This photo is from a year ago,
where Chairman Park personally build
a research institute in Uzbekistan.
and likely that he was
planning to develop weapons
on the basis of
4000 tons of force
in order to increase toxicity
and failure of defense...
the latest type of
chemical bombs.
For North Korea, no gift
more beautiful than this.
So, in the glasses was there
a formula that can produce
chemical weapons.
That is the formula.
You must bury this!
In the glasses left behind
by Chairman Park Geon Ho
there is something that
looks like a filmstrip.
Content that is written:
like symbols of chemistry.
Some time ago Chairman Park
reorganized his business.
Of course.
Also made plans to see the
situation in North Korea
So, you kill Chairman Park....
Watch what you say!
Let's hear Leader Min's opinion.
Why so eager to pin
Ji Dong Cheol?
I'm not considering him
an ally of the North.
What would you say now?
Hey, you bastard!
What are you doing right now?
Still not enough?
A defector from the North is one
of the most potential as a spy.
Why do you insist on
siding Ji Dong Cheol?
You motherfucker...
The operation in Hong Kong.
Do you still remember?
So busy talking.
Ji Dong Cheol returned
there, alive.
and Leader Min came
back here, alive...
The incident has been described
in detail at that time.
No matter the outcome of the
discussion at that time,
but the incident is now
exactly the same as the last.
Don't you know that?
So you mean I am now a spy?
Investigation of Hong Kong
Operations Leader Min,
will reopen.
Not only the National
Security Act,
Investigation that could prove
espionage are also being implemented.
No longer will there be
a military judgment.
Do it properly!
I will try hard.
Why is the issue of catching
a spy so complicated?
I do not know if the soldier will
last much longer to catch a spy?
It's not over, yet.
Let me know if you
change your mind!
If so,
the man who killed the butler
and the housekeeper?
Goods were protected by
Chairman until his death.
First of all we have to find
out first what the item is.
I have no expert contact in this field.
Let me check first.
After the videotape
of your statement
along with a copy of the formula,
we expose it to the media.
To prove if you were
innocent, Dong Cheol.
No need for that.
I have things I have to do.
You just do what
you're supposed to do.
What's wrong?
Where are you hurt?
It must have been
in the car, right?
How do you know that his
daughter is still alive?
Do you like his wife
or daughter more?
Bastard hasn't seen his
daughter's face until now.
Makes sense. I am also
very upset with my wife.
Anyway, well done.
Keep it like this.
Your family has arrived safely
to the Chinese Embassy.
Must be picked up as
soon as possible here.
Where is Choi Kyung Hee?
Supposedly with Ji Dong Cheol.
Crazy bitch, we should have gotten
rid of her in the beginning.
This gives us a
total of 3 people.
Use this opportunity and get
rid of these three neatly!
You can do it! You can do it!
Did you really buy it?
I didn't know when you'd come home.
So, I prepared early.
Later after child birth , I know
the meaning of fatigue
You know,
while the child is
still in my stomach, I
often tell the story
about his father.
And, when they meet for
the first time, they
will immediately recognize
each other.
Later, when he grows up, you will
not recognize him anymore.
But when he's still small,
he's still recognizable.
Because of that...
every day I was tell tales
about her father.
You see? Your father is coming.
Father is coming...
= Why don't you
answer the phone? =
You're a traitor!
Why did you call me?
= I'm sorry. I want
to stay alive. =
I should have let you die alone.
= 213 213 =
What do you want me to do?
What's 213?
Ah, position 213!
= Go for a walk. Tell you
something very important. =
Second parking lot Incheon.
Turn on the emergency lights!
What are you doing right now?
Are not you going
to the parking lot?
= So quickly you forget? =
Basic double spy.
As I said to you, Dong Cheol.
Once I was a reporter.
I want to catch the bastard
who made me be like this.
Then I want to be re-activated.
The work that became the
pride of my father...
Television reporter.
What are your plans
now, Dong Cheol?
The people involved
in this case,
I will kill them all.
After killing these men, means
you also have to die, is not it?
It is not possible that your
daughter is still alive?
You also do not know if your
daughter is waiting for you or not.
It's okay. This is the
team leader of opposition
who oppose the development
of this area.
He's been living in this house.
No money to rent a hotel room?
If you want to bring a guy home, you
should first know love between you.
It's not like that.
The arrested have been released?
Yes, it is a relief. A reason to cheer.
Let's drink a few glasses of soju!
The day is still threatening. Why
don't you answer your phone?
If judging from the needle marks
on the soles of the feet,
discovered the existence of an
excessive injection of Avastin.
Then, the factor is death...
Completely broken blood vessels.
The cause of death was
not gunshot wounds.
The victim had died
before being shot.
There is this.
Fingerprints found on the
gun is owned Ji Dong Cheol.
But fingerprints found on the shell
casings are owned by someone else.
Fingerprints on fired
bullets also consistent.
The person who fills the bullet into the
gun, is the one who should have fired it.
Immediately clean up
and get out of here.
Hey, what are you doing?
Who dumped these cars here?
Her car was found.
Inform the back-up team.
Contact police stations
located around the area.
= Her car has been found. =
Sniper team has moved.
= Already know. = Try to take
fingerprints of Director Kim!
Send it to the Institute
Check his call records and see
if there is anything suspicious.
= Then find the documents that have
been deleted by the bastard! =
I'm not the FBI!
It's easier than opening
a toilet door, bitch!
What about the firewall?
Do you have administrator
access, right?
Log in to the system using
the administrator password!
= Using the training grounds,
ostensibly strengthen the system. =
What kind of nonsense is that?
= Fuck, bitch! =
Better if you tell
me to die, bitch!
Talk = what are you, bitch? =
Break your legs, bitch!
Hang up the phone!
Imprudent bastard!
Builders credits.
It's Ji Dong Cheol.
Have you had breakfast?
Who are you?
Glasses were still there
with you, is not it?
= Lee Gwang Jo, have
you found him? =
Of course.
He is now there looking for you to collect
the glasses. Meet him before you die.
What do you mean?
In 10 seconds, you
will die in his hands.
Wake up!
Dong Cheol, where is he?
You said my daughter
is still alive.
I've told you,
she is still alive.
I saw it with my own
eyes that she died.
I am a person who is already
on the verge of death.
Why would I lie?
Daughter is still alive.
It's the truth.
A good decision.
Better for you to stand with the South.
You are not alone.
Thank you, I'll give
you more money.
The next time there is still a small
child and a woman, let me know.
Kim Seok Ho sold
your daughter
and killed Chairman Park.
He did everything.
Dong Cheol...
forgive me.
I also
want to live too.
He's here !
Location has been found?
Fan out and surround Ji Dong Cheol.
Spread his photo!
He is a dangerous target.
Shoot on sight!
Where is Ji Dong Cheol?
I know it's been since a year ago you
were investigating Director Kim.
Maybe all that story is true.
Microfiche was taken
by Ji Dong Cheol?
Of course, wasn't
it you you did it?
Fuck you Kim Seok Ho!
Still do not want to go,
what are you waiting for?
Why do I have to go
with someone like you?
You do not want your
office reactivated?
= Target in sight. =
= Ready to shoot. =
= Target incoming targets. =
Fast after him!
You said that his
daughter was still alive?
Kim Seok Ho sells his
daughter to China.
It turns out that we were
fooled by Kim Seok Ho.
Do you still believe that Dong
Cheol killed Chairman Park?
You should ask him directly
after we capture him.
The man who killed Chairman
Park is Kim Seok Ho
Do you have proof?
Back when I interviewed
Chairman Park, he once said
there will be an exchange
of gifts with the North
= Target visible on the roof. =
= Fire! Shoot! =
I sent his fingerprints
there, already.
- = Kim Seok Ho = - And I have also
been investigating Director Kim.
And I have also been
investigated talks Kim Director.
Saw something really strange.
What is the results
of your inquiry?
He and Chairman Park
- = Cho Dae Wi =
- He and Chairman Park
- = Cho Dae Wi = - year ago
interconnected periodically.
= From a year ago
interconnected periodically. =
= The person who first contacted by
telephone also the Director Kim. =
= Sake of advancing his career against
the North, What are the requirements? =
= = In order to get it, he
constantly urged Chairman Park.
In his call records
appears a strange number.
So, I looked further.
There is a person
named Kim Soo Do?
Sells weapons in
the Middle East.
Turns out to be a
wanted crimminal
The bastard wanted
this by any means.
Formula of chemical weapons.
But, it seems that Chairman Park
did not have knowledge of this.
If there is no guarantee ,
But there's no guarantees.
Surely he wouldn't
trust him easily.
Since the goods
have been produced,
they certainly wanted
to kill him too.
But it turns out the goods fall
into the hands of Ji Dong Cheol.
= Yes. =
If Chairman Park meets a natural death,
then the problem will be resolved.
But it turns out there was Ji Dong
Cheol is sandwiched in the middle.
You with someone? There
is a female voice.
Said he must kill him first.
The woman next to you there?
Close your phone
when it's finished!
No, do not hang up!
There are a senior employee Haeju
Group named Song Jeon Moo.
During this time he always
called Director Kim.
It's understood. After
Chairman's dead.
He call him three times
before being killed.
You're a sly one. Great work!
But, that is beside...
= Can not you step on
the gas a little? =
... Is a woman, right?
It's obvious she's a woman.
Incoming call
You're still alive, Seonbae?
= CD that I left at the office
is it still there, right? =
= CD it is an important document.
Please get me! =
Document what? Can
not, can not do.
I dare not to implicate
myself to help you.
= You must do this for me! =
= It is a very important document.
Quick please get it! =
Just now I finished being cursed
by the Head of Department.
= The truth will soon be revealed.
Are you still afraid? =
= You still call yourself a reporter?
Basic coward! =
On one hand, the President scolding me!
I should've never answered the phone!
= A police car has been
blocked the front. =
Capture him!
Go get him! Fast!
Kill Ji Dong Cheol immediately!
Kill all his friends and
fellow communist members.
If you fail to kill the bastard,
your family will die in his place.
= Target turned right. =
= Monitoring fugitive
car from behind. =
= Pursuing car driven
by the fugitive! =
= Moving towards the
Hankang River bridge. =
= Fugitive car has
been spotted here! =
= Step on the gas! =
= Fugitive car is moving to
the bottom of the bridge. =
Chase is continuing!
Soon you will be
overtaken, bitch!
What's he gonna do now?
Fugitive managed to escape
under the Hankang Bridge!
He's moving towards the exit!
He is over there!
Turn the car! Quick!
Quick Stop!
= Today at 09:05,
where I stand now, =
= Ji Dong Cheol jumped
from the Hankang Bridge. =
= After jumping into the
Hankang River, is it
not known if Ji Dong Cheol
is alive or dead. =
Police have formed an
investigation team.
to cooperate and exchange
information with the NIS
and strengthen the search
area around Seoul.
make Ji Dong Cheol
murder suspect...
Make suspect Ji Dong Cheol..
Do not stop!
I feel embarrassed.
Now what am I now?
No shred of masculinity!
Absolutely disgraceful. Ahhh!!!
This is a carbon structure?
I think so.
Thirty billion.
Really great.
This is not easy in
Korea, is it not?
There is still 11 billion.
Leader Min.
Where did this come from?
Ever hear the word
'routine' (A flavonoid)?
What is it? A kind of
harmful substances?
There is a similar
substance called routine.
Is a major component of wheat.
Because it contains a routine,
wheat can grow well
on poor soils.
Then? This is not a hazardous
substances at all?
Try to understand...
This is a carbon structure that can be used
to control the manufacture of biochemistry.
This can increase the
durability of microorganisms.
The structure is almost exactly the
same, thus confusing the experts.
But this microorganism is capable
of producing plant tissue
microorganisms they
are benign and solid.
Is this the reason
it looks so complex?
This is not a chemical weapon?
Although this is not
a chemical weapon,
it's a formula that could
electrify the world.
Chemical weapons could be developed
using natural materials.
A super substance created
through improvement.
The gifts received by
the North Korean side.
If planted in the soil, it would addressed
the problems of food shortages.
That's why it he should've
buried it.
With this, the problem of hunger
would be overcome in the North.
= How was the transaction? =
Seeds that have been upgraded !
You're a bitch!
You're playing me?
Developed by Chairman instead
of chemical weapons,
but that is an improved wheat seed?
Fuck you!
What did you say? You are not sure
of its effectivensss, Kim Soo Do?
And also has been
confirmed, right?
You did not know what was
written in the glasses?
Still want to be a
successor of Haeju Group?
What do you mean?
Listen carefully!
If you still want to live,
act accordingly, bitch!
This is the grain of wheat
that has been enhanced.
From the outset it
was wheat seed.
This whole time, you
already know about this.
Did you know?
Haeju Group acquisition
procedure is as we agreed,
from 1% to 5% increase.
Until the problem is solved,
prepare 50 billion in cash.
Yeah, about to begin.
Damn, where is my camera?
Handgun found in the residence
of fugitive Ji Dong Cheol,
as is known to all of you,
is Wahlter P99 pistol
made in Germany.
It is types of firearms that
are often used by spies.
Fingerprints extracted
from the gun,
consistent with fingerprints
belonging to Ji Dong Cheol.
Now this, in order to catch
the suspect, Ji Dong Cheol,
we have increased the
number of our forces.
Ji Dong Cheol!
Sir, Ji Dong Cheol,
Ji Dong Cheol!
We want to know from you!
There's a gun! A Pistol!
Out!! Everyone!
You're where?
In where the hell are you now?
Right here ! Right here!
Call the reporter.
Do you want to do?
Everything will be set later
by Choi, the reporter.
Reporter Choi?
She's standing next
to you, idiot!
= Quick! =
What is that?
As the hero oversleeps today, why
are you even damaging atmoshpere?
Answer me honestly!
Where did you sell her?
Oh yes, your daughter...
Ji Choon Sin...
you've never met her, right?
Looks like you really miss her.
Motherfucker! Watch
out, or I'll kill you!
You're not going to kill me.
You know why?
Because if I die, you will be able
to see your daughter, forever.
Next is the head. Tell me!
Sorry, I also recently read
a report about this case.
What is your view of the
events this time?
What do you think?
Director General!
What is your view of the events
related to this time?
Focus! Focus! Focus!
You change your mind?
I've warned you before. But you
didn't understand what I said.
You bastard!
You're just a lackey
for other countries.
From the beginning I wanted to
get rid of you. Coincidence.
Said you stole the
information from NIS.
You will die by a gun
like Ji Dong Cheol.
It is quite reasonable.
How perfect.
Without having my hands dirty.
I asked you not to interfere.
Do not dream!
Behind back!
My friends,
Reporter Choi who is here has shattering
news that she wants to convey.
Shattering news?
Why I've been so bothered?
= Details reflect everthing =
= murder which was
orchestrated by =
= Director Kim Seok Ho and its High
Commissioner Haeju Group, Song Jeon Moo. =
= When do you plan to
eliminate Chairman Park? =
= I'll do it myself. You
do not have to worry. =
As you all saw this,
order to obtain a position
as successor Haeju
Group, High Commissioner
Jeon Moo Song
= conspiring with Director Kim
Seok-ho to kill Chairman Park. =
= Today he has confessed
everything. =
This is the final
result of my work.
Because of you, bitch...
Fuckin' idiot!
Gun without bullets, the
sound is not the same.
The sound that comes
out of the gun.
I told you, the voice would be
different without the bullets.
What do you feel when you
stand alone at gunpoint?
Every day I have to stand
in front of a barrel.
What are you gonna do now?
The gun has no bullets.
You're wrong. Here is one.
If you fire, you'll
lose the evidence.
So fire, if you dare!
Do it!
Fuck you!
You think I forgot about you?
Where is my daughter?
Bitch! Where did you sell her?
Just because of the kid,
you survived until now?
Before I break your neck,
you'd better tell me!
People who return
from death
Suffer more than the
dead themselves.
Tell me!
She died a long time ago.
Where might she still be alive?
= Target locked =
Sniper standby in place.
= Distance hostages from
the target is 4 meters. =
Count, three...
= Hostage safe. =
= Target has entered. =
= Can't get a clean shot. =
= Ensure the safety of hostages. =
Did you know...
who the actual
owners of this land?
Overhead the head...
On top of his superiors
this country...
Only the rich who could be king.
I'll wipe your name as a spy.
if you already understand,
Immediately catching the spy!
Who killed Kim Director?
What do you think?
Please respond.
Who killer Director Kim?
What do you think about
this incident?
Handling as to what to do
about Ji Dong Cheol?
What do you think about
this incident?
What Song Senior Executive
will deal with this?
is possible deported
to North Korea?
Please respond.
Could you please answer?
It has been troubling you.
From now on, the Bureau will continue
with the investigation of our own.
And, we will finish it quickly.
I hand him over to the team.
Once our investigation is
complete, you'll get the results.
What did you say?
You can't do that!
This is the information that has
been deleted by Director Kim.
The bastard had sold
everything of value.
Confidential information,
the National Police,
including northern defectors
said by the Leader Min.
What about what I asked
you to investigate?
It is well known in China.
Trafficking gang.
It's how they contacted
Chairman Kim.
It is not known if the little
girl is alive or dead.
I already know. You
first clean up here
Clear the way!
= The main event
of the day is, =
against NIS, Director
Kim Seok Ho,
conspiring with the High Commissioner
Haeju Group, Song Jeon Moo,
for murder.
Against NIS Group nor Mr Haeju,
will have a major
impact on both sides.
= Bureau has sent the
country specific =
= to investigate this
issue further. =
= Ji Dong Cheol, against
the alleged suspects. =
= After a thorough
investigation... =
Remember this photo?
- = Shandong Province, China, Weihai
City, Yangting District # 73. = -
I go to buy cigarettes,
you wait here!
What are you looking at?
Do you plan on going
on like this?
- = Statement = -
Leader Min!
Can we continue?
I'm serious.
He ran away when I went
to buy cigarettes.
Is that the truth?
You do not understand the
Korean language, bitch?
He escaped! Escaped!
Why are you mad at me?
- = North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons
as a gift seed grain refinement. = -
- = North Korea's food
production per year = -
- = of 1.6 million tons = -
- = rose to 3.5 million tons.
= -
- = This evening congratulated
the Blue House. = -
- = At the same time
expressed the hope that the
North Korean suffering
and famine-stricken, = -
from now on there will be no
difficulty in providing food.
North Korea agreed, in
order to develop good
relations between the
two countries, the
on Yeonpyeong Island and the
Cheonan incident...
Come quickly, it's time to go home!
not hear ya?
Come quickly!
Come on, sit down!
What the hell?
I'll beat you to death!
Best to all...DigitalMediaful