The Swan Princess: A Royal Myztery (2018) Movie Script

Final load.
It's been a long day.
Queen U! Queen U! Queen U!
I've never seen
such an enthusiastic crowd.
Oh, dear. She's been
touring for weeks.
Queen Uberta,
your fans await.
She too pooped to party.
Upsy daisy now.
No, downsy daisy. No!
Quick, before I pass out!
Queen U! Queen U! Queen U!
Step aside
please, dear.
You're such
beautiful little fans.
- Thank you.
- Hi, Queen U.
- And what is your name?
- My name's Ashley.
- Next.
- Hi, Queen U.
- What's your name?
- Melody.
I had no idea
how popular this book was.
Are you kidding?
I've read it five times.
Count Antonio, that snake!
He wanted all the gold
Queen U got for our dam,
so he pretended to be
in love with her!
But she saw through it
and brought him down!
- Your name?
- Gwendolyn.
"For Gwendolyn."
My mom says
you made this book up
and that you loved
Antonio for realsies.
Your mother is...
Oh. Hello!
Queen U! Queen U! Queen U!
Remember, girls,
it's a queen's world!
The kings just live in it.
I was born to be a writer.
Why did I waste so much time
on flower arrangements?
Queen U! Queen U! Queen U!
Time to boogie home.
Come on!
How's she doing?
I love you.
I was only pretending
to be in love with Antonio.
In your dreams, woman.
In your dreams.
- Mother!
- What's wrong?
Never fear, Uberta!
I'll defend you from...
Was it a moth again?
I told you, Uberta, moths are
nothing more than pale butterflies.
This is not
the work of a moth!
More like a mountain lion!
Or a dingo!
A dingo scratched my baby!
Oh, nonsense. I know exactly
what made these marks.
It was bound to happen, the way you
clutch that book day and night.
What have I done?
Hmm. I don't know, Rogers.
These scratches aren't really
consistent with mother's nails.
And I didn't see any fibers
under her nails, either.
Let's leave forensics to a
professional, shall we?
No! Give her back to me!
You can't touch her!
No! Out! Out! Out!
Better cover.
Well, at least her lungs
are in good shape.
I can't believe I'm looking
for an animal that claws things.
Uh... Too small.
- Oh. Possum.
- Still too small.
- Rats?
- Tell me,
is this one of those times
when it's okay
for a husband
to not tell the truth?
Actually, it's required.
Oh. Then these tracks
were made by friendly,
fluffy little mice
who smell of cinnamon.
- Nice try.
- I'm serious.
They'd give you the shirt off
their back, if they had one.
- I see.
- Feel better?
Not in the least.
Rats. Ugh.
Lucas, come and see!
I hope
King Sebastian likes it.
Oh, he certainly does.
Thank you for bringing your
talents to my kingdom.
Oh. I'm going to get my easel
and paint a selfie of me
and Jasper with these flowers.
Flowers smowers.
You couldn't get these things
to bloom later in the day, huh?
- You're spoiled, Number 9.
- Spoiled?
I prefer to think of myself
as very deserving.
Oh, come on, nothing?
Scully, you're back!
We planted tulips
for King Sebastian.
Which is the very reason
I came.
- Might be a frost tonight, so...
- Got to get these covered then.
Know where I can find some
giant sheets in this kingdom?
Hmm. Unfortunately, I do.
How many more
do you think we need?
We've got a lot
of tulips to cover.
Can we be done now?
Oh. The scary expert is scared?
Boogie, boogie, boogie.
Just 'cause I know scary
doesn't mean I like scary.
I think this is the sheet
that was used
to cover Antonio
and Nicollo's submarine.
Psst! More over here! Let's
load them up and move them out!
If I didn't know better...
Hold on.
Yep. This must've been their
first try at a submarine.
- Awesome.
- Should we see if it works?
Looks like
you caught me again, Hunch.
Oh. Except this time I used
the sidearm cast-and-snatch.
Cinches tighter than your
basic overhand toss.
Translation, don't expect
to be home for dinner.
But here's the rub, my good Hunch,
I didn't do anything wrong.
Oh, is that right? Hmm.
Let me see then.
"No one, be he alive or dead,"
so it reads...
"shall steal pink bellies
from the Boggs, Bogg Island,
"or any of its wholly owned
"Rescue" is a better word,
I think.
Well, look who's been
to Fancy Word Camp!
You stole.
A clear violation of Bogg Code
section 3, article 19.
Oh. The Boggs have codes now.
Very nice.
It's great, right?
I kept telling Nums,
"The Boggs need law and order.
"And I'm gonna give it to
them, or I'll die trying!"
And then I died.
But I'm still trying.
Nice! Is it just me, or have you
gotten better with that rope?
- Nobody gets away from Larry.
- Larry?
That's what I call my lariat!
Larry the lariat.
It's catchy, right?
That's clever!
Remember that time I let you flatter
me, and you worked yourself free?
Here we go again.
I always forget about glass.
Hey, that hurt!
No, no, no!
No, you don't.
- Where'd Scully go?
- Hopefully, practicing his "boo."
Alise! Lucas!
Beware the man in black!
What's taking so long?
For heaven's sake, Jean-Bob,
it's not rocket science.
I need that measurement!
If you tried to jam yourself
into a shoe box,
then you'll understand!
To get in there,
I'd have to be a tadpole.
I quit.
Jean-Bob, this invention,
once used for stealing gold
and kidnapping kings,
can finally
be put to good use.
But I cannot recreate its
blueprint without your help.
Just take it apart
and measure it.
I would sooner die than deconstruct
such a work of genius!
Please, Jean-Bob. You're the
only one who can do this!
I must figure out how they
made this thing work.
Take pity on an old man
of science, won't you?
- Oh, all right.
- Great!
Now get yourself
down in there!
scratching my back!
You have to stay
down there, Jean-Bob.
Don't come out yet. Okay?
This is why they have
unions, you know.
Try to relax, little buddy.
Relax? You try getting your head,
arms, and legs inside a...
I've got it!
I know how it works.
They pressurized
a discombobulator
and nincomfited the cogmaster
to a wheelheimer!
what I was going to say.
Now I can build
an even better submarine
by simply following
this blue...
Ah! How did... Who...
There's rats in here!
There's rats down there, too!
It's really strange.
Why would rats do this?
Ooh. Interesting.
Outer space is interesting.
This is a catastrophe!
I must be walking in my sleep!
I... I'm a...
I'm a monster!
Do what you must!
Clip them as short
as a washerwoman's!
Do it!
But do give them
a nice touch of color.
Perhaps something
in the mauve family.
No, Uberta, I was wrong.
It wasn't you who scratched the book.
Not at all.
So you let me carry on
and embarrass myself
for no reason?
No, Mother, please!
Now, let's all calm down.
How? We've got rats!
Rats on an evil mission
from who-knows-whom.
All of us marked.
On a hit list.
But what does
the "Z" stand for?
That's easy. "Zhe bad guy!"
Let's not jump to conclusions.
These could be the marks of
friendly cinnamon-scented mice.
I'm just saying,
we need to be calm.
Well, that's easy for you to say.
You're not on a hit list!
Oh. No.
I'll just be moving along.
If we're all marked,
Alise and Lucas!
We'll leave right away
for Borromeo.
Puffin, you fly ahead.
Warn the children.
You stole our pink bellies!
We'll get revenge!
- How did you catch him?
- Sidearm cast-and-snatch.
It's a new
roping classic, buddo.
Yep! Say toodle-loo to the
overhand toss because...
I'll catch you up
on the details later.
You shouldn't have done
what you've done, ghost.
Those were our pink bellies.
But basically
it cinches tighter.
That's all I'm gonna say for now.
Details to follow.
Article 3,
section 19, point 1,
sub-clause A, addendum C,
particle M, slash umlaut.
"The penalty
for stealing pink bellies,
"if the guilty party
be a ghost, shall be..."
Life behind glass.
Get in.
I can't possibly fit in there.
Oh! Yeah!
In you go.
So no trial, huh?
Wait! Point of order, Nums.
It's a small thing
and yet a big thing.
Tiny yet gargantuan.
Miniscupule yet
- Lillipushkin yet...
- What?
You can't punish him
without a trial first!
If someone finds out we put him
in that jar without a trial,
they could technically,
set him free.
Wait, wait.
I got him here.
I'll get him in that jar
fair and square.
Game on! I've been
training all my life for this!
Well, all my
ghost life, anyway.
But that's still a life.
Here we go again.
On the upside,
I'm getting a trial.
On the downside, I'm being tried
by some pretty dumb animals.
A bouquet for every home
in Borromeo.
This is my favorite color.
Ah, here they are.
Puffin, it's so boring.
And if anything needs
protecting, it's the tulips.
I'm sorry, children, but
no one leaves the castle
until Derek and Odette say so.
Thank you, Puffin.
Mama! Papa!
Sweetheart, you're safe.
You saw what's
been done to my tulips.
Someone's leaving a mark.
- Do you have any idea what it means?
- I wish I did.
A statue
of Nicollo and Antonio.
It's slated for destruction,
but, until then,
I must attend
to more pressing matters.
King Sebastian!
Not to worry, Jasper.
We'll have it repaired
in no time.
Order in the court!
Hmm. That's a quality tool.
Do you promise not to tell
a bunch of big fat lies?
I certainly do.
My dear, diablical Mr. Scully,
not your first time
to Bogg Island?
- No, sir.
- The accused agrees.
Let it be so noted.
Uh... Never mind.
On your previous visit,
did you come as a ghost?
Objection! Your Honor, these questions
about ghosts are immaterial.
Get it?
because it's funny.
- Seriously?
- Proceed.
- The porpoise?
- I'm sorry. Are we talking about dolphins?
No! The porpoise
of your visit to Bogg Island.
I came to see my friends.
Your pink belly friends,
am I right?
And these pink belly friends,
are they the same pink bellies
my client was planning to eat?
The very same.
And then suddenly
they were set free.
Imagine that!
No further questions.
Never even took a class.
Mr. Scully. First, I wanna thank
you for being so transparent.
I'm killing me.
From now on, Mr. Scully
wants to represent himself.
So I wanted to make it fun.
Sue me.
Your Honor, I would like
to call a witness. Nums.
Will you state your name
for the record, sir?
- Nums.
- And that is your full name?
Is Nums your full name,
sir, or no?
Objection, Your Honor!
He's badgering the witness!
Badgering? Excuse me, Your Honor.
Nothing of the sort.
Badgers are fierce animals!
My question is friendly,
like a bunny rabbit.
Well, it's okay
to bunny rabbit the witness.
Your full name then, sir.
Um. Numsy...
Yes, and?
Wumsy, okay? Wumsy!
It's Numsy Wumsy!
Very well then, Mr...
I'm sorry. I'm sorry,
Your Honor.
I'm sorry.
All right, moving on.
What proof do you have that
I stole your pink bellies?
That was not
a bunny rabbit question.
He may not be badgering,
but he's at least
weaseling my client.
And weasels
can be fierce, too!
- No weaseling the witness.
- Fair enough.
Sir, you seem an honest Bogg.
I'm sure you wouldn't
accuse me of stealing
- if you didn't see it yourself, right?
- Yes.
So how did I do it?
When we weren't looking,
you untied their ropes
and hauled them off.
You saw me
do that, did you?
Yes, I did,
you thieving ghost!
Order. Order.
One final question before I turn
myself over to your justice.
Sir, would you be so kind as to take
up the gavel and throw it at me?
Throw it right at me. Just right
here in the old bread basket.
Here, "X" marks the spot.
Right here.
- Objection?
- What could you possibly object to?
Unless he throws
less like a Nums
and more like a Numsy Wumsy?
How does a ghost who can't
touch or be touched
untie ropes
and haul off pink bellies?
Did not see that coming.
Your Honor, I move
that you declare a mistrial!
Say he's guilty! Say it!
But we haven't deliberated.
- Guilty!
- It doesn't count!
Only a foreman can say
"guilty," and I'm the foreman.
Order in the court!
Bailiff, establish order!
I've been waiting
all day for that.
Come on! Get out of here!
This is not proper
courtroom decorum.
Oh. That can't be good.
- Princess!
- Scully!
There's a... We got a...
I think there's a...
Derek! Move!
- Good thing I'm a ghost.
- That was close.
Derek, he controls the rats.
He was spying on you.
- Then he whistled!
- Who?
A man in black.
I've seen him before.
Follow him, Scully.
He jumped.
I'm an innocent ghost!
You're a foo-gitive.
But Larry and I are
gonna fix that.
My men
are searching everywhere.
So far, no man in black.
I'm worried that he'll try
to hurt the children.
Don't worry.
Scully will find him.
Your Majesty.
The prisoner Nicollo requests
to speak with Prince Derek.
He says he has information
about the man in black.
I'll be back.
Prince Derek.
Don't get your hopes up.
Nicollo's mind
is quite undone.
No sign of the man in black
or Scully, I'm afraid.
- You?
- Just more rats.
Follow the rats! That's how
we can find the man in black.
I don't like it, Princess.
Let's leave that to Scully.
Well, when he
shows up, I will.
Until then,
I'm following the rats.
I can't believe
I just said that.
I'm gonna need help, Number 9.
Uh-huh. No way!
Talk to the paw, people.
- Number 9!
- Look, even if I wanted to,
the King would never allow it.
What are you gonna do?
I'm popular.
I've got it!
Follow the rats!
Your Highness?
And here's how you do it!
- Jasper!
- Are you sure?
I thought maybe...
Uh-uh. Jasper and I
may be royalty,
but when it comes to friends,
we are foot soldiers.
- Aren't we, Jasper?
- Only if you insist.
Help me.
- Scully?
- I can't find the man in black
with this fellow chasing me.
What fellow?
I don't see a fellow!
- Is there a fellow?
- It's a Bogg ghost.
Get Rogers.
He'll know what to do.
Oh. And tell him to bring
the thing I gave him.
I'll fly back
and let him know.
Hey, that buffed out
very nicely.
Red alert!
We need help tracking a ghost!
This pleases you?
It makes me insane with joy!
Oh, and Scully said to remember
to bring the thing he gave you.
Now, where is it?
It's in here somewhere.
I put it behind the...
No, it's not.
It's not. I forgot about that.
What don't you have in there?
Probably not a statue
of a monkey.
Toy dentures.
A beautiful maiden
to give me a kiss.
Paralyzing spray?
I call it "deodorant."
A fresh spy is a good spy.
My ghost rope.
No beautiful maiden,
but he's got a ghost rope!
Finally, our first venture
into the paranormal world.
Come on!
Um. I'll just stay here
in the normal world.
Which includes rats.
Paranormal world, here I come!
Sure, let the frog drive!
I've made a few improvements
to our communication system.
Young Tree Climber
awaits our first message.
You asked to see me?
You asked the man
to come here? Say something!
I did no such thing!
Who is he?
It's Prince Derek, fool!
His mother wrote the book.
Queen U to the Rescue.
You're the one who out-dueled
Antonio and ruined all our plans.
Back off! Get back!
Not only him.
There's the Queen, Lord Rogers,
that bird, the frog, the turtle,
Alise, Lucas! Not just him.
Excuse me. I, for one,
bow to you.
As do I.
Stop bowing lower than me.
You stop it.
I was told you had some information
about the man in black.
Well, tell him.
You tell him.
You are the
one who asked him here.
I did
no such thing! Who is he?
I think we're done here.
- Psst! Antonio's back.
- Antonio is back?
I just said that.
You think Antonio survived
a hurricane in a rowboat?
Oh, he could survive anything
with my inventions,
including a leap
from a tall building.
Just like he
survived leaping from the dam
in order to destroy it.
Oh! Yes, we were
the brains, you see?
He was just a pretty face.
Hey! What about mine?
No. Not possible.
Please, my friend,
let us help you capture him.
He's free because of us.
But he let us rot
in this prison!
We can find him.
We know how he thinks!
He'll get you
all if you don't listen to what we say.
Why were you marked, Derek?
Think about it.
It's all in the name.
It's all in the name!
He's back.
Blew it again, didn't you?
What? It's
all your looney talk that sunk us.
Looney talk?
I am the intelligent one here.
If I were you
I would listen to me
I would do as I say
And do as I do
Listen to you
Are you joking me?
I'd not
hold my breath If I were you
Without me,
you're nothing but trouble
Without me,
you're nothing at all
A world with just you
turns to rubble
Give up, give in
'Cause you'll never win
Just take your bow
And throw in the towel
Even I would, too
If I were you
If I was you
I would shut it and listen
And hear what you're missing
You might learn
a thing or two
Who's kidding who?
We both know whose show
this is No one opposes it
I'm rubber and you're glue
Without you,
my world keeps on turning
Without you, I'll be just fine
You're fine
I'm sublime
Now you're learning
Give up, give in
'Cause you'll never win
Just take your bow
And throw in the towel
I'm big, you're small
The harder they fall
You fool Halfwit
Just leave
Just quit
Even I would, too
If I were you
Are you there?
Young Tree Climber?
Come on, Lucas.
"Hello, Skinny Professor.
Scully here with me."
- Excellent!
- "Excellent."
"I have ankle bracelets."
No one cares about your jewelry.
Get to the point.
Do you mind?
"Do you mind?"
Why not tell him you're planning
to get a nose ring, too?
"I'm not getting a nose ring."
"Speed, stop sending..."
...every word I say!
You see? Tracking bracelets.
If you put it on
someone's ankle,
you can track
wherever he goes.
"Scully says..."
Can't put bracelet on a ghost.
"But put in jar
with ghost rope."
Shut my mouth.
- "Ghost bracelets a go."
- Wonderful.
"Come and put one on."
Tell him I'm on my...
"Scully chased off again."
Oh, dear!
I thought the King loved me.
But, no, he puts my last life
on the line.
Rats! Yuck.
Okay, scare them out,
and let's see where they go.
Those are huge tails.
There could be an
alligator on the other end.
They're just rats.
Look, every time I died,
all eight times,
I felt just like this
before it happened.
Scared out of my wits!
Then maybe it's time
to be brave,
to act like a cat
with royal blood.
Maybe it's time
to show the world
that Jasper is not
to be messed with.
What good is a life
If it's not
life worth living?
I'm not losing my ninth.
But it's just as well lost
What use is a soul
If it takes without giving?
There's a day to quit
And a day to fail
But today is not that day
It's time to stand
On all fours and man up
Be the cat that you are
and man up
When the voice in your head
starts to worry
Remember you're fierce
and you're furry
Don't give them paws Just
show them your claws and man up
- Take it from us
- Don't put up a fuss
If you don't even try
Then you'll fail
Why would I listen to you? You're
just a ghost who says, "boo"
And you, you're
as dead as a nail
There's a time to stand
There's a day to fight
And today we stand
With all our might
It's time to stand
On all fours and man up
I'm feeling something!
Be the cat that you are
and man up
Is this a conscience?
Could I really give up
not caring?
Be a cat with courage
and daring
I don't know if I can
But we're stuck in a jam
I could man up
- I'm the cat for the job
- Man up
- I'm a tiger inside
- Man up
Send those rats to their
fate in a scurry
I'll break out my fast
and my fury
Make your fur stand on end Let
your will never bend, man up
Don't be a doormat
Be a rat-catching cat, man up
Don't give them paws
Just show them your claws
- Yes, you can
- Yes, I can
Yes, you can
Now, man up
Now that there's no
music, I'm not really feeling it.
It was a catchy tune, though.
I'll give you that.
What? Fine, then I'll be
the alley cat.
I don't like this.
Uh... Go away. Vamoose!
Don't make me use these heels.
That's right. Turn and run. Run!
Back to the sewer with you!
I knew you had it in you.
Next time,
a little quicker please.
- Did you hear that?
- No, I didn't hear anything.
Scully said the man
in black whistled,
that the rats were under his control.
Let's follow.
"Has Scully returned?
"Need his help."
Scully hiding at wharf.
Brilliant. Tell him
I'm on my way.
Blasted glass.
Tricked again!
Mama said,
"Never trust a pink belly."
You were right, Mama.
We're going wireless, baby.
It won't do much good
to be able to track you
if I can't communicate
with you.
Who would've ever thought,
ghost gloves.
And communicator.
Can you hear me now?
Loud and clear.
- Can you hear me now?
- Roger.
- Can you hear me now?
- Roger.
- Can you hear me now?
- Roger!
Now, we just have to get
this other one on Hunch.
He's here.
No, Scully.
Oh, no.
Scully chased off.
"Be there soon."
I don't suppose you've
ever heard any rumors
about Count Antonio
surviving at sea?
Begging your pardon, Highness,
but do you know
anything about the sea?
Antonio rowed into Hurricane Sally,
which took ships
the size of that one,
begging your pardon, Highness, and
dashed them into matchsticks!
Right. Probably
a crazy question.
- Indeed it is, if you'll beg my...
- Pardon granted.
But is it?
It's all in the name.
It's all in the name.
All in the name.
"Antonio Zambrano."
He's back.
What is it, Prince Derek?
Antonio is the man in black.
- He's back.
- No.
Can you afford more guards to
protect Odette and the children?
- Oh, dear.
- What?
Odette is following the rats
to find the man in black.
Excuse me, Your Highness.
a go here.
Ready to commence
Operation Ghost Catcher.
This stuff can't be good
for the environment.
Jean-Bob, are you ready?
In position and ready.
All right. Go time.
Okay, Scully, show yourself,
me friend.
Here they come.
Got you!
This is a 2-12!
Obstructiating the pursuit
of a foo-gitive!
You're clear, Friendly Ghost.
Bogg Ghost moving in
the opposite direction.
Roger that, Skinny Professor.
- Mission accomplished.
- Not quite yet, General Puffin.
While Scully searches this
quarter, you search here.
We've got to find
the man in black!
I'm on it.
What's he look like?
He's a man
in black.
Well, it makes sense.
Come on, keep up, Number 9.
Well, okay, it's been fun.
Got to leave.
Got to get a caticure.
Oh, no. We're seeing
this through together.
No way. I'm not going
on their turf.
Okay. But go tell the King
I went underground alone.
By myself. With the rats.
Just me. Without you.
Okay, okay. Rats. I'm coming.
"How did you die, Number 9?"
"I followed rats into a sewer, yeah,
'cause I was trying to find a lunatic!"
"Doesn't sound too smart."
"Tell me about it."
I think
we're getting close.
This cat can't wait.
They went this way. Come on.
Not crazy about that.
Someone's trying to trap us.
You think? I'm out of here.
I've got eyes
on the man in black.
- What's he doing?
- Am I clear to investigate?
Clear to investigate.
- Wait!
- What?
Something's not right.
I don't think the trap
was for us.
But who then?
Derek! Move!
- Princess.
- Stop him. He's gonna trap Derek.
- He's going to trap Derek.
- Where, Friendly Ghost? Where?
Somewhere in section three.
Send help.
Do you copy?
I copy.
Skinny Professor?
Prince Derek in trouble!
Section three! Bring help!
Where's Odette?
If you've harmed her,
- Where's Prince Derek?
- I'm down here.
Get these grates open.
He's getting away!
- Odette.
- He wants you, Derek.
It's always been about you.
We need to go back to Nicollo.
Exactly. He's our
best lead to Antonio.
Your Royal Highness, here.
We might've lost the man
in black for the moment,
but we can find him again.
You didn't have a chance!
After them!
Giddy up, horsies.
Release my ghost, you...
You ghost!
Oh, no.
A word to the wise,
Hunch, old boy.
Not a word out of you!
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me three times,
double shame on me!
Fool me four times,
you get the jar, pal.
Hunch, old buddy, my friends
will know exactly where I am.
And when they come to
rescue me, let's face it,
your Bogg friends
won't be a match
for a fleet of ships and
soldiers, will they?
Fool me five times,
it's back to shame on me.
These things are
never as bad as they seem.
Let's just stay right here
and figure it out.
We have to persuade that Bogg
to let Scully go.
- Okay, I'll do it.
- What?
Weren't you going to tell me to get
in the jar and turn into a ghost?
Why would I say that?
So I can appear to Hunch as the
ghost of my alter ego, Green Thing.
Well, how does that help?
Because the Boggs
worship Green Thing,
and if Green Thing tells them to
let Scully go, they'll do it.
- Genius.
- Genius.
Some people are a little slow
on the uptake.
Sometimes it's best to let
him think it's his idea.
I've passed
to the great beyond.
It'll wear off in time.
And if it doesn't,
you've had a wonderful life.
I see. When he finishes...
- Okay.
- Hunch.
Green Thing.
C'est moi.
You died? I thought
you were immortal.
- No, just awesome.
- But how?
I had a cough. One thing led to another.
Look, the point is,
I have
a commandment for you.
You must let this ghost go!
Don't ask me to do this.
You know I can't.
You dare challenge
Green Thing?
Forgive me, Green Thing.
But this
is a matter of justice.
is a good thing, right?
How dare you lecture
Green Thing about justice!
Now, keep your eyes shut,
or Green Thing will make you
alive again
just so he can make you
not alive again.
What's going on here?
What's happened?
No one fools me six times!
I've got standards, you know!
Now I suppose you're gonna say
I asked them here.
Shh, you fool!
Let the good people talk.
Obviously, you were right
about Antonio being back.
I told you.
No, I told them!
I told them!
No, I told them!
You both told us! Okay?
I can agree with that.
Fine, we both said it.
But, really, I said it.
I heard that.
Hold on.
If you know how he thinks, you'll
tell us his next move. Now.
In exchange for...
How can you bargain
when lives are at stake?
Fine, no deal. No deal. Right?
Fine. You'll rot in here,
just as you feared.
Whatever he
would do has already happened.
That doesn't
tell us anything.
The children.
No. No, that's impossible.
Is it?
No sign of the man
in black anywhere.
- Have you seen the children?
- I thought they were with you.
We thought they were with you.
- Have you seen the children?
- Uh... Mmm-mmm.
Spy team, spread out.
The only chance of finding
them are the rats.
My thoughts exactly.
Alise! Lucas! Where are you?
That's him.
Come on.
Oh, no.
Whoa, whoa.
- No, no. Don't move. Don't move.
- No.
Please, let me.
Careful, Derek.
Papa, I'm so sorry.
You've got nothing
to be sorry for, Alise.
Now, let's see.
It's no good, Prince Derek. If
one of us tries to step out,
the scale tips,
and the other one will fall.
I can see that.
Do you trust me?
Now, jump to me on three.
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Take the children
to safety, Odette.
He's after you, Derek.
I won't leave you here.
But the children!
It's not safe here.
Go, Odette. Go.
Odette, if this is the end,
just know that I have
always loved you.
This is not the end.
Do you hear? Not the end!
The great Antonio Zambrano.
Back together
with Nicollo again?
Where is he? Not brave enough
to show his face?
Oh, quite the contrary.
I thought
he was supposed to be a smarty.
Only according to his mother.
But truly,
I do cherish her book.
I learned about every living creature
responsible for ruining my plan.
Then I marked each one
for revenge.
Your end will only
take the few seconds
required to fall
to the bottom.
But the others, the others
will die a little each day
for having lost
their beloved Prince Derek.
Come, it's not my fault.
We wouldn't even be here
if you hadn't been so lucky
as to avoid the chandelier
and the sewer trap.
Luck had nothing
to do with it.
Some people have friends,
real ones,
the kind who'll do anything
for the people they love.
Did you hear that,
my lovelies?
Actually, Derek,
they're quite devoted.
And more effective
than your friends.
After all,
you are going to lose.
I do have one last question.
Why the Z?
Oh, Derek.
I'm disappointed in you.
If only you had
more time in life,
perhaps then you would have learned
to look beyond the obvious.
I was about to say the same
thing to you.
Oh, Derek, I have
underestimated you.
That's it. I've had it!
Let them come
and try to rescue him!
Then we'll have all the
pink bellies we can eat!
Meat! Meat! Meat!
No! Listen to me!
The pink bellies
are not to be taken lightly.
They've got
those things, the...
And the...
And the...
If they come here,
that's all, folks.
- Let them try!
- Yeah!
Meat! Meat! Meat!
Like I'm gonna do that.
Please, Hunch,
all I want in the whole world
is to know my friends
are safe.
If you let me go,
I promise I'll come back.
Not possible.
- What now?
- Hunch, please.
If you let me go, I...
I will make the pink bellies promise
to never come rescue me. Ever.
Why would you sacrifice
everything for them?
Because they would
do it for me.
You better take this.
I will be back.
You better keep your word.
No! No!
- Skinny Professor.
- Skinny Professor here.
Come join me, fast as you can.
Derek's at the hangar.
Puffin, get Odette.
They'll search
the pit for you,
but you're going to disappear in
a way they'll never find you.
And, you know, this prototype
certainly had its share of problems,
but it always did
one thing well. Sink.
But just in case
you get free...
Poor Derek. So many friends, but not a single one in sight.
Here, take one of mine.
Bon voyage.
Puffin, the winch.
- I'm on it, Princess!
- Come on.
It's no good.
- Oh, dear.
- No.
- Skinny Professor.
- Scully.
- Scully.
- I'm with Derek. What can I do?
Tell me what you see.
Dials, knobs, gauges, levers.
I don't know. Why?
There was a surface lever,
but Nicollo broke it off.
Oh, Derek, so good
to hear your voice.
Is there anything
that can improvise as a lever?
- A straight wrench.
- Jam it in.
Derek is tied up tight.
Then you do it.
No. Never mind.
It's a catchy tune,
Derek, but focus.
It fits.
It won't move.
No, it won't just yet.
Follow my directions closely.
There should be a discombobulator
box by your knees.
- Got it.
- Re-pressurize it
by disconnecting
and reconnecting it.
Not much time to figure this
out, Scully.
Now, nincomfit the cogmaster.
Give it a good smack.
It worked.
Now, push down the rise lever.
- Derek!
- He's losing consciousness.
There's not enough oxygen.
Derek, listen to me!
He's passed out.
Derek, it's me.
My darling,
you can't sleep now.
Not now. Take a breath, Derek.
You can do this.
Far longer than forever
I'll hold you in my heart
It's working.
It's almost like you're
here with me
Although we're far apart
Oh, my friends...
It worked.
Quick. Outside.
- Prince Derek!
- Prince Derek!
Going somewhere?
Can I at least
go say goodbye?
You're not going anywhere.
How'd I do, Mama?
Well, I'm trying.
What are you waiting for?
What? No, no, come back!
No! Come back!
Get me down!
So, in a way,
my book was responsible...
Please, Uberta, we don't want
you to feel responsible for...
For bringing down
Nicollo, too?
Yes. Exactly.
Well, you know
what this means, don't you?
It's time for a sequel,
I know if I fall
You'll catch me right
And I know if I call
You'd be there until
Don't have to say anything
I'll be there for you too
It's like we live
in a fairy tale, the dream
Well ever after
Is all it's meant to be
After all that's
said and done
It's me and you
After all that we've learned
After all the storms
have come and gone
You lift me
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You lift me up
With every vow I make
If there's a breath
That's left to take
I lift you up
In the face
Of every rise and fall
It's you and me
still after all
I remember like yesterday
when we met
Two wide-eyed kids
Chasing the sunset
We didn't know
where we would go
But we found our way somehow
We watched our story turn
with every page
Our love got stronger
with each passing day
After all that's
said and done
It's me and you
After all that we've known
After all the storms
have come and gone
You lift me up
You lift me up
With every vow I make
If there's a breath
that's left to take
I lift you up
In the face
of every rise and fall
It's you and me
still after all
The moon will always chase
The sun across the sky
A lucky star will fall
And until our last embrace
I am yours
After all
And after all
That we've known
After all the storms
have come and gone
You lift me up
You lift me up
With every vow I make
If there's a breath
That's left to take
I lift you up
'Cause after all the things
we've known
After all the storms
Have gone
I lift you up
In the face of
Every rise and fall
It's you and me
still after all