The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music (2019) Movie Script

Tomorrow you set sail to compete in the
greatest music competition in the world.
By hard work,
you have earned this right, my son.
Is this not so, Ru?
It is so, Divine Emperor.
May your devotion bring honor
to your country and to your home.
Let no dalliance, no personal venture
come between you and victory.
I give you my promise, Father.
If only your sister shared your wisdom.
One would think
twins would be more alike in this way.
Father, is it not possible...?
I know your feelings are tender for her, Li.
That's as it should be.
But things cannot be changed.
-Say no more.
Now, when you arrive
for the music festival,
you will deliver this gift
to the Swan Princess.
The Swan Princess.
-Mei Li, my love.
I must tell you something very difficult.
-Let me speak first, darling.
-Mei Li--
Will you speak until the last ray of sun
is gone and you're a dragon again?
Forgive me. Our few seconds together
are too precious to waste. You first.
Tomorrow my brother sails
to the kingdom of the Swan Princess.
She could show us
how to break the sorcerer's spell.
Mei Li, it is a dream, a wild wish.
-We will never break the spell.
It's time for me to go far away
so you will be free to love another.
No. I won't let you go.
You must.
I was once the one who said
our love could not be.
An emperor's daughter
and a common artist.
And it was you who convinced me that
our love was stronger than dark magic.
You may not believe that anymore,
but I do.
I will stow away on Li's boat
and sail to the Swan Princess.
You must follow.
We'll soon be free to be together.
I know it.
Mei Li wouldn't let me leave
without telling me goodbye, would she?
No, Master Li.
I've never tutored
a more kind and thoughtful person.
She'll be here.
-Of course I will.
-There you are.
I wish you could come.
Oh, you're so kind.
-I'm so sorry that Father--
-Please, don't worry about me.
You have a dream to fulfill.
And my heart will always be with you.
The tea leaves have spoken.
Li's journey will be safe.
That is good.
I want you to break the spell
on Mei Li and Chen.
You've read the spell, Divine Emperor.
Only your child can break it.
-But surely you can--
-I can do nothing.
Be strong, Divine Emperor.
She will surrender in time.
Well, we will see.
Warn Prince Li.
Tell him to get below deck.
Cut her off!
She's over there.
Hurry. Hurry.
-There she is.
You're not going anywhere.
Protect yourself!
I'm so lucky, Ru.
To sing
at the Swan Princess Music Festival.
An honor indeed.
But we should go below now, Master Li.
Too much sea air can damage the voice.
I suppose you're right, Ru.
-Let's go.
-On the other hand...
just the right amount of sea air
can be a good thing.
Oh, okay. You always know best, Ru.
You screamed for me, dear queen?
Do you know what I see
down there, Chamberlain?
Lord Rogers giving a castle tour
to the music-festival finalists.
Four of them. Not five. Four.
Prince Li still hasn't arrived?
Of course he hasn't,
because you haven't been here
watching for him
every single minute
of every single day.
-But-- But--
-Oh, no excuses, Chamberlain.
Just make it happen.
See it. See the ship.
And so it was
that our late, beloved Scully
saved the Swan Princess.
So this animal could walk
and talk to humans?
Why, of course.
In our kingdom,
animals walk and talk all the time.
All right. Everyone good?
-Why not?
Excellent, then.
Today, a special treat.
I'll show you where you'll be performing.
The acoustics are state-of-the-art.
Okay, come on.
It's getting there.
Puffin, old friend. Can you do that thing
where you drop a pin?
I want them to hear the acoustics.
If you don't mind, Rogers, the situation
demands our complete attention.
All right.
Just a skosh higher on the left side.
Actually, a skosh would be too much.
A smidgen will do.
No, wait a second. How can that be?
A skosh is smaller than a smidgen.
Oh, is that so? Well, as the former
minister of Weights and Measures...
Rogers, please.
...I can assure you the sequence is,
a touch, a skosh, and then a smidgen.
A wee tick comes before a skosh.
What's a "wee tick"?
-Oh, it's about like this:
-Oh, it's about like this:
Everyone, freeze.
What did I tell you? Perfect acoustics.
You finally came back.
Well, I couldn't miss
your coming-of-age ball.
Wow, you've grown up.
You too.
I'm really sorry.
No, no. It was worth it.
I mean, it's fine.
So you've been teaching people
how to grow flowers?
Yep. Mostly in countries
where people don't have much.
Sounds like
you're doing the work of angels.
Speaking of angels,
you're pretty good at that harp.
You wanna learn? I can teach you.
A little too fancy for me. I'm more of
a hollow-log-and-stick kind of guy.
Well, hopefully
you're not too primitive for dancing.
There's tons of dancing
in a coming-of-age ball, Lucas.
And I'm putting you on my dance card.
If you're willing to risk sore toes,
princess, I'm willing to step on them.
I better go.
Yeah, my parents don't even know
I'm back yet.
Coming back tomorrow?
I'll bring fresh tulips
just for you to crush.
No boat. Gee, no boat. No boat.
Hi, Chamberlain.
Do you still have my dance card?
It's not filled out yet.
No boat.
What are you doing?
Our swords.
Prepare for battle, lassie!
Scalawags coming aboard.
Outnumbered 10 to one.
Aye, but I never cared much for math.
So it's our final hour, then.
It appears so.
Then I guess now's the time
to tell ye me secret.
You got a little something stuck
in your teeth.
Well, then,
your breath could slay dragons.
Then perhaps we have a chance
with these rogues after all.
Shall we?
-For the Swan Princess!
-For the Swan Princess!
We'd better get out of here
before the welcome committee sees us.
Oh, no. I am the welcome committee.
She's beautiful.
I am Prince Li, of noble birth.
I bring the Swan Princess greetings
from my father, the emperor of Cathay.
And we have something for you as well.
Is it common to laugh
at another's misfortune in this kingdom?
It is not.
Please accept my most sincere apology.
It is a trifle.
My father taught me
an emperor who cannot abide ridicule
cannot abide the throne.
Your father is very wise.
Now, that is how a future king behaves.
"Do you think Alise would ever...
marry a regular guy?"
You mean,
a regular guy named Lucas?
I'm crazy, right?
You need a little crazy
to make your dreams...
"...come true."
Well, now,
what do you mean, you see smoke?
I mean, when I look,
my eyeballs see smoke.
What kind of smoke?
The smoky kind of smoke.
Smoke, huh? Okay, let's go.
I beg your forgiveness for our intrusion.
We mean no harm.
Who are you?
I am Princess Mei Li, and this is Chen.
Let me see, now.
You were making a gift of fireworks
for the Swan Princess?
It is our custom.
This one accidentally lit.
I have caused alarm for you,
and I am so sorry.
And that's how we came to be here.
We'll do whatever we can to help you.
You have our promise.
One last thing.
My brother cannot know I am here.
I must not distract him
from the promise he made to our father.
Well, that means
no one can know you're here.
Except us.
Quickly, this way.
Well, it appears
it was just a harmless smoke bomb.
I see. Well, thank you, Puffin.
Now, now.
Is there any need to investigate further?
Nope, nope, it's fine.
Now, if you don't mind,
I need some sleep.
I'm really dragging. I mean, I'm tired.
I'm not a dragon. No one's a dragon.
Good night.
And that's my grandfather. King William.
And now, Chamberlain will take you
to the royal kitchen for a special treat.
This way.
This tour is pleasant,
but I must excuse myself.
I have things much more important to do.
Such as?
Practicing. Winning.
Well, they all seem to be enjoying it.
Their dedication is not like mine.
The kitchen is this way.
You are going to love
Chef Ferdinand's famous Epilia cookies.
Well, I don't know about "famous."
Well-known, maybe.
Perhaps legendary.
Indeed, they are.
Please, try one.
What do you think, Prince Li?
I am not at all fond of these.
Oh, well, I...
Maybe I have something else.
You don't need to
offer anything else, Ferdinand.
These are perfect.
And now it's time to see the royal library.
That was a very unkind thing
you said to Ferdinand.
In my country,
honesty is a most important virtue.
Perhaps it is not the same here.
We value honesty
as much as you or any country does.
But we also value manners,
which you don't seem to have.
Oh, I hope Prince Li loses. I really do.
To have that boorish bag of wind
sing at my coming-of-age ball
would really be too much.
No. "Bag of wind." I hear you.
Well, you wouldn't find it funny
if you'd been there.
Look, he's probably a good guy
who just does things differently.
Boys always take each other's side.
Well, where I come from,
honesty is a most important virtue.
We must work quickly.
When we broke the spell,
I was lying right here because, well...
Because you flew here as a swan,
but then you transformed, and you died.
And you died because Derek fell in love
with a different woman.
Is that how they tell the story
where you're from?
Yes. You couldn't find her,
so you fell in love with another woman.
No, no, I didn't fall in love
with another woman.
I just made a vow of everlasting love
to another woman.
I was tricked.
The woman I made the vow to
was a haggard old woman.
But I couldn't tell the difference
between her and Odette.
Little help here?
Prince Derek has only ever loved me.
And that love broke the spell.
Right. So when you go back,
if you could set the record straight...
The sun.
Quickly, lie here.
And I was kneeling next to her,
sort of cradling her.
But Chen is the one with the spell.
Okay. Switch it up.
And I said, "I love you, Odette."
And then I kissed her forehead.
I only want to break the spell...
to prove my love.
I love you, Chen.
Your kindness and courage.
I always have.
Do you feel different?
But didn't you say,
"I make a vow of everlasting love"?
No, that was before.
I'm pretty sure you did.
Odette, you were kind of dead.
Oh, right.
This is not working.
I have made a thousand vows
of everlasting love.
As have I.
There must be a different way.
Scully. We need Scully.
Of course.
Well, good job, boys.
A little wordy, but very impressive.
And now, our...
And now, our festival finalists.
From Indus...
From Kievan Rus...
From Azania...
From San Salamanca...
And finally...
from Cathay...
Prince Li.
Oh, can't wait.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the Swan Princess,
Princess Odette.
Thank you.
Not too long ago, when the darkness
of Rothbart's spell was lifted,
we vowed that every year
we would celebrate love and light.
And what better way than with music?
Now, each night this week,
at the end of our show,
one of our finalists from around the world
will perform.
And this year,
the winner will also sing
for the first dance
at Princess Alise's coming-of-age ball.
Thank you.
And now, let's meet the judges.
Switch. Oh, no.
She's number one in the kingdom
and number one in your heart.
No one's cooler than our ruler,
Queen Uberta.
He's a scientist, inventor, and raconteur.
The brain you can't explain, Lord Rogers.
He's a frog.
What about,
"Jean-Bob, a handsome prince"?
Now let the festival begin.
Please welcome
our first finalist to perform.
From Azania, Humbelani.
Okay, cue Humbelani set.
Give it to me, give it to me
Give me attention rapidly
Give me attention, give me attention
Give me attention, listen to me
So stomp your feet
And pound the street, whoa-oh
And raise your hands into the sky
If you want more, get on the floor
I'll make you fly so high
Fly so high you'll touch the sky
Movin' it, movin' it, shaka boom boom
Turnin' it, turnin' it, like a zoom zoom
-Like a zoom zoom
-Shaka boom boom
Movin' it, movin' it, shaka boom boom
Turnin' it, turnin' it, like a zoom zoom
-Like a zoom zoom
-Shaka boom boom
-Zoom zoom shaka boom boom
-Zoom zoom shaka boom boom
Dearest Humbelani...
I am moved beyond measure.
I have a feeling we may just be
hearing from you again at the ball.
Thank you.
I think it was a little pitchy.
That's how you get ratings, baby.
What are you booing me for?
He's the one who can't sing.
Now, that's what I call music.
I'd really be okay if Humbelani won.
I said, anyone but Prince Li.
Apologize? To him?
We can't have people thinking
we favor one finalist over another.
-And most of all, dear,
we must not let people think
it's okay to be unkind.
It's gonna be really hard.
Oh, dear, there are many hard things
to do in this world.
Swimming the English Channel,
reaching the North Pole,
my hairdo every morning.
But the hardest of all...
is apologizing.
Well, that's what I've heard, anyhow.
First, she disrespects me
with a gift of dogtail.
Cattail, Master Li.
An insulting gift either way.
And now this.
She has hurt my chance
to bring honor to my people.
I am certain you will win.
And you will sing at the ball too.
What do I care about that?
It will only add to the honor of winning.
Your father would want that.
Yes, I suppose.
But that Princess Alise.
She is insufferable.
Do you hear, Ru? Insufferable.
Yes, Master Li. Insufferable.
Prince Li, I'm sorry if you were offended.
I'm sorry I offended you. I...
Just be your honest self.
-You'll do great.
-No, no, no. Wait.
I was told to meet you here.
-Look. I...
-What is this?
Oh, it's my harp.
It's wonderful.
I have something like this at home.
Would you like to play?
I would love to.
Our strings are arranged
the opposite way.
-Do you mind?
-Oh, no, not at all.
Yes. I no longer feel like
I'm sitting backwards on a horse.
You are very good.
Thank you.
My father made us practice every day.
But my sister refused.
She said it was too hard.
That was incredible.
It really was.
Look, I'm sorry for what I said last night
and for the way I welcomed you.
The fuzz and everything.
Let's start over, shall we?
I am Prince Li of noble birth.
I bring you greetings.
Welcome, Prince Li.
I see. I see. Okay.
Well, there are very few ways
to break a spell, you know.
Most famous, of course,
thanks to these two,
is the vow of everlasting love.
But didn't the vow kill Odette?
Nope. She's alive. Standing right here.
Let it go, darling.
I broke the spell.
I know. We all know.
Do we?
All right, moving right along.
The next most famous is true love's kiss.
I assume you and Chen have smooched?
Oh, many times. Thousands of times.
All right, then. Magic potions it is.
Potions. Potions. Who's got the potions?
We got love potions,
potions to make you rich,
potions to flatten your tummy?
Seriously? It's called sit-ups, people.
Transformational potions, right here.
Okay, dachshund to human,
dingo to human.
Here we go, dragon to human.
First, a few questions
about your dragon friend.
-Scales or fur?
-Wings, no wings?
-No wings.
-Fire-breathing or just hot breath?
Okay, good.
Now, let me see those ingredients.
Got it, got it, got it.
We need a drop of dragon blood.
Okay, where do we...?
How about right there...?
What about right here?
These scales are like steel, big guy.
Way to go.
Is there anything we can use instead?
I'm afraid not. It's not like a recipe where
you can swap out butter for apple sauce.
I know what to do.
So how'd the apology go?
It was fine.
-You two are friends now?
-I guess.
But he's still
a boorish bag of wind, right?
What happened to
"He's probably a good guy"?
I'll switch places with you.
It's okay.
Good luck, mademoiselle.
Oh, and for the record,
I disagree with Lord Rogers.
Your dress doesn't look anything
like an old potato sack.
Please welcome, from Kievan Rus,
A silver breath in the moonlight
A frost that stings your eyes
The snowflakes fall at midnight
Like diamonds in the sky
From Moscow to Mailika
We all unite in song
We bow our heads and say a prayer
To warm our hearts
All winter long
Winter on the Volga
Celebrate under the northern lights
Come and dance the Troika
Gather the ones you love
In a world of white
-I couldn't agree more.
I do have one little, tiny,
tiny suggestion.
Yes, I know. You tell someone
my dress look like potato sack.
But this dress is made by my mother.
And I think is beautiful.
Who loves her dress?
How's it feel, Lord "Wrongers"?
-Look over there.
-It's so beautiful.
-It's like a dream.
Come meet the finalists.
This is my friend Lucas.
He's the best tulip farmer ever.
They are so beautiful.
I've never seen anything like it.
Such color.
Please, have one.
-Thank you.
-They're gorgeous.
How kind.
Here's one for you, Li.
No, no. This is good.
In my country, when you give someone
a broken flower,
it reminds them
that we live among broken people
and must help them.
So I am honored for the reminder.
You are sure it is safe?
I'm sure.
He can do that thing
where you hit the bullseye,
and then you hit the arrow
that hit the bullseye,
-and then you hit--
I'll tell you about it later. It's fantastic.
Better try again.
Hold on.
-Got it.
-Okay, quickly now.
Oh, no.
On the upside, that's gonna give you
a better grip.
Downside, you're still a dragon.
Was something wrong with the potion?
I think those dried truffles may have
passed their "enjoy by" date.
All right, my friends,
it's time I got a look at the actual spell.
Please welcome, from San Salamanca,
Deep in the forest of Los Conchicos
Where the passion of life is born
I hear all nature as it calls
I feel a powerful force is coming
As the sun begins to greet the morn
And one raindrop becomes a waterfall
Isabela. Come on.
Listen to the magic of mi mundo
All around you
Moving to the rhythm of la tierra
It surrounds you
Livin' life like la cascada
-La cascada
-Let the rhythm wash over you like rain
All of life's problemas no es nada
A canopy of light from night to day
-Like la cascada
-La cascada
Like la cascada
Like la cascada
Not one negative word from you.
Holy frijoles, fantstica.
You might just be nmero uno.
Maybe you should...
Oh, come on.
I never knew my mother.
She died when I was very young.
-Mine too.
-But I thought...
No, the prince and princess
are my second parents.
-I lost my first parents.
-I am so sorry.
No, please don't be.
I mean, I wish I had known my mother.
And I miss my father every day.
But to get a second mother and father,
so kind, so loving...
Life has been much more kind
than cruel to me.
You deserve your good fortune.
And your father?
I know he loves me.
But he can be very hard.
My twin sister defied his wishes.
In return, he broke her heart.
I'm so sorry.
I was wrong about you.
You're very kind.
I was wrong too.
Very wrong.
Good night, princess.
-Did you...?
-No idea.
You've been in my father's palace
for a long time, haven't you, Ru?
I knew your grandfather, Master Li.
You were there
when my father got married.
Indeed, I was.
So how old was he then?
Just your age, Master Li. Eighteen.
Really? I didn't know.
Is Master Li thinking
18 would be a good age
to find an empress of his own?
The thought never crossed my mind.
Who would I marry, anyhow?
Certainly not that insufferable
young Princess Alise.
Good night, Master Li.
"I need your help, skinny professor.
Come to the castle...
"...right away, young tree climber."
Great. Thanks.
Everything was going perfectly,
and then he shows up.
And he starts breaking flowers,
and, "Oh, I'm so sensitive..."
and "Watch me play the harp
It's over, Rogers. I've lost her.
Two words. Fiddle-faddle.
Li may be royal,
he may sing like a bird,
he may be strong in spirit and limb,
he may be handsome
as the day is long...
All right, already, I get it.
But you, you, young Lucas,
have something he can never take away.
-What, jealousy?
You're number two
on Alise's dance card.
That's it? That's your solution?
Nothing is as intoxicating
to a young lady
as being spun about a ballroom
to the old one-two-three.
If you want to win Alise back,
you'll start learning right now.
What if Prince Derek had given up
when Princess Odette
was captured as a swan?
What if he said
it wasn't possible to find her?
None of us would be where we are today,
including you.
But I'm not Prince Derek.
If I can find the spell,
I can break the spell. Most times.
Come, dark water.
Show me where they meet each sunset.
The spell must be in jeopardy.
I should check it for a weakness.
I hope I can remember all this.
My father's sorceress is very dangerous.
I hope I have not put Scully in peril.
There's only one way to capture Scully.
And it's not easy.
Did you think Fang
doesn't know how to capture--?
Say goodbye to your dark water.
No. No!
Watch this.
Yes. That was amazing.
Of course. He does riding tricks.
-Whoa, boy.
-May I?
-Thank you.
You are so beautiful.
We better go.
I'm in love.
I admit it.
I mean, I know I said
she was insufferable.
And she was, I thought.
But then something changed.
And she became...
Yes. Sufferable.
Very sufferable.
I've never met a girl
as sufferable as she is.
You'll tell Father it wasn't my fault, right?
Falling in love is never anyone's fault,
Master Li.
But you must remember
the promise you made to your father.
I will.
I will win this competition.
And I will win Alise's heart as well.
Lose something?
How can you choose him?
I don't understand.
Neither do I.
It just happened.
But I thought we...
I'm sorry, Lucas.
I knew I was crazy to think
that we could end up together.
And now for our final performance
this evening.
Please welcome, from Indus,
Do you wanna know why
I light up the sky?
Day or night, it doesn't matter
I fly so high
I throw these colors around
And they catch your eye
So show your colors
Show your colors
There's always time to party
And celebrate
A different shade, tailor-made
All in good taste
Everybody feelin' good
And feelin' all right
-So show your colors
-Show your colors
Put your hands together
Clap and show me what you got
Let the rhythm move you
Show your colors to the sky
Put your hands together
Clap and show me what you got
Let the rhythm move you
Show your colors to the sky
Show your colors to the sky
Nothing's ever black and white
Let them shine for the world to see
Paint your colors all around
Your feet 10 feet off the ground
We love you!
Light the world for you and me
Show your colors
Show your colors
Show your colors
Show your colors
You first, Jean-Bob.
Thank you.
Take your time, Jean-Bob.
Let the drama grow.
Wait for it. Wait for it.
That was a disaster.
Oh, I agree.
Jean-Bob means a disaster,
because, well, its beauty destroyed us.
Perfectly spoken, Jean-Bob.
No, I mean it was pitiful.
Yes, exactly. Pitiful.
I am full of pity for anyone
who didn't get to hear it.
You're spot-on today, Jean-Bob.
Oh, yes, so positive and inspiring.
No. I'm negative and dispiriting.
Jean-Bob has helped us all
to see the beauty of Samar's song.
Okay, now go straight across
from that vertical line.
Very good.
Now, add a little upward flair.
Hey, that's it.
That's it. That's exactly what I saw.
Now, how about that?
If my old brain's still working, that's it.
There's only one way to break the spell.
"Your child must surrender true love."
I didn't wanna say it before.
The last way to break a spell
is by sacrifice.
Someone has to sacrifice
something precious.
I cannot let you spend your life
like this.
I'm ready to do what I must.
I surrender my true love.
I surrender my true love!
Can you not hear me?
I surrender!
I do. I surrender.
Why isn't it working?
Because you can't.
Your head may want to,
but your heart can't let go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Chen. I'm sorry.
If you cannot set me free,
then I will set you free.
And if you love me, truly love me...
you will find another.
No. No.
Goodbye, my darling.
And finally,
all the way from Cathay,
Prince Li.
Me in love.
The judges have reached
a unanimous decision.
No matter what the outcome,
you all have helped us celebrate
the power of love.
And the winner of this year's festival is...
Prince Li.
I had a feeling you'd come here.
Are you willing to pay the price
to get what you want?
I'm here, aren't I?
Then be a man,
and dance with me.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
The basic movement of the waltz
is a square, two--
-A regular square, not a trapezoid.
-Regular square. Got it.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Feel it, two, three.
Don't fight it, two, three.
There you go. That's better.
Now, your head should always turn
in the direction your body is turning.
Turn right.
The other right.
Don't give up on me. I can do it.
One, two, three. One, two, three.
Better. Better.
You see?
Waltzing is all about the rise and fall.
Rise and fall. Rise and fall.
Rise and fall.
Rise and--
Please tell me that isn't my foot.
On second thought,
perhaps you should try chocolates.
No. You said dancing
would win Alise back.
So dancing it's going to be.
I like your pluck, boy.
I'm not losing her to Li
without putting up a fight.
One, two, three. One...
Try to stay on the dance floor, Lucas.
I can't wait.
Chamberlain, dance card.
Yes, yes.
Good. Derek is first, of course.
Second is Lucas?
Well, yes. Alise, she--
No, no, no.
Put in Prince Li instead.
This will be Alise's only chance
to dance with young men
from every corner of the world.
My father would die if he saw
how much fun I was having.
What is all this?
Okay, you can't tell anyone.
I was a spy once.
A spy?
Me and Lucas.
These were all of Lucas' bow ties.
But, of course,
they're not really bow ties.
They're spy tools. State-of-the-art.
Lucas figured them all out.
He's super smart.
And this? I will guess.
It is a crutch that acts as a harpoon.
No. It's just a crutch.
Lucas broke his leg defending me.
He was very brave.
Lucas' spy suit.
He felt shy about it. I don't know why.
He was so handsome in it.
We better get dressed for the ball.
Very well.
I had such fun today.
And I can't wait to hear you sing tonight.
Dear Lucas.
I thought you might like
an updated outfit for the ball.
Yours, Lord Rogers.
Hashtag "good luck."
Hashtag "you can do it."
Hashtag "win."
He'll be here.
I cannot live without him.
And he cannot live without me.
He will be here.
He must be here somewhere.
Chen? Chen.
-If I come to you tonight, dear one,
-It's me. I'm here.
then I will come to you every night
for the rest of our lives,
and you will never be free.
Go, my love.
Chen, where are you?
He was here, wasn't he?
I know it. Did I miss him?
It's beautiful, Mother.
I'm sorry, Lucas.
Mei Li?
He won the competition.
And tonight he'll sing at the ball.
I'm so happy for him.
He has brought honor to our people.
Would you like to come and listen?
We'll be back soon.
And now...
And now,
a final round of applause
for our festival finalists.
And this year's winner
of the Swan Princess Music Festival...
Prince Li.
It's our special privilege
to celebrate
the coming of age of Princess Alise.
For Alise's first dance with her father,
we will be favored to hear again
from Prince Li.
Queen Uberta.
I want to ask your gracious permission
to break tradition this once.
I ask that while I sing tonight,
that my friend Lucas...
dance with Princess Alise.
What--? I...
Rogers, what should I do?
Do it. Do it.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
He's headed for the castle.
You look beautiful tonight.
Thank you.
May I?
Now pull her to you ever so slightly...
Even if I had the strength
Even if I could be brave
I don't know how to let you go
Oh, how I've tried
'Cause living without you
Is like living a lie
A world without color
A lost lullaby
And living without you
Is like gasping for air
A day without sunlight
A night without prayer
So hurry
Before I change my mind
I give my heart
I give my life
So take my heart
Take my goodbye
I close my eyes
And let you fly
Take my goodbye
Mei Li.
What's going on here?
You broke the spell.
Li broke the spell?
"Your child must surrender true love."
Of course.
He's the emperor's child too.
Well done, Master Li.
Don't even think about it.
I'm told you wanted to see me, princess.
I wanted to say...
thank you.
And that...
I will never forget you.
Nor will I.
Goodbye, Prince Li.
Goodbye, princess.