The Sweetest Christmas (2017) Movie Script

a little bit more snow oh that looks
great and I think that's a wrap
perfect all right now I'll email these
off and just keep my fingers crossed
do you think you'll get into the contest
this year Kylie who knows maybe this
year I'll have a Christmas miracle oh
thank you for your help ladies speaking
that's terrific Holly can I the tree I
thought you might ask her that
so I made these I want a star me too
well I actually maybe Sri sama but you
know what if you even really fast I'll
never know Julie I saw all right have a
seat the great thing about pretend
baking is that it can happen just as
easily in the living room far away from
real hot ovens Kylie this is even better
than that sleigh you made a few weeks
you think you talk about the one for the
American gingerbread competition let's
hope so cuz that one didn't even get me
a rejection letter you still haven't
heard back
ah that's a shame you really could use
that prize money oh come on who needs
$25,000 okay don't tell me that you made
this for the hockey Holmes Christmas
party yeah I love baking and it it's
kind of part of my job to make sure the
office looks festive as the receptionist
in temporary receptionist who spent too
much money on culinary school to be
answering phones have you heard me
answer the phone
ahem good afternoon hockey Holmes we
make dreams come true don't you think
every time I pick up the phone I wish I
was picking up a pastry bag there's only
eight restaurants in this town only one
that could afford a pastry chef Oh Shay
Phillippe you were amazing there I'm
just wish amazing gonna kept the owner
from selling the place or you know if
you're cooking school debt oh you've had
an unlucky years.this I'm lucky I'm
I was sister he lets me live here for
free you have to pay me in cookies and
an amazing boyfriend Alex who can throw
me some receptionist work temporary so
temporary that I actually applied for a
start-up loan yesterday for your cake
business yes if it's approved
Kylie's cakes calm will be up and
running by June and I note I may not
have to live here for very long because
I really feel like things are things are
gonna change this Christmas alex has
been really dialing up the romance Alex
mr. business yes he's being very
suspicious about our anniversary dinner
oh so you think he has something planned
I mean when it's meant to be it's meant
to be right
what is with this coffeemaker
how is it the best boyfriend ever is the
worst coffeemaker ever nonsense Kylie
I'm a builder are known for our
handiness make it a double
today's nuts got three building
inspections to plan reviews lunch when
the new investor not to mention our big
event yes that was all that coming along
great I bought some new heels and my
dresses in the car but the Christmas
party isn't until next week Christmas
let's see the invites are out we've got
50 confirmed so far you booked a string
quartet yes and gave them your setlist
brilliant I have full confidence in you
Kylie this is gonna be the best party we
have ever had
without a doubt Alex I was actually
talking about tonight you know our
anniversary dinner a plan
aa dinner of course I hope you worked up
an appetite you are going to love this
uh-huh yeah where we going
he won't tell me he's doing everything
himself he says everything has to be
really yes yes enough whispering you too
oh we have a lot to pack in before we
all go home for the holidays tomorrow
but I know with your help we can slay it
get it
slay cuz it's Christmas
Oh like slay slay of course
good thing he's handsome uh he's
adorable there are only eight
restaurants and Helen and I'm gonna
figure it out hold on more step oh I
smell garlic Oh
I've narrowed it down to six no
narrowing but you forget that this nose
has been to culinary school I mean this
know this has been it's been your is
inside Michelin star restaurants where
are we going almost and here to the
right okay the world every time you walk
into one of these places knowing that
that's all behind you oh actually I'm
really passionate about baking but maybe
eating good yeah what's wrong
you said pizzas your favorite no it is
just this restaurant is five-star
pizzeria that we've never been to before
what's the problem we've never been here
before because it's actually a menus for
allow me lobster to Lazio truffle
fontina and a nice bottle deserve am I
hello we have a reservation under hockey
the special yeah it's already let me
know if you
hi-hi-hi neck
Kylee Watson in my restaurant the guys
are gonna have to up their game there's
a real chef in the house tonight you two
know each other
it was a million years Alex do you
remember the guy in the prom photo I
showed you you're that guy in the flesh
- about 10 pounds of hair product Nick
this is uh this is my boyfriend Alex
hockey of hockey Holmes you must be the
luckiest guy in Helen well I can't take
credit for Crested Manor that's a team
no man builds an artificial lake on his
own oh I'm lucky because you know what
let's just get you to your table
well I'm sorry Kylie it's the buyers
from that lakefront property who closed
us tomorrow so much surprise sorry I
feel ridiculous yeah we do but honestly
I thought you left town once a Philippe
closed down uh no no I actually got
lucky cuz Alex was able to give me a job
in socks steady work yeah it's not as
exciting is working in kitchen but I
hope that doesn't mean you stop baking
no I still enter a contest every now and
then but you know with so many celebrity
chefs these days it's well amateurs
don't really stand a chance
amateur please you're a pro oh come on
you can't let one close restaurant get
you down you have a real talent you
gotta work with what you got you've
obviously done that I mean look at this
place look at what you've done with our
old high school hangout when this was
her dad's place it was $2.00 slices and
arcade game little claw machine can't
break it down you know the one that you
busted open to give me that teddy bear
dude you've met Bobby right no I met a
little baby at a church picnic a few
years ago you've turned into such a
don't say little don't say
as a large boy can I show you my
invention of course
Pizza spinner Wow are you kidding that
is genius do you know how many times I
have had to lean over the pizza to grab
the last slice you're gonna make
millions careful it's gonna ask you for
starter money what's this oh okay but is
this just your company logo no it's for
my friends should we sit down yeah okay
follow me an amazing meal with an
amazing guy in a restaurant that is
Christmas itself
Alex this is why I love you I know how
much you love Christmas Cheers with that
holiday spirit this is gonna be the best
Christmas party we've ever had I was
actually hoping for I love you too but
no you know I do but lately it's so much
more than that
in the past year you have filled gaps
that I didn't even know existed Alex
that is so sweet
I I feel the same way I know this isn't
the job you've always dreamed of but
that's why I want to give you a bigger
role in my life a role I didn't think
anyone would ever be able to film
I want you to be my office manager it's
a lot of work but I figured with your
culinary school debt you could use a
raise and I'm sorry did you bring me
here to tell me about a promotion well I
wanted it to be special I was very
impressed with that video conferencing
system you installed
Alex that's something I did at work I
I'm your girlfriend I I thought that
dinner was about us what is it we're a
team a team that's going places
hockey homes just had its best year yet
thank you for the promotion Alex and I I
will do my best to make your party a
success so we're good as boss an
employee I was hoping for a little more
than that so was i Alex I can't come
home to just bread sheets I don't want
to just be part of a team I want to be
part of a couple the same thing no Alex
they're not
I'm sorry but I don't think we can be
together anymore
oh hey Oh Nick just grabbing some
decorations from my car are you okay
I'm fine yeah I'm fine I just missed
dinner wasn't exactly what I thought it
would be
I guess Alex and I are just on different
pages oh sorry it was really nice to see
you yeah
what happened there I don't know the
blindfold the rose petals the special
I have to fix this
good luck
listen I realize Alex checked a lot of
boxes on paper but a lot he was the
first boy friend I've ever had you used
a calendar okay so I realized that might
not make it into a country song why
can't you take me seriously well it
might be the reindeer slippers didn't
you just let me mope tonight would have
been the worst night in my life if Nick
Mazzanti hadn't been there oh we were
just at his restaurants it's no biggie
no biggie you two were inseparable back
in high school and you did kind of break
his heart I have no choice Tina I mean
when life puts that many obstacles
between two people you just have to
accept it accept what that it wasn't
meant to be
you broke up with Alex oh don't worry
about them so how are you doing are you
okay no I have to be I mean I need this
job so I have to be professional can't
be the girl who's who's crying in the
eggnog oh maybe I should take care of
the Christmas party or no no I can't
give Alex more reason to demote me have
you seen him yet today he's hiding in
his office he doesn't handle no well I
mean I know he respects my work so I
just have to believe that things won't
get super weird hey Alex
miss Watson great it's weird
maybe I should look for a new job no
don't do that no one's hiring at
Christmas anyway you need to stick it
out save money for your kid come home I
won't have to worry about that if this
phone call goes my way
hi this is Kylee
oh no III yeah of course I'd understand
thank you so much weed first Alex and
now you know there's the big just
decided to deny my start of business
logic I'm so sorry can I do anything
just distract me what is that oh just
some old invoices but this came for you
the cleaners found it behind me mail bin
it's not important
oh my gosh
do you remember this Lambie yeah i got
in i got in i am a semi-finalists in the
american gingerbread competition the
entries are g next to me next week you
better get going girl
I've really appreciated to you ASAP what
happened is everybody okay
what's that smell oh the girls decided
to make long story endless the oven is
oh no if the ovens gone how am I gonna
win when what the American gingerbread
competition the winner here in Helen I
don't understand I never got a rejection
letter because I got in I'm a
Kylie that's huge that prize money would
be unbelievable good news we will have a
new oven by Christmas Oh Christmas okay
calm down that's only seven days there
are the competitions in six days what am
I gonna do
well what about the Muslims they live
right next door they would let you use
their oven in heartbeat but I feel weird
a scam it's holidays they have three
kids I'm gonna be working around the
clock I think it's too much to ask what
about Michelle Michelle lives in a
bachelor apartment
she's a stove in a microwave I mean I
really don't know what I'm gonna do what
can we look here for Mateo
what is that I have been waiting for
this cookbook to come out for months I
didn't even know there was an English
translation yet I'm gonna breka near the
art of gingerbread you could have
written that oh no no she's the master
her her books are amazing her videos are
incredible us with such attention to
detail it's just inspiring hey hey what
are you doing here
am I really running into you twice in
one week yeah it's just too weird it's
slightly weird wait Nick do you remember
my sister Tina hey hey anybody who loans
me their car to get to prom gets more
than a handshake that old truck I'm
surprised you guys made it there in one
piece well we did have to fish it the
last fall we did what's with the
cookbook oh I'm just doing some research
Kylie made it into that baking
competition up as a Helen in it Tina
nobody cares the gingerbread contest
yeah yeah do you know that how could I
know I mean that's huge congratulations
oh I don't think so buddy she's got
bigger fish to fry well I'd love to stay
and chat but his karate teacher does not
miss around Merry Christmas ladies
Christmas I just got a new teacher and
she's having a Christmas potluck his
regular t-shirt went on maternity leave
and the new one wants to do something
nice for the kids well that sounds like
fun it's not I have to make a homemade
dessert and I don't know what to make
don't sweat it
I'm usually better about this stuff but
one of my managers quit without notice
so I've been working double-time
but hey we're gonna have a great
Christmas anyway right Bobbi Nick I'd be
happy to help it's really nice hue Kylie
but we're fine it's no I could maybe
come up with some some easy to bake
swing by the restaurant later I'll be
there good the best would be happy to
okay stop I mean I keep thinking that
maybe I could know if it'd never work
could what but you know maybe if I
actually no I couldn't couldn't what I
mean I would but you know it's just it's
too much to ask you know I'm gonna
refresh this cookie plate and let you
finish this conversation or something no
no no no don't go please
was it promise you won't laugh at me but
I had this idea what if I asked Nick
Mazzanti if I could use one of his ovens
at his restaurant it's not your worst
idea but do you think you'd want to help
me sure why not
you two are old friends doesn't cost him
anything right right but I I just I
don't really know how to ask I mean like
how would I approach it can I use your
oven oh no way that is way too direct do you have any extra oven Sina come on
I mean that's not something that people
just have lying around I was kidding no
but this isn't funny
I have to win this contest if I'm gonna
start my cake business I'm all you can
do is your best
and I mean it's not really a big deal is
it it's just it's nothin sure yeah
it's just - nothin it's totally just an
maybe you have an oven you don't use if
you don't use one of your ovens very
I could laughing oh oh oh no a third
there's no oven I I was just actually
practicing my list to Santa brought
those for me uh who's that that is ina
Bruckner and she is the godmother of
gingerbread you know I kind of learned
everything I know from her
I wish I didn't have to go to this party
what do you mean Christmas is the best
time of year and cooking for your
friends that's part of the fun but I
don't even know where to start let's
think what's your favorite kind of food
that's super Oh nonsense there's nothing
boring about cupcakes only boring with
knickers so you make me some cupcakes
oh no but I will help you come up with
an idea
Christmassy idea yeah Christmassy idea
know what why don't you take this and
you can write down everything that you
love about Christmas and then we'll go
from there
hey no running in the kitchen looks like
you gave them this marching order oh no
just just baby steps I just want to help
them come up with its own inspiration
hey I owe you big time for this ever
since her Shantae quit I haven't had a
minute to spend with him No
hey I'll tell you what order anything
you want on the house make it a double
your boyfriend's got to eat too
I mean provided he's still your
boyfriend okay you guys broke up yeah
I'm sorry but foot tastes really good
right now please get something for
yourself no you know what I had too many
chestnuts out of the Christmas market
mana come on you gotta let me repay you
there's got to be something I can do
okay so there is something shoot I seem
to be at a bit of an impasse with my
contest injury oh no there's a molasses
drought but it's more like an oven
Tina's broke and I'm having a really
hard time finding another one that I can
use it's it's really around the clock
kind of job so I was hoping that maybe
there was a restaurant who could let me
use one of theirs
oh you want to use one of mine yes but
only if it's not a huge inconvenience oh
no you can totally use one but you got
to clean up after yourself I run a tight
ship back there oh no I've changed I'm
not messy anymore yeah no that was the
old Kiley Watson okay as long as I don't
find any gumdrops in my garlic nuts I'll
even use my own pans and honestly you'll
never even know I'm here
what do you want to start well the
contest is it's really soon so I was
kind of hoping for like today great give
me a couple hours uh we have someplace
we need to be hey Bambi no no no hurry
whenever you're ready Thanks so see in a
couple hours
great I'll grab my stuff and I'll be
back through come on buddy have fun
oh wow
Nick this kitchen is amazing it's
you remember Ralphie and you look
exactly the same
oh is not a compliment you have only
grown more lovely that's a compliment oh
and I hear you made it into that baking
contest up at the hairline there you
know about it
know about going to the contest for the
last ten years you need any ideas I'm
your man
okay all right this dough counter work
oh this is perfect
well back to work Nick thank you so much
for bringing me back into this world
let's see how your enthusiasm holds up
when your gingerbread house gets
disqualified for bite works
Ralphie yours quite the snacker what all
you talking about me and Nick oh no
she's fantastic
no she talked Bobby how to make a hockey
stop yes seriously she's sweet and she's
good with Bobby but it's like I said
all right you'll tell it for me man well
she is not the one ah that girl from
earlier she did not make the nick
Mazzanti cuts it's too bad you see nice
yeah but she has no babysitting
experience it was a short-term gig to
help me out over the holidays but
everyone the babysitting agency sends me
has no experience what do you need a
babysitter for Carlos is with him right
now teaching how to make ravioli that's
a very important life skill I don't mind
keeping an eye on him back there
you're very kind tidy but you know what
kitchens no place for a kid but how
about we asked my wife Celeste she's
been dealing with kids all year at the
high school I'm sure she wants a
Christmas break no no no no she's bored
out of her man
besides whenever she's off work too long
all she does is make me to-do lists when
you put it like that thank you Oh for
your entry oh I'm all ears the Empire
State Building you went through all that
fanfare for the Empire State thing what
does that have to do with Christmas you
just light it up red and green do
everybody a favor and get back to your
pizzas hey you know believe it or not I
was asking for her thing Oh my opinion I
mean I like it I just think it's a
little tall for something native you
know cookie yeah so get some dowels and
don't you know anything about these
contests everything has to be edible so
get some of those super-sized candy
canes from the restaurant supply store
yeah solder them together with a
blowtorch that's a good idea
see I am known to have them from time to
time yeah you know what if I'm working
with something that's strong up I could
even go bigger the Golden Gate Bridge
yes we could use rope licorice for the
and there's nothing more Christmassy
than the Golden Gate Bridge okay so if
you're such the expert what's your big
suggestion okay well let me see um how
about Santa village mm-hmm I like that
yeah and I could do a big clock tower if
I find this giant candy canes oh but you
know what
I'd say Phillippe close I lost my
membership to the restaurant supply
place maybe I can find them online
no I don't do that we make a run on
Saturdays as in Saturday tomorrow yeah I
can make sure you get in I mean unless
you're busy no that'd be great yeah it's
the mushroom guy better normal everyone
else are excuse me I were a betting man
I'd say that sounded like a diamond and
if I were a betting woman I'd say that
sounded like a shopping trip oh good I'm
glad you feel that way because I was
afraid to be disappointed when you found
out I was the one who'd be taking you
but you do the show every week Oh pick
you up say six issue waited night No
hey remember when you pick out my basil
make sure it's fresh
no brown leaves okay
one no you know what what's due to
molasses good I'm gonna fuse if I don't
get a lot to a step Oh Ralph yeah no no
I just wish I had a little more time of
my entry you know cuz Santa's Village
that could go a few different ways oh
don't overthink it people that stressed
out about these contests are Gardens the
ones who really dig christmas those are
the ones who take home the gold and
gingerbread man hey look they have
ginger ale
thanks Bobby look I'm probably gonna use
the powdered kind as this product is so
big but we can use that for cookies
and where's my fresh basil plan favorite
huh remind me again why I brought you
here because my dad wordplay and your
wife wanted to sleep in hey you better
be running the produce oh that kid
cracks me up
yeah he's cute but he's a handful just
like his dad and that ain't Sep smarter
wait you you don't think Nick is smart
my books I mean they take Bobby you know
he's logical he's got that engineering
kid he he he thinks of his head Nick he
thinks with his heart then you
understand that with his folks gone I'm
all he has
I have to take care of it make sure no
one messes with its heart make sure
history doesn't repeat itself if you
know what I mean Ralphie why do I feel
like you're really trying to tell me
something right now tell you anything
I just remember all those years ago when
you broke his heart
and you know I didn't have a choice I
don't know anything all I know is one
day I was in school we were kids
nick was spending all of his time coming
back and forth to see me his dad
couldn't cope when his mom passed him if
Nick hadn't picked up the slack his
family would lost everything I didn't
want to be responsible for pulling him
away when his family needed him
that's why you left I'm sorry I had no
but you did move back into town you
could have looked him up not me who's
married got a kid they want to rock the
boat and by the time I heard he was
divorced I would say not two ships
passing in the night
two friends passing in the night
that's my really thing people say
all right I'm sorry but your slight dogs
a little tired it's kind of early for me
Ralphie what's coffee's doughnut shop is
right over there on Saturdays they put
out samples I think could be a while I
see well since we have a minute hey do
you want to talk about your list we
could but only one thing that made me
think of Christmas
soccer balls yeah every year my dad gets
me a newborn nothing wrong with that
right I mean we all have different
traditions so we'll do soccer ball
cupcakes well why don't we think about
it a little bit you know when you were
making this list did you know did you
happen to think of any Christmas
ornaments come to mind or Christmas
decorations we didn't put any up this
year what about the ones on the tree we
have tree out my mom's house it's not
like that my dad's great she just
doesn't have time for all that stuff
this year when he's home he has to clean
shop pick stuff and help me with my
homework but I bet he still tries to
make Christmas special for you in any
way you can right I could find you that
soccer ball every year you know what I'm
not gonna let you go to that party
empty-handed okay we are gonna make you
the most Christmasy dessert that teacher
has ever seen right the cocoa express
has arrived don't even think about
touching the peppery one it literally
has my name come on let's go Christmas
how Nick Mazzanti not gonna let that was
do you think these are fresh enough Oh
what Alex will fixate on stuff like this
at the Christmas party uh hon I don't
think a holly bow is gonna get you out
of doghouse with Alex you know it's been
really hard to be around Alex especially
with all the office gossip oh come on it
can't be that bad oh it is
everyone knows even the water guy says
to me are you really coming back after
Christmas yeah that's all the more
reason to focus on the contest so I know
uh I could just win that prize money and
start me kake's company and saying
goodbye to hockey homes ah that's the
spirit hey um how's Nick's kitchen
working out oh it's so great it really
entertains me you know last night we
were brainstorming gingerbread ideas
he's suggesting brainstorming so you
haven't started your entry yet oh no I
started it I mean it needs a lot of work
but it started it oh oh there is it
office first
oh no honey we don't need to Christmas
trees again this year no this one's for
Nick you're you're buying Nick a
Christmas tree yeah his son said I
didn't have time to buy one yet
so well do you want some advice from
someone who's been around a little
longer than you man really but that
never stopped you before
oh you just got out of a pretty bad
breakup so you might want to slow your
roll a little was it really that fast
Oh frontier incoming I just remembered
mistletoes around don't do not leave
Nick tonight
hi Alan see ya early I could lie and say
I'm here shopping for a tree but truth
is Michelle told me you'd be here
listen I don't want you to worry about
the party that whole Hollywood scene
fiasco I heard happened last year won't
happen um you're getting a tree okay
there's a guy who'll do that I wanted to
talk to you
I was standoffish work everything just
kind of took me off guard the other
night me too I also hear congratulations
are in order
Michelle told me about the contest you
entered last year too didn't I yeah
fifth time's the charm clearly your
perseverance paid off um you know I've
been doing some research into the
contest it gets quite a bit of media
attention that kind of publicity would
be great for hockey Holmes I'm not sure
I follow
well there are four semi-finalists right
I'm sure all of them have big corporate
sponsorship you're an employee would
make sense for hockey Holmes to sponsor
you well how would that work it's easy
just wear a hockey Holmes apron I'll pay
for all your materials and you can use
the kitchen in the new model home make
the model home by the lake the one with
the chef's kitchen have a double oven
marble countertops beautiful view of the
way oh wow let's have to say no to that
don't look I should have done more to
show you I appreciate you but I
recognize your talents I'm not asking
you to change your mind about me I'm
just asking you to let me support you
besides miss having you on my team
I really appreciate your offer but
I think I have to do this on my own
thank you
good morning hi it's a Sunday I started
late on Sundays oh what's this word if
you want to get in the restaurant early
how about it thank you and I heard you
were a treeless thanks Kylie I've got
you've got Christmas covered really
because I someone would beg to differ
okay hi hi what's all this I was driving
past a lot and Bobby had mentioned that
you guys didn't have a choice it's great
you've taken an interest in Bobby but
it's taken me a while to get this whole
single dad thing down and work with what
I got I'm sorry I'm sorry I just get
carried away with Christmas and you know
what I'll take it back to the lot
they'll take it back what is this a
Douglas fir no it's a hand selected
perfectly symmetrical Douglas fir I'll
pay back
did he run Oh No okay
no Christmas tree so that's a good sign
yeah Bobby got his tree but you were
right I really blew it with Nick oh
don't beat yourself up Oh
especially when my children can do that
for you hey I saw that I'm gonna get you
later okay girls it's time for lunch
babe lunch what time is it it's almost
noon noon oh my gosh I was suppose to be
setting up the Christmas party an hour
ago I gotta go come on come come
you are amazing event planner well thank
you you might want to hold your praise
until after the food is here oh this
better be the caterers one second hello
where are you
alpharetta that is 16 miles away are you
I'm gonna have to just figure out
something else thank you don't tell me
those were those watch head caterers
that L expired
yes their van broke down outside of
Italy a tall pine sir in this room heads
are gonna roll
don't you think they're gonna survive on
a cheese plate 20 minutes max what are
we gonna do thank you seriously what are
we gonna do hey so let's be talking to
Bobby yeah I heard you got a Christmas
what did you get a visit from the ghost
of Christmas future yeah more like that
goes to girlfriend past Carly I know
what you're gonna say but it's not like
look I'll be the first to admit I was
crazy about Kylie when I was a kid and
the break-up wasn't easy
I'm over it you know I got somebody else
to look out for now I don't have the
luxury of revisiting things that weren't
meant to be mmm and I forget you're
never wrong
plus I was such a jerk about the tree
and be surprised that she ever talks to
what can I do for you Kylie okay
sometimes I'm going what is this I've
been eating it all afternoon
that is the pesto feta sun-dried tomato
flatbread the Mediterranean mmm
otherwise known as pizza wants the food
to be fancy it's a good time you know
what whatever it is it saved me fun of
your service what how can we be out of
prosciutto already Ralphie
I don't get it the guy can literally
make a panini out of anything
why does he have to use the most
expensive thing on the menu you know
last month it was lobster panini listen
if you need to go and take care of that
don't feel obligated today thanks I
should get back before he eats through
everyone's Christmas bonus catch you
I don't know about you but I think we
can declare this party a huge success
I'm so glad you feel that way how's your
gingerbread masterpiece coming along oh
it's TBD but now that I'm off for the
holiday I can really get into it but
there's anything you need
yeah your friend left this in the
oh I'll rent it out to him let me just
so he doesn't charge us I'll be right
back say yes this party is waiting you
better than one last year mm-hmm
Nick Nick you left this
these flatbreads whose idea was that
you're Kylie's friend what's gotten into
her cut um you got me no idea nada
why is she so into this guy it's cuz
they're both into cooking I don't know
how like I think he's just helping her
with her contests right
helping her two seconds after we break
up I think you're you're reading too
much into it you know she really cared
for you I know that has to mean
something right I've just got to be a
way to get back into her good books well
suppose hypothetically there's always
something one can do I need to do a
grand gesture that's not what I what I
said the grandest gesture of them all
you know I never would have bothered you
if I had known none of your delivery
guys are working today maybe they were
maybe they're just some jobs I prefer to
do myself is that so
it was the least I could do after I
snapped at you about the tree oh please
you know what I over stand there oh it
was a good wake-up call I totally put
Christmas on the back burner it's not
cared about it you know in a weird way
seeing him get so excited about the tree
kind of made me feel like a kid again
mm-hmm it's nothing are you kidding that
tree wasn't there you wouldn't even know
it was Christmas well it's not Christmas
yet I mean if you wanted to really go
crazy you could decorate the whole house
two dudes decorating alone are you
trying to depress me
I mean unless you felt like coming over
to help check my schedule I'm gonna walk
you know I'm okay
I mean YouTube did so well on the
ornament making we don't even really
need these yeah that doesn't mean you
can eat one okay maybe just one I mean
it is the least I can do considering he
made this a really really incredible
Garland and you to Nick who knew you had
such a catchy side yeah where'd that
come from that well I may have consulted
some online tutorials before you came Oh
is there a tutorial on on tree toppers
oh no but there's a chance the angel we
always use my being storage I just need
to find the key 10 I might have lost it
in the div orz
I promised I would help him I should
well they done oh there's only one way
to tell
here's to cotton center and we're done I
can stick this gnome into the moon
no we have to wait for him to cool first
well I got the fire going what come on
that doesn't give me any holiday spirit
points it's a gas fireplace I don't
think that counts for holiday spirit
points what is that smell cupcakes no no
the other smell um Oh a little burn on
what is it um it's oven dust because you
never cook not true I am well known for
reheating my food in the microwave okay
you want me to cook more huh
veal parmesan why this broccoli
casserole is a 99% broccoli it's pretty
loose gross yeah and you could follow it
up with your husband is cauliflower
all right never this let's see these
cupcakes they ruin my oven dust
collection I made them all by myself
all by yourself mm-hmm oh yeah how about
we consult the tickle of truth oh yeah
she helps you know she's here to help me
right can you finish the tree it's my
turn now almost finished there's one
more thing we want to put on it I think
I know where it is
okay watch your step here I should
really get a storage space for all this
stuff what do you mean it's not like you
have a jet ski in here no I keep that
out back with the RV in the monster
I miss you Nick you know
but you know what I've missed more
beating you yeah
washing line I mean it's kind of the
inners luck
let's think this is the Sun to grab the
angel okay here we go tell me huh please
see that is hopeless in the Christmas
Department as you maybe thought let's do
this I'm up in my Christmas game what's
this is this so pretty
Tory about that well I'm gonna say I
can't open that it'll destroy your image
of me which is utterly unsentimental do
you think I would make fun of you I'm
gonna harp you okay then I definitely
need to see what this is Nick this is so
pretty why wouldn't you want to set this
out I don't know I got it a few months
after my mom passed that was a rough
time I mean you were finishing school
and managing the restaurant
you go fast huh
remember that one day right before the
holidays we snuck out of school went to
that kid's Christmas that's the one that
they kicked us out of we really were too
big for those rides
well not all oh the carousel
yeah yeah we did go on that that
merry-go-round we didn't just write in
we had our first kiss
you know I never really understood why
you took me there I think I just thought
maybe you needed to feel like a kid
you know just for a minute no one
understood that except you Hydra you did
you still know
I ruined it Oh buddy what you got there
pudding what happened to the cupcakes
Nick those are his cupcakes
Kylie told me to wait to ice them but
they want that hot but then icing can we
make more time buddy party starts soon
I'll tell you what we can stop by the
store pick some up take the wrapper off
and then we all take a blood oath of
eternal silence okay you know what Bobbi
I think we can salvage this are you sure
in the kitchen this is what we call a
do-over in the kitchen I've also heard
you say things like work what you got
what you see what well we've got an army
of marzipan snowmen and a stage come on
let's go in the kitchen and see what
kind of firepower we could track down
seems like Bobby really wants to impress
this teacher yeah she only started a few
weeks ago but he jumps how to beg can't
wait to get to school in the morning oh
I can't wait to taste that gravy and
those potatoes look divine these kids
get the easy stuff so guys go on in you
don't want to miss pin the tail on the
reindeer hello Bobby
oh thank you hi I'm Nick hi Eileen hey
thanks for doing this I know the kids
were really excited especially in here
well thanks for bringing him by and
hardly wait to see what you've made
melted snowman cupcakes that's genius
what a creative little boy you are and
did you do this all by yourself
nah I had some help well what a creative
family you are
you want to get some coffee
that'd be great it's a marshmallow world
in the winter when the snow comes to
cover the ground it's the time for play
it's a whipped-cream day a late
now those are marshmallow class it's
being friendly in the Braintree and the
Sun is red in hey it's shining sorry
your nose won't freeze oh the world is
no see huh bro
it's now
it's yummy whoa whoa does Santa have a
dog run it's more like a reindeer stable
huh makes sense
got to keep the reindeer out of the rain
really you are Wow you were just on fire
tonight but I thought you had the night
off I do I was doing some Christmas
shopping and Bobby call from Rafi's he
left his engineering kit somewhere we
can't have that
I'm so clumsy you burn yourself yeah
that's just the dangers of working in a
kitchen right well that hurt well like
working in a kitchen non-stop with those
do you wanna get some air yeah yeah some
air would be good yeah yeah cool that's
I really needed this neck yeah I figured
you needed to clear your head or you
might poke your eye out with pastry bags
it is nice to just even the world is
still going on around me you know oh it
has yeah there's a lot of new stuff been
going on since you started your
gingerbread house oh really do tell well
the coffee shop in the marketplace is
started to offering half off from
peppermint lattes
Santa's big parade got brand new
costumes that parade I can't think
they've been doing that since we were
kids it is kind of like time to stand
still it's kind of comforting you know
yeah remember that the bench that I
first asked you out on where it all
is that what you call it well do you
have a better name for it I don't know
maybe the bench of Terror what well I
didn't know you were gonna say yes oh
come on I asked if I could borrow your
lip balm and algebra man that's a
practically an invitation to ask me out
that's news to me although you should
know that I kept that lip balm way you
past its expiration
don't know it's just strange to think
that there was a time when my biggest
worry was asking a girl out on a date
yeah but that's my being kids all about
you know we supposed to have fun be
carefree you went through a lot huh yeah
but I got through it people do I just
had to put that kid part of me away
early yeah well you know what the good
news is you can always get that back
really are you really going there and
came back gonna play long I'm gonna make
this a match you make my Christmas
bring any wreck home with you yeah I
have most of the baking done now it's
just the embellishments I figured I
could just knock out the Clocktower this
morning not to pull a thread but why
would Sam this village have a clock what
why I went in it's always Christmas time
huh it's a joke I'm trying to loosen you
yeah I'm just I don't know I'm getting
so stressed out about this contest well
it looks like you're making progress
yeah but anyone to make progress I need
to make progress on something that's
mind-blowing that could become amazing
become amazing but you don't think it
looks amazing now cuz it's almost
finished don't you think you're being a
little oversensitive yeah probably just
there's so much riding on this I mean
winning this could mean living the life
of my dreams versus ordering office
supplies Kylie you have a gift
and winning or losing one contest is it
gonna take that away from you
are you coming a Christmas Carol how
long have you known me you could hum all
you want but don't be harmonized sorry
I've been a little distracted lately
Oh have you I had noticed take a look at
hey isn't that that lady that's on
Kylie's cookbook because there's a chill
in the air outside now this property
won't stay on the market long because
along with in its Elf dormitory and a
state-of-the-art coal cellar this gym
also boasts a working Ranger table it's
kind of a must-have for any savvy Santa
hey buddy
Ralphie's outside putting up the
inflatable Santa not that you'd want to
help with that
I do okay don't freak out Oh
not your best opener it's that German
lady inna una I know Brock she's
entering the contest what oh she doesn't
even live in this country I know it's
big news don't panic don't panic fun you
got this it's just one contestant you
know she's entering last-minute she'll
probably have jet lag I don't think you
understand she's the godmother of
I mean she's written like six cookbooks
she's got three TV shows she's got his
entire brand behind her and you got all
these people who care about you behind
you I do yeah we better have one of our
own in the winner's circle okay
I would love to have your confidence but
I have no idea if I can win this
competition and other than I and III
don't even know who I'm competing
against until the press conference
tomorrow if you spend too much time
thinking about the future
the president will slip through your
fingers now who was it
Toby done Jenna we'll worry about the
contestants when we know they are we are
you going with me yeah in case you
haven't noticed I'm a little invested in
this thing half of the Georgia Culinary
Association we would like to welcome you
to the 25th American gingerbread
now we have some new rules this year
contestants are now allowed a double a
battery-powered device within their
submission so long as the remaining
structure of the house is entirely
edible see put some lights in Santa's
and now the announcement of our
semi-finalists first we have Jim Olsen
Milwaukee and he's sponsored by SK
footwear alex is right people are
sponsoring up no one person is
sponsoring up we have last year's winner
Jill go yet there she is she's a pastry
chef from Montreal and she is
representing herself and we are also
very proud to present a former pastry
chef from right here in Helena Georgia
Carly Watson give it up everybody
yeah and you're gonna take home the
grand prize $25,000 very special
contestant joining us this year all the
way from Europe won't you please put
your hands together and give a big round
of applause with a godmother of
gingerbread herself
ina Bruckner
be in the hometown favorite goes a long
thank you all for having me while I am
NOT from here I know how important this
contest is to Helen so instead of
working independently I've teamed up
with a local business as my sponsor I am
entering as team hockey Holmes
okay now you can learn it
I've heard of guys doing crazy things to
get back at their exes but this takes
the cake
sponsoring the grandmother of
gingerbread the godmother of it you know
what I like grandmother better is that
edible stained glass yeah you know if
there's one thing I learned from this
press conference it said I gotta up my
game if I want to win and I have to win
look if you put all of your eggs in one
basket you know what other basket do I
have I mean I've spent the last five
days living the most wonderful dream and
I'm terrified that I'm gonna wake up and
it's all gonna go back to the way things
do you really think you feel like this
just because I'm a contest you're right
I just never thought that hanging out
with Nick would bring up all these
feelings that I tried to bury
I have to tell him tonight yeah um don't
don't tell him in a text I'm not I'm
just asking if he has time talk to me
Kylie I have two pieces of good news
first of all Bobbi's teacher emailed me
the cupcakes were such a hit she wants
him to come in and do a demo for
Valentine's Day that's great
what's the other news just a little
something to say thank you Oh
tickets to the competition my Christmas
bonus came early but there's like ten of
them here yeah I got one for me for
Bobby for Ralphie to use the kitchen
staff that's really sweet I don't know
what why not
I just want to drag everybody out there
to watch me lose I'm just feeling
overwhelmed can we just dial back the
pressure a little please yeah yeah um
I'll tell the kitchen staff not to come
but honestly I really think you could
whoa what happened in Santa's Village
huh my niece's thought it was delicious
I don't know Nick I just wasn't feeling
like it was enough and with the opponent
that I'm up against I just needed that
wow factor what do you think about this
I think it's a perfect imitation of
someone else's work
you don't understand I mean Ines my
competitor I I have to I have to get
into her shoes I have to think what
would I to do really well I'm more
interested in what would Kylie Watson
here and that's a nice thought but you
don't understand the pressure I'm under
Kylie I've known you your entire life I
get you I get that you can make
Christmas out of a pool of melted
frosting I get that you can make people
feel something with what you make you
just need to trust your talent well you
don't get as my entry has to be up at
the end by tomorrow morning I mean
everything is at stake here
you're right I don't get it you sent me
a text you wanted to talk to me about
I can't I'm sorry about
what I say while we talk about it in my
kid is being called into the principal's
office that's because you are they said
um before your dad died
you asked me to look after well I don't
need looking after
I'm a grown man and I got work to do
okay but just just answer me one
question make it a fast one why are you
giving cars it's a hard time about the
contest I want her to trust her talent I
don't want this to end badly for her but
how about you clarify son that's two
I think you're anxious I think you're
scared that once the contest is over
she won't see Kylie come on man no no
you come on
and you're crazy about her I can see it
in your face every time you say it me
you you want me to take a poll of the
kitchen staff what are you waiting for
tell her
I wanted to like a hundred times I just
I don't want to be that guy what guy
that guy who thinks this time it's gonna
be different well are you kidding me
if people didn't think this times gonna
be different they would never go on a
date you can call my wife and ask her a
whole marriage is based upon those words
those words should be engraved in
schools and churches why so we can get
people's hopes up do you want to live a
life without hope yeah yeah
hi Nick listen I'm up at the end and
I've been thinking about this contest
and how crazy it's getting I just have
to face the facts I think I was so
excited to be spending time with you
again that I actually convinced myself
that I could win and it's nothing you
did it's it's just me but I think we
both know it wasn't meant to be
Alex you're overdoing it it has to be
you must trust me Alex I assure you she
will love it no 11 Kylie what are you
doing here
what are you doing here stay away you
can't look inside this booth please you
guys don't have to be so secretive but
I'm withdrawing from the competition you
must come tomorrow yeah you'll ruin
everything I thought you'd be happy you
haven't even better chance of winning
now you think I need you to withdraw in
order to win no I'm sorry that came out
wrong it Alex what is going on here I
need I need a minute with Kylie um alone
Alex will you please tell me what's
going on it's probably better if I show
I gotta hand it to you you have a you
hitched your cart to a winner looking
that is amazing it's so beautiful but I
don't understand it's not edible hey
you're gonna blow your chances it I
didn't enter this contest to win a
I entered win you
I want you on my team for life
what what's wrong that word Nick wait
something tells me it's probably not a
yes oh this is so impressive but I
really hope you can understand I'm so
neck neck weight
Nik please talk to me I don't need to
talk Kylie I have eyes I have no idea he
was gonna do that I didn't exactly look
like a woman who was politely declining
but I did I did I told him no the second
you left maybe you should go back in and
say yes why would I do that Nik I nikka
don't want to be with him it was just
the wrong place wrong time
yeah that's how it always is with us
wrong place wrong time wrong you wronged
me the reason it ended then is the
reason it's ending now just wasn't meant
to be
Nick Nick okay so she's not here it
doesn't mean anything
people do sleep no Tina it doesn't mean
I mean you won't you won't pick up the
phone he won't return my texts okay
in the grand scheme of things a man
going bonkers at the sight of another
man proposing might be a good thing I
don't care about the grand scheme of
things tonight I want Nick now and
forever I don't think I ever stopped
wanting him in my life
so tell Nick that but I told him I don't
want Alex hon that's not the same thing
you need to tell him how you feel about
him you know he said it wasn't meant to
do you really think if he knew it would
change things yes
Rafi Oh Ralphie me this is my kitchen
occasionally I'm in it did you just hear
everything mm-hmm was I used wrong
perhaps but I have a vested interest in
what goes on between you and that
knucklehead aka I care and as a person
who cares I happen to agree with your
sister hey what's that who along with
myself seems to have a little bit more
knowledge of human nature than you and
we happen to think that with little
honesty you two could work things out
yeah but he's not listening to words he
won't listen to words
so I can't Thunderbirds I can't tell
okay so she's gone off the deep end and
has a relative I feel as though what no
no I'm not crazy but I have an idea what
you did I know what my contest history
should be you know Nick's been saying
that I've been focusing on technique and
he's right I've been focusing on
technique but what I really need to do
is just make something that makes people
feel something okay but you do realize
that they're judging this contest in
what twelve hours yes which gives me 12
hours to make my entry you guys go don't
worry about me I'll be fine
know what sometimes life comes down to
the girl in her oven Ralphie if you
could just please make sure that Nick
and Bobby come with you tomorrow
I'll do my best but I have to tell them
how I feel best way I knew how
a gingerbread the Helen based contest is
in its 25th year and the excitement is
building as the four semi-finalists are
about to get their final score now so
world renowned pastry chef ina
Bruckner's jewelry store is the day
standout however local favorite Thai Lee
Watson has still not revealed her entry
now tension is mounting with mere
minutes until the contest deadline
she'll be disqualified if she misses the
judges ceremony at exactly 11:00 a.m.
time is running out for the Helen native
contestants we are ready to judge your
entries time is almost up hey cookie bot
do I have I see no me this I think of it
as the snow angel look come on let's do
ah miss Watson you have the final entry
and we can't judge it unless you share
it with us oh oh right
very impressive but does it do anything
yes uh would you mind if my assistant in
this bitch
test get this right think we're gonna
have to just cross her fingers buddy go
and the winner of the American
gingerbread competition and $25,000 is
I remember making angels in the slow you
kissed a frozen taro whispered in my ear
oh baby you hey I thought you guys went
home I convinced Ralphie to watch Bobby
for a few hours
thought I'd stick around to be ride home
maybe takes you on a celebratory
Christmas excursion subscription Twitter
I can't believe it's still here
copy you need to go see more kids fairs
what do you think you want to take it on
a victory lap but the parks closed how
could we go ahead I know a guy
really this is amazing
it gets better
mother fun
and can you can can make romantic
I can think of something
danica mckellar is decking the halls you
need to get some Christmas in there
right away
Neil Bledsoe could really use some
holiday spirit but it might be working
what do you think of my grandson
which one well I thought he'd never
this whole house feels alive again maybe
it's not the house coming home for
Christmas premieres next Saturday at
8:00 part of countdown to Christmas on
Hallmark Channel