The Swimmer (2013) Movie Script

What are you doing outside?
I've been looking for you.
Sammy, why aren't you
eating anything?
I'm not hungry now.
You got a toothache?
It's a bit wobbly.
It'll fall out soon.
Finish your eggs.
Oh, sorry.
Didn't mean to.
Just slipped out of my hand.
Is that a Lego speed?
- It's a mining truck.
- Oh, nice. I've the...
Shut up, bum fluff!
So, Iron Man,
I'm going to the pool this arvo.
What about you, little pussy?
Bitten by a reef shark.
You're pathetic.
And, you, stop ringing
that freaking bell,
or I'm gonna smash it!
Come on move your ass,
crumbum, I'm hungry.
I'm going to the store
to get some DVDs.
Wanna come?
- Daddy, I want to see Nemo!
- Okay, princess.
Now go inside and see your mum.
She's waiting for you.
Sammy, come on, let's go.
We could get...
Don't steal it.
- It's okay.
- Leave it.
Good one.
What are you looking at, squirt?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Are you deaf?
You're a real weirdo,
you know that, kid?
Forget about what you saw.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, no!
What did you do?
Come on.
Come here.
Come up.
Are you okay, Sam?
Stop that DVD, okay?
I don't know why your dad
let you watch that.
Sammy, where are
your track pants?
Sammy, are you in the bath?
I'm not sure what to do, Carl.
About what?
I'm worried about Sam.
I think he's still afraid
of what happened.
Maybe if you stop babying him.
I was thinking maybe we should
talk to someone about it.
We don't need to talk to
anyone, Alice, the kid's fine.
That's right.
It's always so easy for you,
isn't it, Carl?
What's easy?
Ever since the accident,
you've been overprotecting him.
Next week, he can go back
to swimming lessons.
He's been away too long.
'Cause that's all you care
about, isn't it?
Look, tomorrow we'll go
to the beach, all together.
You'll see it's all
in your head.
I have work tomorrow, Carl.
- And it's not all in my head.
- All right.
We'll go,
and you can join us after.
Hey, Sammy, you wanna go
for a swim?
Water's too cold now.
Daddy, I'm thirsty.
Oh, you're thirsty, princess?
What do you want to drink?
I want a creaming soda!
Okay, how about you, Sammy?
- I'll have a lemonade.
- Okay.
A soda and a lemonade
coming right up.
Sammy, stay here
with your sister.
Yep, yep,
Daddy long-legs!
Does your scar hurt?
What do you wanna make?
A castle for the littlest
princesses in the world.
Look who turned up at the beach.
Very brave!
You know, you're really mean.
The midget has spoken!
Oh, big brother's upset now!
Looks like you can still float.
Wanna play a game?
Another time.
You wouldn't want me to take
it up with your weirdo sister
when you're not around,
would you?
You better leave
my sister alone.
Then play.
It's easy.
All you do...
You put your hand on the board.
I say three, two, one,
and we go under.
The first one to come up loses.
Three, two, one.
Guys, what is that?
Shark! Get out!
Get out!
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Where's your brother?
- Jay!
- Sammy!
What happened?
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