The System (2018) Movie Script

# Help, help, help, help #
I know I'm not your pops.
And when yours died, I get it.
But I know your mama's
doing everything she can
to keep you out of trouble,
so when she come to me,
saying you talking back,
coming in late,
smelling like weed,
'sup, man?
Nah, everything
cool, unc, I'm good.
I can handle myself.
-You're good, huh?
Let me tell you like this.
You ain't gonna be
disrespecting your mama
and them boys you
hanging with...
You should come around
the house more, all right?
Kick with Junior,
he look at you like a
big brother anyways.
Just want you to shine, nephew.
She been riding me about
shit for no reason.
Watch your mouth.
I know your mama.
And I know she wants
the best for you.
I gotta take this.
Are we done?
No, we ain't done,
get off the phone.
I gotta call you back.
Hang up the phone now.
Hey, man, don't get it twisted,
I been through this shit.
You hear me?
You see Uncle Nate
with the business,
with the lil garage,
the family man,
but I been through
the fire, Trey.
That's why your mama
wanted me to talk to you.
Tell you a story.
I ain't never told
nobody this story.
I need you to keep a secret.
I mean, you can't
tell nobody, Trey.
All right.
Me and your mama came up rough.
Growing up in the
'90s was bitter-sweet.
When our pops went to prison,
things changed.
We moved right in the hood,
right next to the dope spot.
There was always loud
music, parties going on.
It was crazy.
I seen somebody die
for a dice game, Trey.
Mama always seemed
to make things right.
She always had a
smile on her face.
Playing the brand new cassettes
in a boom box.
Music blasting,
cleaning up the house.
That's probably why
I like music so much.
Til Claw came by.
-Can't test me for real.
-I don't fucking like that.
My mama boyfriend.
Would abuse us for years,
catch us staring at her,
being like, what you
looking at, little nigger?
Get in the house.
Honestly, I would
dream of the day
I was old enough to beat his
ass for what he did to us.
That'd be a day that'd
change my life forever.
Streets is crazy.
One day Mom and Amina left.
I went through his stuff and...
Found a little weed.
I just wanted to try it.
Caught me.
The fuck is you doing
going through my shit,
smoking my damn weed?
Your mama beat your ass if
she knew you was in here.
Got me drunk.
Yeah, little man,
something to smoke, huh?
Smoke this.
Made me smoke PCP with him.
Mind spinning,
luckily I didn't
hit it that hard
but between that and the handy,
I was done.
How long you been
smoking now, homie, huh?
Huh, nigger?
Then he tried to kill me.
Smoke my shit, huh,
you wanna put your
hands on me, nigger,
get your ass back here, nigger.
I'll cut you to pieces
right now, mother fucker.
Scared, little
nigger, scared, huh?
You wanna run home to your
mama, little pussy, huh?
Oh shit, fuck!
I ran off.
Everything was spinning.
The whole night
was kind of blurry.
Who are you?
-I woke up in this backyard.
-What are you doing here?
And there was a
little girl there,
tried to help me.
How'd I get here?
I don't feel...
Come inside.
I'll have my parents help.
And then her dad came
out with a shotgun.
Oh my God.
That'll be far enough.
He's lost.
get in the house, right now.
I mean, I'd been called
a nigger before, but...
Get off my property now,
before you wish you
had never been born,
you fucking nigger.
That shit cut.
I ran til I couldn't
run no more.
Hey, man, ain't that lil...
I passed out again.
Damn, that is lil Nate.
Nate, you all right?
Then I remembered my mom
and Amina was coming back.
He don't smoke weed....
And it hit me.
I gotta get home.
When I got there, they
was still fighting.
I walked in, he had
the devil in his eye.
I knew I was gonna
die that night.
-Going through my...
-Check him?
-Check his ass up.
-He's a child!
-There we go.
No! Get the fuck off me.
Right there.
I seen him laying on the floor.
Blood everywhere.
Amina, give me the gun.
Just know that day,
your mom
saved all our lives.
I shot him, you hear me?
From that day on,
I never touched
drugs or a gun again.
I swore, Trey.
If I ever had a family,
I'd be the best father I could,
so I started my business.
And the rest is history.
I never told nobody
that story before,
and I'm telling you
'cause you're fucking up.
Are you serious, Nate?
Go upstairs, Trey, now.
Hey, but it was self
defence, all right?
Come by the shop, man,
I wanna see your face.
I will, Uncle Nate.
Nate, I'm an attorney
and the last thing I need
is for that story to get out.
I know.
Trey won't tell nobody.
Dear Pops,
I hope by the time
you get this letter,
everything's good.
I wanted to write
you so many times.
First, I was just upset.
You left when I was a kid.
After Mama passed,
just felt like
it's been too long.
I would ask myself,
what would you think
about me now writing?
I received your letters,
and yes,
of course you can stay with us.
I'm married now.
I got a beautiful wife.
Her name's Tatiana.
And a son, Nate Junior.
He's 13.
He was born deaf, but
it never held him back.
He's now learning to read lips.
He loves baseball
and video games.
All right, look, man, keep
your eye on it, all right?
use your heart, man, come on.
Yeah, like that, like that,
throw with your heart,
stay with it.
He's good.
You taught him good.
That boy, he's too big.
We gotta do something
with his hair, though,
cut all this off.
No, no, you look at this
hair, he's the same.
I know Mama,
rest in peace,
always said you was a good man,
just a victim of circumstance.
I've always tried to
keep my nose clean.
Own my own business now.
I got four employees.
Maybe I could teach you
how to work on cars too.
I understand how easy it is
to get caught up in the system.
The other day I was picking
up a friend from work
when two cops pulled us over.
License and
registration, right now.
Man, this is some bullshit.
Really, you're not
from around here.
So what are you
doing here, then?
See what we got
in these pockets,
keep your hands out
of your pockets,
put your hands up,
put 'em on the hood.
Apparently there was a
robbery around the corner,
couple black guys,
mid 20s.
We fit the description.
We had a bad night sometimes,
all right, it happens?
I got a red 300,
they're looking for a Camaro,
believe it or not, he
helped me out that night.
I think we should let Becca
go out with her friends again.
It's been long enough.
Why the fuck are you whispering?
I just...
You don't need to whisper.
We're the parents, remember?
-Tinnitus again?
I'm fine, it's just
eight hours on a beat
and now this shit?
Hey, well, just stay calm
and no arguments, okay?
I'm calm.
Fuck, all right, let's just
get this shit over with.
your father and I have something
we would like to tell you.
Your mother and I have
agreed to let you go out
with your friends,
but on the condition
that you stop seeing Mohammed.
But Dad.
You know what, this
is not negotiable.
It never is.
You want to tiptoe and whisper
around this fucking house?
You deal with her.
I hate him.
Sam, good to see you,
thanks for coming down.
As always.
Sam, I appreciate you coming.
I've got a little
bit of a problem.
I really could use
your help with it.
My sister's kid, my nephew,
he seems to have got
himself mixed up into a...
a drug deal,
something went bad and it's...
it's related to some guys
in your department.
He's locked up in county
but they haven't sent it
over to the DA's office yet,
so there's still some time.
You're gonna owe me, all right?
Yeah, you got it,
yeah, anything.
This is fucking bullshit.
Shit, it ain't here.
Did you check the engine?
I checked the whole fucking car.
-It's all right.
-It's fucking bullshit.
They ain't gonna
find nothing, man.
Hey, hey, where's it at,
where'd you hide
your fucking stash?
I don't know what you're
talking about, officer.
Oh, you don't know
what I'm talking about?
I've been following
you for fucking weeks.
Where's the stash, boy?
You don't know shit, kid, shit.
How 'bout you, how 'bout you?
You know what I'm
talking about, huh,
you know what I'm talking about?
-Won't say shit.
-I've seen you go on
ride alongs together
for two weeks now.
Get back in the
house, right now!
-Oh, no, no, no.
-Check it out.
Put the fucking phone down,
get back in the house,
put the fucking phone down.
Ain't nobody scared of you,
what is wrong, Officer?
Put the fucking phone down,
put the fucking phone down.
Give me that
mother fucking phone.
Are you serious?
You're gonna let him
put a gun to his head?
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-Settle the fuck down.
Whoa, everybody be
cool, partner, hey, hey,
okay, look, hey,
-if you care about...
-You goddamn bitch.
If you care about your brother,
I'm gonna need you to
step back, back up.
I'm going, I'm
backing up, all right?
This is bullshit!
-Crooked ass shit.
Y'all free to go, sorry
for the inconvenience.
Hey, hey, remember me, Officer,
'cause I'ma see you
on the street one day,
yeah, remember me.
I'ma see on the street,
then we gonna see what's up.
Are you fucking
kidding me, right now?
Did you really have to do that?
I got your badge,
I'ma see you, bitch.
Let's go right now.
Okay, you and I
are gonna go over
some lip reading
techniques, okay?
I see the dog.
I see the car.
I see the house.
I, hang on one second, let
me get my phone, one sec.
Okay, again, sorry 'bout that.
No, you're sweet,
you don't have to do
that, that's yours.
No, no, no, that's yours,
you're sweet, no, no, no.
Thank you.
When I heard my
mother tell my father
she was having another baby,
the fear inside me...
And then I heard my
father say, get rid of it.
During dinner I
watched my mother,
I wanted to help her.
My mother's last
minute stays with me.
We'll get you out of here,
you hurt, you hurt, huh?
Keep this pistol,
keep this pistol.
-Yep, yep, yep.
-We gotta go now, guys,
we can catch another
one but we gotta go now!
-Time to go, brother.
-Gotta go now!
You okay?
How was your day?
You not sleeping?
You know I love you.
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry.
The fuck was that?
What are you talking about?
You know what, the
fucking head thing,
what the fuck, looks like
he's calling you over.
It's a hood thing,
like what's up.
-All right, whatever.
-How am I supposed to do it?
You do it in a
downward motion, like.
Like they do in England.
We're not in England.
President Trump has a rally
that he's planning tonight
in Phoenix Arizona in
the midst of heightened
political tensions due to the
violence in Charlottesville
that happened less
than 10 days ago.
Mayor Greg Stanton has recently
been in the news and the
headlines for asking Trump
to delay his
campaign style rally.
In a recent CBS interview,
he said I believe
the true intention is really
to inflame people's passion
to further divide the country
and that's why I
said this president
should delay this
trip to Phoenix.
President Trump is drawing
criticism from both sides
of the aisle based on his
statements for wanting to pardon
Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Are they still out there?
Yeah, they still out there.
They just out there for Mose.
I don't know why they can't just
go do what they
do somewhere else.
Don't worry about them.
They just over there
growing their weed.
They ain't messing with nobody.
# Riding while I sip tea #
# Smoking on some good trees #
# And we're gonna
smoke it today #
# All day #
# I told everybody town
gonna roll the pearl #
# Grandmaster Kush and OJ #
# As they fill my
lungs, I get dazed #
# Come and roll with
me, ride with me #
# Chill with me, smoke with me #
# Come wheel with
me, roll with me #
# Chill with me, smoke with me #
Sam, you all right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I know it's your first
day back and everything,
but you gotta stay
focused, are you with me?
Yeah, yeah.
# I'm searching #
Today we stopped in
at the Videa
Sheriff's department.
Why is them big
cars only over here
in the hood with us, bro?
23 year old Mark
Roberts doesn't...
Why don't put none
of them mother fuckers
over there in the suburbs?
Say wow, man.
Yeah, that don't
make no sense, bro,
if you think about it
that's like putting
a quarter ounce of dope
on the table, right,
in a house full of
mother fucking thieves
and we just sit back and
watch like this is on.
Man, we know somebody
gonna take something.
Nigger, that's
just a set-up, bro.
Watch the fucking news today?
Fucking protesters and shit.
It's like, you know, grow
some fucking balls, right?
Man's in the White House,
he's not going nowhere.
You fucking gonna make
America great again?
You believe that shit?
Oh, you're saying we
shouldn't have secure borders,
we should just fucking
leave 'em wide open,
let whoever come on in,
look, just build a fucking
wall already, right,
I mean, look,
seriously, no offence,
your people are coming over
here, taking American jobs.
No, no, no, you
got it fucked up,
the problem is
your lazy people
won't do the jobs
so my folks gotta do it.
Shit, man.
I don't know, I'm a true
conservative, what can I say?
Yeah, that's crazy,
bro, I don't even want
to see this here,
where that man at...
Honestly, sometimes,
I just wanna fucking...
I wanna leave this
city, everything.
Nah, you crazy man,
you love Rachel.
Rachel's part of
the fucking problem.
Don't tell me you
got a side chick.
I hope you ain't got her
pregnant, man, 'cause
I'm a devout Catholic.
I do not believe
in that bullshit.
Well, I guess that's
where we differ.
Personally, I feel like it's
a woman's right to choose.
So what you cooking?
Don't try to change the subject.
I'm always trying to change
the subject, you know that.
Come in!
-What's up, Uncle Nate?
-What's up, boy?
-You getting tall.
-I'm trying to go to the NBA.
-Right on.
Junior here?
He upstairs, go ahead.
-All right, hey, auntie.
-Hey, baby.
I'm be back.
That guy looks familiar.
By now I know you
heard what happened.
It's everywhere.
I don't know how shit
like this can happen.
Hey, for real, bro,
nigger, look, I
got dreads, nigger,
tattoos, bro,
you think they ain't out here
stereotyping me.
Pfft, this real in the
field, bro, for real, nigger.
This shit's happening right now.
Hey, door, my nigger.
Then get it, nigger.
-What up?
-You good?
-Yeah, man, I'm straight.
What's up, man,
you wanna go with me to
the store, get a game?
I knew that damn
gun'd be a problem.
It's why I threw that shit away.
Whoo, man, what up.
What up, Mo?
My nigger, my nigger,
what's good, my nigger?
Man, I'm good, y'all loud.
Nigger, you know it's all legal.
It's medical shit,
my nigger, we good.
You might wanna tell the boys
up the street, though,
they watching you.
Fuck all that, hit
this shit, my nigger.
Nah, I don't smoke, bro.
I had a bad
experience as a kid.
Somebody gave it to
him for his birthday.
Psst, I didn't want that gun
to be nowhere near the house.
If only I would've known.
Lifted it six inches,
gutted it out,
man, stripes on it,
you good to go, it's
live, it's live.
-Hey, hey.
-Door, nigger.
Nigger, you get the
door, what the fuck,
you see me and this
nigger talking, bro.
Now get the door, foo.
Hey, how much I owe you, bro?
Three, yeah, yeah.
Yo, can we talk to Uncle Nate?
Yeah, hold on.
Hey, yo, Nate, somebody
at the door for you.
Hey, man.
Yeah, just three and we good
to go, you come pick it up.
It's for you, Nate.
-For me?
A'ight, hey, I'll be back.
What are you doing, what
are y'all doing, huh?
I told you, don't
come to the house.
What's he doing with his
hands, what's that, gang signs?
Calm down, Sam, calm down.
Hey, man, don't tell me to
be fucking calm, all right?
They're all in cahoots, the
kid's probably a fucking runner.
Get back to the house now.
What are y'all doing?
Man, we just need some money.
We trying to go get
some video games.
Video games.
Video games, that's it.
It's gotta be calm.
Don't fucking tell me to
be calm, just, look, yeah,
he just handed
that kid something.
You're going through a
lot right now, brother,
you need to calm down.
Hey, you watch over
him, all right?
You know I got him, I got him.
You know what, why are you
always trying to one up me?
Always trying to me shut me
down, every fucking thing
that comes out of my
mouth, I know what I saw.
Shots fired,
shots fired.
This is Officer Castillo,
please send backup,
we're gonna need an ambulance.
The child looks about
12 years old, maybe 13,
I think he had a toy gun,
Sam thought it was a weapon
but it was a toy,
send somebody, quick.
Fucking piece of shit.
You got any tequila?
Right where you left it.
I didn't think you
were gonna call again.
You see the news?
I mean, nothing that
caught my attention, why?
I killed a kid.
I thought he had a gun, I mean,
he did have a gun, fuck!
The kid had a gun,
he was pointing
it at another kid,
I thought it was a real gun.
Sam, you killed
a kid with a toy?
It looked like a real gun to me.
So then it was a mistake.
Oh, that's shit, no
one's buying that.
Sam, calm down.
Don't fucking tell
me to be calm,
this is my fucking life!
Sam, someone died.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, hey.
This shit can go all wrong.
I don't need anybody
coming after me.
Nate Wesley Junior,
a young man tragically murdered
in our community,
and I'm certain by now
you have heard the story.
Officer Sam Lynch,
the officer who
shot and murdered
Nate Wesley Junior
on an assumption
and that assumption was
that Nate Wesley Junior
was carrying a loaded weapon.
And by the way, Officer
Sam Lynch did not realize
that Nate Wesley Junior
was also deaf
and could not communicate
effectively with him
in that situation.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we must have reform
in our law enforcement
so that officers come out of
the law enforcement community
ready and able
to disseminate
and break down situations
without having to use
deadly force.
It's a tragic event
and should never have happened.
That's the final thought
for this evening.
Thanks for joining us.
We look forward to seeing
you tomorrow night.
Hey, Sam, how you doing?
Good to see you.
So listen, how you
holding up, buddy?
I mean,
fucking media's dragging
me through the streets.
I been there, and they're
gonna do that, too,
but that's why it's important
that you get out there
and get your story out, okay?
I've seen the media,
and they're gonna paint this
picture however they want to.
Yeah, tell me about
it, they're calling me
a fucking racist,
I got a black Pastor,
I'm not a fucking
racist, all right?
Hey, hey, that's bullshit, okay?
I've known you for years
and you're not a racist.
Listen, you just
got to get out there
and tell your side
of the story, okay?
Don't let anybody twist
your words for you.
# All I see #
# Is #
# Rain #
# And all I feel #
# Is pain #
# The sun won't shine my way #
# So all I can do is #
# Pray #
# I pray to God #
# I'll make it through the day #
# I pray to God I'll
make it through the day #
# I pray to God #
# I pray to God #
# I pray to God #
# I'll make it through the day #
My brothers, my sisters
we're gathered here today
to funeralize our brother,
Nathaniel Wesley Junior
affectionately known
as young Nate Junior.
We are saddened,
we sit here in awe
of the events
that took place.
Okay, can I have
everybody's attention here?
Officer Lynch is going
to make a short statement
and then he'll take
some questions.
Officer Lynch?
Ladies and gentlemen
of the press,
on behalf of the city
police department,
I would like to
apologize for the
tragic events that have
brought us here today.
We have to talk about
the situations that
are really going on,
senseless deaths
that shouldn't be taking place.
Our young Nate was full of life.
His life was brought
down way too soon.
There's things that young Nate
will never get to experience.
As tragic as these events are,
I still contend that I behaved
within the bounds
of police protocol.
Okay, okay, quiet
down, one at a time.
Young Nate Junior...
Was a young...
young boy full of life,
full of great opportunity,
and it was snatched away
at the hands of someone who was
supposed to protect and serve.
Officer, were you aware
that the boy was deaf
at the time that you shot him?
I was not aware that
the boy was deaf, no.
Officer Lynch, Officer Lynch.
Have you had an
opportunity to speak
with the boy's parents yet?
I have not yet had an
opportunity to speak
with the boy's parents.
Officer Lynch, do
you intend to speak
to the boy's family?
He'll never get a
chance to go to prom.
We'll never get to see
him walk across that stage
and graduate from high school.
He'll never get a
chance to walk onto
a college campus and
experience life on his own.
He'll never get a chance to
meet the love of his life.
He'll never get a chance
to stand at the altar
and watch his bride
walk down the aisle.
Look, I did what I
thought had to be done.
Any good cop would've
done the exact same thing.
Okay, okay, okay, no more
questions, no more questions,
no more, no more,
he's done, he's done.
Y'all, I wrote this song
in honour of Nate Junior
and this is my expression
and reflection of his life
and his legacy, you know?
# This house that you see #
# May look like a
run-down shack, yeah #
# But it's been a
good home to me #
# And I'll never take it back #
# I may not #
# I may not have much #
# But I got a
whole lotta heart #
# Oh, yes I do #
# You heard on the news #
# They flashed my picture
across the screen #
# Before they ever
knew my name #
# They already made
a decision about me #
# I may not #
# I may not have much #
# But I gotta
whole lotta heart #
# Oh, yes I do #
# For years #
# I used to sing #
# That this is the land
of the free, yeah #
# But nowadays I'm
starting to wonder #
# If that part of the song #
# Was written for me #
# I'm a simple man #
# But I live a complex life #
# So I got walk
by faith, y'all #
# And not by sight #
# I may not #
# I may not have much #
# But I gotta whole #
# Lotta heart #
I'll see you soon.
I'll see you soon.
Still fucking that cop?
Man, why are you butting
into my business?
You're not my dad.
You know that mother fucker's
married, right?
Shh, quiet, I have neighbours.
Man, you always
fucking fall in love
with the wrong
fucking people, man.
This mother fucker got a family at home.
He has kids.
You need to stop
fucking doing that shit.
Whatever, man.
This mother fucker's a cop, man.
Where have you been?
On a stakeout, official
police business, you know?
Do you really think I'm stupid?
Rachel, I can't do this
tonight, all right?
I have enough shit going
on in my life right now
without you turning
against me too.
Mom, is everything okay?
Everything's fine,
go back to bed.
You wanna know the truth?
Do you really want to
know the truth, Rachel?
Yeah, tell me,
stop lying to me, Sam,
and tell me the truth.
I fuck her every chance I get.
I'm not happy.
I haven't been happy
for a long time.
I don't know if we can
pick up the pieces.
Right, there, that's the truth,
you fucking satisfied now?
Hey, Sam.
How are you doing?
Good, good.
You just take my lead,
I've got your back,
and everything's gonna
be all right, okay?
You can do this.
As long as I've known you,
I ain't never known you
to fuck up on no brakes.
Gwen just called me and said
she almost crashed
on the freeway.
Tell her I'll fix it.
Bro, you need to go home.
You need to spend time
with your family, man.
I love them like you,
I've known you for
a long time, bro.
You go home.
# Love me the way #
# The way that you do #
I haven't seen you
smile in a long time.
Now next up on the mic,
this sisters rocks mics
all over the United
States, one of the best
to ever do it, I want you to
please give it up for Divine.
We're gonna get through this.
This poem is dedicated
to Nate and Tatiana.
I've missed you,
thought about you when
I wasn't supposed to
I cared,
I watched you walk away
that day to play and...
smile and...
your silence was loud.
You were special.
And not many people knew how.
And some didn't care.
They took you right
from under me,
the system,
the system wasn't
built for you or me.
They offered no apology.
My baby is gone.
Your heartbeat was
my favourite song.
Missing you hasn't been fun.
I mean, I try to substitute
for you in your absence,
but no one else
can do what you do,
love how you love and
look how you look.
I want you back.
With you there was balance,
a sense of security,
even if it lasted
a little while,
I wanted you with me.
'Cause I get that things
change and people part ways,
but we were one,
so division wasn't an option.
Son, I now know the meaning
when someone says
they feel torn apart.
Feeling like your finish line
never had a start.
Thank you.
Come on, guys, come on.
You know they say in
ancient times that
the sun would be
fighting the moon
and then the moon
would fight the sun
but the solar system
has to have balance.
A person can only bend
so much til they break.
If the sun woke up this morning
and its shine was taken away,
he would question
his whole existence.
If I break,
I want the crackling of my roots
to resonate throughout
the universe.
Breaking news, Officer Sam Lynch
will not be charged
in the shooting death
of Nate Wesley Junior.
I feel entirely
justified in my actions.
Kid was a known drug runner
hanging out with known criminals
My question is, where are
the parents in all this, huh?
Protesters are already on scene
from both sides.
We will keep you up to
date on the very latest.
What's happening with you,
man, how you holding up?
You know they down there
marching for you, man,
I'm surprised you
ain't at the march.
Fuck marches.
Man, fuck all that
marching, bro.
Marching for what?
The police don't
police they own,
so we'll never get no conviction,
we'll never get no justice.
Shit, feel me?
-What's up, Nate?
T-Moe in there?
-What's up, man?
-Need a strap, y'all.
-Need a strap?
I need a strap,
you got one or not?
You all right?
Good, man.
All right.
Where you at?
You need to get
over here right now,
yeah, like right now.
All right.
How you find me?
T-Moe's my friend, remember?
Nate, I know you're not about
to do what I'm thinking.
What's that?
Listen to me.
Don't do this.
I'm in that courtroom every day.
I know how this ends.
It's not worth throwing
away your life.
Put a hole in his chest.
I'm supposed to walk away?
We kill each other
every day for bullshit
and now what, I'm
supposed to march
and protest and
sing peace songs,
fuck that shit.
I ain't turning the other cheek.
That shit stops today.
I'ma ride for mine.
Then what?
You plan on having me represent
you on a murder one charge?
Pleading with the
judge to forgive you
and not give you
the death penalty?
Where's the honour in that?
Our father spent most
of our lives in prison.
Ask him about honour.
This is your life.
This isn't a game, Nate.
You know what?
We either stand for something,
we gonna keep dying for nothing,
excuse me.
So what happened?
Nobody wants to hang out with me
because of what Dad did.
They're calling him a murderer.
I seriously can't
take it anymore.
And where is he?
Mom, I heard you guys
talking the other night
and I know that he's
seeing another woman.
It's complicated.
It breaks my heart to know
that you're going through this.
Kids can be so mean,
no one's hazing
you though, right?
Nobody says that,
they just...
Unlike you.
They don't like your
comments or your photos
on social media.
They whisper.
This fucking dog.
Shut up, Cowboy.
Go untie him and bring
him in the house.
This is so stupid.
You know, they're not
really your friends.
Oh don't, no, no-
Sit the fuck down.
-Stop, stop!
-Sit down, sit down.
Go check the house,
bro, go check the house.
Where the fuck is he at?
Who, who?
Who? Fucking Sam,
where the fuck is at?
-I don't know.
-Where is he at?
He's not here, I don't know.
Where is he at?
-Call him, call him.
-Okay, yeah, okay.
-Get him on the phone.
-I'm calling, I'm calling.
He's not answering.
Sorry, it's not him.
-What you wanna do, bro?
You ever been
robbed of something?
Has somebody ever stole
something from you?
I'm not talking about
your fucking car
or your little place
at the country club.
I mean some shit
you can't replace.
He used to steal my heart
every time he smiled.
His first steps...
I can't...
replace that shit.
Do you believe in the Bible?
Do you believe in
the fucking Bible?
Well, it says an eye for an eye.
A tooth...
for a tooth.
I've been fighting.
I've been fighting.
If I take something
from him, I'll be even.
Jesus Christ, Jesus
Christ, you hurt, baby?
You all right, hold on, hold on.
You okay, you all right?
What happened? Who did this?
-It was...
-I'll kill them.
Just some black guys with guns.
Where were you? I called you.
Where the fuck were you?
They were pointing a gun
at your daughter, okay,
and you were gone,
you were gone.
It's probably those
guys's son you murdered.
We should call the police.
We need to call the police.
No, look, baby, baby, I'm
the police, all right?
I'ma take care of this.
It's all right.
Mother fuckers, mother fuckers!
Sorry, man, we're closed,
come back tomorrow.
You just couldn't
let it go, huh?
Come into my home,
tie up my wife, my daughter?
You murdered my son.
In cold blood!
I coulda did the same to you.
I'm not like you, though.
Hey, boss, I'm going.
Oh, shit.
Back the fuck up!
Go on, get outta here.
Hey, you see what he did, right?
This is Officer Sam Lynch.
We've got shots fired
in Nate's Garage,
1703 West 24th Ave.
Need medical assistance.
This is Cadence Harper
with the GBN broadcast network
and we are here live on
the scene at Nate's Garage.
We have just learned
that Nate Wesley Senior
has been shot after an altercation
with Officer Sam Lynch.
If you remember,
Officer Sam Lynch
is the same officer
in the deadly shooting
of Nate Wesley Junior
for wielding a toy gun.
The question is, why is
Officer Sam Lynch at the shop?
Details are sketchy, but
in a statement released
by Officer Sam Lynch, he
said that he went to the shop
to apologize but Nate Wesley
Senior pulled out a gun
and he was forced to shoot him.
We still don't know the
condition of Nate Wesley Senior,
but we do know that he is in
police custody and hospitalized
That's what happened.
I'm sorry, I...
I can't leave.
I can't leave my family.
It made me realize what...
When you see your family's
lives flash before you...
So you leading me
on this whole time?
No. That's not what...
That's not what I mean, I...
I need to be there for my wife.
My daughter, I'm
sorry, this is...
Look, I...
I can give you some money,
if you want to get away
for a while.
Where am I supposed to go, Sam?
And leave my family?
Where am I gonna go?
I don't want your
fucking money, Sam.
I'm sorry.
Have a drink with me
for old time's sake?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
All right, okay, it's
okay, it's all right.
I gotta tell you
I am relieved,
fucking relieved.
The system works.
You think this could
actually be over?
It is like,
I don't know what I
was so worried about.
All I had to do was just...
Fucking, just put
it on the ground.
Put what on the ground, Sam?
The gun, the fucking
unlicensed, untraceable,
it's always good to have one
on hand in my line of work.
Sam Lynch decided to show up
at Nathan Wesley Senior's
shop to apologize,
first of all, who does that?
I mean,
I guess I can kind
of see it, you know,
you want to be the bigger
man and make that appearance
and I do understand it,
but it's just, it's such a...
so soon, fam, so soon?
Listen, an altercation
took place.
Nate Wesley was shot
and Sam Lynch is claiming
that a gun was pulled on him,
a little suspect, listen, phone
lines are open, call us up,
tell us what you think,
I don't know who to believe.
How you doing?
Pretty shaken up.
Well, you ain't got to
worry no more, okay?
They got the guy,
he's gonna be going
away for a long time.
What about you?
Are you going away too?
I'm not going anywhere.
What about Yolanda
or Yesenia, whatever?
It's over.
I told her last night.
It's in the past.
I love you.
I love you too.
I need y'all to
turn with me today
to Galatians six and seven,
the word of God said
be not deceived,
God is not mocked
for whatever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap.
Understand, the devil
wants you to act and react
based on reactions,
but understand God says,
whatever you plant,
if you plant positive,
you'll reap positive,
if you plant negative,
you'll reap negative, God
is not playing with us.
God will make you pay for
the things that you do.
You better understand,
God is a God of justice,
God is a God of compassion,
he's not a God of confusion,
but he will make you
pay for what you do.
You will reap what you sow.
You got to understand,
God is not mocked.
I'ma reaching out
trying to save you
while there's still time.
You better do what's right
in the eyes of the Lord.
The gun,
unlicensed, untraceable.
It's always handy to keep one
handy while you're working.
You recognize the name
Officer Sam Lynch?
It's in the news again.
If you are one of the 18
million people who has not
seen this video
that was released
on YouTube three days ago,
pay attention, there
is graphic language,
this is a warning.
A gun,
It's always handy to keep
one handy while I work.
It's actually kind of
I told him I went over
there to apologize.
Let's follow the
timeline on this story.
As you might remember,
Officer Sam Lynch
back in the spring
shot and killed a 12 year
old deaf boy by the name...
Man, I knew that mother fucker
was no good, man.
The grand jury heard the
case and he was acquitted.
A few months later,
Officer Sam Lynch goes down
to the office of Nate Wesley
Senior, the boy's father,
to apologize for the incident.
Officer Lynch claims that
the father, Wesley Senior,
pulled a gun on him and
in defence, he shot him.
Well, this video tells a
different story, doesn't it?
I've got your discharge
paperwork here
if you'd like to sign it.
After the release of this video,
Officer Sam Lynch was
arrested and is now being...
Ladies and gentlemen if
you haven't had a chance
this afternoon to view any
of the major news networks
or hear anybody talking in the
office by the water cooler,
well, you're gonna
see it tonight.
Sam Lynch has been released
from the county jail.
He must have made bond
because he was seen
exiting the jail this evening.
If you remember the
infamous YouTube video
that was released
about a week ago
showing video
footage of Mr. Lynch
talking about planting
evidence at a crime scene,
filmed, wait for it, by his
mistress with her cell phone,
well, that's all resurfacing
again this evening
and the nightmare continues
for Ms. Lynch
and I'm sure she is very unhappy
with the news media tonight.
Yesenia, open up!
Hey, fool, why you banging
on my sister's door?
You know she don't want
to see you no more, homie.
Yeah, you better
bounce, mother fucker.
There's a funny feeling inside
when you stop giving a fuck.
When you just stop
caring about the world
because you realize the
world don't give a fuck
about you either.
It's almost unnatural.
I used to read the Bible a lot.
And my mind keeps going back
to a scripture I remember.
To everything there's a season
and a time
to every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born,
a time to plant,
a time to pluck up
that is planted.
And it also says
there's a time to kill.
Well, first, I want to thank
you for taking this meeting.
I was formally charged
a couple days ago and...
suspended from work and...
I understand that...
you were assigned my case,
I'm supposed to appear before
you, so I was hoping...
You might be able
to help me out.
I know you did me a favour,
but you're real hot on this one.
The public is out for blood
and the media's all over this.
I cannot help you on this one.
What do you mean
you can't help me?
You owe me, I got your
nephew out of prison.
I understand that, look.
I'm gonna ask you
nicely and quietly.
I think you need to leave.
I shouldn't even be
seen with you right now.
You think I need to...
You need to go, Sam.
You fucked up,
you really fucked up,
you planted evidence.
I can't make that go away.
That man came into my home,
he terrorized my family.
What was I supposed to do?
You were supposed to
let the law handle it.
I'm a fucking police officer.
I served my country.
I'm a proud American.
And this is how I'm treated?
You're just gonna
throw me under the bus?
Look, he's a good kid, he
just made a mistake and...
I'd really appreciate
it if you could help me
get him out of this jam.
But you're gonna owe me.
Nothing I can do for you, Sam.
I'm putting myself at risk
just by meeting with you.
With everything
that is within me
telling me not to give a fuck,
telling me to make you
feel a fraction of the pain
that you put me and
my family through,
pain that keeps me up at night.
The pain that brought me here,
right here, right now.
I want the world to know
that it's your
time, mother fucker.
Let me go, no!
I watched him struggle
as they laid him
down on the ground.
I thought how easy it'd be
just to end his existence.
It's at those moments
that you gotta
reach deep inside,
the part that goes
beyond not giving a fuck.
And I knew
it was my time to
release all the pain
that I felt about Nate Junior.
Watch your back.
Hey, hey, slow down, slow down.
Aw, Ese,
ain't that mother fucking
pig right there?
That is him, that
mother fucker right there.
Pull up, pull up, Ese,
pull up, pull up.
Remember me?
If you died today, would
they remember you for you?
Or judge you for who
they thought you were?
Growing up, you became
accustomed to chaos.
Your mother lost her life to it.
But the way the world works,
subtract and you add to it.
A father holds his baby boy in
his arms for the first time.
Millions of thoughts
racing through his head.
I can't wait to teach
him how to ride a bike.
Show him how to play some ball.
Him telling you about
the girls in his life.
What kinda impact will
he make on the world?
Kinda makes you smile, right?
Can you imagine raising your son
to be the man you
always knew he could be,
just for a coward with
a gun to take him away?
Black lives matter.
The news'll tell you
it's just a bunch
of thugs and hoodlums
breaking shit,
as if my black
life was a choice.
See, America, you lack empathy.
So allow me to emphasize
the thoughts of my
motor mind, see.
You tell my people to be quiet
when our children
are being killed, why?
Better him than me.
You see it on the news,
our children being
dehumanized, why?
This isn't news to me.
This has been a problem,
except now it's being televised.
Fox is telling hella
lies and America acting
like they seeing through
Hellen Keller's eyes.
See, my view is omniscient.
I seen it all, I seen it all.
Seems like the only
way out the hood
is slinging rock
or slinging a ball.
And not all cops are bad,
but man, I know it seems as such
'cause they're
killing off our genes
and it's lost
between the scenes.
It sucks, it seems to
me that what the world
is lacking is love.
What you hear and what you see
is a distraction from love.
What you say and how you
feel, I feel is actually love.
And I hope you feel it
from a passage above, love.
# Hey, hey, hey, hey #
# Hey, hey, hey, hey #
# Baby, I know you #
# You, you #
# I know you seen a lot
of things in your life #
# Well, trust me #
# Baby trust me #
# Baby, trust me #
# Baby, I know you #
# You, you #
# No, what about the
times in your life #
# When it was just me #
# Just me and you #
# Getting high #
# Got no funds but
we still got by #
# Ain't got no gas #
# I'ma set you straight #
# Right on time #
# I never showed up late #
# Man, what about these homes #
# We'd have made it to the top #
# And that's
without these hoes #
# So give me trust or it's
out that door with me #
# And baby I can take your
ass to stars, to Venus, yeah #
# You, you, you, you #
# And you are #
# So very special to me #
# Yeah #
# So special to me #
# And you are, you are #
# You, you, you, you #
# And you are #
# So very special to me #
# So special to me #
# You are, you are #
# Push that body on me baby #
# I love it when you #
# Push me that
body on me, baby #
# Oh #
# I love it when you #
# Push that body on me baby #
# I love it when you #
# Push that body on me baby #
# Oh, baby, baby #
# Yo, the other day
I made my girl cry #
# See, this is a
fucked up world #
# Like what the fuck
is you crying for #
# There's little
children in villages #
# Off in Africa watching
their mothers die #
# Paint a picture on
just how real it gets #
# I could think of a million
things to cry about #
# But I think
sometimes you figure #
# You got to cry it out #
# Tough it out, I told her #
# That's why I'm
so insensitive #
# At times I get so wrapped
up in my situation #
# Yes I did #
# Time for a different
perspective #
# She's so inquisitive #
# Acts as a detective #
# And retrospects
what it really is #
# Being lied to, cheated
on and spit upon #
# Plus there's one man
she tried to love #
# Is dead and gone #
# And all she needed
was a father #
# Where was you at? #
# Way too drunk to think
about your daughter #
# Is what you said #
# Up in her heart #
# You tore your family apart #
# You abused her so much #
# Was that your plan
from the start #
# So much resentment from
the constant ridicule #
# She the fat girl in class #
# She must've hated
middle school #
# But some constant
jail visits #
# Confidence made attainment #
# Tried to think to steal #
# Did you stop and think
for a minute like #
# I got a daughter who's
growing up all alone #
# Who thinks her
daddy don't love her #
# I'm thinking, like,
was she wrong but #
# See I ain't here to
slander your name #
# I'm glad that you came #
# Rest in peace til your
body's remains are gone #
# And I know you #
# I know you seen a lot
of things in your life #
# Well, trust me #
# Baby trust me #
# Baby trust me #
# Baby, I know you #
# You, you, you #
# And you are #
# So very special to me #
# Yeah #
# So special to me #
# You are, you are #
# You, you, you, you #
# And you are #
# So very special to me #
# So special to me #
# And you are, you are #
# Push that body on me, baby #
# I love it #