The Tag-Along 2 (2017) Movie Script

The police crack down hard
on logging recently.
Watch out,
if you see anyone suspicious.
I'm going for a piss.
If I knew I would be carrying logs
in this goddamn place,
I would rather be sent back home.
Stop it!
Your mom is waiting for you
to send money home.
I smuggled myself into Taiwan
because I didn't want to
carry logs in chiang mai.
Help me dig it out!
It looks like something.
Give me a hand.
What's it?
Looks like a human head.
Chang ming-hao.
Foreign workers run away.
Chang ming-hao.
Li ya-ting,
I can't pick you up today.
I'll be home late.
Have dinner on your own.
There is fruit in the fridge.
Oh, the tuition fee...
I'll leave it on the table tonight.
Yes! I'll remember it. I need to go.
For the whole year,
we haven't seen her daughter.
The mother has become so weird.
Don't know if she's possessed.
You didn't come till now.
Not sure if her daughter is dead or alive.
Here it is.
Thank you.
You go up stairs then.
Hello! We're social workers.
Ms. lin Mei-hua.
I know you're in.
Would you open the door, please?
Ms. lin?
I'm li shu-fen from the taichung domestic-
violence prevention center.
We've got a call.
Can we come in?
We're concerned about yong-ching.
Yong-ching isn't in.
Ms. lin, it's just a routine visit.
Can you let us in, please?
Don't touch my stuff.
Ms. lin.
Where is yong-ching?
She's staying with a relative.
When was the last time you saw her?
About a week ago.
But your neighbor told us that
they haven't seen her for a year.
Don't listen to their nonsense.
Can you give us your relative's address?
They live in the mountains.
Not easy to get there.
Then can you just
bring yong-ching to see us?
As long as we know she's fine,
we won't bother you anymore.
Yong-ching is absolutely fine.
Why do you want to see her?
Ms. lin... -You can't go in!
Please calm down...
We just need to check...
Stay still!
Li ya-ting.
Li ya-ting, you're not feeling well?
You've been throwing up for a few days.
Are you okay?
Come here.
Come here.
What's in your hand?
Give it to me!
No! -Give it to me!
What are you doing?
Hello ma'am.
This is li ya-ting's mother.
She's not feeling well
so she'll take a day off.
Thank you.
Is your boyfriend over eighteen?
According to law,
I'll call the police if he's over eighteen.
If he's under eighteen, I'll report...
I'm not your client!
Unintended pregnancy.
She's more than seven weeks in.
Having a surgery
is better than taking the pill.
Any risk with surgery?
Pass me the form
it's a minor surgery. Done in fifteen minutes.
It's very safe.
Please fill in this form.
Just a minor surgery.
Don't you worry.
I'll be with you all the time.
Can you stop making every decision for me?
You're under eighteen.
I do have the right
to make decisions for you.
When you were pregnant with me,
anyone made the decision for you?
Although it's better to have the surgery early,
I suggest that you should discuss it properly
before coming back to me.
Yes, liu, I know.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Half an hour, okay?
Li ya-ting.
You're right. You're not my client.
You're my daughter!
I don't want your life to be ruined by a child!
Right! I ruined your life!
Li ya-ting.
Go back to your work!
Hi, Ms. li.
This way, please.
I'll leave it to you then.
Kiss her lovely baby.
Have some donuts.
Where is mommy?
Mommy is sick.
She's still in the hospital.
Stop lying to me.
We have to go home now.
It's very dangerous to stay outside.
Why is it dangerous to stay outside?
Hello... ma'am.
I think the client suffers from
persecutory delusions.
I suggest that she should be
isolated for now.
But, ma'am...
The doctor says the girl is healthy
and well-nourished.
No sign of abuse.
How could it be possible? Look.
She locked her daughter up for a year
and drew all these things on her body.
It counts as abuse!
I'll call you back later.
Miss social worker.
I want to take lin yong-ching home.
Or she'll be in danger.
Ms. lin, trust me.
Your daughter is very safe in here.
You don't understand...
Ms. lin, I've got a daughter too.
I do understand.
I want to take yong-ching home now.
Please don't worry.
We'll keep you posted.
It's not what you think!
Your call will be transferred
to the voicemail...
You'll be charged after the beep.
Goodbye, teacher...
Your call will be transferred
to the voicemail...
Excuse me, miss, you're...
Miss. -Ms. li.
Where is li ya-ting?
I thought she had gone home.
Ls it tsai chia-hui speaking?
This is ya-ting's mother.
Is ya-ting with you?
With me?
No... I didn't see her since this afternoon.
You know her boyfriend?
Master tiger...
Excuse me. I'm looking for lin chun-Kai.
Master tiger is here.
Don't call his name directly! Shut up!
Master tiger...
So you're li ya-ting's boyfriend?
You're...Ya-ting's sister?
I'm her mother!
Hello auntie.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Didn't she come to you?
She's been avoiding me recently.
I haven't seen her for almost two weeks.
Missing person -
li ya-ting.
She's been missing for 64 hours.
The last place she was caught on camera is
the entrance of the footpath
to shanen hospital.
We assume that she walks
1.5 km per hour on the hill.
So she may still be within this area...
Ms. li.
According to the surveillance camera,
ya-ting left the school around half past five
yesterday afternoon.
Ya-ting was led away!
What do you mean led away?
She was led away by the little demon.
The little demon?
The little demon.
This is the little demon.
Ms. li.
You know the hills in this area...
Since the kaduoli theme park accident
that happened more than ten years ago,
there have been a lot of ghost sightings.
The little girl in red caught on camera
during the family outing
happened right here
in the mountains in dakeng.
First squad reporting...
No sight of the target
on the southwest footpath.
They ask master tiger to help!
That's ya-ting's trainer!
We've found it!
Come on, master tiger is leaving.
Keep back!
Keep back, everyone!
Don't step on it.
Master tiger is giving us instructions.
Master tiger says...
Master tiger says...
Everyone, don't go any further.
It's their territory.
The demons' territory.
Li ya-ting.
Li ya-ting?
Ms. li.
They are over there.
Hello? Ya-ting?
Is that you? Ya-ting.
Lin chun-Kai.
Oh, auntie.
I found ya-ting's cell phone.
is still in the mountains.
She's been missing for 72 hours.
Auntie, don't worry.
I'll definitely find her.
Auntie, don't worry.
Let's keep in touch.
Ma'am, are you okay?
How's it going?
I've got the papers.
Her name is shen yi-chun.
It was in the news when she disappeared.
This is her boyfriend.
And her boyfriend's grandma too.
Yeah... here...
They went missing
in wanglongkeng in yilan.
But I don't know why their bodies
were found in taichung's dakeng.
The baby isn't breathing.
No heartbeat either.
What did you say?
Save him...
Miss shen.
We think the baby had died
before it was born.
It suffered from severe fibrosis.
Miss shen.
My name is li shu-fen. I'm a social worker.
I brought you down
from the mountains yesterday.
Have you seen this girl in the mountains?
Wei and grandma.
My husband.
Where is my husband?
Miss shen.
Do you remember why you were
in the hospital in the mountains?
What hospital in the mountains?
What on earth are you talking about?
Where on earth is this?
I want to see wei and grandma.
Mr. ho and his grandma
have both passed away.
I want to find grandma!
Miss shen, please calm down.
I want to find wei.
Wei... grandma.
Who on earth are you?
Wei... grandma.
- Miss shen, please calm down...
Save me...
Wei... grandma.
Grandma... -Save me...
Save me...
Please save me...
It's really strange.
How could things like that happen?
Kun is gone.
Shui is gone too.
Those who went missing
died one after another.
Grandma died soon
after she was rescued in the mountains.
They are here.
Grandma, wei.
Yi-chun is brought back home safely.
She has come to see you.
Don't you want to say something?
Step back!
Everyone, keep back!
Don't step on it.
Master tiger is giving instructions.
Step back!
Everyone, keep back!
Here. Don't step on it.
Master tiger is giving us instructions.
This is what grandma left behind.
She gathered so much information
when looking for you.
Well, it's so sad.
Ms. li.
Take a good care of yi-chun.
So sad to see her feeling lost like this.
Miss shen.
You really didn't see my daughter?
Step back!
Everyone, keep back!
Here. Don't step on it.
Master tiger is giving us instructions.
Is it the hospital
where I went for my prenatal visit.
No way you could have the check-up there.
The hospital was abandoned
fifteen years ago.
She was crying in the toilet.
She said she was pregnant.
Her mother took her to have an abortion.
What did the god of land say?
He said there was a boundary
in the mountain.
Behind it is their territory.
My future granddaughter-in-law is
very likely to be trapped in there.
Before you find a place,
you can stay with me.
Miss shen.
Please help me look for my daughter.
What do you mean
ya-ting is trapped in the realm?
The monsters use the demon hidden in you
to construct a virtual world.
You don't have to face the sadness
in the real life.
I'm sorry.
It's mommy's fault.
I'm sorry.
What should I do?
Hello. Lin chun-Kai.
Hello auntie.
Can you do me a favor?
Listen, all you demons.
Master tiger of dakeng is here.
Just tell us your conditions
master tiger will show you mercy
and help you.
Scripture is burned and turned into
the rivers and the sea.
Light strikes and the sky cracks.
A powerful spell settles the fate of the world.
An urgent order
is issued to the divine guards!
Wait for a joss stick to burn out.
Wait a while.
Wait for master tiger to deal with them.
Here you are...
You don't dare to come?
You stood us up!
So what's going on?
You don't dare to
come in master tiger's presence?
Damn cowards!
Come on, if you dare!
Come on, if you dare!
What's going on?
Come on, everyone!
Let's pack up and go home.
I'll ask for further instructions later.
What's wrong with you?
You come to negotiate?
Did ya-ting offend you
so you took her away?
Or you need us to do something for you?
You want offering?
Or you're looking for someone?
Your family?
Your parents?
Your father?
Your mother?
Where is your mother?
Where is miss shen?
Sir... are you okay?
Did you go to my place?
What happened to your place?
Shen yi-chun.
Shen yi-chun?
Stop pretending!
Come in, quick.
Has someone in your family gone missing?
How did you know?
I saw her that day.
The little girl in red.
Miss shen.
Are you okay?
Miss shen...
Get into yong-ching's room, quick!
Why did she use me?
Because you cling on
your obsession the most.
You refuse to let go of it.
Why didn't she just kill me?
It's your child that let you come back.
But my child is dead!
Your child sacrificed itself.
So you could come back.
The person who was meant to be killed
was you.
Mommy is sorry...
So the person she's looking for is you?
What do you mean?
We asked master tiger to negotiate with her.
She said as long as she finds her mother,
my daughter will come back.
The person she's looking for
is me.
I'm her mother.
Eighteen years ago...
An accident happened in
the kaduoli theme park in taichung.
You're having a good time?
Mommy, I want to have a ride on it!
Mommy, I'm here!
Many children were killed in that accident.
My daughter was one of them.
I couldn't accept my daughter's death.
I remembered
my grandma told me
there was a way
to bring the dead back to life.
Mommy is back.
Kiss her lovely baby.
An ancient magic trick.
You bury the body facedown.
Lovely sweetie is with her mother.
Back then,
I went to the mountains
to perform the ritual
at the same time everyday.
I went there everyday.
Seven days later, she did come back to life.
I wanted to bring her back to life.
I didn't expect her to become a demon.
She can't go into the next life.
The man in the clip
seems to have two long teeth.
They say
they're the so-called "demon teeth."
What's more terrifying is that
in the video clip
we see a scary little girl
who wasn't supposed to be there.
The wu family traveled to
taichung's dakeng.
However, at the end of the line
you can see a girl in red,
with that strange face.
The creepiest thing is:
That man beside the girl
in red dies unexpectedly soon after.
The demon hidden inside her
prompted her to capture people.
So I had to deal with her.
Mommy is here.
Mommy's brought you new clothes.
Mommy's got you new clothes.
You like it?
You like it?
Although she'd become a demon,
she still had a trace of humanity left in her.
She still remembered me.
She knew I was her mother.
That's why I had to hide yong-ching.
Because a year ago,
she was released again!
She was let out again!
It's you who created the demon!
You did it!
You caused it all!
It's you!
Calm down.
How on earth can we put an end to it?
How on earth...
Take me to the mountains.
I'll make it up to you.
Then your daughter will be back.
Hello auntie.
Hello lin chun-Kai.
We've found her mother.
She's willing to come to
the mountains with us.
Who's her mother?
I can't explain it over the phone.
We're already on the way.
Let's meet up later.
Grandpa, are you okay?
What happened?
We've found her mother.
What do you mean found her mother?
Not here.
To the theme park.
But my daughter was seen in the hospital...
We have to go to where she was buried.
You just walked into the trap!
Can't you use your head before you act?
How can you be so stupid?
You should think before you act.
What do you mean, grandpa?
I got possessed by the demon
after master tiger had left, right?
You can't believe anything it says
without master tiger!
It must be some evil plan.
Or why didn't it dare to tell us
till master tiger was gone?
Call them.
Ask them to come back. -Call them. Yes.
Come on.
Your call will be transferred to the voicemail.
You'll be charged after the beep.
Your call will be transferred to the voicemail.
You'll be charged after the beep.
Here we are.
Here it is.
Give me your hands.
What I'm drawing is
the five-thunder spell passed down
by lord five-thunder.
It'll protect you from the evil spirits.
I'll go in on my own.
You stay in the car.
And one more thing...
If I don't come back,
please look after
my little yong-ching for me.
I'll come with you.
Don't get out of the car
till the fog is gone.
Your call will be transferred to the voicemail.
Your call will be transferred to the voicemail.
Stay away!
Sweetie, are you there?
It's mommy here, sweetie.
Sweetie, come out!
Aren't you looking for me?
Sweetie, come out!
Mommy has come to you.
Let her daughter go!
Mommy is here for you.
Where are you?
Mommy will stay with you forever.
Mommy is here for you.
Look, mommy's brought you new clothes.
Sweetie, come out!
Wait for me here!
She wants to get yong-ching.
I'm sorry.
Lin Mei-hua.
Lin Mei-hua...
You come out!
I'm not afraid of you!
You come out...
You come out...
I'm not afraid of you!
Where is auntie shu-fen?
You come out! I'm not afraid of you...
You come out...
Let go off me!
What's going on?
Open the door...
Get into the car...
Let me out!
Take her back, quick!
I'll go looking for ya-ting's mother.
Li ya-ting!
Li shu-fen.
Hurry up!
There is no one down there.
Come on!
Hurry up!
Auntie shu-fen...
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Don't be like this. Please...
Please stop it...
Li shu-fen...Don't you want me?
Don't be like this. Please...
What should I do?
Unintended pregnancy.
12 weeks.
It's just a minor surgery.
Done in fifteen minutes.
Let go of me...
Don't you want to get rid of the baby?
I want the baby.
I want to keep the baby.
I did listen to you.
You happy now?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Did you leave me
because I didn't listen to you?
Mommy didn't leave you.
It's not that I didn't listen to you.
I just didn't know what to do.
I know...
It's alright.
Mommy is here with you.
Mommy is here with you.
Mommy will get you out.
Lin yong-ching...
Lin yong-ching.
Lin yong-ching.
I'm your mommy's friend.
She asked me to take you home.
Get in.
Where is mommy?
Mommy is with your sister in the mountains.
Come on.
Get in. Don't come out.
Hide yourself.
is burned
and turned
into the rivers and the sea.
Light strikes and the sky cracks.
A powerful spell settles the fate of the world.
An urgent order is issued
to the divine guards!
Mom, I don't think
we can go through the boundary.
Ms. li.
Finally, we've found you!
Come, follow me.
Thanks. Thank you.
Shun-kama that you'?
I know you're inside.
Our child and I are waiting for you
to come home.
'(Lchun ...
You're not real.
You're dead.
I'm right here.
Open the door.
Open the door. Look at me.
Why did you leave us?
Don't you want to see me again?
I'm right here.
I miss you so much.
I miss you very much too.
Our child...
I know...
Shall we go home?
Let's go home together.
...lying to me.
Get in!
Stay away!
Get in. Don't come out!
Get in!
Don't come out!
The fog is thick.
There, the exit.
Lin chun-Kai!
Lin chun-Kai!
What are you doing?
Ya-ting! -Lin chun-Kai...
Lin chun-Kai...
Li ya-ting!
Don't try to scare me...
Lin chun-Kai!
Don't try to scare me...
Look at me!
Li ya-ting!
Come play with me.
Where is mommy?
Mommy is dead.
Mommy is killed by them.
Come back!
Li ya-ting, come back!
Li ya-ting, come back!
Come back to me!
Didn't you want to get rid of me?
Didn't I ruin your life?
Why didn't you protect mommy?
Mommy turned me into a demon.
Mommy hated me.
Mommy didn't want me anymore.
I never wanted to get rid of you!
You're my daughter!
You're my daughter!
Come back!
You chose me!
It's you who chose me!
Come, look.
Li ya-ting.
Mommy, you know why I chose you
to be my mommy?
A lot of kids were flying in the sky.
They all wanted you to be their mother.
I picked you first.
It's you who chose me to be your mother!
You chose me!
You come back and be my daughter!
You come back and be my daughter!
Come back!
Li ya-ting, come back!
You're my daughter!
You can do it.
Li ya-ting.
Li ya-ting, you can do it.
You're not a demon.
Mommy said you were a kind big sister.
I'm a demon...
I'm a demon.
You're not a demon!
You're mommy's daughter!
You were my sister.
Your name was lin yong-ching too.
Lin yong-ching...
Yong-ching, let's go home.
Lin yong-ching.
What are you doing?
Mommy, look, come on!
It was bullied by a group of bad dogs.
I chased them away.
Yong-ching is such a good girl.
You know you have to protect the weak.
Mommy taught me so.
Remember the song I used to sing to you
before you went to bed every night?
Let's sing it to the doggy.
Don't be afraid of the strong wind...
Don't be afraid of the heavy rain...
My sweetie...
Oh, so you remember it...
Grow up in the wind and rain
the strong wind will stop blowing
the heavy rain will stop pouring down
when the swallows come back
it's springtime again
you've got a name.
Your name is lin yong-ching.
You're not a demon.
You're my sister.
Mommy never forgot you.
She named me after you.
Here you are...
Did we...
...really manage to leave the realm?
I'm just thinking
why are there...
So many little demons in the mountains?