The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014) Movie Script

"New York 2015"
What time is it?
The farewell party doesn't matter?
Here I am
I can only stay for 30 minutes
I'm taking the 10:30 plane.
What's the hurry for your first job?
Aren't we all waiting for this?
From now on
Jimmy will be a Silicon Valley bigshot
I majored in IT, too
I'm going out West, like you are.
You two are together now?
"Kill the Tiger in the Mountain."
What the...
Very funny guys, way to go.
What's that?
Peking Opera.
That's your hometown, Jimmy.
"X on Fire."
Man, what time is your flight?
I don't think you can make it.
It's a massive traffic jam.
Well, Merry Christmas.
"Kill the Tiger in the Mountain."
"Northeast China 1946"
One year after the Japanese surrendered
China fell into a full-scale civil war.
In the Northeast,
bandits went on a post-war rampage.
They killed, looted... and expanded quickly.
The common folk suffered, oppressed and afraid.
That winter,
a PLA troop captain, code-named 203
led a squad to subdue the bandits
at Peony River
awaiting orders from headquarters.
The end of the year-
winds roaring, paths blocked.
After all kinds of hardships
the squad returned to their homeland
the snowfield forest.
So watery?
That's all we have.
En route to camp
the villagers killed by the bandits
numbered to...
Say it.
At Nan Hill: 250.
Gupai Village: 90.
- Yangjia Creek: 120
- Tell me the total number.
Give a report with the details.
Total number: 603.
we passed Guying Village without entering.
Not sure about their situation.
Reporting to 203.
Enemies at the machine storehouse.
Let's go
100 meters to the west.
A dozen men outside the storehouse
wearing our military uniforms.
But they don't look like our men.
Not sure about conditions inside.
the smell of barbecued meat.
A big load
enough for more than a dozen people.
Report on the bullets.
Qu has 52.
Tank and Brick have 120.
Baojun and Iron Pillar each have 6.
It's from Tank.
They've discovered us.
Those men out there
don't fool around.
Don't you bump into somebody
without knowing it's your bro.
We're from the Tiger Mountain.
Pick a name.
From which gang?
How many of you?
So you're Lord Hawk's gang.
He's a bandit under Hawk.
This land belongs to Hawk now.
Damn it.
Scared me.
Stop pretending.
No bullshit, you're alone?
What's your name?
What do you do?
I've found lots of goodies.
Sirs, come take a look.
Which gang are you from?
I don't belong to any
I'm just a hunter.
A hunter.
And what have you hunted?
Right... what have you got?
A lot of goodies
I can't carry them all alone.
That many?
Sirs, if you like, be my guest.
He's not alone.
The grenades collided!
They have tanks.
Stop throwing grenades, let's split.
Shit, two fled.
Son of a gun.
They're in our uniforms
easily mistaken as our men by the villagers.
The enemy poses as us
and smears our name.
Before arriving at Peony River
we've entered Hawk's territory.
There's thousands of men.
- Way outnumbered.
- Reporting to 203.
We've seized loads of bandit ammunition.
- Is everyone okay?
- Okay.
Is this edible?
Some kind of delicacy?
Barbecued rat.
Not bad
50 boxes in total
14,000 bullets, 500 grenades.
Really? Excellent
How much food is left?
Tonight there's nothing to cook.
Attention, please-
We will soon arrive at Harbin West Station.
If you are to disembark here
please get ready.
The next station is Harbin West Station.
If you are to disembark here
please get ready.
- Hello.
- Hi
I heard you were home
I need something from there.
Why not use a courier?
You'll be fired by your company.
No, I've notified them.
Are you home for your girlfriend?
203, Train coming
203, HQ's signal.
Our people.
Where are you from?
Stonegate Village.
There's one more
This is Comrade Yang.
We were comrades in arms before
Yang, this is Captain 203.
Reporting to 203
Yang, Political Division scout.
Hejiang Military District
reporting for duty.
The snowstorm was too heavy
but we found a train.
Transfer order.
This is field hospital nurse.
Comrade Bai.
Bai reports to the Captain.
Telegraph HQ to verify.
I've also brought food for you.
- Food?
- There.
Open the gate.
Here comes Lord Hawk.
Lower the palanquin.
Without my order
how dare you go downhill?
37 of you went out
and only you two dogs return.
We were ambushed by the PLA.
And they had tanks.
They had tanks.
Lord Hawk.
Lord Hawk
I smell something funny.
One Word:
Not Honest.
Lord Hawk, those are two words.
Shut up.
Big brother.
Take a few men downhill
and see if there's any PLA.
Yes, Lord Hawk.
As for you two-
Go peck them!
Bro 7
how does one become Lord Hawk?
You can't.
Above all the bandits in the world.
The Hawk is unparalleled.
Comrade Bai.
Ever shot a gun before?
What do you mean, a match?
No, just asking.
Why's your frostbite bandaged like this?
- Who did it?
- 203.
He bandaged all our feet.
This Yang doesn't behave like a scout.
So sloppy.
How can he fight playing like this?
Reporting to 203.
HQ has replied.
Saying what?
Yang knows the area,
is an experienced investigator.
Bai, the nurse
has been trained in battlefield rescue.
Now, the area is grim and complicated.
The two are sent to help.
If there's a problem,
solve it yourself
Sing one more.
What is it?
- See anything?
- No
I've got you, get out!
- A child.
- A child?
From the village?
Bring him back.
The wound is inflamed.
- It's very serious.
- Gunshot.
- Anaesthetic?
- Serious shortage.
Little brother, be strong.
Don't struggle.
Hold on-
It's almost done, hold on.
It's wrapped, let him go.
Eat something.
- Tank.
- Tank.
What are you doing?
He'll freeze if he runs out.
This boy thinks we're bandits.
Lord Hawk grabbed this secret arsenal
from the Japanese.
Nobody knows how much
ammunition the Tiger Fortress has
I tell you, Commissioner Hou.
They have 3,000 guns
10 mortars
10 heavy machine guns
50 light machine guns.
Lord Hawk.
KMT and the PLA are fighting.
KMT wants to incorporate us.
We've opened quite a can of worms.
Bro 3 fought PLA with the Japs.
Among all the bandits in the nine mountains
only he knows how to operate
this iron tortoise.
Commissioner Hou, with this thing
is the other ringleader, Big Stick
even qualified to be No. 1?
Commissioner Hou,
you represent the government to bestow
the Commander of the Northeast advance troop
I can say this-
other than Lord Hawk,
nobody dares to take the position.
Let's be frank-
If your gang submits to us
your respectable Hawk
will surely be the Commander of the advance troop.
As for the Advance Map,
I will, of course, offer it to him.
Well said.
Lord Hawk, you will be the Commander.
That depends on whether Hou
wants to give us the Advance Map.
What map?
Advance Map.
One Word:
Getting the Map depends on whether
our force is strong enough.
seems to have a powerful army.
But isn't a candidate for the Advance Map.
Commissioner Hou, what do you mean?
The Hawk is bent on
becoming the biggest warlord in the Northeast.
If he gets the Map,
he'll be a major concern.
So the Commissioner means...
The Advance Map
should be given to Big Stick.
Smart boy.
Let the two gangs fight each other,
and we'll gather the spoils.
Yesterday we ambushed the Tiger gang.
Hawk must be infuriated.
If a large contingent of troops comes
villagers will be hurt when the fighting starts.
The next stop is Leather Creek.
Before the bandits come downhill
we must settle the villagers.
Hongyi and Tank are locals.
They will enter Leather Creek
as village people and check out the situation.
Bring Yang
and also... that...
- that...
- Lil' Dove.
Lil 'Dove?
We all call her that.
Comrade Bai.
They don't look like soldiers.
If they go, it's easier to hide our identity.
Stop knocking.
Nobody's inside.
No food, just my life.
Take it if you can.
Nothing left.
Give them anything.
Fellow villager-
Don't be afraid
we are not bandits.
Yongqi, it's me.
Tank and I are back.
- Hongyi.
- Yongqi.
give me a hand
help the old lady lie down.
- Mother.
- Let me see.
She is a health officer
the same as a doctor.
The lass is a doctor.
What happened to my aunt?
It's my fault.
Couldn't find food for her.
What happened in Leather Creek?
What happened?
After the Japs surrendered,
the bandits kept coming to loot our village.
We fought them
with fewer and fewer men.
They took all our food.
How can we go on?
Your brother and sister-in-law
and Tank's family
were also...
My boy.
In the village
there are bandit spies.
Couldn't find out.
Reporting to 203
at your order, our men
are in villager clothes
to disguise our identity.
Reporting to HQ
our troop stations at Leather Creek
the bandits are coming.
Notify all troops: urgent assembly.
Leather Creek's condition is unclear.
We should hide ourselves.
Protect the villagers in secret.
Don't let the enemy discover us.
Big brother, no sign of anything.
No tank tracks, either.
- Our spies?
- Yes, in the village.
Tell them to report on any activity.
Go back.
North of the logging area are two huts.
The slope behind the Creek
is susceptible to bandit attack.
They are numerous.
We need a defense line to fight against them.
Ever heard of the indigenous cannons
made by the armored troop?
The Flying Thunder? I know it.
Put gunpowder in gasoline barrels.
It's particularly powerful.
Chaojia, you take Baojun and some soldiers
to look for gasoline barrels.
Install them at crucial points in the village.
Remember, this is our heavy weapon.
Get ready for a fight.
This is good stuff.
Hard for me to find.
Can't eat with your hands tied?
I can untie you, but
don't hit people again.
- He fled.
- Come back.
Shut up.
You hear me? Shut up.
Freeze or I'll shoot you.
Shut up.
Lord Hawk sends you to monitor the PLA here.
- There is no PLA.
- That's right.
He even asks me to look for tanks.
Aide Luan.
You left with Commissioner Hou.
Why return to see Lord Hawk?
I have a map.
Advance Map.
Commissioner asked me to give it to Big Stick.
But I'm just a messenger-
with nothing to gain.
If I give it to Lord Hawk,
Not only do I get money,
but also a high position in the gang.
- Agree?
- Yes.
Brat! How dare you bite me?
I'll roast you!
Regiment 2, Detachment 2, PLA Private.
Tell me.
Why are the PLA here?
How many of you?
So tight-lipped.
All right, you'll need some sweetener.
No word and this leg will break.
These ribs can be so tender.
One stroke will break several.
Don't shoot, we can talk.
Rest assured.
What you heard in the hut
I've reported to 203
I'm tying up the splint.
- Lil' Dove.
- Be brave, act like a soldier.
How do you feel?
- 203
- Don't move.
Lie down.
Reporting to 203.
Ready to fight anytime.
You eat, I eat.
All right.
You two each have a half.
Tell me, what is your name?
Where is your home?
It's okay.
Knotti's last name is Jiang.
He lived at Shalan Village.
Six months ago, bandits killed his father
his mother Qinglian went missing.
Knotti drifted about alone, looking for relatives.
He bore lots of hardships.
His mother must've been abducted by the bandits
I hope she's still alive
so they can reunite.
It's sweet sorghum, the house is full of it.
So much food.
Hongyi, now our village
has food for the winter.
Hoarding so much food and ammunition
this must belong to the bandits'
connecting point in Leather Creek
I can't see through Yang.
What is he doing here?
HQ must've sent him for a reason
Let's wait and see.
I just scalp tobacco for food.
A mere trifle.
For a trifle you beat people up like that?
You goddamn liar
I thought he was a thief.
Ever heard of Advance Map?
Gao said
this guy wants to sell the Advance Map to Hawk.
We must find the map
He'll confess if we beat it out of him.
- This is for Gao.
- Don't be impetuous.
We need intelligence from him.
Let me try.
Aide Luan.
You betrayed Commissioner Hou.
He sent you to deliver something to Big Stick
and you turn to Hawk.
Two gangs and Commissioner Hou
all in your pocket.
Would Big Stick be cheated by a bastard like you?
he also conned KMT and PLA.
Big Stick joined PLA?
You're confusing me.
You can't fool anyone.
Listen, he has words for you.
You've got the Map, but going nowhere.
Hawk can't get it either.
He also ordered
a grave for you at Leather Creek.
your name?
Call me...
This Yang, who is he?
He's Yang from Shandong.
Mr. Hu
I'm Luan.
Cut the crap
I've conveyed the message.
Now I'll send you to hell.
Wait, Mr. Hu
do me a favor, please tell Lord Big Stick
the map is with me now
I'll always have it
I won't go to Hawk.
It's a misunderstanding.
It's such a big favor, how do I not do it?
I'll spare your life now.
Let's wait and see.
Advance Map.
Report to HQ now.
- Yes.
- Go.
There's one more scoop.
Fellow villagers-
Leather Creek wasn't afraid of the Japs,
why would it fear bandits?
As long as we raise our guns
the bandits dare not come.
There's no way to fight them.
Any village that fought the bandits
was wiped out.
We can't fight the bandits.
Why not?
Village chief
this hard-earned harvest can't be
surrendered to the bandits for nothing.
Mr. Soldier, after you leave.
Leather Creek will again suffer a calamity.
Hide those things right away
I beg you
I'll kneel before you.
Spare our lives.
We can't fight the bandits.
Give me a gun.
Give me a gun.
- Give me a gun.
- Kiddie-
- you"re shorter than the gun.
- Give me gun.
- Stop shouting.
- Give it to me.
Give me gun, I'll avenge
- my dad's death on the bandits.
- Let go.
Revenge is an adult business.
You're still a kid.
You just stay quietly at home
I have no home.
You have a home.
All of us are your family.
So when we go fight the bandits
you take care of the home.
We surely will
find your mom for you.
Report, HQ knows about the Advance Map.
The Advance Map shows the distribution of
over 10,000 advance soldiers in the Northeast
203, this is the reply.
Advance troops were the armed forces hiding
in the mountains during the war against Japan.
The Japs drew 3 military maps
based on intelligence.
The Japs deployed troops
in a futile attempt to control them.
After the Japs surrendered,
their forces remained in the mountains.
Each went their own way.
Whoever gets the three maps now
can summon the advance troops
and become king of the Northeast.
The first one is a Coordinate Map.
The nine mountains, 18 mounds
13 gangs
outposts, contact points, and coordinates
are all laid out on this map.
This Coordinate Map
is in the hands of our Lord Hawk.
The second one is an Ammunition Map.
When warlord Zhang was king of the Northeast
deep in the mountains and forests
he built two arsenals
storing over 10,000 guns,
hundreds of cannons and countless ammunition.
One of these two arsenals
is at Tiger Mountain.
It was later taken by the Japs.
And is now in Hawk's hands.
Who would've thought there's an arsenal.
What's the third map?
This third map is Warlord Zhang's...
Warlord Zhang's Treasure Map.
- Lord Hawk.
- Lord Hawk.
Legend has it there's 80,000 pounds of gold
80,000 pounds?
with 80,000 pounds of gold
we can buy as much ammunition as we like
from the Japs and the Russians.
We can command Peony River
seize the Northeast.
Next stop.
One Word:
get the Gold Map.
Luan surely doesn't know
the value of this map.
Otherwise he wouldn't have given it to Hawk.
This will cause a fierce bandit battle
I fear the villagers
will suffer another disaster.
Strike fast.
Annihilate Hawk
then eliminate Big Stick.
How do we fight? Tiger Mountain
has over 1,000 men.
The war is raging.
We're short on men.
They can't support us
I have an idea-
If bandits can impersonate us,
We can send someone to impersonate them
and infiltrate their hideout.
He finds the spot with the least firepower,
and that'll be our breakthrough point.
When it's time, we'll coordinate from within
and wipe out Hawk in one blow.
How do you gain the bandits' trust?
As an enemy intelligence scout
I was sent undercover in Big Stick's
gang for a year
I studied them thoroughly
I want to take on this mission.
Then what is your plan?
One way: mobilize the villagers
to flee as far as they can.
Another way: arm the villagers
and wait for reinforcement.
Both are too passive.
Moreover, time is running out.
The mountains will soon be snowed under
203, please consider my plan.
You need to obey orders.
All right-
Then I resign
I knew you'd do this.
it's up to you.
Disobey orders.
Act with no permission and no discipline.
You've approved my resignation.
Now I ain't under you
I know you're used to acting alone.
But this time is different.
A minor mistake
will ruin it all.
Think about it.
You don't trust me.
You can't go to Hawk empty-handed.
This is Luan's Advance Map.
- The real map?
- A fake map won't fool Hawk
I made a copy and sent it to HQ.
according to Luan's confession
we drew this map of Tiger Mountain.
you are our anti-bandit squad.
You must succeed.
Don't fail us.
Follow Yang into the mountains.
- Keep us posted.
- Yes.
Leggy, let's split here.
Beyond this mountain
is Tiger Gang territory.
From here
go downhill a ways
there's Liu Village.
You should hide there.
When it's time
I'll meet you here.
Hide your message inside the bark
I'll check it every day.
be very careful from now on.
you know why 203 changed his mind?
Perhaps he's decided already
and waiting for your confirmation.
Take care.
Remember this rock
I'll try my best to approach Hawk
to find out more and inform you ASAP.
If you don't hear from me after 10 days
the mission may have failed and I've been killed.
Remember, the bandits are very cunning.
Guard against surprise attacks.
Protect the villagers of Leather Creek.
Protect Little Knotti
Who are you?
Speak of the devil-
Want milk?
Mother comes.
Want her relatives?
Here comes the kid's uncle.
Who are you?
I'm me.
Point the gun down.
It's uncooked.
Carry the tiger, pull the horse.
Open the gate.
Bring the man in.
"A cloud in the black Northwest sky."
"A crow in a flock of phoenix."
"A house filled with heroes."
"Who's the king and who are the fellows?"
Your name.
Last name Hu.
Mr. Hu
which gang are you with?
I belong to Lord Big Stick's gang.
Aide Hu, in charge of horses.
What's your assignment here?
I won't say 'til I see the boss.
Big brothers-
I just arrived, please bear with me.
"Our master lords over tigers."
"Our pagoda seals river monsters."
What do you do?
I belong to Lord Big Stick's gang.
Why do you blush?
I'm full of vigor.
Why is it yellow now?
It's wax against the cold.
That said,
you are under Commander Big Stick.
What identity will you fake?
Big Stick has a horse aide called Hu.
This man is seldom seen.
Nobody recognizes him
I can borrow his identity to meet Hawk.
Big Stick and Hawk are arch-enemies.
Using this identity is suicidal.
Exactly because of this,
Hawk will not verify.
Hu, horse aide of Lord Big Stick
pays respect to Lord Hawk.
did you know Commander Big Stick?
When he was the Police Commissioner
I've heard he has some favorite things.
Two treasures.
- Which two?
- Horse and sword.
- What horse?
- A blue-mane horse.
- What sword?
- A Japanese saber.
- Who's gift?
- The Japs Army.
- Where?
- At Peony River.
Brother Hu-
your commander treated you well.
Why do you betray him?
If I am a traitor,
you can kill me now.
It's all Aide Luan's fault.
He stole Lord Big Stick's Advance Map
and blamed the theft on me.
Lord Hawk, give me some wine first
I eventually caught the guy
I asked him to take the map
and go back with me.
Explain everything to Lord Big Stick
to his face.
Guess what he said?
He said: going back means death.
It'd be better to offer the map to the PLA.
We'd be made battalion or regiment commanders
I pretended to agree.
After he fell asleep
I stole the map
I planned to take it back to the brigade
and explain everything to Lord Big Stick.
But Luan's remark alarmed me.
Going back meant death.
In the Peony River region
I most admire you, Lord Hawk.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
Taking advantage of the snowstorm
I braved Tiger Mountain
hoping to join your gang.
You think I'm a pig?
Making up such a story
I know the rules.
No gift, no joining the gang.
Lord Hawk
the Advance Map of Peony River.
Hu's gift
to Lord Hawk.
- Any news about Yang?
- Not yet
- 203
- I'll take over the shift.
You get some rest.
- I'm not hungry.
- You drink it.
It's just you and me. Stop tagging along.
Sister Lil' Dove said this is a mission.
If you don't drink, I'll fail.
Sister also said.
Captain surely can't sleep afterwards.
We even pinky swore.
Okay, I'll drink it.
Knotti, come here.
It's your turn
I'm telling you-
move again, and I'll cut you like a mangy dog.
Lord Hawk said
to reward Hu
with the 9th Warrior Attendant position.
Colonel of Security Brigade.
Congratulations to the 9th Chief.
Big brother,
Bro 9 can do Northeast dance duet.
Stop barking.
Can't you see it's your master?
They're my pets.
My house is next to yours.
Come visit me anytime.
None of your business.
Get out.
Lord Hawk's woman.
Don't touch.
Ma'am, leave Bro 9 a life.
Get lost.
Bro 7,
you get out too.
Bro 9, be careful.
Bro 7, Bro 9 is doomed.
Lord Hawk.
Let's go.
Bro 9,
you're drunk.
why are you here?
Don't call me ma'am,
sounds so old.
Call me Qinglian.
Knotti's last name is Jiang.
He lived at Shanlan forestry station.
His mother Qinglian went missing.
Bro 9, don't go.
Ma'am, have you been here
for over half a year?
Why rush, Bro 9?
We need to respect seniority.
let me pour you some tea,
roll you a cigarette.
Bro 9.
Who are you?
How'd you know...
Knotti is fine,
he's taken care of.
He misses his mom every day.
The boss sends his lady to see me.
Take me to him.
It's not the right time.
Maybe later
I'm so grateful
I await patronage from the lady.
My honor.
Bro 9.
- Are you all right?
- Thanks for the tip.
You saved my life.
We're brothers.
You're still alive.
You know how many lives were lost for her?
How did you do it?
Go out for a walk.
Bro 9,
the firepower of Tiger Mountain
covers five mounts and nine bunkers.
It's an impenetrable defense.
Show me, open my eyes.
On the opposite side
is the fortune rock
of Tiger Mountain,
the King's rock.
A brilliant man once foretold
it symbolizes Lord Hawk's throne.
To the north of the King's rock,
there seem to be no defenses in place.
On the Eastern cliff there are
open and hidden arms.
Isn't the North overlooked?
It isn't.
The Eagle Beak there is like a hanging lamp.
Look, Bro 9,
a valley, right in the middle.
So what bastards can come up here?
Only the heavenly soldiers can fly this way.
Lord Hawk,
Hu joined us without being tested.
It isn't proper.
After the Japs retreated,
a 2,000-man troop
was defeated by eight of us.
How did we do it?
Lord Hawk was astute and circumspect.
You used spies.
I hate spies the most.
Bro 9.
Stop barking, one of ours.
- Where are you going?
- I go pee.
Me too.
Bro 8, men aren't dogs.
We can't treat them like dogs.
What's wrong?
I treat them well.
They're fed every day.
They actually enjoy it.
We can't live by bullying others.
We have to be refined.
Should hope for peaceful life.
Peaceful life?
What is peaceful life?
Brothers, fight the PLA!
Fight the PLA!
Damn it, the PLA is here.
Bro 9, grab your gun and kill the PLA.
at least there's a company.
Bro 9, look.
Shit, aim precisely.
What kind of marksmanship is that?
Bro 9, have some fun.
He dares not shoot.
Son of a bitch.
Bro 9.
fight hard and kill the PLA!
Bro 9 is brilliant.
Keep an eye on him.
Bro 2.
Bro 9,
stop at once!
Stop firing.
Son of a bitch.
Stop firing.
Bro 9, this is a drill.
They're our brothers.
Our brothers.
Damn you.
Are you kidding me?
A drill?
Killing so many.
Bro 2.
The men are here...
you might as well give them to me
I'll take them downhill
to practice looting.
Lord Hawk, what do you think?
Tell Bro 5,
if Hu plays a trick on us,
bring back his corpse.
Sure thing.
- Bro 5, you lead the way.
- Okay.
follow my orders.
We go downhill, we start looting.
This is a rotten idea of testing Hu.
At least it proves Hu
isn't a PLA spy.
One Word:
Why weren't you down there, being blown up too?
let's race to the opposite slope.
No. 1 gets $5.
No. 2 gets $3.
No. 3 gets $1.
Bro 8,
I remember
there was a grove.
When was it cut down?
Maybe it's for the winter.
Before the snow'll seal off the mountain,
we must gather enough firewood.
Lord Hawk forbids the felling of trees uphill.
So our brothers must have chopped these down.
Clever, it's a shortcut.
Son of a bitch.
My belly aches.
You wait here
I'll find a place.
Mine aches, too.
You wait here, I'll go as well.
What do you want?
Let's follow
I'd say...
watching me crap?
That's new!
You got shit in there?
Then take a crap.
No shit? Don't crap.
And don't watch
I'm talking to you.
- Shit!
- Take a hike!
- Ignore him.
- I can't crap with you here.
Never had to crap with live gunfire.
Bro 5, is there a trick to it?
You wanna kill Bro 8, too?
He's taking a crap, too.
Bro 8,
brought any paper?
Just pick it out
I'm not used to that.
Forget it, I'll handle it myself.
What are you two up to?
Interested in your dad's butt?
Like to watch?
Don't you ever crap again.
Once you do it,
I'll shoot your butts.
Stop nagging.
- One more word I'll geld you.
- What?
Goddamn enjoyable.
They're after my butt.
Who's after your butt?
You son of a bitch.
No respect for your elders.
We're all brothers.
Let's go
Yang suggests that
we go up Tiger Mountain's north cliff
and sneak attack the Tiger Fortress.
On the map,
the north side of Tiger Fortress
faces Eagle Beak.
Who's been to Eagle Beak?
I've heard of it, but never been there
I've been there. I'll lead the way.
You've been to Eagle Beak?
My dad used to take me
I know how to get there.
But it's all precipices, can we manage?
If Yang suggests it,
he knows
I can go up there.
Knotti, let's go
and prepare the skis.
- You know how to ski?
- Who doesn't?
Chaojia, you take five men
and scout with Knotti at Eagle Beak.
Knotti's mother Qinglian
is on Tiger Mountain and she's fine.
Don't tell Knotti.
Remember, we can't let him know.
Knotti, follow me.
- Don't lag behind.
- Try to catch up.
Little Knotti,
come closer and don't get lost.
Knotti, slow down.
Catch up with him.
Don't lose him.
That's something, Knotti.
You ski really fast.
We should be your apprentices.
What does that mean?
Learn skiing from you.
No problem, that's easy.
There's Eagle Beak.
Let's split up and check it out.
Yang says opposite to Eagle Beak is
the Northern cliff of Tiger Mountain.
But the cliff is too steep.
You bragged that
nothing could stop you.
You're cowering now?
I have an idea.
You sing well, Lord Hawk.
Where is Knotti?
Take me to him.
Listen to me
I found this in Hawk's coat.
This is Tiger Mountain's map of secret paths.
We can escape with it.
If Hawk discovers it,
no one can escape.
put the map back immediately.
You should know.
Tiger Mountain isn't a place you can escape from.
Run now.
Before he discovers it, we'll be gone.
Can't leave now.
If you're not taking me away,
why did you mention Knotti?
Who are you?
You drank too much
I'm just Bro 9 of Tiger Mountain.
Cut the crap.
If I die,
you can't shirk the responsibility.
You two...
what responsibility?
As Bro 9,
you should tell if you're leaving.
Get out with your hands up.
Later, insist the map is on him.
Stand still.
Use your left hand
to give me your gun.
Who shot?
Lord Hawk, it's me
I saw your lady trying to elope with Bro 9.
So I fired to alert you.
Lord Hawk,
My conscience is clear.
Hang him up.
Tie him up.
Later, insist that the map is on him.
It's him
I saw him steal from Lord Hawk's house
I asked Bro 9 to help me catch him.
Now he's faking a counter-charge.
A thief accusing thieves.
Lord Hawk.
Lord Hawk
I didn't, I swear I didn't.
Lord Hawk, I really didn't
I kept an eye on your wife
to see if she'd be disloyal to you.
That's very kind of you.
Lord Hawk, this is a misunderstanding.
Is he a thief, or not?
Search him and find out.
Lord Hawk, if I've done anything wrong,
I'll shoot myself.
This really... isn't mine.
Use your left hand, and give me your gun.
Lord Hawk, it really isn't mine.
- I'm being framed.
- Of course it isn't yours.
It's mine.
Lord Hawk, I'm being framed.
Big brother,
you brought him here.
Tell me...
what should be done?
Big brother.
Big brother.
Don't, Big brother.
Lord Hawk.
See you in the next life.
Missed the target.
Lord Hawk,
I'm Bro 4's guarantor
I should be punished.
Forget it.
Now you owe me your life.
You can pay me back later.
Lord Hawk.
Lord Hawk.
Thank you, Lord Hawk.
Lord Hawk.
How about Bro 9?
- What's that?
- Again.
What's that?
- Come on.
- Don't move.
- Grab the tile.
- Don't blame it on me.
- It's all your fault.
- My fault?
I haven't won all night.
What tile did you give out?
My turn
I win, Royal Flush, 148 points.
- Pay up, everybody pay up.
- All the same suit.
- Pay up.
- Paying.
- Lend me some money.
- No.
Bro 6, no way.
Bro 6, no way.
You bastard, listen up.
Loaning money to me is an honor, get it?
Can't pay your losses?
Then don't play.
It's enough.
The village spies've been silent.
Lord Hawk.
Big brother,
the spies you sent
are either living in peace
or were killed by the PLA.
Tomorrow, take Bro 5, Bro 6
and 300 men downhill.
If PLA is really down there,
treat it as an exercise.
Before the snow seals off the mountain,
kill the sheep and come back for New Year.
Yes, Lord Hawk.
The bandits are coming.
The bandits are coming.
How many of them? How far away?
Over 200 men.
About 2 miles from the village.
Order all the units to get ready for combat.
- Set up three defense lines.
- Yes.
- Detonator.
- Yes.
How about the Flying Thunder?
Can detonate at any time.
Gao, tell Yongqi
to gather the villagers.
- Keep a close eye on Luan.
- Yes.
Listen carefully,
move around when you fight,
so that the enemy can't figure out our numbers
Buddha of infinite light, please bless us.
Quit your racket.
No use praying.
If you attract the bandits here,
We'll all die.
Little Knotti, don't be afraid.
We hid in a hut like this last time.
They all died.
Everybody died
I don't wanna die.
- I wanna go home.
- Don't make a noise.
Don't worry, this time is different.
This time, we're here.
Damn it,
they have cannons.
Must be PLA's primary force.
Follow me.
Shut up
you bastard.
You won't be rescued.
Stop dreaming.
Shut up.
Little Knotti, it's okay.
Little Knotti.
Leave the roof now.
Damn it.
Damn it.
Big brother.
Someone's firing from the tower.
- Load the gun.
- Yes.
Let me through.
Stay here.
Knotti's gone out, let me out.
Be careful.
Get ready.
Who's there 100 feet ahead?
They're in firing range.
The village chief.
Go away.
- Hongyi.
- Yes.
The west side has fallen.
You must hold on.
No more in the cartridge, go get it.
Little Knotti.
Stay here, don't move.
Hold on.
Give the bullets to Tank.
Give the bullets to Tank.
He said to give Tank the bullets.
Ready for a match?
I'll go distract them.
Don't move or I'll shoot you.
Ammunition box.
Bro 6.
Big brother.
Bro 6.
Where is Bro 5?
Haven't seen him.
Guess he's fled.
Don't hesitate, Big brother
let's withdraw.
The others?
Auger, Xiaoliang.
Wheel and Steel Wrist
are all injured.
It's all my fault
I'm useless
I let that bastard Luan
slip away.
Leggy, let's chase.
Chase who?
If we can't find Luan
Yang will be in danger.
Bro 9, look
your old pal is here.
Aren't you Brother Luan?
When did you come to Tiger Mountain?
It's you?
It's me.
What's going on, brother?
Last month we're at Leather Creek
trying to decide which gang to join.
You dragged me to the PLA.
Only a short while later
you're wearing the PLA uniform.
Are you a regiment or battalion commander now?
You've all been duped.
Lord Hawk
he's a PLA spy.
You say our Bro 9
is a PLA spy.
Brother Luan
that's a vicious thing to say.
You called me a PLA spy.
Don't forget, it was you who asked me to join.
Now you're giving me this shitty unfair label.
Wanna lend Lord Hawk a knife to kill me.
- You're lying.
- Did the PLA send you?
Lord Hawk and all big brothers.
Let this bastard explain
how he knows I'm a PLA spy
and how he he's so familiar with the PLA.
You killed my brother at Leather Creek.
You stole my things.
Lord Hawk, the fur coat he's wearing
was originally my gift for you.
if you were captured by the PLA,
How'd you get back here so quickly?
Why are you wearing a PLA uniform?
Did the goddamned PLA send you to Tiger Mountain?
I'm wearing this to evade
the PLA spies.
Lord Hawk.
How many PLA soldiers are down there?
20, no-
30 men, equipped with cannons?
When did Leather Creek get cannons?
Lord Hawk
I think the PLA at least have
a regiment down there.
How else could they kill so many?
Lord Hawk, they really only have 30.
That means only
30 PLA soldiers
were able to reduce 300 of our men
to fewer than 50.
And killed Bro 5, too.
Luan, it's damn strange that you're suddenly here.
Tell me why or I'll shoot you.
Say it.
Big brothers-
Today, every word I say is true
I swear to god.
Lord Hawk.
Lord Hawk.
To offer tribute, I offended this mad dog.
If I don't have my revenge, I'm less than a man.
Today, at Tiger Mountain
either he lives or I live.
If I'm a PLA spy
you can kill me right now.
Whether I'm an outsider or your man
you decide.
Lord Hawk
there's no problem with Bro 9.
He really is PLA
I did run away from Leather Creek, Lord Hawk.
Whether he's lying or not
I know the answer.
Today you come to join our gang
you must have a gift.
Lord Hawk, everything
has stolen by the PLA.
Did he snatch this?
Lord Hawk.
This map, Lord Hawk
he took it from me.
It's him.
What a mess.
It's getting more confusing.
Who do I listen to?
I'd rather leave it to you.
Lord Hawk
don't shoot, Lord Hawk
I know you don't believe me.
But if you go check out Leather Creek
you'll know it's a PLA trap.
Big brother, it seems you have to go again.
Damn you
I just got ambushed at Leather Creek.
You ask me to go again.
You want all my brothers killed?
Don't hit.
Lord... Lord Hawk.
Truly, there's only 30 PLA soldiers.
Kill him!
I know Leather Creek well.
Now, while they're still recuperating,
I'll take you to wipe them out.
Bro 9.
Your gun, your mission.
Lord Hawk, entrust it to me.
Every word I say is true.
And you wanna kill me
I've lied all my life.
Speak to a saint like a saint,
a devil like a devil
I've been safe and gained wealth
I didn't expect the first time I tell the truth
I'd die in the hands of a liar.
No use saying that now.
Let's go, Bro 2
203, urgent intelligence.
Luan is killed by Yang.
On New Year's Eve.
A banquet will be held at Tiger Hall.
At 1 a.m.
I'll blow up the west wall to welcome you.
you two stay at Leather Creek.
Salute the two
comrades in arms
I know you don't want me to go with you.
You've never treated me as a soldier.
you've taken good care of the warriors.
They're grateful to you.
But for the Tiger Mountain battle
- in case we...
- And you're the soldier?
What's the duty of a soldier?
To protect himself?
My mom and dad are dead.
Brother Gao died.
Which of you protected them?
I'm telling you, Gao died protecting us.
What you're saying isn't fair.
Your mom and dad sacrificed for you.
Have you gone crazy?
- Get up.
- Get up for what?
Listen to me, your mom is still alive
Yang sent word
your mom is on Tiger Mountain.
she's still alive, do you hear me?
She's still alive.
Still alive...
the villagers want to see the Captain.
The villagers heard that
you're attacking Tiger Mountain tonight.
Today is Lunar New Year's Eve.
They want to treat all of you
to a New Year's Eve family dinner.
A snowstorm is coming.
We have to arrive at Eagle Beak before dark.
Every minute counts.
We'll have family dinner when we return.
Fellow villagers-
thank you.
- Get ready to set off.
- Yes.
Don't go, I'll go so I can find my mom.
Lil' Juan
what are you doing? Come here.
At Tiger Mountain, you can only wait outside.
- This is an order.
- Okay.
Lil' Dove, Knotti is entrusted to you.
Light the lanterns.
"Boundless longevity."
Here enters the birthday star, the invincible.
Lord Hawk.
Would the birthday star take his seat.
The birthday banquet begins now.
Serve the food and wine.
Lord Hawk.
Lord Hawk.
Elders and brothers-
today is the 60th birthday
of our Lord Hawk
and also New Year's Eve.
A double blessing has descended upon us.
A family of 1,000 members, ruled by one man.
Our gang is large and prosperous
thanks to boss' leadership.
Come, raise your glasses.
Let's all wish our boss
a happy birthday
and many more to come.
Bottoms up.
Get out of the way.
Lord Hawk.
Some of our brothers
saw the lady run towards
the Northwest corner on a horse.
We've brought her back.
Hang her up.
Hang her up.
Grab your guns, quick.
Get out of the way, quick.
Lord Hawk, the arsenal's been robbed.
We're under siege.
retribution comes to all, eventually.
Catch the traitor.
This traitor must've come from outside.
Hands up.
You're the only outsider here.
They're my brothers in arms
I suspected one day.
Tiger Mountain would be infiltrated.
But before you succeed
my role to play
is to kill you.
Big brother
I spared your life
today you should repay me.
Shield me when I flee.
Yes, Lord Hawk.
Hawk has fled.
Disarm and surrender.
Stop resisting.
Disarm and we won't kill you.
Hands up.
We're the PLA.
Drop your weapons and we won't kill you.
Bro 9.
Put down your guns.
- Put down your guns.
- Don't.
Baojun, ignore me
I'll say it once more
put down your guns
- 203
- Baojun
ignore me
I'll count to three.
Put down your guns or I'll shoot him
Bro 9.
Bro 9.
It's over
I hope Knotti's generation
won't see war again.
you asked to resign.
HQ does not object
because I've never reported to them.
It seems you and the squad
will take on the next mission.
This is an order.
Yes, Captain.
- Grandma.
- My boy.
- Eat the fish.
- Smells good.
Haven't tasted Grandma's fish in so long.
Eat more.
Why are there so many guests?
What guests?
They are all our family.
It's the New Year, we're having family dinner.
As we do every year.
Lad, you've grown up.
You haven't been home in years.
Sit down, sit down.
Good timing! We can have family dinner
together on New Year's Eve.
Dig in.
Oh, and-
when I was little, grandpa said.
Tiger Mountain had a hidden airstrip.
If I'm to imagine.
Yang's saving grandma
it might have been like that.
You son of a bitch.
Who the hell are you?
Put down your gun.
One Word:
I assure your life
I assure your death.
One Word:
I won't say one word.
"YANG Zirong (1917 - 1947)
Original name: YANG Zonggui."
"Birthplace: Yujia River Village,
Mu County, Shandong Province."
"Yang and his comrades in arms"
"at the commendation ceremony on August 1, 1946"