The Tale Of Iya (2013) Movie Script

The Tale of Iya
A man in the heart of the mountains
You're back.
I'm off.
Writer/Production Manager
Unit Director
Assistant Director
Good morning, Granny.
Good morning.
Granny, do you know the name
of this flower?
No I'm afraid not.
Really It's very pretty though.
It sure is.
More than that, Haruna.
Seems like you're a little late today.
You're right. I'm off then.
Be careful.
Good morning.
To prey upon is an instinct
Most important here is the nervous
system. Using this to the fullest
they catch what's necessary for survival.
Same goes for the Indian kingfisher.
All animals on the planet have
similar instincts
in order to coexist with
the environment.
And of course, humans also
react to different environments
depending on the area
That was gramps Shimizu.
His son Hiroshi works in Tokyo.
Ya know him?
Oh well.
But really, be careful in the mountains.
A college kid from Osaka fell in the
falls and died the other day.
Everyone says he was bewitched by a fox.
Still got them things 'round here.
I swear, be careful or you'll be a goner.
Hey boss.
Hey Tamura. Hot ain't it?
Sure is. How's it comin'?
No good today.
What happened?
Those foreigners came and
posted these this morning.
Do something about it.
Well I'll be tough on them
next time.
I'm counting on you.
Who's that?
Mr. Kudo. He's from Tokyo.
President of Nakaishi Constructions.
From Tokyo, eh? Welcome.
How long you staying?
haven't really decided.
Say, wanna come shooting
with us next time?
Boss, people from Tokyo
don't do that kind of stuff.
That so
Wild animals.
They've been damaging property,
so we're asked to get rid of them.
Boss is a sharpshooter, you know.
How was Sunday?
Guess what. I shot three deer.
we also spotted a monkey.
All of us got ready to shoot it, but
those guys are quick.
Can't help that.
Well, I'll be going then.
Tell me whenever you want
some deer meat.
You also let me know
if you need anything.
Thank you.
Another dropout from the city.
Shut your young mouth.
The Michael House
Is Michael around?
Come on.
Good work.
Keep it up.
Hi Michael.
How's it going?
Not bad.
Wow, a good-sized watermelon this is.
It's been a good harvest.
What happened with the
tunnel construction?
Well it might not be so easy.
No giving up on this, Mr. Tamura.
You're right.
I'll see what I can do.
This is Mr. Kudo who called earlier.
He'll be staying a while.
I'm Michael.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Kudo. Pleased to meet you.
These vegetables are from our garden.
Please try them out.
Thank you.
What brings all these people here?
There're many reasons.
Some read about my activities
on the Internet and gathered
while others just ended up here
like you.
May I ask why you came to Iya?
Did you dropout?
something like that.
I see.
But nowadays, that too is a splendid
form of contribution to society.
To not be part of the vicious spiral.
By dropping out for the time being
is one option.
I believe that
those who gathered here
are also fighting the vicious spiral
of their home land
by coming here and tending the garden
and growing crops.
Stop the construction!
No more construction!
Stop construction!
Sugeoi Elementary shuts down
its 127 year history
Sorry, this is all we can give you.
Business is not good.
There you are. Here again.
Let's go home.
Kotomi. Quit singing.
Help me serve tea.
Hello Haruna. Welcome.
I'm sorry I can't treat you much.
Today's really busy.
Make yourself at home.
Why do they have to hold a meeting
during this busy season.
I don't mean to deny
your people's line of work.
My family's been digging tunnels
for three generations!
You want me to starve?
He's right!
You're misunderstanding.
What I want to say is,
you can't go about doing anything
just for your own sake of convenience,
without considering the consequences.
In actuality,
extreme forestation in the past
has got Iya's mountains dying.
And because of that
animals are attacking the fields.
Is that not right?
What we really need to do now
is to decide whether this construction
is truly necessary.
The question is
who's going to make that decision.
Us natives living here?
Or you people who came from the outside.
Are we gonna ask the monkeys?
Michael, why don't you relax.
Everyone sit.
Come on, take a seat.
Hi Akira.
Haruna, you were here too?
What're you doing?
That in there.
You going home now?
What about you?
I think I'm done here.
Can you take me somewhere by car then?
Like where?
The mall!
That's far.
Well, OK.
Let's go Haruna.
I have to go home.
Come on.
I need to prepare supper for Grandpa.
That so.
- Hurry up.
- OK, OK.
You sure you don't wanna come?
You know what?
Someone's gonna be giving me a scooter.
You can have it.
That should help you a little
getting to school.
See you tomorrow, Haruna.
See you.
Hi Granny.
You're back.
Come here, Haruna.
Here's some soba rice.
Take some with you.
Thank you always.
Your Grandpa just passed by
a while ago too.
I'll be going then.
I'm back.
Granny gave us some soba rice.
Akira said he'll give me a motorcycle.
Then I could carry the rice up for you.
Thank you.
This is all we have but
I appreciate it.
Here, Grandpa.
How is it? Pretty good?
Let's eat.
I'll walk you down tomorrow morning.
Thank you for the food.
Grandpa, I'm going to rinse your back.
Push harder!
Don't stop. Come on, push!
There's one! Stop the car.
Got it.
Will you be alright?
Thank you so much for helping out
the whole day.
My pleasure. I'm the one to thank you
for your kindness.
This place used to be farmland also.
But nobody's been able to take care
of it, so now it's become fallow.
I was just heading up to
drop you some deer meat.
Look. This is the scooter
I was talking about.
You from the other day.
What're you doing?
Nothing just helping Haruna.
Helping Haruna?
This is the front brake and rear brake.
Blinkers here, and
Give it a go.
Go gradually. Come on, once more.
Try and give it some speed!
So what were you doing with Haruna?
Like I said nothing, really.
I'm amazed anyone's living
in those mountains.
Especially a young girl like her.
Yep. Well she's the
"Princess MONONOKE" of Iya.
I heard Grandpa saved her
from the snowy mountains.
Then she's
Not related.
Does she know that?
Don't worry. She knows.
Anyway, how long you plan to be here?
When you gonna leave?
I'll be here for a while I think.
For what?
I'm planning
to start a farm or something.
I'll be honest with you.
I don't like guys like you.
Looking down on us country people.
I don't mean to be
Thinking country life's easier
than the city.
I never said that.
"I never said that."
Farm all you want, but don't go
starving to death in our backyard.
Good morning.
I'll be using some of your water again.
Good morning.
Good morning.
We Oppose Construction! Nature's Pissed!
Protect Iya's Landscape!
This is bit of a problem.
What'd you say?
Um suspend construction, I guess.
For how long?
Until their movement dies down,
I suppose.
We don't have time for that.
I understand your concern
but this is overdoing it.
Hold it! Wait!
Stop him!
After the narrator speaks, ring the gong.
Three times.
Ladies, let's do that together.
I met him in town.
A man?
What did he say?
He wants to hang out next Sunday.
Kotomi, did you decide yet?
Well sort of.
I'm going to Tokyo.
For college?
I'm not sure. But I'm
definitely going. That's for sure.
Wow, I see
What about you?
Leaving Iya right?
Grandpa's going to be alone
if I leave.
Then you're going to find a job here?
I don't know yet.
The teacher's suggesting I go to college.
Don't you want to leave that house?
You sure?
And marriage?
Probably not.
But then What're you going to do
after Grandpa dies?
Sorry I was just wondering.
I'm sorry.
I'm home.
Sorry I was late.
did you eat supper?
What happened there?
Let me see your back.
Is this your son's?
Is he coming back for New Years?
No idea.
I see.
I bet you want to see
your great-grandchildren too.
What's the matter?
Did you have a fight with Grandpa?
he's acting strange these days.
You see, Haruna. You grew up to be
a big girl now
He's probably concerned
about many things.
Are you saying
he wants me to leave the house?
I'm not saying that. But you know,
sooner or later
What did Grandpa tell you?
I don't know.
Grandpa never says anything.
He's like a tree, or some rock.
That's very true of him.
He always was that person.
Rather than being with the rest of us
he was a person who truly loved
being in the mountains.
Even when everybody came down
to live in the village
Grandpa stayed in the mountains
all by himself.
Don't worry.
Grandpa will never do anything
to abandon you.
This enough?
Thank you.
Got you this too.
What happened to that bruise?
Huh? Nothing
Just something with my dad.
So I bet you're getting tired
of working in the fields.
No, not at all.
It's actually just starting to get fun.
Is that so.
Good for you then.
You free tomorrow?
Well I suppose.
Gonna go shooting with my dad.
Wanna come?
No I don't have a gun.
Plus, I'm not interested.
All you have to do is
stand by and watch.
Plus, you ought to see for yourself
who wrecked your garden.
Here's some sake.
Good idea. It'll keep us warm.
I reckon it's over there.
I say over here by the stream.
This area's been badly damaged also.
I'll herd it in from that side.
You shoot it.
Come on, hide by that tree.
Mr. Kudo.
That tunnel
it's gonna be completed soon.
Then I'm thinking of
quitting my job as a laborer
and starting a store down in town.
Wanna join me?
Your family business?
No choice but to leave, is there.
And a successor?
Somebody will take over.
What did your dad say?
What's my dad got to do with it.
It's my life.
I guess you're right.
But does Haruna and everyone else know?
I'm planning on bringing Haruna with me.
What has she said about that?
Well that's yet to be talked about.
Lucky bastard.
Lousy shot.
Here, bring the deer over.
Come on.
Hurry up.
I'm exhausted. I must rest
for some time.
When I wake from my sleep,
and spring arrives
I wish to chase butterflies
and dragonflies again.
Then pick some mulberries
go down to Uji River
set float a boat
and run around in the mountains
with all of you.
We shall make this land the city capital.
In response to the earnest
wishes of the villagers
and gracious efforts made
by all of us here today
we are pleased to announce
the completion of Kyojo Tunnel.
By improving social infrastructure
we hope to aid in any inconveniences
the villagers have had.
We also believe tourists
Now for the ribbon cutting ceremony
and cut.
What do you plan to do with
the grave?
It's a hassle to come here every year.
We can do a cremation and buy a space
in Osaka. Then we can pay a visit anytime.
The others have already returned
to their country.
In the end
we're just outsiders.
It's sad
but that doesn't mean we lost,
in any way.
They too, will have to go on
living their lives,
making amends to the mountains.
What will you do
after returning home?
No different from now.
Well then
take care.
You too, Michael.
Mr. Kudo
don't give up.
Grandpa, can you get up?
Is it too cold?
That's an automatic bottle assorter.
Over here is where we
dump the materials.
And over there's a machine
to make styrofoam.
1,250 yen.
I still have this.
What are you thinking!
Bye, Haruna!
Grandpa, what are you doing!
Get back inside.
I'm going now.
What the
Excuse me!
I'm a person! Not an animal!
It never was that easy.
I used to think
this was the ideal human lifestyle,
back when I lived in Tokyo.
I guess
I was just conceited.
However much I cultivate the fields
all by myself in the countryside
the world keeps changing
and people seem to keep degenerating.
When I came to Iya
and met Grandpa the first time
I was
really excited, but
I'll be going now.
But it's dark out,
and a snowstorm too.
I know.
But I'm going.
Mr. Kudo!
Please take this with you.
Thank you.
I want to eat ramen.
So warm
You know, Grandpa
I've always wanted to ask something.
Why did you raise me?
If I wasn't around
you would have been able to live quietly.
It makes me think these days
I should have never come here.
can I
be with you all the time?
Even when I turn twenty
even when I grow old
can I stay here with you forever?
Hand me a drink.
It's a really beautiful place.
The water is still pure.
Water is the first to get contaminated
with humans around.
Then the soil gets contaminated,
then the plants and animals
which then contaminates people.
A vicious spiral.
They disgust me.
Thinking of themselves
not to be contaminated.
Look out!
We're ready.
150 141
It's going down.
Going down. Getting cleaner.
Still going down.
We should see fireflies
flying around soon enough.
Perhaps alighting on that leaf there.
And this is a Bacterian.
This is.
It's not anything dirty.
Rather, it makes the rivers clean.
Is it edible? I doubt it.
Sure, you can eat it.
Now, what gets pretty
when this is put inside?
Guess what
Our dear doctor.
Our dear doctor. That's correct.
And what's this doing here? I wonder
who's it is.
That would be mine!
How many years do you think
I've been researching this stuff?
I'm glad it worked out.
Don't you?
You okay?
Where's Dr. Amamiya?
Don't know.
I'm so sorry.
I think I'm a little drunk.
You don't have to worry.
Because these kids will make it
all nice and clean.
Eat all you want
grow big and healthy.
Make lots of babies.
They're so adorable.
Just like my cute Haruna.
I know they're not coming back.
No belongings or articles of memorabilia
have been found either.
What's this?
Your friend from home?
She had a baby?
So you're going back?
I'm making dinner
It feels like
they're still in the living room.
But the realization strikes when I turn
and look to see that no one's there.
You work tomorrow?
Take a day off. Let's go on a date.
I know you're busy and all
but let's go out. Come on.
Man, you're boring.
Damn, I don't wanna go to work!
Wish I could live in the country.
Reports estimate the disaster has left
30,000 people with families missing.
Those left behind are worried
they will forget about their loved ones
with the passing of time.
See you later, OK?
They say there was pressure from
the water and sewage bureau.
Cuz it takes their jobs away.
Seriously? Poor Dr. Amamiya.
But I heard she secretly got settling money
from the company.
Mr. Nino said so.
Makes me lose motivation.
Can't help it.
You know, there's some people who'll
be troubled because of my creation.
Such a nice day.
You know, Haruna.
What we're doing
doesn't mean anything to those people.
Like that old lady doing her laundry.
The trains keep running
Everyone's perfectly happy.
we'd now like to call our air crew.
Mr. Okubo. Mr. Okubo. Can you hear us?
Yes. I'm here above Tokyo bay.
Do you see this?
From the mouth of Sumida River,
down toward the ocean
the water is faintly glowing
like a firefly.
This mysterious light is traveling at
approx. 10 meters/min, spreading
Hurry up now. It's your day.
I know.
More than that, look Mom.
Haruna? Wow, it's been a long time
hasn't it.
You came back for today?
Is that so. How nice of you.
Kotomi, everyone's waiting.
You too, Haruna.
It's okay. You're back home.
Come on, chop chop.
What're you doing now?
Even Kotomi's come back.
This is my husband.
Have a good long relationship.