The Tashkent Files (2019) Movie Script

'It's my humble appeal
that we must never forget...'
'...that we're Indians first,
and everything else comes later.'
Our differences should
be well be resolved
Well within the framework
of our own country.
'Let us all work towards
making this a reality...'
'...which may then lead to more
peace talks and negotiations...'
'...for establishing peace
and better relationships.'
'The enthusiasm and
hard work of our people...'
'...and their willingness to make any
sacrifice for strengthening our country.'
Yes, sir. How can I help?
Have you got an appointment?
No. No...
Sir, you can't enter
without an appointment.
I told you, you are gonna have
to call and set up an appointment.
He said KGB.
Who are you?
Tell me, how do we say your name?
Vasili Nikitich Mitrokhin
And how many years have
you worked for the KGB?
I was recruited in 1948
as a foreign intelligence officer.
I retired in 1985,
as the Director of KGB Archives.
Tell me, what's in these suitcases?
Secret documents.
How we assassinated the Leaders.
How we weakened the Economy.
And how did you manage to get these
documents from the KGB Archives?
In his shoes.
How novel.
For 25 years, every day.
And tell me...
How many countries are in there?
Almost every country.
During the Cold War,
there was no free country.
They were all working
for the KGB or CIA.
No. Not the Land bill story.
I need something more meaty.
Like Malda or Kerala.
No... I need a real scoop.
My Editor's already called twice...
Hey...he's been looking for you.
If you don't have a scoop
for me by the end of this month...
...I'll transfer
you to Art and Culture.
No. Sir,
not Art and Culture, please.
You know,
I enjoy Political Journalism...
Political Journalism demands
an investigative bent of mind.
- Which you don't have.
- The HRD Ministry
canceled my interview
at the last moment.
Because I am too young.
Nobody takes me seriously.
If you manufacture your
stories on fake sources...
...Then who will
take you seriously?
Sir, but that story was trending.
It received more than a 1000
retweets and you can't deny that.
This is the tragedy
of the Internet age.
Your story was a fake.
Retweets is not how you
do Political Journalism, Ragini.
If there's any profession
more difficult than Politics...
...then that is
Political Journalism.
Okay. Last chance.
I promise I won't let you down.
I saved your skin last time,
but I can't help you this time.
- Sir, you have to...
- Pull up your socks...
...and give me a scoop.
- A real scoop.
- Done.
You have only 9 days, okay.
Can I go?
- Yes.
Who cares if its Angel
Investors or Evil Investors...
...but I am going ahead
with my startup this year.
I am done with this
ethical shit, man.
Moralities changes
with every goddamn tweet.
Who wants facts?
Here, anything goes.
Where's everyone? Hello.
"Happy birthday to you."
- Oh, God. I hate birthdays.
"Happy birthday dear, Ragini."
"Happy birthday to you."
"Happy birthday to you."
- "Happy birthday to you."
Happy birthday, Ragini.
Who is speaking?
I have a birthday gift for you.
Well, I hate birthday gifts.
Specially from strangers.
Rahul, it's you, right?
I hate pranks.
I heard you're looking for a scoop.
- Who isn't looking for a scoop?
Well, I have one for you.
And I wanted it to be
my birthday gift to you...
...but, unfortunately,
you don't like birthday gifts.
If it's a real scoop,
then I love birthday gifts.
Okay Rahul, now stop it.
Enough, okay.
But before I give you this scoop,
let's play a game.
I am going to ask you
some very easy questions...
...and, if you answer them
correctly, the gift is all yours.
Is this Mr. Bachchan from
"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"?
What kind of a game is this? I'm
not interested in playing any game.
You first tell me who you are.
Who wrote, "Jana Gana Mana"
(National Anthem)?
Dude, everyone knows.
Full name only, please.
Rabindranath Tagore.
What happened on
the 26th of January?
Republic Day.
Okay, now stop.
15th August?
Independence Day.
- 20th August.
20th August...
Next question.
- No-no-no, wait.
20th August...
Rajiv Gandhi's birthday...?
5th September?
- Teacher's Day.
Because it's Teacher's Day.
it's Mr. Radhakrishnan's birthday.
Incomplete answer.
Hey listen,
now you're irritating me, okay.
Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan,
India's 2nd President...
...who also translated the Gita,
and I've read it.
Now my gift or I am going.
Last question.
I am not going to answer
any more of your questions.
First you tell me who you are.
2nd October.
Who is this?
What happened on
the 2nd of October?
Mahatma Gandhi... now get lost.
Hello, you there?
I am waiting for you
to complete your answer.
But I just answered your question.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,
Mahatma, Bapu, Father of the Nation...
...what else do I call him?
That's an incomplete answer,
I am sorry but you lost the game.
What else is on the 2nd of October?
Dry Day?
2nd October.
Ohh... Shit...
It's also Shashtri's birthday.
Lal Bahadur Shashtri,
India's 2nd Prime Minister.
And when did he die?
I don't know.
All I know is that
he died in Tashkent?
Yeah... Tashkent.
I seriously don't know.
Who is this?
Congratulations Ragini,
you passed the test.
What kind of a
stupid game was this?
You'll find a yellow
packet in your drawer.
No-no-no, don't hang up.
Ragini, that's your birthday gift.
The scoop.
"10th January 1966..."
"A Historical Day."
"After the Indo-Pak war in 1965..."
"...and India's historic win,
there was a convention held in Tashkent."
"The Tashkent Agreement."
"The USSR Premiere Alexi Kosygin,
Pakistan's President Ayub Khan..."
"...and India's 2nd Prime Minister,
Mr. Lal Bahdur Shashtri met in Tashkent.'
"After 6 rigorous days, the Tashkent
Pact was signed on 10th January 1966"
"A party was organized
in the evening..."
"...and Mr. Shashtri was last
seen pacing around in his room."
"A few hours later
Mr. Shashtri died unexpectedly."
"And even after 50 long years...
...we still don't know whether
he died of a heart attack..."
"...or whether was he poisoned."
"I filed a second application..."
"...and this time it was
against the Foreign Ministry."
"I telling them that I had
already filed an application..."
"...and you replied saying
that the Foreign Ministry...
...still doesn't have
any confirmation..."
" which I replied
how is this even possible?"
"The man who died was the
Prime Minister of a country..."
"...I am sure the Ambassador
must be going nuts."
"As soon as the news
of the Prime Minister's death..."
"would've broken out the phones wouldn't
have stopped ringing off the hook."
"Telegrams sent all across..."
"There must be a plethora of paper
trail between Moscow and Delhi."
"You'll be flying the Prime
Minister's body from there to here..."
"...and what system
are they going to follow?
What will be the arrangements?"
"And all these points
have to be documented."
"How can you say that you
have no supporting documents ?"
"That's when they said that under the
RTI Clause of the National Security..."
"...we cannot disclose
this information to you."
What is all this?
Lal Bahadur Shashtri's
mysterious death.
All this information relating to his
death is available in the public domain.
It runs over 5000 pages.
But what does our government have
relating to Mr. Shashtri's death?
Just this.
Lal Bahadur Shashtri?
- Yeah...
Our generation is
least interested in him.
It's not about Shashtri,
let's pin down the government.
Lal Bahadur Shashtri was the 2nd
Prime Minister of independent India...
...who died in Tashkent.
Immediately after the war.
Thousands of suspicious,
and doubts were raised.
Some claimed that he was poisoned,
some said he had a heart attack.
But over 50 years do
we have concrete information?
No. Nothing.
There's no proof to corroborate
that he was poisoned.
Who cares?
Okay, sorry. But we need a scoop,
and we have a scoop.
And sir, this time I've
brought authentic paperwork...
...with the seal of
the Government of India.
As supporting evidence, I have Anuj
That's RTIs and also his statement.
I've already run it with legal,
and they said it's okay.
No media.
Aditya Raj invited Home Minister PKR..
- I said no media.
...Natrajan for a meeting over
the questions... - I said no media.
...raised on Lal Bahadur Shashtri case.
- I said no media.
We can't say much
about closed rooms...
...but we're definitely going
to debate over this issue today.
Stop them.
Did Shashtri die
or was he murdered?
This question is a slap
on the face of our country...
...which no government over the last
50 years has tried to find an answer to.
What is the government
trying to hide from us?
What conspiracy lurks behind Mr.
Shashtri's death?
We're going to organize a
nationwide protest to find answers.
Yes! Yes We Will!
We won't rest or, neither
let anyone rest.
Mr. Shashtri gave us the slogan...
...of "Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan" (Hail
the soldier, Hail the farmer).
But what is the slogan
of this government?
"Hail Satan, Hail Evil?"
Mr. Shashtri's files
should be made public.
"Yes, we demand
they are made public!"
- Mr. Shashtri's files...
- Must be reopened...!
- Mr. Shashtri's files...
- Must be reopened...!
27th May, 1964.
After the death of Pt. Nehru...
...the president of Congress,
and Syndicate leader
K. Kamaraj became active again.
And he was facing the
...of choosing the next
leader of our country.
And the breaking
news of the hour... that opposition leader
Mr. Shyamsunder Tripathi
will be going on a hunger strike.
How can you expect
anything to change
if the leaders of our country
go on a hunger strike?
You need to rest.
When I'll have no power, there's not
much that blood pressure can do.
Sit. Sit.
How did Mr. Shashtri
become the PM after Pt. Nehru?
He wasn't even a candidate
Morarji Desai was
the most senior...
...and a deserving
candidate for PM.
So who was the kingmaker there?
Kamaraj, remember?
No. I don't know.
Kumaraswamy Kamraj.
And after Mr. Shashtri's death,
Morarji Desai should have been
the next PM.
But it was Indra Gandhi instead.
Kamaraj again.
Everyone remembers the Kings.
Not the kingmakers.
'Mr Shastri's agenda
has taken a new turn.'
'What's the agenda
of Minister Natarajan'
'and Shyam Sunder Tripathi's
'Is it finding the truth
behind Lal Bahadur Shastri's death'
'or to reach some sort
of agreement?'
It's all rather rich.
Just a little...
Here you go...
- No-no...fried objects are...
Mr. Natrajan, it's made
in pure ghee, with potatoes.
It won't even make a dent.
Well, if you insist...
Thank you.
I am curious...
What's your benefit
in forming a committee?
Because you know very well
that I cannot be influenced.
There are only two
copies of this report.
One in Justice Shah's office,
and the other this.
The final report will only be drafted
when my Ministry issues a statement.
So the disciple wants to
blackmail his mentor.
Is that a yes?
Hear that?
I'm not the only one in this mess,
you are too.
You cannot budge
without my approval.
This committee will have 8 members.
Four from each side.
And of course,
you with the Veto power.
You've pretty good experience
on how to handle those 8 members.
Oh yes...
There will be no media
coverage or video recording.
What a dilemma...
We're doing everything for Mr.
...but no one's talking about him.
What was the name
of that journalist?
Good morning...
- Good morning.
Good morning...
- Good morning.
Mr. Tripathi...
Mr. Tripathi...
Well, you're pretty young.
Come, sit.
You may have guessed
why I called you over.
If a politician sends flowers to a
journalist and invites her over...
...then it's definitely
something big.
You're more mature than you look.
let's get to the point.
How would you like to do it?
Cash? Favor? Or both?
What's the offer?
Why are you so interested
in Mr. Shashtri?
I am only interested in the truth.
In Politics,
nothing is what it seems.
And that's the truth.
Well sir, if you want that
I don't write anything related to
Lal Bahadur Shastri's death...
...then let me tell you that...
...proposing your name.
My name?
It's absolutely crucial for
a journalist to be on the committee...
...and you've done extensive
research on this subject.
You're young,
intelligent, and a woman at that.
What's the real motive?
You know,
Natrajan believes in cameras.
Whereas I respect the
human eye and intelligence.
And you have both.
I want you to be my
camera in the committee.
Meaning you're more concerned
about your image in the media.
It's the only thing
a politician has.
Politics is a battlefield.
People are not
interested in the truth...
...only the stories of truth.
Sir...I am an amateur journalist,
and your ambitions are too big for me.
Journalism is yet another
name for Politics.
I heard that you're looking
for funding for your news site.
Did Lal Bahadur Shashtri
die of a heart attack...
...or was it a conspiracy?
The Tripathi Committee
will conduct an investigation.
And the head of this committee
is Mr. Shyam Sunder Tripathi.
Would you like to shed some more
light on the Tripathi Committee?
Ex-RAW Chief...GKF Anand Suresh.
That's Ananthsuresh with an 'H'.
One word.
Sorry, sir.
The youth leader of the ruling
party, Mr. Vishvendra Pratap Singh. this committee just
an excuse to bury this question?
So you don't trust the RAW.
Ex-Judge of Supreme Court,
Retired Justice Kurien Abraham.
Sir, do you think
that Mr Shasti was poisoned?'
Ma'am, I'll open the doors
in the next couple of minutes.
Thank you.
Do you have a matchstick?
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
The Director of Archives India, Mr.
Omkar Kashyap as well.
Renowned Social Worker,
who also runs many NGOs...
...and a strong opposer of
the government, Indira Joseph Roy.
Of course...
How can anything go
wrong as long as I am here.
The Director of Indian Research
Council, Mr. Gangaram Jha.
Renowned Historian and an expert
on Mr. Shashtri, Padmashri Ayesha Ali.
The most controversial selection,
which is said to be
a last minute decision.
What do you think you're doing?
Turn it off.
Aren't their heaters in the room?
They don't work. I've already
informed Maintenance crew.
That settles it then.
Let things continue
the way they are.
Sir, ma'am, please deposit
your mobile phones with me.
Mobile phones are
not allowed in here.
Do you know for a fact, Ms.
Ayesha, that...
I am a historian,
and I know more than you think.
Oh, shit.
Yeah... shit.
Thank you.
No thanks, Kashyap.
Why? I know for a fact that
everyone in RAW smokes.
Smoking is not allowed.
Yeah, I know.
Smoking is not allowed.
- Thank you.
God bless.
Excuse me,
are phones allowed in here?
I'll deposit it.
Because I still don't
use a mobile phone.
By the way, I am The Omkar Kashyap.
Retired Director, Archives.
Hello, I am Ragini Phule.
So you're the reason
why we all gathered here.
Good morning everybody.
Good morning, Mr. Shyam.
- Good morning...
Take a seat everyone.
Omkar Kashyap.
Omkar Kashyap.
Someone's missing.
The quorum is complete,
we can start the meeting.
Is the quorum complete?
- Yes, sir.
My flight took off late from Bombay.
- Mumbai.
Yeah, I know Mumbai...for me,
it will always remain Bombay.
I can't even pronounce
Delhi for that matter.
Actually, I had a keynote address
at the World Science Congress.
The relevance of Common Sense in
the Age of Artificial Intelligence.
But we've gathered here
today to talk about Mr. Shashtri.
You may begin the discussion...
...because it will come to
a conclusion on its own.
And why do you say that?
Sir, rumors.
And what is the
lifespan of a rumor?
- Yes.
You mean this committee
was formed on the basis of rumors.
That's your opinion.
Sir, we cannot ignore common sense.
I believe we'll reach
a decision by lunchtime.
Then we can all go
down to North Block...
...and have some South Indian food.
You seem to be in a bit of a hurry.
Have you made reservations as well?
No, no, I've studied the case.
It's quite simple.
There's nothing to it.
No documents, no proof, no logic.
Wastage of public money.
It's as simple as ABCD.
I don't think it's
as simple as ABCD.
Unless of course, maybe
you know something that we don't.
For example...ABCD.
The Agenda is on
everyone's monitor.
Information and Facts.
Go through them.
We'll focus on every aspect.
Hear the witness.
And if anyone has a
witness who has more information...
...then you can recommend
their names as well.
But sir, the registration
for witnesses have already closed.
I have extraordinary powers, son.
If we believe that he
has some unique information...
...then we won't just admit it,
but also summon them.
But only if we have a majority.
We won't waste our time on hearsay.
Those of us who think
that Mr. Shashtri's death
was a natural one, meaning
he died of a heart attack...
...please raise your hand.
Mr. Roy.
Why did you lower your hand?
Mr. Vishvendra, when there
are so many suspicions
revolving around the
death of a Prime Minister...
...then don't you feel there
should be some debate over it.
By the way, this committee's been
formed to investigate his death...
...but let's talk about
his personal life first.
He was only 16 years old, you know.
At the age of 16, he took part
in Gandhiji's Satyagraha movement.
And before that,
when he was only 12...
...he stopped using Shrivastav,
which was his family name because
he was strongly against
the caste system.
Post his marriage, he asked
his wife Lalita to wear Khadi...
...and his wife complied
without any objection.
He was a true Gandhian.
And at the time of his death,
he had only one car...
...which he bought with
a government-sanctioned loan.
And yes, not to forget
that he defeated Pakistan.
What does that prove?
When did I say it proves anything?
I remember...
I was 20-year-old...
During the war,
Mr. Shashtri would
visit the borders,
meet with the soldiers.
"If someone tries to
threaten the sanctity of
our country using guns or bombs..."
"...then as your leader,
our best reply would be that
we fight the enemy
using their own weapon."
It's a known fact that
good people die early.
By the way,
he was an old man when he died. 62
He was 61.
But people have died at 58, right?
Ronald Reagan was 69
when he became President.
And our Prime Minister Mr.
Morarji Desai...
became the Prime Minister
at the age of 81.
Age is just numbers.
But Shashtri was a great man,
brave man.
All these discussions
are irrelevant.
Prime Minister was a brave man...
...but that doesn't mean
that he had a strong heart too.
If we can access
his medical records,
ECG, BP records from
before 11th January...
But all that is normally
recorded in the Doctor's diary...
...which the government
doesn't have.
oh, please...
- What please, Ananth?
But it's a fact that
Mr. Shashtri suffered
a heart attack prior to this.
Twice, sir. Twice.
Case closed,
let's go get something to eat.
Isn't it true that the hotel
Where he was supposed to stay...
...was changed at the last moment
and was asked to stay
at a 'Dancha' instead.
The word 'Dancha' is
Russian for a bungalow.
Professor, case reopened.
The fact is that for
the Prime Minister's stay...
...a DIG from the Central Government had
flown to Tashkent to approve of it.
The hotel had a stairway...
Bad for a heart patient.
But there were
none in the 'Dancha'.
Hence 'Dancha'.
According to what I had read,
what the DIG had approved...
...was not a Dancha,
but an in-tourist hotel instead.
I repeat... in-tourist hotel.
With a provision of
a makeshift operation theatre
and oxygen in its ground floor.
Exactly two days earlier, due
to the intervention of a doctor and
a high-ranking
officer from Moscow...
...the PM's stay was shifted from
the hotel and moved to this Dancha.
And his staff was put up
11 kilometers away from the site.
Excuse me.
250 yards.
Not 11 kilometers, sir.
There was no operation
theatre or oxygen in that Dancha.
Isn't that true?
- Unbelievable.
A Prime Minister
who is a heart patient...
...and has already
suffered two heart attacks,
has no oxygen tank in his room.
There is something called
as an official protocol.
Sir, please,
with your permission...
...I would just like
to read out the facts.
After his return from
reception to the residence...
...Lal Bahadur Shashtri
was in normal health,
and was in a good mood...
...and spoke over the telephone
with his relatives in Delhi.
He went to bed at
about 12:30 midnight,
on the 11th of January.
At about 1:20 in the morning...
...Mr. Sahai, Kapoor, and Sharma
approached the Prime Minister's doctor...
...who was in the room next to him
and told him that the
Prime Minister was feeling unwell.
Dr. Chug at once approached
the Prime Minister
who was sitting
on his bed coughing...
...and was complaining
of lack of breath.
The doctor put the Prime
Minister in a reclining position...
...and gave him an
intra-muscular injection.
Within the next three minutes,
Prime Minister Shashtri
lost consciousness,
pulse disappeared...
...breathing stopped and
heartbeats could not be heard.
The death occurred at 1:32 in
the morning of 11th January, 1966.
After which 6 more doctors
arrived on the spot...
...followed by a lady doctor
by the name of Yerenko.
Yeremenko, sir.
Right, Yeremenko.
They all arrived on the scene,
examined the patient...
...and declared that Mr.
Shashtri was no longer breathing.
Back then two reports were made.
One report was handed
to the Indian Government.
And the other,
to the existing Soviet government
There is one fact
which we all are missing.
How can we miss anything
as long as you're here, Ms. Indira?
A very important point which
even...historians missed out on.
Mr. Shashtri's room...had no bell.
No buzzer.
- No buzzer.
- Wait a minute.
My common sense is saying
that there's something wrong here.
There is no problem. There
is no problem. There is no problem.
All of you have a copy
of the reports, correct?
Please check your medical records.
Every doctor has cited.
Where is the argument?
This report contains signatures of
6 doctors excluding Dr. R.N. Chug.
But there were
a total of 8 doctors.
- Yes...
Sir, everyone's
signatures are right here...
...but the Home Minister and Foreign
Minister admitted in the Parliament...
...that Senior Dr. E.G. Yeremenko
arrived on the spot first.
Then why isn't her
signature on the document?
Is it possible that
she refused to sign?
Maybe because she had a doubt.
Why are you asking
stupid questions?
Sir, I think she
is on the committee,
she should be allowed
to make her point.
Sir, point no. 2 is why wasn't Mr.
Shashtri given oxygen.
There's no mention of oxygen.
It's written in the report.
The report clearly mentions
that he was given oxygen.
No, ma'am. Excuse me, sir.
It states here that he was administered
an intramuscular injection,
artificial respiration,
and massage.
But there's no mention
of an intubular oxygen...
...which is compulsory
for a heart patient
who has already suffered
two heart attacks.
Maybe he wasn't given
oxygen because there was none...
Sir, sir, just a minute.
How could I not see this?
Common sense.
It says here Mr. Shashtri
was administered Intramuscular
injection Mefthantine sulfate 15mg...
...whereas his heart had already stopped
beating and blood pressure was nil.
In such conditions doctors
give intra-venus injections.
In layman's term, the injection
is administered in the veins... that the medicine reaches
the system immediately
and starts showing effects.
Whereas, Mr. Shashtri was
given an intramuscular injection.
So that the medicine
reaches the system late.
May I ask?
Did the doctor not know such
a common thing in medical science?
Or was it intentional?
Could it be possible that
Mr. Shashtri was already dead
and the injection
was administered later?
And that's why
Dr. E.G. Yeremenko refused to sign.
Sir, one should have some prima facia
evidence to support this hypothesis.
Right. - Maybe evidence
was made to disappear.
Or burnt, what else.
No, no, no, I take strong
objection to this, sir.
Of course, you do.
By the way, Mr. Vishvendra, we
all know your history pretty well.
Oh, madam,
we all know your history as well...
...but let's not get
into that right now. Please.
This is your problem.
This is your problem...
It's an old habit of yours.
Taking things off records.
Which is why we don't
have proper records.
What do you mean by us?
They have ruined this country.
I take objection on this statement.
Even I am a politician.
By the way, even your
father-in-law was in politics.
From her first marriage.
No, no, no...
That is misogynistic.
No, no, no...
That is misogynistic.
I take offense to that.
It's not allowed.
I will say what I want to say.
That is the point.
No, I don't care.
Congratulations, Ragini
You've already become a celebrity.
Come on, sir.
Zee News called for
a Prime Time Talk show.
They want to invite you, not me.
For the Prime Time Talk show.
I fought for you, for this article.
Risked my job.
Thank you very much.
Okay guys, let's roll.
5...4...3...2...1... Go.
Hello. Ragini,
this issue was long forgotten.
All the debates have been done.
So why dig up old graves now?
Old graves...
Asking questions about the
death of the 2nd Prime Minister
of Independent India,
Mr. Lal Bahadur Shashtri...
...and demanding the truth
is digging up old graves for you?
Not for me.
Do you believe you're
the messiah of truth?
Bloody TV reporter.
Is it true that
you had only a week...
...and since it's impossible to do
an investigative story in a week... got desperate.
And to save your job,
you just went on Google,
searched conspiracy theories...
That's called research.
It's my job...
And you found a new story.
This is called fake news.
Answer me, why did you do this?
Why did you do this?
Tell me.
Ragini, why did you do this?
What do you want?
I just want the
truth to be out there.
Don't we have any
right to the truth?
Stop this truth.
Huh Kaiser,
what is this stupid girl thinking?
That we're afraid of the truth.
Only idiots are
afraid of the truth.
One should be afraid of rumours.
Because if rumours
are not stopped in time...
...then it can even defy the truth.
What is this cover-up?
Don't we have a right
to know the truth?
We want to know what
happened with Mr. Shashtri.
Was it a heart attack, or was it...
Or was it a state sponsored murder.
What is this girl's agenda?
Hello, Mr. Unknown Caller.
Congrats, Ragini. Congrats.
Thank you.
The interview was sensational.
- Thank you.
Demanding for a committee
was a real trump card.
Now you are a star journalist.
No, I am not a star journalist.
I am a nobody.
But I want to meet you,
and I want to thank you.
Whoever you are,
sir, I want to meet you.
Then why are all eyes on you?
All eyes are on me?
Look outside.
from the balcony.
How do you know someone's
outside my house.
Hello. Am I being watched?
Am I under surveillance. Tell me.
Who is watching me?
Are there cameras in my house?
Tell me goddamnit.
I know how this works.
I know...
Talk to me.
If you're real then show yourself.
Ragini, you just passed
level two of this game.
To hell with your game!
do you know any cricket star...
...who retired after
making a single century
because he was scared
of facing bouncers?
Or a film star,
who rejected a role.
Did you come all the way to Delhi
from Pune to score a single century?
99 is not a century, Ragini.
This is a war.
And you cannot stop
after a single victory.
Who are you?
Your source.
You can't be just source.
What do you know?
Why are you after me?
Why me?
- Because I want you to win, Ragini.
Because no one pays heed to losers.
Have a good night, Ragini.
I wish you all the best, Ragini.
"Day after day..."
" hopes die with me."
" my conscience inside me."
"And what about the God..."
"...that's supposed
to alleviate our sorrows."
"Why are humans still losing."
"My self-respect is gone.
I keep on falling."
"I am at loss of words."
"I am at loss of words."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
It's true that Mr. Shashtri's
medical reports were buried.
Is it also true that
one of the medical doctors
refused to sign on that report?
That's what my ex-boss told me.
Who ex-boss?
The great editor Bakshi, sir.
I want to meet him. Where is he?
God knows where Bakshi sir is.
- Why?
He just vanished. Disappeared.
But sir, there must be some lead.
I want to crack this.
Please help me out.
He had an entire file on
Mr. Shashtri's medical report.
Given to him by an Indian spy.
That he was a KGB mole.
And KGB claimed that
he was a RAW mole.
And he died in a cylinder
blast in one of Moscow's factories.
And then, two years ago
someone spotted him in Tashkent.
Yes. This will help.
Thank you so much, sir.
You've been a great support.
I don't know how to do this.
The Management thinks
that you should resign.
I am there whenever you need help.
"Everyone's fallen asleep."
"Some are awake."
"Everyone has a reason..."
"It's all unreasonable."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
Something definitely
happened with you.
What happened on 10th January?
What is the truth?
Please help me out.
"Whose blood has
frozen in his veins."
"Everyone has a reason..."
"It's all unreasonable."
"Everything goes."
"Everything goes."
I am doing a research
on Lal Bahadur Shashtri.
Do you recognise this man?
Who are you?
What do you know about
Lal Bahadur Shashtri's death?
Who do you work for?
The truth.
Don't try to sound naive.
Do you know who you're up against?
These are International
secret agents.
You'll disappear from the face
of earth before you even realize...
Save your life and run.
Was it CIA?
Then why did you burn
yourself twice, Mukhtar?
What do you know that you're
always on the run, always hiding.
This was during the Cold War.
America was spreading Democracy and
Capitalism all over the world...
...and USSR was spreading
socialism and communism.
This is the Iron Curtain.
All the countries on this
side were allies with the US.
And the countries on
this side were with the USSR.
And this Cold War was
not between some armies... was being run
by two secret agencies.
CIA and KGB.
It was the era of spies.
And India was the most important
country for both of them.
The CIA's philosophy was if
you want to enslave any country...
...then just buy them with money.
But the KGB believed that
if you control people's mind,
then they will become your slave.
But this was not possible
as long as Mr. Shashtri was alive.
So what is the truth about Mr.
When I joined the secret agency,
I learned the most interesting art.
The art...of disappearing.
just like that.
And...even the truth.
Opponents, intellectuals, leaders,
whistle-blowers, professors.
I made them disappear
at the blink of an eye.
Riots, assassinations,
coos, unrest, everything.
Documents, governments,
facts, figures, spies, truth...
All that was a cinch for me.
I thought I was God.
We are nothing.
Someone else is
pulling the strings.
You can't see him.
He has no whereabouts.
But we all dance to his tunes.
Almost like a God.
What do you think?
When people like me couldn't
find him, someone like you can.
I am not a coward like you.
Have you ever heard that
two medical reports were made for
the same dead person.
"He always carried a red diary..."
"...which was not
amongst his belongings."
"He used to record
day-to-day events in it."
"My mother also stated that we
never received the flask either..."
"...which he used to drink milk
or water from, for the last time."
Even Mrs.
Lalita gave the same statement...
...during her interview
with Dharmayug.
Dharmayug was a
weekly Hindi magazine.
And its editor was Dharamver Varti.
Why was Mr. Shashtri
pointing towards the flask?
Was he asking for water?
Water or milk?
The real question is what
were the contents of that flask?
Shashtri sir used to regularly
take a laxative at night.
And as always, his attendant
served him milk in the flask.
It's all recorded in my book.
His attendant served
him milk in the flask.
But the flask was lying flat...
Meaning it was empty.
Whatever its content,
milk or water...
...was already consumed.
Could Mr. Shashtri have
been trying to say...
...that his condition was due to
drinking the contents of the flask?
Did it contain poison?
Why the flask?
Poison can also be in the air.
That's your job to find out.
You are the historian.
No, no, this is
not a laughing matter.
Look here, Jha.
Every Historian's job
is to record the events...
...and not reshape it
according to our convenience.
And every historical
fact is being restructured.
The flask was straight
or lying flat.
What was the angle of the flask?
How does it all matter?
How does it matter if
the PM was pointing towards it?
A man who's experiencing
a heart attack could be wading
his hand in any direction.
Common Sense?
Historians have been doing
their research for over 50 years...
...but no one raised
such questions before.
How far was the Dancha?
Did they have oxygen or not?
How does the content of
the flask make any difference?
Everyone agrees that
he suffered a heart attack.
- Here we go again. Here we go again.
If everyone agreed, then why was this
committee formed in the first place.
What are we all doing here?
- I don't know, you tell me.
The question should
have been that...
...why weren't the contents of the flask
sent for a forensic investigation?
How could they, Ananth?
Because the flask went missing.
Same as the doctor's diary.
So the question that arises is...
...what happened
to his personal diary?
Why do you look at me every time
you have a doubt in your mind?
Sir, what does lack
of evidence point to?
Look Kashyap, lack of evidence
cannot be evidence itself.
- Exactly my point.
You come back to that same...
Cool down.
Calm down. - The question is
whether there was reasonable doubt.
Calm down.
- He's the most experienced.
Why aren't we asking him?
- Calm down.
Yelling and screaming
will not lead to anything.
It's not the solution.
Well, at least we all agree that
the medical report is correct...
...and we have no other
evidence to prove it wrong.
Which medical report, sir?
Which medical report, sir?
Indian or Soviet?
What difference does it make?
- What do you mean?
There is...
We were told the Indian and Soviet
were each given a medical report.
Same to same.
- Yes...
But that information is wrong.
Because they were not identical.
Because one report states
that it can be considered...
...that the death was due to an
acute attack of infark-myocardio.
Whereas the other report
states that it may be considered...
...that the death was caused
by the myocardial infarction.
How can that be identical?
- My God, what is all this?
Could be a spelling mistake or
a translation error or something.
if these reports were identical,
then how can there be a mistake?
Exactly my point, thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Look here, sir.
One report states that
he was given glucose,
adrenalin, and potassium chloride.
The other report states
that he was given glucose,
adrenalin, and calcium chloride.
So, isn't there a difference
between potassium chloride
and calcium chloride?
Yes, they are two different things.
Rumors. Just baseless rumors.
Let me tell you.
The words for potassium and calcium
are very similar in Russian.
'Cali' means Potassium
and 'Calci' means Calcium.
So the guy who translated
the Russian report...
...translated 'Calci' wrong,
and he wrote potassium,
whereas it should've been Calcium.
Okay, ma'am.
Then tell me this...
Only 6 Soviet doctors
signed the report prepared
by the Indian doctor Dr. Chug.
But exactly 3 days later when
the Soviet report was prepared... was signed
by 8 Soviet doctors.
Two more doctors signed this report.
- That is a point.
And one of them was...
- Dr. Shamirzen.
Dr. Shamirzen.
And the other was...
Yes...Dr. EG Yeremenko.
The senior doctor who
arrived on the spot first.
And when she couldn't revive
Mr. Shashtri...
When Premiere Kosygin asked
Yeremenko why she couldn't revive him...
...she stated this...
"That would be possible
if death due to heart failure."
Revival would've been possible
only if Mr. Shashtri had
died of a heart attack.
That means she was
out-and-out in doubt...
...which is why she signed
the report which as doubtful.
What is the source
of your information?
Same place you should have.
Fake news writers
don't have any sources.
Oh, Ayesha ma'am...
You know ma'am when you were
honored with the Padmashri in 2012...
...I was the first to
congratulate you on Twitter.
Thank you very much.
But that doesn't mean that you're the
only one who writes books on history.
Are you two on Twitter?
Come on, Jha.
Everything I
available on this book.
It's all mentioned here.
K.R. Malkani.
The Governor of Pondicherry.
Sir is it possible, during the Parliament
proceedings on 16th February, 1966...
...the foreign minister
Swaran Singh gave a statement
included the medical report.
But when a copy of the
same procedure was published...
...the medical reports
were missing. Why?
Maybe they forgot to add it.
Anyone can make a mistake.
Sir, mistake in the parliament
- No, no, no...
That is an important point,
we cannot ignore it.
When the government has
systematically ignored Mr. Shashtri...
...then this doesn't
make a point at all?
Excuse me, Ms. Roy.
What do you mean by
"systematically ignore"?
I think there's nothing
left to debate over this issue.
And yet...
Yet...if you believe that we
should continue...
I mean continue debating over it,
then raise your hand.
Sir, your honor.
Why did you raise your hand?
After everything,
I heard and read here...
...I am convinced that there is something
fishy about Mr. Shashtri's death.
Yes...sure of that.
Imran, what do you know
about Mr. Shastri?
He was an honest
and a great Prime Minister.
Won the war against Pakistan.
But if the war had not happened...
But if the war had not
happened in the first place...
...he would still be
an honest Prime Minister.
But would he still
be a 'Great' PM...
...if he hadn't died
that night in Tashkent?
People forget one's
mistakes and weaknesses...
...after a single victory.
No one remembers that
there was a no-confidence motion against
Mr. Shashtri in the Parliament.
And it was Vijaylalaxmi
Pandit who brought it in motion.
She had said that the Minister
and his Colleagues had become
prisoners of Indecision.
But all these people
remember is his victory.
If this girl succeeds... one will remember
that she writes fake news.
Everything all right, Imran?
She meets with a traitor
in Tashkent...
and no one bothers to inform me.
You said that you
can handle your wife.
I mean your ex-wife.
"All father said
was what is the news."
"To which he replied
that the people seem angry..."
" you can sign
the Tashkent Declaration?"
"But father replied
with a smile..."
"...there is nothing
to be worried about."
"Let me return to my country..."
"When I tell them
the real reason..."
"...I am sure the entire
country will side with me."
As a son, I have a big question...
What was that important
piece of news father had?
Was it a big secret?
Could that secret be this?
Fake news.
Ms. Ayesha, back in those days...
...there were no
fake news or Photoshop.
This is a common conspiracy theory.
That Mr. Shashtri and Netaji Bose
had a secret meeting in Tashkent.
Oh, come on, Shyam.
Bose died in an air crash in 1945.
Shashtri went to Tashkent in 1966.
Look at the gap?
21 years.
No, no, Netaji didn't
die in a plane crash.
He was alive.
This is just a story
that was sold to this country...
...and we all know
who sold it to us.
Yes, even I believe that Netaji
did come to India, but secretly.
Next, you will talk
about Gumnami Baba as well.
Who is Gumnami Baba?
After Netaji went missing...
...Netaji Bose came to Ayodhya
disguised as Gumnami Baba.
It's mentioned in
Justice Shah's report.
This definitely proves that we
didn't gather here to know the truth...
...but to create a mythology.
Thank God, ma'am.
At least we're not writing
mythology in the name of history.
Excuse me.
Ms. Ayesha, Dr. Homi.J. Bhabha...
...who was given charge of India's
Nuclear Program by Mr. Shashtri...
...his plane crashes in the Alps, exactly
13 days after Mr. Shashtri's death.
Is this just a coincidence?
No. It was an accident.
Sir, I've something
to show all of you.
This book...
called Conversations with the Crew.
A high ranking CIA officer Robert Crowley
gave an interview to Gregory Douglas.
I am going to read out a small, but
important snippet of this interview.
During the interview, Douglas
asked him who are these jokers.
Who are they?
And Crowley replied that
he doesn't exist anymore.
And his name was Bhabha.
And when Bhabha was traveling to
Vienna, on a 747 Boeing airplane Plane...
...when an explosion occurred
in the plane's cargo section.
The plane, it's passengers
and crew, disappeared.
Crowley even says here
that there as no real evidence
and the world was
a much safer place.
Oh, come on, Kashyap.
What rubbish.
The death of one Bha Bha
made the world a much safer place.
Dr. Homi...
Dr. Homi Bhabha.
One Bhabha...
But we're talking about America,
the biggest country in the world.
And their CIA was forced
to kill one of our scientists,
to make the world a safer place.
Device a conspiracy
on such a large scale?
Are you serious?
They could've rigged
his car with explosives...
...or killed him in the park or
even drugged his sweets for god sakes.
- What a coincidence...
Same question.
As you said, sir. Identical.
Douglas asked Crowley
the same question.
And do you know what
Crowley replied...
The cow-loving,
ragged-looking, stupid leader...
...had come pretty close to building a
nuclear bomb, with the help of Bhabha.
And it had become crucial
for us to get him out of the way.
And we got rid of that cow-loving,
ragged looking, leader
and Bhabha at the blink of an eye.
So sir...
who according to the
CIA was that cow-loving,
ragged-looking, stupid leader?
It was the 2nd Prime Minister
of India Mr. Lal Bahadur Shashtri.
And let me read out
Crowley's exact lines to you.
This is what he wrote.
"We knocked up Bhabha
and nailed Shashtri!"
We knocked up Bhabha
and nailed Shashtri?
What is this?
Some kind of video game?
Bloody capitalists.
Imperialistic cold-blooded
murderers, savages.
Make the rich, richer
and the poor, poorer.
That's it.
And what do we do?
We give them the
red carpet treatment.
In the name of Globalisation,
and liberalization. My foot.
This is just a scam with
the population of our country... make them slaves
to American Corporate Culture.
You know, Globalisation is just
another word for Corporate Slavery.
They won't use their guns on us...
...but rather kill us with their
burgers, and fries, and Colas.
You know we need to end this
capitalism before it ends us all.
Socialism must have claimed
at least 60 million innocent lives.
Crowley was lying.
Oh really...
- The book is right in front of you...
Forget the book.
He was a retired man...
Anyone can make any number
of claims after leaving the CIA.
You just use the facts
that suit your story.
Why would anyone lie about such
a prominent figure in the world?
Do you have any logic for this?
- Identity.
After retiring, a person loses
his powers as well as his identity.
And in order to gain it back,
...they can go to any lengths.
Anything at all.
Even resort to lying.
What is your password?
You can't be here.
You've changed it.
You're forgetting
the court orders, Imran?
You can't be within a
500-meter radius of my house.
You can't be within
a 5-meter radius of my Minister.
I'm going to call the Police.
Call the police, huh.
Let things continue
the way they are.
You're never going to
win this game. Understand.
So stop it.
And what if I don't.
There will be consequences
for obstructing our path.
Coming from the man who
once said that he will protect me.
You're not that woman anymore.
You've never been a man.
Natrajan's dog.
The Police are going
to stay with you 24/7.
As long as you're under threat.
"They don't believe"
"what you say, Radha."
"...what you say, Radha."
"...what you say, Radha."
Welcome. Welcome.
- Welcome, sir. Welcome.
Happy Anniversary.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
How's the inquiry coming?
Well, ...they've made a union.
Is there a nut that wouldn't crack?
We can swing Indira to our side...
...if the Tax-inquiry against
her NGO is withdrawn.
Please help yourself. Hello.
Hi, ma'am.
"...what you say, Radha."
A talk needs to be had
with the committee.
Yeah, I've been waiting all...
Mr. Natrajan
What the hell.
What are you doing here?
To meet Mr. Natrajan.
- No, you're not meeting anyone.
No, I've to meet him...
- You're not meeting anyone.
Imran... Imran...
I have invited her.
Can I get you something to drink?
Why aren't you killing me?
My dear,
we go by Law.
Why are you scared if you
haven't done anything wrong?
Even evil-doers are
never afraid of anyone.
Who are you talking about?
The people who killed Mr. Shashtri.
aYour Committee is conducting
an investigation about it.
It's just a farce,
like a reality show.
Everything is scripted and staged.
Their agenda isn't finding
the truth, but to create a lie...
...because none of you have
the courage to face the truth...
Oh come on,
let's not talk about courage.
Courage is not about speaking in front
of the camera, but staying silent. decide what's
right and what's not for the
population of 1.25 billion people. sacrifice your provisions
for the greater good.
...and to abstain
from speaking the truth,
even though you know it.
A country that's caught
up in its past can never progress.
One needs the courage
to detach from the past.
One can forget the past,
but not run from it.
Because someday it comes face-to-face,
as it will happen in this case.
And that day we'll
talk about courage again.
Are you trying to threaten me?
No, sir.
I am informing you that
I reject your Police protection.
Because this isn't about Mr.
Shashtri anymore...
...but the right of a citizen.
My right to truth.
Ragini Phule has denied
Police protection.
She mentioned in her Facebook post
that she is being pressurized... mislead the
committee's findings.
There were too many
coincidences in this case... Dr. Chug meeting with an accident,
where he and his wife died.
And there was no inquiry ordered.
Even Ramnath,
his personal assistant...
...met with an accident once,
where he survived.
But then he met with another accident,
which happened right here in Janpath...
...that left him crippled.
Later he passed away.
There were only two witnesses
in Lal Bahadur Shashtri's case.
His personal assistant, Ramnath.
And the other was Dr. Chug.
Both of them, coincidentally,
died in an accident...
...on two separate days, of course.
Two witnesses.
And they both died.
No witnesses, no case... Nothing!
Striking coincidence.
Even science and common sense
can't find an answer to this.
What would you call it?
It's...exactly like fiction.
Life is fiction, Indira.
I know, but we're here
to find the truth, aren't we?
But truth is a luxury, my dear.
This is why some
cases never get solved.
Jeep case, money-laundering,
chopper-scam, cash-for-vote scam.
Bellari Mining case, Telgi case,
Truth is indeed a
luxury in our country.
There are a couple of other
luxuries you forgot to mention.
Lalit Narayan Mishra's murder.
Shama Prasad Mukherjee.
Deen Dayal Upadhyay case.
CWG, 2G, Union Carbide, Bofors.
Even Gumnami Baba.
Kashyap, don't look at me.
It's the handiwork of people like you.
- Please, sir. It's very irritating.
Intelligence Agencies always
submit detailed evidence.
We all know who
makes them disappear.
When the jury tries hostile witnesses
or cases with missing evidence ...
...then there's nothing
much they can do.
Are you trying to say that
all the witness related to Mr.
Shashtri's case were murdered...
...and all evidence,
documents went missing.
Behave yourself, young girl.
Behave yourself!
I never said that.
No, I never said it.
Sir, I don't think
she meant to insult you.
We...we're not going
to record any of this.
And you...
Come here.
You will not say anything
like this ever again.
India is not an autocracy...
...its a successful
democracy in the world.
- Democracy.
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yes...
Maybe that's why no one from
my generation knows that the
Nuclear program,
Green revolution...
...White revolution, the fact that India
is a world leader in milk production...
...was started by Mr. Shashtri.
Mr. Shashtri was the first
Economic reformer of India.
And no one knows this.
And there's another thing
I want to tell all of you.
Not as Indira Joseph Roy...
...but as a mother.
It's so shameful,
that even my son is unaware...
...that 2nd of October is also
Mr. Shashtri's birthday.
That's your democracy, sir.
This is your education system.
I have the least doubt in my mind
that we killed Mr. Shashtri twice.
First in Tashkent,
and then we systematically erased
him from the memory of this country.
Sir, I've been observing that...
...the motive of some people
here is not to find the truth.
They want to play politics.
Dirty politics.
How can we forget what
Mr. Shashtri did for our country?
How can we erase him
from our heart and mind?
Because this is a country
of truth and non-violence.
This is a country
of Gandhi and Nehru.
Why not Shashtri's?
What did you say?
Why not Shashtri's?
How dare you?
This is entirely...
How dare you?
Do you know who I am...
Who do you think you are?
- Please stop him.
Sit down.
Who are you?
Who do you think you are?
You think...
Do you know who I am?
Do you know where I come from?
- Mr. Rana...
- Ragini, I found out.
KP Bakshi, veteran journalist.
Bakshi wrote a report
stating the Secret Service had some
connection with Shashtri's death.
- I don't know.
If KP Bakshi signs up as a witness,
that will seal everyone's mouth.
Don't be impatient, Ragini.
Bakshi will contact you, himself.
But until then you should
study Lal Bahadur Shashtri's body.
That will be your level 3.
"When we saw his dead
body at the airport..."
"...we noticed that his
face had turned blue."
"And later, when we
spoke to some cardiologists,
some very renowned
...they confirmed that
the white spots on his temple,
are conclusive with
either snake bite..."
"...or a poison that causes brain
hemorrhage or damage to the brain."
Just hear what I have to say.
Please hear me out first...
This is not sufficient evidence.
This is not enough evidence...
Not enough evidence...
When Mr. Shashtri's body
arrived at Palam Airport... had completely swollen
up and turned black.
It turned blue and not black.
When the body decomposes
it turns blue.
Its the discoloring of the skin,
what does it matter?
One second. Sir, one second.
- Most of them were black and..
One second.
- white pictures.
Look at this,
you decide blue or black.
And that's not all...
There were numerous cuts on Shashtri's
body and blood was oozing from it.
No, no, there's no record from it.
You see, in such situations,
the family members
become very emotional.
And in order to conduct a post mortem,
there has to be reasonable doubt.
His closest friend, CP Srivastav,
had consulted two British Doctors.
Dr. Liam West, and Dr. Spyro.
And they both
confirmed that the color blue
is quite consistent with
death from natural causes.
And what about the
cuts and the blood?
Is that consistent
with natural death as well?
if there were cuts on
his body and was bleeding...
...then it must have stained
his clothes as well.
And his family must
still have his clothes.
So ask them to send it.
Sir, could it be that someone already
conducted a post mortem in USSR.
I studied everything and came to the
conclusion that there was no foul play...
...and he died of a heart attack.
Who said that?
Since no one's
believing a historian...
...I thought you might
believe a journalist.
Kuldeep Nayar,
India's most senior journalist.
And Shashtri's Press Secretary.
He was present there at that time.
And answer me this, if they
had any suspicion of foul play...
...wouldn't they have conducted
a post mortem of him in USSR?
Wouldn't our
government had done it?
We're truth seekers,
not a conspiracy theorist.
According to
Parliament proceedings,
the Soviet Government
requested a post mortem report...
...from the Foreign minister,
and the Home Minister.
But they denied.
I've been hearing this
rubbish for a long time.
This was already discussed
in the parliament...
...and the government had already given
the white paper to the Parliament.
And White Paper is the last word?
- Yes!
White Paper is the
Parliament's last word.
Parliament is the
Temple of Democracy.
Temple of Democracy.
So in that temple of democracy, when
veteran leaders like KN Singh, HV Kamath,
and Atal Bihari Vajpayee...
...demanded this
Temple of Democracy for
a judicial inquiry,
then why wasn't it granted to them.
What the government
did or did not do
back then can't
be our concern today.
That should be our concern.
A question was raised in
the parliament in those days...
...which still
remains unanswered...
Who served milk to Mr. Shashtri
in the flask on that day.
His own cook,
or the Ambassador's cook.
If it was the Ambassador's cook,
then why on that particular day?
What was the name of that cook?
Jaan Mohammad.
Let me narrate a story
about common sense.
A man was hanging from the roof.
The rope was 10 feet long.
The room was empty,
and there was a 10-inch distance
between his feet and the floor.
There were no stool, table,
or any other thing
that was 10 feet tall.
Just a little water
scattered around.
So how did that man commit suicide?
There's no science involved
in this. Common sense.
He got an ice slab
that was 10-inch tall.
A slab of ice...
...which gradually melted.
So Mr. Chairman, we need to
find that slab of ice in this case.
The root of this
case is post mortem.
Why wasn't a post mortem
conducted on Mr. Shashtri...
Allow me to tell you.
Because the post mortem would've
proved that he was poisoned.
In the milk,
which was in the flask... which Mr. Shashtri
was pointing at.
So the question is who
cooked for him on that day,
who served him the milk,
in that flask?
Who was it?
Jaan Mohammad.
Jaan Mohammad.
Jaan Mohammad, who?
Who never served food
to Mr. Shashtri prior to this.
Never cooked for him.
Oh come on,
this is all Google knowledge.
He had cooked for
him once before...
...when in 1965 Shashtri
had gone to USSR.
That could've been a rehearsal.
- Oh, God...
Ramnath was Mr. Shashtri's cook.
He always accompanied him.
He cooked for him every day.
So why not on that day?
Why did Jaan Mohammad
cook for him on that day?
Was there a conspiracy behind it?
Or was there someone
else behind this
Jaan Mohammad, and another...
You sound so confident
about Jaan Mohammad
as if you had ordered the hit.
No, it wasn't me.
But we all know who it was.
We just don't like to take names...
What do you want to imply?
Be more specific.
See...that's the problem.
If you say anything relating to
them it's like you committed a sin.
Be specific.
How shameful that you've
stooped to such level.
The murder of a Prime Minister
isn't shameful for you...
...but you feel shameful
because I stooped to this level.
The case of a man
who dropped his surname
at the age of 12 because
he was completely
against caste discrimination...
You're doing a great
service to India's secularism.
This... Secularism.
This one word has done more damage to
this country more than anything else.
Sir, what is he saying?
No, Mr. Kashyap, listen.
You must listen.
A Prime Minister is poisoned,
the parliament is attacked,
blasts in Mumbai...
Don't say anything
Pathetic human being...
See...she got angry and left.
That's how they are.
Hot Blooded.
The only problem is that
people speak behind your backs,
and Gangaram Jha
says it to your face.
Someday they will be sitting next
to you on a bus, train, or flight...
...with some kind of poison.
Stop them.
They are a danger.
You know it, Ananth sir.
Do something.
Stop them...or someday they will
bring their army to kill all of us.
Will you just shut up?
You can shut up Gangaram,
but how will you make them shut up?
I am sorry, sir.
I've never seen such
filth in one place before.
Can we please come back
to why we're all here today?
Atal Bihari Vajpayee and
many other leaders raised
the point of Jaan Mohammad
in the Parliament...
It's all here.
- Atal Bihari Vajpayee
was in the opposition.
It was his job to
oppose the government.
All right,
what about Malkani's book?
It's written here
in Malkani's book, that...
Come on, it's an autobiography,
he can write anything.
Just like you wrote in your book.
I wrote my books on my own merits.
And I didn't have to sleep
with anyone to survive.
What did you just say?
What is this?
What is this place?
Sir, I take very
strong objection...
And I take very strong objection
to what you guys are doing here!
You're trying to
create confusion. Chaos.
Are you unaware of
what's going on here?
We're debating over trivial
issues so everyone gets confused.
Letting loose a number
of theories out there... that over a period of
time people believe it to be true.
Like no one ever landed on the moon,
the government planned 9/11...
Gandhi was shot a second time.
Bose was Gumnami Baba.
Shashtri was poisoned.
All this is called...
This is called Dim lighting.
Lower the light in the room to
an extent where everything fades away...
...and no one finds
out the truth or lie.
Shastri died of a heart attack!
Everything else is a lie!
Because you said so in your book.
You're the last word. That's why.
Ms. Ayesha...
It's a war of narratives.
We dedicated our lives
in recording history.
And you guys want to
create a new narrative now.
And based on what?
Your fake article,
fake news, and fake facts.
Just like your fake ideology.
And this is a dangerous trend,
I am telling you.
This is a big issue.
This is about you and me.
It's about our
future generations...
Will people believe an expert's
opinion or a non-expert's fake news.
And we're talking about
history for God's sake.
Let the historians
decide what's correct.
And what if history proves
you wrong in the future?
- Bakshi speaking.
I've filled the witness form.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I think it's time,
to tell the truth.
We have to meet.
Sunday morning, Parliament street.
Thank you.
The 2nd Prime Minister
of world's largest democracy...
...goes to Tashkent
Signs the war treaty
And dies.
Thousands of suspicions
are raised...
No IB,
No SIT...
Not even an Inquiry Commission.
Mr. Shashtri's murder
It hasn't been proven murder yet.
Of course.
But back in those days,
ordering a hit on an international
leader was not a big deal.
CIA, right?
Do you guys really believe...
...that the CIA
orders all the hits?
There are other agencies.
You mean...KGB.
But sir, why the KGB?
Shashtri sir died in Tashkent.
Everyone would suspect the KGB.
In 1966,
when Pakistan surrendered...
...all the spies around the world
knew that
Mr. Shashtri will be
serving a very long term as the PM.
And even a few entities
in India seemed concerned.
Lal Bahadur's case... the biggest cover-up
in the history of India.
I think you haven't
read the Mitrokhin Archives.
Mitrokhin Archives is the world's
best Counter-Intelligence report.
It led to many legal proceedings
in Britain and Italy.
If the Indians read
the Mitrokhin archives... will start a civil war.
When our government
chucked the Mitrokhin
archives in the dustbin...
...I grew suspicious.
And started my own research on it.
If my book had been
published back then,
it would've created a sensation.
Because you knew that Mr.
Shashtri was murdered.
This is a manuscript of my book.
Read it carefully.
It will answer many
of your questions.
And if I'm not around anymore...
...then get it published for me.
Good luck.
Did Mr. Shashtri also
meet with the same fate?
Ragini Phule tried
to meet with Mr. Bakshi
outside the Shashtri
Committee's knowledge...
...where Bakshi met with an
accident and was run over by a bus.
It was completely
the bus driver's fault.
- But
shouldn't Ragini Phule
have been more responsible?
Isn't it unconstitutional
to meet a witness outside
the committee's knowledge?
Isn't it treason?
Can our constitution be
railroaded just to know the truth?
Tonight at 9 we will discuss
the role of a journalist in
their quest to find the truth.
You know, Kaiser.
Mr. Tripathi's student has
broken the official Secret's act.
Stay. Stay. Stay, son.
She is unlawfully influencing,
intimidating witnesses.
It's a national security risk.
It was risky.
What if she had
ended up dead instead?
Politics is all about precision.
People all over
the country staged protests
against committee
member Ragini Phule.
She has been accused
of misleading witness Bakshi...
...and also for
conspiring his death.
Now we must wait
and see what will be the
next step of the Committee chairman
Shyam Sunder Tripathi.
This committee with
a majority has decided,
on account of the serious
allegations against Ragini Phule...
...she is fired
from this committee.
Thank you...
What will be committee chairman
Shyam Sunder Tripathi's next step?
Why did you do it, sir?
Go away.
You shouldn't be here.
You know it was a conspiracy.
Let the court decide that.
I want to come as a witness.
The committee gets to
decide who will be a witness.
Go away.
If a citizen has
no right to know the truth...
...then at least they should
be allowed to tell the truth.
You know, sir,
puppetry is the only
art in this world...
...where the puppet doesn't know that
someone else is pulling the strings.
And I think you're much
qualified than being a puppet.
So it's up to you whether
you will help me, or...
"Everything goes..."
Ragini Phule...
- Down-Down...
Ragini Phule...
- Down-Down...
Ragini is it true that
you met with traitors.
You tried to
intimidate the witness.
You're in cahoots
with the traitors.
You meet with traitors.
You bloody anti-national.
Ragini, the people want to know!
Ragini, the people want to know!
I am sure by now
you've understood that
fighting against a corrupt system
is not an easy task, Ragini.
I lost.
You cannot step down now...
...and they won't let
you go any further.
But there is always hope, Ragini.
What hope are you talking about?
I lost my job.
All my savings are gone.
I got fired from the committee.
KP Bakshi died because of me.
They are calling me a traitor.
A defector.
They are calling me anti-national,
and you're talking about hope.
What hope?
But you didn't kill Mr.
Shashtri, Ragini.
Then who did?
Did you kill him?
Who are you?
I think you ordered the hit on Mr.
What do you want?
Why did you make me do this?
Because you wanted to be
successful at any cost, Ragini.
Whatever it took.
And that was your biggest
qualification as well.
Deep assets are not made in a day,
and they are not easy.
You're not the first or the last.
No one's ever found out who's
the puppet here, or the puppeteer.
That's why you're our deep asset.
To hell with you.
I am nobody's deep asset.
I am no one's deep asset,
and you...
I am going to find you.
I will find you.
You can never find me, Ragini.
Deep asset!
Because the puppet never
knows who the puppeteer is.
Politicians, Police, Journalists,
Officers, Writers, Lawyers, NGOs,
Film-Makers, Jihadis, Terrorists,
saints, sages, stone-pelters...
...they are all someone's puppet.
But they don't know that.
This chain itself doesn't
know where it begins or ends.
Just like the eternal lingering
question of whether God exists or not...
...and that is
His biggest strength.
Who are you?
Who are you?
- Call me the Third Eye of Politics.
And what did the Third
Eye of Politics see?
That you passed the
fourth level, Ragini.
Welcome to the final level.
From walk alone, Ragini.
Walk alone.
We've discussed
all other witnesses.
Next application is Ragini Phule.
The Committee has already discharged
her on the grounds of integrity...
...then how can you allow her?
That is her judicial right.
Then we should dismiss
her on ethical grounds.
As a witness,
her integrity is under doubt.
Then none of us should be here.
Why don't we let
the majority decide?
Those against her, raise your hand.
Those in her favor,
raise your hand.
Ayesha, raise your hand.
Which one?
Left or right?
- What?
Your writing hand, Ms. Ayesha.
I abstain.
In such situations,
the chairman can exercise his vote.
In favor.
Sir, how can you do such a thing?
This is nothing
less than terrorism.
You're absolutely right.
I know, my friend.
I know what a terrorist is.
What terrorist couldn't achieve
even after waging war for many years...
...we did it without
even breaking into a sweat.
We've divided India.
India Somebodies, India Nobodies.
India Somebodies meaning we
handful of people who control it.
And India Nobodies
are the honest population of India.
And how did we do it?
They have only one strength.
That is the truth.
And we snatched from them.
We took away their
right to raise their voice.
We... We are political terrorists.
And you, Ms. Indira.
You were supporting the cause so
you can negotiate with the government...
...and keep your NGOs
off the government's radar.
You have no sympathy for the truth.
You are a social terrorist.
Your Honour.
You were supporting the cause to
stay in the government's good books.
You've no interest in the truth.
You only want your
position to stay intact.
You are a Judicial terrorist.
And you...
The government didn't
renew your term.
You have no apathy for the truth.
You're looking for revenge.
And you, Ms. Ayesha...
Have you ever wondered,
if there's ever an inquiry...
...and new facts emerge,
then what about your book,
which is a best seller.
You've nothing to do with Mr.
Shashtri's life or death.
You just want the royalty.
You are an intellectual terrorist.
And the media...
Ragini is out to find the truth...
...but her editor doesn't
want to do anything with the truth.
They just care about their TRP.
This is called TRP terrorism.
And you...
Ganga sir...
You want an inquiry because
the cook's name was Jaan Mohammad.
You're a racist.
More dangerous than a terrorist.
A dirty, lowlife.
And you...
You have no truth of your own.
You don't care who's doing what.
As long as you keep benefitting.
All of us don't want to think
beyond our own personal interest.
Because we think that
democracy runs on votes.
Democracy is runs on
ideologies and intelligence...
...which this Ragini has.
And so does today's youth.
Till now we spoke...
But now Ragini will speak,
the youth will speak.
The press will be present
at tomorrow session.
Yes, sir.
We have no right to hide
anything in a democracy.
Jai Hind.
Sir, I have Ragini's...
Till now we spoke...
But now Ragini will speak,
the youth will speak.
She was right we can forget
the past, but not run from it.
Someday you come
face to face with it.
Like it's happening now.
That's justice.
Exactly like my script.
Tripathi's sinking career
will get its brief glory.
Ragini will think that
truth has triumphed in this war.
My leadership will
lose the next election.
People will think
they gave a fitting reply
to my party for
concealing the truth.
And everyone will be reassured...
...that truth and justice
always prevail in the end.
But no one knows what the truth is.
No one knows who is the
creator of this entire script.
Who says no one can
benefit from a dead PM?
Breaking news.
Aditya Raj has resigned
as the President of NUC...
...and rumors are rife that PKR Natrajan
is the strongest contender for the post.
Get to the goddamn point.
See this grave.
It belongs to Taimur Lung.
Taimur Lung knew that if
he wants to build his empire...
...then he will have to capture
the richest kingdom of his time.
And do you know which one was that?
Look. This is Delhi,
the heart of India.
And this is Lutyen's Delhi.
1.25 billion people of India struggle with
their problems, and poverty every day.
They put their sweat and blood
to continue being a part of Delhi's heart.
Now imagine,
if someone captures this heart...
...the country will
still keep functioning,
but the heartbeat, the blood,
and ideology won't be ours.
Capturing Lutyens Delhi
means capturing the entire country.
Come on...
What is the reason that when
a poor, honest leader comes here...
...all the veins of this
heart start to suffocate him.
Was Mr. Shashtri only mistake
that he didn't want anyone
to capture this heart?
Where Ragini Phule has
the support of the people...
...the president of 'Yuva Vahini'
has stated he won't let Ragini
Phule appear before the committee.
His party workers are
putting up roadblocks
so that Ragini Phule doesn't
appear before the Committee.
Back off!
Move back!
"Anything goes."
"Truth is fair game."
"Truth is fair game."
"Truth is fair game."
"Truth is fair game."
"Truth is fair game."
You may clean your face first.
Look Ms. Phule
you stated in your application
that you have new evidence.
We hope that you will
uphold the honor of this committee
and not present some fictional evidence.
And I even request the media...
...that even you must uphold
the honor of this committee.
Please begin.
Honorary members of the Committee,
thank you for allowing me.
Many theories relating to Lal Bahadur
Shastri's death are floating, right now.
I don't know which is
the most popular theory of all...
...but I do know which
is the least popular one.
The truth.
Many concerns were raised here.
But there is just one question which
is linked to all other questions.
Post Mortem.
Why wasn't a post mortem
ordered for Mr. Shashtri?
You've been told before.
There was no post mortem conducted
because of the lack of reasonable doubt.
And you're right!
We've been told that a post mortem is
only conducted when there's a suspicion.
When there's a strong
reason for doubt.
And there are no suspicions
in Mr. Shashtri's death.
There is no strong
reason for doubt.
I want to tell all of
you that we were lied to.
It was a state-sponsored lie.
This won't be recorded.
A few hours after Mr.
Shashtri's death...
...when his body was still in Tashkent,
then the 9th Director of KGB...
...arrested Russian butler
Ahmed Sattarov, his fellow cooks,
and Indian cook Jan Mohammad.
On what charges were they arrested?
They were arrested on the
charges of poisoning Mr. Shashtri.
Isn't this suspicion a strong reason
for doubt to carry out a post mortem?
But maybe it was
their secret mission...
...and our government
knows nothing about it.
Is it possible...
than an Indian cook...
An Indian Ambassador's
cook was arrested
on the charges of poisoning
our Prime Minister...
...and our government and
Intelligence doesn't know.
Maybe it was just
for routine questioning.
Then why only Jaan Mohammad?
Why not Ramnath?
And ma'am you said that Kuldeep
Nayyar stated that there was no doubt.
Please pay attention to this.
See, TN Kaul was the Ambassador
during the Tashkent agreement.
And now when this issue
was raised here in the Parliament,
by Dharam Yashdev who raised it...
During that time, he was
the Foreign Secretary here.
So I was then the
State Press Executive
So he called me saying "Why don't you
give a statement and end this for good".
And I said I've no reason
to get into this now?
I am not longer the press...
But he kept badgering me.
And that's when I got suspicious.
Because he called
me over and over again.
I said this can be
one of the aspects too.
But, that must
have been...recently.
You also said that two British doctors,
Dr. Liam West, and Dr. Spyro said...
...that the color blue is very
consistent with natural death.
The body turns blue
when it starts to decompose.
And that was selective reporting.
Because it was further
mentioned in that report...
...that without a postmortem
report, and toxicological studies,
it is impossible to say
that Mr. Shashtri wasn't poisoned.
All these facts...were
concealed from us.
How can you say that the Government
intentionally hid facts from the people?
You wanted proof.
If there were cuts on
Mr. Shashtri's body and there was blood...
...then it must have stained
his clothes as well.
Those clothes must
be with his family.
This is Mr. Shashtri's cap.
Where did you get that from?
Given to me by his
grandson Sanjay Singh.
Show me.
Is this the cap he
was wearing that day?
Your evidence?
Are their blood stains.
All of you think for a minute...
One of your family member,
a relative...
...who travels outside the country.
And suddenly dies on foreign soil.
And you're told
it's a natural death.
Heart attack.
But when you receive
the dead body... has completely swelled
up and turned black.
There are numerous cuts
on the body and also bleeding.
As a family member, do you have
no right to conduct a postmortem?
Isn't it true, back in those days
the KGB would extract the organs... that there's no
trace of poison left behind?
Did Mr. Shashtri
suffer the same fate?
Is that why he had
so many cuts on his body?
Let's talk about motives now.
Within the next 10 years of Shashtri sir's
death, India was colonized again.
India became a colony again.
Let me tell you.
By using our own constitutions,
our politicians,
our media,
our intellectuals, our systems...
...India became a colony again.
Would it still be possible
if Mr. Shashtri had been alive?
And on whose orders was it done?
What childishness is this?
This is the
Constitution of India...
...and not the manifesto
of some Political party.
Socialism can be the policy
of some party, but not the country.
Using the word 'Socialism' in our
constitution is murdering democracy.
We don't need your opinion.
And this is not my opinion.
I didn't say this...
These are the words of the
man who wrote this constitution.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
But within 10 years
of Shastri sir's death...
...this constitution by Babasaheb,
the very definition of our country,
was changed.
The word Socialism
was added here...
Why was our Democracy murdered?
Sir, this can't go on record.
Please have this deleted.
And from how many records
are you going to delete it, Rana?
And all these changes were imbibed
when all the socialist leaders
of our country,
our thinkers, writers...
...intellectual beings,
journalists, were in jail.
This is a lie...
- I...
I was one of them.
Democracy was murdered
during Emergency.
You should accept that now.
The question is
who had an opportunity to benefit
most from Mr. Shashtri's death... murdering our democracy,
and changing our constitution?
Who wanted our country to sink our knee
deep in the ideology of Socialism?
Sir, the clues of murder
are found in the events that follow
after the murder and not before it.
This book...
This book...
The Mitrokhin Archive...
written by Vassili
Nikitich Mitrokhin.
He was the KGB's
director of Archives.
When the USSR split in 1992,
Mitrokhin gave 25,000 secret
documents to Britain.
After which there as a Mitrokhin
Commission formed in Britain and Italy.
And there were cases filed against
all corrupt politicians and leaders.
There's another
chapter in this book...
which is about India.
Why wasn't this brought in?
But we...don't know
anything about it.
Mitrokhin Report is considered the world's
best counter-intelligence report...
...but in India... suppress it.
Sweep everything under the carpet.
Mitrokhin Archives Volume 2...
Former KGB Major General
Oleg Kalugin said... seemed like the
entire country was for sale.
India was for sale.
If Shashtri sir was still alive...
would India still be for sale?
Is this why Shashtri
sir was poisoned in Tashkent?
Is this why there were cuts on Mr.
Shashtri's body?
Is this why there was
no postmortem conducted?
Who put a for sale sign
on the forehead of India?
I request you, sir.
please stop this girl.
What childishness is this?
Few days in the media, and you
want to defame your own country.
What the hell do you know?
These people are right...
They are all right,
you are an anti-national.
Let her speak!
Child's play.
I want to tell you,
in the 1970's
India had a status... was Disneyland for spies.
Disneyland meaning amusement park.
KGB had more spies in
India than around the world.
Around 21 political leaders,
out of which four were Ministers...
...and there's something
I want to read.
A top leader,
Codename VANO, V A N O...
...was sent suitcases
of money by the KGB.
On one occasion
a secret gift of 2 million
was personally delivered
by the KGB head in India.
Another million rupees were
given on the same occasion to
a newspaper supporting
the top leader.
In 1978, the KGB was running
over 300 agents in India.
The biggest number in the world.
It's all available in this book,
for you to read.
Is selling the security
of our country nationalism?
During the 1970s, within
10 years of Shashtri sir's death..., journalists,
politicians, intellectuals,
scientists, professors, security...
...were on the payroll of the KGB.
This is Nationalism?
And this is not taught to us in
school, college, or anywhere else.
Nobody knows this because
no one records these in history.
is writing wrong
history nationalism?
Everyone's objecting claiming
that I am too young, immature...
just a school girl.
Presstitute. Antinational.
But sir, I am a hardworking,
tax-paying youth of this country.
And I am proud...
The truth, facts,
that these intellectuals, historians
suppressed over the last 50 years,
lied to us...
...was raised again by me,
a young citizen of India.
One after the other, everything is
pointing towards only one thing...
...but we didn't look at it because
of our prejudices, and agendas.
If you believe that a citizen's
first right within a democracy... to know the truth.
The right to know the truth.
Then you find out
what the truth is now.
And that will be
the right way to pay
our respects to late
Nationalist Prime Minister
Lal Bahadur Shashtri.
Real Justice.
And that sir will be nationalism.
That's all, sir.
Tripathi, sir.
Tripathi, sir.
Did I pass the fifth level?
What did you gain from all this?
A sensational topic for
the next Parliament Election.
Meaning you're least interested
in Mr. Shashtri and the truth.
Winning is everything.
Winning is crucial in Politics.
Because losers can never
change the fate of the country.
By the way...
Welcome to Politics.