The Taste of Apples Is Red (2022) Movie Script

Tell me, dear:
Who are you?
I'm officer Zaher Badr A-Din.
I defected from Assad's army
and was captured
and killed at the Iraqi border.
Honey, didn't we talk about this?
That was your previous life.
Now you're here with us.
You're our son Khaled,
our beloved little one.
I'm officer Zaher Badr Al-Din.
You're not my mother.
Tell me, dear:
How did you die?
My platoon was sent
to a village next to the city of Dara'a.
When we arrived,
all of the men had already escaped.
They'd gone to set up
ambushes in the hills.
Only the women and children
were left there.
We got an order to kill everyone
without exception.
My soldiers and I walked through the
houses. We shot every woman we found.
To save ammunition,
we killed the children with knives.
That's enough.
- I've told you a thousand times...
- Don't worry, son.
Come closer.
Continue, dear.
What happened then?
Fadi, Ali, Naji and I
couldn't take it anymore.
The same day,
we ran away to the Iraqi border.
They caught us after three months.
They shot Naji, then Fadi, then Ali.
I can still hear them laughing at us.
Then they shot me
and everything went black.
Don't worry, dear.
You're one of us now.
Nothing will happen to you.
Go outside, son,
and wait for your mother.
Go, honey. I'll be out soon.
He's a very brave boy.
Brave indeed.
But he died a traitor.
Even in his reincarnation,
he's still a sinner.
And it'll get us all into trouble.
Our rules are clear.
You know what you should do.
Go for now, dear.
Come back tomorrow.
I'll tell you the final decision.
Welcome, Sheikh Kamel.
- May God give you strength.
- God bless you, our sheikh.
Hello, welcome to our sheikh. Welcome.
Sorry, I came without notice.
All communication broke down again.
Indeed, Sheikh Kamel.
It's impossible.
Reception for a day, none for ten.
That's the way it is.
Look, there.
Can you see where it exploded?
God forbid!
With God's help.
I'm thinking about
the boy and his mother.
A tragic fate awaits them.
Can you ask the Syrians
if there's something we can do?
Did I hear you right?
Are you proposing to refuse
the orders of the Syrian government?
Then you'll put our entire
Druze community in Syria at risk.
I'm just saying
it doesn't make sense, brother Daud.
This war won't end anytime soon.
There will be many dead there,
and newborns here.
It's not a matter of logic, Sheikh.
It's a matter of survival.
Just as we are forced
to deal with Israelis,
we should do the same thing
with the Syrians.
Otherwise, who will protect us?
Boss, we're ready.
Drive straight to Katzrin.
Moshe is waiting for you there.
Don't be late.
How can I help you?
What are you doing here?
I need help.
I have nowhere else to go.
Assad's army was chasing me.
You're not welcome here.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Do you live here?
No, I live in the village.
But my friend lives here.
You mean Daud?
Tell him we miss him.
It's been a while
since he's brought us some of his apples.
I will.
I see that you're active tonight.
I hope everything is calm
beyond the border?
Everything's under control, Sheikh.
Good night.
Open up.
Dad, what's going on?
Bring your first aid kit
and come with me now.
I just heard the shots
from the border.
Is Ahmed back?
Who is this?
I've never treated
this kind of wound.
So this would be your first time.
Dad, it's a very deep wound.
- We need to get help.
- No.
This is your Uncle Mustafa.
No one must know about this.
OK, I'm done.
We have our rules,
and you know these rules very well.
Pack up your, and your son's, belongings,
and leave the village.
From now on,
you are cut off from our community.
No contact with anyone
from the village for any reason.
From our side, we'll make sure
no one will harass you or your son.
- Let's go, son.
- God bless you, wherever you go.
Yesterday, when you arrived,
I was very worried.
I was sure
something had happened to Ahmed.
I still wonder
why you let him join Assad's army.
Ahmed insisted.
I couldn't stop him from going.
If the Syrian regime feels
that we don't support them,
you know
they will kill
every last Druze in Syria.
If you care about the community,
why risk everything?
Why hide someone wanted by the regime?
Everyone will know about him very soon.
What happens to the community?
What happens to Ahmed there?
Your Uncle Mustafa will leave
as soon as he gets better.
I'm not sure he will.
His condition is getting worse.
This is Shadi.
I'll leave before he comes in.
Shadi, do you never get tired?
Why are you here?
Leila Ibrahim is about to give birth.
I swear, they sent me
to tell you to come now.
Someone new is going to be born, so
someone must die tonight. Right, Salma?
You're too young to think about such
things. Think about your homework instead.
Get inside.
Don't worry.
I'm with you.
Everything will be just fine.
Take a breath.
Those who are loyal to the truth,
through my eyes they see,
and my satisfaction they bear.
I'm the one who looks at them
in the twilight of darkness,
and while they have abandoned their sleep
and continued to stay awake.
Tell the sinners...
Slowly, slowly. Breathe.
Do not be negligent,
do not waste time,
do not commit sins.
One more. One more!
That's it. That's it.
Congratulations, my dear.
Oh, you who hear my voice.
Pray for the prophet.
The baby Rami,
the son of Ayub Ibrahim,
passed away.
He will be buried at 11 a.m.
I'm thirsty.
Are you telling me
50 years have passed,
and you didn't have time
to renovate this room?
You left many responsibilities behind.
I couldn't take care of them all.
Why did you put me here?
So that's it?
Will you hand me over to the Israelis
or the Syrians?
Once you can walk,
you get up and walk away.
May God have mercy on him.
We're here today to celebrate the life
of one of God's children,
true and evident,
entrusted with loyalty
to the mercy of God Almighty.
May God have mercy on his soul
and grant him a place in Heaven.
God's mercy knows no bounds.
God is merciful with those
who learn from their mistakes,
obey his commands,
and seek the truth...
Beware, my people,
that judgment comes only from God,
the one and only Lord.
We're here today to celebrate the life of
one of God's children,
true and evident,
entrusted with loyalty
to the mercy of God Almighty.
May God have mercy on his soul
And grant him a place in Heaven.
God's mercy knows no bounds.
Let us pray, oh you people of God.
Glory for the infinite one
who will never die.
And you see the angels sitting
around the throne, in awe of their Lord.
And between them
they judged the truth.
Praise be to God, praise be to God,
Lord of the worlds.
May God have mercy on him.
My condolences.
Sheikh Kamel.
My condolences.
- My condolences.
- My condolences.
My condolences.
Rumor has it that you're hiding
something valuable in your home.
Hiding what?
May God give you wealth, Sheikh.
I'm talking about the red apples
from last season that you're hiding.
I want to buy a full load from you.
What do you say?
OK, I'll get them to you.
Hello, Salma.
Any news on Ahmed?
Did you reach him?
I don't have any news.
But maybe you're the
only one of us who does.
Aren't you?
Sheikh Kamel, don't forget.
I'll be waiting for you
and the apples tomorrow.
Very well.
Let's check on the wound.
I think we should tell Salma the truth
about you disappearing
for all these years.
When we were under the Syrian regime,
just a few days before the war started,
Your uncle went to Damascus
to sell apples.
And when Israel occupied the Golan,
like many, he was stuck in Syria.
I didn't hear from you all this time.
I thought you'd been killed.
Why didn't you contact us
all these years?
- I was...
- End of story!
Where to?
Stay here tonight.
Let me take you.
I'll be fine.
You're not allowed
to say a word to her.
Or answer any of her questions.
Do you understand?
Fadel! Come here, boy.
Unload the apples from the truck
and put them here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
That's a lot of money.
That's nothing, Sheikh.
The treasure you have is priceless.
You deserve a special reward.
No, thanks.
I don't need your money.
Or any kind of reward.
Sheikh Kamel,
your house has been empty
for many years,
since your poor wife Lamia
passed away.
Do I need to remind you
what happened?
If he was a brother like any other,
I'd understand.
But this man isn't one of us anymore.
This man
ran away
and left great shame behind.
Do you want to protect such a man?
Shame does not go away with the years.
You know that very well, Sheikh.
Every one of us
takes care
of our own, Daud.
We are your own, Sheikh Kamel.
It's us.
Sheikh Kamel.
Take some time and think about it.
And everything will be OK.
I'm going.
I won't be late.
Can you get me a pack of cigarettes?
You didn't live among Druze in Syria?
You forgot religious men
can't buy cigarettes?
Of course not.
My father isn't here.
I know.
Do you know that your Uncle Mustafa
raped your mother in 1967?
That's why.
They forced your father
to marry your mother after that incident.
- Here you go, Abu-Ali.
- Thanks.
- May God give you strength.
- Hello Sheikh. Welcome.
How is Um-Shadi?
She should give birth any day now.
May she have an easy birth.
Hopefully. I'm sure with Salma's hands,
we'll be gifted with a beautiful boy.
- Whatever God sends us is good.
- Thank God.
Take a look, Sheikh.
Isn't it nice?
It's the biggest picture of
Assad in the Golan Heights.
- Do you have disinfectant for wounds?
- Of course I do.
Is it severe?
No, it's nothing big.
We only hear good news
about your son-in-law, Ahmed.
He has our respect.
We are proud of men like him.
Everyone talks about the good things
he does in Syria.
What do they say about him?
He alone has already managed
to kill 13 terrorists in three months.
President Bashar, may God give him life,
wants to meet him in person.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, Sheikh.
Thank you.
I'm leaving tonight.
And he doesn't forget anyone by his
grace. In the name of the merciful God.
There's the yogurt.
I fought with honor in Syria.
But over time,
they started sending us
to commit terrible crimes,
instead of just
defending our homeland.
I was sent to a small village
to kill a whole family.
I killed them.
I killed them all,
from the youngest to the eldest.
But I couldn't stop.
I killed the six soldiers
who were with me.
And the driver.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I can still smell the blood.
The stench of human blood
still lingers inside my nose.
I went home
but didn't find you there.
I knew you must be here.
Eat, Ahmed.
You must be very hungry.
I went home
but didn't find you there.
I knew you must be here.
My dear,
take him to sleep in the storeroom.
- Good evening, Sheikh.
- Good evening.
It's a cold night, isn't it?
What about you?
Who is this?
This is my brother.
He's deaf.
- What's your name?
- Kamel.
Sheikh Kamel.
Nice to meet you, Sheikh Kamel.
Maybe you don't know.
But Daud was with us that day.
We dragged her
to the abandoned house.
Then we pushed her inside.
She looked at me
when he lifted her skirt.
There was nothing she could do.
When he was done,
I raped her, too.
When it was all over,
I was ashamed.
I wished the ground would open up
and swallow me whole.
I told him: "Daud,
we can't go back to the village".
He started laughing,
as if nothing had happened.
And he went back to the village.
And I...
ran away.
Towards Damascus.
What they did to you
was in no way respectful.
It seems like
the news spread like wildfire.
I'm afraid...
it's going to cross the border soon.
We don't ask much from you.
All you need to do
is invite the respected Sheiks
for a reconciliation dinner at your house.
That's it.
And what will happen next?
Don't worry, Sheikh.
Leave the rest to us.
We'll send him back
where he came from,
as if he was never here.
And you will regain your respect.
As much as before, and even more.
Tell everyone to come to my house.
Tonight, dinner time.
Good evening, everyone.
Good evening.
As you all know,
we're meeting tonight
with our beloved Sheikh,
may God protect him from evil.
May God protect you.
In order to bring us closer
and bring peace to the hearts of all.
We don't doubt that our Sheikh Kamel
is a patriotic and honest man.
Since the first day of Israeli occupation
he has been one of the leaders
of the struggle against the Zionists.
And from this point on,
I want to declare, in front of everyone,
that our respected Sheikh Kamel
chose his loyalty to Syria
and our great leader
over his treacherous brother,
a traitor.
he wants to hand him over to us tonight.
With God's help.
Dear respected notables.
I have no doubt that Mr. Daud
is a respectable
and patriotic man.
That's something we're all aware of.
But there has been a misunderstanding here
which needs clarification.
That the person who's in the room
is my family.
Ahmed is our son, isn't he?
Thank you, Sheikh.
Take us home, please.
Shadi dear,
what are you doing here so late?
My mother is going to give birth,
come now.
I swear, she's going to give birth now.
Get out.
Get out!
Don't go crazy.
Don't go crazy, Mustafa.
We'll find a solution for everything.
It's a boy, it's a boy!
Thank God it's a boy.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
There's another one.
Sheikh Kamel.
There's another one.