The Teachers' Lounge (2023) Movie Script

Yes, I understand.
As I said, we had this last week...
Uh... One second.
Yes, I'm still here.
... 4. Yes.
Yes, we'll keep in touch.
I've made a note of
everything and I'll take care of it.
Great. Talk soon.
- Hello, Ms. Nowak.
- Hi.
- Sorry for the delay.
- No problem.
Mr. Liebenwerda has
outlined the topic.
Good. So you know what's going on?
Yes, but as I said,
we don't know anything.
It's not about what you
know, but about clues.
Have you noticed anything recently?
Are classmates behaving
I know the
situation is unpleasant.
Not just for you.
But put yourselves in the
shoes of the victims.
We must put an end to this together.
Class representatives
bear responsibility.
What can we say? We know nothing.
Can't you think of anyone?
Does anyone have a new cell phone?
Or branded clothes? Bragging
about money?
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Hey.
You don't
have to either.
That's right.
We don't have to talk at all.
I go down the list of
names with the pen and
all you have to do is nod
if you have a clue.
You don't have to, of
course, if you don't want to.
But let me continue.
We're almost through.
This one?
Great. Thank you, Lukas.
A reminder: What is discussed
here remains between us.
- Yes?
- Okay.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Good day, Good day...
I see all the books.
I see all the folders and notebooks.
Great. Please get your homework
out, I'm coming around.
And in the meantime, please watch
the warm-up. And stay quiet.
Yes, good.
Take another close look at number 2.
Phileas, will you explain it to him?
You have to expand
to get to the same denominator.
I see!
Who would like to solve the warm-up?
Is 0.9 repeating the
same number as 1?
- Hatice, yes?
- Actually, it's not the same number.
Then please come to the
blackboard and show us why.
if you subtract 0.9 repeating from 1,
then a remainder is left over.
0.00... lots of zeros and then 1 .
So you believe that there is still
a number between 0.9 repeating and 1 ?
What do you think? Is this
proof or an assertion?
Okay. Oskar would like to try.
Thank you, Hatice.
Nerd alert!
So, 0.1 repeating...
is equal to one ninth.
And 9 times one
ninth equals 1.
So 0.9 repeating is
the same as 1 .
- What do you think?
- I don't get it.
There must be a gap between 0.9 and 1 .
Thank you, Oskar.
Does anyone else not understand it?
Well, the task was a little
more demanding.
But the most important thing
you need to understand
is that a proof needs a derivation.
Step by step.
We'll get there. Yes, please?
Excuse me. I'll take over
for a moment, okay?
Hello everyone,
we have to interrupt the
lesson for a moment.
- Mr. Dudek?
- All girls please stand up.
- Why?
- Stand up.
- Just get up.
- And now?
And now please leave the room.
Come on, get out.
Wait outside.
We'll get you in a minute.
Don't run away.
Close the door.
Good. Everyone who is still
here is listening carefully.
We would like to look
into your wallets.
Please put them on the
table and come forward.
- Do we have to do that?
- It's voluntary, of course.
But if you have nothing to hide,
you don't have to worry.
Take out your
wallet and come to the front.
What is this all about?
Were you not present
during the survey?
Who is sitting here?
Oskar, where's your wallet?
- I don't have one.
- You don't have to show it, Oskar.
- I said I didn't have one.
- And this one?
Friends, whose seat is this?
Ms. Nowak?
That's Ali's seat.
please come with me.
Come on.
I gave him money in
the morning to buy a present,
for his cousin.
What kind of present?
For a computer game.
Yes, for a computer game.
Ali, Mrs. and Mr. Yilmaz,
I think we have clarity now
and can dismiss the matter.
What made you think of him?
- Excuse me?
- Why my Ali?
- He had a lot of money with him.
- So what?
What if I like to give
my child money?
- Mrs. Yilmaz...
- Carrying money is not a criminal offense.
That's right.
We have what's called a
zero-tolerance policy at the school.
In short, this means that we
investigate everything.
But what do the others think now?
You know what children are like.
Don't worry.
We'll put it right.
- Right?
- Yes.
We can be glad that the
suspicion was unfounded.
Otherwise there
would be a big problem.
We're sorry that
you had to come.
Yes, we are sorry.
I would ask you to
please speak German.
German? Okay, then
I'll speak German.
My son does not steal. Never.
Because if he did,
I'd break his legs.
Ms. Nowak, the new substitution
plan is in your locker.
- Mrs. Holbach is ill.
- I know. Thank you, Ms. Kuhn.
... Nobody was frisked.
It was voluntary.
None of it was
voluntary. You know that.
It would have been nice
to at least let me know.
Why are you on
first name terms?
I understand your
indignation, but you
don't know how long
this has been going on.
Unfortunately, there are
people at school who steal
whatever they can get
their hands on for no reason.
We should seize the
opportunity and act.
Have the pencils reappeared?
- No.
- That's something like 1,000 pencils now.
Who needs 1,000 pencils?
Hasn't this started since
the new company started cleaning here?
they're really nice.
What about a private investigator?
Then a guy with a pipe sits in the
schoolyard and convicts thieves?
- Just like in retail.
- I'll carry on.
"Act," isn't that right,
Mr. Liebenwerda?
Hands on your knees! One, two!
On three we raise our arms and legs.
- Together?
- Yes.
One, two, three.
And those who can are welcome
to move around.
Come on,
Nicely dribbled.
All good with you?
Great, Vera!
Pass. Yes! Very good.
Very good, Vera!
Hey! Hey, guys!
Good sportsmanship!
Ali, up. This is what happens.
I can't stand it anymore.
Luise and Jieun do what they want.
Where are they anyway?
Calm down and keep playing, okay?
Not so bad. Let's move on.
Jenny, will you check on
Jieun and Luise please?
But we can't play like that.
Great, Lukas.
Ruben, come here.
Can you be the
ref? I'll be right back.
- Are you coming back in?
- We were just getting some fresh air.
Luise, what are you hiding
between your legs?
- Nothing.
- Come on, show me.
- Have you been smoking?
- No, we haven't.
- Why the lighter?
- Um... To heat up the heroin.
- That's not funny.
- I think it is.
I thought you weren't feeling well.
- We were just catching our breath.
- That's right.
Okay. Everyone back inside.
What about my lighter?
That stays with me for the time being.
- For how long?
Until I speak to your parents.
Please don't do that.
Fine by me. But sign out when you
leave the room in future, okay?
- And the lighter?
- Got it?
- Yes, Mrs. Nowak.
- Yes.
You'll get the lighter
at the end of the day.
Now in with you.
Hey, Oskar.
This was in the gym.
It doesn't belong to my students.
Diary of someone named Steffi.
Unfortunately no surname.
Diary? Have you read it yet?
- I would never do that.
- Honestly? Me neither.
I'm still having problems with
my email account.
- Could IT reset my password?
- Ms. Kuhn?
Fear not. Yes?
I need some tampons.
T or B?
- T please.
- And you?
- I'm good.
- How many?
- Two.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Ms. Kuhn?
- Yes?
- The password?
- I'm afraid I can't, unfortunately.
- Why not?
- Because Mariam has already done it.
- Ah!
- It's in your drawer.
You're great! Thank you.
- What?
- "You're great."
Are you ready yet?
Do you want to check
the answers again?
Can I go outside?
But stay quiet.
- Tom.
- That's not mine.
That's your handwriting.
- Give me the test.
- No.
Give it to me.
- No.
He said it wasn't his.
Ali, quiet!
Give it to me, come on.
Please continue.
Start again.
You have 20 minutes left.
- What should I do with it?
- Do it again. Otherwise it's a 6.
- The note isn't mine.
- Tom, it's not a discussion.
Please come to the front
and turn in your tests.
Thank you.
Tom, please stay here for a moment.
I'll wait outside.
So, Tom.
Your behavior was not okay.
What did I do?
You lied and talked back.
That distracted your classmates.
I looked at the cheat sheet.
If you take the trouble to make one, at
least write the right answers on it.
You copied your own errors
one-to-one onto the test.
And that wasn't your note?
Do you want me to lie to you?
Surely not, right?
What can I say to that?
I want you to understand that
your behavior is not fair.
Rules are for everyone, you know?
- Do you understand that, Tom?
- I do. I'm not stupid.
Anything else you want to tell me?
- Sorry?
- "Sorry."
Sorry is what you want
to hear, isn't it?
Can I go?
Yes, you can go.
We will let the parents know.
All right, that's great.
When do you think you'll
have the list of participants?
I hope to have it by the end
of next month, is that good for you?
Morning, Carla.
- One question.
- Hello.
- You're in here already?
- Just a second.
- Yes
- Sorry,
I wanted to ask if we could talk
briefly about a student later?
Um, sure.
- It's about Ali.
- Again?
It was already
close last semester.
If he carries on like this,
he won't pass this year.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
- We're talking about Ali, Thomas.
- Oh yes, difficult.
Why difficult?
Just difficult.
I would say at risk of transfer.
- Absolutely.
- Wait a minute. Uh, Tim?
We're going to have to catch up some
other time, I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- Enough done for the moment.
- Is it about Ali's exams?
- Also that, yes.
- Also?
- Sorry.
Bye, Tim.
The semester has only
just begun. Um...
Have you spoken to the parents?
- Not yet.
- Do you know what they do for a living?
- The father drives a cab, I think.
- What does that matter?
Perhaps he lacks someone
at home to support him.
- Oh, did you believe them?
- The parents?
Is this about Ali's exams
or the thefts?
The thefts are just nonsense,
that doesn't matter at all.
Exactly. But to your question,
Vanessa: Yes, I believe them.
I believe they have integrity
and Ali doesn't steal.
It was a question,
Carla, just a simple question, okay?
All right, Vanessa.
Yes, they're all too
miffed for me here.
Thank you very much, Carla.
Then we can all go
back to our work.
- Hey Carla.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I wanted to apologize.
- What do you mean?
The search of your class
was not in order.
That's okay. I'm over it.
And do me a favor:
Let's speak German at work.
- Why? Are you ashamed?
- I'm not.
I think it's better
for our colleagues.
Fine, whatever.
Thank you.
Ms. Kuhn, the printers
are on strike again.
Striking again? We'll probably have
to talk to the works council.
Paper jam.
Have you tried the flap on the right?
It's usually stuck there.
It's quick with you.
We'll take care of it
when we get the chance.
Thank you, Ms. Kuhn.
He wants
us to do it for him.
Ms. Nowak.
- What can we do for you?
- Um...
You know, Ms. Kuhn,
I have a huge problem.
Yes, and how can we help?
How do I express this
elegantly? Hm...
Excuse me, can I have a word
with Ms. Kuhn in private?
Yeah, sure. Shall I go out?
Mariam, why don't you
look at the printer.
Apparently a degree in physics is
not enough to solve the problem.
- Do you want to sit down?
- No thanks.
So, Ms. Kuhn, I was in gym class and my
jacket was hanging in the staff room.
I see.
- What about the jacket?
- The jacket is still there.
So what's the problem?
In the jacket was my wallet
and in the wallet was...
... Money?
- Money, right. Yes.
Uh, was.
You mean someone from the staff?
Why do you assume
it was the staff?
If the jacket was hanging in the staff
room, pupils are out of the question.
Come in!
Ah, good.
So who was there?
Thank you!
Liebenwerda was there,
Mrs. Semnik... Unfortunately,
I wasn't there the whole time.
- Mariam, of course...
- Liebenwerda, Semnik, Mrs. Irfan.
Do you think one of them
would do that?
Ms. Kuhn.
Do you have something to tell me?
Your blouse... I've never
seen it before.
My blouse? What about my blouse?
Ms. Kuhn, this is very
unpleasant for me,
but there are clear indications
that it was you.
That what was me?
This is a joke.
I don't want this to make waves.
Give the money back,
promise that this will stop and
we'll forget about it, okay?
Are you actually serious? Really?
See it as an opportunity to get
the matter off the table.
As an opportunity? The impudence!
Please leave now.
Please leave now.
Get out!
Uh, can I go back in?
Can I show you something?
Ms. Kuhn, please follow
me to my office.
- Have you eaten?
- Let's do it together. Wait for me.
Hurry up. I'm hungry.
Take a seat.
Ms. Kuhn, I'm sure you can guess
what this is all about.
Would you like to tell us something?
This insinuation is
an absolute joke.
Fine, but we have a problem and
we need to talk about it.
That is not an insinuation.
Well, yes.
Because... do you have proof?
Give me that.
Ms. Nowak.
Ms. Kuhn, I can't believe
what I'm seeing.
That's your proof? You
can't recognize anyone.
But the blouse?
If I'm not mistaken,
that's the blouse you're wearing right now.
And you've checked that none
of the 70 people who
come and go here are wearing
the same blouse?
50 percent of them are men,
they don't wear them,
and the rest are in class or sick.
If there is no joint solution now,
I will unfortunately have to report it.
- What kind of solution?
- A joint solution.
A start would be for Ms. Nowak
to get her money back.
So you have already
made your judgment.
Here you go.
There! Why don't you take it?
Well, as luck would have it,
I have to go to the bank
because I don't have any money.
Or is there something else here
that belongs to you?
Please, take it.
Or do you want to frisk me?
That's part of the agenda here now.
- Is everything okay?
- Hold on.
- What's going on?
- Ms. Kuhn?
- Nothing.
- Tell me something!
- Come.
- Ms. Kuhn, please let's talk.
Mom, where are we going?
Ms. Kuhn, please stop for a moment.
Tell me what's going on.
- Let go of me!
- Now!
Come! Please come now.
... I'll tell you later.
Can we talk privately?
You can speak freely
in front of Mr. Dudek.
- I think we've made a big mistake.
- Oh?
Strictly speaking,
the video is not clear evidence.
It's too late to take it back now.
There's another problem, Carla.
Your video violates personal rights.
Not just those of Ms. Kuhn,
but of all colleagues.
- We shouldn't have shown her the video.
- No crying over spilt milk.
What now?
I call our lawyers, who will advise
us to give the video to the police,
Police? Is that necessary?
... to file a complaint
against unknown persons.
Until then, let's agree on a language,
a wording, shall we?
And forbid ourselves accusations,
suspicions and prejudices.
Understood. I'll work on it.
Got it?
What about Oskar?
Luise, not bad.
Well done.
- Ruby.
- Thank you very much.
- And Ela. You studied together?
- Yes.
You still have to do better.
- Ali, much better.
- Cool, a 3!
- Phileas.
- I got a 3!
What was going on there?
You usually manage a 3 too.
Congratulations to you.
Very good, Oskar.
Really good.
- Vera, also good.
- Yes!
Not bad.
So I'm happy.
What have you got?
Guys! Hey!
I've emailed your parents about
the deposit for the England exchange.
Did you remember them?
Good. Josephine?
Could you write the grade sheet
on the blackboard?
- Yes!
- Please.
No! For what?
Who wants to see the grade
sheet on the blackboard?
Which one of you...
Who does not want to see the grade
sheet on the blackboard?
Josefine, why is this
important to you?
I would like to know where I stand.
You are sitting on a chair.
- What if you have the worst grade?
- Too bad, you should have studied.
Yes, what if you get a bad grade?
And everyone wants to see
it on the blackboard?
Well, that won't matter for long.
In 1 or 2 weeks, you'll forget
who has a 1 and who has a 6.
If it doesn't matter,
I won't write it on there.
We'll carry on and I won't
write the grades on the board.
If you...
If you want to know where you stand,
come and see me after the lesson.
Please raise your chairs.
Thank you.
Ms. Nowak, I need the class register.
Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Bye.
Are you waiting for something, Oskar?
You should be proud
of your great work.
Here, take a look.
I wanted to show this to you.
Do you know what that is?
This is a Rubik's cube.
It has nothing to do with
magic, but with math.
There are algorithms with which
you can solve the cube immediately.
Do you know what an algorithm is?
It's a clear sequence of
actions to solve a problem.
Do you want to try it?
If you want, I can lend it to you.
What do I have to do?
You have to turn until all
sides are one color.
It will only get harder.
Keep it until you've solved it.
And if something is bothering
you, you can talk to me.
Or with Mrs. Semnik,
the guidance counselor.
Why did mom cry yesterday?
Didn't you talk about it?
I see.
Did you have a fight with her?
Hello, Oskar. Come in.
Sit down.
Hello Oskar.
We wanted to talk to
your mom, but she's not answering.
Would you like a sweet?
She slept this morning and
didn't want to talk.
Could you call her
on your cell phone?
What should I say?
That we want to talk to her.
Hello, mom, I'm in Dr. Bhm's office.
She wants to talk to you.
Okay. Yes, mom. Bye.
So? What did she say?
That she... she doesn't want
to talk to you. And...
That you should not interfere.
What did mom do wrong?
Better to discuss this
with your mother.
No, why? Just say it.
All right, you're already grown up
and you'll find out in the end anyway.
Your mom will no longer
be working for the time being.
I say "for the time being" because
we first have to find out what happened.
And what happened?
Well, that still needs
to be found out.
I want to know now.
I can't tell you any
more at the moment.
Is it about the thefts?
What makes you think that?
That's not what we're talking about.
You're keeping things from me and
saying mom doesn't work here anymore.
It wasn't her.
Nobody said that.
Nobody is accusing your mom.
But tell her we need to talk to her.
Oskar, come on,
let's go outside.
- That was so unnecessary.
- Yes, that was unnecessary.
I thought we were keeping quiet?
Language, regulation,
wording, those were your words.
Firstly, I didn't say anything
he didn't already know.
Secondly, you brought him here!
But not to make vague allusions!
- We wanted to avoid that.
- Trust my many years of experience.
Experience? Can't you
see how confused he is?
The boy is crystal clear.
He can add 1 +1 together.
We are the ones who are confused.
The children are
great. They are friendly.
They help each other.
Overall, it is a very
cooperative class.
Of course, there's still
room for improvement...
All right. Ciao.
- Um...
- Hello.
Hello, uh, Nauhaus, I'm Tom's father.
- Ah yes, why don't you take a seat?
- Yes.
Um, I was just about to
describe my impressions.
It is very important that the children
develop a sense of initiative. Um...
Here is information about
the school trip.
- It's also been emailed.
- Thank you.
Jieun said the math test was bad?
Unfortunately, that's true.
Then it's not just the
children who have failed, is it?
I wouldn't say it that way.
"Failure" is too strong.
I also hardly understand
the material.
A black box for
me too, quite honestly.
These are not tasks
for twelve-year-olds.
It's 7th grade material.
I stick to the curriculum.
Ms. Nowak, I also have a
topic for discussion.
Yes, please.
Jenny told me that there
was an interrogation.
And that she was coerced into revealing
information about classmates.
I don't know if everyone is aware.
It was also a topic in the
parents' WhatsApp group.
Perhaps you could
say something about that?
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
So, nobody was coerced.
We sought a conversation with the
class representatives, um...
And asked them to help
in this matter.
It seems to me as if the children
were being coerced,
and were being incited
to denounce others.
Here, too, I find the choice
of words very drastic.
We asked the children for help.
You made them snitch on classmates
and keep quiet about it.
You must know that this creates
immense psychological pressure.
Confidentiality should allow children to
speak freely about pressure,
within a protected space.
I would be happy to talk to
you after the meeting...
But this is everyone's business.
Come in.
Everyone should hear...
Ms. Kuhn.
Carry on.
Uh, okay.
Where were we?
What happened to Ali?
I didn't notice.
There was one procedure that I
didn't think was okay either,
but I can assure you,
that we have the
problem under control.
What does "under
control" mean?
We can speak more in a
separate conversation.
Why don't you tell the
rest of the story?
What rest of the story?
The parents have a right
to know what happened.
This is not the right time...
The parents have a right
to know that their
children's teacher will
end up in court.
Ms. Kuhn, that is inappropriate.
That's it!
Do you want to
know what happened?
Yes, of course!
This woman recorded videos.
Secretly. At school.
- What? Of whom?
- Of her colleagues, imagine that.
Spying. Denunciation.
Slander! Character assassination!
Everything that goes with it!
Entire livelihoods
are being destroyed here
simply on the
basis of assumptions.
If I were you,
I wouldn't believe a word she says!
Shame on you.
Yes, shame on you.
Ms. Nowak, what is this?
Excuse me.
It was thought to
be a sign of disaster,
a punishment by divine powers.
But then came Thales of Miletus.
He was a mathematician and knew
that a solar eclipse occurs
when the moon moves between
the sun and the earth.
There is a partial,
an annular and a total solar eclipse.
With the help of mathematical
Thales was able to accurately predict
the next solar eclipse.
And the unpredictable
became predictable.
Thank you. End of presentation.
Thank you, you can sit down.
What has it done
to people,
that the unpredictable has
become predictable?
Um... did people no longer
believe in God?
Thanks Lukas, you can pick
up the phone from me later.
No longer believed in God.
There's something to that.
Through a new critical spirit,
Thales ushered in something
like modern astronomy.
- You know astronomy, right?
- You mean like zodiac signs?
That's astrology.
That's something else.
Who knows what astronomy means?
- Something to do with star research?
- Exactly.
Astronomy is the science
of celestial bodies.
The phenomena of the world were no
longer explained by God or higher powers,
but a universally verifiable
truth was sought.
Modern science is based on this.
Yes, Lukas.
Would you please put my cell phone in
your pocket so that no one steals it?
Your phone is safe in this class.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
- Okay, what do you mean by that?
- He means me. But it wasn't me.
That's right. That was clarified
in the parents' meeting.
I don't mean Ali. We learned
in biology that traits are hereditary.
Shut up!
I don't understand that.
Please explain.
For example, from mother to son.
If the mother is fat,
the child will also be fat.
Shut up!
Shut up!
It's not quite that simple...
It's not quite that simple,
but you're obviously
alluding to something else.
So can you please explain to me
who inherits what from whom?
Doesn't matter now, does it?
- You have nothing to say about it?
- No, we are on...
- Coward!
- ...another topic.
Nothing more to say?
That was a poor thesis, Lukas.
Think first, then talk.
- I think so too.
- Such an idiot.
- Hello, is this Mrs. Wizorek speaking?
- Yes.
This is Carla Nowak, Lukas' teacher.
Do you have time to talk?
I'm on my break, but
I'm glad you called.
What happened at the
parents' meeting yesterday?
Too bad you couldn't make it.
In the parent chat, they said that you
don't have the situation under control.
You don't want to know the rest.
Well, I was actually calling
about Lukas.
We parents will be talking to
the school administrators again.
I see. Then we should also
talk about Lukas' behavior.
What about his behavior?
Uh, one second.
Oskar, you can't be here.
Ms. Nowak?
Do you want to sit down here?
Why is everyone so sure?
No one is sure. The whole
thing is currently being checked.
And why isn't my mother working?
Officially, she is on vacation.
Is there any evidence?
- For what?
- For your accusation.
There is clear evidence,
but we can't tell you anything about that.
- What kind of evidence?
- We're not allowed to tell you.
Can I be alone with Mrs. Nowak?
Okay. I'll wait outside.
What is that?
63 euros and 45 cents.
My savings. You can have that.
Did your mom tell you
to give it to me?
- Oskar, it's not about money.
- Then what is it about?
It's about stealing.
It doesn't matter whether it's 1 cent or
100 euros. It's all about being honest.
Put the money back in the bag.
It wasn't my mom.
Yes, okay. I understand.
You should not only understand,
but say it.
- Say what?
- Say it.
- Yes, what?
- That she's innocent.
Your mom is innocent,
Oskar. Satisfied?
Apologize publicly and
straighten it out.
- Sorry, I can't do that.
- You should, because otherwise...
- Otherwise what?
- Otherwise you'll regret it.
- Are you threatening me right now?
- Maybe.
I don't want to hear that...
Then apologize
publicly, otherwise
you will see what
will come out of it!
Hey! Carla, well?
- A piece of cake?
- Something to celebrate?
- It's my birthday.
- Happy birthday. Are you celebrating?
Nope, I have to make copies
later, prepare the rooms for
the parents' meeting, and I have to...
- Can I help?
Oh no, that's fine.
Say, the other day, that must
have been quite a show.
- What do you mean?
- The parents' meeting.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Good. These things happen.
- ...that you were born...
- Yummy, eh?
- What things happen?
- Ms. Kuhn.
Speaking of which, I will
be taking legal action
against Ms. Kuhn.
And supposedly there's a video?
Just because she stole from me doesn't
mean she stole from you.
- It could have been someone else.
- That's right.
Did you make a video?
And... can we see that?
- Not at the moment, no.
- Stupid question, but why not?
It's evidence for the police.
- I can't show it around.
- Show it around?
I am also one of the victims,
I was also robbed, several times.
- And you refuse to help me?
- The one has nothing to do with the other.
You know, Carla, to be honest,
I feel uncomfortable that
secret video recordings
were made here. So...
- Who else is on the video?
- I guarantee you, you are not.
- I still don't think it's good.
- Okay, noted.
- Is there any cake left?
- Help yourself!
I understand that this is a bit much
for you. Perhaps you are overwhelmed.
Not at all. It's all good.
But perhaps we can still take
joint action against Ms. Kuhn.
The poor woman is
already losing her job.
"The poor woman"? Seriously?
Doesn't look like fun.
We honor your compassion, but
you also have a responsibility to us.
That's exactly why I can't help
you any further, I'm sorry.
- Unbelievable.
- May I remind you, Mr. Liebenwerda,
that you wanted to smuggle
a private detective into the school?
- That was a joke!
- And there is a difference, Carla.
With the detective,
everyone would have known.
What you did
was behind our backs.
Excuse me, there are some
students outside for you.
Hello Mrs. Nowak!
Hello folks. What can I do for you?
You wanted to give an interview
to the school magazine.
We were supposed to meet
on Tuesday, weren't we?
We have to go to print earlier because
our room will be occupied.
It also only takes 15 minutes.
Do you want cake?
Let's go.
That's Paul, Daniel, Bine,
Krissi, Mitra, Flo.
The rest aren't important.
- Thank you for joining us.
- Sure.
Sit down.
Okay. What do you want to know?
Can we record the conversation?
It will be easier for us later.
You've been at our school since
the beginning of the semester.
How do you like it?
I feel comfortable and the students
are all really nice.
The faculty is also great.
There are differences of opinion, but...
I was warmly welcomed into
the school family.
What kind of differences of opinion?
What happens in the staff room
stays in the staff room.
Next question:
Nowak, isn't that a Polish name?
That's true. But I was born
in Westphalia and my parents
came to Germany from near
Gdansk at the end of the 1960s.
Do you speak Polish?
"Curiosity killed the cat."
- What does that mean?
- That's part of your research.
Okay, um...
Do you have tattoos?
And if so, where?
I always wanted some, but
was too cowardly. Fortunately.
Do you have a tip for
your younger self?
How do I say this without
sounding precocious?
The insecurities you have as a young
person are completely normal.
I wish someone had told me back then
that everything would be fine.
Or that everything is fine and that
I can listen to my gut feeling.
I have to interject here.
You said at the beginning that you
feel comfortable at the school.
I just can't comprehend that.
I find the atmosphere at
our school unpleasant.
- Okay. What do you think?
- It's no secret that people steal.
Do you know how it came about
that students were suspected?
Those were false accusations.
You're right about that.
But something had to be done,
also to protect those who
had nothing to do with it.
I'm sorry that the wrong
people were suspected.
That doesn't answer the question.
How did we come to be suspected?
There were clues,
but they weren't helpful.
That didn't go well.
And Ms. Kuhn is no longer allowed
to work here after 14 years?
- Wasn't it 15?
- Nope.
This is a matter for the school
supervisory authority.
Was Ms. Kuhn suspended for stealing?
I can't comment on that.
- Was there secret video surveillance?
- I can't say anything about that either.
- You can't say or don't know?
- Are you not allowed to say?
I probably could, but I don't
think it would be right.
- Is it not our students' business?
- Yes, of course it is.
- Yes.
- And?
- If there are no more questions...
- Should Oskar Kuhn change schools?
- Where did you get that from?
- Well.
- Who says so?
- Just the grapevine.
You understand that we
must protect our sources.
Your sources?
Stop spreading rumors.
That's totally dubious.
We want to know what's
going on at the school.
We're done. Or do
you still have questions?
Thank you, Ms. Nowak.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Will you send me the
interview in advance?
- Sure.
- When?
When it's ready.
- Good.
- I need a photo of you. May I?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey Carla.
Hey Carla.
Get out!
Good day...
At least it's quiet.
Let's go through the homework.
Who will start?
- Ali, you wanted to say something?
- No, not at all.
If no one volunteers,
I'll have to ask you individually.
Jieun, have you done your homework?
Okay. Hatice? Maybe you?
Good. Then I'll sit down
too and we'll keep quiet.
Stupid cow.
- Tell me what's going on!
- Is Oskar being taken out of school?
I have no idea where
this rumor came from,
but if anyone knows,
it's Oskar himself.
Do you want to say something, Oskar?
Apparently not.
Let's get on with our homework.
First tell us what has happened
and what will happen.
If you want to talk about this,
bring it up in school council.
Right now we're doing our lessons.
- We have a right to know.
- Exactly.
- Nobody apologized to me.
- That's not true.
I apologized and so did Dr. Bhm.
In the office, remember?
- What about the video?
- There is no video, for God's sake.
Quiet now.
Give me the homework books.
- Give me that.
- You won't get mine.
- Lukas.
- Why do you start at the back?
- Give it to me.
- Why?
Lukas, give me that.
- Where's the homework?
- All because of him!
- Just do your homework.
- Quiet, I said!
So, who will come up to the board?
- No one.
- Yes, just that. No one.
Tom, very good.
Who was that?
- Who shouted "traitor"?
- Me.
That's not okay, Jieun.
- We should show solidarity.
- Exactly!
You can afford to do that with your
grades. Otherwise I'd stay seated.
- Traitor.
- Jieun?
If you say that again,
I'll have to send you out.
The whole thing is because of him.
Leave Oskar alone and carry on.
- Because of his criminal mother.
- What?
- Because of his criminal mother.
- Out.
- I'm the only one taking part!
- Out!
By the way,
Ms. Nowak, we're only doing the stupid
welcoming ceremony for you.
Totally bananas, you can
do that in 1st grade.
Do you know how embarrassing this is?
I've already mentioned it.
The last few days and
weeks were not okay.
Something has to change.
Can anyone imagine what I mean?
- Jonas?
- Are we still doing sports today?
We'll have sports once we have
discussed a few things.
We can discuss this in
the class council!
We have to treat
each other differently.
That's why I want to do
a few exercises today.
I need six volunteers for
the first exercise.
Who's up for it?
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Please stand up.
For the first task, um...
you stand on this crate.
But no one is allowed to fall off.
Give it a try.
Okay, those standing outside:
Do you have any suggestions on what
could be done better? Thai?
Maybe hold on to your shoulders?
Try it out.
Is there another solution?
Oskar, surely you have an idea?
Say something.
We have to hold hands.
Would you show us
how you imagine it?
Can you swap with Lukas?
- Thanks, Lukas.
- Have fun, nerd.
That looks good.
Will the four of you join us?
Crosswise, exactly.
You have found the solution.
Oskar! Hey!
Break it up, go!
Tom! Tom!
Now calm down!
- Encore!
- Come on, wanker!
Oskar, listen to me!
Out, Oskar!
- Come on!
- Out!
Come in when you've calmed down.
That was an example of what I meant.
Ms. Nowak?
Are you crazy?
Oskar, stand still!
Oskar! Stand still!
Give me the laptop.
The events surrounding
Oskar's mother create
enormous psychological pressure.
And although he receives support from some
of the class, he is bullied by others.
This leads to unrest and sometimes
even refusal to work in class.
In addition, the student's frustration
manifests itself in an increased
willingness to use violence,
which manifests itself physically.
I recommend that you consider
changing classes first.
If the situation does not
improve for the student,
a change of school could
also be considered.
A new start, but one that
the mother would have to agree to.
Thank you. Ms. Nowak, as Oskar's
teacher, it's your turn now.
I consider it a
declaration of failure
to send the student
to another school.
But even in a different class
he is still someone who has
incited the class to boycott,
beaten up his classmates
smashed windows and stole a laptop.
- He didn't want to steal it.
- What?
- He wanted to protect his mother.
- If you say so.
That does not undo the rest.
You know we have a...
Zero-tolerance policy.
Yes, I know, Dr. Bhm.
But this is something personal
between Oskar and me.
Apparently he sees
me as responsible
for the fact that his mother
no longer works here.
I think it's a mistake to take a student
out of his or her social context.
Punishing him for
a possible offense
committed by his mother
is completely unfair.
I would like to make it clear:
This is solely about Oskar's behavior.
Not about his mother.
But we're only discussing
one perspective.
What do we do with the student
to solve the problem?
The consequences are then borne by others.
That must not happen.
I agree.
I also think that the consequences
would be borne by others.
Mostly us students.
And what do you suggest?
Since I'm partly to blame for this,
it shouldn't be Oskar who goes...
- Then what?
- It should be me.
- Oh well.
- The school is already understaffed.
There are almost no
substitutes left.
- We can close the class down.
- That's out of the question.
So, we have now listened to Ms.
Semnik's expert opinion,
we have Ms. Nowak...
But we're deciding over Oskar.
We're pushing the problem away.
Firstly, we are not
pushing the problem away,
we are democratically
seeking a solution.
Secondly, Oskar and his mother don't
recognize their wrongdoings.
They had the opportunity
to comment here.
But they have refused
all communication.
If there are no more
questions, we vote.
- I have one more question.
- Please.
- Ms. Nowak, what's wrong with your eye?
- I fell down, as I said.
- What?
- Fell down.
That's not difficult
to understand.
Your commitment
to Oskar is admirable.
Thomas, what's that got
to do with it? Can we...
I just want to make sure that the
boy doesn't hit any teachers.
Oskar doesn't hit anyone.
I suggest
we take the vote now.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Does anyone have anything
against us voting openly?
I would like to keep this anonymous.
All right, Ms. Knig would
like it to be anonymous.
Then we will now vote
on whether Oskar Kuhn
should receive a 10-day
suspension from lessons,
and whether he is allowed to take part
in the school trip to England.
If the situation does not
improve after that,
we will have to meet again
and discuss stricter measures,
such as a change of school.
Give me the slips of paper.
- Have a nice evening.
- Take care.
Somehow it's still crooked.
On the left perhaps...
Look. Nowak.
Are you ready to go?
Not until Monday.
But we're already making preparations.
- Do you want a copy? Two euros.
- Two euros?
A bit expensive for a school
newspaper, isn't it?
We have expenses:
printing, research,
technology, milk and
coffee all cost money.
Didn't you want to send me the text?
- That was Krissi's job.
- I got nothing.
Well, then you'll get an
advance copy. For free.
- Are you serious?
- We only wrote what you said.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- You have to take the piece out.
- Why?
Because you twist statements
and take them out of context.
Because this is something
between Ms. Kuhn and me...
We see it differently.
- This is journalism.
It is not. A review of
the text was promised.
We do not allow ourselves to be censored
to make you look better.
- It's not about looking better.
- Isn't it?
And not about censorship,
but about facts.
Which you denied us.
We shed light on the flip side.
- You talked to Ms. Kuhn?
- Well, what do you think?
Okay guys...
You're overshooting the mark.
This text is dubious!
- You're causing damage.
- We're bringing the truth.
- It's your problem if you can't stand it.
- You see.
Everything else is PR.
Do you want to talk?
Will you give me a hug?
Hello, Mrs. Nowak!
Where can
you get a better deal?
Get the best information!
One euro for you!
Grab it!
Teachers pay more...
- Why does she never come to us
when something is wrong?
Team spirit...
- Morning, Ms. Nowak.
- Morning.
- I wonder how you're doing today.
- Oh yeah?
Morning, Carla.
- Morning.
"Ideally, school is a protected space for
children and young people. Not for us."
"In the investigation of thefts, stuednts
were expected to do things
that they had only known
from unjust states."
"Ali Yilmaz was pulled out of class in
a raid and wrongly suspected."
"The teachers involved were
Milosz Dudek and Thomas Liebenwerda."
In other words, yours truly.
I know the text, you don't
have to read it out loud.
I want to hear it.
"To suspect a child with an immigrant
background in this way without evidence
"shows that structural racism does
not stop at our school either."
"That was just the beginning:
without any concrete evidence,
"the good soul of the school,
Friederike Kuhn, was also suspended."
"The method is not for the faint-hearted:
a hidden camera!" There we are!
"Since Ms. Nowak
could not invalidate our
suspicions about
secret video surveillance,"
Could not invalidate!
"we spoke to the person concerned.
Ms. Kuhn confirmed that..." And so on.
How can it be that you refuse to
cooperate with us on the staff
but talk about the video with
children who need to be told off?
I still think talking
about things is
better than keeping
quiet about things.
And if you had read carefully,
you would know that I didn't
say anything about the video.
But they couldn't refute it either.
I can read. Simply unbelievable.
- You really are something.
- That's enough.
The desire to be well-received
by the students... getting us totally into the shit.
No idea. Ah!
Vanessa had 25 emails.
May I have your attention for a moment?
Come over here, everyone.
Quiet, please.
You too, Mr. Liebenwerda.
You have probably
noticed that there is an
unfortunate article in
the school newspaper.
I spoke to Mr. Dudek and
the legal department.
We are forced to prohibit the sale
of this edition on school premises.
Ms. Bhm and I took care
of the stand in the foyer.
Please prevent further
distribution in the classes.
- And the online edition?
- It has already been removed.
Peace at the school is
currently massively disturbed.
I therefore forbid you to talk about this
subject any further with immediate effect.
Not another word,
and that goes for everyone.
We will talk to you in the presence
of the Staff Council.
- Are we being banned from speaking now?
- Stop it. It's not that difficult.
It's about the framework in
which this takes place.
Hello! Guys, hey!
We just ask you to keep your
feet still for a moment.
We must present a united front.
Even if we disagree.
- I will not be called a racist.
- That's fine!
- Milosz, you shouldn't either.
- I get it.
We should take care of the
students and do our work.
Let's do our job!
Let's let the students walk
all over us then.
You can just leave
your stupid cynicism at home!
- I'm being called a racist here.
- I get that. Just go.
- You can't sweep away every problem.
- Just go.
Just take a deep breath.
Carla, great. I'm just saying.
You could
have said something.
About what?
- Well, the interview!
- What about Oskar?
You must forget about that.
Probably the most important skill
for this job. Thanks for the tip.
You are also responsible
for the other students.
Okay guys, sorry I'm late.
May I ask you to stand
up for a moment?
I want us... Get up!
I want us all to shout
as loud as we can.
Attention. Ready. Go!
Okay, one more time.
I dare you. All of you. And!
Go on again!
- Ouch.
- Phew!
Thank you.
A few words of clarification
before class:
You know what happened
in the gym.
Oskar is now suspended from
school for ten days.
He's not coming on the school
trip either. Also...
The school magazine has caused some
resentment among the staff.
The school management have banned
distribution on the school grounds.
That's censorship!
I also find it crass that such
measures are being taken.
I certainly won't hide my newspaper.
In principle, I think
it's great how you
are showing solidarity with
the newspaper,
even if I find the content of
the text highly questionable.
- Yes?
- I'm sorry. It wasn't against you.
Thank you, Hatice.
So, newspapers gone.
Oskar, what are you doing here?
Your mother has received a letter.
- A letter?
- I told you.
I am Oskar! I'm about to run amok!
Lukas, sit down!
Let's hear it for Oskar!
Oskar! Oskar!
Oskar, let's step out for a moment.
Oskar, come.
You can't be here.
You are not allowed to be here.
- Go home!
- Hey!
- Vera, will you look after Oskar?
- Yes.
- We talk about it. I'm not a jerk.
- Good.
I just want to find a solution.
Mr. Liebenwerda,
May I ask for your help?
Thank you.
So folks, we're going to move now.
Pack up your things.
We go next door.
Mr. Liebenwerda stays with Oskar.
- Why do we have to go somewhere else?
- No discussion.
Do what Ms. Nowak said.
Hey, Oskar.
This way.
Please go to...
... 46.
And take a look at task 13,
A to F.
I'll be right back.
- Kuhn?
- Hello, Ms. Kuhn. Carla Nowak here.
You have the nerve to call me?
It's about Oskar. Have
you received the letter?
Yes. Do you think
we'll let this go through?
You're weaponizing Oskar against
something between the two of us.
Who is weaponizing whom here?
Throwing Oskar out of
school solves the problem?
I defended him.
- That worked really well.
- You could have come too.
Now it's my fault?
- It's not about fault...
- Go back to class.
- We have to go to the bathroom.
- Then go. But come back quickly.
- Okay.
- How about an apology?
- Come and pick up Oskar.
If Oskar wants to, he can
come home himself.
We told him to go. But he doesn't listen.
You can't even do that.
That's your failure. That's not my problem.
It's your son. If we fail,
we fail together.
I can't get through to him.
Have you contacted the mother?
He has a suspension.
We can enforce the rules.
I want to talk to him first.
Try it.
Come on,
you have to go home.
Otherwise we'll have
to call the police.
Do you understand, Oskar?
Oskar, will you look at me?
I wish things had turned
out differently.
And I'm sorry about what
happened. But if you don't
go home on your own,
everything will get worse.
Colleagues, let's go
outside for a moment.
I don't know either.
Ms. Nowak! What are you doing?
Aren't you going to answer, Oskar?