The Terminal Man (1974) Movie Script

- Can we use these?
- They have been cleared by the family.
Do we have any of the
auto accident?
Before and after. That's very useful.
- That's what I thought.
His wife, after the first attack.
He never freaked out,
before the accident?
No. We think the impact was
the sole cause of damage to the brain.
It could happen to anybody. In fact we
feel this condition may be extremely common
among those people who engage
in repeated acts of violence
Certain policemen, gangsters,
rioters ...
Can I take these?
Nobody ever thinks of these people as physically ill.
- I see.
And so we have no idea
exactly how common it is.
But out guess it that perhaps as much as
one or two percent of the population may suffer from it.
Now see we're talking about two
to four million Americans.
Two to four million Americans!
These people are predisposed
not only to violence
and aggressive behavior
but hyper sexuality,
- Pathological intoxication.
- Isn't that Paul Newman over there?
We had one woman who,
during a seizure state
would have intercourse with 12 men
in a night and not receive satisfaction.
My God!
You think this operation is a
cure for this kind of violence?
Yes, we believe so.
The operation has not been performed
yet on a human being.
I see.
It's extremely sensitive where
the press is concerned.
For reasons best known to themselves they
become overzealous
where psycho-surgery is concerned,
especially if the patient is a prisoner.
Now we've observed all of
the legal niceties.
Both Benson and his ex-wife
have signed all the papers.
But even so, I wouldn't
want any leakages before the operation.
You understand?
Of course. That's my job.
- You're doing the operation?
- Oh, yes.
Well, we'll have to check your file
make sure we have a current picture.
We'll get you anything you need.
No. I'll take care of it.
He's quiet now.
What's his name?
Looks OK to me.
What's wrong with him?
He's bananas.
- When's he going out?
- In the morning.
What they gonna' to do to him?
Alright, thank you, gentlemen.
- You in charge here?
- That's right I'm Dr. Morris.
Can you take those off please?
I don't have any orders about that.
I guess it's OK.
Alright gentlemen, 17th floor thank you.
You have to sign for this delivery.
- This is Mr. Benson.
- All set for him.
You have a time-sharing station up here.
- A Sanders 804.
- What?
The make of the computer.
- Sanders 804.
- Right.
I'll check that.
Just a precaution.
It's OK.
- Can I get up now?
- Sure.
Do they have to be here?
They can wait outside.
I meant do they have to be here at all.
Yes, they do.
- All the time?
- All the time.
- This bed will have to be replaced.
- Sorry?
And that'll have to go.
You don't know why?
I'll have the nurse bring you some pajamas.
The tests showed no inter-cranial bleeding
and he was released from the hospital.
Two months later the patient began to
experience what he called blackouts.
They were in fact
periods of amnesia.
And always preceded by a
distinct olfactory aura.
He consulted his physician,
who told him that he was working too hard
and recommended that he
reduce his alcohol intake.
The patient began to realize that the
blackouts were becoming more frequent
and lasting longer.
Sometimes he would regain consciousness
in unfamiliar surroundings
Are you decent?
On occasion he had cuts
and bruises, torn clothing
suggesting he had been fighting
This was subsequently proven correct
He had in fact, attacked
and tried to kill at least two people.
And there is an added complication.
About a year ago, he made what he calls
a monumental discovery
in his work.
Benson is a computer scientist,
specializing in artificial life,
Machine intelligence.
Apparently he is
brilliant in his field.
He claims that he discovered that machines
were competing with human beings.
And that ultimately machines
would overtake the world.
Do I scare the pants off you?
Events disturbed him sufficiently to
seek psychiatric help.
On the basis of his history;
head injury, episodic violence,
paranoia about machines. We
decided that the
patient is probably suffering
from para-epilepsy.
Unlike conventional epilepsy
the patient doesn't have physical seizures
when cells of the brain misfire,
but instead has uncontrollable rages.
Because of the failure of these drugs
to control these attack rages
this neuropsychiatry unit has considered
him a surgical candidate
for limbic pacing by implanted computer.
There is one alternative,
I think I should remind you,
the patient is highly intelligent
- Many people in there?
- Standing room only.
There is still time to stop this.
Harry, are you sure you want
to go through with it?
I'm sure.
I'm against it.
- Hello, Mr. Benson.
- Dr. McPherson.
We've asked you to come here to answer a
few questions for these doctors.
- Do I have any choice?
- Of course you have a choice.
Do we have any questions for Mr Benson please?
Mr. Benson, can you tell us more about
the smells you have before your blackouts?
- Not really.
- Can you give us some idea?
It's like Pig-shit and turpentine.
Do these smells always precede a blackout?
So you always know when
a blackout is coming?
What do you feel when a blackout is coming?
Very angry.
It's like a roller coaster,
once you start it you can't stop it.
Every morning when I get up the first
thing that comes into my head
is, will it happen again today.
There no feeling like that in the world.
At 7pm, head shaved.
8pm, supper.
9pm, lights out.
And 6am tomorrow morning, the operation.
Any questions?
What about our meals?
- Will there be one or two of you?
- One, we're working 8-hour shifts.
- Isn't that rather a long time?
- Pardon me?
Eight hours at a stretch.
Isn't that rather a long time?
Sitting in a chair?
A Limbic brain pacing procedure,
will put Mr. Benson's brain
under the control of a miniature computer
the size of a postage stamp
implanted in his neck.
The computer will be powered
by an atomic power pack
implanted in his shoulder.
The connection to the brain will be direct
by means of wires
inserted in the cortical substance.
Once the system is in place the computer
will monitor Benson's brain waves
And watch for a seizure starting up.
If that happens,
it will deliver a tranquilizing shock,
to abort the seizure.
As a result of this procedure the subject
will act the same
with the exception that he will have
no further violent attacks.
The whole system will be less troublesome to
him than wearing a self-winding wristwatch.
We have performed this operation,
successfully, on animals 57 times.
This will be the first such procedure
on a human being.
I am grateful to Dr. Ellis
for reminding us
that we are talking about
a man and not an animal
It seems to me that all the technical
data, so skilfully expounded
Is mere paper over the cracks.
The patient is also a paranoid psychotic
who is afraid of machines.
And afraid that men will be
turned into machines.
Your operation may
exaggerate these feelings.
- I understand the objection, Dr. Manon.
- Let me finish!
I frankly feel that if somebody
stuck wires in my brain,
and a computer in my neck and an
atomic battery in my shoulder,
I'd wonder if I hadn't
been turned into a machine.
- I see what you're saying.
Let me also remind you
of the estimated 50,000 prefrontal lobotomies
performed in the 1940's and 50's
for all sorts of mental illnesses
and brain diseases.
They created an unknown
number of human vegetables.
Vegetables are easier for mental
institutions to control
- But this is not a lobotomy.
- Those operations
were also carried out by physicians
who were too eager to act.
And they were stopped not by Congress,
nor the American Medical Association,
nor the American
Psychiatric Association, but by
the development of new tranquilizing,
Mr. Benson has agreed to have this operation.
- I'm Dr. Morris.
- Harry asked me to bring this.
OK, I'll see he gets it.
- Could I see him?
- I'm afraid not.
Just for a few minutes.
He's very heavily sedated.
- Could you give him a message then?
- Sure.
Tell him I'm back in
my old apartment.
- He'll understand.
- OK. I'll tell him.
- You won't forget?
- No.
What's your name?
Angela. Black.
Come in?
"He's already tried to kill
two people.
"And any time he says that he
feels funny or smells something bad
"Should be respected as indicating
the start of a seizure.
"Under such circumstances notify the
NPS and hospital
"security at once.
"Once should also remember he is
a highly intelligent and sensitive man.
"He suffers an organic disease which has
affected his mental state.
"Beneath it all he is frightened and
concerned about what is happening to him.
"Janet Ross. M.D."
Otherwise known as Mr Warmth.
- They take Benson yet?
- This morning.
They really going to put
wires in his brain?
- Sure.
- No shit.
Mr. Harold Benson.
I'm going to ask you to slide
a little to your right. Let's go.
- I'm still awake?
- That's right.
I don't wanna' be awake
How does your mouth feel?
- Dry.
- It'll be OK pal.
The procedure which has been modified
here for our purposes.
Because of the difficulty of locating
points in the brain substance,
They're using computer assistance.
The computer monitors
insertion of the electrodes
and checks for any placement area.
This information is fed into the computer
by a comparatively new machine,
a scanner that X-ray's the
patient's brain in layers.
Anytime you want to begin,
Dr. Ellis.
Thank you, I think we'll
wait for the patient.
Ready? Go.
That's just so you won't fall off.
We don't want you to hurt yourself.
Iodine, please.
Just a stick.
Local anesthetic in this
part of the operation,
the patient himself is sedated but awake.
Later, when they enter
the brain substance
there'll be no need for anesthetic
since the brain can not feel pain.
Now this fact simplifies
I think we can start now.
It X-Ray's the patients brain in layers.
Thus building a 3-dimensional view of it
which is in turn fed into the computer.
Our coordinates.
Probe number one is lateral 48.1,
coronal, 21.5
Probe number two lateral is 51.2,
coronal 28.7.
Thank you for your consultation.
I think we can begin now.
Operation has begun.
That's one.
That's enough carpentry for one day.
I remember oh...
old Harbeker in Toronto.
I used to assist him.
He liked you to work fast.
He yelled at us: "Cut the Dura,
cut, cut right in"
Act like you are breaking
into somebody's tomb.
Its only a head. Cut it!".
Well, now lets cut the Dura.
We know roughly what part of the brain
to shock.
Is in the amygdala.
A posterior area of the so
called limbic system.
But we don't know exactly
We solve that by implanting a
number of electrodes in the brain.
Each incision carries 20 electrodes,
so in this case
40 electrodes will be inserted.
This is where psychiatry would be a
little ineffective, eh, Janet?
- How is that?
- Patient.
You all right, Mr. Benson?
Fine, fine ...
- Any pain?
- No.
- Good. Just relax now.
- You too, Doctor.
You know, this is the only work I know that's
boring and nerve wracking at the same time
Match that.
Now lets try the next one.
This is more satisfying
that psychiatry, hey bub?
- If you say so.
- How deep are we?
- Three centimeters.
Half-way home.
The first half is the toughest.
- What was that?
- We have an alarm.
Pressure in a blood vessel.
How long ago?
That would end the operation,
probably the patient as well.
Ok, I'll back up and correct.
Can we get a correction please?
OK, lateral angle reset to 48.1.
Correcting nicely.
Surgery is a craft.
Practical ...
Real ...
How we coming on the electronics?
We'll have final checks please?
- We're checking them now.
- I always was the slowest one.
Always was.
Slow and steady wins the race.
I think we should be ...
Right, lets fit the electronics now.
Alright, lets hook him up
and then close
We'll be closing in 10 minutes.
Two 0.5 cm incisions made over the
right and left temporal regions.
And 2 millimeter burr holes
drilled with a K.7 drill.
Implantation of Briggs electrodes
carried out with
computer assistance on the limbic program
That's spelt L I M B I C.
Limbic program.
What do want in him?
Vital signs, Q.5 administered the first hour.
Q.15 for the second.
Q.30 for the third hour,
hourly thereafter and
if he's stable he can go back
on the floor in six hours.
I assume that you will put him on
Thorazine as soon as he's awake?
I haven't heard dialog like that
since I was in grammar school.
- Do you want him on Thorazine?
- Yes, 200 mg initially
Then 100.Q four hours.
- Is it beginning soon?
- It's all over pal.
I'm not kidding ya'.
Eddie watched the whole thing.
- He did?
- Yeah.
That boy won't give us no
more trouble.
"My country tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty of thee I say"
- Is it enough?
- More. A little more.
There's a quotation
by someone or other, worth noting
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist,
ought to have his head examined
I'll drink to that,
but give us a bit more.
How about a little, T. S. Elliot?
"I think we are in rats alley,
"Where the dead men lost their bones.
"What is that noise?
"The wind under the door.
What is that noise now?
"What is the wind doing?
"Again nothing? Do you know nothing?
Do you see nothing? Do you remember?
How do you feel?
You know I was so concerned I feel like I'm a ...
a time bomb about to go off.
What are we going to do today?
We are going to stimulate your
electrodes sequentially and see what happens.
- Will it hurt?
- No.
Stimulation series 1 patient
Harry Benson.
You will feel a variety of sensations.
Some of them may be quite pleasant.
I'd like you to tell me how they feel,
Electrode one.
5 milli volts for 5 seconds.
- It's interesting.
- What's interesting?
That feeling.
- Can you describe it?
- Well ...
It feels like I'm eating a ham sandwich.
- Do you like ham sandwiches?
- Not particularly.
Are you hungry?
Not particularly.
What else do you feel?
Nothing just the taste of a ham sandwich.
On rye.
- Let's go to 2.
- Electrode 2.
5 millivolts for 5 seconds.
- Excuse me.
- Where are you going?
I got to take a terrible leak.
Uhh.. It'll..
It'll pass.
Are you telling me I don't
have to take a leak?
I am.
Go to 3.
Electrode three. 5 millivolts
for 5 seconds.
You should know he can't
do anything can't put on his shirt
Can put on his shoes, cant play ball,
So his parents took him to
this private school, and uhh...
- Hey
So they take him to this private school
you know and they say:
Yeah, we can...
we can fix him up right away.
We teach by the reward method, you know.
- Do you feel anything?
- No.
No subjective change.
Going to seven.
Electrode seven.
5 milli volts, 5 seconds.
Can I have some milk and
cookies please Mom?
Hello mom.
- Bob gets them at home, Mom.
- That's interesting.
- How old would you say?
- Five, six years old at most.
Mommy ...
Mommy ...
What do you want?
What do you want?
I feel terrible.
Gets the candle and goes ...
And his candle goes out.
And the doctor says, "Fine, Johnny
here's your ice cream cone" and the kid goes
This guy walks into the mens room see,
and he sees this guy standing there like this ...
Hes going..
so he figures the guy, hes got an affliction, he walks over to him and he says, "Can I help you?"
And he answered, "Oh yes.
Can you unzip my fly?"
I feel like I'm burning up.
Electrode 31.
5 milli volts, 5 seconds.
- That was nice.
- What was?
- You can do that one again if you want to?
- How does it feel?
- You know you're really a wonderful person Dr Ross.
- Thank you.
And very attractive too.
I Don't know if I've ever told you that.
How do you feel now?
I can do things with you.
Well, that's obviously a strong pleasure terminal.
The man's clearly turned on.
Will it tip him over do you think?
Not unless he would receive multiple
stimulation's over a short time course
Well, we've got him here for a
couple of days.
If anything seems wrong we can
switch to other electrodes.
- I'm really very fond of you.
- We better go to 32.
Electrode 32.
5 and 5.
Take him out of it.
Well, that's it.
Well, I guess we can get on.
Interface 9 and 31.
9 and 31.
You know, this really is amusing in a way.
We're telling Benson's tiny computer
how to work. It gets instructions
from the big computer
which in turn gets its instructions
from Gerhard.
Who's got a bigger computer
than all of them.
Is that right?
Are we ready to induce
an attack. Dr Morris.
I trust you gentlemen are ready?
- Mr. Benson.
- Hello.
I'm going to inject this into your neck muscle.
And you may feel a small twinge.
This is it.
Thank you.
You've been given 10 milligrams.
It will take a few seconds.
That smell ...
The seizure is starting.
Seizure over.
It Works.
We've done it.
Well, that's it then.
- I must be away Arthur.
- Ok, John.
- See you tonight?
- Oh yes.
See you tonight.
- See you later Harry.
- Bye.
Now you can go celebrate.
Thank you.
Can you monitor Benson
on this computer?
- You mean monitor the implanted unit?
- Yes
Sure, we can do that. I don't know why
you'd want to. We know it's working.
I know, but would you do it anyway as...
an extra precaution?
Yeah we'll monitor. We'll run a check on him.
What? Twice an hour.
We'll run a check on him four times an hour.
- Would you do it once every 10 minutes?
- You got it.
- Thanks for a great evening John. A Ball.
- My pleasure Jim.
And congratulations again.
A real breakthrough. He's very proud.
Thank you.
I could put a wire in your head and pass
a current to a specific part of your brain
And immediately, you'd wanna' ball me.
Signed all the papers, but even so I ...
Good night John.
- A great evening, doctor.
- My pleasure.
Yes, I must go too John.
Wouldn't mind being in his shoes tonight, eh?
Eddie's most likely screwing some nurse right now.
Did you miss a party.
Oh, Jesus, I'm glad
you're here.
He has had four stimulation's since this morning.
- And they're beginning to become closer together.
- What the hell is that four stimulation's in one day
-What is it a learning cycle?
Maybe. I don't know.
His brain must like the tranquilizing shocks.
It's initiating more seizures
to get more shocks
I thought the computer was going to stop the seizures.
It does, but if he has too many
stimulation's too fast
then the shocks alone will push him into it.
Is that likely to happen?
- Yeah it is.
- Wonderful.
- So the wrong wires have been hooked?
- Could be.
But it could be the idea just doesn't work.
I'm having trouble monitoring Benson.
- I've lost him.
- Jesus!
Come on!
- Good evening, Doctor.
- Good evening.
Could you spare a second?
Holy Shit ...
Where is he?
How long were you away from the door?
How long were you
away from the door?
His clothes are still here.
Everything except his shoes.
How long were you
away from the door?
Look Doc, I was only away for a couple of minutes.
I just went out to get some cigarettes.
The nurse said she'd keep her eye on things.
- What it it now?
We seem to be missing a patient.
Will you call Dr Ellis, Morris and McPherson.
They'll be at Ellis's home.
Tell them that Benson is missing
and then get hospital security.
- Is it clear?
- Yes, Doctor.
He left everything.
His shaving kit, his wallet, his keys.
It's all here.
You can't get far in a bathrobe and bandages.
I just can't figure it out.
- Did he make a phone call tonight?
- Yes, he made one about eleven
but I didn't think to listen.
- I know.
- Is everything okay?
- Everything's fine.
- It looks good on you.
- Thank you.
Did you get your tonsils out?
No I had electrodes
planted in my pleasure cells
Where to?
- That's Not possible.
- It is.
They found his bathrobe in a supply room.
He put on an orderly uniform.
- And walked right out that front lobby.
- But his head was covered with bandages,
somebody would notice
- He had a wig.
- You're Kidding.
- What was the color of his wig?
But he was tanked out of his skull on Thorazine.
They were all in his room.
He wasn't taking them.
Jesus Christ!
Dr Ross.
Ross here.
That is absolutely confirmed.
Gerhard has a done a computer
projection on Benson's stimulation's.
At 3:02 this morning he
will be receiving continuous stimulation's.
He'll tip over then.
Oh, God ...
- That's less than two hours from now.
- Is something going to happen at 3:02?
He can't have got a taxi
at this hour.
He rang someone.
I bet it was that girl.
What girl?
Angela Black.
She brought some stuff into the hospital for him.
She worked in a strip joint.
I think I've got the name of that place somewhere.
We better check that out.
And his house. And his office.
- You think I should report this?
- Not just yet.
But I..
Listen, you let him get away
your chief's not going to be too pleased.
Don't worry.
We'll find him in time.
- Does Benson have his own key?
- Oh, yes.
If you don't mind my saying so Doctor,
you seem a little tense.
We have time problem.
Well, this is where we do
most of our work Doctor.
- What do you think?
- It's incredible.
Oh, this is an automated ping pong player,
Defense contract.
I'm sure Defense has other uses for it,
if you know what I mean.
Do you play ping pong, Doctor?
- Do you know his girl, Angela Black?
- No, I don't think so. Look at this
The idea is that the robot to
find the ramp,
go up onto the platform
and knock over the box.
Can Benson work on this?
Oh yes, yes he did.
Is anybody home?
In just a moment the sports
and the weather
But first this message of importance...
- Harry
You know what I just realized. I'm happy.
No kidding. I'm really doing well,
I'm actually being successful in my profession
And even night school is getting to be fun
I mean I haven't had a problem I couldn't handle.
Or had that old feeling of anxiety for some time.
And I'll tell you, I honestly give the credit to finding out about and using Scientology
Scientology is this philosophy
Actually an applied religious
philosophy which you use to increase success.
Handle problems and anxieties and make just about anything go better in your life
And what a difference its made in my life.
And I've only used it for about three months.
You know I always knew I could be this way. The way you find out about Scientology
..the operators are really nice.
And they'll tell you how to find out more.
the phone number is...
- Oh God!
What happened?
One wife, three children,
house in Beverly Hills,
two air conditioned cars,
five in-laws,
church every Sunday,
a 30 foot yacht,
a custom camper,
and a Honda motorbike, a pool,
an untouched acre in California pines,
life insurance,
a sauna bath, one German Shepherd,
two piebald ponies, three Siamese cats
and a family plot at Forrest Lawn Memorial Park,
Sold to me in a wild moment by the ponied counselor.
Raping your wife and shooting
at the neighbors doesn't quite fit the image.
- You want to see where I live now.
- I'll wait until you're better.
- When did your wife divorce you?
- A year ago.
Are you married?
- Do you ever see your children?
- No.
Why not?
I'm afraid it might happen when I'm with them.
- You mean you might have one of your attacks?
- That's right.
Jesus, this is getting us nowhere!
- Captain, may I ...?
- I could have an APB out on this over an hour ago.
Every cop car in this town could
have had a picture of this nut!
I could've had the monkey back in his cage.
He could be anywhere by now!
Harry ...
- Do you know what happened to him?
- No.
- Don't know a name?
- No.
Look take good care her. And give her a nice easy ride
right into the hospital.
I'll be with her all the way.
- Good
Maybe its all been a mistake.
The computer might be wrong.
- They're taking over you know. They're changing us.
- How?
I wonder what will happen
when he really flips.
Anyone can suffer
brain damage captain.
Even policemen.
- Do you know that epilepsy used to be known as the sacred disease?
- Yes.
How about that.
Have you ever been interested
in the idea of God?
I was brought up as a Roman Catholic,
but I find that all that ritual garbage
doesn't have much point anymore
I've always been absorbed by death though.
One minute to go.
Once a Catholic,
Always a Catholic.
- What was that?
- I Don't know.
- It's the wind, its pretty freakish in these parts.
- Yeah
I gotta' be in there as soon as I can. I wanna' be there when she starts talking.
Oh, God ...
God! Oh God!
That smell ...!
Did you have a nightmare?
Are you putting me on?
Gerhard says that the next
attack is due at 6:35am.
That's if the other happened as projected.
They're getting closer each time.
It's funny.
I had a call yesterday from Minnesota.
They have a professorship
in neurosurgery to fill,
asked me if I was interested.
- Isn't that funny?
- No.
I wonder if they'll call back today.
I wouldn't like Minnesota.
It's too cold.
Look, when it passes the stomach,
continued stabbing her.
You can see the tears in the sheet.
They continue out in a straight line.
Now in my book, that's perseveration.
Automatic continuation of pointless movement.
Like he was some kind of machine
that kept going and going.
Doris Blankfort.
Stage name:
Angela Black. 26 years old.
Previously of this address.
Just moved in here again this week.
It's clear that the killer had
intercourse with her before the murder.
We've got a blood type on
the semenal fluid and it's AO.
- What time did it happen?
- Around 3 O'clock three.
God damn computer's right.
We were proceeding routinely
with the investigation when we found
This dog tag in the bathroom.
Apparently he left it behind when washing up.
That only gives us 25 minutes till the next one.
I hope he's by himself.
Let it stop!
Let it stop!
Let it stop!
Let it stop!
Let it stop!
Let it stop!
Let it stop!
We've lost him completely.
What time is the next attack due?
In about 10 minutes.
My God, what a nightmare.
Dr. Ross went home
to wash up change,
Why don't you do the same?
He'll turn up somewhere.
I hope he's dead.
The sadness of death gives
way to the bright promise of immortality.
Lord, for your faithful people,
life is changed, not ended.
When the body of our
earthly dwelling lies in death,
we gain an everlasting
dwelling place in heaven.
And so with all the choirs
of angels in heaven
we proclaim your glory and join in
their unending hymn of praise.
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God
of power and might, Heaven and Earth
are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.
May almighty God bless you
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The Mass is ended.
Go in peace.
- I need help father.
- I will pray with you.
That's not good enough.
- Get out. Get out. Its happening!
- I'll stay with you.
- Get out.
Christ will help us.
Hold this with me.
Get out! Get out...
Uh? Hello?
Uh. Yes, I fell asleep. What...
Has anything happened?
I'll take a shower and I'll be right over.
Is anybody home?
- Hello, Harry.
- Good morning.
I hope I haven't come at an
inconvenient time?
No. Not at all. Excuse me
a moment, I'll put on some clothes.
He'll tip over again soon.
Do you know when?
- In a few minutes.
- Oh God ...
Like a cup of coffee?
Are you angry?
- Why would I be angry?
- Because I ran away.
Why did you run away?
Are you alone here?
- Yes, I am.
- Is something the matter?
- No nothings the matter.
- You seem tense
I'm not.
I'm not tense.
For heavens sake Harry,
How do you find us?
I found out where everybody
lives before the operations.
- Paranoia.
- Would you sit down?
You know what's happening Harry?
Don't you?
Stimulation's they're overloading you
and you're just being pushed into seizures.
I know.
Come with me, to the hospital.
I know they can fix it and you wont
have any seizures any more
You want to fix me?
- You're not well.
- I feel fine.
Just a few hours ago at Angela's,
you weren't feeling fine Harry.
I don't remember that.
My memory tapes have been erased.
Static. I just get static.
Harry, do not do that.
You are not a machine.
I know, I know ...
- That's um ...
- The kettle.
The kettle, I think.
You gotta go, away!
You gotta go right now!
You gotta go right now!
We had 14,500 murders.
We had 36,500 rapes,
306,500 cases of aggravated assault.
Yes I am, I'm good at numbers as well.
All together a third of a million cases of violence
And that doesn't include cases automobile death.
A lot of violence is carried out with cars.
And do you think these figures reflect
physical brain damage?
In part. Yes. One of the clues pointing to
physical brain damage in a single individual
is a history of repeated of violence.
Now there are many examples.
Charles Whitman, who killed 17 people in Texas,
had a brain tumor and told his
psychiatrist for months before
that he was having feelings about climbing
the tower and shooting people.
Richard Speck, who killed eight nurses,
and Lee Harvey Oswald,
both had records of repeated violence.
Now of course, those are famous cases.
But there a third of a million
cases each year.
That are not famous.
See we are trying to correct this
violent behavior with surgery.
Now I don't think that's a despicable thing.
I think that's a noble goal.
And an important goal.
Isn't that mind control?
What do you call compulsory
education through High School?
That's it fellas.
Thank you very much, gentlemen. Thank you.
He's got a gun. You can't her go near it.
I'm going to talk to him.
It's ... It's Ross!
Harry? It's Dr Ross.
Will you go away please and let me talk to him?
You can head down.
Look hes... He'll let me talk to him.
He's not going to do anything.
Harry, come back with me.
You have to let me help you, Harry.
I can't help... I can't help you
unless you let me help you.
Please, Harry!
Please, Harry!
Get out of here! Go away!
- They want you next.
- Quit kidding around.