The Terror Within II (1991) Movie Script

Translation and processing vucina83
In the days after the nuclear disarmament
of a superpower, even more frightening...
.... Holocaust decimated
Secret germ warfare, mentioned as "accidents"
some, released the virus so devastating...
... that only a handful of people survived
Terrible genetic mutations have
kidded dominirajui country....
... and threatened the survival of
people as a species.
David Pennington in the Rocky Mountains
listen on 145.5.
David Pennington in the Rocky Mountains
listen on 145.5.
David Pennington in the Rocky Mountains
listen on 145.5.
Leaders, I have a weak long-range
signal, coming from the outside.
I think the
Fuck that. We need to introduce
Fila inside.
David Pennington in the Rocky Mountains
listen on 145.5.
I lost him.
Leaders, what is it? Fil above.
Bring him in.
What is the status? -They Attacked it, be
ready to help.
Phil entered the chamber.
Kara, come to the control room,
I need you here.
Come immediately.
Give me that.
-Excuse me.
Are you okay?
-I Lost what I had.
Simply not enough.
Let's get you out of here.
Let's get him in the hospital room, quickly.
It was not enough to make
vaccine for everyone.
I must have lost
what I had.
I'm sorry...
Lin Su
died just the same.
This is bullshit.
Come on.
itau them with the power of death.
Forgive their sins in death.
In death, I'll be a plague.
In the grave, I'll
its destruction.
I stood between the dead and the living
... and the plague stopped.
Do it.
Why do not all stand a little time
and consider our options.
Time! We stayed
no time.
If you do not send things
on raw materials, we're dead.
There is no vaccine already 5 days,
we need these materials, leaders.
Virus Randomized
attacks the immune system.
There's no way to predict who is most susceptible
It can happen any day and time
to any of us.
What are you all looking at?
I'm sick, all right!
What would you like to do?
You heard it.
Do not look at me like I'm some
damned leper.
Nobody thinks that.
Maybe David Pennington
will survive and come back here.
But I can not sit here and
to wait.
I'm going there.
You can not go alone...
-Suoi with it!
Kyle, you and Ernie take Sharon
and go to the northern ridge.
And then come back here.
Kyle, I do not.
-It's fine.
I do not remember that I
put it to a vote!
Odravaemo radio contact.
Do you see Lusus you three
go back now!
Kyle, be careful.
Can you walk?
-Do not!
I do not know.
-Pomou You.
I can not continue.
Save yourself!
'm Not leaving you.
Come on.
Take me, you bastard!
Watch her.
Take care of Ariel.
Promise me.
Promise me.
She is my sister.
Watch her.
Erik. Where is Eric?
He made me promise him
I'll take care of you.
We can not stay here.
'll Be back soon upon us.
He's my brother,
I can not leave him.
He was all I had left.
We have to go now.
Come on.
Kyle, here is
Von pick up.
I have to rest
a minute, guys.
Kyle, here is
Von pick up.
Kyle, here is
Von pick up.
Yes, Von.
What is your location,
Somewhere between very tense
and to shitty underpants.
Is there luck with vegetable
life in the environment?
Negative, we'll be in touch if we find
Keep me posted.
Where are you going?
I'm going up to
look around.
I think we should
split up.
Why are you worried about him?
Stay in sight, okay?
I have to get away from the sun
I feel like I'm on fire.
There's a cave, can be
cool off while Sharon does not come back, come on.
Stop here.
How are you? -Uplaen I,
Hold on.
Find something soon.
What was it?
Kyle, please,
pick up.
Kyle's in trouble, I know that.
I do not know that.
Lots of things can cause radio interference
Are you okay? -Yes.
Where's Ernie?
Kyle, whether
all right?
Please answer.
Radio is broken,
what do we do now?
We will not be able to get back in the dark,
we must find a safe place to camp.
What are you doing, come on.
He was a friend,
do not you care about anybody?
Better go so
than from the plague.
Bad way to die.
're cool, right?
I like Robin, huh.
Umorie from her.
Here we lived.
Wait here.
Take the solar charger and all easily
which can be worn.
Do you have a backpack?
Okay, we can not travel
At night, we have to spend the night.
Is there any news?
Djuvit God, do you
that right?
Do not worry,
He'll be back tomorrow afternoon.
Name is not
Djuvit Thompson.
I hope you're right.
I'm in the right, I have
an excerpt from birth to prove it.
Here, sipped some of this...
... to take off a bit
Was I right?
I told you.
Is this your
brother, parents?
Do you have died from the plague?
I'm sorry.
Where did you come from?
I was with a group of scientists
in an underground base.
While my team has not got
Lusas. So you call him?
A freak of nature.
Where are you taking me?
On the north-east,
There is a sister lab
with scientists like me.
's Where we'll be safe.
Why do not you get some sleep.
A long way ahead of us.
Thank you.
We can not go back empty-handed
You heard Vona,
time is up.
In addition, we have
no radio communication.
What do we do?
Get out of here.
Is there anyone else from your crew survive
Another scientists, Linda.
Where is? Is he still alive?
No, she was murdered
in the desert.
I'm sorry.
David Pennington in the Rocky Mountains
Listen on 145.5
Here is the Rocky Mountain Laboratory,
report to David, are you all right?
I'm good leaders, I found
portable power source.
Will not last long.
What is the situation there?
Not good.
With our vaccine was granted.
My men have started to show serious signs
I have a good supply of basic materials
in my backpack.
I just miss
little strychnine.
I still have two dead and three missing
on top.
We need you, David.
The sooner come here.
The course I leaders.
Keep. Done.
Hey leaders.
Check this out.
They succeeded.
Wait a minute.
Where the hell is Ernie?
What was it?
One of them is worse.
Djuvit, get up to
control room, now!
Are you okay?
Move it down!
Here we go, here we go...
-Down the stairs.
- I'm all right.
I'm going up.
Where's Ernie?
- Did not succeed.
Close the fucking door.
Look at that thing!
Can we descend down, please?
Just the air is expelled
, come on.
Here. Put this
But you will be cold.
It's okay, I'm fine.
What's wrong?
I'm not used to bein 'around women.
I've changed so much.
I was just ruled out.
Look at me.
's Okay.
I was
But you know what...
... nothing wrong with
people need each other.
I need you.
We need each other.
And nothing wrong with that.
My God,
scared me to death.
I'm sorry.
-Look at this.
What is this?
Exempt dead fingers.
Only it was not
dead finger.
S cells are still alive.
Whatever it is, we'll have to wait, because
Von wants us in the mess now.
Now that we're all here,
to the point.
I have something for which ye
all be interested.
David Pennington is
make contact.
On the way here with
raw materials.
Thank God.
We stayed in one camera above
have a limited visibility.
Even if David comes here, I'll have to pass
next Lusus.
This is bullshit!
This guy does not appear.
If they do occur, these things will
eat him for breakfast.
I'm glad you're not in charge
morale here, Jamie.
Name of the game here is survival.
And if we do not act together,
boys and girls...
None of us will not succeed,
it's that simple.
What the hell are you doing?
How did you get in here?
Least I hope you're
close the damn door.
What is all this?
I found above,
This is obviously dropped Phil
before he died.
For vaccine.
Just as no
for the entire crew.
Maybe for two people, maximum.
I wanted to tell
when finished.
For us.
Come on,
What was that,
I heard something?
I can not hear.
Maybe I imagined it.
Does anyone else know about the vaccine?
Because if they did, they would kill us.
No one will find out.
izvie asleep.
Or now.
Let's go that way.
What? Why are you smiling?
I'm pregnant.
You what?
That's impossible.
I just know,
in me.
Even if you did, too early
is to be said.
I can not explain...
... only feel.
When we get to the lab, where
is a whole team of doctors and scientists, and pregledae.
We'll see, I guess.
I assume that we will.
Let's rest here.
Here. For that amount is?
Seed, keeps moisture.
Odseu another,
these gains.
David, no! Do not touch her,
just back off.
What's wrong?
What's wrong? -Otrovne Tarantulas
reproduce in the cactus.
If you see that
move, get away.
Down, down.
What is it?
Let's go.
Why do we have to realize
contact, these people are savages.
The entire team of the lab counts on me
to get raw materials for the vaccine.
I do not know the area,
I need help.
Come on.
Scared me.
I heard you coming. I thought
're one of those damn mutants.
I'm glad you did not.
My name is Bo.
I'm David, this is Arijal,
and this is Bue.
We do not see often
Maybe you can help, I...
... looking for a special type of cactus.
Lauforia viliemsa.
Still known as maskalin.
Oh, yes!
My clan is used to
religious ceremonies.
My leader knows where it grows.
You do not look like
religious type.
Actually I need strychnine, which is located in
buds on the cactus.
Well, whatever.
Why not kampuje with us tonight,
a cactus We'll find you in the morning.
I'd much appreciate it.
Let's go then, you do not want to be here when
Weird, but nice.
These are our guests,
David and Ariel.
You have come at last.
Prophecy was fulfilled.
Three nights
I had a vision.
And now you're here.
I am eLab,
leader of a small clan.
You come for
drugs, right?
How do you know that?
I know many things.
Prepare your food and drink.
Tomorrow you will be my man
to show what you are looking for.
Prepare a place for our guests.
Do these creatures
ever sleep?
As it seems, we can
Why do not you go to sleep?
I'll stand guard
here a little bit.
You can not
sleep without you.
I'm sick.
I'm sick.
We've just been knocked
rear camera.
David, I do not like it here,
when can we go?
As soon as I get what I need
tomorrow, we went.
Now... come here.
You come here.
You did well, Bo.
A man and a woman,
wish to continue their journey.
We have to do it tomorrow.
In the early stages.
The fetus is not yet formed.
We must be quick.
David, the morning.
Just rest.
I'll be back soon.
Let's go.
What do you want?
Bue! No!
Please, no!
How does your group
survived the plague?
I do not know.
Some are, some are not.
There's no point even
Let's make sure that when
go, leave happy.
There are growing.
Will not last long.
Crushed his skull, Bo.
Get it!
Come on now, boy.
Where's David?
What did you do to him?
Were sent to us for a purpose.
Creatures were restless.
We need to sacrifice.
Unless you take
one of the clan.
What are you doing?
Let me go!
Are hurting me!
Let me go!
Why are you doing this?
Please, let me go!
Been conducted.
Where are you going?
Do not leave me here.
Where is it?
Where is!
Woman with whom I was
. Where is?
Help me, please!
He's dead!
-I Should and you can kill.
Where is Ariel?
Nothing you can do.
's Too late.
Then die.
It's for my dog.
Help me
David, be careful.
Raped me!
I could not move!
I could not move!
Was nothing I could do it.
We have to get out of here before it gets dark.
God, David.
What happened, David.
It's okay, I'm here.
I feel terrible inside.
There's nothing we can do, we must continue
I want you to rest.
Try to sleep.
David Pennington lab on
rocky mountains, listening to 145.5, do you hear?
Here laboratory
pick up, David.
Good news, leaders.
I have all the basic elements for a vaccine.
Thank God.
We need you, David.
I do not know how long we need
, but here we go now.
Do not touch it.
Do not touch what?
Why did not you tell me what happened?
They have a lot of worries for now.
I just want to take you
there to inspect.
How do you feel?
It's weird, really weird.
My God, it's on fire!
-Help Us here, Kara.
High fever, dilated pupils,
lesions on the face...
... classic symptoms of plague. can be.
Vaccinated I
can not be sick.
I'm talking about?
Vaccine from Sharon, tell them.
What vaccines, Sharon?
Do not look at me,
do not know the thoughts that amount.
She found the purse
Fila on the surface.
She managed to make
vaccine for us.
Tell them.
Is that true?
Of course not.
You have to tell them the truth.
I do not know what is. Help me.
I never gave anything.
That's it, right?
You gave me nothing.
Injected me placebo.
You never even gave me the right vaccine.
-Get It off me!
Get him off me!
You've had it all the time!
Calm down! Shut up!
I want the truth right now.
I told you. Okay,
do it. Let him go.
No, wait!
Let me go!
Okay, yes,
I did it.
I found Phil's purse outside.
But it was enough for only one of us
. What am I supposed to do.
You can not blame me.
I found her. My!
You kept it for himself,
and you knew that Robin is sick.
It's too late for her,
but not for me.
Can not you see I'm strong, I can help others
and more now.
You fucking bitch!
-Damn you!
Calm down!
Damn it, stop it!
Djuvit, take Jamie to
Sharon, get up,
not hurt.
I'm afraid to die,
do not understand.
You're pathetic.
I want her out of here.
What is it?
Fix it, Kyle.
No current vulnerable we are up.
Nobody moves, spare
generator will start to work in the morning.
What's going on, Kyle?
Djuvit, the lights
in case of emergency.
Sweet Jesus, it is
outer hatch.
You think this damn
creatures invaded.
We can not know,
do not have a picture.
Djuvit, open the door.
I'm going up.
You're crazy if you go upstairs.
Do not be a damn fool.
Someone has to ensure that external
hole or we're all in trouble.
Now open the door, Djuvit.
Kyle, help me
with Jamie.
Zapeati all doors as soon as a sale.
If something happens inside,
can spri bastards.
As soon as you return
whole energy.
Von Denning?
David Pennington.
I hope we're not too late.
Looks like the boys
repair the generator.
When secure opening
spustiemo you down.
My crew
will be happy to see you.
Djuvit and I have made some
compounds, it will be all right now.
I want to know one thing David,
how you got past the creatures?
Their ears are sensitive to high-frequency sound
Psea whistle them crazy.
How the vaccine progressing?
Sharon was in the lab,
working on it.
What! You believe her to be
alone there with those things.
What the hell would you want to do
To make matters guards beside her,
if you betray us again, I'll kill her.
Do not eat.
I'm not hungry.
When you say
that began?
We're not exactly sure.
God! Tell them!
It was only a few weeks ago.
I'm afraid. I do not know what I
happening in the body, but not normal.
I just want it out of me
, please.
Take her to the clinic
and give her a sedative.
I want to make an urgent review.
Jamie is worse. Kyle, we need
clean operating room.
Why do not you take Robin in your
quarters and make sure she is comfortable.
Thank you, Kara.
How is she?
I do not know.
I had contact with before pregnancy
accident, but I've never seen anything Oval.
With a touch, with all foreign bacteria above
I can not know what she's going on inside the body.
Do you want me to help you with something
, Kara?
Yes, Djuvit, please take Jamie up in
istraionu lab...
... let someone
there beware.
I did a scan with magnetic resonance
... and regerativni
portable type.
I want to put it on the computer
Pregnancy at Ariel's
too advanced for a short time...
... do you want me to check
What are you doing?
-Kara Should the emergency room.
I'll put Jamie here.
Just put it out there and
be careful.
I'll look after him.
Get out of here and let me do
I'm afraid.
You've got to be positive, honey.
The vaccine will be ready soon.
I just need to sleep.
I'll be fine.
Go help the others.
Blending carrying type and recording MR
computer would we need to show...
... generative process that is
created this phenomenon.
Insemination was completely normal.
When did you know she was pregnant, David?
She suspected immediately, I
thought that it was too early to say.
So you're the father.
My God.
What the hell is that?
Some kind of mutant sperm enters the embryo.
Connects with her, struggling
for the genetic dominance.
She was raped after
zaea, right?
Why do not you tell us?
Is it true?
Consciously you bring a woman in this lab
which was exposed luseusu.
I left it at risk when
I went to look for...
... raw materials to
save your staff.
What was I supposed to do
, let her go!
I love this woman leaders.
That's not enough!
I want to do
abortion, now!
We can not do it
. Look.
Fetus is developed miinu mass
the zakaila the reins of Ariel.
If you try to remove it by force,
can kill.
What the hell can we do?
I do?
I do not have to do anything.
This is my responsibility.
The primary objective is to save the life of Ariel
And my primary goal is to protect the lives of my crew
I'm going to deliver the baby.
Close all entrances to the clinic
keeps everything away.
If what goes wrong, it will be cut off
and I'll take care of it.
In one way or the other.
Going to need some help.
I'll be there.
You can assist me.
I will not allow it.
When will begin giving birth?
-For Every time.
I do not like.
'm Afraid we have no choice.
Leaders, Kara..imamo it.
I already gave it to Jamie and Robin.
I hope you will respond.
Kyle, Djuvit. Drag ass
up quickly to vaccination.
I do not believe it.
Bigs succeeded.
Thank God. Come on.
I want to be next to her, holding her.
Help her breathing.
I'll take care
for childbirth.
Are you okay?
I think.
Breathe, Ariel.
Breathe through the pain.
It's almost time.
Well... you're last.
Leaders, I'm so sorry.
Keep it to yourself.
Pass some time until re
not earn my trust.
Push, Ariel.
Starting to get out.
You've got to help me.
Just breathe through it.
Breathe through the pain.
Push. More.
Breathe through the pain.
Ok, I can see the head now.
OK. Another
last time. Come on.
Push, push, push ..
More, more, more...
David, come here.
I need your help.
My God.
What... what is it?
Do I
baby was dead?
No, Ariel.
The baby is alive.
What's wrong?
I want to see my baby.
I do not want to.
Show me my baby.
Show me my baby!
We have an emergency. Von wants to
's research lab right away.
What kind of an emergency?
Better ask Vaughn.
I will ensure this.
Sharon, stay with Ariel.
David, let's go. Osiguraemo
door when we leave.
Leaders, what is it?
Why not see for yourself.
Christ! Jamie.
Somehow the finger of Luseusa
that Robin studied...
... Be regenerated, broke
in the laboratory beneath us.
Kyle, Djuvit.
Bring all the weapons.
Close the lower levels.
Honey, you and David take
Ariel Sharon and the ambulance immediately.
We must find the control
room in 10 minutes.
See you in control.
Do not do it!
Do not do what?
It does not matter.
Just go upstairs, okay.
God! We should have
kill in childbirth, David.
Fled incubator
and rejected skin.
Take Ariel here
O God! Sharon,
what happened?
Enormous, Kara.
is ten times bigger than it was.
Where did it go?
I've never seen anything like this
still growing.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, quickly.
Let's get out of here.
Well gang, the worst Night
we must achieve.
We have a couple of those bastards here.
We have to throw out.
David, give us some instructions
We had the same situation with
one of them in the Mohave.
The only option is to kill them
before they kill us.
How do you suggest we proceed?
Split up into two teams.
Insulate women here.
They want.
You can isolate anybody you want, buddy.
I do not sit anywhere.
I'm going down there.
Good. Just do not let
to catch live.
Used for women
You and Von take lower levels.
Djuvit, you and I are going to take
upper levels...
... And we have to check
all air and ventilation.
Kyle, you and Kara
stay here with Ariel.
Close all the openings in
control room as soon as we leave.
I want everyone to keep in constant communication
through headphones.
Is that clear?
Kyle and Kara can use
surveillance cameras...
... can be our eyes and ears.
Is Robin safe?
's Resting comfortably, closed
I have all the entrances to our rooms.
Djuvit, what about the
Well, we have a couple plamenobacaa,
one for each team.
Real big holes and
continue to burn.
Kyle, here is your weapon
for you and Kara.
Leaders you have a gun charge.
Sharon, you have a stun gun.
It will not kill him, but will give you a
times if you needed.
Himself I made plamenobaca
of equipment for welding...
... and David, you've got your
That's all.
I told you about their
sensitivity to high-pitched sound.
Kara, whistling in intercom
from time to time.
May help us to locate him.
Now, if there was anyone questions?
Good. Let's do it.
Be careful.
And you too, honey.
Let's go.
Kyle, at the level of
we have six.
How does the passage?
All clear, leaders.
Damn, electricity
damaged door.
Open up, damn it!
Save to level three.
Visible Difference you forward,
I understand, will continue.
What do you think?
Yes expel him out?
We can do so.
Kara..pusti whistle for dogs
the intercom once.
Okay, David.
Better inform Sharon and Vaughn.
Leaders, I'll try
high frequency over the intercom.
Be ready.
Do you know what I'm thinking?
I think the engine.
Must be that thing
which is arranged Jamie.
Kyle, enter the room for
maintain the number six now.
Be careful, leaders.
There is no image there.
Move, zapaliu
him his fire.
Must have gone into the opening
We passed level one, three.
Damn, I hate this.
Split up to see if we can catch him
between us.
Do not you think you should
to stay together?
We do not know with
as soon as we're dealing with.
We're not so brave
My God!
Come in, leaders.
Leaders, come in.
Damn leaders.
Answer the phone!
We encountered a creature
that Ariel was born.
Attacking Vona.
My God!
'll make sure of him.
With the you.
Sharon, get out of here!
Leaders, come in.
My God! Help!
My God!
We lost radio contact.
Sharon, come in.
Come on, motherfucker!
Not! God! No!
Not! God!
God, no!
Sharon, get out.
Leaders, please help me
. Come on.
Help me, leaders!
Do it.
Do not let him take me!
Yes, you do that, leaders.
We've hole
level one, nothing.
I'm going to level three.
Be careful, David.
We lost contact with Vaughn and Sharon.
Are they onto something?
We're not sure,
just be careful.
Why did not you tell the truth?
What good would it done
At the level we have three.
How do you think?
So far
clean, cowboy.
Put my flamethrower,
will you?
David, what is it?
Are you OK? -They Busted the Djuvita.
Kara, whistling through the intercom.
Blow into this damn thing.
Look, it works.
Heading away.
David, come in.
Yes, it's David.
Thank God you're alive.
Someone in the elevator.
My God.
Djuvit is dead, but I killed
creates who killed Jamie.
At the top of the elevator.
Just a minute,
someone in the elevator.
I do not believe it.
Not someone, something already.
Going up to the level one.
How is this possible?
Where's David? Is it good?
Yes, it is.
I want to listen to me. If we have
problems in this sector...
I want to stay here, to get away.
If anything happens, remember that this
doors lead to the upper hole.
Shit. Level one
Where the hell are you going?
I'm going to check out Robin.
Close the door when you leave.
Kyle, I do not.
I do not leave her alone.
Not with that thing up here.
Come to papa.
Hold it right there!
Do not hurt him.
You're part of it.
You're part of me.
Can you feel it?
You understand, right?
You do not want to hurt us.
It's bad.
This is wrong.
Just listen to the sound of my voice
That's right. Just
focus on my voice.
Search, killing in you.
You can do that.
You can do it.
You can do it.
David, no!
Now it must be done.
I think the
somehow knew.
Part of him felt
that there is a connection.
It must have been inherited from
your side of family.
My God.
It's now safe.
Move you to the ambulance, can you make it?
Yes, I think so.
Honey, come on.
Translation and processing vucina83