The Terrorists (1974) Movie Script

Yes, that is undeniably correct.
- And in our country?
- Yes, Minister.
We must dispose of the problem
as soon as possible.
- Well, I agree, but we...
- As soon as possible.
Yes, I agree,
but the British have told us nothing.
This is a terrible situation.
It is indeed a grave situation.
A very grave situation.
Minister, I am aware of that.
Then act accordingly.
Yes, sir.
Captain Barnes, the Minister,
as you no doubt gathered,
is extremely disturbed.
He feels the situation
is getting out of hand,
and I'm bound to say
I agree with him for once.
This is not the sort of behavior
we expect from a friendly government.
Indeed I shall go so far
as to say...
Mr. Bernhard,
we have found out
who the man is.
He's the leader of a terrorist
group in England.
During the past few years,
he's been responsible for the killing
of almost 100 people.
His name is Martin Shepherd.
Obviously, he's not
a hotheaded student.
He's a professional,
highly organized...
Yes, yes, even in Scandinavia,
we've heard of Martin Shepherd.
Captain, I don't wish
to make your position
any more intolerable
than it is already,
but Shepherd has held
the British ambassador
at gunpoint since yesterday.
Now I understand that you visited
with these terrorists
and had conversations with them
at 7:00 this morning.
And I'm asking you formally
to tell me what you know
about this kidnapping.
I recorded this earlier today.
The London police are
holding five of my associates.
If the British government wishes
to secure the release
of their ambassador
to Scandinavia,
they must free these men
and arrange safe conduct
for them to Amsterdam.
When these terms
have been complied with,
you will place a military aircraft
at my disposal
and provide me with parachutes.
If you do not meet these terms
within 12 hours,
I shall execute one
of the hostages.
I shall then repeat exactly
these same demands.
You see now why London had to know
who they were dealing with.
He will do what he says.
And now that they found
it's Shepherd,
what has London decided?
They will release
Shepherd's men.
They have, in fact,
agreed to everything.
Not even token resistance,
The British government will not
sacrifice the life of its ambassador.
Well, you must do
as you think best.
He's a British affair, not ours.
That isn't quite everything,
Mr. Bernhard.
Can we rely on your cooperation
on the matter
of the parachutes and aircraft?
Do we have a choice?
I recommend that you get
all the assistance you need.
My government is anxious
to dispose of this problem.
Thank you, sir.
I must be getting back
to the ambassador's house.
Our head of security,
Colonel Tahlvik,
will be briefed
as soon as possible.
You know Tahlvik,
of course.
Nils Tahlvik and I
are old friends.
He will regard this
as a surrender, you know?
And he won't like that.
I have my orders, Mr. Bernhard.
Of course.
The atmosphere
is still tense here
at the British ambassador's
residence in the mountains.
Some of the local people are still
waiting around to see what happens,
and after several hours of inactivity,
there's a development at last.
Captain Barnes is now
approaching the house
for a third meeting
with the gunman.
With him for the first time
perhaps significantly,
is the Scandinavian head
of security Colonel Tahlvik.
Hands on the wall.
This is Colonel Tahlvik.
He's in charge of security.
I know who he is.
Stay where you are.
- Are you all right, sir?
- Yes, thank you, Frank.
What's the decision?
London's agreed.
- To what?
- Everything.
All charges against your people
have been dropped.
They were released from custody,
flew out of England an hour ago
for Amsterdam.
You understand, of course,
we won't be moving out
till I've verified that they're safe.
That is understood.
In the meantime,
you'll deliver the parachutes.
The ambassador will be
dropping with us.
So don't try any tricks.
The ambassador will
bail out with you?
Palmer will be left
at the dropping zone.
After we've landed in the clear,
you'll be told where that is.
I shall be all right,
Colonel Tahlvik.
I have no war
with sick old men.
What about this end?
You'll get what you need.
A minibus will take you from here
to the airport.
The government placed a Hercules
at your disposal.
- A Hercules will do.
- Right.
That's all.
What about the servants?
They return with the plane.
They return with the plane.
They do not go on board
the plane.
You will release them
at the airport,
or you can stay here
and rot.
- So far, so good.
- You call total surrender good?
We don't surrender, Nils.
Shepherd does.
London called. We know
when he's going to bail out.
- I'm sorry, Nils.
- Sorry?
I should have told you
we knew about "Marigold."
Knew about what?
The place where
they're going to bail out.
It's the code name.
I should have told you
before we went in. I'm sorry.
You were right
not to tell me.
If I'd known,
I might have said something,
got them suspicious.
I might.
Regular air force issue.
No problem.
- Good.
- It's time to call Amsterdam.
Shepherd planned them all,
every one.
Why isn't he in prison?
No evidence.
Shepherd doesn't leave any.
He's been making fools
of the police for years,
but now we have him.
I got his voice on tape.
On my evidence, he'll go
to prison for the rest of his life.
Oil refineries, power stations
blown up.
Telephone exchanges destroyed.
Two British airports bombed.
Arterial roads sabotaged.
To date,
100 innocent people killed.
I'm calling Amsterdam 642-37-115.
- Who are you?
- This is Sunflower.
Are you safe?
Hello, Sunflower.
It worked like a dream.
- Good.
- We're all here.
You know what to do.
Split up and be careful.
As soon as you release
the hostages,
the police will be looking for you.
We are moving out now.
From this moment,
you're on your own.
We shall drop as arranged.
Marigold will go ahead
as planned.
We understand, Sunflower.
Good luck.
We've got him!
Ladies and gentlemen,
in a few moments,
we shall be landing.
Kindly observe...
are securely fastened
and that your seats are
in an upright position.
Thank you.
Tower, from Mike Tango Oscar,
we have the runway in sight.
Are we clear to land?
Mike Tango Oscar,
all clear to land.
Wind... 240 degrees, 5 knots.
Mike Tango Oscar.
I'm sorry, sir,
but you must remain in your seat.
Take me into the captain.
Air speed... plus 5.
Captain Denver,
your aircraft is wired up to explode.
You will do exactly
as I say.
Now when we touch down,
I want you to come to rest
on the runway furthest
from the terminal buildings.
Air speed... plus 8.
Mike Tango Oscar,
landing time 3-0.
You're cleared in first taxiway right.
Parking Gulf at 3.
For your information, there's smoke
from your main landing gear.
Mike Tango Oscar, Tower,
do you read?
Alert the fire station.
Fire station, on standby.
Tango Oscar,
do you read?
- Crash alarm.
- Crash alarm.
Mike Tango Oscar,
Tower, do you read me?
Go over to that far runway.
I say again,
Tango Oscar, do you read me?
Mike Tango Oscar, negative left turn.
Turn to the right.
- All clear?
- Clear, right-hand side.
Well, that's as far
as it'll go.
He took off the anti-skid.
Now that, Captain, will be your
last deliberate mistake.
I can't think straight
with a gun in my neck.
You'd better learn to.
Now listen, there are four of us
and we are all wearing these.
I press that,
and this plane goes up
in two seconds.
And you with it.
That's right.
Any whiff of gas
through the air intake,
any smart-aleck trick like that
and I detonate.
Now get Control and tell them
what's happened and then
let me speak to them.
- Get the inspector.
- Sir.
Shepherd's coming out
in 60 seconds.
- Now move.
- Right, sir.
Stand by, Tower.
- Tower.
- Tower here.
Get me this telephone number.
No questions.
No debates. Do it.
Right, now let's move out.
Walk normally.
Don't rush.
Just get into the van.
Sunflower, this is Petrie.
Marigold is blown.
I repeat,
they know about Marigold.
The police know
where the dropping zone is.
Petrie, where are you?
I'm here at the airport.
I've hijacked a plane to get you out.
Stay where you are.
Do not leave
the ambassador's house.
How the hell
did they blow Marigold?
The pigs have got Chris.
They're swarming all over Marigold,
waiting to get you.
Understood, Ray.
Thank you.
Just sit tight.
Back into the house!
Get back into the house!
Come on. Come on!
What's going on?
Close the gates.
The police are waiting for us
at the other end.
What the hell do we do?
We're not going to
crack just because the police
- have got lucky for once.
- How did they find out?
- Quiet!
- What the hell do we do?
I don't know,
and I don't care.
We keep our heads.
Someone has come to get us out.
Petrie has hijacked a plane.
He's at the airport.
You can trust him.
He knows what he's doing.
We sit tight.
We've just got to hold out and make
sure that if anybody breaks,
it's them, not us.
This is where it starts
to get difficult.
You've lost the initiative.
You are forced to rely
on someone else.
That isn't difficult.
You don't think so?
That's the worst part.
Is it?
We've been waiting for the last
two days. We've weathered that.
Yes, but then your fate was
in your own hands.
Now you have to rely
on someone
called Petrie.
He makes one mistake,
and you are dead,
my friend.
We are dead, my friend.
Despite the rocky landing,
this plane is quite safe.
You are in no danger.
The captain removed the anti-skid
device and has blown all the tires.
This means that the wheels
will have to be replaced
before the plane can
take off again.
We are therefore obliged
to detain you on board
for the time being.
If you look around,
you will see three men standing
in the gangway.
If you obey their instructions,
keep calm
and remain seated,
we are confident that we should
be able to release you all
within a few hours.
Don't give them
anything until I get there.
I want to know where
the flight originated.
Stopovers, if any.
I want to know how many
passengers are on board.
- What name did he give?
- Ray Petrie.
Petrie? Ray Petrie.
- Tahlvik.
- General.
You know Bernhard
from the Ministry of the Interior.
- You going to the airport?
- Yes.
The hijackers wish to exchange
the passengers for the terrorists
in the British ambassador's house.
Now it's the government's view
that we yield to their demands.
We do not wish to be involved
in the domestic politics
of other nations.
If we give in now,
we'll have another hijack next week
and the week after.
We'll become a soft touch
for any blackmailer who's prepared
to use this kind of piracy.
If we try to resist,
100 innocent people
might well be blown to pieces.
We couldn't possibly
justify such bloodshed.
In a situation like this,
the government is powerless.
There's another important fact
we must not forget.
What is that, General?
There's an election coming up.
Our national security
becomes a farce
if we throw away the rule of law.
This isn't a war game,
Colonel Tahlvik.
There isn't any acceptable
level of casualties.
Absolutely right, Bernhard.
Captain Barnes.
politicians and civil servants
hate to be argued with.
I never do it.
As a result,
they do exactly what I want.
The ambassador
was a British affair.
This hijacker is ours.
Here are your orders.
You will delay our surrender
to the last possible moment.
You will try
to overcome the hijackers.
In doing so,
you will not endanger the life
of a single passenger.
Is that clear, Tahlvik?
Perfectly clear, sir,
and quite impossible.
We understand each other.
I have a strong aversion
to a bunch of foreign anarchists
holding the country to ransom.
And Bernhard?
Try diplomacy.
If that fails, improvise.
You're in charge, Tahlvik.
Drink? Take it.
That's good.
Do you want some sweets?
You too?
Yes, take one.
You forgot to tell the passengers
the plane is wired to explode.
I didn't forget.
Are you going to tell them?
Captain, I have every intention
of avoiding panic back there.
At the moment, most people don't
even know what's going on.
I intend to feed them just enough
information to keep them settled.
No rough stuff,
keep them informed
and there won't be a problem.
And you're not gonna be
a problem, either, are you, Captain?
You seem to be in command.
That's right.
Now refuel and supply us
for a six-hour flight.
- Right.
- Oh, and the tires.
We need a special jack
to change all the wheels.
You should have thought of that
before you removed
the anti-skid device.
I did.
- Get one.
- Anything else?
- Such as?
- A flight plan to Cuba?
All in good time, Captain.
All in good time.
So, what do we do?
We do exactly as he says.
You know our policy.
This man's a professional.
From London?
Get the airline to telex a passenger
list through the control tower.
What did Bernhard say
back there?
I think he was trying to summarize
the duties of a military attach.
You mean keep out of it.
He's not very keen
on the military, is he?
Who is?
What did the General want?
He wants us to do
the impossible.
Sign here.
Are you in charge
of these men?
Who the hell are you?
Only swear at people,
when you know
that you outrank them.
I'm Colonel Tahlvik.
I'm in charge.
Get these rifles out of sight.
I was following routine procedure.
How many hijacks
have you dealt with?
This is the first.
The first?
So don't let's talk
about routine procedure, hmm?
It's also my first.
So I shall need all the help
I can get.
- Matson.
- Yes. Head of the airport authority.
All right, Matson, I want
this tower cleared of everyone
and everything
but essentials.
I want to speak to the pilot.
Here's a blanket, sir.
Thank you.
I'm afraid I cannot allow the doors
to be closed,
but if you'd all like to move
further back in the plane,
you'll be much warmer.
- Come on, back we go.
- I shall stay where I am.
Now so far I've seen two men,
but I'm told there are four.
And they seem to be going
about it pretty professionally.
The passengers are quiet,
Colonel Tahlvik.
Stand by, Tower.
Who's this?
I asked for refueling.
Now where is it?
It's in hand.
Let's start by cutting out
the bullshit.
One, we need fuel
for a six-hour flight.
Two, we need drinking water.
Three, we need a special jack
and a new set of wheels because
Captain Denver here deliberately
sabotaged the plane
on landing.
Now you have until 5:30.
There will be no extension
to this deadline.
Do you read me, Tahlvik?
I'm going to lunch.
If this plane is not ready to leave
by 5:30 with my friends on board,
it goes up, and you will be
to blame, Colonel Tahlvik.
Shall I close down
the airport?
No, no, keep it open.
Denver's right.
He's a professional.
Why couldn't we get
a nice simple basket case?
- What about the jack?
- We haven't got one.
- Why not?
- There's never any call.
Well, there is now.
Try the military. But get it.
It'll take time.
Take all the time you want,
as long as it's here within two hours.
Frank, get on to Scotland Yard,
special branch people.
Check out this Ray Petrie.
I'd like to know who
we're dealing with.
Know if anyone's in there?
Oh, so sorry.
I'll get out of your way.
You let a fool like that take you?
Stay in there.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have had
one man trying to play the hero.
I must therefore warn you,
we can destroy this plane
in one second,
all of you and ourselves,
and we will if we have to,
so, please, no more heroes.
He's regarded as
somewhat of a national hero.
His decision today
to keep the airport open
will be regarded
as controversial,
but Colonel Tahlvik is no stranger
to controversy.
In 1968, serving
on a peacekeeping force in Cyprus,
he caused
an international incident
when he arrested some prominent
politicians for smuggling arms.
He said at the time, "We cannot
throw away the book of rules
just because it suits us to do so.
This applies both
to individuals and to governments."
Despite the uproar then,
Tahlvik maintained that
since the politicians
had broken the law,
- they must face the consequences.
- Look it's him, over there.
Colonel Tahlvik is married
with two children.
He's a keep-fit enthusiast
and is a former cross-country
skiing champion.
His appointment
as head of security was rumored
to have been opposed
by the Ministry of the Interior.
It is said that the Ministry
wanted a civilian for the job.
The government's decision
to release the gunmen
holding the British ambassador
couldn't have been welcomed
by this uncompromising man.
Colonel Tahlvik, Mrs. Palmer.
I was out of the house when
it happened and the police...
I saw the ambassador
this morning. He's well.
He's not well, Colonel.
My husband is dying.
His heart.
He's living on borrowed time.
He has a year to live.
He knows about it.
He has a year
if he avoids any kind of strain.
- We're doing what we can.
- No, you're not.
He's already been held hostage
for two whole days,
and now there'll be more delays,
more waiting, more strain,
which he cannot endure.
Colonel, in 30 years
as a diplomat's wife, I've never
broken the rules of the game,
but I am breaking them now.
I'm begging you
to let these men go.
They're killing my husband
as surely as
if they were putting a rope
around his neck.
Let them go.
They'll be caught somewhere
Let them go from here.
I couldn't stop her, Nils.
Petrie wants a two-way police radio
for himself and Shepherd.
Give Shepherd his,
but hold onto Petrie's till I tell you
and get one for me.
Let's ask some members
of the public how they...
Matson, I'd like an office.
Anything will do.
- Yeah.
- I don't see any problem, really.
You know, I mean we just get rid
of these foreign gangsters
and we save the lives
of innocent bystanders, you know.
There's no problem.
I don't think so anyway.
Denver says
they're stiff with guns.
What the hell's London Airport
What kind of security
are they carrying out, hmm?
Check if they're using
magnetometers, will you?
Yes, all right.
Go on now.
Well, now, Nils.
1,000 to 1.
What odds do your men accept?
2,000 to 1.
How many commandos
did you bring?
- Fetch me your best man.
- Okay.
What time is it, please?
Nearly 2:00.
We counted on being out
of here by now.
- Do you need the pills?
- No,
they're for an emergency.
You put one between my teeth.
It wouldn't be very convenient
for you, would it,
if my heart were to give out now.
We still have your housekeepers.
There are policemen coming.
It's a radio.
- Petrie.
- Hello.
Your radio's coming out.
Let the women
and children off, Petrie.
At least you can do that.
Good God, man,
show some mercy.
It's up to you, Tahlvik.
Give us our comrades
and everyone gets off.
What guarantees
do I have you'll keep your word?
You're going to have to trust me.
Hello, Sunflower,
message, over.
Hello, Sunflower, message, over.
Hello, Sunflower,
message, over.
Hello, Sunflower, message, over.
Hello, Sunflower,
message, over.
Hello. Sunflower.
Send your message. Over.
The pilot screwed up the wheels
on landing.
- They have to be changed.
- How long will it take?
I've got it in hand, no sweat.
Keep on this frequency. Out.
Colonel Tahlvik!
- What are you trying to do?
- Get her out of here.
They'll kill my husband
if you try to stop them.
- They'll kill everyone!
- Post a man outside that door.
And no one comes in here
unless I say so. Is that clear?
Captain, how are you?
Alone, Colonel.
One of my men is under
your forward hold.
Bring him in when you can.
Tower, I'm feeling
quite warm now.
I can confirm that
the auxiliary power
is working normally.
Hmm, things are holding up
quite nicely.
Captain Denver.
Tsk tsk tsk.
You're a very lucky man.
You might have been hurt.
I promise you, Tahlvik,
the next one you send will die.
This is Captain Barnes
of the British Embassy.
We are negotiating the release
of your men
with the authorities,
but I warn you,
they will refuse outright
if you cause any loss of life.
Is that clear?
It's clear to me,
but is it clear to Tahlvik?
You tell him.
- Donner.
- I've located the jack, Colonel.
Good. Your best man
and they saw him all the way.
Then what went wrong?
He kept to the blind side.
They couldn't have seen him.
Someone did.
There's someone out there.
"Paris Match."
"Paris Match."
There's someone out there
telling them every
bloody move we make.
Have the police search
every building
that overlooks the airfield,
the lot.
Big place.
Colonel Tahlvik,
it's just come to my attention
that you are willfully disobeying
your orders
and in doing so, you've almost
killed 100 passengers.
I'm on my way to the airport,
and I'm telling you now
to start carrying out the instructions
you've been given.
You understand that, Tahlvik?
Do I make myself clear?
There is to be no...
He's in the tunnel.
I hope you agree, Colonel,
that there is only one way
to handle this situation
and that is to do nothing rash.
Colonel, you want
the whole airport searched?
At the very least,
it'll take five hours.
Well, that's no good.
I'm sorry, but you appreciate
the area and the buildings involved.
I must find that lookout
before Shepherd gets here.
We'll have to narrow down
the area of search.
Where is Colonel Tahlvik?
No one goes in there.
My name is Bernhard.
I am from the Ministry
of the Interior.
I don't care who you are.
Would you please go inside
and inform him that I'm here?
I can't do that.
Hmm. Orders.
Try it.
I've always wanted to punch one
of you people.
- Captain Barnes.
- Excuse me.
I insist on seeing
Colonel Tahlvik.
There's a Petrie down here.
Yes, I'm waiting to hear if London
know anyone of that name.
There's three others with him.
See if London can identify any
of the other passengers.
Forget the women and children.
Prune it down. Use the head.
- Yes?
- The jack has arrived, Colonel.
Good. Keep it out of sight,
and, Matson,
I'm expecting a call
from Petrie.
- Keep the channel free.
- Right.
What the hell do you think you're
playing at? Pull those troops back.
They get anywhere near us,
I'll blow this plane up.
You think I'm kidding,
then try it.
Tahlvik, do you hear me?
Yes, I hear you.
I'm pulling them back.
What about this bloody jack?
- Won't be long now.
- Better not be.
You have two hours.
The sneaky bastard.
Matson, have the jack
sent out now.
You are, I take it,
the people who've caused
so much trouble in Britain
these past few years.
The sabotage
and the killing.
Of which you disapprove.
That is self-evident.
You served four years
with Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia.
Yourjob, I assume,
was to sabotage and kill.
- But that was war.
- So is this.
You are fighting to destroy a system
you considered evil,
of which you disapproved.
So am I.
And what do you intend
after you have destroyed it?
I shall stop fighting.
That's self-evident.
Get Petrie.
Hello. Sunflower.
Message. Over.
send your message. Over.
We are coming out now.
We have three hostages
who will bring us to you.
- Over.
- Wait.
The wheels still have to be replaced.
Listen, Sunflower.
Leave it a bit longer
until we're ready to take off.
Right now we're stronger apart.
I'm your insurance.
You're mine, okay?
That's the right one.
Special low-profile jack.
Hello, Tango Victor x-ray.
I can't see anybody, Colonel.
- Park at the end of the line.
- Wilco.
He's in one of those aircraft.
They've got another plane
out here.
I think they must be onto me.
I'm taking off now.
Good luck.
They're onto George.
He's leaving us.
You know what to do.
I'm following him, Colonel.
Tahlvik, so you got rid
of my lookout. Big deal.
Where the hell do you think
that's got you?
At 5:30, I blow this plane up.
And then there will be no one
for you to play soldiers with, Colonel.
Now keep your eyes open.
Victor x-ray.
Go ahead, Colonel.
- Check his registration.
- Wilco.
He's good.
So are you and you're faster.
He'll be off-radar
in the mountains.
- We want to know where he lands.
- Wilco.
I'm closing in, Colonel.
His registration is...
Bravo India Mike.
Scotland Yard have a file
on George Rawlings.
He must be heading
for Lake Blufell.
It's the only place he can land
on skis.
How far is that?
About eight minutes.
Colonel, he's heading north
30 degrees east.
It must be Lake Blufell.
Contact the police
in the Lake Blufell area.
They have seven minutes.
Thank you, Victor x-ray.
Return to base.
Keep tracking him.
Let me know.
- Tahlvik.
- Not now, Bernhard.
I've heard from London.
Oh, yeah?
- You want to hear it?
- Hmm.
"Number one, London Airport
have not only had
all their magnetometers
going full blast,
but since the ambassador
was taken hostage,
anyone coming here is being
stripped naked."
Number two?
"Number two, Scotland Yard have
known about someone called Petrie
for two years."
They know he's involved
with Shepherd's group.
But like Shepherd,
he's never been arrested.
Well, now.
He must be rather clever.
Must also be rather lucky.
Travels under his own name.
Just walks through
the tightest security checks,
takes a plane to where his friends
are holding the British
ambassador to ransom.
It's the most extraordinary
thing, certainly.
Brings an arsenal of guns,
enough explosive
to blow up the plane.
He isn't just lucky, Frank.
He's a walking bloody miracle.
It is rather odd.
It didn't take
Colonel Tahlvik very long
to discoverjust how many
British pilots there are
who have a criminal record
and not a very good record,
Mr. Rawlings.
There is one aspect of your career
which intrigues me.
Oh, yeah?
What's that, then?
Two years ago,
you were arrested
in the Persian Gulf,
having flown an aircraft from India
which had been involved
in gold smuggling.
I think you'll find I was never
charged with that offense.
And you can check that out
with whoever you like.
30 minutes.
Your time's up, Tahlvik.
The wheels will be ready
in 30 minutes,
and if my friends are not
on board by that time,
the plane and the passengers
will be blown up.
I'm waiting, Tahlvik.
Your friends will be released.
They will have safe conduct
to the airport.
Hello, Petrie. This is Sunflower.
What's happening?
Ready and waiting.
Come on in, brother.
You have safe conduct
all the way.
I don't need safe conduct.
I'm bringing the hostages.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm pleased to tell you that
the authorities have cooperated.
You should therefore be free
to leave this plane
in about 30 minutes.
Thank you for your patience.
Gold smuggling
and they dropped the charges.
Why would they do that?
'Cause they got something
in return.
- Who are they?
- The British.
Thank you.
- You are who?
- British Embassy, sir.
What are you doing here?
Waiting to deliver diplomatic mail
to the Queen's Messenger.
He's on that plane, sir.
He usually drops incoming mail
and picks up the outgoing.
But now...
Where do you exchange
these things?
On the tarmac.
The Queen's Messenger belongs
to the diplomatic corps.
I pick him up by the plane.
That's the rule, sir.
What's the name
of this Queen's Messenger?
Brigadier Hislop.
Colonel Tahlvik.
In 35 minutes' time,
that plane will explode.
Precisely, Colonel.
You've spent hours
ignoring your orders,
and the result is we're facing
our deadline.
You've had a good run, Tahlvik.
You've made your point.
I'm not here
to make points.
I'm here as head of security.
Unless you transfer the terrorists
to the aircraft at once,
I am going to relieve you
of your command.
The transfer began
10 minutes ago.
Traveling in a light blue minibus.
With you in 10 minutes.
Sunflower, maintain contact
until you get here.
- Proceeding, no difficulty.
- Okay.
Hello, Petrie.
Hello, Petrie.
Pull over!
Come on!
Cover him.
What's happening?!
What's the hold up?
Right. Move it.
Hurry it up!
Come in, Sunflower.
Where are you, Sunflower?
Where are you?
Sunflower, where are you?
Come on in. Come in.
Went through a tunnel.
Can you hear me?
Hear you fine now.
Come on in.
Hello, Petrie.
Hello, Petrie.
Mike, get out there!
Get that truck moving.
Come on, hurry up!
- Let me do it.
- Sit down!
Hello, Petrie.
We're inside the perimeter now.
Drive right up to the steps.
This is it.
Tower from Tango Oscar.
The bus is here,
but I still haven't been
told where we're going.
Have you any idea?
They've been switched!
Did they hear?
You were lucky.
We heard, but no one else did.
Get rid of that bus, Mike.
- Right, Ray. Leave it to me.
- I'll do it right now.
- Okay, let's go. Let's get up there.
- Keep moving.
Shut it!
Captain Denver.
She gets it first.
Well, Colonel,
you seem to have done it,
except that one of them
has a gun on my stewardess.
Let me talk to them.
You're through, Colonel.
My men will withdraw.
That was criminal.
- Colonel Donner.
- Yes?
- Donner.
- Sir?
It didn't work.
Bring them in.
- Yes, sir, okay.
- No tricks this time.
Hello, Petrie.
This is Sunflower.
we're still in business.
I failed, General.
- Is anyone hurt?
- No.
No one was hurt.
- No casualties?
- No, and no shots were fired at all.
No, not one.
You're a very lucky man.
I promise you, Tahlvik,
the next one you send
will die.
your men with
the authorities, but I warn you,
they will refuse outright
if you cause any loss of life.
Is that clear?
Scotland Yard have known about
someone called Petrie for two years.
We know he's involved
with Shepherd's group.
But like Shepherd,
he's never been arrested.
It's the code name.
Waiting to deliver diplomatic mail
to the Queen's Messenger.
He's on that plane, sir.
- Who are they?
- The British.
This is Captain Barnes
of the British Embassy.
Can't win 'em all.
No, Frank,
you can't win them all.
Palmer must be
in pretty bad shape by now.
Do you think if I offered
to take Palmer's place,
they would agree?
I think Shepherd will be very
pleased to get you on board.
After all, Frank,
on your evidence, he'll go to prison
for the rest of his life.
He'll want you on board if only
to throw you off at 35,000 feet.
Now Petrie,
he wouldn't kill you.
Petrie knows the rules.
But I warn you.
They will refuse outright
if you cause any loss of life.
Is that clear?
What was that, Frank?
A reminder?
I don't know what you mean.
I mean it's you,
the British,
who have been holding
my country to ransom.
I mean that your man Petrie was
ordered by London to hijack that plane,
but he mustn't kill anyone.
No one must be hurt.
It doesn't matter what happens
to 100 helpless passengers
in the process.
We are negotiating the release
of your men
with the authorities.
But I warn you.
They will refuse outright
if you cause any loss of life.
Is that clear?
It's clear to me,
but is it clear to Tahlvik?
It is clear, very clear.
How long did Petrie
work undercover
to get close to Shepherd?
Two years?
Where was their dropping zone?
You said you discovered
what it was.
London had no idea where
Shepherd was going to bail out.
And Petrie could only tell him
the code name.
Now that's why
you hijacked that plane...
just to get Shepherd.
I am Her Britannic
Majesty's Messenger.
I am carrying diplomatic mail.
You, Brigadier,
are under arrest.
May I remind you
I have diplomatic immunity?
That privilege ceased the moment
you carried one of these
on board a civil aircraft,
stuffed with guns.
Hello, Tower,
request permission to take off.
- Tahlvik.
- Yes?
Colonel, I'm prepared to exchange
the ambassador for another hostage.
Who do you want?
The British military attach...
Captain Barnes.
I'll go find him.
Good news, Frank.
Petrie wants you instead of Palmer.
- Very well.
- Sit down.
You bloody fool.
You did what you were told,
obeyed orders.
Don't you understand there are
orders you must not obey?
- Mike Tango Oscar.
- Hello, Tower.
Captain Barnes is coming out.
Start pressures are okay.
The collision light is on.
Starting number two engine.
Welcome aboard,
Captain Barnes.
That's not Barnes.
Kill the bastard!
Your friend here didn't come
to save you, Shepherd.
You've been betrayed.
Ray Petrie is a policeman.
What's happening?
Don't shoot.
That's a detonator.
Where is the ambassador?