The Texture of Falling (2018) Movie Script

Michael, do not slam the door.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like I did.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like I did.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like I did.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like I did.
Do yoga or something.
It's not the best
place to hangout.
So we were shooting this
crazy car scene, explosions
everywhere, and this big
piece of shrapnel hit my hand.
I had to go to hospital.
And for four weeks...
in a cast.
It was crazy.
What do you do?
I'm a filmmaker too.
I'm an independent
filmmaker here in Portland.
I'm looking to
get into features.
I've only made shorts so far.
But I have an idea
for a feature film,
and I'd love to
share it with you.
I'm listening.
Well, in short it's about an
artist and her love affair
with the city of Portland.
Different color schemes
throughout the film
would represent the different
stages of her relationship.
And... that's it?
Well, of course, there's
their love story, which
follows the voyage of the hero.
I don't see it being
viable, but good luck!
So anyway, we had this
great, crazy boat,
and we were like, all on it.
I can't make a story.
I can't make a story.
I definitely fucked it up.
No, I just had the
worst performance...
Hey, I know you.
I think you might
think I'm someone else.
No, no.
The festival a
couple of months ago.
Oh, hey, Louisa.
This is Raiyah, she's another
producer director here.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, and this is Luke,
he's the composer
for my current documentary.
I know, that's what I
like about coming here.
It's weird seeing you here.
You must be from Portland.
No, I'm actually from Seattle.
I was just here for a
performance, I'm a pianist.
Oh, nice.
Sorry about the phone
thing, I was just
going through some things.
What are you going through?
If you don't mind me asking.
A lot.
I really fucked up
that performance.
But then again, I
don't know if it's
just like over analyzing
self-deprecation stuff.
I definitely fucked it up.
I feel in a very
similar place right now,
but I'm sure mine is worse.
Oh yeah?
What's going on with you?
Basically I'm a failure.
I think I can relate.
I should go.
Can I at least get your name?
I'm Louisa.
Maybe when I'm back in town
we could go for a drink,
can I get your number?
Well, give it to me.
Thank you.
Stop picking.
I'm not picking.
Yes, you are.
Don't do it.
You have to stay on
your side of the bed.
Don't touch me.
I drew a line down the
center, so don't cross it.
I don't want it to look
like everyone else.
I don't want ropes
and whips and stuff.
I've never done this.
But you're not trying
to touch me at all.
There's nothing I
can do to stop you.
The I all of a sudden
get you, I know.
I'm sorry.
No, it's all right.
July 15th, dreams are
better than memories,
because memories, I
will forget them all.
Hi, this is Luke.
I have an addictive personality.
I think that I do too.
What are you addicted to?
Mostly sensation.
Not even sure what
that means, really.
What about you?
Well no hard drugs.
Nicotine, obviously.
But it's not that bad,
just like two packs a week.
But I think primarily I'm
addicted to fascination.
Nothing can be
fascinating for too long.
Have you ever been
addicted to a person?
I don't think I have ever
felt addicted to a person.
Do you want to find
a club to dance at?
So how was your
date with that guy?
What's his name?
It wasn't a date.
We were just hanging out.
Oh, come on, I can
tell by your energy it
was more than just hanging out.
You know I never like
anyone romantically.
What is this?
Wondering if you noticed
the half moon with Jupiter
by its left shoulder last night.
I did see the moon
last night and today.
Perfectly halved.
But I didn't catch Jupiter
or the moon's shoulder.
But I did notice your
left shoulder somehow.
So you emailed that you had
some complications in your life.
Well, I just felt like I should
tell you that I'm married.
Oh, I thought you
were going to say
something different
like you were
addicted to coke or something.
Let's play.
No, I'm smoking.
If you are, I am.
No, you can't.
You need to quit smoking.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Give me my cigarette back.
Oh shit!
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Who's the guy you're seeing?
What are you talking about?
I saw you going to a club a
couple weeks ago with a guy.
Oh, no, Ati, that's the
new intern at the gallery.
He's from New York.
Yasmine wanted me to
show him around town,
make him feel comfortable.
Seemed to be dancing
pretty close.
I was dancing.
I was having fun.
I was helping him
feel comfortable.
And what were you doing
walking by that club anyway?
What's his name?
His name?
I was just walking.
At night?
That's weird.
I guess that it doesn't
seem like you would do that.
It was just coincidental.
Yeah, that's a
weird coincidence.
If you say there's nothing going
on, then I have to believe you.
The reason I brought
down here was
because I had to let you know
that you are safe with me,
and that I have you, and
I will take care of you.
Do you understand?
Yes, what?
Yes master.
Very good.
How do you feel?
What's wrong?
Do you really have
to ask me that?
You know.
then why don't you tell me
I don't like it
that you can't stay.
You always have to go.
What would you like
me to do, Sylvia?
I don't think I can
come down tomorrow.
Kate found your tampon.
She looked through
my trash downstairs.
I'm not really in
a space to talk.
I want see you so
much, but I can't.
I'm dark, I know.
I wish you would get home.
I'm sort of confused.
I really wish we could
talk in person right now.
I feel like I don't
want to drag you
into this anymore than I have.
I'm so sorry, Louisa.
Louisa, I want to
live with my kids.
I'm sorry, Michael,
I'm not going
to be able to hang out tonight.
I have to work on some
paintings for an upcoming show,
but we'll see each other soon.
Ok make a wish.
Just don't get all
melodramatic in the screenplay.
I know that your
connection to Luke
felt really profound to
you, but it might not
read that way to everybody.
I hope we have an
earthquake, that way we
can have an apocalyptic
ending where
the only thing that
matters is true love.
Then whoever's
playing me is going
to have to be in that scene,
because what you had with him
was definitely not love.
Anyway, I don't want
to talk about it.
Sorry I'm late.
Either way it's a
very temporal state.
I mean, nothing can be
fascinating for too long.
It's true.
Have you ever been
addicted to a person?
That's good.
I can do it a little louder
or broader if you want,
or I can just...
Yeah, let's try some...
a few different things.
Maybe a little
bit more neurotic.
None of them feel
right me, but I
do feel like we found our lead.
I knew it the first
time I saw her.
Honestly, I'm not sold on
her as an actress either.
Babe, I just don't feel like
I can feel her sexuality.
I'm surprised you're
concerned about her sexuality.
I feel like she has in spades.
So you started dancing again.
How is that?
It's pretty great.
It's fun.
It's a distraction from
my class and the thesis.
Maybe I should start dancing.
Wait, what?
You've always been so
against dancing, though.
Not because of morality,
because of pride.
I don't judge it,
I just don't want
the stigma that comes with it.
I have to fund the
film somehow, and I
feel like I have to do something
extreme to get over Luke.
Hey, how are you doing?
Hi, good.
How are you?
Good, good.
What can I get for you?
I'm going to get a margarita.
Also, do you guys have a
bathroom here I can use?
Yeah, it's right
through that door.
Hey, by the way,
it's a strip club.
All right, hold on, Juliet.
Main character, love
skeptic, filmmaker.
I want to show
their push and pull.
How he was a sadistic priest.
Hi, Anthony.
I've got some great ideas
for the kickstarter.
There's a lot of noise.
Are you with people?
OK, bye.
Hi, Ati.
I'm feeling so overwhelmed.
There's so much coming up
for me with the kickstarter.
I feel like something's
going on with Anthony.
I don't know.
He's AWOL.
Yeah, we can talk about
it more at Por Que No.
OK, I'll be there in 30 minutes.
How are you?
Where are you?
I'm driving around in
Southeast Portland.
Louisa, where are you?
Call me back.
I need to tell you
something later.
I'm so sorry.
So I have something to tell you.
I think you already
know this, though.
But I feel like we should
finally say it out loud.
So the script, the film,
it's about you, I mean, us.
Oh my God.
No, I didn't fucking know.
All I've wanted this whole time
is you, as foolish as that is.
You have your kids.
My art is all I have.
Really, Anthony?
I'm working 24/7.
I don't have time to talk
about how you want to fuck her.
That's so unprofessional.
You know you're lying,
it just doesn't fit.
Have you been reading my emails?
Why don't you tell me
where you were last night?
You have been.
I have to come up to Seattle.
You want to know why I do
the things I do for you?
Because I care.
I love you.
What's my name?
I'm the one.
You're casting an
actor to play me,
and you were talking to me about
your process and everything
and I had no clue, really.
What's going on with you?
I just want to feel you.
I want to feel you deeper.
Where are you?
Where are you?
I'll be right back.
I can't stay the night.
But please don't go yet.
I have to tell you something.
I'm an artist.
And now you're a stripper.
What else do I not know?
I'm not a fucking stripper.
You don't trust me.
You don't even fucking
trust yourself.
You have no idea of what
you're talking about.
Yeah, I do.
I really thought
we were different.
I thought we were different.
You know what, it
doesn't matter.
I love you.
I'm going to take you
somewhere special in honor
of your success.
But I need you to do
something for me, OK?
Good girl.
This weekend I'm going to
bring something special for you
to wear.
I feel like I can't
do this anymore.
Every day my heart is breaking.
I'm alone.
Kneel down.
I've never loved
anyone like this.
I'll come back tomorrow
before I go to work.
You're going to
wait here for me.
I'll miss you tonight.
I'll dream about you.
That was good.
I wanted to toast to our
successful kickstarter campaign
and the commencement of
our principal production,
to all of you who have supported
this vision so much so far.
To our imminent success.
You can't do it like.
You can't do it like.
That was great.
Anthony, can I talk
to you for a minute?
Juliet, your expression
was enigmatic.
Thank you.
Really good.
Oh good, thanks.
Do you mind not
doing that on set?
I know we've worked
through my issues
with you dating our
actor, but I would really
like it if you just kept that
behind closed doors for now.
Everyone can take an
hour break for dinner,
and then we're moving
to the waterfront scene.
All right, let's get
a stand-in and check
the audio and the light.
Oh, shit.
The wine.
Where's the wine?
Louisa, someone dropped
this off for you.
I don't know who it was.
I didn't tell anybody
to bring this.
Which way did he go?
Where is he?
He was over there.
Let's get going.
I don't normally smoke.
But lately it's become
a bit of a thing for me,
hence this weird thing,
which I'm sure is worse,
nanoparticles and all.
I have an addictive personality.
I think I do to.
What are you addicted to?
Mostly sensation, but
primarily different
than normal sensations.
Slight alterations.
What about you?
Love, I suppose.
Was that me.
That was not you.
That was great.
It's me.
I'm sorry, everyone.
Just, Damien, can I just
see what's going on here?
Looks good.
Thanks, D. Julie,
how are you doing?
I'm OK.
Damien, that's so
Are you?
Thanks, Maria.
How are you doing in
front of the camera?
Terrible, of course.
Has Ati come?
We have to call him.
So just tell me, yes
or no, are you coming?
He looks like he's not coming.
I don't know what to do, but
I can't worry about that right
Well, I could pass as
a 50-something year
old Korean man.
Oh God.
OK, come watch me out there.
All right, Quite on the set.
104 Charlie.
Take two.
What about you?
Well, I haven't tried
drugs or anything.
Love, I suppose.
I wonder what that means to you.
Have you ever been
addicted to a person?
Well, once.
I think I'm still trying to
figure out what that was.
Dreams are better than
memories, because memories,
I will forget them all.
And now that I've forgotten,
it's as if it never happened,
but at least I have evidence.