The Thin Yellow Line (2015) Movie Script

Good morning, Too.
Morning, guys.
Hi, Ramiro.
What's up, Too?
How's everything?
Good, all good.
Nobody has broken in.
I've been staying awake every
I do my rounds...
Would you like one?
No, thank you.
So, what's up?
Don Hernn sent me.
I have to lay you off.
He says business isn't good.
And the robberies.
Shut up!
Shut up!
I see you brought my replacement.
Too, you can stay here...
...while you search.
I stopped searching long ago.
The Thin Yellow Line
Can I help you?
Do you need a guard?
Sorry, not now.
...if you're looking for work go to
San Jacinto...'s 35 kilometers from here.
Fidel, put them in the other side.
Do you need any help?
There's nothing right now, sir.
Do you know if anyone needs a night
A guard or a servant?
There's no work here.
85 pesos.
Are they still looking for an
Don't know, talk to the manager.
-Does it start at zero?
-Yes, zero.
-Excuse me.
Would you have my money?
We agreed you'd pay weekly...
...I've been here 10 days
and haven't seen one peso.
I said tomorrow.
-How much?
-300 pesos, please.
Didn't you work at Zamora
I am engineer Luis Crdenas.
Do you remember me?
Of course, engineer.
How are you?
Too, right?
What are you doing here, Too?
Last time I saw you was
thirty years ago.
You know.
Been here and there.
It's nice to see old colleagues.
Do you still do the same stuff,
Still the same, almost 50 years.
We were hired to do some repairs... the roads in this area.
Good, they're so screwed up.
What happened to you?
Suddenly, one day you disappeared.
Come here when you're done.
You know, just surviving.
If you need anything...
Come see me.
I'm at La Calera, crossroads with
San Carlos.
We might find something for you.
Thank you, sir.
Your change.
-Thank you.
Too Mrquez.
I was nearby and stopped to say hi.
My pleasure!
Come on, let's have some coffee.
I have 25 workers on different
We have to finish before the rainy
You know how the flooding is.
No, thanks.
Rain is a damn hassle.
You know.
Remember the landslide in 1978?
How many casualties?
The night before I had a back
...had to stay in bed.
I couldn't rescue any of our men.
It was awful.
So, you never worked in
construction again?
I tried other jobs.
Why, Too?
You were one of our best foremen.
You know what they say, sir:
"A good captain saves his ship or
goes down with it."
I did neither.
How is the gas station?
There's more traffic every day,
You know what...
I took the job at the station
because I was fired...
...from my other job.
I was a night watchman in a junk
yard for 11 years.
11 years as a guard.
In junk yards... go to die.
I was ready to die too.
But one day...
...they replaced me with a dog.
So, you wouldn't mind leaving
the gas station...
...if you found something better?
At my age, sir, I won't find
anything better.
I have a position.
Something simple but I'm sure that
we'll find more work.
How much to you make
at the station?
700 pesos a week.
I offer you, for 15 days...
...7,000 pesos.
What do I have to do?
We need to paint the road...
...that goes from San Jacinto to
San Carlos.
217 kilometers.
It's been a long time since I
worked on roads.
The road is calling you again.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
The engineer isn't here yet?
He brought us here but had to go
back... get someone else.
I'm the foreman.
We're going to paint the road from
San Jacinto to San Carlos.
Gabriel Lpez.
Nice meeting you, engineer.
Antonio Mrquez.
And you are...
I'm Martn but they call me Atayde,
like the circus.
How many kilometers
do we have to paint?
You're not from here?
No, I'm not.
I'm from San Jacinto,
they're like...
...200 kilometers to San Carlos.
-Good morning, Too.
-Hello, engineer.
-You've met, right?
-Yes, sir.
I had to go pick up this lazy ass
who was asleep.
Come here.
Ok, so we're all here.
Too is the foreman.
He will tell you how, when and
Now move everything from
my pick-up to Too's.
My truck?
I thought you'd give us a vehicle.
I was just told on the radio
that there's nothing available.
Do you think it won't make it?
Of course, it will!
It's strong.
Ok, guys, let's go.
Don't worry, Too, I'll compensate.
Come here.
The first part, Too, leaving San
Jacinto... all straight.
A beauty.
That's more than 100 kilometers.
The last quarter... gets complicated.
The last stretch before San
Carlos...'s all curves.
-Just like it was.
-Careful with that hole.
Lift it, lift it.
Let's go!
-You don't fit here.
-You go in front!
I don't smoke.
My truck neither.
Why were you late?
I worked as a waiter at a wedding
last night.
I finished at 4:00 am.
This is it.
Right here.
It's really screwed up.
We're starting here?
Unload the machine
and a bucket of paint.
Grab something.
Come here.
Have any of you painted before?
Ok, two things.
First one...
We have 15 days to finish the job.
We need to watch our backs...
...on both ends.
Gabriel, you will be the flag on
this side.
Sir, I think I'll be more
...if I'm close to the machine in
case we need to move it...
...lift it, recharge with paint.
So, you Atayde.
You'll be the flag on this side.
You have to be very alert.
Cars, trailers, whatever.
Your flag is our life.
Never lose it.
Mario, you'll be the flag on
the other side.
That way, Gabriel, Pablo and I will
be protected... the center with the machine.
You have to stand a few meters away
from us.
Go get the vests, flags and a rope
from the box.
Let's see...
Mario and Atayde take your places.
No, farther.
Even more!
Walk, dammit!
I'll tell you when to stop.
That's good!
You have to keep this distance,
Watch out!
Let's put the machine right in
the center.
This is the handle bar.
Your guide is the wheel in front.
This is the pass key.
-Pull the lever.
-There it is.
This is the injector.
See how you paint a stripe.
You paint five steps.
Then eight without painting.
And then, we paint again.
This is what we have to do.
For 200 kilometers.
We're running out of paint.
Let's see...
Go get the truck, we need more
Do you drive?
-Forget it.
Gabriel, you go.
This is how you painted the roads
Before it was by hand.
A brush, paint and a lot of
That was a real man's job.
There was a road painter riddle
that we used to tell... each other.
A man is hired to paint
the stripes...
...on a road.
On Monday, the first day...
...he paints 4 kilometers.
But on Tuesday, he only paints 2
The next day, Wednesday, only 1 km.
On Thursday he only paints a few
What's happening to this man?
Think it over!
Now get the machine and start
Stop, stop, stop.
What happened?
You're spilling paint outside
the line.
Get out.
Let's stop here.
What happened?
The engineer gave me money to
...four days at inns on the road.
...we spend the night on a cot at
an inn...
...or we split that money.
Either way it's ours.
-I vote to split it.
-Me too.
And me.
Me too.
Let's do it now.
Gabriel, go get the truck.
When I worked at the circus, once
in a while...
...I slept like this, in
the countryside.
What did you do in the circus?
Everything, I washed the animals...
...I fed them.
Sold popcorn.
Dressed the ballerinas.
You were the lackey.
I was the best stagehand in all
Lion tamerif I wanted, a..e.
You, Gabriel?
What do you do?
What do I do?
I was a driver...
I'm going to sleep now, good night.
We'll wake up at 7:30 am.
We start at 8:00 am.
My truck!
It's not here!
Mario did it.
I knew I shouldn't trust that a..e.
Anyone of you knew about this?
No, sir.
He pushed it, not to make a sound.
At least he left the stuff.
The machine, the paint.
And supplies.
F..g a..e.
F..g, Mario!
So we continue?
Slow down, slow down.
Stop! Watch out! Car!
Slow down!
Stop, a..e!
We're working, f..s!
F..k you!
You've got to stay alert.
Crazy b..s come out of nowhere... cause accidents.
I've seen them for years.
This road looked deserted, but
Let's continue.
We have twelve days left.
Before the rain starts.
I can't believe it, Don Too.
It's the car that almost ran us
It's broken down.
Don't lift a finger for them,
Everybody carries their own demons.
Who dares?
What happened, chief?
It needs water.
Hold on a second.
Thank you.
That's our drinking water!
It's my share.
Thank you, I really appreciate it.
What if Mario was kidnapped
along with the truck?
We would have heard.
He planned it.
That's why he was so silent, m..r.
I had a pal in the circus...
...he had been working for five
They treated him badly.
He put up with everything,
complains, insults... day the circus owner, fired
Just like that.
He asked for his backpay...
...the owner refused.
He had to leave the next day.
He went to bed very angry...
The next day the owner said he was
But so was the lion.
He stole the lion?
The star of the circus.
They never found him?
They kept searching.
The Durango police looked
...for the famous lion.
Never found him.
One of those unexpected thefts that
change your life.
From that moment on, it all went
bad for the owner.
Very bad.
A few months later he had to sell
the circus.
Life makes you pay your bills.
I ran out of cigarettes last night.
Thank you very much.
I always wanted to drive a trailer.
Honk the horn.
Why did you quit?
Well, you know.
Okay, thank you.
No, that's crooked, man.
Take that off your ears!
Stay alert and watch the road.
No distractions.
-A store!
Hello, boss.
Do you have water?
Sure, here.
This one or smaller.
This is good.
20 pesos.
Give me three.
With pleasure.
Hello, you.
And two tins of sardines.
And two boxes of cookies.
How much is it?
-80 pesos, please.
-There you go.
Excuse me, sir.
What's her name?
She has no name.
She's not mine.
Her owners abandoned her
three weeks ago.
A family in a truck packed
with kids...
...they stopped to get some
...and they left.
Poor animal.
She ran after them...
...but didn't catch up and
came back here.
Let's go.
Oh, man!
No, no, she won't leave you now,
you'll see.
Hey, this animal has been following
us for 3 kilometers.
Get out of here!
-What's wrong with you?
She can follow whomever
she wants to.
I hate dogs.
-Are they abandoned?
Don't touch anything, kid.
Can't you see this is private
Were you always this bitter?
It was a hard day.
We're tired, let's relax.
I'm making coffee.
Anybody want some?
Let's go.
I wish I was lying in my couch.
Watching TV with my woman.
Lying there.
Are you the home-loving type,
Not me...
I'm hardly ever at home.
When I was younger I loved to be at
Watching TV, listening to music, or
talking with my brother.
Then my parents' problems began.
I did anything to not be there.
Fights started, lasted for hours
and hours...
My brother couldn't stand it, so he
left home.
I stayed.
It was hard.
So, you had to leave.
That's why I'm going to Chicago.
Live with my brother.
It's stupid to go to the United
Time to sleep.
I've never relaxed under
the balls...
...of a bull.
Enjoy it.
Because it won't last too long.
What are you listening to?
What are you listening to?
Music my brother left for me...
...before he left.
A smoke?
I'm going blind.
A f..g ant can see as far as I can.
The last times I drove a trailer... night, my only guide...
...was the line on the road.
Just the lines.
One day I almost killed myself.
I need surgery to fix my sight.
That's why you took the job.
I'm dying to drive a trailer again.
That's right!
Come on, come on!
That's it!
-Very good.
-Come on.
Yes, go straight.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
What's this f..g thing?
You don't take this seriously, do
Lots of lives depend on a well
traced line.
Lots of lives?
All these days we've been working
...not more than six cars have
I see we have a troublemaker here.
F..g heat!
Let's stop for a while.
I'm f..g thirsty!
How much more to go, Too?
Another half.
F..g Mario, a..e!
Take these.
Put them in your mouth.
What are these pebbles for, Too?
To salivate.
We did this when we ran out of
...on the road.
They help.
The only thing that makes me go
on... that I want one of those
...they make in San Carlos.
It's been a long time since I had
Are they good?
You can't imagine.
They serve it with onion...
Nice chili pepper.
And lime.
You eat them...
...with a chilled coke.
What are you doing here, m...r?
Didn't you steal it?
Why did you come back?
You repented?
Something could have happened to
us, we couldn't move.
You left us with no truck in
the middle of nowhere.
It's a miracle we found water,
Calm down, Too.
Calm down!
I'm sorry!
F..k you!
Get outta here, f..k off.
-Gimme another opportunity, Too.
-Too, calm down.
Calm down!
I brought water.
We need him.
No, we don't need no thief.
Then I'm leaving too.
Listen, kid...
Being a thief is a sickness.
He can stay.
But if he steals again...
...I'll deduct it from your wage.
And send you both to prison.
Forty years ago, your fellow
...would have beaten you up.
And then sent you to the police.
I was on my way to Sonora.
But something made me return.
A promise I made.
That you'll only steal
brand new trucks?
I spent last year in jail.
What for?
I stole...
...a gym.
-A gym?
Gym equipment, weights.
F..k! Couldn't you find
something heavier?
My mother died
when I was doing time.
When I left, I promised myself
that I would never steal again.
I'll tell you why I came back.
I was driving at night...
...suddenly an old woman crossed in
front of me...
...on the edge of the road.
She was a very old woman...
She had a rebozo, so I stopped to
see if she needed... go somewhere...
...when I was close enough...
...I realized it was my mother.
I've never seen her face with such
At that moment...
...she disappeared.
There's a small town 15 kilometers
...San Agustn.
Tomorrow I'll take the truck... go buy food.
Can I go with you?
I want to call my wife.
-Fine, but only you.
-I'd also like to... my daughters in Tampico,
No, no, no, man!
That's why I didn't want anybody
to come.
No one is coming.
You wish.
An eagle!
An eagle!
Stop it, Too.
Don't try again.
This sounds really bad.
It's dripping oil.
It's dripping oil.
It's throwing a rod.
Damn it!
What did you do to it?
I didn't do anything.
Damn, it's throwing a rod.
There's a puddle of oil underneath.
-You know how to fix it?
-Yes, but this needs...
...a mechanic.
-Come on, a mechanic?
My truck has never needed
a mechanic...
...I'll fix it.
Ready, sir.
It's dripping oil, but
it's not throwing a rod.
It's the gas pump,
has to be changed.
How much time to change it?
If you're in a hurry...
...I'll have to take it to my shop.
It'll be ready tomorrow morning.
Where are the rest?
Exploring the town.
You can stay over in the shop
no problem.
I'll get some blankets,
it gets damn cold.
Don't worry, we have some.
Have you eaten?
We could make something.
Don't bother.
Me and my brother, we loved fairs.
There you go!
How did it get stuck...
...the wheel of fortune?
The whole circus...
...we had to climb and bring down,
one by one...
...all the kids who got stuck.
No one fell?
Not even a scratch.
So you played the superhero too?
Another round?
-Me too.
-No, enough guys.
This is not a binge.
I want to see you working under
the sun... all hungover.
It's the second one.
Just one.
Another round.
You want another one, champ?
That's it.
It's sad what happened to
the circus.
I'll tell you later when the circus
caught on fire.
Oh, you son of a...
F..k, yes!
What time is it?
11:30 pm.
I didn't call my wife.
I didn't call my daughters neither,
...we'll call them tomorrow
And you, Too... don't have a family?
I was married.
What was her name?
A good lady.
We married in 1970.
What happened?
She got sick.
And died very young.
Did you have children?
A beautiful boy.
His name is Emiliano.
Where is he?
Ok, guys...
I'm going to sleep.
Tomorrow we leave at 7:00 am.
We pay.
Thank you.
The kid is really nosey.
I'm going to San Carlos to get
Don't stop.
One second, I'm gonna take a leak.
Hot, my ass, this is freezing!
Come on, Gabriel.
Come on, Gabriel.
Come with us!
-Come here, Canela.
Look, even Canela gets in.
Hey, Canela!
Too will get back
and find you there.
Come, sweetie.
He doesn't want anyone to see
his big belly.
That's it!
Too's here.
-Too just arrived.
-He's right there.
Did you enjoy it?
I'll discount this from your wages.
It was my idea.
Take it from mine!
Stop playing the hero, kid.
You think I'm a stupid old fart,
I tell you to keep on working
and I find you swimming.
And that f..g dog
should leave now...
...she should stop following us
She can follow whomever she wants.
Then I hope she keeps your pace...
...because you're not stopping
until sundown.
I told you, a..s.
Shut up, idiot.
What's happening?
What's going on?
A snake.
A snake.
-Hey! Wake up!
There's a snake.
-I'll get rid of it right away.
-No, no, no.
Hold up!
Calm down!
I can deal with it.
Quiet, nothing will happen.
Calm down!
That's it! It's over!
There we go. Done.
Here it is.
It's over.
-Are you alright?
-Yes, yes.
F..g hero!
Nothing happened.
Mario, get the truck.
Don't' steal it.
We don't fit here.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Let's see...
Gabriel, the dog and Pablo to
the back.
Why us?
You, because you're big.
The dog because she's an animal and
Pablo for bringing the animal.
Where are we going?
To Hell.
We're staying here until the rain
Do you know them?
Now we're damned.
What's going on?
Wait, guys.
What do you want?
Calm down, mamma.
We're begging for shelter.
We're working on the road
and the storm caught us.
Those are your friends?
Yes, those in the truck.
Come in.
God, look at them!
Thank you for letting us stay,
We won't bother you.
Don't worry, make yourselves at
It's my pleasure.
Please follow Luca.
You can stay here.
I'll bring you some coffee.
Thank you, young lady.
Thank you.
Dinner's ready.
Please come to the kitchen.
Is it good?
This was my husband's favorite
He was the overseer of this
Where is your husband?
He passed away.
We buried him outside the kitchen.
That was his will.
Before dying he told me that he
wanted to lay close... the aroma of my cooking.
This is the best meal we've had in
Thank you, Do? Carmen.
Here we don't deny shelter or food
to anyone.
Certainly not to those who repair
the roads.
We only paint the lines.
Well, here even a yellow line... worth a lot.
We not only paint a yellow line...'s the guide of the road.
And a guide is always needed.
What would you know, you never had
a guide in your life.
Excuse me.
Thank you for dinner.
Do you have one of those?
You don't smoke.
I want to smoke now.
I don't know where my son is.
When my wife died...
...I started drinking... relation with Emiliano
One day he grew up, packed and
He went to the United States.
I haven't heard from him in 26
I didn't know how to be his guide.
You never looked for him?
I searched everywhere.
I searched fifteen years.
Until I gave up.
I don't know where he is.
Now I understand:
you stopped looking for him...
...and it was you who got lost.
I'm sorry, Pablo.
Forgive me.
Do you like it?
Is it yours?
I'm sorry, I found it over there.
No, don't get off.
Give me a ride.
Let's go!
I have to go.
Thank you for everything.
Beautiful girl.
You'll find lots of them.
Good pass.
That's it!
Watch out!
Good, kid!
Very good.
Vacations are over, guys.
Here are the curves.
Excuse me...
...why did that man paint
less each day?
The riddle.
The man painted less...
...because he left the bucket at
the starting point.
Each time he painted...
...he came and went.
Walked more.
Painted less.
This section has more traffic.
Gabriel and Mario...
Watch out, guys.
It'll be over soon.
Good afternoon.
How far are the caves?
-We don't know, man, move.
-How come you don't know?
You haven't even asked the others.
Move! We don't know.
I saw it.
Everything's gonna be ok, kid.
I'd like it if my dad looked
for me.
Don Too...
You paint the last one.
Take care, Martn.
Thank you, Don Too.
Take care, man.
Thank you, Don Too.
You son of a...
Thank you for your support.
What will you do now?
Keep on searching.