The Third Wife (2018) Movie Script

My grand-daughters.
Come to me.
My pretty girls.
You two.
Have you seen the newborn calf?
We haven't.
They didn't watch the cow giving birth.
But tomorrow I'll show them the calf.
That calf is worth a Jot.
After we sell it,
can we buy some new gowns for the girls?
I know...
Son would love a new horse.
Yes, father.
My son is of marrying age now.
We should save up for him.
You're right.
So will brother Son get a new horse?
Can I have one?
My dear.
Keep drinking.
Mugwort, lotus seed and wormwood
Good for your blood.
Nhan oi, eat!
The village doctor
used to make this for Mistress Ha.
When Master Son was in her belly.
Mistress Ha and I prayed everyday.
When he was born,
strong arms and legs
strong cries.
I was so happy.
I want a boy.
That's right.
Mistress Xuan is not the
real lady of the house yet.
Because she hasn't given
any boy to Master Hung yet.
It's right in the middle.
On top of the opening.
It's very shy.
So you have to be gentle at first.
If you want to get there,
you must be patient.
How do you know when it will happen?
You will know.
Every woman is different.
I start to feel it when my feet warm up.
Just think of it like putting on a dance.
You do it to yourself first.
You learn what your body likes.
Then when you are with him,
Then you show him what you remember
Like this.
When he's inside me I only feel pain.
Just pretend that you like it
so that he will like it.
One day you will like it for real.
Sister Ha can only feel it
when our husband is rough.
Laugh now till it's your turn.
That's what giving birth will do to you.
Try it.
Come inside.
Yes Mistress.
Get on your knees.
Not on the bed.
On the floor.
Crawl to me.
Come here.
Have some sticky rice.
You're bleeding.
Thank you.
Mum! Lien is bleeding!
Mum, finally!
- Put these on.
- Auntie Lao, Lien is bleeding!
You don't like these yellow flowers?
No, Mistress.
Auntie Lao said these are nightshades.
Very poisonous.
Hurry up!
It's raining!
Yes, Mum.
Lien! Look!
Oh no!
Leave it children!
Let a servant clean it.
Here's your tea, father.
I understand
why my son
likes you the most right now.
Leave it.
Go on out.
Father, Mistress.
You shouldn't indulge her too much.
You need not worry.
That child is no Wu Zetian.
In the end,
what are we but dust
in the shadow of the Buddha.
Don't make the children carry your filth.
Lien is of marrying age soon.
she will be a proper lady.
She's not your servant.
Do you understand?
Yes, Mistress.
Go to sleep!
When I grow up I will become a man
I'll be a man and I'll have lots of wives.
I prayed to Buddha.
It will happen!
Why punish them? Why not just fire them?
They got pregnant out of wedlock,
we can't just let them go.
What will happen to her and the baby?
She and her baby belong to the temple now.
What about him?
He will be punished some more
but he'll keep his job.
Auntie Lao.
Where's the cover?
Can you manage?
Yes, thank you.
Nhan, Lien.
Come here.
Yes auntie.
Smells good.
Don't eat guava.
Bad for the baby.
Yes, Mistress.
Hold on.
Hold it here.
Keep it like that.
Yes, Mistress.
Mum, look.
Take them out.
- The table is full of offerings.
- Yes, Mum.
Sister Ha will light the incense today.
You're pregnant and I'm bleeding.
Auntie Lao.
Could you call Mistress Ha?
We're ready to go.
Mistress Ha can't light the incense today.
Leave it to me.
She can't?
Thank you.
Blessed it be.
Nhan, Lien come.
Put this on the altar.
Please hear my prayer.
Please give me a son.
Please let me be the only
one to give birth to a boy.
When are you getting married?
I'm not sure.
Mistress Ha says after Son's wedding.
Will you come back to play with me?
You already have Baby Dove to play with!
Who will be your husband?
I don't know yet.
What number wife will you be?
The first of course, what else?
How do you know you will be the first wife?
Of course I do, Mistress Ha promised me.
I will be the first wife.
Right, Mistress?
Will you miss me when you're married?
I won't marry anyone!
Stay away from me!
Go away!
Leave me alone!
I'd rather kill myself!
Are you crazy?
I can't marry someone I don't know.
I used to not know your father either.
The first time we met was our wedding day.
Pickles! Wake up!
Wake up, please!
Leave him be. He will die soon.
Don't say that!
Pickles! Wake up!
Wake up, please!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Don't eat that!
Why do you feed him nightshades?
He's been laying down for weeks.
It's time to let him go.
Can't let him die on Son's wedding day.
Open your mouth.
Do you hear me?
Do you want to stay here all night?
Leave me alone!
You're drinking again?
Is this really what you want?
I want a normal life.
None of this is normal.
We have a child together.
She's not your baby.
Her father is your father.
She's not your baby.
A cup of thistle tea can
drown all your seeds.
Stop lying to yourself.
Please go away.
Did you ever love me?
I love her so much.
I understand.
But it cannot be.
How can you understand?
You've never loved anybody.
I did love someone.
Before I came here
I gave my words to a man.
A fisherman.
He gave me this stone.
He found it at the bottom of the river
next to our village.
What happened?
It's so long ago now.
Go to sleep.
Fold the tissue like this.
Keep it clean each month.
Yes, Mum.
Sister, look.
Can we go outside?
Here, Mum.
Mistress Xuan.
Watch your steps, girls.
Are you not hungry Mistress Ha?
You scared me.
What are you doing here at midnight
What is it?
I am scared.
I prayed to give birth to a boy.
I didn't know it would
make Ha lose her baby.
I will be punished.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It happened to her before.
It wasn't my fault then.
This time it's my sin.
You're not to blame.
I prayed for a boy when I carried Lien.
I prayed for a boy when I carried Nhan.
I gave up praying when I carried Baby Dove.
Fate has the upper hand.
Can I stay with you tonight?
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Feel good?
Everytime we do this,
I think about my Mum.
She taught me to keep the skin supple
so we can have a lot of babies
and not crack apart
like the fields in July.
You never told me about her.
Her beauty killed her.
I miss her every day.
Here, you do it.
Very good. Just like that.
We can't do this.
Why not?
We can't.
This is wrong.
Why is it wrong?
I love you.
The gods will punish us.
But I love you.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
You're pregnant,
soon to give birth.
you're not quite of the right mind.
What you are feeling
is not real.
You don't love me.
I love you.
You're like a daughter to me.
Your daughter,
as I understand,
has not been touched.
If you agree,
Tuyet will come back to you
with three times the amount
of dowry you have given us.
we will make a public announcement
to the village elders and the match-makers
so she may marry again.
What did you do to bring
this upon our family?
This is your only duty
but you can't do it right?
My son begged us to annul this union.
I understand
this is not common practice
I cannot take her back.
She is bonded to your son by
the gods and the ties of blood.
You cannot break this.
Auntie Lao!
Mistress May!
You're going into labour!
Don't be afraid! Stay calm!
Go get the doctor!
Keep going!
Did the doctor die somewhere?!
Deep breaths mistress!
- Sister! It hurts!
- I'm here! I know! Keep going!
I see the baby!
Here is the crown.
Mistress May!
You're doing good!
Keep trying Mistress!
I can't do it!
- You can! You can!
- I can't!
One more push!
One, two, push!
- One, two, push!
- Push harder!
What's wrong?
Hold on!
Calm down.
Bring me a knife.
Put it through fire.
Yes, Mistress.
A girl?
I beg you, Father.
Please help me!
Mistress May...
I can take that.
You shouldn't be here.
Go back to your baby.
Be good!
Be good!
Please drink!
Please drink!