The Thousand Faces of Feijia (2023) Movie Script

Where is the demon?
Is he making a fool out of us?
How long will it take to catch him?
Are you two scared?
How can I be scared of him?
Chase it!
Be careful.
This is an illusion
created by the Fog Demon.
Taoist Master.
Come on.
Junior Master.
Taoist Master.
Is that water or sweat on your face?
Your clothes are all wet.
What brings you here
in the middle of the night?
Why don't you take them off
and let me dry them for you?
Are you unwilling to look
or are you afraid to look?
Show your true form!
The newborn sun ascends above.
Flames burn brightly.
Oh no.
One is missing.
Give it to me.
My Lord, congratulations on your new life.
The demon's...
The demon's coming heralds
doom for Qiyin Sect.
This demon has a strong background.
The Oracle Script
has never experienced such
a strong resonance before.
please let me go down the
mountain to subdue demons.
Investigate in disguise.
Report to me if you encounter any trouble.
Remember the sect...
The sect rules.
Got it, Martial Uncle.
Slay demons
without meddling in worldly matters.
this is very suitable for the child.
Okay, I'll take a look again.
Please take your time to choose.
Wait for me.
Wicker baskets. Dustpans. Bamboo sieves.
Wang's wicker baskets
offer good value for the price.
I'm called Wang Xiaoxia.
- Your father is looking for you again.
- I sell baskets.
He's not looking for me.
He's worried that the baskets won't sell.
But I've always believed...
- I should be a great hero, not a minor one.
- Hug her. What are you trying to say?
I like you.
Because there's a magical power
within me.
Bravo! Bravo!
Bravo! Bravo!
One more.
This is my father.
He's blind.
Divine Tree.
Please bless my son Xiaoxia
to be healthy and safe...
To be healthy and safe,
peaceful and secure.
Although he can't see,
it doesn't affect his basket weaving.
Since I can remember,
he has often prayed for
me under the Divine Tree.
But my biggest wish
is to cure his eyes.
So every year at this time,
I'll visit the most famous doctor in
town, - Take your time. Take a seat.
- Nigh Demigod.
- No hurry. Line up first.
Aunt Si.
I'm not just queueing for you,
I also have to worry for you.
What do I do it for?
Aunt Si.
Consider it as a chance to get closer
to your idol, Nigh Demigod.
Learn more medical skills from him.
That'll turn into a great
blessing for our Shiyin Town.
Such a sweet talker.
You owe me so much money for medicine.
How do you plan to pay it back?
Talking about money hurts feelings.
Great! Come again!
Tianhuo Zhenren had powerful abilities,
yet he also disappeared?
We must never go to the bamboo forest
in the eastern outskirts.
You girls
should be more careful.
You're right.
We can't go.
I only have one child.
I beg you.
please have mercy.
Sell your queue number to me, okay?
My child's illness
can't be delayed anymore.
If we can't see the doctor today,
I'm afraid...
500 pence is the market
price for a number, Madam.
Slay demons without
meddling in worldly matters.
I only have one child.
I beg you.
Take it.
Take your child to the doctor.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sir.
I think this kid is
blocking our money path.
I think so too.
What are we waiting for?
Beat him!
Leave it to me.
Beat him.
You want to play the hero?
Think carefully.
Don't force me to use my ultimate move.
Your ultimate move?
I want to see what ultimate move
can surpass the stick technique
of ours, the Three Young
Masters of Town South.
Whether I can beat you is one thing.
Whether I should beat you
is another thing.
Go home.
Go home.
Go home.
Why did he go in by himself?
One more time.
Go home.
You're messing around again.
I'm not.
Disobedient kid.
I think the old and the young
are fooling us.
I think so.
Beat them!
I'll kill you!
How dare you fool me!
He's got something.
Snatch the numbers!
This is mine.
Let go.
Give it to me.
Do you admit your mistake?
What's wrong with being a hero?
Is this your mistake?
I shouldn't have used the
spiritual power in my body.
If I lose control,
I will die.
Not only did you use it casually,
but also showed it off.
One day,
something big will happen.
How do you know that?
Have I ever had any accidents growing up?
Disobedient kid.
Bad old man.
What are you doing?
Get over here!
Weave the baskets.
I won't.
I'm going to see Nigh Demigod.
Don't go.
I know the situation
of my eyes.
No one can cure them.
I don't care.
If we miss today, we'll
have to wait for next year.
I must cure your eyes.
What's the use of curing them?
You old blind man.
How ungrateful!
Don't you want to see
what I look like now?
I do.
I do.
I do.
Where are you going?
The year before last,
I prescribed the millennium
ganoderma lucidum for your father.
It was useless.
Last year,
I prescribed the liver of the
East Sea dragon for your father.
It was useless, either.
I'm not able
to cure your father's eyes.
Aren't you a demigod?
Just a demi.
But your father's eyes
can only be cured by a real god.
if you must call me Demigod,
please add the word "Nigh" in front of it.
I've traveled around.
I've heard of
other ways.
You can go to the bamboo forest
in the suburbs to find out.
You really are from the Qiyin Sect.
Concentrate the mind and heart.
Myriad swords become one.
The Demon Sealing Spell of the Qiyin Sect.
Young Master.
As long as you spare me,
I'm willing to do anything.
Spare you?
If I spare you,
I don't know how many more
innocent people you would harm.
I'm sorry, Miss.
I didn't mean it.
Young Master.
Help me.
What are you doing?
Don't come over!
Come over.
Aunt Si.
This poison is unusual.
I don't care.
You must find a way to save her.
I performed acupuncture on her.
The poison can only be sealed.
But if we don't expel
the poison completely,
she won't survive until tomorrow morning.
Then expel the poison completely.
Expel it completely?
I dare not.
the medical practitioner
will also be in danger, too.
You should find her a better doctor.
Well. How can I get
a doctor in the middle of the night?
Aunt Si.
Youre good at medicine
and a disciple of Nigh Demigod.
You can definitely do it.
But I can't risk my life.
I don't want you to be in danger, either.
Don't worry about me.
She got hurt to save me.
I can't leave her alone.
Just tell me what to do.
Suck out the poison.
Suck it out?
With what?
Ms. Fairy.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Ms. Fairy, you misunderstood.
This toxin, if not completely expelled,
could be fatal.
Ms. Fairy!
Ms. Fairy.
Rest well.
I'll guard you.
My Lord.
Never thought
I'd encounter two individuals
from the Qiyin Sect.
One is skilled in the
Mind-concentration sword skills,
while the other practices
the Art of Concealment.
Both are unfamiliar faces to me.
I made a momentary mistake.
Please punish me.
Unfamiliar faces...
Mei Ji,
you've suffered.
Come here.
Come here.
My Lord wants to heal you
with spiritual energy.
Your Highness.
Mei Ji,
I like the way you are now.
Ms. Fairy.
I'm Wang Xiaoxia.
Ms. Fairy, run!
Ms. Fairy ran away long ago.
I want one, too.
I don't want to give you.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Since you can't defeat that witch,
you should have returned immediately
instead of prolonging the battle.
Whether you can win or not is one thing,
but whether you should fight is another.
Are you daring to argue back?
Grandmaster, please calm down.
That witch is possesses formidable skills,
and it seems difficult for
Lan'er to escape her grasp.
Without Mr. Wan,
our formation is already incomplete.
If Lan'er were to encounter
Demon Nine this time,
[Spirit Position of Wan Limu in the hall]
Demon Nine has only dispatched
his subordinates to create chaos,
suggesting that he hasn't fully
restored his physical body.
Time is of the essence.
I'll immediately go investigate,
Oh, a visitor, welcome.
Coming to buy something
so late?
Heard there's a young innkeeper here
named Wang Xiaoxia.
You visitor,
carrying a fan in this weather,
aren't you cold?
You can see it even if you're blind.
If you're not blind,
you must have a panoramic view.
It's been 20 years,
and still no escape.
Your luck must be extraordinary,
Wan Limu.
Your Flying Armor Power is gone.
[To meet your esteemed
father, come to this place.]
[Prosperity for the nation.]
[To meet your esteemed
father, come to this place.]
Old Blindman.
Old Blindman.
Nigh Demigod,
what have you done to my dad?
I'm treating his eyes for him.
Treating his eyes?
something's missing
to fully cure his eyes.
I need your help.
What can a basket weaver like me do
to assist you?
Within the Qiyin Sect
lies a script called 'The Oracle Script, '
gathering the essence of heaven and earth,
capable of revitalizing withered trees
and reversing the flow of the sea.
If the court acquires it,
not only will it benefit the people,
but your father's eyesight
will also be restored.
However, the Qiyin Sect guards it closely.
I never expected
you'd actually assist the court.
You're so capable,
why don't you go yourself?
I can't compare to you.
There's a power within you
that can breach
the Qiyin Sect's barriers.
If you want to save your father,
go get that script back.
Nigh Demigod,
what exactly are you up to?
Let my father go.
No problem,
just flip the five elemental symbols
of the script mechanism,
and I'll naturally have it.
Look at your father,
he won't last much longer.
It has to be done
within ten days,
you can prepare to identify his body.
But I've never seen any Sect.
Where am I supposed to find it?
Ll take you there.
Wang Xiaoxia.
Wang Xiaoxia.
Ms. Fairy.
Ms. Fairy!
Be quiet.
Outsiders can't just enter
the Qiyin Sect freely.
This is the Qiyin Sect?
You are really a fairy?
There was something strange in the barrier.
Did you feel it?
I was revisiting the mental technique
that you taught me during the day,
I haven't left the spot yet.
What technique?
Ning Zi Mantra.
But I was teaching the Miao Zi Mantra.
I wanted to practice the Miao Zi Mantra
but my injuries haven't healed yet,
so I reviewed the Ning Zi Mantra.
It's getting late.
Please rest early
and teach me the Miao Zi Mantra tomorrow.
Go to sleep.
That was close.
This young lady and I
are absolutely innocent.
My father has been abducted,
and I'm anxious.
Even if I had that intentions,
I wouldn't have the leisure for them.
I don't even dare
entertain such intentions.
I dare not.
is this person?
I was seriously injured before,
and he saved me,
so I gave him the Lian Xin Talisman.
Why didn't you report
such a significant matter?
I was afraid you'd say I was
meddling in mortal affairs.
Who kidnapped
your father?
They're a group of secret
agents from the court,
armed with swords
and a physician.
I've heard that your Sect
helps the weak and stands for justice.
Could you help,
save my father?
I... I can't help you.
Qiyin Sect doesn't involve
itself in mortal matters.
Not involved in mortal matters?
Then what matters do you
involve yourselves in?
We only protect the The Oracle Script.
He's badly injured.
Can you heal him first?
Wang Xiaoxia.
Wang Xiaoxia.
Martial Uncle.
Take him down to rest.
This child
has the Flying Armor
Power of the four of us?
But it's scattered across
his seven tendons and eight veins,
extreme chaos.
Very chaotic.
Then his power
must be related to the battle 20 years ago.
[Spirit Position of Wan Limu in the hall.]
Wang Xiaoxia,
do you know you possess a
certain power within you?
I do know,
I can even change my appearance,
but sometimes I slip up.
Where does this power come from?
I was born with it.
Wang Xiaoxia,
just tell the truth.
Grandmaster knows everything.
It's natural ability.
Over twenty years ago,
my father told me that
on a dark and windy night,
a large fireball
streaked across the sky.
a beam of light entering my body,
giving me these abilities.
What kind of person is your father?
He is
a blind man,
also born that way.
Your injuries
are no longer serious.
You can leave today.
Demon Nine!
Come out!
Get out!
Come out!
Come at me!
Don't hurt my son.
Demon Nine!
Come at me!
Old man.
Old man.
Dont come over.
Its dangerous here.
Why are you here?
I came to save you.
You went to Qiyin Sect?
Be careful.
Ill break it.
leave now.
Go as far as you can.
Don't ever come back.
How can I leave you alone?
Actually, I'm not your father.
What did you say?
Im Wan Limu
from the Qiyin Sect.
Twenty years ago,
Demon Nine stole the script.
We channeled the Flying Armor Power
to fight,
but the power wasn't controlled
and surged into the mortal realm,
causing the tragic death
of your entire family.
Only you
managed to survive.
You miraculously absorbed
all the Flying Armor Power,
which is why you possess
shape-shifting abilities.
My eyes
were seriously injured.
Moved by compassion,
I raised you all these years.
Since I interfered with mortal affairs,
breaking our Sect's rules,
I no longer have the face to return.
You killed my whole family.
You are the murderers.
I'm sorry to you,
and I'm not worthy of your salvation.
Go as far as possible.
Never come back.
Demon Nine.
Demon Nine!
What did you do to Xiaoxia?
The murderer who killed his whole family
became his foster father.
This is the funniest joke I've ever heard.
Demon Nine.
What did you do to him?
Went to get The Oracle Script for me.
As for whether he's alive
or dead,
I don't know either.
Still using the 'Wan Mu
Ying Tian' technique, huh?
you're blind now.
If you don't teach me martial arts,
I won't leave the mountain.
Stealing skills?
Condense energy at your fingertips,
lock 'qi' at your 'dantian',
activate energy in the eight meridians.
Martial Uncle,
is that what it means?
Martial Uncle,
I apologize for my impertinence.
Does it hurt?
Where did you poke?
On the turtle armor.
You have some talent.
Try again.
stealing skills again?
Concentrate your spirit
to return to the source,
encompass all lands,
ascend to the heavens and reach the earth,
move freely between the mortal
realm and the underworld.
Martial Uncle,
is that what it means?
Be sincere.
Don't lie to me.
Does it hurt?
He can be taught.
Ms. Fairy! Ms. Fairy!
Where are you taking me?
Don't ask.
Come here.
Forget it.
Every time I'm with my elders,
it's either training
or practicing.
When I feel frustrated,
I would come here.
If there is no one talking to me,
I would talk with little monsters.
Where are the monsters?
This is where Qiyin
Sect imprisons monsters.
The monsters are
over there.
This is the first little monster
I sealed independently.
This one is okay.
Fight with it
and learn how to control.
Fight with it?
Remember the mantra.
Gather your power in the palm.
And gather your energy in your belly.
If you succeed,
you can control the soldiers
and save your father.
I'm not gifted.
I have faith in you.
At worst,
I'll go down the mountain
with you to save your father.
Aren't you afraid of breaking the rules?
Under the light,
there is fog.
Under the light,
there is fog.
What does that mean?
If I followed the rules,
you would have been beaten heavily
in Shiyin Town.
Stop talking.
This little monster?
You underestimated me.
Hit it!
Use the mantra now.
Wang Xiaoxia.
You know how to control?
I know how to control?
I know how to control.
You know how to control.
I know how to control.
You know how to control.
I know how to control.
Ms. Fairy.
I'm sorry.
Don't call me Ms. Fairy.
Just call me Lan'er.
Wan Limu.
Why are you laughing?
It's been ten days.
Your plan
didn't work.
You don't trust your son?
The Oracle Script
is heavily guarded.
It has been protected by
the strong of Qiyin Sect
all these years.
How can they let you succeed?
I think
you don't believe they'll come out.
I'll leave Shiyin Town to you.
Don't be merciful.
Shiyin Town?
Those villagers are innocent.
Demon Nine!
Demon Nine!
I don't agree to attack.
As long as we guard the barrier,
no one can
get in.
I'm sure Demon Nine hasn't
retrieved his body yet.
We should attack now.
It's good for us.
But Wan Limu is not here.
The Monster Subduing Formation
of Qiyin Sect is incomplete.
Lan'er is not powerful enough.
If someone seizes the opportunity
to steal the Oracle Script,
the consequences will be unimaginable.
There are monsters bringing
disasters to the world.
Run! Run!
This way.
This way. Everyone.
There is a monster here too.
Run! Hurry!
Divine Tree. Please bless us
so that we can survive this calamity.
Wang Xiaoxia has learned how to control.
We have discovered the lair of Demon Nine.
We need to go down the
mountain and fight with him.
During this period,
you must protect the Oracle Script.
Be careful.
Qiyin Sect.
It's been 20 years.
We finally meet again.
Demon Nine.
You will die today.
Stay here and don't go anywhere.
I'll be right back.
The demon's illusory
spirit has been run out.
Let's summon the power of the Flying Armor.
Wan Limu.
I'm Wan Limu.
This is the Oracle Script?
But you shouldn't be here.
Lan'er. Lan'er.
Actually, it's not that complicated
to save my father.
If you lend me the Oracle Script,
you don't have to teach
me anything anymore.
Whoever wants the Oracle Script
is definitely not mortal.
Only the Oracle Script can help me.
Could that child
be the orphan that Mr. Wan took in?
That's right.
It's Wang Xiaoxia.
That silly boy is my man now.
He's working for me.
Since the Oracle Script can save the world,
why can't it save my father?
Since the Oracle Script can save the world,
why can't it save my father?
Answer me.
How can your father be
comparable to the Oracle Script?
So in your eyes,
we mortals
are worthless.
I'm sorry.
After I save my father,
I'll apologize to you.
Oh no.
The Oracle Script.
You just need to reverse
the Five-Element Trigram
of the Oracle Script,
and I'll receive the Oracle Script.
Oh no.
The barrier is broken.
Old man.
none of you can live.
Old man.
Let's go.
Martial Uncle.
Get him out of here now.
Take care of Lan'er for me.
Tao is born after monsters die.
Seal the demon with blood.
Wang Xiaoxia.
Let's go.
Old man.
Let's go home.
We're going home now.
I'm going to Aunt Si to
get medicine for you.
She has a folk prescription.
You'll be fine after taking the medicine.
If it doesn't work,
I'll find a famous doctor to cure you.
Don't waste your strength.
I must cure you.
Put me down.
Put me down.
We'll be home soon.
Put me down.
I haven't learned how to make a basket.
You need to teach me.
If I can't succeed,
you can punish me.
Ask me to squat
or carry buckets.
Any kind of punishment will be fine.
I won't make it.
You can make it.
I'll get you a doctor.
I'll find someone to cure you.
Made you
an orphan.
I'm not an orphan.
I have you.
You are my father.
[May Wang Xiaoxia be safe and sound.]
Why are you here?
I'm here to take revenge.
You... You must leave now.
You can't defeat him.
It doesn't matter whether I can defeat him.
What matters is
whether I should fight with him.
I'm sorry, Lan'er.
I have never regretted
meeting you
on that day.
The spiritual Oracle Script.
The Divine Seal of Dragon Armor.
Only I, Demon Nine,
can summon the wind and rain.
Wang Xiaoxia.
I'm quite curious.
You're just a boy who makes baskets.
Who are you to fight with me?
one of Qiyin Sect.
Go underground.
Ten thousand eyes across the sky.
The Demon Sealing Spell of Qiyin Sect.
This is for Lan'er
and Qiyin Sect.
Go take it.
Take it.
Take a look.
Take a look.
Why did you change the name?
Isn't Qi good?
Under the light,
there is fog.
Although we are in the fog,
we must get rid of the clouds and fog
to make the world