The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) Movie Script

There's some coyotes hopping around
across the road from that windmill.
What are they doing?
Hell, l don't know.
Looks like they're eating
something, l guess.
Wanna shoot a coyote?
Hell, yes.
That's a dead son of a bitch.
-When did they find him?
-Sometime this morning.
He was buried on a hill
near Boracho Peak.
-Who killed him?
-No fucking clue.
Was he involved with drugs
or smuggling or anything like that?
Melquiades Estrada?
l gotta get a mask.
Jo Edna, let Earl tend to the
hot dogs and the hamburgers.
He'll bring the charcoal and ice...
...and folding chairs
and the whole nine yards.
Just be sure Minnie
don't have to worry...
...about a place to go
to the little girls' room.
And tell Shawnelle she can forget
about a car on Saturday night...
...if she don't show up.
l love you too, baby. Gotta go.
This beauty has two bedrooms,
each one with its own bathroom.
Central AC and heat throughout.
All of our homes come standard
equipped with electric oven...
...washer, drier and dishwasher.
Your Waste King garbage
disposal is optional, of course.
lt's a good option because
we charge the wholesale price on it...
...with no installation fee,
and it's top of the line.
We're strictly top of the line.
Strictly top of the line
all the time. That's our motto.
-How much this house cost?
-Sixty thousand dollars.
But if you're really interested...
...l can get you a
1 0 percent discount, l think.
Where y'all from?
Long way from home, huh?
-What line of work bring you to Texas?
-Border Patrolman.
We're always
a long way from home.
Yeah. All right.
Well, actually, this mobile
residence has the highest...
...resale value of any domestic
residence in its price range... the Southwest
time and time again.
l don't know.
Well, we also have some excellent
previously owned mobile residences... the lower price ranges
if that would be your requirement.
Come over here, Sparky.
lt's a good thing
you can do something else.
l think my horse needs water.
Where'd you come from?
What are you doing in Texas?
Looking for work.
What kind of work?
l'm just a cowboy.
Hey, Perkins.
Here's the stuff that your
friend had on him.
-You know who they are?
-That's his wife and kids.
-Any idea how to get ahold of them?
-Well, they live in...
Can l keep this?
Yeah, l guess for a while. We're
gonna have to do an autopsy on him.
When you get through,
l want you to give Melquiades to me.
-Hell, l can't do that. Are you crazy?
l'm not.
Gotta go.
-All right, see you tonight.
-Come back early, though.
l get real bored here.
Haven't you made
friends with the neighbors?
No, l don't like them.
l'm gonna buy you Nintendo
so you don't get so bored.
And take me to the mall
this Saturday in Odessa.
Okay, babe. Find out where it is.
The deceased died of a gunshot
wound of an AR-1 5 .223 bullet.
Entered 2 inches left of the sternum
between the fourth and fifth rib.
lmpact caused a lung to burst.
Severe hemorrhaging.
Took 1 5, 20 minutes to die.
l would estimate
he died seven days ago.
The trajectory indicates that the shot
was fired from 300 yards away.
He was gunned down.
Listen, bud, we need
to bury him now.
Refrigeration in this dump is broke,
and l gotta be in El Paso tomorrow.
-Okay, bury him.
-l need to notify his relatives.
He ain't got any.
Two-one-seven, clear.
Three-five-nine, clear.
This is 7 49.
I have approximately 1 5 individuals
crossing La Brecha de la Loma Negra.
About a half a mile from me. Over.
Where are they?
Right down there in that draw.
On the ground!
Get down!
Alto, goddamn it!
Run, run, Mariana!
Take her.
Stay down, bitch!
Stay down.
-How many got away?
Well, somebody's gotta
pick strawberries.
You were way overboard there, boy.
No, sir.
Fuck it. They were
trying to get away.
Think about how much trouble l'll get
into if you keep beating these people.
l don't like trouble, boy.
l don't like it at all.
l'm awful sorry about Mel.
So am l.
He's a good Mexican.
Pete, you been cooped up
in here for two days.
You need to get outside
and do something.
What's that to you?
Brought you some jerky.
l found these shells...
...out there where Mel's
goats was on the loose.
They was about
300 yards up the hill.
They might mean something.
You ladies fine?
How's your eggs, sweetie?
Bob's watching us.
lt's been a while since
we've had some time together.
You dirty bitch.
l could see you tomorrow.
-Just a second.
Same place?
Same place.
What's it gonna be?
-What do you want?
-l wanna talk to you.
We found that stuff where
we found Melquiades' goats.
Don't you wanna look at it?
No, l don't. l wanna sit here
and have my breakfast.
-Talk to me during business hours.
-lt might be some kind of proof.
Hey, how many .223 shells
you think are laying out there?
Hell, some of them gonna
have your fingerprints on them.
That shit won't mean shit in court just
because you found it under a bush.
l got a legal system
to think about here.
You goddamn son of a bitch!
Bass seek cover from whatever
the local environment offers.
Submerged rock....
You've been late for dinner
the last four nights.
Work. Work is hard.
Real hard. I work hard.
And I'm tired. I'm so tired.
Please, understand.
My boss is not an....
Lou Ann, what's for dinner?
Stuffed zucchini and broccoli.
-That's it?
-l'm on a diet.
Someone else paying the bills?
Putting a roof over your head?
Johnny, I know there's
someone else. I know it.
-That's ridiculous.
-You're not fat.
-It's that girl from the office. Sheila?
-Yes, l am. A little bit.
-No way.
-I saw you together--
-You're my red-hot mama.
-She's pretty.
She's prettier than me. She's free
and happy and has red hair.
-Stop it.
-I'm not stupid, Johnny. I've got eyes.
She'll wreck your life and mine
and hers. That's what will happen.
This is ridiculous.
You're throwing your life away,
Johnny. Don't do it. Please don't do it.
I need you. I love you. Please.
You see, right there. That's
exactly what I'm talking about.
It's always the same.
Always the same.
Oh, Johnny.
What's happening to us?
We used to be so happy.
Don't you remember when
we were living in River Valley?
Yes, doll.
I remember River Valley.
We were happy then.
And we'll be happy again.
I know it.
Please, don't cry.
There will always be
a River Valley for us.
I hope so, Johnny.
I hope so.
You're getting to be a regular
customer around here.
Well, l don't have
a lot to do right now.
Let's go. Come on.
Bring them. Bring them.
Got them, now. She's good.
-How many calves left?
-1 20.
That's a shitload.
When's the boss
coming from Houston?
Saturday afternoon.
Fucking mama's boy.
He says he's a rancher just because
they bought him this ranch...
...but l ain't seen him out here
busting his ass.
You're in a twist because
the only woman you've had...
...for a while is your own hand.
Let's go to Midland this Saturday.
The Border Patrol will nab me
in Midland.
You scared of women, or what?
Agustin, shut the goddamn gate!
Don't worry.
This happens to Bob
sometimes too.
Well, it goddamn well
don't happen to me.
lt's the first fucking time
it's ever happened to me.
l don't give a shit
what happens to Bob.
Yeah, l know.
Viagra works for Bob.
l'll turn truck-stop queer and
blowjob-giver before l use that shit.
That's what Bob says.
Fuck Bob.
Hey, man, you still listen to that
pinche white-boy candy rapper?
Reese's Pieces, Skittles, Eminem.
Gotta stop listening to that.
Kumbia Kings. That's who you
need to listen to, man.
-What's your favorite rifle round?
What rifle do you shoot?
Always the same round?
AR-1 5, .223 standard. Why?
l was just curious.
l always use the .30-30 myself.
Lever action.
Open sight.
-Don't know what you're missing.
-Eminem. That's all he listens to.
Shit. Fuck.
How do we register him?
Write down ''Melquiades.''
Melquiades what?
Where's he from?
Mexico. Maybe Coahuila.
Cincinnati"s real pretty
in the springtime.
-There's lots of malls.
-l bet you miss it.
We're glad to be here.
You know, wherever
the job takes us.
But this is different.
We were both
real popular in high school.
Now it just seems like we
don't know anybody anymore.
Well, living out here takes
some getting used to, l guess.
Yeah. l guess it does.
lt must seem real different.
Do you know where, like,
the mall's at in Odessa?
Sure. lt's easy to find.
Hey, man.
You okay?
This working hours?
Well, we're about to close.
You need to investigate them
Border Patrols that use the .223.
Want me to investigate the Kennedy
assassination while l'm at it?
Before you bitch, find out
what that fucker was involved with.
Melquiades wasn't
involved with nothing.
By the way, we already buried him.
l told you to notify me.
lt seemed like you'd at least...
...notify me.
You're not his family.
l don't have to notify you.
He was a wetback.
-You like him?
-lt's the best horse l ever saw.
Take him, he's yours.
Really, take him.
But it's your horse.
Mine, yours....
What's the difference?
He's got ''Pete'' branded in his brain.
No, he cost you a lot.
Shit, don't even get off of him.
Hey, Bob, how long
we been married?
Hell, l don't know.
What day is it?
But the Border Patrol is everywhere.
-lt's fine, man, don't worry.
-Where are you going?
Where do you think? To get the girls.
Hurry up.
Could l see some photo lD, sir?
Girls, this is Melquiades.
-Lou Ann.
-Oh, Lou Ann.
-Nice to meet you.
-You work with Pete, right?
-That's the one from the cafe, right?
-Yes, genius.
-But she's married.
-So's the other one.
Oh, shit.
That's y'all right down there, 205.
l gotta be back in two hours.
Wanna watch TV?
Watch television?
Want to?
l'm sorry.
Wanna dance?
-You're not coming?
-No, l'll wait here.
-You've always liked the mall.
-l'll wait.
But l don't wanna hurry,
l wanna shop.
l will wait for you here.
Don't smoke.
l love this song.
Crazy bitches....
l understand you people.
Believe you me, l do.
And we are not loca. No way.
-Shit, what time is it?
Fuck. Bob's gonna kill me.
-When am l gonna see you again?
-l can't next week.
-Sheriff's turn?
-Stop it. You know how things are.
-All right, no problem.
-Hey, don't mix things up.
You're the one l love,
darling, only one.
-Belmont's something else.
-What about old Bob?
That's different.
Bob's my husband.
You understand, right?
-Bye, Pete.
Let's go.
Hey, man.
You okay?
You bueno?
You bueno?
-How you doing, Sam?
-Just fine.
l need to talk to you about
that dead Mexican y'all found.
What about it?
-l'd rather talk outside.
-All right.
lt's our new officer, Mike Norton.
Yeah. Little prick.
Apparently, he was out there
on the Boracho Peak, okay?
Shots were fired.
And he returned.
There was only
two of them out there.
Mike Norton, new kid from Cincinnati,
and that wetback.
Shots were fired?
Who fired at who?
He fired at him first.
Now, l don't want any shit.
-What are you doing here?
-l need to talk to you.
What about?
-Belmont came by the caf today.
-So what?
Border Patrol by the name
of Gomez came looking.
So what?
Gomez told him who killed
that Mexican.
Don't fool with me, girl.
Hell, no.
He told Belmont a Border Patrol
killed him in a shootout.
-Did he say his name?
A guy named Mike Norton.
-You heard him say that?
-Said his name, like, three times.
-What are they gonna do with him?
-They didn't say.
-What's wrong with you? Goddamn!
-Arrest him.
-Who do you think you are?
-That fellow who killed Melquiades.
-Who would that be?
-That Border Patrolman, Mike Norton.
-With what evidence?
-You know damn well who killed Mel.
l don't know a goddamn thing.
You know damn well
who killed Melquiades.
You ain't gonna arrest him, are you?
You better get out of here
before l throw your ass in jail.
You ain't gonna arrest him.
Who is it?
l'm here for Patrolman Norton.
Captain Gomez sent me.
Yeah, just a sec.
You scream again, l'll kill you.
Put your hands over your head.
You got any handcuffs?
-Yeah. ln my uniform belt.
-Get them handcuffs in that uniform.
Bring them back in here
and keep quiet.
Do what he says, Lou Ann.
Put that uniform on
and then them handcuffs.
You tell her what you did?
What did he do?
He killed Melquiades Estrada.
You need to try to relax.
Might get cold.
There we go.
Now, if you call the police,
l'm gonna have to kill him, darling.
There's rain coming now
through Cincinnati.
We could be looking at heavy rain
through the day on Friday... flash flooding will be a huge
concern in the tri-state area.
Get out.
You gonna kill me?
Get out.
Dig him up.
-Melquiades Estrada... stupid, gringo, son of a bitch.
You killed him, now dig him up.
Today's storm that swept Ohio...
...sent dozens of vehicles
sliding on the roadways...
...forced hundreds of stores
and businesses to close.
Good news here is no one
was seriously injured.
Get him out.
Get out.
Get around here.
Take him in the house.
Sit him on that bed.
Turn that light on.
Sit down at this table.
ln that chair.
Melquiades lived here.
That was his bed.
Kept his clothes right over there.
That was his plate.
And that was his cup.
Drink it.
Drink from that cup.
These was his work clothes.
Put them work clothes on.
Then put them dress clothes
on Melquiades.
The oldest is Elizabeth.
She must be fourteen.
And Yesenia is probably twelve.
And this little guy is Aaron.
He's going to be a damn good cowboy.
And this is Evelia.
Evelia Camargo, my wife.
How long since you've seen them?
About five years.
Promise me one thing, Pete.
lf l die over here...
...carry me back to my family...
...and bury me in my hometown.
l don't want to be buried on this side
among all the fucking billboards.
l'll die before you will, l'm older.
Promise me.
We're here, right?
Go down to Ojinaga
and head south.
Then turn east and follow the sierra
until you come to Coahuila.
Then you'll come to a town
called El Toston.
Between El Toston
and El Nacimiento...
...there's a little place
named Jimenez.
lt's my home.
Ask for Evelia, my wife,
and explain things to her.
l'll just throw you in the trash.
You take me back to Jimenez, Pete.
You promised.
Come here.
Sit down in that chair.
l'll take them boots.
Oh, shit!
All right.
Let's go.
Oh, fuck.
You fucker.
What did he leave
that uniform there for?
Tell us he's crazy.
What time did we find
this guy's wife?
About 9:00 this morning.
Goddamn crazy son of a bitch,
Pete Perkins.
What do you think?
l think the son of a bitch is crazy.
Right now they should be
somewhere here headed for Mexico.
What about that
heat-seeking radar y'all got?
-lt don't work.
-They found four steers... a canyon on the Cross Bar
diamond this morning at about 3:00.
-What about rangers?
-Told them we had it covered.
Be over by today.
Know what l mean?
There's 1 000 ways he can go.
That son of a bitch... so fucking nuts
he might head to Canada.
We'll start with the Llano Largo...
...the Sierra Diablo
and the Arroyo Negro.
Where y'all going?
The rest of the
United States, l reckon.
Due what?
We'll head southeast
over to Alarid Canyon.
Where are we going?
There's nowhere to go, man!
We're not going up there, are we?
Well, hell.
This is Frank Belmont.
What are you doing?
l'm at work.
Am I gonna see you today?
Yeah, all right.
Same time, same place?
-Yeah, l guess.
Stop at the store
and pick up a pack of Kotex.
Get out.
Get out.
Shit, shit, shit!
What am l doing here?
Well, it's our duty, sir.
Shut up.
Where are you going?
He stinks, man. l can't sleep.
Get back over there
where you was at.
Hey, you.
My name's Pete.
Well, Pete...
...the ants are eating your friend.
All right.
Get down and don't try nothing.
Who's there?
l don't speak Spanish.
What do you want?
We're friends. Wanted some
water for our horses.
Well, help yourself, then.
l like listening to this
Mexican radio station.
l can't understand anything...
...but l like the way
Spanish sounds, don't you?
Yes, sir.
Sounds all right.
Smells like something
dead around here.
l killed a deer a couple days ago.
lt's starting to turn.
Yeah? Well, you better
throw it away. lt's rotten.
l wanna keep the hide. You got
any salt l could use to cure it?
No, son. l barely got enough salt
to put on the dinner table.
You got any alcohol
or anything like that?
l got a jug of antifreeze.
Would that work?
Suck on this hose.
Them ants won't eat
him anymore after this.
You're crazy.
You're totally fucking crazy, man.
Y'all come and eat!
Let us pray.
Dear Lord...
...we thank you for this meal...
...and for bringing me these friends
and our daily bread...
...and all the animals
and all the beast in the field.
You live alone?
l've got a son that comes and sees me
every month and brings me food.
But it's been six months
since he was here.
What do you live on?
l got some things stored away.
Thank you.
-l'd like to ask you a favor.
-Anything you want.
l wanted to ask you...
...if you can shoot me.
My son ain't coming back.
Oh, he'll come back.
No, he told me he had cancer.
And he told me to
go back to town with him.
But l don't wanna go,
because l've always lived here.
Well, we can't do it.
l don't wanna offend God
by killing myself.
lt's a problem.
We don't wanna offend God either.
lt would be the best thing to do.
You're good people.
You need to go ahead
and shoot me.
You know, l'm innocent actually.
l didn't mean
to kill your friend, man.
He shot at me, all right?
And l swear to God,
really, if l could....
You let me go and l promise--
l swear.
l promise l will not press charges.
Where's that son of a bitch at?
l don't know.
You ought to,
you've been fucking him.
We don't talk a lot.
God almighty.
Get this horse off of me.
Get up, Bill, get up.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on. Up.
Goddamn, Bill, get up.
Whoa, Bill.
Fucking motherfuck!
-Good afternoon, sir.
-How do you do?
Sir, have you seen anyone
coming through this area...
...or in this general area
on horseback?
Like, maybe two men? Horseback?
Maybe with a couple
pack horses or mules?
l ain't seen anybody in 30 years.
All right. l am sorry, sir.
Have you heard anyone come this way
in the past few days or hours?
Are y'all cops?
No, sir, we're actually
with the Border Patrol.
Ain't no Mexicans
come through here.
We're not looking for Mexicans.
-No one come through.
-Are you sure?
Hell, no, l'm not sure.
But l don't think so.
Okay. Do you need anything?
All right, we're moving out.
This way, hurry up!
Watch out.
That's a rattlesnake.
He's not gonna bite anybody.
A dead guy!
He's still breathing.
-l think that snake bit him.
-He sure did.
-ls he a gringo?
-He looks too fucked up to be a gringo.
Has he got money?
l think it's too late.
Take it easy. l'm a friend.
-We didn't do nothing, mister.
-l know it.
-What happened to him?
-He was bite by a snake.
He's dying.
You know where
we can get some help?
l know a girl who is good with herbs.
Maybe she can cure him.
But she lives across the border.
ls it far?
The border is not far.
But la Migra is all around.
They are looking for a gringo
who kidnap a Migra agent.
You're the gringo.
Can you help me get him across?
l don't want him to die.
Tomas, keep going with them.
l'll take the gringo to get cured.
l'm leaving.
You're leaving.
l hate this place.
Maybe he'll come back.
l don't care.
He'll come back, honey.
l don't care.
The son of a bitch
is beyond redemption.
l'm leaving him.
-Can you get us across?
But l've never crossed people
from this side to that side.
-Much less on horses.
-Okay, take us.
-What about the price?
-What price?
The price to cross you.
lt's 1 000 a person.
l don't have $ 1 000.
Three-thousand dollars.
A thousand for you.
And 1 000 for the gringo.
And 1 000 for the dead guy.
l'll find a way to get across.
Okay, let's make a deal.
Give me your rifle...
...and your horse.
All right, l'll give you the horse.
But not my horse.
-The other horse.
-And the rifle.
Just the horse.
Okay, done deal.
This is where we cross.
-ls the water deep?
-A little.
No! No, goddamn it! No!
Fucking gringo bit me.
Fuck you!
Fuck you, sons of bitches!
What the hell is this on me?
You sons of bitches!
Fuck you!
l don't need this bullshit!
l mean it! l'm serious--
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
-Dona Adriana, is Mariana at home?
-Yes, she is.
What's going on?
ls this the one that got snakebit?
Get this gringo out of here.
He's the one that broke my nose.
You sure?
Hell yes,
he's got a face like a white rat.
-He'll probably die.
-Let him die.
...heal him.
...l need him alive.
Will he get well?
From the poison, yes.
But if he gets gangrene,
we'll have to cut his foot off.
Your call is ready.
Sands Restaurant, how may
l help you? This is Rachel.
Where are you?
I'm in Mexico.
You know the Border Patrol
is on your ass?
What's Belmont doing?
He went on vacation. He said he
had nothing to do with this.
Said it's between you and the Border
Patrol, and he wanna go to SeaWorld.
...l want you to come to Mexico.
What for?
Marry me.
Be my wife.
Are you crazy? l can't do that.
Why not?
Because l love Bob, Pete.
You said l was the only you loved.
Pete, you don't understand.
l have to go. Take care.
We'll get you home pretty soon,
Any day now.
You look like hell, son.
Good morning.
Where am l?
Mexico. Shit.
-Who are you, man?
-Your private 91 1 , dude.
The gringo asshole woke up.
She's gonna check you up.
Easy. Easy.
-ls there hot coffee?
-Fresh made.
Bring me the pot.
Now we're even, asshole.
You want to help us?
We'll have to walk it from here.
Come here.
You try to run away again, l'll kill you.
l guess you know that by now.
Yes, sir.
Do you even know how much
new tires cost?
Do you even know what the mileage
on your little foreign car is?
Do you know when the oil change
is due? Tell me. I want you to tell me.
Johnny, is there someone else?
What do you mean?
Someone else what?
Someone else putting
a roof over your head?
-Someone paying the bills--?
You've been so distant,
so far away. I cook. I clean house.
I wonder what your mother
would say. I do.
My mother has no say.
Do you think she cares about me?
You think she cares about you?
No, it's not.
She is addicted to vodka
and Valium, and she is....
-You want some coffee?
-Yes, sir. Please.
No, she is not. She is not.
Oh, yes, I do care.
Sit down.
I gave up a scholarship
to State University to take this job--
Can you sell us some food?
l'll give it to you.
We have fresh meat.
Take what you want.
We had to kill him.
This fucking bear was killing
too many goats.
No, it's not.
It's that girl from the....
-ls this Coahuila?
-Yes, you're right here in Coahuila.
Do you know how to get to El Toston?
Twenty kilometers that way.
I'm not stupid, Johnny.
I've got eyes in my head.
When you hit the sierra,
head south and you'll get there.
You're throwing your life away,
Don't do it. Please don't do it.
l've seen that. l know this one.
Please. Please. Please.
You see, that's it.
That's exactly it, right there.
That's what I'm talking about. It's
always the same, always the same.
What'd the guy on TV say?
We used to be so happy.
Let's go.
Take it...
...for your troubles.
We were happy then.
And we'll be happy again.
I know it.
Please, don't cry.
There will always be
a River Valley for us.
I hope so, Johnny.
I hope so.
-Yes, it's $2.
-You speak English.
Yeah, everyone here speak English.
We were worked on the other side.
-What are you doing here?
-Looking for a town called Jimnez.
No, there's no place like that here.
Do you know of a place
called Jimenez?
Manuel... ever hear of Jimenez?
No, not around here.
They said it was a little village
about 1 0 kilometers away.
No, the only village around
here is called Los Chilicotes.
Do you know this woman?
Her name is Evelia Camargo.
Yeah, l know her.
But her name's not Evelia.
lt's Rosa.
Do you know that man?
He's the one lived in Jimnez.
His name is Melquiades Estrada.
No, we don't him.
What's he doing with that woman?
l don't know.
Why you don't ask her?
She lives around the corner.
You speak English?
Well, seora...
...Melquiades was a good friend.
l'm sorry to tell you he's passed away.
Who is Melquiades?
Melquiades, your husband.
He's passed away and l've brought
his body back from Texas.
l don't know anyone
named Melquiades.
Well, this is you and that's him.
What are you doing
with a photo of me and my kids?
Melquiades gave it to me.
Please, seora,
you can tell me the truth.
He was a good friend of mine.
You were married to him,
weren't you?
Don't talk foolishness.
Because you'll get me in trouble
with my husband, Javier Martinez...
...and we don't know any Melquiades.
Excuse me, ma'am.
l didn't want to offend you.
But Melquiades was my friend.
Go see Don Casimiro.
He knows everybody
that comes through town.
Maybe he can help you.
l don't know him.
You know anything about
a little town called Jimnez?
lt doesn't exist around here.
l know for sure.
lt doesn't exist.
Your friend lied to you.
-No, he didn't.
-Sure he did.
There's no Jimnez, man.
Wake up.
-That place doesn't exist.
-Yes, it does.
There is no fucking Jimnez, man!
Don't you see? There's no Jimnez!
lt exists.
Jimenez is a beautiful fucking place.
lt sits between two hills.
The air is so clear there... feel like you can hug
the mountains with your arms.
A stream of clear clean fresh water
bubbles up right out of the rocks there.
lf you go to Jimenez...
...l swear to you your heart will break
with so much beauty.
This is Jimenez.
lt's just like Mel said it was.
Got good water.
...that's the house.
Store's right over yonder.
Right there.
Just like that right there.
This is it.
You found it, Pete.
...get down.
You got a grave to dig.
Ask Melquiades for forgiveness.
-Ask for forgiveness.
Ask for forgiveness right now
or go to hell right now.
l don't believe in hell.
l'm sorry!
l swear to God, l'm sorry.
l swear to God. l swear to God.
l did not mean to kill him.
lt was a mistake.
l didn't want it to happen.
lt hurts me, and l regret it...
...every single day.
Forgive me.
Forgive me...
...for taking your life. Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
You can go now.
To your wife.
l always. . . .
l always thought that
you'd end up killing me.
You can keep the horse...
You gonna be all right?