The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (2015) Movie Script

In 1915, Winter, Mountain Jinyi.
Ready to shoot, eyes do not blink.
Understand? 1, 2, 3.
- Pull.
- Bang.
- Dad, Is the time right?
- Very precise.
- Next time shoot what?
- Wild boar.
Boar? What you can
catch wild pigs?
Well, next time catch
wild boar with his father.
Fear? Our house there.
What we can see the house?
Put in there, a few more days still
will be back, bucket Give it to me.
The weather is so cold, Bring.
So you're planning on eating grass?
Eat together Suk Yi.
- Father Suk Yi.
- I go.
This time I'm definitely going to catch
something back, you hold on a little
Father Seok Er.
Cold, Go!
In 1925, Gyeongsangnam,
Room minister.
Honor, this is a gift sent from
the island Hamyong for Majesty.
Rubbish! Such goods give only
to the governor of the capital.
Well, I already know.
- Ryu.
- Well, Excellency.
You know what is written
in the report I read now?
The first detachment of artillery, who
last month attacked the hordes of
Korean mountain Jinyi, There is a loss.
Month later in a ravine
found by loggers.
How to find it?
Do you want to read it?
No, Your Majesty, I do not dare.
Surprisingly once, report says
None of the bodies were perfect.
- Actually, who did this?
- I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
So the so-called tiger
Jinyi Still not arrested?
- Or there could be arrested?
- Your Honour.
If this team other artillery,
It resolved from the start.
But why only guys
that are so slow?
Thanks to you, the Korean
People here more prosperous.
But this also runs counter to the job
helping tigers korea as the goal of the
government building.
- What do you think?
- I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
Now mobilize all personnel chase, It
would be arrested as soon as possible.
Well, If it does not keep promises,
You have to be responsible.
Regarding you have any other purpose
or not should also be investigated.
Honor, what does it mean
to have another purpose?
Actually, you still Koreans.
If you do not want to make people
misunderstand, Catch that person as
soon as possible.
Do not you say will catch them from the
beginning? How I wanted to catch them.
You know.
Of course, Your Majesty.
It's still there,
place is not one anymore.
We find, See feet
must be very large.
Go where to leave
the bodies here.
These people must be somewhere, Leaving
people themselves could go anywhere?
Usually they will not leave a trail,
How long do we go in search of them.
- Below are the abyss?
- Correct.
Here was no trace of water, as well
Tomorrow will certainly go down from
- Make a trap here.
- Good.
- Attach the net.
- Good.
- Make the trap well, Understood?
- It ..
Wind spring.
It seems that this
time should really fly.
- There is still no news of a mountain?
- Correct.
- Duk Chun Man?
- It has been brought, But ..
Hey, Build ..
Quick wake.
New what time it's
been drinking like this.
Just a little drink while eating.
What should distinguish a drink wine?
Duk Chun Man.
- This time disobey again.
- Oh, Telling me to hunt it?
Absolutely not release
innocent people.
I have to say how many times?
I have not to do so.
Trash like this can do what?
You are not asked to take the lead,
only telling you pointing the way for
them alone.
That person no matter what the mountain
also should not disturb the king of the
- You Koreans as well, you would understand.
- What do you say now?
Who Koreans?
Chun Man deck.
I bear you by sight villagers
also has its limits.
What already understand?
- The weather is so cold why they come here?
- I came because worried father.
Worrying what? Mungkinikah want
to do the independence movement?
Everybody says words make people worry,
of course worried.
I have to drink a little wine.
Father did not know
they talk about you?
Quick road, sun will set.
How can treat only
child like this?
What did you say?
It's okay,
I said very good father.
What do you say?
Learning by whom? Fast way.
I told you well, why?
Let go of him.
Today very smoothly,
legs turn into light.
Did I not say to you
to go to the toilet.
Being too hasty.
Hastily what?
Did the toilet so far?
I'm cultivate. - Developing what?
You think you are being farmed?
Children who only know to play.
- Why did they not stop?
- I was peeing, Wait a minute.
- Lots.
- This is due to join the father.
I have prepared a hot,
fast go take a shower.
I have the ability, not?
Dad, we road together.
Quick came, the young man
is so slow can do what?
What's on top of a mountain?
Why such a hurry?
How often tell you.
Want to get something from the
mountain, It must be more diligent than
the animals in the mountains.
Did not I often say today
must often use the brain.
- Did you have a brain?
- Dad.
What is it? Why keep
calling me? Am I dead?
Therefore we do not pluck
medicinal plants worthless again.
We attach trap there and thank clean.
Diligent such a waste of energy.
- It will only make the body suffer.
- Who does that?
Capturing what could be arrested,
Do not so much ambition.
Whatever it is, useless has
so much ambition useless.
Then it must be removed.
Manners Gungun know what? This mountain
or that mountain, Others capture
mountain animals to eat.
They still live well.
Quick shut up and
follow my steps.
This old man, Walk together.
Are not your feet hurt?
- Could it have been caught?
- Backward ..
Have a look at this.
It's about to start.
- Well, what you've seen?
- Thank you.
You looking for me?
Today the Korean people are
very attention to this place.
That's because the goods
were arrested today.
The arrested today are animals that
revered as a tiger by the Koreans here.
- What is it going to get?
- It was not so easy.
He is cunning like a fox.
What are the words
of a famous hunter?
Time is urgent.
The noble certainly have to bring
back when you return to Japan.
So any way also must catch.
If you still want to find a meal with
this, Think all the way to arrest him,
Oh right, Chun Man deck.
What must now catch it by force?
He's not so obedient, Not good for
both parties if it did just that.
I have an idea, Commit me.
- What started coughing again?
- Throat very itchy and want to cough out.
Young how to be so weak?
Maybe join the mother, the mother
reportedly also daily headaches.
That's because your
mother had you.
Not ill since birth. Well,
tomorrow to go to the drug store.
- So tomorrow to walk again?
- Correct.
Why so happy?
No, When I'm happy?
- What are you hiding honey?
- Honey what? Hurry to sleep.
What did you say?
Do not make me repeat
the same word twice
Why do seperit it? Capture just
time passing and completed.
What should I? We do yourself.
It is said there was no time.
Anyway there that way, We do not
need to run like a man desperate.
This makes people sick.
Sick or not all nonsense,
Starting when we hunt?
Is not in search of a meal?
Shouts what?
How can you live up to now
with like this? Let me see.
Give it to me,
You try sick or not.
Sebenarnyar should use this section,
I knock with this.
The glass is empty,
Why are you silent.
This kid .. Do not eat,
this is a drug.
- I do not eat.
- So what is there dimulutmu?
For you. You have taken
that for this time.
Is this a medication
that keeps the body warm?
Every day eat the drug,
This winter could recover.
Why? To Suk Yi again?
Start coughing again.
Really, take it.
No, forget it money,
Can you give this drug?
It can also, what can not?
- Take.
- Why so much?
Suk Yi body is a body,
What about the body?
Good for your feet as well, morning
and evening respectively eat once.
Oh right, you've heard
of problems tiger?
A few days ago the family child catcher
capture both the child and the couple
I can not bear to see it,
All the villagers see it.
What human actions?
Is this not tantamount to rebel?
This person really did not leave
the road retreat for yourself.
But the other dead game,
Although the tiger dead.
Should have died at the hands
catcher famous like somewhat regret.
Do not say that there is
no point in it, I went.
Do you want to go? Take first.
Suk Yi waiting.
You must be frequently come.
This kid go anywhere else?
Your father was looking for you.
It's okay, he will definitely
return if not see me.
But ..
- Do you want to continue living in the mountains?
- Yes, my father seemed to want so.
- Oh so.
- What is wrong?
My mum says .. forget it!
What is it?
It seems willing to marry
me to another place.
What does that mean?
We are friends since childhood.
Chil Uncle Goo and
my father agreed.
I overheard, he said I want
to marry with rice store.
Why with aunt?
Clearly know our relationship.
I do not know. We do?
What should I do?
I do not know, my mother says family
is poor, Go there also can not eat.
Then we came down from the mountain
alone, In any case you will not starve.
I do not know.
What do you think?
Do you want to marry me?
In my heart of course there is you,
Therefore I say to you.
Then you do not worry, trust me.
- Oppa ..
- Wait for me, I have an idea.
No, I can not breathe,
Let me go.
Sister really powerful.
Mount Jinyi! The same as described,
Broad and deep.
Reportedly the animal
is one-eyed dragon.
Yes, Your Majesty.
According to the locals say,
This is the only tiger eye since birth.
Still can survive like this.
How much weight?
Above 100 kg Based on an
assessment of nearly 1000 kg.
Oh, It includes a large
tigers in tiger korea.
Absolutely amazing.
Down rain. Really can
be arrested today?
Because it must be
quickly resolved.
Really not you dah,
But is appears.
Do not tell the others,
He would appear.
Place here, How?
- Post here.
- Good.
Open this.
Once installed,
the morning came to see again.
No, Wait night looking
for a place to watch .
What should I? Here are
very cold at night, really.
- Today should overtime, Understand?
- Good.
Do not drink too does nothing.
- Dad, Can speak well?
- Do not be sick if you do not want to drink.
- Quick grab.
- You think I want to be sick?
Out also drunk, open mouthed.
Quick going to
bed after eating.
Dad, you know the problem wife
and children captured tiger?
Is the tiger quickly
slow to be arrested?
Reportedly very big prize,
Do not know who will be so lucky?
Is not one day be arrested also,
What if my father and I left him?
We know the way out of the tiger,
Provided decide ..
Dad, I can be afraid if you see it that
way. I go first, continued glaring Why
Go to sleep.
It seems to be down something.
Goo Gyeong, seems to
be down something! Can?
What are you doing there?
Not cold?
Do not go down, really worried.
Chairman reportedly used to fight
tigers, Even kehilanigan wife.
Scar on the face also left then,
Is that correct?
True, the King of the mountain has
bad relationship with us also.
He came, journeyed.
It .. Really like shadows,
It can escape.
Cold once, Beyond just some wolves,
weather is very cold.
Moderate see what?
Animal's nest must be around this, we
need to cover only sure way impassable.
The entire mountain is the nest,
Where might find that easy.
Although he was the king of the
mountain definitely also has its own
area , not possible to go to the
Unlike humans.
- Still ..
- After having to go looking for Man Duk.
What did you say? Sister did
not like so, Do not do it.
The problem up here,
There is no other way.
It still can not, do not do it! His
wife went away, How brother survive?
Because that should
catch the animal.
Now you have to forget about it,
Why always go disturb ..
You think it could be forgotten?
Sister and I wanted to explore the
heart of the beast out to eat.
Not be forgotten.
Brother Man Duk,
Long time no see.
Skin wolf sell expensive
sold recently?
Certainly, there can be
sold at a fur expensive.
Even so, 10 tail like this also
can not be compared to a tiger.
So as king tiger can
be sold how many?
King mountain needless to say, at least
can build a house and still have some
That's right, the King of the mountain
here is also a king in the world Korean
You want to catch it?
This kid seems to think so.
Stop it, you can
use this pistol?
After all I was a
child my father.
Bloodline will not
be able to run.
Now in Korea, Tiger rest
of some of the tail.
The payoff is not playing.
- Brother wanted to go with us?
- No.
You also beware, already entered cold
season, hunt the tiger is not easy
Because of the time constraint.
It's too late,
two days it will be snowing.
- Stop, Hunt so much is enough.
- Do not say it like that.
How can I stop, korea From now on
we can not have a gun himself again.
Catchers do not hunt are still able to
do what? Sitting waiting to die? Do not
say like that.
If you do not want
to go with us.
Point road for us,
You know the way out of the tiger.
Forget it.
Quick slow to die, Although it is
not us, He also can not live long.
Quick die a slow death,
Could be better to die in our hands?
Is not sister also
wanted to revenge him?
- What do you say?
- Go home if no other problems.
- Brother, not the intention of Goo Gyeong.
- Not what?
Not the wife's brother
died from the animal.
- Brother-by-shot the animal ..
- Shut up.
Am I wrong? It was not one brother,
All because of the animal.
- Diam.
- Brother.
I told you, stop it.
Well, brother, we'll stop. Do not
say anymore, Suk Yi could hear it.
We go first.
Sister, Think carefully.
- Let's go.
- Good.
- Uncle, You guys want to go?
- Right, Come, very cold outside.
Dispose of wine, do not let
your father drink. Let's go.
Suk Yi, we go.
Suk Yi, How old are you now?
16 years, what is it?
It's okay.
Keep your father well.
Quick ..
The tiger repel one expel,
He had gone to the village.
That's him, shoot him like Quick,
Quick go, or will be too late.
Quick go ..
Nyeon Ja.
Nyeon Ja ..
Eyes almost fell, tell me.
Uncles divide it says want
to return to the father.
- Really rejected without considering it?
- What I did not feed you?
- People living not for eating only.
- Do not bullshit.
Then say bad.
As a child if the father
becomes replace catcher.
I told you not nonsense.
You know what place is it?
Basic do not know themselves.
You every day say
it useless. Why?
Why? Child catcher said he
wanted to be captors so what?
Is it because the catcher is pressed by
the Japanese? Now it is the world of
How can we eat if
not follow them?
That's not all.
I know this is not all, Until when
are we going to live like this?
Father had done so when
young So now live like this.
What about me? What did I do wrong?
Why should live like this?
I want to go hunting with them, not
want to live like this with my father.
Children disobedience.
I understand you.
Mother went away,
father blames himself.
I understand.
How do you know?
The whole village knows,
I must also be able to hear it.
But not anymore, Because I do not
want to live like this anymore.
It is also true that in said Suk Yi,
Children no one anything.
I know very tired if no Suk Yi.
You may not keep it for life.
I hear they like each other,
married What if on this occasion.
I'll help for wedding expenses.
Wife Incidentally Chil
Goo-law searching everywhere.
It seems like there are
going apply as well.
Do not worry, this day
immediately go take a look.
Reportedly Chil Goo wife like
to eat fish. Must have heard me.
It was already betrothed.
They are so like our Sun Yi,
What can make?
There's nothing to think about,
So disconnected immediately.
I've also spoken
with his father.
Her father agreed.
- Apparently so.
- Of course.
Although Suk Yi successful
but still a hunter.
Being a boss over rice stores
better than the hunter's wife.
I know you are very hard.
Because of her youngest child,
So more attention.
Least the child
should live well.
Yes, I know the feeling.
What is this? Children
less this must be crazy.
Quick here.
Goo Gyeong, you should
definitely refuse.
Sister would have been furious
if he found out. Quick rejected.
Children hunters become hunters,
What's wrong?
- What did you say?
- I started hunting 10 years of age.
You okay ..
Brother Man Duk would not
live if there is no son.
After his wife died, if not her son.
He will not live.
Do you know?
Not every hunter will
get into trouble.
You should be careful.
Unlike the others,
this including the army.
Remember this is not
the place out at will?
Course understand.
Because including the army,
So there salary.
Hunting results will also be able
to return. I joined because I know.
You said you could use a gun?
Of course, I am the
son of my father.
My father was the
greatest hunter in korea.
This is the gun
used our soldiers.
Prize for you.
I will not let you down.
- Go.
- Good.
Thank you.
- Reportedly the child knows the nest.
- Small children can know what?
Although knew,
was also just a way to die.
There is a relationship what?
I will protect Majesty and
followed behind, You open road.
All right.
- Goo Gyeong, What you have to do this?
- Do not say continue.
It's no use other
than dangerous.
Could team leader hunters bring Suk Yi
came because they do not know the
reason for this?
What does this mean?
It's for brother Man
Duk forced to join.
Demi Suk Yi,
He will not stay silent.
What if something
happens to him?
You really .. If you're worried,
You hug him alone.
Children's brash crazy.
It must have been crazy ..
Suk Yi, Come.
You do not come with us.
Walk together with
leaders there.
Together with the leaders,
Is not can not hunt?
You can hunt what?
Not ordinary tiger, king of this
mountain. You can only hit your father.
- Hear I said.
- Good.
You can not use a gun
still carrying a gun.
Anyone who tells you shoot,
You stay behind.
Do not get involved in this.
- Understand?
- Good.
Suk Yi, Why do not you answer?
This kid go? Suk Yi ..
Suk Yi.
Anyway still be arrested, What if
my father and I both went caught?
If I replace my father
joined the team of hunters.
So what hunters child
to be a hunter?
Suk Yi.
Suk Yi ..
Suk Yi ..
I am the son of my father,
my father is the best hunter in korea.
Sun Yi was waiting.
I must go home to find you.
Suk Yi.
Hunter Goo,
seems not to be emerging.
Wait again, this time there were bait,
it will definitely appear.
They drove right direction?
Fishing tiger instead
of 1-2 times.
- Goo Gyeong.
- Shit, he went there.
Do not come here.
Sly like a fox.
He has gone to where we
are just now. Hurry back.
- Uncle.
- Suk Yi.
Uncle, my chest like a tear.
Please call my father here.
- Suk Yi.
- Uncle.
I'll be right back.
You wait here, Understood?
- Do not worry.
- Do not go ..
- Uncle'll be right back.
- Do not go.
- It will soon be over.
- Do not, Uncle.
- Shit.
- He's really like a ghost.
He was also injured this time.
Still not go away.
True, You can not live long.
Wait, I will kill you with my hand.
True, Where Suk Yi?
- Did you see Suk Yi?
- No.
Goo Gyeong, What do you see?
How is this?
Suk Yi ..
Suk Yi .. You no where? Suk Yi.
Is not this the gun Suk Yi?
The gun is here, How is this?
Suk Yi.
Suk Suk Yi Yi .. poor.
Useless, No big scars.
Must have been brought wolves.
How Man Duk our brother?
What a pity.
Everything went down.
If it's snowing again,
we will also die.
What did I say? I told
you to bring Suk Yi back.
Now what to do?
He voluntarily,
I do not force him.
- Damn you.
- I do not think it would be like this.
- I'll kill you.
- Release.
- Brother.
- Where?
My son was where?
Lift the leg lacking here.
- Do not like this, which can be treated Treat.
- Stop.
- Need soldier?
- Now the tiger also injured.
This is an opportunity.
This opportunity must be captured.
But it may be the number
of hunters present.
Hunting is not a war.
Could attacked so?
- Because it would not be enough with
ordinary soldiers.
- What does it mean?
That must use artillery?
- Right.
- You crazy?
It's really impossible
with ordinary soldiers.
Must use a large
number of troops.
Soon winter, If you want to
catch it before it snowed.
- Did not have to do anything?
- That is true.
If using artillery previously succeeded
in stopping the rebellion Jinyi
- Might also be successful.
- But, Your Majesty ..
One-eyed tiger.
Can not be faced by a team
tiger catchers that exist here.
He is the king of Korean tigers.
Then to deal with it ..
Must be served with a large.
Well, as you say.
Finally caught.
This child, almost dead tigers.
You quickly go looking for your mother.
I'll take you.
Up here alone.
We do it for eating well.
We almost a year did not see a tiger.
The weather is so cold,
they could die cold or starvation.
Do not say, I already know.
Up here alone.
What is this? Tiger.
Thank God .. Thank you
bless us catch him.
Is not that a pig in the house?
From here to the village so far, still
must pass through the mountain, why
could there?
Brother, why become like this?
Do not say again, What do you want make
your wife and your son starve to death?
No, not what I meant.
Anyway, I think it could be a load,
Better be killed, hey come here
I told you disconnect them,
What is human actions?
Build .. What about me?
Do not go.
Come, Suk!
We go together.
Supreme military command, a strong
spirit, Fighting hard, Not afraid of
Preparation finished ..
What is this for?
If it is true to say tiger catchers.
This tiger must be in this.
Although this does not fit the
traditional hunting methods.
In china forest,
The soldiers also hunt like this.
In other words is eliminate
panghalang first.
Restricting their movement.
Stop shooting.
True, Look, we do like this,
He will soon chase here.
He ran to it.
Stop shooting.
Right here.
Quick chase him.
Stop. The shape formation.
Nice, Kill them as hard.
It was dinner last I give you.
You deliberately provoke Japanese
soldiers come here for the sake of it?
They were pulling here.
No, this is mine.
I'm going to end it.
You ..
Goo Gyeong,
How about you? Build.
Forever do not be afraid.
- Hunters are destined to die in the mountains.
- What is this?
I'm going to die like this?
What is this?
What is this?
Goo Gyeong, What does this mean?
- Hey, Lift him here.
- Good.
How? Still there
is consciousness?
Get a grip,
hold on a little longer.
Today is camping here,
prepared to pursue it.
But, Your Majesty.
I'm not going to go down the mountain
before the arrest, Understand?
Well, Your Majesty.
- Find Man Duk Chun here before morning.
- What?
In order to avoid more casualties,
Fast resolved, we need him.
In any way you should
call him here, Got it?
It should be how?
Wound is severe.
Loss of family?
What is're complaining to me?
You and me.
Suk, I also went.
Finally, these animals are
forced to a stalemate.
- For troops in two streets.
- Well, Excellency.
Actually, what's this? Advances
Japanese empire should be placed where?
Right here.
- This place, not one.
- Brother.
It is very difficult
to go up again.
Quick ride.
A little further up.
You come.
Then we ..
End now.
Why stop?
I told you we would end it.
Brother ..
Let's end.
Brother ..
True! Completely lost.
How could something like this happen?
Could fly to the sky?
There is a legend of the tiger could
turn into a god. So maybe because of
The noble, more ..
Finally still can not win from
Jinyi mountain this winter?
Spring of next year will
definitely be back. Dismissed.
Well, Your Majesty.
- Dismissed.
- Good.
Man Duk, sleep tonight
at my house warm.
Look at these beautiful wife.