The Time Guardians (2020) Movie Script

[tape running]
[gentle music]
[Andrei] I gave up on this
manuscript years ago.
I never meant to
come back to it,
but then Ksyusha came
into our lives
so I decided to try again.
[keys clicking]
Once upon a time,
only a gloomy river flowed
from the marshes
to the White Sea shores.
Then one day a powerful tsar
arrived with his army,
and ordered them
to build a fortress.
They also built a tower
with a large clock
that could be seen for miles.
They fired a cannon just
as the clock struck noon
when it came time to announce
their new city to the world.
And it was in this magical city
of stone sphinxes and lions
that a woman named
Ingrid was born.
Look, right up there.
They built that monument for
a special cat named Elisei.
[Andrei] As time passed,
Ingrid grew into a beautiful young woman.
Everyone who lived
in the city loved her,
and she became known
for her warm smile.
Eventually one spring, Ingrid
met a young man named Peco.
He was the time guardian,
the keeper of the clock
in the tower.
Every day before
the cannon fired at noon,
Peco wound the clock
so that it could continue
to watch over the city.
[cannon fires]
It didn't take long for Ingrid
and Peco to fall in love.
This is Chizhik-Pyzhik.
If you ever toss a coin down
then make a wish,
and the coin stays there,
the wish will come true.
Peco and Ingrid's
happiness was fleeting.
They had a daughter together,
but she soon grew sick and died.
- [dramatic music]
- [screaming]
[Andrei] In her grief,
Ingrid lost her mind.
Peco gathered his things,
and left with the key
to the city clock.
Soon the clock stopped,
and the city was plunged
into darkness.
[dramatic music]
Since then, Ingrid walks
the streets of the Dark City
looking for the child she lost.
Now, only the time guardian's
heir can wind the clock,
and return the city back
to the way it was.
[music continues]
[woman on radio] We anticipate
heavy storms later this week.
According to
the forecast this...
[static crackling]
[classical music playing
on radio]
[Olga] I loved the house.
It'll be perfect for Ksyusha.
A big hall, and the fireplace,
two floors.
[Andrei] It's a lot.
[Olga] If we sell the apartment
we can buy it.
And you'll finally be able to
finish your novel.
[phone buzzing]
It's getting so late and
she's home alone.
What if that witch finds out?
That crazy old neighbor keeps
telling her everything.
You know, I bet she hired her
to keep an eye on us.
Should we poison her?
Maybe you should
poison your witch.
Olga, we need her to make
a decision about Ksyusha first.
Anyway, the probation
period's almost over.
Irena's just a friend,
we both grew up together.
Well, she's just a friend
who won't leave you alone.
[tense music]
What does she even want?
- [Andrei] Olga!
- [gasps]
- [Andrei] Olga!
- [horn blaring]
[suspenseful music]
[crow cawing]
[woman] I'm not your mother.
Now come with me!
[voices whispering indistinctly]
[crow caws]
[thunder rumbles]
Did you have another bad dream?
It's because
you're in a new place.
You'll get used to it. Lie down.
[tense music]
Does she need a psychologist?
The kids at school
are teasing her.
She keeps drawing those witches,
and she's seeing doorways.
It's your Irena,
she's scared of her.
She just needs a little
more time to adjust.
Irena's not mine.
You are.
I chose you.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [eerie music]
[bell clanging]
[tense music]
[phone ringing]
Irena, sorry I didn't
call you back.
[Irena over phone]
I've been trying to inform you
that Ksyusha attacked
a girl at school.
- Okay, well who started it?
- [Irena] You know this isn't
the first time
she's been in a fight.
- She's still adjusting.
- [Irena] And you're perfectly aware
that I have to do
something about this.
- Are you sure?
- [Irena] Well, if it's easier for you, I can take her back.
Okay, I understand,
we'll work with you.
- What do you need?
- [Irena] I need you all here tomorrow at 10.
We'll be there.
[Ksyusha sniffling]
Can you tell me what happened?
[tense music]
[girl] Look!
It's the orphan girl!
Aw, the poor orphan!
My mom says that they got her
to replace another kid,
but they won't keep
her much longer!
They'll just send you back
to the orphanage!
[students laughing]
Now then, children,
please raise your hand
if you were born
in St. Petersburg.
And how many of you
came to St. Petersburg
with your family
after you were born?
How about you?
How would she know where
she was born, she's an orphan!
[students laughing]
Time to be quiet now!
[student] Look at her, I bet she's
just gonna tell on us to her mom!
[girl] She doesn't have a mom!
She doesn't have a dad either!
She said that?
So what did you do next?
[Ksyusha] I pushed her.
- [Andrei sighs]
- [Ksyusha sniffling]
[Andrei] Ms. Irena asked us
to come see her tomorrow.
But I don't wanna go back
to that place!
There's that scary room
there and the witch!
I don't think
we'll see any witches.
I'm pretty sure they only
live in marshes.
This will be the last time
we ever have to go back.
I promise.
[somber music]
Then can you tell me the story
about the clock tower again?
If the clock in the old tower
stops and goes backwards,
the city will die.
And the people will turn into
soulless creatures.
[Ksyusha] So what do we do?
[Andrei] What do we do?
It's important to be
kind to others.
But above all,
we have to value
the time we have.
But if anything bad
ever happens,
I'll take you to the Dark City,
and we'll wind
the clock together.
This key is the time guardian's.
[child] Hey, watch this!
[ominous music]
[man] Okay, let's start with
diamonds this time.
[man 2] I've got one too.
[girl] Did they bring
Ksyusha back?
[music continues]
[sinister music]
Hello, Ksyusha.
Thank you for coming.
How have you been?
Have you been enjoying
your new home?
I'm sure you probably miss
your friends here.
I spoke with her school,
they said Ksyusha attacked
another student.
We actually talked about
what happened yesterday.
It's not her fault.
Ksyusha, could you step out into
the hallway for a moment?
We won't be long.
[bright music playing]
Please, take a seat.
[ominous music]
[girl, echoing] She has the key.
- [screaming]
- She has the key.
It seems to me that
she's more of a challenge
than either of you
are prepared for.
- Yes, but we...
- Even your neighbor called me.
She's always been nosy,
she's lying.
But who should I believe?
Her word?
Or should I take you at yours?
Do you understand why this
is concerning to me?
Sorry, Ms. Markovna?
Your next appointment is here.
Excuse me. I'll go find Ksyusha.
One last thing before you go,
stop ignoring my calls, please.
[Solovyeva] So you came back?
Everyone does.
Hey, whose room is this now?
- It isn't anyone's.
- A boy lived in there, but the witch came and got him.
And ate him. [laughs]
Solovyeva, downstairs,
it's your mother.
She brought your things.
She's not my mom.
I don't understand.
They take a child,
play with them,
and then send them back.
[Olga] Ksyusha!
Ksyusha, where are you?
[Irena] How's the novel coming?
Well I'm working on it.
But I still use
the typewriter you gave me.
That's really nice to hear.
Remember this?
I found it the other day.
That's the day
you broke your leg.
It was you and Dasha,
you were jumping over
that bench, fighting over me.
Then I had to carry you
across the park.
And over the bridge.
- Yeah.
- Then under the bridge.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was it,
wasn't it?
[tense music]
Where'd Mom go?
Your mother is waiting outside.
[Andrei] Honestly,
I'm just stuck on this novel.
Would you like me to help you?
[Andrei] Ira.
I'm not trying to come
between you and her,
there's nothing to worry about.
I've moved.
Here's my address.
Stop by, we can have a drink,
talk... about your novel,
of course. If you want to.
See ya.
[thunder rumbling in distance]
There will be a storm tonight.
[thunder rumbling]
[typewriter clicking]
Yes? It's late.
[Andrei sighs]
Okay, I can come.
Can you remind me
what the address is?
[somber music]
[thunder rumbling]
Aren't you going to eat?
You're leaving.
I have to go to the Dark City.
Don't forget, I have to
wind the clock.
Do you think it's gonna stop?
Not yet, but if it ever does,
you know the witch
and all her monsters,
they'll be able to completely
take over the city.
We can't let that happen,
because who are we?
We're the time guardians?
Ah, smelt! I wish I could stay.
Then stay.
I can't tonight.
I have to go out for a bit.
Sergei just called.
He wants me to write six
episodes for something new.
Oh, that's good. What is it?
Who's gonna be directing it?
I'm not sure, I'll find out.
How about I drive you?
Mm-mm. Don't worry about it.
I called a cab.
Just put Ksyusha to bed
in a bit.
[thunder rumbling]
- Is it her?
- Hm?
I'll be back soon.
[door shuts]
[thunder rumbling]
[tense music]
- [Olga] Hurry.
- [Ksyusha] Where are we going?
[rain pouring]
- [ominous music]
- [thunder rumbling]
[horn blaring]
- [horn blaring]
- [brakes squealing]
[car crashes]
[dramatic music]
[siren wailing]
- Head to Ward Four.
- Mm-hm.
- We'll need to prepare the ventilator.
- Mm-hm.
And call anesthesia.
- [ventilator hissing]
- [tense music]
Do you think that
she'll make it?
[doctor] We'll see if she
lasts the night.
Poor thing.
Driving in this weather
with a kid.
What was she thinking?
It's up to the police now.
Can you start an IV?
- [dramatic music]
- [thunder rumbling]
Your father, you say?
Are you sure about that?
There doesn't seem to be
any paperwork,
no stamps or legal documents,
He's not the father.
He skipped town as soon as
he heard about the accident.
Went south probably
so he can write more fairy tales
with his old fling.
The woman isn't
her mother either.
I'm telling you this, sir,
they're con artists.
They're con artists,
and now we have another
child to deal with.
For her own good,
send her back to the orphanage.
She'll be safe there,
there in the dark room.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [rain pouring]
[stammering] Excuse me,
I was told to...
come pick up the girl!
You have her papers?
[man] Here. [snorts, giggles]
That's all I need,
documents, stamps,
everything in their place
like they're supposed to be.
If you have papers, you exist,
but if you don't... [laughs]
too bad for you!
[Ksyusha] Please, sir!
Her mother's a terrible person,
the very worst.
[siren wailing]
[ominous music]
You're back already?
[man snorts]
[stammering] She's back now,
Mom got hurt. [snorts]
It's good to see you
again, my dear.
Welcome home.
[tense music]
This is not my home.
You'll get used to it
in no time.
We made your old room
back up for you.
Remember where it is?
My dad is gonna be here
any minute to come get me.
He won't take you anywhere.
That man isn't your real father.
He doesn't even love you.
We have always been
your one true family.
[neck popping]
[water dripping]
[ominous music]
- [Ksyusha screams]
- [Paramon screams]
[glass shatters]
What was that for?
It was... per... perfectly aged.
[ominous music]
Who are you?
[dramatic sing-song voice]
Paramon, yeah?
Also you ruined
my pants, you jerk!
But you scared me.
I didn't do anything at all.
That's not wrong,
you really can't do anything.
You are only
a useless little girl,
just a parasite, that's it.
Meanwhile the state is forced
to feed and clothe you
while you ruin things!
My things!
I didn't ruin anything!
It was a bad accident.
My dad is coming to
take me home soon.
Your dad. That's who? [chuckles]
You keep saying that,
Mom is coming,
Dad will come, but will they?
[tense music]
Will they really? Huh?
[lock clicking]
Here's your sheets, all ready.
Remember, keep them clean
because if you don't,
then we'll have to
see that it's dealt with.
[neck popping]
- [ominous music]
- [neck popping]
I thought I smelled this,
I see that you met our
resident drunk, huh?
I can't see how
he drinks this swill.
[glass clatters]
Don't sit there, make your bed.
- [neck pops]
- [toy jingles]
[woman] Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Huh, resident drunk. From her?
The local vampire? [chuckles]
[Ksyusha] Can you turn
the lamp back on, please?
I'm kind of afraid of the dark.
So, now that we're all settled,
why don't you tell me about
this dad of yours?
Still raining.
Stay safe, see you Monday.
What a pain.
[tense music]
[woman on radio] We've just
received a report of an accident
at the intersection of
Bakunina and Khersonskiya.
A woman and her child
were injured in the crash.
Eyewitnesses reported
that the driver
was behaving erratically
and drove her Mercedes
into the oncoming lane.
[phone ringing]
How do you know about
the Dark City?
[Ksyusha] My dad told me.
And who's your dad?
Well, my mom says that
he's a failed fairytale writer
but then my dad says
that he's the time guardian.
[whispering] A fairytale...?
So that means you must
be the new time guardian!
He said he was gonna go
to the Dark City
'cause he had to wind
the clock on the old tower.
[clears throat] Just so you know,
I am also an important person.
[playful music]
All the dogs there
know who I am!
Where is there?
In the Dark City, of course,
where else?
So what is your dad doing
in our fair city?
[Ksyusha] He said that if he
can go there and wind the clock,
then everything goes
back to normal.
Do you mean it?
That's what it said in
his notebook, at least.
But it also said that
you have to make sure to do it
before the cannon fires at noon.
And it also says something about
how there might be...
- The witch?
- Yeah, there might be the witch.
But if he can't do it...
He didn't, sad to say.
The clock stopped,
and now your mom can't get out,
and now you're stuck
here forever!
- Hm.
- So what do I do now?
[Paramon] What do you mean?
It's time we blow this joint!
[dramatic music]
We'll wind the clock instead!
How are we supposed to...?
[Paramon] Just go for it!
[both screaming]
[Paramon] Look out below!
- [man] One more.
- [man 2 laughs]
[Paramon sputters, coughs]
- [Ksyusha coughs]
- Well, that was fun.
Over here!
[ominous music]
[Paramon gulping]
[playful music]
Want some?
Why do you keep drinking that?
It's just... for when I feel dry.
- [gasps]
- Because I need the inspiration!
I too am a writer.
I write...
yeah, I write romance books.
[guitar tuning]
Listen to this.
[singing out of key]
In the evening
Beneath the moonlight
That's when I once was
So handsome and forthright
[burps, coughs]
My heart's grown cold
And the colors have faded
Except for one
The color of your hair
If the cannon goes bam!
That's it.
The city's far.
We're gonna need a ride somehow.
Do you maybe have a car
we can take to get there?
I did, a motorcycle.
Lost it in a bet. Ghouls, yeah?
- Ghouls?
- [ominous music]
[banging on door]
What do you want, Paramon?
I need my bike to go
to the city.
That's too bad for you.
Wager for it. [snorts]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine.
What's your bet then?
- [Ksyusha gasps]
- [Paramon] This!
[upbeat music]
- [neck cracking]
- [groans]
[woman laughs]
[man grunts]
[motorcycle engine roaring]
[dramatic music]
- [woman] He cheated!
- [woman 2 growls]
- Swindler!
- Bring them back at once!
[man shouts]
[dramatic rock music]
[Paramon] We need to find
your father's notebook,
and then we can figure out
which tower the clock is in!
Paramon, they're following us!
They weren't supposed to
catch on that quick!
C'mon, c'mon!
[music continues]
[Ksyusha screams]
[Paramon] Woo-ho!
[car engine backfires]
[dog howling]
[stone crumbling]
[ominous music]
You... actually live here?
Gotta admit,
I thought it'd be nicer.
Did something happen
to our house?
It's The Dark City.
Everything's different.
Let's go!
[tense music]
- [Ksyusha] Paramon!
- [shushing]
[mysterious music]
Where did all of our things go?
- [ominous music]
- [objects clattering]
[whispering] Paramon, come here.
[objects clattering]
Paramon, what are
you doing in here?
I'm thirsty, so I'm just
looking for another drink.
My parents don't keep
any of that stuff.
How about socks?
One sock?
What happened to yours?
It's right where it needs to be!
- [man grunts]
- [door slams shut]
S-s-s... a sock. That's why.
This is my dad's notebook.
This bridge goes to that tower.
[glass shattering]
[dramatic music]
[man] Hurry up!
We got it. To the roof!
[Ksyusha] I don't want to
go up there!
- [doorbell ringing]
- Well, that's too bad!
[doorbell continues ringing]
[doorbell ringing]
[ominous music]
[door opening]
[woman] They're already gone.
What do you mean, they left?
How would I know?
Your wife seemed upset,
she was in a hurry.
She was mumbling something.
I think she was talking
about a witch?
There was also... [gasps]
a gray city.
[ominous music]
The Dark City.
[door rumbling]
[Andrei sighs]
I need to come see you,
it's urgent.
[Andrei sighs]
[dramatic music]
[woman on radio] The clock in the Peter
and Paul Fortress stopped running.
According to one
eyewitness account,
a bolt of lightning struck
the clock directly.
Paramon, don't you
have a family?
Family? I dunno.
If I do, I haven't met 'em!
- [Ksyusha] But isn't everyone supposed to have a mom and dad?
- [Paramon] Are they?
[woman on radio]
Some believe that the clock
may have stopped
due to negligence
on the part of
the Fortress staff.
Others are not so sure.
[bats squeaking]
Paramon, I can't keep up!
I'm thirsty.
- What?
- I'm thirsty!
Okay, we lost them.
[Paramon exhales]
Look at that! A falling star!
Now make a wish!
I've already tried and
it never comes true.
It will.
[Ksyusha] Can you please tell me
what happened?
It doesn't make sense!
The witch has your old man caught
inside of a time loop, okay?
What do I do?
There's a legend,
the time guardian,
he's the one who's supposed to
keep the clock wound,
and your dad totally
botched the job!
It's all that witch's fault.
Now the whole city
is in big trouble, including us!
You're the daughter of
the time guardian,
so you have to wind the clock
and rescue your mom.
I'm his daughter?
I'm not their real child,
I'm from the orphanage.
And this girl from school said
they're gonna take me back
when they get bored.
"This girl from school said."
But what do you think, huh?
[Paramon shushes]
- [ominous music]
- [creature screeching]
Yes, yes, yes, that looks right.
Let me see.
What's this?
Oh! I bet these are some keys,
and some sticks, and dashes.
[Ksyusha] Those are letters.
Paramon, don't you
know how to read?
But I thought you wrote
romance books.
[tense music]
[Ksyusha] "At midnight
the clock will stop",
- "and my angel will be no more."
- [groans]
[flashlight whirring]
"All over the city,
the roar of the cannon echoes
as darkness settles
like a curse.
"The place I once called home
has been swallowed up."
[Andrei] The streets are empty
and the birds are silent
as the air is filled with
nightmarish sounds.
[door slams]
That's 'cause you read
the wrong part!
It's gotta be around here.
This is the part, read!
- [flashlight whirring]
- "A magnificent bridge was reflected in the water,
and a tower could be
seen behind it."
Right! That's it!
This is where we're headed,
it's just beyond this bridge.
[ominous music]
I'm telling you,
she didn't come here.
Calm down,
Olga isn't going anywhere.
She probably went out
with a friend.
She would tell me.
And why did you
give me that photo?
I'm sorry.
It'll give her the wrong idea.
She trusted me.
Right now, just try to relax,
don't think about it,
you don't have to think
about anything.
How 'bout work?
You're a great playwright,
you should be working.
But what if something happened?
I need to call the police.
You don't.
Calm down and
pull yourself together.
Stop making
a big deal out of this.
Have another drink.
[eerie music]
[dramatic music]
And come home with me.
[Ksyusha] Our teacher told us
that family is very important.
And when kids
don't have any parents
they may have problems
when they grow up
'specially from
the opposite gender.
- [horse snorting]
- [creature screeching]
[creature screeching]
[groans] Why are you
talking about this?
[dramatic music]
I have to buy some worms.
[Ksyusha] Wait, what do you
need worms for?
Because I do!
Where would I get them
later if I need them?
[snake hisses]
Wait here,
I'll be back in a minute.
But what are the worms for?
Stay here and don't move!
- [baker] What do you want?
- I'd like some worms.
[man] All right.
[door shuts]
Come in, make yourself at home.
Take your coat off.
We can get you some new clothes
tomorrow if you need them.
There won't be any need.
[Irena] You need to rest.
Here's a towel.
[Andrei sighs]
Bathroom's over there.
So, do you still live alone?
No family?
[Irena] You know how it is,
I haven't met the right man
to settle down with yet.
What about that producer?
[ominous music]
It didn't work out.
[playful music]
Tell me,
how do I get to that bridge?
You have to take the tram.
And what about my worms?
[car horn honking]
[ominous music]
[man] Hey, baker! You there?
[baker] What are you doing here?
[man 2 stammering]
We brought you some goods.
Grab 'em.
- [baker grunting]
- [ominous music]
[wood cracking]
- [man] What was that?
- [baker whistles]
Here, your worms.
On my tab?
You've racked up plenty
of debt already.
I'll pay up when
I finally croak.
- [wood crashing]
- [Ksyusha screams]
[dramatic music]
- [man] Hang on.
There she is!
A fresh one.
- [man shouting]
- [Ksyusha screams]
[man] We got you this time, kid.
Give me the key!
Don't forget to say hi
to your mom.
[man laughs]
- [beeping rapidly]
- [machine whirring]
[Ksyusha screams]
- [doctor] How much?
- [nurse] A hundred fifty!
[doctor] I told you,
she needs two milligrams.
[nurse] Sorry, I got distracted.
[doctor] We could have lost her.
That's no excuse.
[Paramon coughing]
Look at that,
you're still alive!
I said be quiet or
they'll eat you.
You never said anything
about eating!
Can we go back?
No! We have to keep going.
- [Paramon grunting]
- [playful music]
[Paramon groaning]
We gotta get you
cleaned up first.
[man coughs]
[Ksyusha yelps]
[Paramon laughs]
Paramon, stop! That's cold.
[Ksyusha] That's not funny!
[music box playing]
She's crazy.
[door creaking]
[ominous music]
[Irena] Why'd you get dressed?
My dear, you're tired,
you need to go to sleep.
Come with me.
My shirt.
Of course, and tomorrow
we'll get Dasha.
We had to leave her
at the orphanage.
Now we can bring her home.
What do you mean?
Our daughter, Dasha.
You're crazy.
You're crazy.
[Irena] Just come to me.
[phone ringing]
[woman over phone] Hello?
[Andrei] Hello.
What accident?
[dramatic music]
[nurse] We've been trying to get
a hold of you all evening.
- [Andrei] Show me.
- [nurse] She's right down this hall.
Her condition is very serious,
we've been doing everything
we can to keep her stable
since she arrived, earlier.
I can only give you
a little time.
I understand.
I just need to see her, please.
You have 10 minutes.
[somber music]
Oh, god.
[playful music]
Are they biting?
I brought the worms.
Tear it!
[Ksyusha gasps]
[mysterious music]
[ominous music]
- [Ksyusha] Ugh!
- [dramatic music]
Ghouls! They found us already!
We gotta get out of here, c'mon!
[water splashing]
- [men grunt]
- [water splashing]
[man] Let's get the key to the
mistress, then we can kill 'em.
[somber music]
How did this happen?
[phone ringing]
[music box playing]
[phone ringing]
I wanted to say goodbye to you.
You do?
[Irena over phone] Yes.
Are you coming back?
I won't.
I couldn't stay
even if I wanted to.
It hurts too much for me now.
It's over.
Our child is gone.
She's dead.
[Andrei over phone]
What are you talking about?
She's dead!
[dramatic music]
[Andrei] You've lost your mind.
I wish you luck...
my time guardian.
[Andrei] Ingrid?
[dramatic music]
[Irena screams]
[tense music]
[Andrei] The clock stopped
exactly at midnight.
No way. It can't be.
"The streets of
the Dark City terrified her,
and she was wary of
her mysterious companion."
She's trapped.
[Ksyusha] Paramon, why'd you
put this fish in my pocket?
It's really gross!
Throw it to Elisei, up there!
- [Ksyusha] To who?
- [Paramon] The fish is for the cat!
Give it here.
[playful music]
[clicking tongue]
But it's a statue.
[stone scraping]
Then try telling him that!
[stone scraping]
[Paramon] They put that stupid
whiskered scoundrel up there
to protect the city
from rats years ago.
But after a while, he found out
he could start extorting people.
And now you can't cross
this part of the city
without bribing him with fish.
[Ksyusha] So that's what
the worms were for?
[cat meowing]
- [nurse] Sir, are you still in there?
- [knocking on door]
[nurse] Sir,
you can't stay here!
Hang on, I just need
a bit more time.
[nurse] Open the door.
What are you doing?
The baker mentioned a tram.
[bell clanging]
[mysterious music]
[Paramon] That's it! Hurry up!
C'mon! Take my hand!
[man whistles]
Well, we made it.
Hopefully this will take us
over the bridge,
and then we'll be at the tower.
But what if it doesn't?
[dramatic music]
[shouts] Those ghouls
are still coming after us!
Hey. Hey buddy, stop the tram!
Stop the tram!
You don't understand, she'll die
if I don't stop the tram!
Tram? What are you
talking about?
All right,
I'm calling the police.
The tram, the baker, the fish...
[dramatic music]
The cat.
Of course, the cat!
[dramatic music]
[cat meows]
[both yelling]
[brakes squealing]
[eerie music]
We're here! [laughs]
We're here! I can't believe it!
That stupid fuzzball
actually decided to
give us a hand!
Imagine that!
We never even had a chance of
getting past the witch
when we knew she could see
everything here!
Why did I let you
talk me into this?
We're done!
Are you ready to go back now?
We don't even have
the key anymore!
We could still get it back!
What if your dad really did
just abandon you?
And what if your mom is gone?
Let's go back!
I won't go back,
I don't wanna give up,
I'd rather keep trying!
Well of course you would,
why not?
When I say so, we jump!
[dramatic music]
- Ready?
- Let's go!
All right!
I've picked way worse
locks than this!
Come on!
- [grunts]
- [Ksyusha screams]
Olga, help her.
[bright music]
[men groaning]
[men grunting]
Get in! You're wet!
You're so wet!
- You cold?
- Yeah.
At least you can swim, right?
[thunder rumbling]
- [ominous music]
- [machinery rumbling]
[Pell] Drink it down,
if you don't, you'll get sick.
Who are you? A doctor?
They call me Pell, I've been
a pharmacist for many years.
How long is that?
A year, 10, or maybe
it's been forever.
Everything here stopped
with the clock, nothing changes,
nothing ever seems to happen
in this damn city anymore.
Why do you think
the clock stopped?
Rumor has it that someone
very important
was responsible.
The witch!
[ominous music]
That's right.
You've heard the story.
- [frog croaking]
- [dramatic music]
[ominous music]
They say she had a falling out
with the man she loved.
He decided to leave her
and move on.
Then he fell in love
with another woman.
And now the witch is taking
her revenge on the city.
She must have been in love.
[Pell] Personally,
I think there's more to it.
People are growing
indifferent, ignorant,
stupid, and greedy.
[playful music]
No one values the time
that they have
so their souls have become
empty and lost,
they're just hollow shells now.
[Paramon] Exactly!
Like those ghouls!
They're practically animals.
So why do they want the girl?
What are you up to, Paramon?
I was asked to watch her.
Who asked you?
I can't remember.
Are you trying to
steal her soul?
Would I do that?
We just need directions,
we'll be out of your hair
as soon as you point us
to the tower.
And what exactly is
at the tower?
I'm going to wind the
clock there.
Her old man used to be
the time guardian.
Now he's stuck like
the rest of us.
And what about your mom?
She's still in the hospital.
They sent me back to
the orphanage.
[Pell] You're an orphan? I see.
Well, the bridge is up.
You can't walk on water,
and the witch has blocked
everything off.
But there's one way she doesn't
know about, a stairway!
Oh right, I know that one.
- [gasps]
- [Pell] If you go to the rotunda,
this stairway leads to
a blank wall.
That's where you're going.
- The wall?
- Right!
Now you'll need to remember
the numbers written on my tower.
If you write them
on the wall in the rotunda,
a portal will open,
it'll take you
right to the tower.
I'll be sure to remember.
[ominous music]
[Irena screaming]
Are you sure we can get to
the rotunda from here?
[Pell grunts]
Hang on, where are you going?
Pharmacist, where are you going?
Where are we?
I have to unload this fish.
You're leaving right now?
Wait for me here.
- All right kid, come on.
- [playful music]
[both gasp]
Isn't that the...
[music continues]
[ominous music]
[intriguing music]
[Ksyusha] What is this place?
[Paramon] It's...
I'm not sure.
[intriguing music]
[munching, slurping]
[whispering] Don't touch anything
or you'll get stuck here forever.
Paramon! The notebook!
[piano music]
[bright music]
[dancers cheering]
[indistinct chattering]
[dancers continue cheering]
[indistinct chattering]
[ominous music]
Good evening!
Good evening my dear colleagues,
and visitors of our institution.
I'm glad to welcome you
to this modest occasion.
Please enjoy the food we've
prepared for you and the wine.
Ksyusha, what a delight
it is to see you.
[Ksyusha gasps]
My, don't you look tired.
what're you excited about?
[Paramon mumbles]
Are you really still
pestering this girl
with your idiotic stories
about clocks and towers,
you stupid washed up old drunk?
Get him some more of his booze,
and he can crawl back to
the basement where he belongs!
And you, you were supposed
to die a long time ago.
You're just evil because
no one loves you anymore.
Everyone is just
too scared to tell you.
[somber music]
Hm. Hm?
[Irena sighs]
[tense music]
[Paramon whispers]
What did you say to her?
[Ksyusha] The truth.
This way!
- I'll be back!
- [Ksyusha] Come on!
Paramon! Over there!
- [doctor] Open the door!
- [nurse] Sir, please! You have to let us in!
I just need a little more time.
- [Paramon grunts]
- [engine starts]
[Irena screams]
[dramatic music]
Come on, come on, come on!
Paramon, she's coming!
I'm scared!
[Irena] Running is futile!
First I'll break your legs!
Then I'll rip your heart out!
It's the pharmacist!
He's one of her ghouls?
That's not him!
[Ksyusha] Hurry up!
Look out, the bars!
One, two, duck!
[Irena screams]
- [whirring]
- [bright music]
[Paramon] This is it.
The devil's stairway.
[dramatic music]
[crows cawing]
Here! Write the numbers.
[Irena screaming]
Optio exitus est.
- I thought you couldn't...
- Keep writing the numbers!
Don't stop!
[Irena screaming]
Keep going!
[Andrei] Please go away,
I'm begging you, just leave.
[creature chittering]
I think we made it.
But where the devil are we?
A well is no good for
messing around.
At least that's what
my mom used to say.
But I thought that
you didn't have a mom. [grunts]
Maybe I do, maybe I don't.
I barely remember,
she left before I turned two.
Mine left then too.
That's why we're wanderers
trapped in wells looking
for a way out.
We'll always be looking for
a destiny that's ours.
So where's the way out?
[bright music]
Every choice you ever make,
that is your way out, Ksyusha.
Hey Paramon, did you just
call me by my name?
[bird whirring]
That's it!
Everyone has a clock
just like this.
Eventually all of them stop,
and they don't start again.
Not everyone is able to
rewind their clock.
We don't always use that chance.
I missed my chance and
stayed in the orphanage.
That's why I'm a wanderer.
I'm trapped in the Dark City
always looking for a way out.
But I don't have one anymore.
So does that mean...
am I trapped?
Don't be stupid, stupid!
Come on, let's go, let's go
before the cannon fires!
[thunder rumbling]
Wait, that's... that's the bridge
from your father's notebook.
That can't be right.
The bridge is up.
The pharmacist lied to us,
the tower's on the other side.
We're stuck here.
[thunder rumbling]
I'm sorry.
[somber music]
Paramon, don't sit down.
Was all of this a lie?
Was it a story just like
the ones my dad
is always telling me?
Did they abandon me
like everyone always says?
Then how about we go back
to the orphanage!
That's where we both belong,
[Paramon] It won't work.
Say something!
I get it.
There aren't any clocks,
or towers, or anything!
It's all just lies!
Paramon, I'm tired! I'm tired!
Please, I wanna go to sleep!
Will you just get up!
[Paramon] Maybe you're right.
You're right.
We can go back together,
and no one's going to
blame you if you do.
But sooner or later
you'll wonder,
and you'll ask yourself
did I use that one tiny,
little chance
to change my life?
Did I still try to wind
the clock anyway
even if I lost my key years ago?
[ship horn blares]
Then we should try it.
[tense music]
[Ksyusha] We can find a way to
wind the clock without the key,
and then we can go home!
[ghouls grunting]
Keep going, we can make it!
Get them.
[dramatic music]
[ghouls growling]
[ghouls hissing, snarling]
[Ksyusha screams] Paramon!
[Paramon grunting]
[Ksyusha screams]
[ghouls screaming]
[Paramon] Hurry! Quick!
Paramon, we have to jump
onto that ship!
[ship horn blares]
What? You're crazy!
I'm not scared anymore.
- [ghouls roaring]
- [crows cawing]
They've lost their power!
They're flying away!
I'll follow you, yeah?
[Ksyusha yelps]
Paramon, now!
- Optio...
- [Ksyusha] Jump!
Exitus est.
[Irena screaming]
[ominous music]
- [Paramon gasping]
- [Irena growling]
[low, distorted voice]
Always in my way!
- [Irena growls]
- [Paramon grunts]
[tense music]
[Irena screams]
[Ksyusha] Paramon!
[dramatic music]
[thunder rumbling]
[slowly] Paramon!
[Irena screaming]
[Ksyusha] No!
[ship horn blares]
- [sinister music]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [ominous music]
- [whirring]
[metal creaking]
There's nothing to fear.
[heartbeat thumping]
- [suspenseful music]
- [bells chiming]
"At midnight,
the clock will stop."
All over the city,
the roar of the cannon echoes
"as darkness settles
like a curse."
[bells chiming]
[heartbeat thumping harder]
[heartbeat stops]
[Ksyusha grunts]
[flatline beeping]
[Irena] You can't stop me now!
[tense music]
Help! Please, come quick!
There's something wrong!
[Olga whimpering]
[Olga] Ksyusha!
[thunder rumbling]
You have to make it!
You're the only one.
Only you can wind
this clock for yourself!
[music continues]
[speaking backwards]
[horn blaring]
We can't let that happen,
because who are we?
- We're the time guardians?
- Correct.
[bells chiming]
[mechanism clicking]
[cannon fires]
[uplifting music]
[Olga] Ksyusha.
Mom, Dad, I had such
a scary dream just now.
[bird chirping]
- [bright music]
- [watch ticking]
[bells clanging]
[upbeat music]
[peaceful music]
This is the new house.
Hey, Mom?
Yes, my love?
What does that say?
Optio exitus est.
It means
"your choice is the way out,"
it's Latin.
[bike bell dings]
- [man stammering] Hello.
- Morning.
Special delivery.
Does a Kshusha live here?
Ksyusha, she does now.
[stammering] For you.
[kitten meows]
- [Olga gasps]
- Aww! How cute!
[kitten meows]
What are you going to call him?
- Paramon.
- Yeah?
[ominous music]
[phone ringing]
[slow piano music]
[Irena singing in Russian]
[Irena continues singing]
[orchestral music]
[music continues]
[music continues]