The Tomorrow Man (2019) Movie Script

What I'm saying is
that it's more than
what it seems, that's all.
Much more. People don't know
because they're too busy
with their game shows
and football and silliness
to take the time to look
and read and figure it all out.
Who is it that said,
"Believe none of what you hear
and half of what you see"?
These are interesting times
we're living in.
That's another saying.
Chinese. Actually, it's a curse.
All you have to do is look
and learn to connect the dots
and get ready.
Did you know there's
only three days' worth of food
in the stores
and when the S-H-T-F,
the 99% are gonna be
out of commission.
I'm only telling you this
because I wouldn't be
a good father to you
if I didn't let you know
all the stuff that I know.
It bears repeating,
so I'm repeating it,
so you can be prepared.
It's only a matter of time
and it's not far off now.
All you have to do
is look around.
You can see it
if you open your eyes.
The biggest problem we have
isn't anything that
a little focus couldn't cure.
And it's not like it's so hard.
There's tons of information
out there if people
just take the time to look.
And if you think being busy
with all that stuff
you think is so important,
well, you're gonna learn
that that's not
what really matters,
I mean what really matters.
All that's gonna matter
is what you do now.
And I'm not saying all this
to scare you
or because I'm scared,
because I'm not scared,
if that's what you think,
no, I'm ready.
I just want to be ready.
Nice talking with you, Dad.
Yeah, okay. Bye.
Maggie, huh?
You're new here.
And $22.56.
It's always a good idea
to know your neighbor.
You never know
when you might need 'em.
Can I see
your driver's license?
Ed Hemsler.
...unemployed workers
and returning veterans
were amongst
the most hotly-debated items
in the report.
The governor,
after taking time off
from his vacation
to thoroughly examine
the proposed budget cuts,
has asked for a three-day period
to allow his staff to assess
the merits of the proposal
and respond to what
one official has termed
"petty obstructionism."
Fortunately, Ed Hemsler
has devised
an innovative solution
to our problems,
allowing him
the much-envied ability
to sit around in his underwear
as the world passes him by.
- That'll be $9.50.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Wrong. Wrong.
...federal mandates affecting
National Guard members.
Governor Wilkenson said
that he welcomed the changes
citing recent events
as families gathered
to honor the 17 people
who died that terrible day.
The governor added
that he believed
there was a growing hope
and sense of purpose shared
amongst Americans
as we seek to find new ways
to prevent tragedies like this
from ever happening again.
What's the matter, Ed?
Did I say something wrong?
Thank you.
Hi, Ed.
The forecast,
mostly sunny skies today...
Oh, I'm sorry!
That's my fault.
I got ya.
Nice car.
It's not a Ford.
You like it?
Yeah. It's good... on gas.
Oh, that's important.
You never know
when you're gonna need some.
-You like coming here?
Dan's, I mean.
I see you here
from time to time.
It's-- it's convenient.
Nice selection.
So, have a nice day...
I'm Ed.
That's a man's name.
Ronnie what?
Hemsler. That's my last name.
Ed Hemsler.
Pleased to meet you.
Okay. Nice to meet you.
Yeah. You too.
Have-- have a good day.
Ronnie Meisner.
What're you shopping for today?
Oh. Hi.
Just some stuff.
And how about you?
Yeah, I'm just
getting some stuff too.
Well, it's good
to see you again, Ronnie.
All right.
You have a good day.
Wow, you were busy.
What're you getting ready for?
Oh, no. I just
needed some things.
You're ready, aren't you?
I get it. I can see it.
You can see?
I knew it the minute I saw you.
You know, the way
you were looking.
Smart shopping, strategic.
I get it.
Well, I was just
getting some things.
Yeah, I know.
And I know you know.
This is all going down.
You like coffee?
You gotta realize
there's more to it than that.
There's things
that most people
don't understand.
This is such a special place.
Special in history.
You gotta look
at the whole picture.
You ever hear
of The Federalist Papers?
To know what they are,
you gotta go way back
to what's called
the Magna Carta.
That's when things
really got going,
but you can go back
further than that if you want.
See, it's all a matter
of controlling people.
You got basically two types:
those who want to control you
and those who don't
want to be controlled.
That's me, the second type.
You want more coffee?
Oh, no. No. I...
Ooh. Ooh, I got to get back.
Yeah, I gotta get back
to some stuff, too.
You need to borrow my watch
next time?
You like pie?
I like pie.
Just 'cause they have
some great pies
at Guy's Grill.
I was thinking maybe
we could go to dinner
and then finish up
with a couple of slices.
Apple, peach. Around 8:00?
8:00 sounds good.
Oh. Good.
They have karaoke.
Not that there's
anything special about it.
The way I see it,
we're pretty much
all the same.
I'm your basic, average
red-blooded American male.
I got a son, Brian.
He's got a nice family.
Great daughter. Pretty wife.
They got a big house
about an hour or so
from here.
I had him around the time
I started with Capital Bearings.
I did systems analysis.
Basically quality control.
You have no idea
how screwed up
the world would be
if it weren't
for ball bearings.
And they have to be perfect,
and I mean perfect,
or else, boom!
About six years ago,
I took the severance.
It was a...
pretty decent deal.
I'm not the type to complain.
The way I see it,
I'm on the wrong side
of 60 anyway,
I'm not getting any younger,
but I'm...
I'm talking too much.
How about you?
You have kids?
Um... my daughter died.
She was my world.
But... It wasn't fair.
But you know what they say
about life.
I like to sew, though.
Um, I, uh...
I got some stuff
I like to do.
Oh, that's...
I'm sorry.
Yeah. It was...
She was special.
She was going to be 13.
How'd she die?
It was a really rare disease.
It's Multiple Endocrine
Neoplasia Syndrome.
I read so much.
The doctors said,
nothing they could do.
But I don't know, I...
-Your husband?
-He died, too.
But not from a rare disease.
Just cancer.
I told him not to smoke,
but what can you do?
What can any of us do?
You know what you said before
about being on
the wrong side of 60?
To me, I don't think
there's a wrong side of 60.
You know,
I don't mind telling you...
I think you got
a real nose for this game.
The way people look at things.
It's all in the eyes.
What kind of tuna
do you prefer?
Generally speaking.
Oh... I guess Charlie.
StarKist. Me too.
Paper products?
Paper products?
Yeah, you know, toilet paper.
It's important.
Oh. Well, I don't really
think about it.
I just squeeze 'em.
It's all about
not making things harder
than they have to be.
-I know this one. Coppertop.
Generic on that one
as far as I'm concerned,
as long as it's alkaline.
That's key.
You seem to know
a lot about stuff.
Well, I do. Because I care.
I can see that.
Oh, that old thing,
it's only good for news
and weather.
That's the only thing
worth listening to
as far as I'm concerned.
Everything else is just...-
...people trying to get you
to buy something
you don't need.
Doin' the town
And doin' it right
In the evenin'
It's pretty pleasin'
Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug
At a Muskrat Land
And they shimmy
Sam is so skinny...
What is it?
What-- what's wrong?
Ed! What is it?
You can't do this!
Well, I know.
I'm not a great singer.
No, no! That's not...
You don't like "Muskrat Love"?
I love "Muskrat Love"!
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, no, no. No, no.
Don't say you're sorry.
It's not you.
You're wonderful!
Well, what is it? Ed!
Ed! Ed!
I like you!
What? I like you, too!
No! I mean I really like you!
And it scares
the hell out of me.
I had a really great time.
I got these for you.
They're beautiful.
Well, good night.
Can we go to your place?
Oh, can I...
Oh. Yes.
Oh. Put these in water
until I go.
Oh, sure.
Uh... Let me
get you something to drink.
I have everything.
Oh. Just water.
Are you sure? I got everything.
Wine, beer, mixed drinks.
No, just water, please.
Got that, too.
Purified and fluoride free.
Your house is-- is lovely.
Everything is so well...
It's my home.
Oh. Here,
why don't you sit down.
Uh, do you want to watch TV?
Oh, okay.
Ah, here. Let's see.
So, what do you like to see?
Sports? No?
No, I'm kidding. Movies?
I like movies. Old ones.
Back when they knew
what they were doing.
Yeah, things were
different then
and I don't mind saying
it was better
as far as I'm concerned.
I mean,
I like being progressive
and all that sort of thing,
but there comes a point
when you just gotta say,
John Wayne
is where I want to be,
you know what I mean?
Uh, I think so.
So, what kind of movies
do you like?
Mm. On what?
What kind of subject?
As 150,000 soldiers
stormed across
the English Channel...
I wouldn't have pegged you
as a war type.
War is so interesting.
My dad was in the war.
The big one.
Do you know where?
He said he saw the world.
He said it was great.
Well, yeah. I was...
I never got to go.
Oh, no?
That's a good thing,
isn't it?
Oh, I don't know.
A man can learn
a lot about himself in war.
Yeah. My dad just mostly
learned how to drink.
Then there's that, too.
You like to drink, Ed?
Well, not a lot.
I like to keep a clear head.
You never know
when you're gonna
need your wits.
Can we just sit here, please?
I mean I know that...
I-- I just like being here.
Just sitting, watching TV.
No, no.
We can sit and watch TV.
That would be great.
Good morning.
Two Equals, right?
Was it just one?
The time... Oh!
Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.
What is it?
Oh, no, no, no. I'm late.
I'm late for work.
So, you're
a little late for work.
No! No!
No, no...
Oh, my God.
You didn't go home last night.
Ronnie Meisner, I do believe
you are doing the walk of shame.
No, no, no, no.
Really? That?
Oh, I have a ride.
You sure?
Don't worry about me.
You're not out of the way
or anything.
Oh, it's... I'm fine.
A hundred percent, yeah?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you, but,
really, I'm good.
Oh, man.
I only hope
I can do it like you do
when I'm your age.
Oh, it's not what it seems.
Just don't do anything
I wouldn't do twice.
...the third
major power outage this year
due to high winds.
The LLPC has begun upgrades
to the system
that are intended to prevent
future power outages.
Needless to say, Ed Hemsler
has a backup generator
for just such occasions...
because Ed Hemsler
thinks of everything.
Because Ed Hemsler
thinks of everything.
Because Ed Hemsler
thinks of everything.
You like Chinese?
We don't have to do Chinese.
Ed Hemsler,
a woman doesn't like
to be left in the dark.
When a gentleman takes her out,
the least he could do
is contact her in some way
and let her know
that he had fond memories
of their evening together
even if he didn't,
because that's what
gentlemen do.
But I am a gentleman.
Well, then where were you?
Why didn't you call me?
I thought you might want
a break or something.
A break from what?
Well, from me.
I kissed you.
You did.
Chinese is fine.
I'll be right out front.
You can find out the truth
if you know
where to look for it.
The Internet
is the biggest library
in the universe.
Someone called it
the deep water
of logic and limitation.
And I like to swim.
Ask me something.
Something? Like what?
Something like anything.
Well, I don't know.
Like what?
Isn't there something
you want to know
that you don't know?
Not really.
So, you know everything there is
you want to know.
No, I didn't say that.
So, what do you want to know?
I think what I mean is
I don't know
what I want to know yet.
About you.
And when I know
what I want to know,
I'll let you know.
Is that okay?
Good noodles.
One day,
you must remember
to explain to me
what this has to
do with the real world.
What this has to
do with the real world?
What-- Jesus, Brian.
No, I'm not
hogging the conversation.
You want to speak?
Go ahead, speak.
I actually
don't want to talk about
any of this anymore.
It's not like I have
a bank account
that is magically filled
every other week.
I have work that I have to do.
Are you saying
I didn't earn it?
I'm not saying anything.
Well, I did earn it.
Seventeen years of earning it
doing real work.
Work that mattered,
back when people
honored their commitments.
But now, all I can say is
good luck
when it's time to collect.
We don't
accept checks anymore.
Now, I know you think
I'm saying all this stuff
just to make you think
that I'm smarter than you
so that I can act like
I'm still your father.
Well, I got news for you,
I am still your father.
I know you're still my father.
That's why I called.
Janet and I
want to invite you to
Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Will your mother be there?
Of course not. Will you come?
Can I bring someone?
Hey, I'll call you back, okay?
I see him.
The way he waits
outside for you.
He's, like,
so totally your BFF.
What is that? A BFF?
Best friend forever.
He waits for me?
Look, my guy,
the guy I'm into right now,
he's like that.
He thinks about me.
He holds doors.
Oh, Ed does that.
Ed's a good name.
I mean, it's not very original,
but that might not be
such a bad thing.
-You want my opinion?
I say, ride it like a wave.
What's that mean? "Ride it--"
Don't fall off the board
and it's all good.
When I'm you're age,
if don't mess it up,
I'm going to have an Ed
and I'm going to dig it
because it's all there is.
Just Ed or Chris...
Bobby, Peter...
He's invited me
to Thanksgiving
at his son's house.
Turkey is a serious thing.
It's a commitment.
You can tell
a lot about a person
by how they cook a turkey.
I don't think
Ed's gonna be making the turkey.
I've got you.
Almost there.
Keep them closed.
Okay, I am.
Showing you this
means I'm trusting you
more than anybody.
What is it?
No, keep 'em closed.
They're closed.
Even my son
has never seen this.
For goodness' sake,
what is it?
Open them now.
You can't see it, can you?
What can't I see?
You have to promise me
that you will never tell anyone
what you've seen here today.
I do, I... I promise.
Because if people find out,
when the S-H-T-F,
they will tear
this place apart.
Not that I want to be
cruel or anything,
but they've had
plenty of warning.
This is the power supply
over here.
I got these special mufflers
I designed myself.
The exhaust is channeled around
to the other side of the house
to a hidden chute.
you really are ready
for anything.
The way I see it,
you never know
when things are gonna go south.
The world, the flesh
and the devil conspire,
and things fall apart.
This is my security blanket...
my safety net...
my 401k.
You remember when you asked me
if there was anything
that I wanted to know
that I didn't know?
How-- how did you do this?
What-- what do you mean?
It's perfect.
Don't... No, I can't.
Whoa! Whoo!
Here, let me
help you with that.
Oh, no, I can handle it.
Come on,
let me be the gentleman.
You are
the perfect gentleman.
Why don't you let me--
The perfect gentleman.
I keep this place
to work on basic skill sets.
You got nothing to be afraid of.
I said I'm not afraid.
And let your eye
go right down the barrel
to sight what you want to hit.
Couldn't you thought
of something more sinister?
- Oh, it's a bear.
- It's a teddy bear.
-I did it! I did.
What are you laughing about?
Us. Here.
It's so peaceful.
It's nice.
I laugh because soon,
it's all gonna be over.
What do you mean?
I mean moments like this.
They're going to be few
and far between.
Most of the time
we'll be scrambling to survive.
Ed, I don't understand.
What-- Survive what?
Oh, you have to know
what I'm talking about.
Deep down, you can feel it
even if you don't
admit it to yourself.
It might start
with a news bulletin.
You're watching a commercial
or something, and suddenly,
this guy comes on.
One of those
plastic talking robots
telling us
the stock market
is gonna crash.
Then the president comes on.
And the people
are all waiting
for him to speak.
And when he does, he says
there's a national emergency
and he has to declare
martial law.
So, you can't believe it.
So, you go to the local store
and you see
everyone in the street
with a strange look
in their eyes
because they can't
believe it too.
So, you get to the store
and it's filled with people
buying everything
they can get their hands on.
And up in the sky,
helicopters start going
whoop, whoop, overhead
and you know... you know.
The first day, you watch TV
trying to find out
what's going on,
but by the third day,
it's nothing but static.
And the net's down, too,
just like your cell phone.
Around about this time,
you hear the first gunshot.
And at first,
it sounds strange and novel.
But then, it's everywhere.
It starts getting closer.
- And then, you see
a body in the street.
Nobody has come to move it.
And then, another and another.
So you decide to leave,
only you're not alone.
The streets are
choked with cars.
And then, the military comes.
Only it's not our military,
it's some other country's,
and you can't believe it.
But you know it's true.
You know.
You know.
It's all over.
You really think
that's gonna happen?
Maybe. I don't know.
You're a really special lady,
Ronnie Meisner.
Are you okay?
Dad. Welcome.
This is, uh...
my girlfriend, Ronnie.
And a Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you so much.
Uh, Ronnie, I'm Brian.
It's great to meet you.
I'm so glad
you could make it.
Oh, honey, this is Ronnie,
Dad's girlfriend.
-Look at you. Adorable.
-There's my girl.
-Hi, Grandpa.
So, how's things going?
Come in. Come in.
I wouldn't want to be
part of that.
you don't want that.
I'm Jeanine.
Nice to meet you. Ronnie.
How long has it been
with you two?
Oh, not long.
So, but...
But it's good?
You two,
you both seem so young,
so vital.
You know you can turn it up
if you want.
Oh, no. It's really
not a problem. I just
like to look at the score.
Oh. You can turn it up.
It's really better
with the sound down.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm not thinking anything.
I thought that's what
this was all about:
not thinking.
You ever talk about
traveling together?
Now's the time.
Brian and I, we've been
plotting our trip to Spain.
Oh. Spain sounds nice.
It's hard, you know.
Make the time to travel.
To... get on track.
How are you and Ed with that?
Are you...
You guys on track?
Yeah, great. We're on track.
Don't be so sensitive.
I get it.
The angry old man thing.
I'm not angry. I care.
I care, too.
About my family.
Oh, you got a funny way
of showing it,
keeping your head in the sand.
I'll bite.
Show me.
Brian, you--
No, really.
Show me something worth seeing.
All right.
And so it begins.
Where are they going?
More wine?
No, thanks.
- Did you even read it?
- Of course I read it.
You stood here
pacing back and forth
while I read the thing.
What's in your bug-out bag?
What is a bug-out bag?
The bag that's waiting for you
when the S-H-T-F.
The what?
When the shit hits the fan!
Why do you always
act like this?
Like what?
Like you're in on some secret
that nobody else knows about.
I'm not the only one.
There are lots of people
that know what's going on.
That's right, you're all
sitting around in your underwear
with your computers...
I do not sit around
in my underwear!
Okay, whatever the fuck
you're wearing,
you're all telling me that
the government is doing this,
and corporations
are doing the other thing.
But you know what I see
are just people
trying to survive.
Exactly, survive!
Look, all I'm saying is...
Wait... Let me show you.
Why don't you just admit it?
You're scared.
You're scared to face the fact
that you're never gonna
figure it all out, and so what?
That's just the world,
that's what it is.
- Dinner.
- It's fucked up!
It is crazy. It's stupid.
but it's just the world.
And you know what?
We are all gonna die one day.
Even you.
Go to the far outside.
- And slice it...
- Shape, slice...
Go work my way there.
Yes, you work your way.
Please help yourselves.
Don't let it get cold.
- You'll have that?
- Yes.
Thanks, Brian.
- This looks very, very...
-And sweet potatoes?
Oh, we're not doing
sweet potatoes this year.
No sweet potatoes?
It must really be
the end of the world.
You should try this.
It's basmati rice.
It's from India.
I know
what basmati rice is, Mom.
Next, you're gonna tell me
to finish it all
because of starving children
in India or something.
Which reminds me,
why exactly are we
eating their rice?
It's not theirs,
it's yours now.
So, yes,
you should finish it.
- It's exotic.
- -It's a little festive this year, dinner.
It's innovative, right?
I don't know if I'm starving,
or if it's actually good...
You know, I was just talking
to Ronnie here about her and Ed
maybe taking a little trip.
Maybe going someplace exotic?
I'm sure if they
want to take a trip,
they'll take a trip.
I'd like to see China.
China? You know
what they're doing over there?
I like the food.
There's more to the world
than Chinese restaurants.
Here we go.
Like what, Grandpa?
Well, the thing about China--
I think your grandpa
would like to have
his dinner in peace.
-No, no. I--
-I know what you're doing,
young lady.
I'm not doing anything.
Oh, that's right.
You're so clever.
You're smarter than all of us.
-Oh, my fucking God.
Like I'm saying
anything you haven't said
a million times.
I can assure you,
I do not use--
Why do you always
have to pretend
to be something you're not?
It's like
I'm living in The Twilight Zone.
Oh, please. You don't even know
what The Twilight Zone is.
It's a stupid TV show
in black-and-white,
so, yes, I know what
The Twilight Zone is, Brian.
All right, that's enough.
Are you gonna
send me to my room, Brian?
- As a matter of fact, yeah.
- Hey.
Hey. What kind of daughter
calls her father
by his first name?
One who has no respect.
That kind.
For what?
For what?
For what? How about
the roof over your head.
Or how about the orthodontist?
Or how about the phone?
Or how about all the schoolbooks
that I buy you you never even
have time to read?
Why should I?
The world's gonna end
any day now anyway.
That is just great.
You see, you have
her talking this crap now!
-You see what you've done?
-Jeanine's got
a mind of her own.
Yeah, I just decide to use it.
To stockpile nonsense?
You know what?
How about we all calm down
and maybe we talk about
something that we can
all agree on.
Me and Brian
agree on something.
We both think
our fathers are assholes!
All right, that's it.
Zero 'tronics for you.
That means one month,
no TV, no phone.
-No phone?
Ask your grandpa about that.
How're y'all
gonna deal with that
when the Internet goes down,
the electrical grid collapses,
and then, you have
to communicate with what?
You guys are gonna have to
use smoke signals--
-Maybe if you had
a little bit more self control.
I hope the world does end
and takes you with it!
Come back here, young lady!
Come back here!
- Hey!
- More wine?
Yeah, please.
Not again.
Where is she going?
You think I'm an asshole?
Good night, Ronnie.
Don't you want to come in?
Oh, hell.
Would you like a drink?
I thought you were
a fellow traveler.
I am a fellow traveler!
No! I mean a prepper.
The way you shopped,
the stuff you bought.
You used cash!
Not that I go in
for that level of paranoia
but, hey, you can see
how I could have
come to that conclusion.
Cash is easier.
You don't have to
remember numbers.
You might try checks.
Everybody doesn't take checks.
Everybody takes cash.
When my daughter died,
it started up in her room,
and it just...
came down here.
I don't understand
how you could--
Oh... Oh.
Oh, don't worry about it!
Do you want your toast buttered
or you wanna do it yourself?
Oh, no, you can butter it.
Oh, just leave it.
I don't want you
to hurt yourself.
Mrs. Meisner?
How is he?
Your husband's--
No, he's my boyfriend.
Your boyfriend
has had what we call a TIA.
It's like a mini stroke,
but temporary.
It seems he's been
rationing his medications,
missing the target
on his recommended dosages.
He's gonna be
a bit wobbly for a time,
but he seems like a tough man.
Can I see him now?
but take it easy on him.
You poor dear.
No. No, no, no, no. Don't.
Don't try to speak. Shh.
I'm not a poor dear.
No. No.
You're strong.
The doctor told me
you weren't
taking your medication.
Yeah, it's the money,
isn't it?
I know how expensive
it gets. I know.
But you? It make no sense.
You spend all your money
on that... on that stuff.
For something
that may not even happen.
No, you?
You only think about tomorrow
when I'm here.
I'm here right now.
And all I think about is you.
I came as fast as I could...
You know,
you're the smartest man I know.
No, I'm not.
I'm an asshole.
But I'm getting better.
The truck runs good.
Well, it's a Ford.
Thanks for picking it up.
Ronnie seems like
a really great lady.
Yeah. Pretty great.
You got a minute?
Follow me.
What do you see?
See it now?
So, this is where
all your money goes.
What do you think?
I'm not sure.
Well, you can tell me.
Crazy, right?
Look, Dad, I don't--
Well, sometimes, crazy times
call for crazy people.
You know, Dad...
I don't think you're crazy.
Okay, maybe a little.
But I think you have to do
what makes you happy.
I meant... I think,
that's all any of us can do.
I mean, if this is what
makes you happy,
and you're not hurting anyone,
I say, hey, what the hell,
go for it.
And that's what you think?
That's what I think.
Hey, Dad?
Are you okay?
Holy shit.
I am happy.
You're my BFF.
Muskrat, muskrat
Candle light
Doin' the town
And doin' it right
In the evenin'
It's pretty pleasin'
Muskrat Suzie, Muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug
In the Muskrat Land
And they shimmy
Sam is so skinny
And they whirl and they twirl
And they tango
Singin' and jinglin'
A jangle
Float like
The heavens above
I saw a sign today.
A sign?
From God?
Well, I don't know.
It said, "yard sale."
"Yard sale"?
Not to get metaphysical
or anything,
but I had an inspiration.
And it does feel
kind of... divine.
I was thinking...
maybe if we had
a yard sale.
My stuff and yours.
We could make
a weekend of it.
I did some research.
People can make
a lot of money.
But even if we don't,
I have a feeling.
What happened when you were
in the hospital?
What happened?
Did you see the light?
The light?
You know.
The light.
I don't--
I don't think so.
I just have a feeling.
I don't mean to upset you.
I'm not upset.
Well, you sound upset.
I'm not upset.
It's just I--
I had a feeling, too.
Maybe it's not divine
like you, but...
I have a feeling, too.
Oh, not him.
Oh, I love her.
...and then, they
were off to Florence.
She always looks so classy.
There were TVs on the train,
there were diplomats,
there were Americans,
there were Parisians,
there were Syrian refugees.
Everyone traveled together
on the way to Florence.
Why? That's interesting.
I thought you always say
we should keep up
on current events.
Current events?
You want current events?
Well, you're not gonna
find it there.
That woman is a liar.
A lying, dishonest, disloyal,
opportunistic liar...
...that one day will realize
what she did.
And then, she'll regret it,
I can promise you that.
Why do you say that?
You don't even know her.
Oh, I know her, all right.
She's my ex-wife.
Your wife?
My ex-wife.
She left a long time ago.
Nineteen years.
What, she's--
she's Brian's mother?
He's a genuine son of a bitch.
Ed. Don't talk like that.
I still
watch her every day.
She'll always
mean something to you.
It's okay.
It's the best day
for a yard sale.
I looked it up.
This Sunday?
Yeah. It's as good
as any Sunday.
But what about...
It's time.
You know...
we can start organizing
your stuff on Tuesday.
If it's okay with you.
What do you do
if your boyfriend
who you really,
really care about
wants you to do something...
that you just feel
uncomfortable about?
I'd have to say it depends.
How bad is it?
Well, now I really
want to know what it is.
Forget it.
Never let a man
make you do something
you don't want to do.
-Why don't you answer my calls?
-I'm working.
I know you're working.
I can see you're working.
Why don't you answer my calls?
Please, not here.
Yes, here.
You won't come to
me, I have to come to you.
You don't understand.
Then explain it to me.
No, I can't explain it to you.
Even if I could,
you wouldn't understand.
I don't understand.
You said
you would do it with me.
I didn't say
I would do it with you.
-You did!
-Keep you voice down.
Why is it so important to you
what I do?
Because it's what
we talked about.
It's for us.
No, it's for you.
I'm fine where I am.
I'm good where I am.
No, you're not.
Don't you presume
to tell me about me, Ed Hemsler.
I am a grown woman,
and I don't have to
listen to you.
I didn't say
you had to listen to me.
Just get out.
Now, just a minute.
-Get out!
-Is there a problem?
Well, there's no problem.
Ed was just leaving.
I thought this was for real.
She asked
how you were doing, so I said,
"You remember when you
broke up with Sam?"
It was her boyfriend for, like,
two weeks in eighth grade.
But anyway, we're there talking,
and it was probably
the first time
that I really opened up about
what it was like
when you and Mom were splitting.
All the door-slamming.
Like, that was your last word,
but it never was,
and I was just sitting there
like a...
And then one day,
the doors stopped slamming,
and she was gone.
Hey, Dad?
I'm here.
Look, all I'm saying
is that sometimes
it can feel like
you're losing everything,
but really, you're not losing,
you're gaining.
Or at least,
that's what you taught me.
I taught you that?
Well, not in so many words.
But yeah.
So, what else
did I teach you?
How you doing today?
Excuse me?
How much is this?
That depends.
How much is it worth to you?
Oh... Not as much as I thought.
Well, maybe somebody else
might need it more than you.
Yeah, maybe. You never know
when you might need
a pretty jar.
You're my BFF.
My granddaughter told me
what that means.
Best friend forever.