The Tour (2014) Movie Script

Darkmoor Manor has a past shrouded in
shadows and bloodshed
it was built in 1782 for millionaire and
recluse Margaret the Mort but even
during its construction the property
seemed cursed an unexplained fire in the
West Quarter claimed her son the Mort
was grief-stricken and took her own life
by hanging herself from the rafters the
next family lasted less than a year in
Dartmoor, violently butchered by their gardener who
later claimed in court that the house had made him do it.
Since then Dartmoor has
claimed twelve more victims
five within the last year only last
February a film crew at looking for
proof of the supernatural and never came
don't worry that footage was never found
but seriously there had been continued
reports of ghostly apparitions,
terrible screams and...
...strange shadowy figures staring out of the windows
on full moons yes this is the most cursed haunted
house in Britain and that ladies and
gents concludes the tour
You're not doing something right. I can
figure this out.
Fine, you do it then.
Maybe I could help.
Oh sorry are we holding everyone up?
No, but a few minutes yet. May I?
So polite!
Oh capped camera is there that it seems.
Should we start again?
I'll get the house in background.
So tell me are they all like you
around here?
Oh no no one else like me around here
Where are you from?
Chicago? Well, welcome to Dartmoor. There,
that's your liking? So did you enjoy the tour?
That depends, is it all true?
Yeah every word. Well
yes embellished a bit..Who doesn't like a little drama.
That's us! Thanks um...
Hi I'm Tom.
Tom, got it, well good meeting you Tom.
I didn't get your name.
You didn't did you? Hmm you know maybe
if you buy us a drink I will tell you.
My pleasure this way
Are you sure about this?
Are you kidding? It's just a drink and he is
hot. Come on let's do it!
So what do you think?
About what?
About Tom what else.
He's alright.
God loosen up a bit okay we're here to have fun.
I have fun just not the kind of fun that you have. I guess he's nice enough
I'm thinking he's going to look a lot nicer in
my bed. Slut
Who's a slut?
I'm the slut apparently
the Yankee slut.
Is that a nickname given or earned?
... Dick!
Does she always talk like that? I'll have you know that I'm a gentleman
No you're right I'm a dirty rotten scoundrel you can't blame a man
for trying.
So what are you doing this ghastly part of the world?
studying what?
We're touring Europe.
Touring Europe?
Oh that's so cute seeing sites the voyage
of self-discovery getting drugged
kidnapped sold to the highest bidder but
you've seen Hostel right?
Well you
probably should do that next time you go abroad.
Still if you hadn't come to
Dartmoor you'd have missed my thrilling tour.
I loved the tour.
I know I was
particularly brilliant I really felt I
delivered the drama.
You are so full of
But seriously I enjoy it. I mean I get
good crowds, Dartmoor's got an incredible
history, and that's a fun story to tell
don't you ever feel bad exploiting the town's misfortune.
Exploiting? Look, this town exists because of that house
it's the only reason the entire community survives.
Okay we get it
the house is awesome.
Sorry it's just...
Look you wouldn't be joking if you went
into that house. You'd feel how real it is
You feel it to your very bones.
been inside then?
Yeah, been in and lived to
tell the tale so to speak. That makes a
believer out of you that's for sure
Hmm well maybe you can make a believer
out of me.
I can get you in and if you
really wanted, but what about your friend?
Isn't that trespassing?
Don't be such a wuss Morgan!
Oh finally a name! And you are? Well you know
other than the Yankee slut.
Other than
Yankee slut I'm also Cassie.
Cassie, it suits you.
Well, you'll be giving more than just your name tonight I wager.
Oh yeah we'll see about that you're
going to play your cards right Tom the
Tour Guide.
Right. I'm off to the Jets.
I'll give you ladies a moment to discuss.
Please, please don't fuck this up for me Morgan, okay, he's the first hot
guy we've met in over three months here and you're giving me a hard time
If you like him so much why do you even want me here?
Because we made a promise not to leave
each other alone I'm not doing it
Fine I'll come along, but if the whole night
ends up with me watching you make out with him I'm gonna be really pissed.
Don't worry, Mo, I'm sure if you offer a threesome he'll be more than thrilled
Come on.
How do I look?
So what's the verdict?
You guys in or out?
Ready when you are
Great, I'll make it a night to die for.
What too much?
before we go in I want to warn you
though unlike my tour this house is the
real deal no tricks no bullshit. It's plain scary.
Here, keep it running.
Jesus can anyone find the light I can't
see a fucking thing.
Shh there's no power running to the house.
Grab a torch.
Do you mind?
What the hell Morgan.
Jesus Christ...
Get your shit together, this isn't a place to fuck about.
what was that?
I don't know, you wanna go find out?
Come on stay close.
Watch your step.
Who's room was this?
Is it bright enough?
Oh my god! There was a man! Or something.
Straight ahead, in your flashlight.
Men I can handle. Ghosts, not so much.
But it's just your mind playing tricks with you.
See, there's no here.
We're okay.
No no no no no!
(crying and screaming)
Where's Cassidy?
She fell. I know she was behind me. I heard her scream.
It's okay. She'll be fine.
She's gone now.
You trusting little cunt!
The entire reason this community survives is
because of that house. And the song must go on...
Once you're here at Dartmore, you don't leave.
Is it done?
Gutted that bitch like Pig
You enjoy this a bit too much
And you almost let this fucking one get away. If you don't think you can do it, then I'll find someone who can.
You don't have to worry
about me!
Think anyone's gonna miss her?
I can see the headlines now.
Forgive me.
Forgive me!