The Tower (2018) Movie Script

- Excellent.
- I'm hungry.
Come, Wardi.
Come on!
- Let's go.
- OK.
This doesn't look too good.
But you knew that already.
- I'll write you a new prescription.
- No, don't.
Are you sure?
You know what that means.
My great-granddaughter
is starting secondary soon.
I want her to continue school.
I'm sorry there is
no cheaper medicine available.
Are you afraid?
Not for me.
It was me who gave her the name,
you know.
It's a beautiful name.
Make way!
- He's bleeding! He's gonna die!
- Quickly, open the door!
Hey, where do you think you are?
Go home!
Peace be upon you.
Sister Yasar. I got my report card.
Bravo, darling.
And good you're back. Mom's worried.
- Why?
- There was a demonstration.
- My ear!
- Sorry, sorry.
Just go home. Don't worry.
I'll see you soon, OK?
So what does your boyfriend say
about you going to Sweden,
marrying someone else?
Does your little sister know?
They shot them?
After they started running?
Running, sitting, jumping, eating.
So what?
Nimr is in the hospital.
And the guy from Shatilla camp,
what happened to him?
I think he's dead.
Watch it!
Straight As.
Just like your sister, Yasar.
A, B or C, and then...
A doctor or an engineer.
No, do like your sister,
marry and get out of this place.
Shut up.
- How is she?
- She is still leaving.
Fuck you, Ahmad.
All you care about is her sister?
- Nimr is shot.
- Who was shot?
Nimr. You know,
the younger brother of Abu Alaa?
He was shot in a demonstration
outside camp.
Is he dead?
He will be fine, but he needs blood.
Great-grandpa Sidi!
- Wardi.
- How come you know?
I saw him at the hospital.
Damn you!
Damn your uncle and his pigeons.
It's a gift from God.
- Sidi.
- Make a wish!
What gift? Lebanon,
a plate of gold full of shit.
Why did they shoot the two boys, Sidi?
Today is the 15th of May,
the day of the Catastrophe.
Al Nakba.
Didn't your teacher
talk about it at school?
We read a poem.
If we don't know our past,
where we come from,
what are we?
Where does the lucky boy live?
Thank God.
I guess Yasar's happy,
but who's gonna cut my hair now?
- I have to go to Sweden?
- What hair?
But what does your son say,
losing his daughter?
What do you think?
At least it's one mouth less
to feed, right?
Talking about fathers, there is yours.
Look at them.
She's the light of his life.
Hey, Lutfi.
Take this to the roof for me.
Bring this to your grandma, Wardi.
Sidi, what does it mean, we are nothing
if we don't know our past?
There's nothing to learn from the past.
We are still trapped here in this cage.
The only thing that has changed is
the towers, getting higher and higher.
Every new generation, a new floor.
We wanted to get closer to God,
but not in this way.
Shut up, Rambo. Come here.
Are you OK, Sidi?
Yes, I'm OK.
The two boys were shot
because they were right.
Right about what, Sidi?
Their right to go back home.
Wardi? Can you see those fruits?
Red Guava.
Arabian jasmine.
Lucy, don't eat it.
Lucy, come.
Hey, you. Help your father, will you?
- It's time for school.
- Lucy, come here. Come.
That's enough.
My father's hands were made of sand.
It was my mother who made these bags
for him, from old rags.
Little bags of seeds.
It was one of the few things
that we brought...
from home.
I can walk on my own.
Wait, Dad. Hey, Lucy.
- Let's go.
- Come, Lucy.
- No.
- But why, Dad?
- Stay, Lucy. Stay.
- Why can't she come with us?
Be quiet, son.
Be quiet, son.
At least the dog gets to stay.
Dad, are we staying?
- Dad?
- No, we will go back.
But, then, why are you planting here?
If we don't eat,
how are we gonna get home?
Soon these little seeds will grow,
and one day they will become trees
carrying Guava, the special red kind,
your favourite.
Just like the ones we had at home.
No, we will go back.
Are you OK?
- Let me help you.
- No.
- I always thought that one day...
- One day what, Sidi?
Take care of this for me.
I just need to rest.
Wardi, will you come see me later?
I will, Sidi.
- What's happening?
- He gave her his key.
Sorry. He has lost hope.
He'll be dead within a week.
Sidi's not going to die.
May God take us home again.
Hey. Hey, Wardi.
Put the bag by the sink.
Grandma, can you die from sadness,
if you've lost your hope?
Of course not. Bullets kill you.
Not sadness.
- But Sidi gave me his...
- Don't worry about Sidi.
Wardi, when I was little,
Sidi had the finest Guava,
lemons, figs,
in the whole camp.
We would sneak up on his roof
and into his garden.
All we wanted was a small taste.
He caught us.
"Stay away!"
"The fruit is nice to look at,
and the wind will bring you the smell."
His plants were always more important
to him than his own children.
No, Wardi, as long as he has his garden
and his key, he's OK.
I think he lost his hope.
Well, you'll just have to find it
and bring it to him.
But how? And what if I don't find it?
You will. Search the house.
If anyone knows about hope, it's us.
Maybe not this guy. He's hopeless.
One cucumber and peas? You forgot half.
Ah, well.
No, Wardi, she is the one who forgets...
that she has the money.
This is News Hour, Beirut, Lebanon.
Two men were shot during
the demonstrations in Bourj el Barajneh,
in the southern suburbs of Beirut.
One is confirmed dead.
- The other one is critically injured.
- The brother of Abu Alaa.
The demonstration was held
at the yearly Al Nakba commemoration.
They were only 15.
If he dies, hell will break loose.
Today the Palestinians remember
the Catastrophe of 1948,
when two thirds of their population
had to flee their homeland.
The war caused an exodus,
leaving the Palestinian population as
refugees in the neighbouring countries,
like Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan,
but also overseas:
Europe, America and Canada.
They remain in these camps
until this day.
Maybe better if we were all dead.
The conflict in Iraq continues.
Time's pissed on us.
It's not working.
Three, two, one, zero.
We have liftoff.
Many times I wished you talked more,
like you used to.
But when you do, I wish you didn't.
Grandma, I wanted to see that.
Let's hear Lutfi's girlfriend.
Grandpa Lutfi?
- Why haven't we gone back?
- To the moon?
No, to Sidi's village in Palestine.
Lutfi? A car bomb
couldn't make him move.
I went back, Wardi.
- You did?
- Don't get him started. It's behind us.
Tell me about it, Grandpa.
Everyone thought my father was rich.
'Cause he had a radio.
Lutfi, hold tight.
- Lutfi.
- But, Dad...
Be patient.
Yasin, come here.
Today, not tomorrow.
- Ow.
- Try these on.
Come on. They don't bite.
- Put them on.
- Hey.
Im here.
Good. Keep it like that.
Latest fashion.
UN underwear.
Our lives were not tragic, Wardi.
But what happened to us was a tragedy.
Lutfi, wait!
- I wanna come with you!
- Fool!
Wait! I wanna come with you!
Please, let me come.
- No.
- But I can help you.
Please, for once.
You always say no.
OK, but then don't ask
for this and that.
Don't look. Don't think.
I won't.
- Can we go to the funfair?
- Of course.
If you clean a million shoes we can.
Hey, Yasin! I was joking!
Don't move!
Over here!
You want to have
your shoes cleaned, sir?
Youre welcome!
Straight from the camps, huh?
Don't worry, dear. Don't worry.
Any Palestinian
is like a brother to me, right?
- You're an idiot.
- Should I start, sir?
Yeah. Please.
Not so fast.
Take it easy, brother.
You want these, right?
All you have to do...
Is kiss my shoe.
What the...
- Fuck you, Palestinians!
Why was the man like that?
How do you see someone
who lost everything, Wardi?
I feel pity.
We didn't want their pity.
- What did you want?
- We wanted to go home.
Out of the misery of the camp,
the revolution was born.
Our lives, our blood,
we sacrifice for you, Palestine.
Our lives, our blood,
we sacrifice for you, Palestine.
Our lives, our blood,
we sacrifice for you, Palestine.
Our lives, our blood,
we sacrifice for you, Palestine.
Our babies killed in their mothers' arms
We will take back what you lost.
I promise.
Come on. We're late.
Come on. Hurry.
You ran from home, Grandpa?
Oh, Wardi.
We were so many kids from the camps.
We felt we had everything to gain
and nothing to lose.
It was magical, all that hope.
Finally we were doing something.
It's beautiful.
- Let me see.
- Wait.
It's just like Dad always told me.
What is it?
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- It's OK.
Lutfi, my son, it's OK.
They say all revolutions
need sacrifices.
But we got nothing back.
Those two kids in the demonstration,
all they wanted was to live.
The revolution died, and so did I.
You just got old.
Besides, you were lucky. You caught me.
That's victory, Wardi.
Romeo and Juliet. Qais and Leila.
Now, take this to my little brother.
Why do I have to do it? It's not fair.
You expect life to be fair?
Let's pray his family
is still alive in Syria.
We are all he's got now.
- But he's so angry.
- I know. Now, off you go.
No, it's outside.
Outside the camp. Outside.
Get the hell away from here!
Nour? Is that you?
No, it's me, Wardi.
Those should have been
my daughter's steps.
- I know.
- She's your age.
She looks just like you.
- I have to go.
- No, stay.
- Two boys were shot today.
- And for what?
You sound like Lutfi. No hope.
Lutfi tried to win back our country.
You just sit here eating Grandma's food.
You think I didn't fight?
I hope you crash and die!
We fought, Wardi.
They called us the RPG kids.
The cubs. Cubs of the revolution.
We were brave.
Wait. There's no time.
You wanted to go home, right?
You were so young.
But never a child.
All those with blood type AB positive.
The boy from the demonstration, Nimr,
he's still alive.
AB positive, come to Haifa Hospital.
Sometimes heroes die.
I have to go.
- What is it?
- I know you like him.
So if you love him,
why are you leaving us?
- You will understand someday.
- No, I won't!
- No, I still have one life left.
- Hey, time to turn that off.
But, Mom, please.
But what about Khaled? Is there
no chance that he will find a job?
- What about his degree?
- Do you think that helps?
No. Some days there's work,
other days nothing.
- Everything is so expensive.
- It's my game.
I'll get more shifts at the factory.
Hanan, you can't feed the whole family.
I'm afraid we'll have to take Wardi
out of school.
- Where have you been?
- My darling, Wardi.
Come, give your favourite aunt a hug.
Didn't Yasar tell you
to go straight home?
- What do you care?
- Hey, say that again.
- Don't use that tone.
- Now it's my turn.
- No. I still have one life left.
- Mom, these are my books.
No! Wardi! Mama! Mom!
Hey, it's my game.
- You have to call your mom?
- Mama!
You animals. Stop that noise!
How many times do I have to tell you?
Mimo, don't cry.
And, you two, I will burn that game
if you don't put it away now.
Do you want me to blow myself up?
Is that it?
Just don't do it here
in front of your own children.
Dad's early.
We have to ask my brother in Italy
for money.
I will not become a beggar.
Then what's left of me?
- This is what it has come to?
- You're damned pride.
It's my brother. I will ask.
Leave me alone!
Fine, leave! Just go!
Wardi, you will finish school,
no matter what.
But why didn't you?
This is life.
But the dream to finish is still there,
only sleeping.
Is your dream sleeping because of us?
There's Mom, and Sidi.
He looks the same.
The blue plastic,
and his plants on the roof.
And you, Hanan, you looked so beautiful.
And now?
- You still are.
- Liar.
Do you still have that white blouse?
Why? You want it?
I hope it's you that will marry,
not my sister.
There's your uncle, Pigeon Boy.
He used to be more fun back then.
You see? He was the first in camp
that could break-dance.
You should have seen him.
You know, he would go
to every wedding in camp,
no shoes, no shirt, no invitation.
He didn't care.
And they all fell in love with him.
Like this. Arms up.
You're a natural.
I'm sorry. Are you OK, Wardi?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
How could your brother be so happy?
Well, children have secret ways.
And Pigeon Boy was always special.
Bloody power cuts.
I'm sorry, Wardi.
I could never stand darkness.
But all day you work in the basement,
in the factory.
I'll tell you my secret.
No matter how dark it gets,
try to find even the smallest
ray of light and stay there.
Get down!
Maybe we should call you Pigeon Boy.
Hanan. Hanan, come sit with us.
- It's not safe by the stairs.
- I'm fine.
It's not safe by the stairs.
Come sit with us.
It's not safe by the stairs.
No, Wardi, I never liked the dark.
Ever since, I refuse to hide.
I try to live a normal life.
I will sit on the roof
and I will drink my coffee.
Let the planes come.
Do you hate them?
No, I don't feel that I hate them.
They killed us and we killed them.
I only hate the ones that still hate us.
Let's go.
Bitter as life,
that's how he likes his coffee.
No, he likes his tea
as sweet as the old days.
This is for Pigeon Boy.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Why doesn't he come down?
He says pigeons are easier than people.
What does that mean?
Maybe where he is,
the world looks different.
- How?
- I don't know.
Maybe from up there
he can see beyond things.
I miss him.
Maybe he knows about hope.
I will take it.
- It's dangerous.
- I know.
Come down.
Aunt, I'm OK.
I have to help Sidi.
I'll be with you soon.
Come down.
Damn you!
Damn you and your brother.
May your entire familly be damned forever!
Shut your face!
Come here!
Caught! I got it!
- Damn you!
- Just scream, you idiot.
- Damn you!
- You idiot!
What was that for?
He stole three from me last week.
This is war.
War in the skies.
You know, Aunt Hanan showed me
the pictures of you when you were small.
You danced in the weddings.
That's a long time ago.
Don't worry. It's like cutting hair.
It will grow out stronger.
Then he will fly anywhere.
Here. Some magic for you.
Hanan misses you.
- Don't you ever wanna come down?
- That's in the past.
They erased it.
All that matters is now.
No past, no future.
That's impossible. Nobody knows
what will happen in the future.
Well, I know.
I thought you were different.
At least I hoped you were.
Hope? Who cares about hope?
I do.
And Sidi.
Big dreams will get you nowhere.
So you don't care about anything?
Oh, I care.
And we can have some big walls
that protect us.
- Wait! Where's the salt?
- Here, drink some water.
We don't need protection. We just need
to make it a beautiful house.
What kind of house? A castle or what?
A normal, regular house.
Yeah. And we will need
a garden and flowers.
The colours are perfect.
They will be blue, orange...
And big and small.
OK, you make the house
and I make the garden.
We can use this as...
Oh, look. Animals are coming.
Sheep and cows are coming.
And a horse. And a horse.
No, this is the horse.
Actually, let's get some wheat.
- How about this one?
- Yes. They will enjoy it.
It's from a "Kalasjnikov".
Are you gonna blow the flute or not?
- I will show you.
- Blow it.
No, like this.
Blow harder.
Ah! It didn't work.
Look! I'll show you.
Go away!
I think something's wrong.
He needs help.
You don't wanna help?
- I can't.
- Of course you can.
Sidi, don't die.
It's OK.
Just cry.
I'm glad you came.
You're not sad?
Not any more.
I tried, Sidi. I looked everywhere.
I wanted to bring it to you.
What, Wardi?
The hope you lost.
No, I never lost it.
- But...
- You are my hope, Wardi.
You are my hope.
I still smell the flowers.
I hear the sounds.
I see the colours.
But I lost the names.
- Oleander.
- Oleander.
Hey, you, Guava thief.
The food is ready.
It's hot.
It's delicious.
Are you done?
Thanks, Mom.
It's cold. Don't you want to go inside?
Can I just sit here...
a little bit more?
It was May 15th,
the day of the Catastrophe.
I wanted to tell Sidi so many things,
about school, my friends,
about Yasar in Sweden and her cute baby,
Lutfi's new teeth,
and even Grandma Rozette
painting her kitchen.
The boy who was shot survived.
Sidi finally returned home.
My passport says "refugee".
But I know where I come from.
Are you a doctor at the hospital?
Yeah. How did you guess?
- What's your name?
- Wardi.
That's a beautiful name.
You will get far.
Come, Wardi.
See you.