The Town Christmas Forgot (2010) Movie Script

Whatever it takes, Freddie.
This deal has to happen.
This account could turn
everything around for us.
We're talking major
sponsor events.
God knows what the media buys will be.
More than millions.
So we have to do what we have to do.
You can finish the proposal
before the holidays...
Just pull an all-nighter,
you're brilliant at that, okay?
Not now!
What do you mean
no service?
This is supposed to
be sattelite digital.
Charles, I need
a phone.
Hey, honey, there's no
cell phones around here.
Oh, and what do we
owe this casual mood to?
You know what?
Try five days away from work.
Come on.
They can't
reach you now,
but you'll get calls
at the resort.
Nope, I told the guys
upstairs that I am going
to Colorado, to Colorado!
Come on!
You really think
that's gonna happen?
what's this?
No, no this can't be
happening, come on.
There are satellites
Apparently not here.
Where are we?
Forty-eight miles from
highway eighty-three.
Okay my little map-maker.
When's the next town?
Seventy-three, four,
seventy-five miles.
What's going on? What are
you guys talking about?
dad's gross music?
How can she be plugged into her
own world and then suddenly
know that it's quiet in the car?
I don't get it.
Teenage telepathy.
We're lost and we're never
gonna find our way.
Oh my god,
where are we?
What's up with
all this snow?
Where are all
the outlet malls?
I'm on vacation.
I'm on vacation.
Dad, Nolan's
making fun of me!
Didn't mom ever tell you
they adopted you?
Okay, both of you. Okay that's enough.
All right?
We are the Benson family. We
can brave these hardships.
I mean, who needs satellite radio?
Who needs cell phones?
Or CD players or DVD's or ABC's or XYZ's.
So sit back.
Enjoy the luxury of a well made
automobile as we drive... Whoa!
Whoa! All right. Okay, that's fine.
All right. Okay.
I told you,
we should have flown.
Is everybody okay?
You're okay.
I don't like this. Not at all.
Can we go now?
I don't think we're gonna go anywhere.
We're stuck.
Do not tell me this.
Okay, everybody, we're fine.
It's okay.
Someone will...
will come along.
Oh, someone will
come along?
It's a paved highway, there's
bound to be some traffic.
When was the last car
you saw?
Where are you going?
I'm going outside. I'm gonna
check out the damage.
Dad, there's
wild animals out there.
It's nothing. Okay,
everybody, just relax.
It's fine.
It's good.
I read that the bears that can't sleep
all winter, they hunt for food.
What? I did.
Mountain lions, too.
Well, Charlie boy. What
are we gonna do now?
Now, about that someone will come along...
the line you said a while ago.
Okay, I cannot miss
this party tomorrow night.
Dad, do something!
What is it?
Please be a car
with boys!
What if it's
a serial killer?
It's gonna be
perfectly fine.
Hey you okay?
Are you all right?
You folks okay?
Yeah, uh, do you know
a mechanic?
You're lookin'
at one.
We need help.
Tell ya what,
I can drive it back to town,
and we'll fix up that
later on.
Town's still pretty
far away?
About eight miles,
and uh, no use lookin'
at your map there, sonny, they
stopped puttin it on five years ago.
Um, sir, how much do you
think it would cost?
Cost? Nothin',
I'm goin' that way.
Oh, what about
our luggage?
I got lots of room
in the back of the truck.
Let's go. Thank you. Thank you.
You're welcome,
it's cold out here.
Just bring
what you need.
Do you have any,
any lattes?
Well, welcome to
If you've never been to
Nowhere, you are now.
What happened here?
Oh, the coal ran out
about five years ago,
since then, the town's been slowly dying.
Not pretty.
I remember a time when
you couldn't even find
a parking spot
on main street.
Families walked down the sidewalk,
children played around.
Hard to believe it was
ever like that, huh?
That's the only cafe
we've got left,
you guys can get something
to eat in there. All right?
So, uh, what about
our car?
I figure I can get to
it by late afternoon.
Should have you guys up and
runnin' in no time. Okay?
So like, is there
a mall close by?
Just the cafe,
young lady.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for everything.
How can we find ya later?
Well, why don't you folks just
go in and get something to eat.
I will find you,
it's a small town.
All right, let's go.
Oh look, just in time
for the Christmas pageant.
Why is everybody
Um, it's a small town,
You know, they're
not used to strangers.
No kidding.
Oh, sit anywhere,
Do you have a phone?
We did till yesterday.
Storm broke the line.
Can't get in to fix it till the
storm calms down a little bit.
We have to wait for the car anyway,
we might as well eat. I'm hungry.
You wanna eat?
Okay, let's go.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
I would like a non-fat, half sweet,
double shot, rice milk latte.
Coffee with soy milk?
Two coffees will be fine.
We got meatloaf
for our special,
comes with mashed, vegetables and dessert.
Four ninety-five.
Um, well I think we're
gonna need a few minutes.
Oh, we don't have most of
what's on the menu anymore.
Car trouble?
Yeah I saw Coleman
bring you here.
If anyone can fix it, he can.
He knows cars.
Anybody who knows Coleman
will tell you, he knows cars.
Guess he knows
cars, huh?
And men's hair.
I'm sorry, what?
Oh, Coleman's also
the town's barber.
And if you're gonna
stay for a while,
we're having our Christmas
pageant on Christmas eve.
It's gonna be
a real hoot.
Oh, oh. Well, I think we're
gonna be gone by then.
Yeah, yeah.
Well you can buy some raffle
tickets, first prize is $50.
Oh, uh, look at me.
You must think I'm pushy.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no.
I'm the pageant
trying to get everyone
into the Christmas spirit.
We haven't had a pageant around
here for almost five years now.
Town's had
a few bad years.
I guess that's obvious,
even to city folk.
So this year we're going
to have a real humdinger
of a pageant,
if it kills me.
Oh look, I have bent your ears long
enough, you folks take your time.
Boss is in.
Gotta look busy.
Sam, I thought I told ya. No
Christmas pageant this year.
Sam, I'm the Mayor of this
town and I can't have
a poster for a Christmas pageant
we can't afford in my cafe.
Our cafe, honeykins. You're
becoming old and grumpy. Like them.
Sam, this town's
almost done.
There's nothing left
in the kitty.
What about
Well, Christmas
is for other people.
I've got customers.
They're not grumpy.
Had enough?
Aw, yes, I think I'm filled up.
How 'bout you,
Yes, thank you.
Well, you're
welcome, cowboy.
You know, I'm sorry,
but I overheard.
Not everyone is so supportive
of the pageant, huh?
The Mayor was...
Ahh, you mean Jeremiah.
Yes, yes, he is the Mayor.
And my husband.
Oh, he's a good man.
It's just sometimes life
gives you some bad breaks.
But we're going to have
a Christmas pageant.
I've even got all the wives
in town buzzing about it.
We're gonna have
a talent show.
Mary-Lou Kinny's girl,
she plays the accordion,
and the high-school kids have got
together some sort of singing act.
There's even a gal who's
got two trained chickens.
And then, of course,
there's the dancers.
Yeah, that sounds
like a lot of fun.
Well it's not too late to stay over.
You can join in!
Anyone sing
or dance?
No, none of us no. We'll
probably be on our way.
Oh, hello Coleman, I'm just
looking after your guests.
Thank you very much,
Um, how's it going?
Well, I brought
your SUV back
and it's gonna take four
hours or so to fix it.
Can't it be faster?
Four hours?
I might be able to shave off a
minute or two, but that's a pretty
fancy car you have. I've never
worked on one of those before,
but as all the folks around
town say, Coleman knows cars.
Yeah, we heard.
We can find something to do
for four hours. Thank you.
That's the thing. Four hours to fix it,
2 days to get the parts bussed in.
Sorry about that,
Hey Sam, you got that
corned beef on rye for me?
This is not
what I wanted.
Can I sleep
in the SUV?
There's no other place. It's
the only hotel in town.
Two days?
Put your stuff down.
I don't think there's
a remote.
Well there's an on switch
on the set, so. See?
Okay guys, we don't have a choice.
This is
the only place.
And we're here for who
only knows how long.
We're never gonna
get out.
Find MTV.
I don't think they
have cable, sweetie.
Please, can we go
somewhere else?
No, no, there's no choice.
This is it. This is it.
So let's just try and make
this as easy as we can, okay?
Just... just, if we keep
our shoes on
and don't use
the bathroom,
we'll have
a good time in here.
Oh yeah, candles burnin
low, lots of mistletoe.
Lots of snow and ice,
everywhere we go.
Choirs singin' carols,
right outside my door.
All these things
and more.
All these things
and more.
It's what Christmas
means to me, my love.
It's what Christmas
means to me, my love.
Oh, yeah
And you know
what I mean.
I see your smilin' face,
like I never seen before.
Even though...
I'll be back as soon
as I can.
Do you really think you
can accomplish anything?
I dunno,
but I'm gonna try.
We're never gonna
get outta here.
Trish, honey,
it's not that bad.
My friends are never
gonna see me again.
I am gonna get us
outta here, promise.
You okay, bud?
Watch this.
Daddy, save us.
Hey look, I made
the picture better.
You're actually
We're not related,
we're not related!
Hey, there.
Got a fresh cup of joe
for you. Black, right?
Yeah, thank you. You
seen Coleman around?
He's probably over at the
Legion cooking up some grub.
We've got some less
fortunate families in town.
Coleman gathers up some
things, prepares some food,
gets some presents for the kids,
sometimes he even delivers.
What like a soup
I guess you could
call it that.
Oh he's a good man,
that Coleman.
He's like that walking
spirit of Christmas.
Well let's hope it rubs
off on the rest of us.
Some of the boys have
been having a hard time
since the mine
went south.
That's why it seems like the perfect
time for a Christmas pageant.
You are a one woman
chamber of commerce.
Ah, the pageant used to be the
biggest celebration in town.
Everyone came out,
even the grouches.
We had a parade
out there.
Once, we even had
a movie star.
Well, not a really big star,
she did some parts
in some TV shows, came
from Louistown, but...
So you really think
a pageant's gonna help?
Well maybe nothing's gonna
really turn this town around,
but for this one time,
maybe it'd be nice to
see some magic again.
See some people smile.
Well you, uh, got
your work cut our for ya.
Thank you for the coffee.
Where's the Legion?
Uh, four doors over
and across the street.
Can you, give Coleman
these cookies for me?
Sure. Hold on a sec.
Can I uh, can I steal one?
Just one.
Thank you.
Just one, yep!
Listen, I have to
go find a phone.
Can I trust you to
watch your brother?
Like, not really.
Nice try.
I'm gonna be back
as soon as I can.
What if something
Oh, please.
I have a feeling
nothing has happened here
in a very long time.
Nolan, you listen to
your sister.
Oh, mom!
She's the boss.
Now look, I'm gonna get you guys
outta here as soon as I can
and your dad's gonna
work something out.
And then we'll be on our way.
Be good.
Dashing through
the snow...
In a one horse
open sleigh
we go Coleman?
Hey, Coleman!
Hello! Hello.
One second there. Let
me turn the radio down.
How goes it,
Mr. Benson?
Call me Charles.
Yes, Mr. Benson.
Special delivery.
Oh, great.
Look, I was wondering.
Maybe there's a, a way to
get the parts for
my SUV a little faster?
I don't think so, Sir,
most the delivery
of parts are on hold
'til the new year,
but they're doing me
an exception.
First, I gotsta
finish this.
Oh yeah, Sam told me you're cooking
for some disadvantaged people?
I don't care to call
people disadvantaged,
just a little down
on their luck is all.
And we all can use
a little luck can't we?
I didn't mean to
sound cold...
It's really admirable.
Can I help?
Ah, I guess Nowhere isn't the
most exciting place, is it?
Well, it...
Come on, I got some
taters for you to peel.
Here they are.
Just for you.
Okay, there you go.
And I'll take these
over there.
Dashing through the snow,
in a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go,
laughing all the way
Ha, ha, ha!
Bells on cobb tails
Bells on bob tails,
on bob tails
I'm getting out.
Mom said you have to
stay here.
What are you doing?
What does it look like?
I'm reading a phone book.
You can find
all kinds of things.
They have
a toy store here.
Duh, did you not see
anything out there?
The town is empty. There's no toy store.
There's nothing.
Mom said...
If I stay in this cell any
longer, I'm going to scream.
You can't just leave
me here, I'm a minor.
Grab your coat.
Stop it!
Just over
in the corner.
Oh hey,
come on in.
How are you
holding up?
I can't seem to
find a phone anywhere.
I told you,
there isn't one.
At least until they
get the line fixed.
Come on,
take a load off.
this is Annie.
She's a visiting
for a day or two.
Annie, this is everyone. Brittany and
Brad, two of our star performers.
Mmhmm. And two more of
our star performers.
You'll be fine.
I wanna go look
for the toy store.
You gotta stay
with me.
You could've stayed in the room.
I make the rules.
That's not fair.
Life's not fair.
What do you know about life?
You're only 5 years older than me.
Music. I think.
Come on.
We shouldn't be here.
Merry Christmas.
How many more people
are you expecting?
Uh, about twenty more
this afternoon.
That's a lot
for a town this size.
Mmmhhmmm. We've been
hit hard, Mr. Benson.
Merry Christmas.
So how did this town get
the name of Nowhere?
Now that's
a good story.
The owner of the mining
company that used to be here.
Merry Christmas.
He brought some investors
up here, one of them said
this place is
in the middle of nowhere.
The owner was gonna use his
name, he changed it to Nowhere.
So he had a sense
of humour.
Until the coal ran out.
Five years ago?
Yeah yeah. And there was some
other complications too.
You see, Sir, there's a lot of
coal up there in those mountains.
But, it costs too
much to mine it.
First you gotta start right
at the top of the mountain.
And you gotta go right to the
bottom, very slowly. Not worth it.
Anyways, I gotta get this stuff
up to Virgil here, at the mine.
It gets a little lonely
watching that empty place.
Care for
some company?
Sure. Why don't you grab
those cookies back there.
Okay, let's go Mr....
really Charles is fine.
While I tell
of Yuletide treasure,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Fa la la la la la la la la
Okay, can we
go now?
Mom said we're not
supposed to do this.
Look at them,
they're so lame.
What's so funny?
Great comedy act.
What do you know
about rock and roll?
Is that what that was?
Then why don't you come
up here and show us?
I'm just watching.
Easy to watch.
Big city girl thinks
she so smart.
Big city girl sees flaws.
Your beat is way too slow.
All of you.
And timing is everything.
You little drummer boy,
what was that?
Thirty beats per minute?
Try one twenty.
And you on the guitar,
throw in some power chords
and a finger transition in between,
I could go on, but I gotta go now.
Hey city girl, if you're so smart,
show us how to do it right.
I don't have time.
See, she's all talk.
Mom said you're not
supposed to do this.
First you gotta change that beat.
It drives everything.
Have a seat.
I wanna go back to
the hotel.
It's boring here.
I wanna go back to
the hotel room.
Mom said.
Okay listen. Can you go back
to the hotel by yourself?
It's only three blocks
from here.
Promise to stay there
'til mom or dad get back?
And if Mom asks?
I'll say it was
my idea.
Okay, straight to
the hotel.
I could really use
your help with this.
I mean you must put together events
for that big advertising company.
Well, uh,
I can't do...
Oh, no, no...
Just watch, okay.
Just for a minute
or two.
And this is
our big closer.
Come on in, ladies.
All right, Sydney.
Ready to show her
a little of our preview?
What do you do?
Five, six,
seven, eight.
That was good.
You can be honest. We're tough.
We can...
It needs work.
A lot.
Why are you staring
at me like that?
Well, you get paid
thousands of dollars,
which means you must know
something about everything.
Besides, you're probably the only one
here who's ever seen a real musical.
Uh, there isn't
enough time.
So you can do it?
There is not
enough time.
But you can do it!
Okay. Uh, I think maybe
the best thing to do,
would be to learn
five or six basic steps
and then we could put them
into sort of a combo.
Um, you know what,
let's do it together now.
Let's do a hip snap
and, ready and...
One, two, three, good,
back, back, snap, go.
Where did that
come from?
Oh, I used to dance
like a thousand years ago.
You know what?
How about the box step?
Yeah? Do you know it?
Do you wanna learn it?
Okay, let's do that.
So we're gonna cross
with the right foot,
in front
of the left foot.
And ya cross, step back,
to the right, and up.
Look we're
making a box.
To back, to the right
and up. Good.
What happened?
You know maybe it was fate
that brought you here.
Oh I'm pretty sure
it was a broken car.
Good job, everybody. But I
really need to find a phone.
Well, here we are.
That's a pretty big
This really is in the
middle of nowhere, huh?
Yes, it sure is.
But it makes folks look after each
other just a little bit more.
Let's go see Virgil.
Virgil! Yo, Virgil, we
brought you some grub!
Did you ever
live in the city?
Four years.
Did you like it?
At first... I had a
great job on the docks.
But after a while
I got tired of everybody
trying to hide from
everybody else.
It seemed like
folks were trying to
get away from each other rather
than get to know each other.
The whole time I was there,
I never met my neighbours.
So I moved back to
I guess that wasn't such
a good choice, was it?
Come on, it can't be
all that bad, can it?
Hhmmm. Well at least I
know my neighbours.
Yo, Virg, we got some
cookies for ya from Sam!
Ooops, I think I forgot
them back in the truck.
Run back and get them for me?
yeah sure.
Virg. Come on out, my man!
Is this some kind of hazing prank
you play on city folk. Huh?
Hey Coleman,
this isn't funny.
Coleman! Coleman!
You okay?
This is a first. I'm being
rescued by rudolph.
You okay,
can you sit up?
Yeah, cause I just went and
got the red ones, so...
Where's dad?
Oh, um, he's with the barber.
Uh, the mechanic.
I don't get it.
you know Dad.
He's probably micro-managing
the poor guy's every move.
Okay, let's think of something
we can all do together.
Oh, I kinda have to
go somewhere.
A bunch of kids are hanging
out at the high school,
they're working on
a project.
What kind
of project?
School stuff. Paper
mache, things like that.
Oh, okay. Well don't go far,
you'll stay in town, right?
Like, yes.
And take Nolan.
Fine. Nolan, you get
to stick with me.
Okay, this fabulous game, can we draw?
Tic, tac, toe!
So, this is
a coal mine, eh?
Uh huh. But you're
holding, that's just dirt.
City slicker, huh?
At least I know what to
getcha for Christmas.
No, no. Don't say
it, don't say it.
A lump of coal.
Okay, that's terrible, that's terrible.
Ha ha ha.
You know there was a lot of
talk around town at one time
about turning this
mountain into a ski area.
But for some reason,
it just never got going.
Jeremiah, had plans to build a
ski lift on top of the mountain,
bring in resort planners
and everything,
but it all fell through when
he couldn't get the backing.
Now tell me something,
how we gonna get out?
Mom, I wanna go
look around.
Nolan, I dunno.
Please, I wanna go find
some kids to play with.
You have your old people, Trish
has some friends, Dad's gone.
Well, I guess. But
Nolan, don't go far.
sways, kicks.
And to the right.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Here we go.
Sway, sway, sway.
Back to the left,
sway, sway, sway.
Step kick, step kick,
step kick.
Oh, oh, oh!
You okay?
Yeah, it's just
an old injury.
Oh, uh, can you
tough it out?
Okay, okay,
she can tough it out.
It's very exciting.
You have two moves.
Aw, hell of a job,
You guys do it.
Five, six, seven, eight.
This isn't
gonna work.
Oh I have faith in us.
And you.
Did you...
Did you ever make it to
the big time?
Kind of. Once, I was fourth on the left.
Oh, Sam, it was big,
it was really, really big.
It was like I was on top of the
mountain, I was just looking down.
Yeah, but you know.
I mean things are never easy.
I mean not for anybody.
My mother always said, life doesn't
change you, you change it.
Obviously your mother
was not in advertising.
Uh, well,
you here to audition?
I thought I made it clear,
there's not going to
be a Christmas pageant
this year.
And I thought I made it
clear that there was.
You tell these women to
go back to their homes
and do what wives
are supposed to do.
Don't start that
with me, Jeremiah.
The town can't
afford it!
And the men folk don't
want it either.
They've all got problems
of their own,
they don't need to be reminded
of how bad things are.
Maybe that's why
we need this.
To take their minds off
of how bad things are.
I'm gonna put an end to this
silly thing once and for all.
Mark my words,
There won't be a Christmas
pageant this year.
Or ever again.
So, where were we.
We had a little sway.
you wanna do it? Absolutely!
We're gonna do it.
We're gonna do our grapevines,
we're gonna do our kicks.
We're gonna add more moves!
Everybody ready?
Five, six, seven, eight.
To the right.
Sway, sway, sway. And to the left.
Sway, sway, sway.
And step kick, step kick,
step kick, step kick.
Are you ready to
just keep goin',
cause we're gonna do
a turn right now.
And up and...
Whoa, whoa,
you all right?
You're gonna have to tell
me how this is gonna work.
Uh, uh it's a block
and tackle.
Um, like an engine hoist.
There ya go, other foot.
you learn this?
Sailing school. I got a
forty-foot schooner back at home.
All right.
Okay, I need you to
hang in there.
Okay. I need ya to help me out.
All right. Stay there.
Okay, okay,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm gonna need
some music.
You what?
Music! It'll help distract
me from the pain.
I don't have
any music.
Can't you sing
No, I don't sing.
Uh, uh, uh, uh,
I'm sorry, I...
This is private property,
what are you doing here?
I, my mom,
and Trisha says I...
And my dad's car I...
And my dad's car, I...
Will ya just relax.
Take it easy, kid.
I'm sorry, I've just never
seen a train like this before.
Well this here is a nineteen forty-one
Burlington Silverstreak Zephyr.
Number thirty-nine
of fifty.
Um, it's worth more than you can imagine.
Not for kids.
But this is a toy store
and toys are for kids.
It ain't anything
Look, you better leave,
this is private property!
Go on!
Kid, would you
get outta here! Now!
It's a toy store,
and toys are for kids!
Smile, you need to
Real smiles.
Better, but you've got just
twenty-four hours to get it perfect.
You're really
pushin' us.
You wanna be good?
Why did you quit singing
lessons, anyway?
It stopped being fun. My
mom pushed me too much.
She was gonna be a
dancer a long time ago,
she even made it to
So what happened?
Me, then my brother.
So, she gave it all up and now
she wants to live through you?
She doesn't have time
for it.
But she wants me to have all
the opportunities she didn't.
And not have regrets.
Everybody has regrets.
Adults have more
because they've
been around longer.
Whatever. Come on you guys,
let's get this down.
One, two, three and...
I know it's none
of my business.
I think you need to
have your pageant.
You can see it,
It's not the town
that's dying, it's them.
They're giving up.
Why can't they
figure that out?
Maybe they're afraid.
Don't have
a Santa Claus yet?
Can't have Christmas
without Santa Claus.
Maybe that's what
Mr. B needs.
We haven't had a Santa
in a long time, Nolan.
I don't think he's
gonna find us again.
Santa Claus sometimes get lost,
but he never forgets anyone.
You're a pretty
smart guy, Nolan.
Every kid knows that
Santa always shows up.
Maybe someone
just has to remind him.
What do you think?
The show must
go on.
Oh, I can
handle him.
Come on, Nolan,
you can help.
I have to finish
my milkshake, Mom.
Be on your
best behaviour?
I will.
seven, eight.
And point. Okay.
All right, good job.
Take a break.
Take a break.
You know what,
I want you to put some
ice on that knee.
It looks like we got
a complete show.
Well, except for one thing.
Oh, we had one fella,
the perfect choice.
He, yeah, no he can't
do it anymore.
You don't wanna ask
Jeremiah about it.
As Mayor of Nowhere, I am
shuttin' this show down.
You can't
just do that.
I can and I am.
Well we're just gonna
find someplace else.
Figured as much.
But it turns out you're all
in violation of a town bi-law
that requires an application for
a permit to allow a gathering
of the political purposes
within town limits.
You can have your Christmas
pageant, outside of town limits.
But there's nowhere else to
do it but the high school.
I guess you're
closed down then.
Come on, ladies,
break it up!
Come on, go on home
where you belong!
Let's go, boys.
I am warning you.
Sam, dinner hour's coming up.
You better be ready.
No, these ladies aren't
going anywhere.
Ma'am, you're not from here and
I suggest you stay outta this.
People just wanna
do something for the town,
look at these ladies,
they're dancers!
You have singers and
a chicken handler.
And all they wanna do
is get up on the stage
and do what
they do best,
to get your town up
on it's feet, for one night.
You can't cancel that.
Ma'am, you don't
know nothin'.
I know that this town
is more than just you.
And more than
your grumpy friends too.
People need hope.
Nowhere's all outta hope.
You don't think
we've tried?
I've gone to every bank
within two hundred miles.
I went to
the state capital.
The only thing
we can hope for is to
get outta here with
the clothes on our back
and some pictures
of what Nowhere used to be.
And the last thing we need is a
couple of well to do yuppies
and their fancy luxury car
telling us what to do.
But why cancel
the pageant?
Cause it's a dream. And we
can't afford dreams anymore.
Then I feel sorry
for you.
I feel sorry
for you, too.
It was really nice to
meet you ladies.
What are you
doin' here?
I don't want none.
Coffee's getting cold.
Brought you a cookie.
I told ya,
I don't want none!
And will you stop coming
in here unannounced!
Hey, you good?
All right,
I'm ready.
Here we go.
Jingle bells, Coleman will
this be your lucky day?
Not much fun
this is to ride...
How much
do you weigh?
Oh, very funny,
very funny.
What now?
When Jeremiah gets a burr in his
saddle, he's pretty darn committed.
Why this?
He tried everything he could to
keep the mining companies here.
He offered every imaginable
deal to get them to stay.
He's been Mayor nearly twenty years.
Folks were counting on him.
If anybody could save this
town, it'd be Jeremiah.
But he didn't.
He convinced people to
stand behind him
and when he lost the
battle, so did they.
You've seen those storefronts
outside, the closed up ones.
A lot of people lost everything
because of Jeremiah.
At least that's
what they said.
Aww, he took that
so hard.
But he's the Mayor
so he accepted the blame.
He even got resort experts in and
they said if we built ski lifts
on that great big hill
that hotel chains would
come flocking to us
with their money.
And no one would give us
that first loan.
I mean,
one bank was interested,
but they want collateral
we just don't have.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe there is
no hope for Nowhere.
If there's one thing
I know about banks,
it's that you have to
keep looking.
There's always one that
is willing to help,
you just have to
keep trying.
Nobody wants to
try anymore.
You heard Jeremiah.
Hey. You saw the look in
those performers eyes.
You saw them. If everybody
saw that they'd change.
You have to
go ahead with it.
Christmas eve
is tomorrow.
Hey for what it's worth,
you were pretty good.
I mean, kinda snappy
and all, but
you whipped us
into almost passable shape.
I guess it doesn't matter now
that the Mayor stopped the show.
I was wondering, do you wanna
go get a coffee or something?
They got mochas here?
What's that?
An overpriced
I think the Bee Hive has those little
packages of decaffeinated coffee.
Sure, why not.
Nothing else to
do here, is there?
Jingle bells.
One more, one more, one more, one more!
Come on!
In a one horse open...
We did it!
We did it!
You did it,
Mr. Benson.
I think it's okay to call me Charles now.
All right?
How 'bout Chuck?
Uh, Chucky baby.
You are one hell of a guy.
Man, I owe ya my life.
Well, the snow
That is...
quite a mountain.
How much
does Jeremiah need?
I think for starters,
Who's there?
Ain't gonna get rid
of you, am I?
What do you want?
I wanna see
the Zephyr run.
You know, my grand-daddy, gave
her to me just before he...
I was around your age.
You know,
she's never been run.
Might as well
take her for a run.
You'll probably never see
somethin' like this again.
Not with them computers and all
that junk you kids have these days.
Easy at first now.
Easy, there she goes.
Hi, Mom.
Nolan's outside playing
or something.
I don't know what's
going on.
I think it's as old
as the world is.
No, I mean everything. It's like
miss, I need an outlet mall,
she's acting like she's
lived here all her life.
And then,
there's Charles.
Charles is working at a soup
kitchen, and Charles doesn't cook.
Nolan's outside playing
in the snow.
At home he'd either be watching twenty
of the hundred television stations,
or playing his computer
and video games.
And then there's me.
Remember my big deal?
I'd forgotten
all about it.
And they're all shut
for sure by now.
It's called a holiday.
The word means
a chance to spend time
with family and friends.
Well we've never had
a holiday like this.
I mean, if my friends
could see me now.
They'd probably be
You know. I just really
like your coffee.
But, why not?
Cause I ain't getting dressed up
in no stupid costume, that's why!
But I saw your picture out front,
you were the best Santa ever.
And I ain't doin nothin for that
Jeremiah B. and that's that!
It's for the kids
and the town.
My mom and Sam are putting
on a Christmas show.
Do you see what
this place is, kid?
You see what this place is now?
It's nothing.
This used to be the best toy
store in the mountains.
People drove here from fifty
miles away to buy toys.
Jeremiah B. wiped it out, he
wiped out all the businesses.
You look around this room, you
see what Jeremiah B. did to me.
I swore, I would never do
anything to help him ever again.
Or even the town after that.
Never is never!
Now don't you gotta be
somewhere else.
My first instinct is to
pour this in your lap,
but I am just way too
nice of a person.
What happened?
Well Charles here,
saved my life.
Everything's fine.
It's okay.
Are you hurt
or anything?
I'm fine, I'm fine. Everything's okay.
It's a long story.
I'm just really happy to
see you and be here.
Will you guys
cut it out?
I found Santa!
And I have got
some great news.
I just saw my cousin outside
and the parts are in.
So I'm gonna have your car
ready to go by the morning.
We can still have the
Christmas like we planned.
Well, it's
as good as new.
If there's one thing I
do know, it's cars.
It's cars!
Thanks, Coleman.
It's the least I
could do, Ma'am.
Meatloaf sandwiches
for the road.
What about
the pageant?
We're gonna do it
Are you sure?
I can't help it if the performers
want to get together on Christmas eve
and start accidentally doing
what they've been practicing.
Sure wish
you were staying.
I wish we could too.
But we have the reservations and...
Oh sure,
I understand.
It was grand
meeting you, Annie.
You too, Sam.
You okay?
Yeah, sure.
For everything.
Just keep an eye
on the oil gauge
for the next hundred miles, all right?
Should be okay.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to
all of you.
Nolan, come on,
we gotta go.
One word
and you're dead.
The radio's working!
What? I don't believe
it, three bars.
What did you
do that for?
Look, your mother's
gotta call her office,
I gotta check the
reservations at the resort.
Why don't you guys go and
get some sandwiches?
Yeah, and I want a coffee...
No, a latte.
What's wrong?
Something's missing.
What exactly happened
back there in Nowhere?
I don't know yet.
I have this feeling I should
do something for them.
You're certainly
in a position to.
Sure got a lot
of garbage to eat.
I want Sam's
meatloaf sandwiches.
We can have them
I want them now.
You know what? In a few
hours we're gonna be
at the resort, just in time
for Christmas eve.
I don't know
anybody there.
What? What about the parties?
They're just school friends.
I can see them anytime.
What about me?
I don't know anybody.
You'll meet kids.
Guys, we got all kinds
of great presents,
ready to open, on
Christmas morning. Huh?
I wonder what Santa's
doing right now.
We're dyin out there.
I am not gonna let Jeremiah
be right, not this time.
You really think
this is a good idea?
Well, it's too late
for that now.
I'm gonna go look
for Santa.
Let's go.
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo! Yeah!
Okay, come. Good job.
You're next.
What are you
doing here?
Uh, just a little unfinished business.
How's it going?
Don't ask.
I can help you
get the girls ready.
Thank you.
Oh, here buddy!
Now he catches it.
When are you on?
We're on next.
What are you
doing here?
We need a Santa Claus
for the pageant!
Go home, kid.
I promised them
I'd find Santa.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la
la la la la
Tis the season to
be jolly
fa la la la la
la la la la
Don we now
our gay apparel
fa la la la la
la la la la
Troll the ancient
yuletide carol
Fa la la la la
la la la la
Follow me
in merry measure
Fa la la la la la
la la la la
While I tell
of yuletide treasure
Fa la la la la
la la la la
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Deck the halls with boughs
of holly, deck the halls!
Yeah, Trish. Woo!
She was awesome!
really really good.
She gets it all from her mother.
Attitude too.
You get ready.
Everyone, it's not
over 'til it's over.
You did before,
just like in your picture.
Ya, well what did they do for
me when I needed them, huh?
The Mayor, the local bigwigs,
they sold me out. All of them!
But what would a kid
know about that?
What would a kid know about losing
everything that mattered to ya
because of the greed
of others?
You wanna know about other people,
you take a look out there.
You take a look at them empty
stores, them deserted streets,
that's what other people
do for other people!
They take away
But what about
all those new toys?
Well, that's for the day we reopen.
If that ever happens.
I think you need
a time out.
What's that?
You know, when a kid
does something bad
and his parents tell him
he needs a time out?
Grownups think it helps.
You need a time out.
So what you do is sit there
quietly and think about stuff.
What kind of stuff?
Your parents usually tell you to
think about what you did bad.
And what's that
supposed to do?
I dunno, usually
by the time I sit down
I forgot what I was
supposed to think about.
So you figure, that I should
forget about what they did to me?
Yeah, so you could be
I'm just not gonna get
rid of you, am I?
Good job, good job!
There he is!
What now?
Yes, I think now
is the perfect time.
I, I just don't think,
he's not gonna like it.
Oh, I'm so proud
of you.
Okay, girls,
come here.
Just remember,
lead with your right.
Where's Sydney?
She's not coming.
Her knee swelled up to
the size of a beach ball.
It looks like
your size.
You know you wanna.
No way!
I'll pay you all my allowance
for the next month.
The next two months,
Oh my.
Is that your Mom?
I don't believe it.
Go get 'em, girls.
I didn't know
Mom could still dance.
Well, she can.
We're a hit!
That was so cool!
I think I can help you.
Not now, Charles,
I can handle this.
I can't believe it!
We wish you
a merry Christmas
we wish you
a merry Christmas
we wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new year
Good tidings we bring,
to you and your kin
good tidings for Christmas
and a happy new year
Oh bring us
some figgy pudding,
oh bring us
some figgy pudding,
oh bring us
some figgy pudding
now bring it
right here.
We won't go
until we get some,
we won't go
until we get some,
we won't go until we get some,
so bring it right here.
Ho, ho, ho! Merry
Christmas, everyone!
Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Merry Christmas!
I have a very special
gift for you.
I'll take good care
of it.
I gotta say. We're
gonna miss you guys.
Your family sure has
touched this town.
Well you're gonna, you're
gonna be seeing more of us.
I've been able to
arrange the ski lift loan.
Okay did you hear
what I said?
I said, I've been able to arrange
to get you the $400,000.
Yeah, it's just uh,
hold on, everybody.
Why would you wanna go on
and do somethin' like that?
For these people. Because,
because they deserve it.
And just like that,
you're gonna go on
and give Nowhere almost
a half a million dollars?
When I first came to
this town I thought,
I thought it was finished.
But then I got to
know the people
and I realized that there
is so much more here.
I mean,
I saved a man's life.
Look, and I saw that
there was hope.
And it, it came in the form of, I
dunno, a bunch of singers and dancers,
and chickens.
You're a banker,
aren't ya?
Well, you're gonna need
Yeah, I will have to
ask the bank president,
but um,
I think I'll say yes.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
I lovI love you.
We wish you
a merry Christmas
We wish you
a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new year.