The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936) Movie Script

Judd, you can't.
I got to
get in the house.
Poke your head out in the
clear, and a Falin will get you.
But Melissa,
she's going to have a baby.
Hit you, David?
No Falin can ever
get me, Uncle Judd.
Oh, God, give her the strength to be good,
to be never hateful
and never fight.
And don't let her
carry the burden of fear,
watching her loved ones
and seeing them die.
Always asking
out of her heart,
"Why has it got to be?
Why has it got to be?"
When it's twilight
on the trail
And I jog along
The world is like a dream
And the ripple of the stream
is my song
When it's twilight
on the trail
And I rest once more
My ceiling is the sky
And the grass on which I lie
is my floor
Never ever have a
nickel in my jeans
Never ever
have a debt to pay
Still I understand
what real contentment means
Guess I was born that way
When it's twilight
on the trail
And my voice is still
Please plant
this heart of mine
Underneath the Lonesome
Pine on the hill
And I says to him, I says,
"Look here, Zeke Denker,
"you're driving your hogs
to mighty poor swill."
Bet that buttoned him.
Not Zeke.
He's the laughingest man I
ever met. Nothing bites him.
Laughs when it's clever enough to rain.
Laughs when
the sun shines.
He looks me
right in the eye...
Dave's better.
Is he?
Perking up a mite.
Arm's a little green
but I stuck a chaw
of tobaccy on it.
Cold rifle barrel
will do it more good.
What he have to say?
About the Falins I mean.
"Eat your sow belly and get
for home." That's what he said.
Said, "Ain't gonna be no
fighting till I can tote a gun."
And I come six miles.
Six miles.
I can throw a clump
of dogwood that far.
I'm nigh on to 30 miles.
Look. Look.
Gather around now.
Gather around.
I'm really going to
show you something now.
Maybe we's will
get a go at the kid.
Whenever Judd Tolliver gets
an itch to plug the Falins,
he starts playing
with the young ones.
I'm gonna be
the human hub.
Now, Willie, you go down there and
stop me if I get to going too fast.
Lizzie Bee, you better
go down and help Willie.
Look out now, here I come.
Don't forget to stop me.
Well, why didn't
you stop me?
Judd's better than that
wagon show we saw once.
Melissa, you got a bellyache or something?
Just thinking, Lina.
Sakes and sassafras!
boils the pot over.
It boils over and over and
over if you ain't thinking.
All the time killing.
They are planning it now.
They done it yesterday,
and the week before,
and the year before that.
Ever since I was a little child they done it.
Kill a Falin.
Kill a Falin.
That's all they could say.
Plowing, splitting reins.
Filling the corn crib.
Kill a Falin! And the echo comes
back to us from over the hills.
Kill a Tolliver.
Kill. Kill. Why?
What you biting
your paws about, Auntie?
Worrying, I guess, June
and Buddie ain't back yet.
Where they be?
Over at the yard doctor,
getting a potion for you.
Is that the way
you like it?
Just right.
You should have let me
get a town doctor, Dave.
It don't look right.
It's too swole up.
You're awfully
good to me, Auntie.
You're a good boy, Dave.
Your boy.
My boy.
Sometimes I wished I was,
Auntie. Then I wished I wasn't
'cause if I was, I couldn't
marry June and if I wasn't...
Relations like we ones
got me all thicked up.
Cousins are always thicker than
fleas in the mountains, Dave.
I'm a big, big
black bear.
I'm a mean black bear.
I'm getting closer.
I'll get you.
I'm coming closer.
You laugh at me, foreigner,
and I'll... I'll...
I don't blame you, I'd
do the same thing myself.
That was funny.
Why didn't you laugh?
She's one of
the Tollivers.
That's still funny.
She didn't think so.
That's a woman's privilege.
Now, where were we?
Right in the middle of
that fault, over there.
Two years supply of strip-coal
before we have to drift mine it.
We'll steam-shovel
the top coal
and make it pay for
the railroad up here.
You haven't got it yet.
Well, suppose you let me worry about that.
The right and title to that
privilege is yours, my friend.
You got that privilege
this very minute.
Start using it.
I was just
running in that wood,
and I heard
she was a bear.
And when I looked
around to see if she
was going to eat me,
she was gone.
Maybe she ate herself
and disappeared.
Judd Tolliver,
how you talk.
Child. Child. You mustn't.
Juny's coming back.
Maybe she stopped
down by the river.
Looks like she fetched
the river with her.
Well, I brung it,
didn't I?
June, if you ain't
the lookingest...
I've been running
across that log
ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
I can catch a squirrel
on it with one hand,
but when that dog
see that foreigner...
He stopped right smack-dab in the
middle of the log and I tripped.
What was
the foreigner doing?
Don't know.
Wasn't looking.
Before you know it, there
I go. Plunk, right down.
What did he look like?
Just had a squint.
He's about so tall,
about that wide.
Was all dressed in brown,
even his hat.
And his coat had a belt.
Just a squint?
Dave Tolliver,
if you're thinking
what I'm a thinking, I'm
going to tell you off.
Go down to the creek
and wash your dirty face.
For two carrot seeds,
I'd rub it all over you.
You do it, and I'll spank you where it hurts.
You will, will you?
Did that hurt?
How could it?
I've been talking
to your pappy.
We's going to get married.
Hog killing time.
Your pappy has invited all the Tollivers.
The whole kit
and boodle of them.
I ain't marrying
till green up.
Spring's always
the time to do them things.
Then it'll be next green up and the next.
I don't feel nothing.
Like... What do you mean?
I don't know.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Better make it just a dipping, June, or them
hungry mouths
will eat that table bare.
Ma. Come here.
Ma. Do I...
Do I like Dave?
Why, honey,
I think you do.
Like you like Pappy?
Well, you remember when
Dave went to Pokey Wells,
you was a-grieving for him
then, weren't you?
And when he's to home, he
don't make no nevermind to you?
But, Ma...
the folks are waiting for their dinner.
Well, that's
liking, honey.
This here man wants
to talk to you, Judd.
Does, huh?
My name is Hale,
Jack Hale.
I wonder if I could
see you alone.
Here's all right.
Well, I...
You see, I wanted to
talk to you about coal.
The coal on your property,
I mean.
You know what I mean? The
fault down about a mile.
Well, you've seen the coal.
You know what I mean.
The fault. The Alton people,
I'm with them and they...
You was talking
about coal.
Oh, yes. Coal.
There'll be a railroad
up along the Ticopi
and then down across the ridge to your place.
Who said there would?
I mean, of course,
if it's agreeable with
the contracting parties,
like yourself.
The thing will make you rich.
There's no doubt about that.
And if we can
make a deal...
Who's the others?
The contract with you
is for the coal.
Who is the others?
Well, there's several
other people, but mainly...
How long have you had that?
You ain't
answered me yet.
When did this arm begin to show that color?
Three days ago now,
I think.
Get me some
warm water, quick.
It ain't bad, is it?
It's gangrenous infection.
The flesh,
it's rotting, it's dying.
You ain't no doctor.
You wanna live,
don't you?
Why didn't you get this man to a doctor? Did.
There it be. Snake brew.
You fool.
He'll die if something isn't done.
Am I dying, Judd?
Better start making
the pine box, I guess.
That's just what you will be
doing if something isn't done.
Now listen to me.
Once an infection like
this sets in, it kills.
The only possible cure is
to cut it out, and then pray.
Now do you understand?
No. No.
They don't understand.
They don't understand nothing
but shooting and killing.
That's all they understand.
I been begging you to get a
doctor, but no, you got to plan.
You got to scheme, you got to
figure out how to kill. All of you.
Your crops could rot
and your cattle starve.
And you wouldn't care as long as
you was back of a squirrel rifle,
and here was a Falin
at the other end of it.
Now it's getting back at you. He's dying.
You heard him say it.
My Davie's dying.
I'm sorry,
I didn't know...
Get me a cloth,
a tourniquet.
Something to tighten around his
arm and shut off the circulation.
Get me some small knives,
the sharpest you've got.
Get that fire going. Heat the
knives till they're white-hot.
Keep that down and help me steady his arm.
This is going to hurt.
We have no anesthetic.
Something to put you to sleep, I mean.
Better stouting up the corn
liquor with a little pepper.
Looks like
I'm gonna need it.
Ain't got no money,
nowhere to spend it
Ain't got no wife,
too independent
Ain't got no mule
to ride around
It's just because I'm
the poorest man in town
Poor me
Poor me
I wonder when I'm
gonna end this misery
I made up that
last line myself.
Yeah? That's what
it sounded like.
Thinking maybe you might have
a job for me, so I moseyed up.
Well, mosey down,
and the quicker the better.
What you got your back up for, mister?
Go on, get on.
They're talking
down in town as to how
your boss saved
Dave Tolliver's life.
That so?
Yes, the idiot.
Two minutes
after he'd met him,
he's carving his initials
in the fellow's arm.
And does it get him anything? It does not.
The whole thing's a washout.
No coal, no railroad.
And as for this Judd Tolliver, he's
just an ungrateful chunk of dry rot.
They didn't ask him,
did they?
Ask him what?
To save Dave's life.
Of course they didn't,
you walking phonograph.
But what's that
got to do with it?
We ones
is funny people.
Mmm. Elderberries.
Okay, partner, here's
where I get off the train.
Ain't I gonna
see you no more?
Well, I don't know.
Not unless your dad
changes his mind.
Now, don't you think
you'd better run along home?
First, could I put my arms around you?
Can you?
I'll say you can.
Say, you won't forget
your lesson, will you?
Book learning
is good for people
because it makes them build
what's inside of them.
Some day I'm gonna build a
automobile, I'm gonna build a plane...
Whoa! Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
And all those things
you told me about.
Well, if you're
gonna do all that,
you'd better go home
and start studying.
Come on, Tuffy,
grab the coal car.
There you go.
Pappy wants to see you.
He saw me,
I'm sorry to say.
He changed his mind.
You mean
he'll sign the agreement?
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
Wait a minute.
This isn't a gag, is it?
A what?
Skip it.
I'll take a chance.
This way. It's shorter.
Love is everywhere
Its music fills the air
You gonna
talk to me now?
Not a chance. Not even if your
father signed 40 contracts.
I'm just as stubborn
as you are, young lady.
And not word you get out of
me until you've apologized.
I didn't do nothing.
You didn't do nothing?
What do you call nothing?
You were going to spit in my
eyes. You stomped on my foot.
And when I tried to teach Buddie
his ABCs, you laughed at me.
And you call that
Oh, my!
What a nice pretty.
Where'd you get it?
It's just a...
Can I have it?
I can?
Well, ain't that sweet?
What do you say
to apologize?
Just say, "Mr. Hale, I regret
exceedingly my unfortunate error."
Them's hard words.
All right.
Say it your own way.
I regret.
You regret what?
I'm apologizing.
All right. What do
you wanna talk about?
Don't make no difference.
All right.
Let's talk about you.
I'd like that.
Well, some day very soon now,
your father will have money,
and you'll be
married to Dave.
And what a lucky girl
you are.
And all this
around here will be...
Well, maybe over there
will be a big house
and with a lawn
way down to here, and...
Did you ever see
a grasshopper real close?
Have him spit in my eye?
Not me.
You see that little yellow spot on its leg?
Well, if you touch it,
you know what will happen?
No. I give up. What?
Its leg will pop off.
You little savage.
Am I?
Yes, you are. And when I
see Dave, I'm gonna tell him.
Let's walk. It's a mite near a mile here.
A mile?
I thought you said
this was a shortcut.
Did I?
"Its successors
and assigns forever,
"all mines, veins,
seams and beds of coal
"and all other minerals
whatsoever already found
"or which may
hereafter be found
"upon or under all that certain
tract, piece or parcel of land
"situate, lying
and being in the..."
Slow down, man.
Them squirrel tracks and chicken
scratches don't mean nothing to me.
You trying to tell me
and Judd your coal
won't be disruptious
to our corn?
Is that what
you're trying to tell us?
That's right.
And we get quite
a toting of money?
$5,000 in 30 days and a percentage
of the company's earnings.
What's that percentage?
It's like pigs, Pappy. You get one
out of six for taking care of them.
Oh! Figures sensible.
Mr. Hale, is this the kind of
steam shovel you told me about?
Yes, but you look
in the back, Buddie,
and you'll find
a great big one.
I'll give...
Dave says it's sensible.
I guess it's sensible.
But there's
one thing eating me.
What's that,
Mr. Tolliver?
Is there no other way
for you to build
your railroad
up to our place,
except across the Falins?
But it won't be the Falins. The
company will own the property.
Yeah, but it were
the Falins.
They walked on it. They
drove the sheep across it.
The spring water
down by the Knuckle,
they put their
poisonous faces in it.
It's got the
Falins' smell on it.
And me ones will make money going on it? No.
No. There ain't
gonna be a Tolliver...
It ain't gonna stop you from
shooting the dirty swine, is it?
The land was here long afore
they come. It's tetched with God.
And he ain't going to
taint it just 'cause
a lot of snakes is
a- crawling in the fallows.
We been poor-hogging long enough.
I got a chance for fancies,
and I'm gonna have them.
That ain't no talk
to your pappy.
I'm talking
to you, too!
I ought to
spank your hide.
You don't need no fotch-on
clothes to be happy.
Just a minute, Dave. I didn't
want to start an argument.
Mr. Tolliver, I don't doubt that you have
every reason
to hate the Falins.
They must have done
you a great wrong...
We don't want no preacher talk from you.
The Tollivers don't like
the Falins and they know why.
And we don't want to be
learned off by no outsiders.
But, Dave,
I'm not trying to...
You saved my life.
You was leaving without a
squeal when we turned you down.
You couldn't have done that
without you was meaning right.
Just don't argue,
that's all.
Where do we sign?
Right here.
The company's
offering you $5,000.
That's a lot of money,
Mr. Falin.
Both sides of our right
of way will still be yours.
It won't interfere
with your farming.
Mr. Thurber here can vouch for our company.
He's kept its books
for years.
Yes. That's right.
Indeed it is.
We don't want no tail-ender
drippings of a Tolliver.
Wade's right. You can't make
butter out of goose grease.
Shut up!
What did
Judd Tolliver say?
Well, he said that...
He said he'd rot before he had
anything to do with a Falin.
That sounds like Judd.
Where do I scratch?
Right here
on the bottom line.
Jack, give us a hand.
You know something
about carpentry.
What's the matter with it?
You're doing all right.
Yeah, I'm not running
any kindergarten.
I got very little use
for children.
In fact
I hate the brats.
Look at me.
Look what I'm doing.
If any of
my friends saw me...
Say, did you send that
check to Judd Tolliver?
Yeah, this morning. Listen.
Would you put a nail in here?
Or... Don't let me
keep you.
Going 'coon hunting, Dave?
Mighty nigh well,
ain't it?
That's why
I'm going hunting.
I don't want you to
fight, Dave.
Leave the Falins be.
There's turning over
to be done.
And I'll be wanting corn
husks for my mattresses.
And we got scrapple to make
and all kinds of things.
You're the only
big boy I've got, Dave.
Families round
about got lots.
Maybe they wouldn't
miss them none.
Maybe they wouldn't.
You're always snorting preachments,
Auntie. You make me sick.
Two pink-eyed doves
sitting in a tree.
One for you
and one for me.
My eggs.
Ma! Pa! Dave!
We just got a letter.
We just got a letter.
Pa. A letter.
We just got a letter.
A man gave to me
up the road.
Ma, look!
You act like
we never got one before.
We got one when Dave come to live with us
and then we got
another one when...
Who's it for?
Whoever it's writ
to on the front.
Sure enough.
Well, might as well
open it.
What for? We ain't going to be no better off.
Well, you ain't
much help.
Open her up
anyway, Judd.
It's from
the coal company. See?
There's a picture
of a mine on it.
It's just
a piece of paper.
This here's a check.
I seen one once
in Gaptown.
Folks, we're richer
than cream cheese.
And I can get the things
I want, can't I, Pappy?
Now, now, now.
Not so jumpy.
There's one thing
we got to get
more important
than that first,
and that's
a new dress for Melissa.
Oh! Judd.
You sure got it
coming to you, Mammy.
With pearl buttons it'll
have. Won't it, Pappy?
Yeah, pearl buttons.
And the next thing
we got to get is hat
and shoes for Mammy.
It just...
You're making me cry.
Judd Tolliver, you said
you weren't talking to me.
That was when
I was poor. $5,000.
Wait a minute. I got
some choosing to do, too.
Part of that's mine.
Sure. Half.
Half? I get way less than half.
My land's just
a little hog bag.
Which way says
you win or lose?
South. You lose, so you get half.
You know the first thing
I'm gonna buy?
Dave Tolliver,
get some pepper in you.
For more than
a month now,
somebody's been a
- keeping a secret in a closet.
And I'm thinking maybe it's a
picture of something she's a-needing.
So the first thing
I'm gonna do...
Oh, no. Now, Dave.
Yes, now.
Dave, don't.
Can't hear. Both ears is bad.
If you go in that closet...
Next time I'll puff you
clean over to Coon Hollow.
If you go in there, I'll
never talk to you again.
Why, it's only fun. There
ain't nothing in there you want.
Nothing that'd be important to you. June.
I only want to buy...
You're sure pretty.
Am I?
Like a budding sapling without
even room for a robin to sit.
You're just silly.
I been silly ever since the
sap come up out of the trees.
I get silly
just looking at you.
When we get married...
It ain't green up yet.
You're going to have ivory combs in your hair
and you're gonna have
blood-red wine to drink.
And down by the sty,
we'll build a big house...
With grass growing
all the way down?
The ivory combs,
they was my idea.
And the big house?
Mr. Hale.
He thought of that.
He's drawn me
a piece of paper.
It's got a bathtub
in it, June.
In the middle
of the house it is.
And it's get water that can
be turned on with the handle.
And there's a room where
you keep babies, and it's...
Get out of here, Dave.
Dave, please.
Love is everywhere
Its music fills the air
All nature seems to hum
"A melody from the sky!"
Over on the hill,
I see a whippoorwill
I hear its song become
"A melody from the sky!"
And there's a bluebird singing
to his lady love above
A love song
taken from the whispering
breeze in the trees
Love is everywhere
Its music fills the air
All nature seems to hum
"A melody from the sky!"
By Juckies, that's what I
call whistling and singing.
I'm awful glad
to see you, Tater.
Well, you never was before.
You've changed.
You're different.
You're... I'm awful glad to see you.
You said that.
Did I?
Well, I am glad.
Well, here he is, safe
and delivered. So long.
Bye, Tater.
Goodbye, engineer. And don't
forget what Mr. Hale told you.
Watch the steam
in your boiler.
Love is everywhere
Its music fills the air
All nature seems to hum
"A melody from the sky!"
Love is everywhere
David, get away
from there.
Dave, you ain't said nothing
about my steam shovel.
Your... Is that what it is?
Yeah. It works, too.
Uncle Jack,
he showed me...
Uncle Jack?
Uh-huh. Mr. Hale. You know. He
said, "When this thing gets up here,
"you got to pull this thing."
See? See how it works?
Hemlocks. Mr. Hale's sure smart, ain't he?
Bet he is. Sis, she says he's
the smartestest man she ever seen.
She said what?
Sure works, don't it?
I'm wanna be an engineer,
too, when I get big.
When did June say
that about Mr. Hale?
She says it all the time, every day
at most, when she takes me down there.
She takes you
down there every day?
I sit with Corsey, I do.
He's an engineer.
He's the best, he is.
What does June do when
you're with Corsey, Buddie?
She goes walking
with Uncle Jack.
They don't
bother me at all.
Now watch me.
Tuffy, go on.
Go get some coal.
Go on,
go get some coal.
Oh! Buddie.
Mr. Thurber,
Mr. Thurber.
Hello, Buddie.
I hope he ain't no bother
to you, Mr. Thurber.
Bother! Really
I'm compelled to laugh.
This charming
little fellow.
Ridiculous, Miss Tolliver.
It's only when you've
seen the world like I have,
that you learn to appreciate
the laughter of children.
Their childish pranks
and their naive questions.
I remember once on the boat
coming over from England.
There was dear little curly-headed
fellow, he must have been about...
June, there's
Mr. Corsey.
Howdy, son.
What's holding you up?
Come on.
How are you this morning?
All right.
Atta boy!
Charming child.
Mr. Thurber, you better check with Mills
about that last
carload of ties.
They weren't creosoted.
They can't...
I'm busy.
Come on, get up.
You can see that,
can't you?
You call that an answer?
Miss Uh-uh and Uh-huh.
Outside, up the hill
to your family.
You've probably got
plenty of work to do.
And don't say uh-huh.
Woman, you're a nut.
Good. I like that.
You like being a nut.
No, being a woman.
Until now, you've been
thinking I'm a girl.
You're not a woman.
You're not even a girl.
I ain't?
No, you're just a child
no bigger than that.
And from here up?
I'm not fooling you. I'm
going to tell you something.
What do you do
with your spare time?
This is very interesting.
Now, stop your clowning.
June, you're making
a big mistake.
Pretty soon
you'll be married to Dave,
and what have
you done about it?
What do you want me to do?
I want you to
go to school.
To what?
Can't you realize what the future
holds for you and your family?
All right, what?
A fight with the Falins.
You're impossible.
I ain't impossible.
I'd like to know
what you'd call it.
I can listen.
You can?
All right, listen to this.
Look at Buddie.
He's a swell little kid
and he's smart as a whip.
He'll learn
and he'll learn fast.
And the minute he arrives,
these mountains can't hold him.
He'll change, June, and
you'll he proud of him,
but you'll be unhappy too because
he'll speak a different language.
You're smart and
I can understand you.
Look, June, I'm not trying
to hurt your feelings.
I think
you're a swell girl.
But if you ever
were in the city once,
just once, you'd understand what I mean.
Remember what
you told me yesterday.
None of you
could read that check.
But you just guessed at it
because there was a picture
of a coal mine on it.
And from now on,
Dave and your father
will be getting
lots of letters.
See what I mean?
I ain't going to no town.
You don't have to. You can get
some books and read at home.
Hire a teacher.
You've got money,
and you'll have more.
And once you get into it,
you'll be so blamed happy
you'll want to
give me a big hug.
Would I?
Hale speaking, Operator.
Hello, Lewis.
What's on your mind?
You what?
You want me to
come to town?
Listen, I've got
some bulldogs up here
by the name of
Tolliver and Falin.
And if I leave...
Yeah, Lewis, but I...
All right. Yeah.
I'll leave in the morning.
Hey, wait a minute.
What about those ties?
You did, huh?
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Well, June,
it looks like...
The mountains is good enough for
us. They're good enough for you.
You ain't
a- going to town.
But, Judd...
I'm a-talking.
The idea.
You getting close to marrying
time and wanting to go to school.
You gonna make clabber cheese any
better if you can read and write?
Or churn butter or fix a shirt or mend socks?
That's what a wife
is supposed to do.
Don't take no education to show
you where a hen lays her eggs.
I ain't gonna listen
to any more.
Yeah, and you can use it
till the blood comes.
But I won't change my mind.
You and the mountains
ain't going to make
no dried up
cornstalk out of me.
You ain't got the right.
I'm gonna be smart
and I'm gonna think.
Yes, I am. And I'm gonna be a help to Dave
when those checks
start coming in.
You ain't ever been to the city.
You don't know what it means.
You're going to
stay here.
And be a cull,
just like Mammy?
She knows
what I'm driving at.
She ain't never
get to go no place.
Just stayed here
and dried up.
Getting older,
faster than she should.
Weren't you, Mammy?
I was born old.
She could have been
young and beautiful.
She is beautiful.
Listen, June child.
I ain't no mean father.
I mean, I ain't
a never wanting to be.
You looked at me just
like a stranger, just now.
Kind of hurt inside.
Sure be glad to give you a lift, Miss June.
This animal of mine will carry
double and get you to Gaptown
quicker than a hound dog
can smell a pole cat.
That's very nice
of you, Mr. Keever
but I'm a-waiting,
a friend, you know.
The smell of winter's stouter
than horse radish.
Hope it don't
kick up a rain.
Where you going?
That a way.
Just a stroll?
Oh, no. Going to town.
Smell of winter's
stouter than horse radish.
Thought you told me
you'd never been to town.
Might, might not.
Hope it don't
kick up a rain.
I give up.
Come on, get in.
No. I wouldn't. It might be putting you out.
It's only a short hop
and a tussle to town.
Get in.
Say, if it's any of my business,
why are you going to town?
Education. Do you have to keep
your foot on the brake all the time?
When did you
get that idea?
I see you keep
jiggling it back and...
You know what I mean.
Talking to people.
Oh, about.
It was what
I told you, wasn't it?
Did you?
Yes, you was
one of them.
I was all of them.
Now see here, I meant what
I said. I sincerely meant it.
But you're up to
something phony.
People don't just get
an idea and then go.
Did you ever stand under a falling
tree or see a pole cat back up?
That's not funny.
What did your father
say about it, and Dave?
They was mostly agreeing,
especially Dave.
He said when those checks
start traipsing in...
I said that.
All right, I'll walk.
Same thing eating you?
Sure makes me
feel bad.
That's what I wanna
talk to you about.
Nice of you. Horse gets out of the barn
and now you want to
lock the door.
Well, he ain't
got her yet.
Who ain't got what...
Wait a minute.
Ain't you and I talking
about the same thing?
You bet we're talking
about the same thing.
I was feeling
when he saved my life
but I just didn't know
what it was then.
Fever I says. Or maybe the lead's
splashing something in my eyes.
But I ought to have known. It
was him being nice to Buddie.
It was him...
Wait a minute, son.
You're making
a gourd trap,
but it's too big to catch meadow
larks and too small to catch ideas.
What are you
talking about?
Let's get June
right here.
We ones is going to settle
this matter for good.
You want her here?
You tell her
she could go to town,
now you tell me
you want her here.
Ain't you
a little tetched?
I tell her
she can go where?
Into town
to get educated.
Got to read books,
she said you said.
Don't want no cull for a
wife, she said you said.
She said...
She ain't gone.
You didn't
let her go, did you?
Of course, been gone
maybe two hours now.
Took her down to the ridge
to meet the mailman.
She said...
It was him that done it.
Him that said
he was our friend.
That's why
he gave us the money.
That's why he gave us
the money. You understand?
He took her away.
He's been wanting to take
her, but he was a-feared.
All right.
He thinks now maybe the money
will keep us from telling him
that we ones up here
don't take nobody's woman.
Money ain't
a- stopping us from that.
Money ain't
a- stopping us from...
Where are you going?
I'm going hunting.
You're sure
that was Dave Tolliver?
He was a-headed for the camp
and across our property, too.
If he's down there,
he's on our property.
Might just as well
go down and look into it.
That's my job.
I've been sort of shamed since
I only get him in the arm.
You're right.
Rub out
the mistake, Son.
So help me,
he isn't here.
On my word of honor, he isn't
here. Do you understand me?
He went downtown.
Down to Gaptown, I mean.
She didn't go with him?
No, I told you!
He was alone, and... You sure
they didn't meet some place?
With these, I saw him.
He got into his wagon,
on this side...
You ain't
answering my question.
I can't answer
that 'cause I don't know.
I watched him
there on the road.
There was nobody
with him then, because...
Mr. Thurber,
I'm a-quitting.
No, you're not.
In times like this,
you gotta be a man.
A man must
never been a coward.
I got to get to Gaptown to tell
the people down there what's up.
But it's over.
There's nothing to tell!
There ain't, eh?
You don't know.
Look at here, Dave Tolliver's
gone to Gaptown to get Mr. Hale.
He bust Wade Falin
on the beak.
And when a Tolliver busts a
Falin on the beak, that means war.
And I gotta tell
a- people in Gaptown,
so they can
scuttle for safety.
Good heavens!
Biggest fight.
Outside camp.
Wade Falin came down...
Dave Tolliver...
And shoved him
over the cliff...
I knew that thing was
going to break out again.
Just a matter of time
and that's all we needed.
And I was standing
right there.
I heard enough.
And he...
Dave Tolliver
licked Wade Falin.
And now he's coming
to get Mr. Hale.
Is there anything else you need? No.
Well, if you think of
anything, just call the camp
and I'll have one of
the men bring it down.
I'm sorry, but...
The room, you know, where Miss
Tolliver was going to stay...
Well, that room,
I'm afraid...
Afraid of what?
Well, it ain't
a fitting place.
It kind of leaks,
you know.
Hold it. There's trouble,
ain't there?
I can smell it.
What's wrong?
I don't want
no fighting.
Say, what is this?
He's coming to get me.
Who told you?
You've seen him?
All town knows it. And I don't
want no trouble around here.
You gotta go.
I've got to what?
I know... I've seen him the
time he shot down Jim Falin.
You gotta
get out of town.
What have I done to him that
he should want to harm me?
Did I ever
do anything to him?
No, you didn't.
But I wish
I hadn't come down.
Will you go?
Please go.
You lied, didn't you?
Everything you said coming
down out of the mountains?
I knew you were lying then,
and something inside of me
told me I should have
sent you home.
Well, let him come.
I never saw such a ferocious
look in a man's eyes in my life.
I tell you, it's gonna be
the biggest fight of the year.
Dave... Dave come out
of the tent, like a shot.
He lit right on
top of Wade.
And rammed down on him with
a right and left! Right!
Wade got away from Dave.
Dave got him right on the edge
of the cliff, he had him down,
he was beating his head down and he says,
"I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you!
"You'll take my girl,
will you?"
He reached him up
and he says...
Nice day, ain't it?
Give me a beer.
I gotta see somebody.
Yeah, Dave Tolliver.
And how'd you like to
tell him we was here.
In the backroom.
There's Dave Tolliver
coming in now.
And he ain't going out.
You can get him
right from here.
We don't have to sneak
our shots at the Tolliver.
Stay here, Wade.
You sing about Stack O'Lee
and keep right on singing.
When the rain
was falling fast
One dark and stormy night
Stack O'Lee and Billy Lyons
Had an awful fight
Bad, bad,
bad old Stack O'Lee
You ain't going to do nothing,
Dave. It's all my fault.
Talk will keep.
Now, let's get
this thing straight.
You're down here
looking for trouble.
I haven't done anything, but I
can see you won't believe that.
All right.
This is worth walking for.
How are you doing, Buck?
Drop them gun.
We're going about
our own business.
Of course, you are.
Put them down.
Anything to oblige.
Funny you ain't trying
to stop the fight.
Fist fight
won't do no harm.
Gun toting don't go.
No hard feeling.
You're doing a good job, Mr.
Hale. Maybe we can help you.
So that's the way
it is, huh?
Any way
you wanna look at it.
You shouldn't
mess in old troubles.
Dogs did howl
Dogs did bark
When Stack O'Lee
the murderer
went creeping
through the dark
Bad, bad,
bad old Stack O'Lee
Get out of here
and take her with you!
I can run from no Falin.
I guess, here in the mountains
a woman doesn't mean very much.
You came here to get her, didn't you?
Bam, bam, bam, bam
Went Stack's. 44
Next time I saw Billy Lyons
He's stretched out
on the floor
Bad, bad,
bad old Stack O'Lee
Stop your drinking whiskey
With your...
Look what happened
to poor old Stack O'Lee
Okay, I'm licked.
So what?
You got lots to learn,
Mr. Hale, lots.
I scratched
a bargain with you
on a piece of paper,
and I kept it.
But now, you're sticking your
nose in my personal affairs,
so from now on
bargains don't count.
And you won't be
long finding that out.
Jack! Jack!
Dave Tolliver!
He's coming to get you!
There's going to
be a big fight.
Is there?
What are you doing here?
I'm here 'cause
I ain't going back.
I thought I told Dave
to take you...
The sheriff said,
"I'm taking you
"to the outskirts of town,
Dave Tolliver.
"I'm leaving the rest
to your own judgment."
Now see here, I'm not going to allow you...
I ain't listening.
You told me to get an education,
I'm getting an education.
I'm staying here. If I can't stay
here, I'll stay where I can stay.
You can't stop me,
nobody's gonna stop me!
I'll show the whole kit and boodle
of you how much I can get learned.
I'll be smarter than you!
That's what I'll be!
Now listen, you little stick of dynamite.
You're getting
out of here now.
You're going back
up in the mountains.
I've heard enough of you
and I've seen enough of you.
For the present, at least.
Now, come on, get out.
All right, I'll go
if you want me to go.
I don't want people
not to want me.
Wait a minute.
How did you do that?
Oh, that.
You did it
when you pushed me down.
I'm sorry.
It might have been
a rusty nail or something.
We'd better fix it up.
Come over here.
So that's it, is it?
And I thought you were just
interested in the coal business.
She's hurt her hand.
You've killed your future,
around here, anyway.
You're not satisfied with
one enemy, you make two.
You realize
what you've done?
Now the Falins hate you, the
Tollivers will never forgive you.
The Tollivers, why?
That's why.
That girl's gonna go back
to the mountains, now.
She didn't come here to start
any trouble, it just happened.
She's got a mind of her own, and
if she wants to stay here she can.
In this town?
I'll take her
to Brighton.
Or Plenny or Sand Creek. It
doesn't matter where you take her
around here, you're about to meet Tollivers.
All right, I'll take her
to Louisville to my sister.
What do you think of that?
Except that
I'm flabbergasted.
And if you
don't mind me saying so,
I think you're just
a little bit nuts.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Mr. Hale! Oh, Mr. Hale!
You forgot the hat.
Thanks, Leo.
Well, here you are.
Do I...
Are you sure your sister will recognize me?
I don't see
how she can miss.
Do I look all right?
My dear young lady,
reticent as I am by nature,
it behooves me at this moment to tell you
that you're wearing the
finest the city affords.
All aboard!
Well, you better get on.
Ain't... Ain't you
gonna kiss me goodbye?
Well, that's over with.
Is it?
Yeah. What do
you mean, "Is it"?
No, I mean, I'm glad it's over with.
Are you?
She's nuts.
Is she?
Sure she is.
Any fool can see that.
Well, perhaps, that's
why I'm a little stupid.
Yeah, maybe that's...
Say, what is this
"isn't" and "is she"?
My dear fellow,
if you'll allow me,
let us take "isn't"
and "is she."
"Is" is that we both know,
I hope, is a verb.
"It" is a neuter gender,
and she is the feminine.
Thus, we have the neuter and
the feminine, but no masculine.
"What? No masculine,"
you say, then I say...
"I'm nuts,"
that's what you say.
Yeah, that's right,
you're nuts!
She's in love
with you, Jack.
In love? Who?
Are you crazy?
No, no, that's already
been settled.
You're the one
who's crazy.
Why, she's been goo-gooing,
gee-geeing all over you
ever since
we started the camp.
Don't talk nonsense.
In love. Why, she only came
down to camp to bring Buddie.
In love with me.
You're an idiot.
I hope so.
I sincerely hope so.
The camp, Thurber.
It's on fire!
A bunch of fellows came over
the hill carrying torches.
The fellow leading
him was a-shooting.
The Falins.
Well... Never mind, we'll
talk about that later.
I'll get the stock
out of the corral.
You get the instruments
and maps out of there.
So that's how
you want it, is it?
All right, you skulking
coyotes, I'll play your game.
They're not gonna let me...
I'll put this road through if I have to
use your dirty rotten bodies for ties.
I'll do it if I have to hire every
man in Gaptown to finish the job.
If you
could have seen it
I know you would have split your sides a
- laughing.
I was sitting there mending, and I
hear the dripping and the sizzling,
and I says to myself,
I says, "I bet a rooster
"it's the soft soap
a- boiling over."
And sure enough...
Better try some of these
dandelion greens, son.
Zeke Denker fetched
them over this morning.
I ain't hungry.
But, David, you gotta eat something
after all the plowing
you've done.
A is the first letter
in the alphabet.
Because it means
"And" "Apple" and "Ax."
What's this one, Pappy?
You mean this one?
Offhand I'd say
it's alike an ox yoke.
Didn't Mr. Hale tell you?
He told me
but I forgot.
It ain't like
no Tolliver to forget.
Now, if I would
have been told...
You know what that is?
David, you oughtn't
to have done that!
I'm through pretending.
Like you've been doing
all of last month.
Saying things
you didn't mean.
I'm getting sick
of the whole thing.
Now, son, look, you gotta keep your shirt on.
If it's June you're worrying
about, she'll be back pretty short.
No, she ain't.
She ain't never coming back.
Not the June I know.
Ain't nothing gonna
be the way it was.
Look at Buddie,
even he's different.
So are you.
Yes, you are.
Them new fangled machines
down in Ticopi that's doing it.
Every day you traipse down there with Buddie
and you come back
being different.
Half the time
you're feeling glad.
Like last week, they
tore up one of our fields.
Them machines don't care who's
been plowing there for 50 years.
The Tollivers don't mean nothing to them.
I ain't nobody
with a high temper.
But you're talking
We're getting rich,
ain't we?
Look at them five checks
over there in that bowl.
Half of them is yours.
And how did we get them?
Just doing nothing.
And if that's what you call
civilization, then I'm for it.
He needs a-talking to.
It ain't right for no young
man to brood about nothing.
This you call
nothing, huh?
Listen, there's got to
be a change, you see?
Not for me,
there ain't.
There ain't no more
chance of me changing
than there is of that old Lonesome
Pine changed into a hickory.
I belong to the earth.
The plowed up soil.
I was raised and
I'm gonna die in it.
You got what you like?
You can have it.
Me, I'm going back. Back
where my pappy raised me.
David, you can't
do that.
You're our boy.
I mean, you're like our boy.
I ain't a-wanting
you to go.
Two pink-eyed doves
sitting in a tree,
one for you, one for me.
For June.
For when
it's twilight on the trail
And I jog along
The world is like a dream
And the ripple
of the stream
Is my song
For when it's twilight
on the trail
Well, well, well,
Miss Tolliver.
What, again?
Do I tell her
you're out to tea?
No, I'll talk to her.
You'd better go out and check
with Marks about those uprights.
Hello, June.
Are you mad at somebody
or something?
Well, you talk like it.
Oh, yeah.
Busy? You don't know
what busy means.
I ain't...
I mean, I haven't
had a minute to myself.
This morning I learnt
all about the Revolution.
It was just like a feud.
In 1775...
Wait a minute, June.
Come in.
Mr. Hale, we've got that slue banked.
That's fine, Taylor.
Wait a minute, get the steam
shovel out on the bridge
so we can start to
fill in the morning.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, June?
But that wasn't Patrick Henry,
that was Lord Cornwallis.
All right. Cornwallis.
What difference
does it make?
How are you?
How's Pappy and Mammy
and Buddie?
They are?
Say, June, you know you've
got the prettiest eyes.
And the cutest nose.
Say, have you
got a dimple?
You get a fix, Son?
She's all sort onto the
bridge and ready to go.
We'll pop her off
in the morning.
Kind of like to have
Mr. Hale see it.
Hey, Pappy.
Now we're here
for Mr. Corsey?
Yeah, but you stay right here till your pappy
gets through talking
to Mr. Hale.
Thanks, Pappy.
Can I come in,
Mr. Hale?
Sure, come on in.
I got serious things to
talk to you about, Mr. Hale.
Sit down.
And now, it's Dave
that's going away.
It's gotten me worried.
About Melissa, I mean.
She don't sing
no more, Mr. Hale.
Sun up always seen her singing, you know?
I'm sorry about Melissa,
but there's nothing I can do.
I got troubles of my own.
You gotta come, Mr. Hale.
she'll listen to you.
Somehow, I don't talk
the right language to her.
No wonder you can't speak a
language which Melissa understands.
I've never heard her favor
your feud to the Falins.
Have you done anything to
stop it? No, you haven't.
You came down here
to blame me
for June's going away
and for Dave's leaving.
You'd like to
thrust the responsibility
for Melissa's suffering
on my shoulders.
Well, you don't do it. I've got enough
of you and your whole stupid outfit.
I'm sorry, Judd, I...
I didn't really mean
what I said.
Sure glad.
I liked you the first day
you walked into my house.
Wait a minute.
Yes, Hale speaking.
Just a minute.
You wanna
speak to June?
Can I?
Come here.
Hold that up to your ear.
Now, talk right in here.
What for?
Well, you wanna speak
to June, don't you?
But you said
she was in Louisville.
Well, that's where
she is.
Hello, Pappy.
Where are you hiding?
I'm not hiding, Pappy.
I'm in Louisville.
She says
she's in Louisville.
Well, that's what
I told you.
Is this thing hollow
all the way through?
Yeah, all the way through.
Hello, little brush rabbit.
You didn't, huh?
You know what your ma said
this morning?
Buddie is in there.
Buddie! Buddie!
Buddie. Buddie.
Get me Dr. Owen, quick.
Get me some hot water.
Son. It's your pappy, Son.
Oh, God,
don't let him die.
Don't take him away
from my poor Melissa.
You may be the civil law
around here, but get this,
interference with the public
carriers, the railroad, I mean,
that's a federal offense.
It might have been
an accident.
But it wasn't!
It was cold wanton murder!
They killed little Buddie!
They murdered him! A baby!
And I'm gonna put them
where they rot.
Not for a murder, your
heels are too smart for that.
And there's not a man in this town
with courage enough to convict him.
But you're gonna make out
a warrant on my charges!
You're gonna do what I say.
And you're gonna do
everything I say.
Mr. Hale, I've lived in this
country for more than 50 years.
I was born here,
and I know these people.
I can bring the Falins
to court. Maybe hang them.
But that don't stop feuds.
It makes them.
There'd be killings like
we've never seen before.
Mountain people don't
seem to like law, Mr. Hale.
Down here, peace has got to come from within.
It all seems kind of brutal and
primitive while it's a-boiling,
but, well, I was born here and I know.
I'm talking honest,
Mr. Hale.
You know, I...
I cried when they told me
Buddie was killed.
Why, I used to ride miles
out of my way
to fetch him
some stick candy.
But I like Jim Falin, too.
That was before
you come here.
He's older than Buddie
but just a kid.
Eyes always a-laughing.
He was
Buck's favorite son.
Dave Tolliver shot him.
Had reasons, I guess.
Or I could have
cramped him in jail.
Yes, I could.
But did you ever get up close to
Melissa and look into her eyes?
Well, you do that
Then you tell me
what kind of a law
you can think of
that will correct it.
Tell me...
He couldn't just die,
could he?
He had to be killed.
Killed by the Falin.
They did that.
He was my only brother.
And they killed him.
He ran down the hill with
me before I went away.
He stood up there
at the Lonesome Pine.
I never got to
see him again.
I'm never going to
see him again.
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you up there
with Dave and Daddy?
You loved Buddie,
didn't you?
You said you loved him.
He was gonna be an engineer.
Like you and Corsey.
When I tucked him in
at night, he said,
"A is for apple, and I'll bet
you I'll be as big as Mr. Hale."
What are you doing here?
You're down here
with the law!
The law's gonna help you!
The laws gonna show you
how it don't hurt.
When somebody you love...
When somebody you love...
Oh, June, darling,
don't cry.
You mustn't cry.
Listen to me, dear.
I love you, and...
You love me?
You said
you loved Buddie.
Why aren't you
with Buddie?
Why aren't you
where they need you?
You're here
with the law.
You don't love me!
Well, I do
with all of my heart.
You never said you love me before
and I was hungry to hear it.
You said
you love Buddie.
But you ain't
doing nothing about it!
You ain't fighting!
You ain't killing!
That's what's coming to them! The Falins!
This is what you wanted me to be, ain't it?
Pretty, nice words,
hollow words!
I don't want it!
I don't want you!
I don't want anything!
I don't want anything
but the Falins!
Our Father who art in
Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth
as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the power and
the glory forever and ever.
When it's twilight
on the trail
And I rest once more
My ceiling is the sky
And the grass
On which I lie
Is my floor
When it's twilight
on the trail
And my voice is still
Please plant
this heart of mine
Underneath the Lonesome Pine
On the hill
Oh, God, our Heavenly Father, we
bow before thee in meekest humbleness
leaving in thy divine wisdom and
accepting with equal humbleness
the complexities
of this life.
We are returning to the earth
that which thou has produced.
A part of thy soul,
of life eternal.
There's just about
eight of them, Judd.
Looks like things is just
born to the Tollivers.
Don't it, Melissa?
Sure seems.
What are we
going to do?
What are we
standing here for?
June, honey.
I'm not just gonna
stand around any longer.
Be sensible.
Before green-up
time, Dave.
That's what you want,
isn't it?
You mean it?
It's gotta be somebody
who acts like a Tolliver.
Is that what
it's going to be?
Dave, I don't
want you to go.
I ain't hating the Falins.
I ain't hating nobody.
I ain't grieving
for Buddie.
June's my sorrow now.
I don't want to
go on hating.
Don't go, David.
Wait a minute.
Dave, you're not going to
let him... Dave, listen.
You can't do this thing. You've
got green-up time to think about.
You'll be
getting married, then.
Now you're going out and
run the risk of being killed.
Hasn't there been enough
unhappiness in this house?
You ain't a Tolliver.
You're an outsider.
Yes. Well, none of you could have
loved little Buddie
any better than I did.
And he was killed because I taught
him to love the things I did.
It was my fault.
And this matter of getting
even is gonna be my business.
It's gonna be my business until
I've cleaned out every Falin
that had anything
to do with it.
Jack! Jack!
I didn't want him to go.
I wouldn't have
let you go, either.
I would have
stopped you.
I only said those things
'cause I was hurt inside.
I could've stopped you.
But he's different.
He's not like a brother.
He'll never come back.
He'll never
wanna come back.
Stop him.
Tell him what I can't.
Please, Dave.
You ain't going
to no Falins.
No? Well,
you try and stop me.
You're looking for trouble, Mr.
Hale, the mountains is full of it.
We're all brave men.
Falins are brave men.
You killed
the children.
I didn't know.
It's done now.
I'll wanna go downtown.
People, they'll look at me.
Maybe when I ain't around,
they'll call me Herod.
Herod Falin.
They might call me that.
He was a fellow
that done that once.
He killed babies.
The kid was a Tolliver,
wasn't he?
You're kind of forgetting
about Jim, ain't you?
I ain't
forgetting nothing.
Jim told me, in my arms, he
was hiding behind the bushes
trying to pick off
Dave Tolliver,
and Dave couldn't see
who he was shooting at.
Buddie Tolliver
couldn't say that.
I don't like him and
I ain't gonna like him.
I get my hands
on that Dave Tolliver...
Who's that?
Dave Tolliver.
What are you here for?
I wanna talk to you.
And I ain't carry no gun.
Come on in.
If I tell you... If I tell you
we're licked, will you stop fighting?
Who's licked?
Who do you mean?
You ain't licked.
You couldn't be licked.
Why did you come here?
Why shouldn't
I come to you?
I ought to have dragged myself
through all the brambles,
all the way from here
up to your house,
and say, "I'm sorry."
But I just ain't
got the sand.
You ain't my father.
You're a sniveling pup!
I've been like that.
Maybe that's what's
the trouble.
You wanna shake hands?
Now, tell me,
why did you do it?
It was Aunt Melissa's
For a minute
I thought you meant it.
I did. I did!
Dave, what happened?
I fell on my gun.
Buck Falin was passing.
He was good enough
to fetch me home.
If you don't mind,
can I...
Can I stay till...
It's of no use, Jack.
You can't
cut this enough.
It'll soon be green-up.
And you'll have the biggest
wedding in the whole country.
Won't he, June?
In the spring, David.
One for you,
one for me.
Biggest wedding in...
When it's twilight
on the trail
And my voice is still
Please plant
this heart of mine
Underneath that Lonesome Pine
On the hill