The Trap (2018) Movie Script

[indistinct conversation]
[man] We just flew in from Seattle.
Is there anything you can do?
This is a Michelin-rated restaurant.
We don't have any reservations
for six months.
Mr. Ridley. What a wonderful surprise.
The maitre d' will seat you right away.
Marcel. Table six for Mr. Ridley.
-Thank you.
-Enjoy your meal.
What the hell? He just walked in here
without a reservation.
When you're The New York Times
food critic,
you can too.
[indistinct conversation]
There you are, sir.
[Sonny] That's me. Sonny Jones.
Doing what I love to do.
At one of the best restaurants
in New Orleans.
Now I'm about to tell you
an unbelievable story
that just happens to be true.
Chef, I have a slight issue.
Can't you see, I'm busy.
Bernard Ridley was just seated
at table 67.
All right, all right,
ladies and gentlemen.
Let's look alive, everybody!
We got The New York Times
in the house tonight
and you will not embarrass me.
-Is that understood?
-[all] Yes, Chef!
-That bechamel. I need it now.
-[both] Coming up!
My oysters. Where are they?
They should have been staring at
my pretty face about 30 seconds ago.
[Sonny] I've come a long way since my days
cleaning grease traps in my family's
fried chicken joint
back in Atlanta.
One thing that hasn't changed
is my love for food.
Yeah. That's the shit right there.
Come on, people.
-Hey! Spick and span.
[laughs] You leaving straight from here?
Yeah, yeah, Chef.
I'm leaving straight from here.
Driving overnight.
Playing Midnight Train To Georgia.
-You know Pops said that was the...
That's the only way a man
should arrive in the state.
[laughs] That's right.
Was great work tonight.
Thanks to you we'll be getting
a great write-up in the Times.
Oh. Well, Chef, I'm...
I'm just executing your vision.
Mmm, yeah, well...
Think it's time we started
executing yours.
We're opening up a Bentley's
in Los Angeles.
-And I want you to be Head Chef.
-That's right.
No. LA?
I mean... I mean, of course!
Hell, yeah!
-Man, that's a dream.
-All right, good.
Now, go and enjoy
the time with your family.
'Cause when you get back,
it's gonna be full steam ahead.
You damn right it is.
Full steam straight ahead.
So much steam you ain't gonna
know what to do with it.
-All right now.
Don't you drink yourself to death
before you can give me my promotion.
-I need you alive. You hear me?
-Have a safe trip.
[man] Hey, old ass nigga.
You're gonna give me a second?
What's up, man?
Hey, you need to have some patience.
Where your sister at?
Yeah, she told me you and some other bitch
tried to use her credit card
and book a trip.
Me and another bitch.
She told me I shouldn't be
fucking with your old ass anyway.
You still on that bullshit?
No, nigga. No, no, no.
I wanna... This a dub sack.
Ain't no motherfucking ten.
Nigga, that's your problem,
you can't count.
Your ass need to be in school.
Nigga, it's Sunday.
Sunday school. Monday school.
Nigga, go to school.
You and your little nasty ass
sister need Jesus.
Hey, man. Fuck you, bro!
Yeah, nigga. Fuck you!
-Old ass nigga.
I'll let you get this if you
let me smoke you out. Aye!
Hey, there goes the old rat,
beaten ass Dutch, man.
That could be the worst
drug dealer ever, bro.
Look at it though. How the hell he sell
all the goddamn dope
but he ain't making no money?
Shut up, you.
At least he got a goddamn job.
Robbing is my job, big head little boy.
Yeah, if you get paid for it.
You ain't never paid for it.
Man, you know, I get paid from robbing.
You know...
-You should rob a damn job.
-For real. For real.
Broke ass.
This nigga's...
That's daddy, bro.
He rob one motherfucker.
-What you mean?
-You robbing that.
-You do rob...
-Old ass lazy.
I don't give a damn and I took
a handicapped sticker.
VIP airway. Ah.
Check this out. Ah!
Look at that sad ass, man.
Hell, no. Light skin, white bread eating
ass Sonny.
You got kicked off Top Chef, man?
-You know he did.
-[grunts] That's a golden motherfucker.
[Sonny] See, I haven't been home
in almost a year.
I couldn't believe how
run down the place had got.
My granddaddy rolling
in his grave right now.
-We're open but...
Yeah, I don't even have the money
to get my nails done.
Actually I just got them done.
Can I get some chicken, please?
Is you deaf? We out of chicken. Damn.
How the hell a Chicken Shack
out of chicken?
Like, you always want something.
What, y'all just a shack?
What, y'all just a shack?
If you want some chicken you could
bounce your fake ass ass
-over to JJ's.
-And I'm gonna do that
-'cause they make chicken better anyway.
-Hey, baby.
I got a wing for you but
you got to bust it open for your boy.
Oh, way, nigga.
-If he don't stop all that...
[Sherri] That's right, Uncle Gus.
Tell that bitch!
Bust another wing on, boy!
-Watch out.
-I'm gonna go holla at my girl.
What's up?
Wait, boy. I am not coming
to your showcase. Stop asking.
-You won't be coming to my showcase...
-Put a fake ass back boy.
-Fake ass back boy?
[both laughing]
Hold it, girl. You're gonna want
this dick when I get rich.
You gonna want this dick when I get rich.
What's it look like I'm doing, sir?
Not your job. Where's Mama Jay?
Who's that? Who are you?
-Where is Mama Jay?
Where's the manager?
Oh, okay. Hold on. Hold on, bitch.
Who's making
all the goddamn noise?
Hey, Sonny! What's up?
Baby, this my little brother
I was telling you about.
Right here, my little brother.
What's going on? What you doing over here?
What is going on with Mama's restaurant?
What have you done, man?
And who is the ratchet ass
cashier you got watching?
-Oh, bitch. Hold up.
-I found her on IG.
This is Al Sharpton's
little daughter, man.
Who calling motherfucking
ratchet ass waitress, you pissy ass?
-Tell me one motherfucking...
-Listen, ma'am. Ma'am.
-Ma'am, this is my family's restaurant.
Okay, that's my man.
This is my man's Chicken Shack.
This is my man's Chicken Shack.
-Come on, man, chill. Hey, chill.
-You don't know the fuck...
Come on chill. Chill. Chill. Look.
She'll stab you.
-She will stab you.
-I'm letting you know that right now.
Now where's Mama...
Let's not do this in front of customers.
-Let's get out of here.
-Yeah, let me walk you out.
Let me walk you outside.
[Dutch] Mama got sick.
Told me to take charge.
[Sonny] Go ahead and fuck it up real good,
ain't you?
Okay, well, you go ahead and do it.
You running around there
with the white people.
You got your nose all up in the air.
[Sonny] Listen, I can't help you here,
man. I have a job.
-Quit it, man.
-I can't quit my job.
I've got a big promotion out in LA, man.
I got to go and run a restaurant.
So, I guess, New Orleans
wasn't far enough, huh?
Hey, listen, man.
Don't start that, Dutch. Okay?
I mean, really, man.
I talked to Mama every week
and she ain't said nothing to me
about being sick.
You know how she is.
You know, she ain't gonna tell
nobody she's sick.
But she'd be worried
about your little ass.
You see?
-I'm fittin' to go see her.
-Titty-baby. Well, go see her
-'cause I got some business to take care.
-Oh, do you?
-Yeah, I got some business too.
-Oh, do you?
Well, why don't you make
this your business?
Why don't you make this your business?
-Get this together.
-Get your roof fixed.
-I'm trying to get the roof fixed on here.
Why don't you get the roof, roof, roof,
roof, roof fixed behind the counter.
The plumbing and everything, nigga.
[siren wails]
[police radio chatter]
[car door closes]
Hands on the steering wheel.
My hands are already
on the steering wheel.
See, I told you it was him.
-I'd recognize that big head anywhere.
-Is that shit supposed to be funny?
-[both laughing]
Y'all can't just be pulling people over
for nothing, yo.
Got me out here all on edge
and I ain't even do shit.
It was her idea to pull you over,
-not mine.
-Shush. Nice.
Real nice.
Mighty Morphin' Powers.
How's my favorite white ranger?
-It's Officer Powers now.
Almost didn't recognize you
out of uniform.
Where's your apron? [chuckles]
Anyway. I see not much has changed
since graduation, huh?
You still fine.
So you still doing big things
down in the Big Easy?
Yeah. Little something something.
-Same old Sonny.
-Yeah, hope that's a good thing.
-How long you in town for?
-Couple of days.
Couple of days. You know, um...
I'mma call you if I can get you
to give me your new number.
No. You got my number.
-No, I don't.
-[Powers chuckling]
You're free to go, Sonny.
[Sonny] Mmm-hmm.
Stay out of trouble, big head.
[exhales] Shit.
Any day she could arrest my ass.
[car doors close]
What the fuck is you doing here?
Damn! I thought you was an eclipse.
I have you know
that KP asked me
to come here personally.
Get your fucking ass out of the car.
Thought you was in prison.
[both grunting]
That's what I'm talking about, man.
[grunting continues]
[KP laughing]
That was pretty decent right there.
I got a hand too, KP.
We good?
-Hey, man, what the...
-[gun shot]
What the fuck?
Oh, my God!
Now we're good.
What the hell was that for?
Oh, wait. You had next, right?
-Come on.
-No, bro. No. No, no, no, no.
-I'm cool, man.
-Is there something wrong with you?
[stammering] I can't do no...
My... My knees is bad.
I got a cold right now.
-Should just...
-Oh, yeah. He was short with money.
I'm glad he got one in though. [laughs]
-[Dutch laughs nervously]
-I don't wanna kill a man over money.
-You know what I mean?
-You know, crazy?
[laughs nervously]
How you feel about
taking over his inventory?
Oh. Nervous as hell.
Real nervous.
You've been asking me for years
to give you a shot.
I got an opening.
You're not gonna take it?
[sighs] Look, Dutch.
You can run with the big dogs
or you can stay under the porch.
I'm gonna stay under the porch, man.
I'm a under-the-porch nigga.
I don't think you get it.
Teeny, I don't think he gets it.
Look. You move weight...
Or you move nothing
ever again.
There it is.
I don't wanna see your face again.
-You hear me?
-Hey, KP.
I ain't seen shit.
Yeah, I know.
[dog barking]
-[R&B music playing]
[music continues playing]
-Oh, no!
-What are you doing in here?
What are you doing in here?
-Get out!
God! Can't do nothing in my own house.
[footsteps approaching]
That's more like it.
Let me find that you out here
fightin' in these streets.
You calling me a ho?
-Boy, don't make me take off this belt.
From the looks of things upstairs,
you've taken off too much already.
[both laughing]
How come you didn't call
and let me know you were coming up?
I wanted to surprise you.
You want some sweet tea?
You know I want some tea,
you don't have to ask me that.
So, Mama,
you know I went by the restaurant?
It's all run-down.
[Mama Jay] Well, you know Dutch.
He needs time to figure out things.
It seem like he need less time.
It's only been three months, they said,
already look like a trap house.
Oh, Sonny, it don't look that bad.
-They ran out of chicken, Mama.
-[laughs] That's my Dutch.
I haven't been over there in a while.
Yes, that's probably part of the problem.
Did Dutch tell you I was sick?
Yes. Yes, he did.
And I was wondering
why you didn't say anything.
Occasionally, I get
a little dizzy,
but I just take some Robitussin.
[chuckles] I'm fine.
I mean, nothing to bother you with.
Listen, no matter how it may seem,
-it's never a bother.
Do they have you
running that restaurant yet?
Now you do know I know
that you're changing the subject
-on purpose.
-[laughs] No... Okay.
But, since you asked,
they actually are opening a new restaurant
and they asked your boy
to be the Head Chef.
-[gasps] Oh, Sonny, that's amazing!
-[Sonny chuckles]
Oh! You know your granddaddy
would be so proud of you.
Yes... But what about you?
Listen, I told you. I am fine, just fine.
Listen, if I wasn't fine,
would I be able to do this?
-Do what, lady?
-Come here, I can show you
better than I can tell you.
-[jazz music playing]
[both laughing]
-Oh, Sonny, I'm so glad you're home!
-I'm glad to be home.
Oh, hun, you know what?
Dutch needs you to help.
-Just talk to him.
We was having a good time.
-Now you got to bring him up.
-Oh, come on, Sonny.
That's your big brother, you know.
Hey, Miss Johnson.
[boy] Hey, Miss Johnson.
Oh, hey, guys. Look, it's Sonny.
Hey, Sonny.
[music playing in car]
Hey, Miss Johnson. When are you
gonna let me smell that thing?
Give me my damn ball, man.
-You sound crazy as hell.
-[Dutch] Look, I tell you what.
You take a shot from that porch
and you hit it,
I give you the whole Chicken Shack.
How the hell you gonna bet
our family restaurant?
You see, Mama? This is the shit
I'm talking about, right here.
There you go snitching.
He's snitching, Mama. He's snitching.
What'd I say? Quit all that cussing!
Shoot the damn ball.
Whose side you on anyway?
Shoot the ball,
and stop acting like a little bitch side,
that's whose side she is.
Shoot the ball, man.
[Sonny] I'm getting sick
of your shit already.
Carry your ass, come on.
I'm done, come on.
That old bullshit? That lucky ass shot.
Get that shit out of here!
-That was a foul.
-That wasn't no foul, man.
I'mma put that hook shot
on your ass, boy.
Come on, man.
-What's going on with your holy...
-Look at that!
-Rump Shaker-lookin' motherfucker.
-Come on.
Mama, he foulin'!
-[Dutch grunts]
-Be a cock right, man.
-Mama, Mama!
-[Mama Jay gasps]
It's Mama. Mama, you okay?
[grunts] Mama, Mama...
-Miss Johnson, call the ambulance!
-[Dutch wailing]
-Get up, Mama.
[Dutch continues wailing]
[sirens wailing]
[Mama Jay stirring]
I got that dizzy, I just passed out.
-You probably got gonorrhea.
They gonna give you some penicillin,
and it's gonna clear it up.
-[Dutch] Like it did mine.
Hey, man, will you just stop talking?
The man, Mr. Green, that you was
messing with, down at the club.
Man, why is you talking, man?
Just tellin' that kind of stuff...
He probably the one that gave it to her.
I ain't gone out with that man
but one time.
-[Dutch] You tripping, woman.
[sighs] I don't know
what that boy talking about.
Listen, y'all quit acting stupid.
That Dr. Phillip gonna come in here.
-[Dutch] Consoling my Mama.
-[Sonny] You are not helping.
Okay, you two, shut the fuck up.
Now, you see what you done, made her cuss.
-[indistinct arguing]
-Just be quiet.
Hey, Doc. How's... How's she looking?
You mind if I speak with your mother
alone for a minute?
-No, they can stay.
Miss Jones, um,
we got the results back from your biopsy,
and you tested positive
for ductal carcinoma,
it's a form of breast cancer.
-Oh, no!
Oh, shit!
Oh, God.
-She gonna die.
-Man, she is not gonna die.
Will you pull yourself together?
Both of you, shut up
and let this doctor talk!
It's okay. You know,
this can be a little hard to process.
Um, but the prognosis is good.
-Jesus, that's good.
-See what she said? The prognosis...
-[doctor] We just have to keep you
a few more days,
and run some more tests,
and we'll take it from there.
Just a few more days, okay.
All right, if you have any questions,
you can just give me a ring.
-How come I didn't get the card?
I'm the big brother.
I'm the one that's supposed to be...
-Because I was the closest.
-You want a card?
I don't even want...
I don't even want the card.
[Mama Jay crying]
-You're cute though.
-We're sorry, we're sorry, Doc.
-I'll call you though.
-You're wasting the lady's time.
Hey, Mama, it's okay.
Look at what you did.
-[crying continues]
-Mama, Mama.
I was so scared that she was gonna tell me
I had lung cancer.
You can always get some new titties
but you can't get no new lungs!
It's gonna be okay.
-Everything's gonna be okay.
-[Mama] I know, baby. I know, Sonny.
I'm gonna kill that old man
that gave you that.
[Mama Jay] You know what?
Get on out of my room, Dutch.
Just go on, get on out of here.
I'm gonna be right back.
I gotta... I'll be back.
Why you gotta tell Sonny
some mess like that?
Go on out of here with that mess.
It's mess!
-[indistinct PA announcement]
Hey, little brother, check this out.
Hey, uh, I was just back here
and I just remembered something.
You remember that time you took
that little raggedy ass towel
and tied it around your neck,
acting like it was a cape?
Jumped off the roof,
and broke your damn leg.
And was sitting up there crying,
and boo-hooing, and snot and shit,
you don't remember that?
I mean, I do remember that,
but that was you, Dutch.
It's how... It's how I remember it.
-That was me?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was you, bro.
Yeah, it was my right leg.
-Damn, I forgot.
I... I smoke too much weed.
Okay, yeah, yeah.
But the point I'm trying to make is,
we've been through a lot.
You know, Mama's going through some stuff,
and, like I've been telling you this
since we was kids...
It's gonna be all right.
Everything will be all right.
-No, you told me that.
Damn, you just told me
everything was gonna be all right.
Yeah. Yeah, man, um,
I... I really appreciate you
coming out here,
-and trying to tell me something.
-That I have already told you.
-See, that is absolutely genius.
So, I mean, I already know
it's gonna be okay, bro.
-I knew it then, and I know it now.
-You sure?
Hey, listen man, were you coming out here
to console me, man?
Because if you're trying to make me
feel better, she's going hard...
You know, I just go on
back in there with Mama.
-Yeah, well, you just do that.
-Asshole, boy.
[dial tone]
Hey... Hey, sir.
How you doing?
Yeah, this... Yeah, this is he.
Nah, I don't know.
I don't know when I'll...
I don't know
when I'll be able to be there.
Well, it's my mother's
health condition, sir,
and, unfortunately, she's gonna have...
Uh, yeah, I'll keep you informed.
Yeah, bye.
[Mama Jay] You keep me laughing.
-[both laughing]
-They didn't have any chicken.
He'd eat everything.
[both laughing]
Oh, you're making it hurt.
Don't make me laugh so hard.
-[Sonny] Y'all loud as hell.
Hell, I could hear y'all
from the elevator. What'd I miss?
Your brother telling me
about how Denzel gained a bunch
of weight for Fences,
and I told him, I don't care if he's
1,000 pounds, he can still get it.
[Dutch] Hey, Mama, don't talk...
Come on, don't be nasty.
It's time-out for all that nastiness.
-You know what I mean? It's time to...
-The shut down.
Hang the G-string up.
-I told her, boy.
Oh, boy. [sighs]
Anyway, strangest thing though,
I just get off the phone
with the people at LA
and they tell me
they not gonna need me for a while.
What? Why?
You know, they need a little time
to get their restaurant together,
so I guess they gave me time to stay here,
-and help take care of Mama.
-You'll stay?
-And help this nincompoop
with the Chicken Shack.
That's what I'm talking about.
Jones brothers, they're reunited, man.
[chuckles] It's for a little while.
[Sonny] I may have stretched
the truth a bit.
Chef Bentley wasn't thrilled
about me taking more time,
but there was no way
I was gonna leave my mama
and this restaurant
in the condition they were in.
Especially not with my dumb head brother.
-Okay, listen up.
-Listen up!
From this point forward,
shit's about to change.
Shit's gonna change!
Now, Blazin' Jay's was once the most
respected chicken joint in this city!
In the whole goddamn city!
Okay, okay, thank you. Thank you, Gus.
But I don't need no...
No hype man for this one, okay?
Thank you, I appreciate your service.
At ease, soldier.
Now, the way we get back
to being the most respected
chicken joint in the city
is through respect in this kitchen!
-Excuse me, Sonny.
And another thing.
None of you address me
as "Sonny" or "Mr. Sonny."
As a matter of fact, I tell you what,
you don't call me at all.
You wait until I address you,
and when I do so,
you respond with "Yes, Chef."
Is that understood?
-[Sonny sighs]
Obviously not. What do you want?
What's this?
Oh, see, I borrowed some money
from the cash register.
I can give you the rest back
next week, after we get paid.
You're fired.
Damn, you gonna fire her
just for that?
You think?
That's a pickle. Bye, bitch. [snickering]
[Mama Jay] Yeah, this is so nice,
to have Sonny back
-to take over the restaurant.
-[woman] I know, yeah.
You know Dutch, he does the best he can,
but, well, Dutch is Dutch.
He done had ADHD since he was little.
Had him on that Ritalin,
but you know when they grow up,
they don't take their meds or nothing.
Oh, but with Sonny, I can finally rest,
'cause, you know,
he holds down everything.
-He does.
-[softly] I can hold it down.
I'm just glad he home. [chuckles]
So, did Jocelyn sing
that Eye on the Sparrow?
Oh, I love her high notes. [chuckles]
KP Z, yeah, nigga.
So you want me... You want me
to push the motherfucking weight?
I'm the motherfucking man, KP.
And even though you want me
to push the weight for you,
you really work for me, motherfucker.
Nah. That nigga kill me
if I say that shit.
[sobbing] My mother's sick right now, man.
KP, my mother's sick, man.
And I need a...
Nah, he ain't gonna
believe that shit either.
[distant laughing]
Yo, Alfred. What's up, my boy? [laughing]
Most original. May I help you?
-Yeah, uh, where's KP?
-Oh, young master Phillips.
[sighs] This way, please.
KP, kush pad.
Yeah, the party getting started, whoo!
Sexy ladies up in here.
I love a lot of mala-tala... [slurring]
Honey Boo Boo ain't got shit on you.
[man] This is serious, Kyle.
I'm running out of places
to hide your money.
Either find a business big enough
to funnel your money through,
or slow down.
"Slow down?"
You don't slow down in this business.
I said I'll handle it, right?
You just do your job.
-Hey, Mr. Mayor.
-Good to see you.
-You too, Kyle.
Man, this looks good.
Oh, my God. Mmm. [spits] What the fuck?
Son, I was just telling the mayor that
we need to come down to the club soon.
Absolutely, I tell you what, I'll even
raise your handicap a couple strokes.
-[all laughing]
-I got to make it fair, right?
Please do.
[Dutch] Oh, fondue!
Oh, man, this that zesty shit right there.
What kinda cheese is this?
-Excuse me, guys.
-[Dutch] Is this real cheese?
That's the shit.
You know, when we was kids,
our mother get us that government cheese
that came in a big block,
and you had to take the knife
and come down on it.
You a white girl.
You don't know nothing about that shit.
Yo, let's do this.
Miss Johnson, what you doing
up in here, girl?
Shit. Hey, what's going on?
Man, what the fuck
are you doing here uninvited?
I took you up on an offer.
Remember the offer you had told me?
I'm ready to run with the big dogs.
I'm ready to come from up under the porch.
Man, you are not
the brightest bulb in the box.
You know, if I'd have known
this was a players' ball,
-I wouldn't even came.
-Either that or you're just fucking crazy.
-You know my father is here?
-Your father?
The Mayor is here,
the goddamn Chief of Police...
-The Mayor?
-Plus, didn't I tell you I didn't wanna...
Didn't I tell him
I didn't wanna see his face?
I am sure I told you
I didn't wanna see your face again.
You know, I should fucking kill him.
I should kill you right now.
You gonna kill me? I thought we was cool.
-Don't kill me...
-Hey, man, shut up.
[KP sighs]
So you think you're ready
to come up to the Varsity.
Can I speak now?
Why the change of heart?
Because I got sick.
[stammers] And the doctor
have me on Mucinex.
There was green shit
coming out of my nose.
My mind was messed up.
They said the Mucinex did it.
Mixed with the Tums.
Tum, tum, tum, tum
So you think you can move
a pound in a week?
A pound? Man, [scoffs] a pound a week?
A pound ain't nothing.
Look, the weed is already sold.
The weed is already gone.
All I gotta do is take it
and get the money.
Man, I got my aunties,
her friends be coming home from work.
They want nickelbag.
The people... The people at the church.
I sell pastors, everybody weed.
So why not two? Shit, man,
matter of fact, why not three?
I can't do that much.
Three, um, no,
I'm just gonna be cool with the two.
Is that cool?
Let's just deal with the two.
Okay, Teeny will hook you up.
Take him out the back,
make sure nobody sees him.
Hey, man. I won't fuck you.
-Fuck me?
Do you honestly think
that I would let somebody like you
be in a position to fuck me?
No, no, no, no.
This is a very, very dangerous game
you're getting into, my friend.
Don't fuck yourself.
What'd I tell you about that phone?
You're fired.
What the fuck you mean I'm fired, nigga?
I'm gonna call Phaedra
and sue all your ass
'cause I'm the best motherfuckin'
worker you got.
-You can't afford her.
-I can't afford what?
-[Sonny] Get outta here.
-[girl] Show me your hands.
[indistinct conversation]
-You don't even work here.
Spend some time in the street.
-Outta my way!
-Oh, my God.
-Hey, hey, hey!
[woman] Hey, hey, hey.
[indistinct yelling]
Oh, shit, they fighting.
There's a fight. They're fighting.
-Oh, oh! Whoop her ass!
-They fighting, I'm getting that.
[all yelling]
-[indistinct yelling]
-Watch out.
[woman screams]
-Whoop her ass.
-Don't kill him.
Bringing down the damn property value.
I'm trying to run a business out here.
-What business?
Fight or no fight, man,
you ain't making no money.
-Here come the cops.
-[yelling continues]
[Sonny] I've seen bigger fights
at family reunions,
so I was surprised
when the cops showed up.
-So was Dutch.
-Son of a bitch!
[Sonny] This is where
shit gets unbelievable.
I wouldn't believe it
if I ain't seen it myself.
[deep fryer sizzling]
Oh, shit!
[all yelling]
Put your hands behind your back.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
KP gonna kill me.
This some bullshit.
I didn't do nothing.
Get your ass off of me!
Uh-uh. Oh, no, they got my baby.
Motherfucker! Who's gonna have
my fuckin' bail money?
It's a fucking chicken.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
I call you when you get out the pound.
-Off to jail!
-[squeals] Sasha!
-Taking y'all bitch to jail.
-Good thing for them you got here.
Yeah, but thank you for helping me though.
Of course, no problem.
Yeah, look like I got my work
cut out for me.
-Uh, yeah, you do.
Hey, on the bright side, it looks like
you're gonna be around a bit longer.
Yeah, look like it, don't it?
-Looks like it.
Yeah, maybe we should catch up.
Yeah, we should. I'd like that.
Yeah, go get some Varsity hot dogs
and onion rings.
It's just like the old days.
-Hmm, like old times, huh?
-If I'm lucky.
-Would you like that? Is that cool?
-Yeah, I'd love that.
-Love what?
Nothing, just having
a personal conversation over here.
Oh, well, don't mind me.
I'm just working over here.
Would you care to join me?
-Yeah, just...
Give me one second. Hmm.
So he's a little protective of me.
Is that what you call that?
Just be nice.
-He big man.
-Hey, hey, B, it's okay.
[laughs] Let me give you my number.
You had to let him smell you or something.
Hey, Sonny, stop it.
[Sonny] That is an incredible level to me.
-Here. Call me, okay?
-I'm damn sure gonna call you.
-Yeah, ha!
-[laughing] Shut up, you're so bad.
Hey, I shouldn't show it to him, should I?
No, Sonny...
[Powers] We got eyes on you, Sonny.
See you soon. Okay, go, go.
What is y'all doing? We still open.
This ain't no time
to congregate and socialize.
Y'all get to cleaning this shit up.
Everybody. Hey, man,
you just standing over there.
Your hair looking wise,
you're not a wise man.
Get... Get to picking something up.
This is a business.
Come on, man, we got to get
this stuff together. We still open...
Hey, drop some more chicken.
Get everything together.
Sheesh! I'm telling you.
Look, man.
I know you ain't caught
yourself no attitude
about this pterodactyl pit bull,
puppy-faced girl over here, man.
She was a bad apple. She had to go.
I just don't wanna talk about it
right now, okay?
I can't do shit.
It's some bullshit right here.
I just can't, man.
We're in it bad because,
at the end of the day,
I'm in here doing all the work I can, man,
trying to get this restaurant
back together.
-[Sonny] Supposed to be all the glory.
-And, I mean, every day...
Just follow my lead, man.
Stay outta my way.
Just try not to be stumped
all the time, man.
Man, you do stuff right the first time,
you won't have to do it...
-Over and over and over again.
Don't you remember? They tell you that
when you was a little boy.
Didn't nobody told you that
when you was a little boy, man?
Listen, man. See, that's your problem...
I get all this shit, man.
It's good, you know.
You're damn, right, you know?
[laughing] Yeah!
Damn, we got this.
You liking that new recipe, huh?
Ooh. Boy, put that leg down.
You thought you was gonna be back here
eating chicken all day?
Don't be looking at me like that.
-Why am I up here for?
-What do you mean?
You could have gotten one of these cooks
to fix this shit.
Do they own the establishment sign?
No, put it over...
No, tighten it up. See? Look at that.
-See? Look at it.
My nigga. I knew you could do it. Ooh.
Okay, I want everybody,
focus that attention.
I need perfection and professionalism
on this floor.
Now, these people come here
for one thing and one thing only.
And it is not your pretty smile.
It is Blazin' Jay's Fried Chicken.
So I want these orders
turned around expeditiously.
-[all] Yes, Chef!
-I need fresh chicken,
fries and sides,
all in constant rotation.
[Sonny] Things were really
starting to look up.
Blazin' Jay's was on fire.
We could hardly keep up with the orders.
Mama was still in the hospital.
The doctor say she getting better.
And, with the restaurant doing so good,
it seemed like she back
to her feisty self again.
Even Sasha was taking notice.
[softly] Wow.
I need all that chicken. I need that...
I need some more chicken fried.
We done fell off back here, man.
Stop bullshitting back there, man.
Get that chicken popping around here.
I can't believe it took all this time
for me to get back here to you.
I've missed you.
-Not anymore.
-Yeah. [laughs]
-Nom, nom, nom.
Don't eat me!
[Dutch] Oh, fuck!
God damn it! Shit!
[Sonny] I'm thinking business is booming
because of my changes.
Meanwhile, Dutch taking our profits
to re-up on his little secret ingredient.
I don't know how I didn't see it.
-[Sonny] Hey, hey, Dutch.
Hey, you gonna need some more potatoes
over here.
Oh, let's get them some potatoes.
Pull up forward, pull up forward.
Get the cars rolling, man.
Let's keep them cars rolling!
Are you sending the ones
to the drive-thru?
Yeah, go through the drive-thru.
We got the wings over there!
-Hey, uh, what you trying to get?
We got free drinks.
-[police radio chatter]
-Hey, man, goodnight.
[hip-hop music playing]
Music, rims, gold teeth.
Okay, that does not mean
they're drug dealers.
I had a grill in high-school.
-[chuckles] Don't remind me.
You were always so square, man.
I'm just saying, why waste your money
on flashy cars and jewelry?
Oh, so if it was Queen Elizabeth
driving by in her Rolls-Royce
and just dripping in rubies,
-you'd be saying the same thing?
-That's different.
-My point is, when I make some money,
I'm gonna open a nice,
respectable business.
Oh, like Blazin' Jay's.
[scoffs] Yeah.
-Like your boys at Blazin' Jay's.
The hate is strong with you, my friend.
I have some errands I have to run, but...
I was hoping, maybe later,
you and I could grab a drink.
Thanks for the invite
but I've got plans.
Laundry night again?
No, I've got a date,
thank you very much.
-So a date, huh?
Night, partner.
-[Sasha giggles]
-[Sonny] Okay, so you know
it's called paint and sip, right?
[Sasha] Yes, but you're trying
to get me drunk over here, so...
[Sonny] Like you could use
a little help over here.
-Shut up, this looks good.
[chuckles] There's something to it.
-See? She likes it.
-I bet she do like it.
-[laughs] You're so bad.
Be the brush.
-Feel the stroke.
-[whispers] She's gonna hear you.
She need to feel the stroke.
[stammers] We gonna feel the stroke, shh.
It doesn't seem like she felt a stroke
in quite some time.
Mmm, well, I feel her pain.
-You serious?
-Being a cop doesn't really allow
-much of a love life, so...
-Why not?
I don't know. Partially, the hours.
And I think it's because men
are intimidated by my job.
-Well, boys, maybe.
-[Sasha chuckles]
Plus, dating cops hasn't really
worked out too much for me either.
[chuckles] Must suck for your boy, Powers.
-Be nice.
-Why should I?
-He's nice.
-To who?
-You know, I always wanted to know,
have you ever thought
about being anything else?
Mmm-mmm, no.
I love my job. Plus, you know my family.
We're all cops.
It's just... It's just what we do.
I understand what you're saying,
and, while my work doesn't seem
nearly as important as yours,
I do understand the pressures
-of following in your family's footsteps.
You know, my grandpa, Johnny,
he was a traveling blues musician.
And legend has it
that he played the guitar
so good and so fast,
that they started calling him Blazin' Jay.
Yeah, and...
And when he got tired of the road,
he settled here,
and that's how we ended up
with the Chicken Shack.
[laughs] Wow, how come
you never told me this before?
Well, maybe because I was too busy
sneaking in and out of your house,
-trying to avoid your father.
No, but I'm being serious though,
that is so cool.
I'm not bullshitting,
I'm being serious, too.
He had a 12-gauge.
-Yeah, he did.
-I don't wanna get shot.
[laughs] He still has it, yeah, he did.
-Hey, listen.
How about a little less paint,
-and a little more sip?
-Okay. [chuckles]
Anyway, so, Mom,
she grew up in that restaurant...
-And when she got old enough...
-Thank you.
-She ended up running it.
Looks like that's what I'll be doing, too.
Mmm, you don't seem too happy about that.
Well, don't get me wrong.
I love to cook.
So what's the problem?
Well, I guess it's that... [sighs]
My aspirations have taken me
a lot farther than this place.
-You know?
I think my dreams are bigger than just...
Just running the Chicken Shack.
Well, if it means anything,
-I'm glad you're back.
That actually means everything.
You know, I never said it,
but you are the only reason
I ever thought about staying.
That's funny, because with you being gone,
you're the only reason
I ever thought about leaving.
-Lucky guy.
[laughing] Mmm.
I got a double, whoo!
Don't be a poor loser, honey,
your mama's good.
-You taking his money, Mama?
-Yeah, baby.
-You taking his money?
-You got to face it,
your mama got skills.
I think you're cheating.
-[Mama Jay] Ain't nobody cheating.
-You are.
Yeah, you know, I figured
you tired of that hospital food.
Yes, I am.
-Now I'll get you some of that yard bird.
-Yeah, you made this.
-You made this.
-[laughs] With the mashed potatoes,
-gravy. Enjoy yourself.
-Baby, that's so sweet of you.
-I had to do it. I had to do it.
-This is good.
-I knew you'd like it.
-I knew you were gonna,
I don't know why we're coming down here.
'Cause I knew you was gonna...
-Baby, baby, this is good.
-[Dutch] You were gonna love that.
-[Sonny] You really like it?
-It's amazing.
And I was concerned
that you would have a problem
with me kinda
playing with the recipe, so...
You playing with the--
Mmm, God it's good, what you put in it?
Well, you know what I did,
was I took some, uh,
some mixes and blends of some herbs
and spices, and was playing with 'em,
and that one, in particular,
is based in Himalayan garlic.
-Oh, Himalayan?
-Yeah, Himalayan,
-I learned that up in the French Quarter.
Himalayan garlic,
it's the finest of all the garlics.
-Yeah. So glad you like it.
Dutch, look at this.
Now, don't you be a hater.
-Mmm-mmm. How am I hating?
-You've got to give it to your brother,
-he did--
-I'm-- I'm not doing--
-He did this.
-I didn't even say anything...
-This chicken is good.
-Always saying I'm hating.
-Don't worry about him, Mama.
-[Mama Jay exclaiming]
-So happy you like it.
And if you see our new
to-go box,
see, I did that, I ordered those,
I got our logo on there.
I see that, baby,
move on outta the way now.
Well, you did put it in the to-go box,
and brought it over here,
-so you can give him credit...
-You did, baby.
I guess, for that if you give 'em
for anything...
-I need to talk to you.
-Talk to me?
-Yeah, you.
-[Mama Jay humming]
-Mama, I'll be right back.
-All right, baby.
-Oh, Lord, that is heavenly...
-[Sonny] What's up with you, man?
I got no napkin.
What's wrong?
Say, man, why I don't never
get the credit for what I do?
What you want credit for?
What are you talking about?
Himalayan garlic, nigga?
-Please, really? [groans]
-What's wrong with Himalayan garlic?
You don't like my Himalayan garlic?
You know what?
There's one herb that you missing.
What are you--
What... You aight?
My kush.
Your kush?
That's my kush.
The oil that you're putting in
and making them wings?
It, it fell out of my hands, in there,
on accident and...
Chicken pot.
-I knew you was gonna like it.
-You bullshitting.
No, I'm not.
I mean, they loving it.
-[whispers] They loving it.
-You bullshitting.
Man, you playing.
-No, I'm not, I'm telling-- Boy.
-I can tell when you're lying.
-No, I ain't lying.
-You serious?
Man, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?
Do you know how illegal this shit is?
-Aw, man.
-And you gonna jeopardize my name,
you gonna jeopardize our family name,
our restaurant, nigga.
Sasha's a cop.
And plus, kids eat that chicken.
I know, but...
But kids smoke the devil lettuce, too.
They gonna get it from somewhere.
-They gonna do what they wanna do.
-I don't know what to say.
People from all over town,
buying all kinds of--
I'm talking about six pieces.
Man, a dude came in here
the other day and bought a 24-piece.
Man... [sighs]
He came back.
I don't know what the fuck
you got clinking together
in your motherfucking head.
But I'm not
fucking with it, you understand?
This shit stops right here.
This shit stops.
Man, this is the dumbest shit
you ever did.
I done
a whole lotta other dumb shit.
Fuck you, man.
-Hey, nigga, I'mma kick your...
-Hey! Get off me.
Get off me. Get off--
-What are you two doing?
-[Sonny] Nothing.
He grabbed me,
he was thinking about grabbing me.
I've known you this long
and I'm tired of your asses already.
Now, look, I'mma talk
some shit to you, some real shit,
'cause apparently
that's how I got to speak to y'all.
If y'all can't pull your shit together,
I'm throwing both of y'all
the fuck up outta here.
-Man, I'm sorry, he started--
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no, no.
See, when I put that original badge away,
that mean I don't give a fuck.
Now, I need y'all to grab y'all nuts.
At least two of 'em.
A piece.
And act like men.
'Cause this is some real heavy shit.
We sorry.
You should be sorry,
your mother needs you right now.
Her condition is actually
a little worse than we expected.
What you mean?
I mean that, without surgery,
best case scenario,
she has two months.
Two months? Oh, man.
Shit. There ain't nothing to discuss,
we got, we gotta have the surgery.
Well, it's a little more
complicated than that.
The surgery costs $100,000.
We can get the money, 100 grand, we can...
Mom got insurance.
She got head to toe, full insurance.
Your mother's policy is not high enough
to cover the full costs of the surgery.
So in order to save my mother's life,
we gotta be able to afford it?
What's the insurance for?
Insurance be some bullshit sometimes.
Real shit.
-That's, that's crazy.
-Oh, man, so you saying
-that we can't afford...
-In that case they can't...
-...or my mother's dead?
-That's what they're trying to say.
Dead like a motherfucker.
I wish I had better news.
Me too.
-I'm sorry.
-[Dutch] Where's the head doctor at?
Ain't there nobody else
we can talk to other than you?
-I'm as high as it goes with this.
[slams wall] Crazy...
Listen, just use
all that strength that y'all got
that y'all be fighting with,
and, you know, stop acting
like niggas around this motherfucker
and just...[exhales]
And get together and just be together,
but don't hurt each other,
but pull together.
Strengthen yourselves.
And your black manhood
and put your... I know you can do it.
You, I can see it in your eyes,
and you...
[sighs] I don't see it in his eyes,
but I'm telling you,
if you work with him,
-you're gonna find it.
-[Sonny] Man...
Trust me about that,
I'm as upset as you are,
but go ahead
and just keep working with each other,
and, you know, listen,
as always,
I'm always here for you.
-[Dutch] Yeah...
-Like, if you need me, really call me.
Uh, I get it, I'll call you
on this. He got the last one.
'Cause he got the last time.
Call me if you...
[Dutch] Thank you.
[exhales heavily]
Hey, man, you know what we got to do.
No. No, I don't know shit.
What I do know, is I am not
feeling like getting mixed up
in this damn
felony chicken you talking about.
Man. We better than that.
I'm not.
Now, we're already doing it.
We've been trapping already.
Shit. Let's go hard.
Let's get this money for Mama's surgery.
I can't even believe
I'm considering this shit.
Oh, I'm considering it.
I ain't fooling with you.
-Hold up, listen, listen, listen.
-What? What?
If we do this, if we do this,
we gonna do it for Mama.
We'll do it for Mama, the surgery money,
and when we get it, we out.
We quit. And we got to
change the name of the chicken
so the kids can't buy it.
Okay. The kids not buying
and stuff, I'm with that.
But the stopping and quitting?
I'm going to the top.
You going to prison, nigga.
-Do you know that?
-See, I can't do this with you.
What the fuck are you saying?
Where you think you're going?
You is a trifling-ass man,
-I hate you for this.
-[Dutch chuckles]
That's the best rest she ever gonna get.
Look at her, man.
She high as... High as a mink coat, man.
-That's how you wanna see your mama?
-That's what we're trying to do.
[men speaking indistinctly]
[Sonny] I hated to admit it,
but Dutch was right.
We were gonna
have enough for Mama's surgery.
And it felt good to be on top again.
I mean, we had
everybody coming out, man. Everybody.
[all speaking indistinctly]
Eight hundred a week.
Everybody get money but, but you.
[continues indistinctly]
Get that temperature set correctly.
-Yes, sir.
-All right.
Hairnet, check.
Too many green beans in there.
Too many green beans in there.
Like I said, you know,
things are getting...
-What are you doing?
-Man, I'm handling business.
I've got some
important white folks on the line,
-I can't play with you right now.
-Listen, man.
What is this money doing
out here, man? You running a business.
This doesn't go out here, okay?
You're not in a Scarface movie, man.
This goes in the safe, Dutch.
Hey, put it in the thing.
[Dutch] Like I said, I ain't playing.
Cruise up in there,
you know what I'm saying?
Yo, hey man!
Your chicken made me
wanna come get more chicken, man.
Man, let me tell you something big, man.
Come on, walk with me, man.
We doing bigger than anybody, man.
I got that shit that killed John Wayne
in there, man. You know what I'm saying?
And that's all the girl's been
talking about.
How they've been coming back through, man.
-[Sasha chuckles]
So that's what all the fuss was about.
What do you think? We could,
we could do this
the rest of our lives, huh?
Mmm. [clicks tongue] If you're lucky.
-Although I'd prefer
not to do it in your childhood bedroom.
-Oh, you mean you don't like my twin bed?
[both laugh]
You hungry?
What? You gonna cook for me?
Well, I think I could
do a little something for you.
-You did a whole lotta something for me.
[chuckling] Shut up.
Mmm. Let's see
-if we can get you to do it again.
All right, beautiful.
Mmm, this looks good.
Let's see what we got here.
So what's the verdict?
-I'm about to come again.
I'm serious. What did you put in this?
Just a little tender love and care.
Mmm. That's some good tender love
and care.
-So maybe some seasoning salt
and some truffles.
-Some of that special juice.
-[indistinct arguing]
[yelling] Am I too motherfucking loud?
-It's early.
You early in the morning.
Hey, little bro, what's up?
Sorry to disturb you, man,
-we'll get outta your hair, you know?
-No, no, no.
Why don't you just join us,
we have plenty of food.
Oh. Yeah, please.
Come on, girl.
Girl, sit your ass down.
You wanna open
this motherfucking chair for me?
Please stay.
See, I told you, I'm a motherfucking lady
-and I am to be fucking treated as such.
-[Dutch grumbles]
You knew to open that chair, though.
-[Dutch] This is what I got to deal with.
[Dutch groans]
with some motherfucking manners.
-[clicks tongue]
-I don't know you though.
[chuckles] Um, I might have been
inside of Blazin' Jay's a few times
to break up a few fights.
-Yes, know that.
That's that little lady cop.
Who arrested
my homegirl Rhonda the other day,
-I don't like her.
-Come on, now,
don't start that shit in here,
-now don't do that.
-Shut your ass up.
Don't do that.
Anyways... Wow.
So you dating Sonny, I see.
-Yes, little brother.
-[snorts] That's crazy.
-Why is it crazy?
-[Dutch] Yeah, why?
Don't even pay attention
to that, let her be. She ain't...
'Cause she been always saying that...
He looks like Tevin Campbell,
that's what she saying.
-She liked the first album.
-[continues laughing]
I'm Ready, the first single that he had.
You need to be ready to shut the fuck up.
-Hey, will you calm down up in here.
-No, you calm the fuck down.
-...this motherfucker, man.
[Sherri] But, I mean,
you know, it's whatever.
I mean, I see it
though. He's a drug dealer.
-[Dutch] Hey.
-You arrest drug dealers.
-Girl, would you stop?
-No, for real, baby...
-What's wrong with you?
-I mean, like,
-this real Romeo and Juliet type shit.
-What the fuck is wrong with you?
[Sherri] Like, I'm here for it.
What the hell are you talking about?
There ain't no shame and no game, bitch,
'cause ain't nothing
like a motherfucking drug dealer, bitch.
They take care with the nails,
with the hair, motherfucker.
-[Dutch] Hey, relax.
-Wait, is she serious?
-[Dutch] Would you relax?
-[Sherri] Relax, what?
-She's obviously high.
-[Dutch] You tripping.
-Is she kidding?
-No, you need to stop...
-Relax, what?
-[Sherri] What did I tell you about...
-I can explain. Listen.
-You know what?
I'm good. No. No.
-[Sasha] You think that's funny?
-[both arguing]
-Babe, babe.
Man, what the fuck, man?
-Get this bitch outta here.
-[Sherri] Bitch?
-I'm sorry.
-You deserve each other.
You shut your ass up.
Who the fuck is you talking to?
-You tripping.
-That's the motherfucking problem.
No, you motherfucking tripping.
You walk around here,
looking like Lil Yachty.
Oh, but you
fucking this Yachty body, huh?
-You fucking the Yachty hottie, huh?
I'll go ask Angela Bassett,
that's what I got.
-Okay, I'm out. Fuck that shit.
-Oh yeah, you out? You out?
You out? You out?
Okay, listen. Sasha.
Wait a minute, listen.
I know what you thinking,
but, but I can explain.
What else is there to explain?
You're either a drug dealer or you're not.
No, wait, I'm not a drug dealer per se.
I don't sell drugs.
There is about
this much weed in the chicken, though.
Okay, but it's not
like that, though. I didn't have a choice.
Hey, listen. It's the only way
we can pay for Mom's surgery in time.
She would die without it.
-What was I supposed to do?
-Jesus, Sonny.
-I mean, what do you expect me to say?
I'm a cop.
Okay, I know. And you know
I'd never put you
in any jeopardy if it wasn't for this.
We almost got enough and I'm out. I swear.
-I just need a little more time.
-I can't do that.
What you saying?
I mean, I'm not gonna turn you in.
But I can't be with you anymore.
Sasha, wait. Listen.
Goodbye, Sonny.
Man, wait a minute. [sighs]
Hey, I wanna try
that new firebird special.
-Ten-piece coming up.
-A ten-piece?
Who is that for? The baby?
You better give me 15 and keep 'em cooking
unless they're turkey wings, all right?
I can eat three pieces by myself.
Bam! I'mma bad brotha on that chicken.
[indistinct chatter]
Here you go.
Okay, I got you.
And here you go.
And here's your diet soda.
Thank you, come again, now.
Aunt Carla's saying,
"Now, don't you go dyin' on me, bitch,
you know you owe me $250."
-I love that shit.
-[laughing] I don't owe her nothing.
Yeah, every penny's at...
She got so much
free chicken outta us, she owe us.
[Sonny laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
-[laughing] What you doing?
[21 Savage] Let me get 21 wings,
-21 drumsticks...
-21 biscuits,
-and 21 sweet teas.
Thank you.
[Sonny] And to make it even worse,
I get a call from my boss later that day,
talking about he needs me
in LA and can't wait any longer.
So I was forced to make a decision.
[club music playing]
-[Dutch laughing]
-Man, what are we doing here?
[Dutch] Man, you were
sitting around at home moping, man.
Shit, I said let's get a little turn up.
[laughing] What's great, P?
Man, this is not my idea of a good time.
[chuckles] Shit, yeah.
You'd rather be at home, boo'd up,
eating some chickpeas or some shit.
-Hey, hey, hey!
-If it weren't for your boo,
that's what I'd be doing right now.
[Dutch laughs]
-[waitress] Hey, fellas.
-[Dutch] Hey.
-What y'all having tonight?
-Uh, we're gonna get that rose
with two straws, you feel me?
Oh, no hell.
-I'm not sipping on no goddamn straw
-in no bottle with this nigga, man. No.
The hell is wrong with you. No.
-Aw, man, that's crazy.
Man, you my little brother, man.
-Cut that shit out, man.
-No, thank you.
Y'all having some food?
Uh, perch dinner.
Y'all got that perch dinner?
Baby, we do not want no food,
why are you playing with people?
Man, I like perch.
I like perch.
I don't even see how the hell
I let you drag me out here
-on a Monday night of all nights.
-You know what, bro?
You're really, really
starting to scare me right now.
-Oh, I'm scaring you?
-Yeah, you scaring me
-with how you acting.
-Oh. That's the scariest thing of all?
We getting money
right now, man, Mama gonna be fine, relax.
Have a good time. Lay back, man.
Any man in here
should be smiling right now.
All these bad bitches around here.
Hey, yo, bitch, what's up?
What the fuck is poppin'?
You tryin' to shake this vibe, what's up?
Okay, what's up, bitch? I seen you.
-Hey, bae.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-Y'all know each other from somewhere?
-Since Rice Street.
We was in motherfucking jail together,
that was my cell-mate.
Oh, y'all was in county,
y'all weren't in there bumping pussies?
[Sherri] Shut your ass up.
'Cause they...
That's what they do down in the county.
You are... I don't even
like your little yellow ass.
-You chokin'?
-Okay, okay.
-Unbutton that motherfucking top button.
-Okay, okay, relax.
Matter of fact,
what the fuck are we doing up here
bullshitting with this motherfucker,
we need to be in the motherfucking back.
Getting these
motherfucking lap dances, nigga.
I got the motherfucking stash in the bag.
Okay, for sure.
You ain't gotta say nothing,
you know I'm a veteran around here.
I been coming to Magic City
before it was magic.
Oh, hey, let's go. Let's do this.
Come on, man, let's get outta here.
[Sonny] I ain't going nowhere with y'all.
You deserve each other.
Miss Johnson?
[clicks tongue]
[indistinct chatter]
[Dutch] I wanna see your uterus
for my money.
[slurring] Let me get a couple,
another bottle of that...
Uh, uh, of that rose.
-[waitress] Are you sure about that?
I ain't trying to get you fucked up
if you can't afford all this shit, Dutch.
Girl, shut the fuck up,
have you seen my restaurant?
You bad 'cause you have
Chinese and Black, you Blackenese.
I've got the new wings,
come check out my new wings
with that new kush in it.
Yeah. That's my shit.
And it's guaranteed to get you fucked up,
while you're eating the wings
you're gonna want some more wings.
Let's get that money,
I'm the new Real KP.
I'm the new KP,
I'm the new KP.
Girl, watch that. Oh!
That ass is fatter
than a country boy's lunchbox.
I'm gonna cut your ass loose for this.
Shut your ass up.
Oh! Oh! Girl, you know...
Which hole did that air come out of?
'Cause I smell
a lobster bisque now, all of a sudden.
[Dutch] [shouting] KP!
-[KP] Howdy, fellas.
-[Dutch laughing]
-How you doing?
-What's up, brother?
So this is going to be
our last time, uh, re-up.
This is going to be
our last re-up. After tonight, we're done.
Hold, hold up. I thought you said
you was going to let me do the talking.
Oh, damn, I did say that.
Okay. Well now,
you can say whatever you wanna say.
-I'm done talking.
-So you fittin' to fuck this up?
-That's what you gonna do...
-You gonna fuck this up.
No, you're gonna
fuck it up, just like you always do.
You're lucky I'm here to help you.
You're welcome.
See? There you go again,
trying to save the day.
[both arguing indistinctly]
Hello? Excuse me.
[arguing indistinctly]
This is you, dude,
you know. You do this.
-I ain't getting that--
-Okay, okay, okay, huh?
Do you mind?
-[Sonny sighs]
-Now look,
I know about the secret ingredient.
-What's that...
-Man, ain't nobody... There you go, KP,
-ain't nobody did no secret ingredient.
-[Sonny speaking indistinctly]
Don't bullshit me, man. Don't bullshit me.
Man, I don't know about you...
All right, I may not be
the sharpest tool in the shed,
but I'd be willing to bet the farm
that that secret ingredient
is why business is booming.
-[Sonny] Whose business is booming?
-[Dutch] Wait, come on, what?
-Now you... Now you gonna tell me...
-Himalayan garlic.
-...that, yeah. We put...
-Okay, it's the Himalayan garlic.
...some weed into some sauce
and made it...
-[cell phone beeps]
-No. No, it's the Himalayan...
[Dutch on recording] Come check out
my new wings with that new kush in it.
-I got the new wings with the kush in it
and it's guaranteed
to get you fucked up...
-That ain't me.
-Let's get that money, I'm the new KP.
-That is not me.
-I'm the new KP.
-I'm the new...
-[cell phone beeps]
So here's what's gonna happen.
-[Sonny sighs]
-You're gonna keep
putting my weed in the chicken,
I'm gonna expand Blazin' Jay's,
and I'm gonna
rinse my money through the franchises.
I... I think it's a good idea.
No, no.
No, hell. Did you hear what I said?
I said we done.
[softly] Man.
That's what you... [chuckles]
You love your mother?
Well, of course...
Why is you asking me about my mother?
-Yeah, what are you doing?
-How did she like the flowers?
[Sonny] What flowers?
You two are gonna do
what the fuck I tell you to do.
-He just said something about Mama...
-Hey, man, come on.
[nurse] Excuse me, sir? Sir?
[Sonny] Mama.
Mama. Mama.
Hey, Mama. Mama.
-[screaming] What? What?
-[Dutch] Wake up.
-[Mama Jay panting]
-[heart monitor beeps]
-[Sonny] You okay?
I'm wonderful.
-[Sonny sighs]
Look, is somebody in here?
That man brought in some flowers.
-[Dutch] Huh?
-[Sonny] How it look?
-Fucking KP.
-He was cute.
[Sonny] He was...
[Mama Jay] What happening?
[Sonny] Nothing, Mama. Just rest.
You gotta woke me up?
Y'all be careful out there.
All right, Mama.
The fuck you done got us into, fool?
What, man?
Look, I told you not to
talk to that man like that, okay?
Will you grow up,
it don't matter how I talk to nobody.
You got us in bed with this maniac
and now he can get Mama killed.
Yeah, you right about that.
Look, little bro,
I did get us in some shit,
but I can get us out.
I can get us outta the trouble.
Man, you ain't never got outta trouble,
when you ever got outta trouble?
Give me an opportunity, man.
I'mma give you a chance,
just 'cause I ain't got no choice.
So I'mma just let you know
I have absolutely no confidence
in how you gonna handle this shit.
I wish I was the only kid.
[Mama Jay] Sasha?
-Mama Jay. [chuckles]
-[squeals happily]
How you doing?
Oh, Sasha, I haven't
seen you in a month of Sundays.
I know, it's been a minute. Here...
I wanted to come and check on you.
-Oh. That's so nice.
-I got you a card.
And petite. [chuckles]
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Oh, I have had just a lovely day.
Some cutie came by,
brought me all those flowers.
And now you are here.
Wow, these are some gorgeous flowers.
-Yes, yes, they are.
-Hmm. [clicks tongue]
You know, I just saw
Sonny and Dutch in the hallway.
-Is everything okay with them?
-Oh, who knows?
The two of them, [chuckles]
they're always fussing
-and playing and having fun.
-Hmm. [chuckles]
-And stuff.
-Yeah. And that's always them, so...
-[Mama Jay chuckles]
-[breathes deeply] Mmm-hmm.
You ain't spying on my boys, are you?
Mama Jay, come on.
-Of course not.
-How long you know me?
You know how much Sonny means to me.
-Oh, does he?
Uh-huh? Okay.
All we need is something to hold
over his head, then we can get rid of him.
Hey, man, I got a phone,
but I ain't trying to record
'cause I ain't no snitch.
Move your ass
right there under the cupboard.
You shittin' me?
That cabinet's too damn small.
Why don't you get Darryl's tiny ass
to go in there?
Because I brought
this big-ass gun with me.
Oh, no...
No, I can't.
Shut your ass up, nigga.
Stop trying to ditch
or I'll shoot myself.
[Larry] All right, here.
Thank you.
-We should've told him don't bring no gun.
[Goo] I can't believe
I'm over here with y'all.
What the hell did I bring this for
-if I ain't gonna use it?
-[Goo] [crying] My life...
[Darryl] I'll shoot his ass.
Boom! It's over.
No more KP.
It's some bullshit. [whimpering]
[Sonny whispering]
Now listen, you know the plan.
Now, I'm gonna do all the talking.
And I ain't gonna get right into it.
You know, I'mma ease into it
over time, so it ain't obvious.
Now you, what you got to do
is not try to help.
You just ask him stuff
from time to time, make it conversational.
-You good?
-Man, I know how to be professional.
-Don't tell me how to be professional.
-Just act natural.
-I know how to be natural.
-Now, just act natural.
Hey, what's going on, guys?
-[KP] Hey.
-[Sonny] How you gentlemen doing?
-How are you sir?
-[Sonny] So good of you to make it.
-This is the day the Lord is made.
-[Dutch] How are you guys?
-[Sonny] Buenos dias.
The weather is so nice today.
I mean, low participate...
Participation and, uh...
-[whispers] Precipitation.
-Precipertation coming from the south,
Doppler radar says something different.
But have you guys seen that thing
-with Donald Trump on the CNN...
-Hey, hey, hey, that's enough.
-Fuck is wrong with him, man?
-Nothing, nothing.
Nothing. Nothing wrong with Dutch,
Dutch all right, man, Dutch cool,
you know, he just probably
got in that chicken a little too much.
Speaking of which, hey look,
why don't you go
drop a fresh batch for our guests?
Man, I'm trying to be a professional.
-That's my professional thing.
-Man, you trying to fuck it up.
-Get going. [grumbles]
-[murmuring indistinctly]
-[KP] Wait, wait, hold up.
-[Juan] Hey, hold up, homies.
Before you do that,
phones please, gentlemen.
Oh, man.
Here, man.
-Trying to be professional.
-Man, get your ignorant ass back there.
Juan, make a sweep,
make sure everything's secure.
[whispering] Dutch. Dutch!
Now, I got to apologize
on behalf of my brother.
Went over there, had a little cocaine.
Can't help himself.
[KP] That what it is?
I got your ass, motherfucker. Mmm-hmm.
It's a great day to do business.
You called, said you wanted
to discuss business, here we is.
Let's sit down and get into it.
Let's discuss business...
Where you going?
Let's talk business.
Although I think you may have forgotten
a fundamental concept of our relationship.
I'll be running the meetings.
Have a seat.
[sighs] Okay, okay.
All right, no problem, brother.
If that's how you want it.
However you want it, man.
But you do know
that you have had your own relationship,
your own, you know,
your dealings with Dutch.
Not me. So now that I'm here,
it's time for us
to get to know each other.
-We should become acquainted.
-I agree.
So now you can just
go ahead and fill me in,
along, you know,
how much weed to put in the chicken.
Okay, uh, what kind of weed
to put in the chicken,
how much the weed cost,
you know, we're putting in the chicken,
uh, where the weed comes from, you know,
who grows the weed I put in the chicken
and what's the distribution process.
How do you get it here?
How do you get it here?
How do you get it here?
Now that's what we need to know.
See, I need to know what you know.
So when you ain't around,
I can do things the way you want it done.
-Do you get what I'm saying?
-Let's start from the beginning.
Yeah, that's how we...
That's how we gonna get there.
-Sounds good, but here's the thing.
I would never
tell a chef what herb to use,
or not use, for that matter.
That's not my job. That's...
I stay away from that kind of thing.
Oh, no, don't stay away
from it, you should get right into it.
I think the success of our relationship
kind of depends on that.
Yeah, you know I don't know
much about cooking, man, I just...
I like to stick
-with what my expertise is.
-[mouthing] Give me some chicken.
[KP] I just pay the bills.
[Sonny] I'm just asking
because the chicken
really helping Mama's pain, you know?
And, and I'm just wondering
how do you have such potent weed
with such a smooth high?
Okay, 'cause this
is helping your mama, I'll tell you this.
-[Dutch] Ah!
-Now listen...
Fresh batch of chicken
for you here there, boss.
-Yeah, great.
-Thank you so much.
No problem.
So now that we're partners, okay,
we need to get all the details laid out.
We was just saying that.
-Look, all you need to know...
-Mmm-hmm. I'm about to
make you both very rich men.
-Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
-All right?
My weed, your chicken,
and a bunch of franchises
means millions of dollars for all of us.
Well, say it then, brother.
Say it again, will you?
What was that?
-What was what?
-I don't hear nothing.
Somebody sneezed.
-Don't start that.
-I just got gas is all.
Go see who's hiding over there.
[Dutch] No, no, no, no.
Ain't nobody hiding over there.
-[Dutch] Oh, Lord.
What the hell is that?
It's going live. It's going live.
-What's he doing in here?
-[cell phone beeps]
Facebook live, I think I'm gonna die, man.
I'm caught up in this damn bathroom.
They already got Goo, Ma...
I love you.
Don't give anybody none of my shit.
Leave my cutlets right where it's at.
If Keisha come over there looking for it,
don't give her shit.
Don't give my baby mama shit.
Neither one of them.
I think I hear something.
[sighs] I'm going to pop
into Blazin' Jay's really quick.
Come on, Sash.
I'm just gonna stay in the car.
-[KP] I'm gonna whip you two up in here.
-Give me the fucking gun.
-Give me the fucking gun.
-Oh, fuck. You gonna have to think of it.
Cool. Cool. You all right?
-Go, go.
-Wait, wait.
-Get your fucking ass over there.
Now what the fuck did you think
you were gonna do with this?
You're gonna blackmail me?
-[Dutch] It ain't even like that, man.
You gonna show this to the police?
The police are on my fucking payroll.
I own the police.
-I don't know why you tripping, man.
-Chill out, man.
-Don't move.
-Hey, get down.
[Dutch] Sasha. Damn, girl, you cold.
-Oh, shit.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Nigga, shit.
Powers, what are you doing?
I got way too good of a thing
going on here, Sasha.
You sure as hell
ain't gonna get in the way of it.
-[gun fires]
[all screaming]
-Get off me.
[Sonny] Get your fucking nuts off me.
[Powers screaming]
You need to pay me, then like,
treat yourself like lottery.
I mean, 40 scrape marks on that...
You gonna hit the J
or you gonna hold it there?
[guns firing]
Oh, shit.
[all shouting indistinctly]
He knows I smoke, but there's an issue.
This shit wild.
-Violence is not the answer.
[gunshots continue]
Ain't nothing in this thing.
-I got her.
-You okay?
-[grunts] Yeah.
You got another clip?
I need another clip for this.
That gun don't take no fucking clips.
That's a revolver.
-How am I supposed to know that shit?
[Powers] They gotta be outta ammo, KP.
I guess this is it, man. I love you.
I love you too, bro.
I'm gonna tell them to shoot me first
so I don't have to see yours.
Selfish motherfucker.
Isn't this sweet?
One last family reunion for you boys, huh?
Wish Mama Jay herself was here.
-Come on, man.
-What the fuck you mean?
Speaking of your mama, what do you think
is gonna hurt her the most?
Both of you dead at the same time?
Or the fact they were killed
by a brave officer
who was avenging
the murder of his partner?
Come on, man.
-He's a hateful motherfucker.
-It ain't like that.
[both screaming]
-What the fuck?
He would just not shut the fuck up.
Oh, well, plenty of cops
in the sea, right? [chuckles]
[sighs] It's a damn shame
these brave officers busted you
and you all went down in a blaze of glory.
-[screams] No!
[siren wailing]
That's your ass now, motherfucker.
Drop the weapon.
Get your hands behind your head.
-Do it.
-Travis, what the fuck, man.
This is the fuck.
-All right.
-This is the whole motherfucking pickle.
We got caught, motherfucker,
putting the weed in the chicken,
serving it to the damn customers, bitch.
My baby's hot business about to go
in the hot flames, bitch.
Bitch, I heard they had a full shootout.
Like a cop-got-killed
type shootout. Okay?
-And they arrested them.
-Motherfucking good. 'Cause bitch... Hold.
Cut through it.
Come here. Who the motherfucking...
Man, will you get this lady off of me?
Can't believe bailed on me like that, bro.
If it wasn't for me, your mongoose-looking
ass be floating up in the Chattahoochee.
I'll be the one calling the police.
[indistinct conversation]
Hey, so Sonny,
sorry about your restaurant.
Ah, it's all right, babe.
Sometimes, we all need a fresh start.
-At least I got you.
Hey, man, when you get done with her,
I gotta ruiner injury.
Whatever you making
on this thing right here,
you can make it in the night.
I'm about to make your motherfucking teeth
in the night, my nigga.
What the fuck is you doing?
I was just trying to get them
antibiotics that you had asked me for.
-Girl, you actin' a fool around here.
-Get your motherfuckin' ass out the...
-Let's go. Let's go.
-Let go of me.
[KP] Hey, don't get too happy.
I got the Mayor on speed dial.
I'll be out by this afternoon!
[muffled] I'll be out this afternoon.
You probably will be.
No, we didn't get no evidence on him
after all that.
Hey, I didn't show you
the recording.
-That's my dick. All right. There you go.
-Oh, my God.
[KP] I'm about to
make you both very rich men.
How long was he recording?
Put this down. Put it down, man.
-You always showing people shit.
-What do you want?
-Get that video?
-You need the video?
Give him the video.
Give him that shit, bro.
[KP in video] My weed,
your chicken, and a bunch of franchises...
-How do you feel like?
-Good angle.
-Yeah, it's great angles.
-Millions of dollars...
-Well, you have a future in filmmaking.
-For all of us.
Yeah, we've been investigating
Mr. Philips for a long time
and this video is just what we needed
to bring him down.
There's one issue though, fellas.
-What's that?
-The video also...
It suggests that, uh,
both of you were selling weed
in your chicken.
[all] Oh, no, no.
-Look, look.
-You're not who we're after.
Oh, yeah. Okay.
This is all over the news right now.
And I can't make that just go away.
Somebody's gotta be held accountable.
Hold me accountable. Okay?
Tell the DA that Sonny ain't had
nothin' to do with it,
that it was all me. You know what I mean?
-No, man.
-No, big bro.
I'm gonna take the fall for you, man.
'Cause I've been around here
fucking up, man, you know.
You ain't have to fall for me 'cause...
-Anyway. But no. No. You can't do that.
-You know what I mean.
All right, look.
Given the circumstances,
you're gonna have to do some time but...
I'll see what I can do.
-That's what I'm talking about, man.
-All right?
Thank you.
-You a real nigga, man.
-Nothing gonna happen with my shop, right?
-You know this.
-The shop, man.
[upbeat music playing]
Finally in this bitch.
Man, don't let nothing happen
to this car, man. Please.
Man, ain't nobody gonna let nothing happen
to this raggedy motherfucker.
And don't let nobody steal my CDs.
Ain't nobody listening
to no CDs no more, man.
-[sharply inhales] One last one.
And if something happen to me in there,
tell my girl I love her.
Man, you got 90 days of rehab.
What the hell you think
gonna happen to you in here?
All right, man.
Somebody's sounding a little ungrateful.
I'm gonna do this just this one time.
Vanna White!
Hey, man. I really do appreciate
you doing this, bro.
-I love you.
-Love you too.
-Appreciate it.
-[stammers] This is for you.
Yeah, you need it.
-I'm gonna be strong up in there.
-Go and get yourself together, man.
-I'm gonna come out of here like this.
-Yeah, man!
-See ya 89 days, bro.
I love you.
[upbeat music playing]
[rap song playing]
[Sonny rapping]
In the end, everything turned out okay.
Mama got her surgery, and I did
end up running a restaurant in LA.
Uh, it may not be Michelin-rated,
but it's ours.
And I can't say enough about
their recreation out here in California.
-Hey! Hey!
-I'm home, bitches.
-Yeah, man, how you feel?
-Man, this is dope.
-Hey, man--
-Dutch! My other favorite son!
-Mama Jay!
-Look at you!
Woo! [laughing]
My boys. [laughs]
-Business is booming again.
-Man, it is. It's going down. I like this.
California's the place
for Blazin' Jays, baby.
-And I got a surprise for you.
-Oh, my goodness.
-They love this chicken.
-And guess what?
-That ain't it.
-Watch out now. Watch out now.
-[Dutch] Who is this?
-[Sonny] This you, baby.
-Beautiful, man.
-This is you, man.
-This is mine?
-Yes, sir.
-It's you, man. Welcome to LA, bro.
-Oh, my God.
Oh! Look who it is.
-All right.
-How you doin'?
-Hey, babe. What's up?
-Good to see you.
-Man, this is good to see you.
-[all laughing]
[Sonny] You gonna have to get
your own police lady.
Come on, you all, let's go
eat some more chicken.
Mama need her medicine.
[Dutch] Hey, listen, Mama, you know
how you get when you eat too much chicken?
[Mama Jay] You don't tell me what to do.
I take my belt off.
I'll get you all.
[cell phone ringing]
Sherri, girl. What's happening?
Have you ever been on a plane?
Well, I got tickets.
I got buddy fares, all kinds of shit.