The Treacherous (2015) Movie Script

Based on the true events
in the recorded history of Korea
1505 A.D. King Yeonsan-gun ordered
'Beauty Recruit Officers'
to bring him over 10,000 women
for his carnal desires,
which led to widespread anger
among the populace.
To understand how a king ruined his nation,
hear my tale.
It is the 10th year of his rule.
On the night of Blood Moon,
two men met the mother
of deposed Queen Yoon.
Through them the king obtained
a blood stained woman's clothing.
Is this really what my mother was wearing
when she was killed?
Your Highness!
The late king wanted to keep this a secret,
so I desired to take this to my grave...
So why bring it now?
An unknown party hired
an assassin to steal it!
By whom?
Half of the court tried to
dethrone the late Queen,
so we do not know who's behind the plot.
But we could not ignore
where this may lead to.
Who'd have thought,
a piece of clothing would
result in a blood bath.
Where did the enraged king first visit?
He killed his father's
2 resentful concubines
with his bare hands,
and iron mace.
Their bodies were torn up
and scattered in the mountain.
He also killed his grandmother
for slandering his mother,
and those who spread defaming rumors,
supporters of dethronement,
maids who transported the poison,
they were all mercilessly killed
by poison, decapitation,
and dismemberment into pieces.
Traitors' tombstones were destroyed,
their remains dug up
and smashed to smithereens,
eventually ending up as dust in the air.
Over 200 remains were fed to the pigs.
This killing spree became known as
the Second Literati Purge.
However, two men never stopped
laughing during the purge:
Minister IM Soong-jae,
and his father IM Sa-hong.
They were the most treacherous men alive.
What goes around comes around,
your bone dust may fly
in the wind one day...
Your Highness, we can't...
Don't move! I'm almost done.
This brush won't let go once in my hand.
Yes, Highness.
I believe all vicious weeds
have been uprooted.
Your resolve to eliminate them
has reached the heavens.
It wasn't my resolve alone,
your efforts paid off.
All done.
Come in!
Please sit.
It is quite a sight.
I just love this silver knife.
With the will of the taker against
the defender of chastity,
two innate desires in one...
It is simply magnificent.
I am honored, Your Highness.
I must reward you two for
your continuous sacrifices.
Hope you like it.
Your grief over the recent affairs
is clearly expressed.
What say you?
Vivid sensuality is enough
to arouse one's lust,
but their false expression
prevent it from reaching grace.
Then I must throw this out.
There is a way to elevate it.
IM Soong-jae
By claiming it as my own,
it'll not taint your reputation,
and it is a masterpiece
considering my limited talent.
You are something!
Did the king really bestow you this?
Don't you see my name on it?
Now, whoever mimics this pose the best,
will be awarded with this golden toad.
My Lord.
We only have one new addition today.
Is she not the one?
If you give me that drawing,
I'll show you something better.
I heard you check all the new girls.
Who could you be looking for?
I'm not sure, but you are
definitely not the one.
I heard you're the king's
most trusted confidant.
tonight, you are my king.
Then I shall show you how a king jests.
For every jar I empty, take off an article.
If I pass out before you're naked,
in addition to the drawing,
I'll bring you into the palace.
But if I win, you'll
walk the streets naked.
- Will you accept?
- Of course.
Hurry up.
That was the final drink.
- My Lord...
- Get on with it!
My Lord!
Please spare me!
Spare you? It was merely a jest!
I overstepped...
You sly devious whore!
- Strip all the way!
- What's going on?
Stop this at once!
The king's gift is an heirloom!
You must be joking.
That lewd drawing as an heirloom?
You ungrateful bastard!
How dare you!
Don't you know I got you reinstated?
Everyone out! At once!
After these two men
shook up the country,
streets were filled with criticisms.
The king left official duties behind
for carnal desires,
royal advices from
his ministers fell on deaf ears.
He turned a city
into a hunting ground...
The hunt for his populace
or animals has begun!
As his tyranny peaked,
this nation faced a crisis.
'We must call for an uprising,
that thrones a fair king
to replace the old!'
Today's hunt is starting off with a bang.
Let's go!
No need for tears.
Your life will change if he asks for you.
It's been a while since
us brothers went on a hunt.
Indeed, Your Highness.
Have you walked the streets
under a disguise lately?
Well, yes.
If I am preoccupied with official duties,
it is your duty to keep an ear
on the populace on my behalf.
Or are you holding something back?
What do you mean?
I am simply jesting!
You Highness, how about a friendly race?
Yes, that'd be fun!
Minister PARK!
Yes, Your Highness!
What should we bet?
I have nothing worthy
to bet, Your Highness.
You have your life.
Highness, you jest.
Don't worry.
Many will offer their necks in your stead.
How about we test their loyalty to you?
Your Highness!
Get the royal physician!
Physician! Physician!
I order you to exterminate
storks from our land at once.
Do you understand?
Yes, Your Highness!
The king began to suffer from
apparitions and insomnia,
it was said that this was
due to heavy blood loss.
It was unlike of Soong-jae
to miss this chance.
Your Highness.
How do you feel?
What do you think of the sun?
It is brilliantly radiant,
and all encompassing...
Just like Your Highness.
Then, like the sun, do I...
encompass all of Joseon?
If you grace women of
Joseon with your light,
it will rid of their shadows
and cure Your Highness.
What nonsense, when His Highness is ill.
There is no shame in
pursuing carnal desires.
I'll bring you a millennium of
pleasures for one night!
My baby.
It is my duty to select
the girls for the king.
I know my baby's taste the best.
I will handpick the girls
for my baby's liking,
so why don't you allow me...
I have plans,
so set your worries
aside, and help me sleep.
What plans?
Your Highness, Minister IM has arrived.
Let him in!
Just in time, I've been curious.
Here is the list of candidates.
They say your life flashes
before you when facing death.
Do you know what I saw at that moment?
I saw the look of those
who wished for my death.
I cannot forget the
anticipation on their faces.
They'll hide their teeth
and wait for their time.
If their teeth are hidden
behind their lips,
why not sew them shut for good?
I've been holding banquets
despite difficult circumstances,
to seek those who could bear me an heir.
I realized I should have searched farther.
Ergo, I order a nationwide
beauty recruiting.
They'll be called 'comforters',
and live up to that name.
Therefore, Minister IM Soong-jae,
and Minister of Defense IM Sa-hong
are given full royal authority
as 'Beauty Recruit Officers'!
We are eternally grateful, Your Highness.
It's a sunny place
and a prime spot to watch the sunset.
I was saving it for a gazebo,
but I hope you like it.
It's good enough for a palace!
Palace? Nice!
How would we solicit
to change king's orders?
We cannot accept this.
- Out of my way!
- Minister YU...
Consort JANG must be desperate.
But you didn't need to be so cold.
We cannot ignore her.
Thought the candidates
were chosen at random?
Those who looked down on us
will beg for their lives.
The strong gets to pick,
the weak gets picked.
One more drink, please?
- Come here, bitch!
- Minister PARK, it's not our room!
I didn't realize the loyal subjects
who work tirelessly for the
king's virility were here.
Excuse me.
As if all your scheming and
pimping weren't enough,
now you'll scrounge every
virgin for his pleasure?
Drink quietly.
Are you so desperate for power?
Is it today? Your sister's
death anniversary.
When the king frequented her
room, I was often by his side.
What I heard weren't screams, but moans.
So why the suicide?
IM Soong-jae!
How does it feel!
To know that you bow down to the man
who raped your sister?
May I have another?
Are you confident that
you can serve the king?
I have experienced men of all kinds,
from nobles, farmers,
butchers, to even thugs.
Any man with balls intact,
I can wrap him in my skirt
and suck his soul out.
How dare you compare the king to peasants!
But isn't the king
also a man?
Overconfidence aside, you'll do.
Glad that she's to your liking.
I cannot tolerate the two IM's anymore.
I must regain my power,
so take special care, Minister YU!
It's red!
One word out of the king,
the red flag is raised.
Show yourself! Show yourself to me!
The one who'll comfort the
king will become Comforters!
The one who'll cleanse him,
will be the Consort!
It's not a formal court affair.
So it won't be guaranteed whether
the king will grace her.
But ultimately she'll serve the king.
Let me go!
Daughters, wives, mistresses
were all requisitioned...
Wearing red uniform and taking girls away,
they were the grim reapers,
and not a single woman
was spotted on the street.
There are more than one way to find girls!
Oh no!
Your Majesty!
This young lady is destined to
become a queen!
Please stop.
Your Majesty!
- Come with us!
- Wait! Hold on!
So much chaos and shady deals.
One could not watch on without tearing up.
Virgins were marked red, while others blue.
The royal artist painted day and night,
turning teary faces into happy ones.
I think we have enough.
But the king will want
someone truly unique.
They are not enough to
win against the Consort.
If so...
there's one last place to visit.
Listen here.
Debt must be repaid with
money, what is this nonsense?
You moved up the deadline,
this was all I could muster.
So, didn't I say I'll void your debt
for a drink with your daughter.
Do you not understand?
I'll make her an orphan
and take her!
Who's this?
You haven't changed at all.
Your sharp tongue is
still the same.
Come in.
Father! Father!
Are you all right?
I heard you and my father were old friends.
We were indeed.
Time travels faster than an arrow.
I also heard you promised to
achieve greatness together!
Did we?
Well, it became difficult since
my father was dismissed.
You could've prevented his dismissal.
But instead, you spoke ill of him!
Bad move.
Mind if I take back?
Not at all!
Not a problem at all.
Look, I couldn't help him back then,
since I was too weak to
stand against the court.
There was no malice.
Please forgive me... Take my fortune!
Just look at her, she's my only daughter!
Minister, I have a lover!
A palanquin will come for
her, so have her ready.
Did you hear? Even Lord JO got raided.
Those scouts are no better than pirates.
They already took more
than ten thousand girls!
It's insane!
If I ever see one of those scouts,
I'll skin them alive!
Why aren't I recruited? I'm the fairest.
Shit, your face provokes violence in men.
Say what? You asshole!
Leaving already?
They'll begin soon.
Begin what?
Aren't you here for the show?
The world is in disarray, people
are driven into mountains,
and the hunger has forced
them to eat each other.
The enraged mountain god sent a tiger!
With the god's order, it
came to renounce the world,
but could not find any guilty men.
Why should people be guilty of poverty?
Corrupt officials behind high
walls are the guilty ones.
They deserve to die!
When the tiger could not
climb over the high wall,
it decided to become flesh
and blood of the peasants,
and help wreak havoc on the corrupted.
He saw her briefly.
Wide forehead, eyebrows
like weeping willow,
clear peacock eyes, sharp nose,
and lips like peach skin...
He knew he had found the one!
But... she was a meager butcher.
A butcher!
Look here!
May I help you?
Could you remove your hat?
It's no face for a noble.
Hey! It's him.
Fitting your title as the women hunter!
Going after a girl like a dog in heat!
How dare you talk to a noble like that!
I got no business with
you two, so get lost.
Let's go.
Who hired you?
Hire me?
You got it wrong.
I volunteer myself
to kick the shit out of you!
- Agree?
- Sure.
I got him good!
You bitch!
You bastard!
Feeling better, sir?
Are you hurt?
It's nothing.
Why did you follow me?
I once knew a sword dancer.
She had a unique hand gesture and steps.
Where did you learn that dance?
It came to me while working as a butcher.
Not from a teacher.
I see.
Sir, I have a favor to ask.
Could you...
recruit me?
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Is it because my hands
reek of animal blood?
At least you know.
But sir!
My father has a large debt.
So please...
Let go.
I will even...
offer myself to you.
Come on out!
Show your face!
I am Jung-hwa, Lord JO's daughter.
I'm back, father.
Good work.
- Let's go inside.
- Yes.
Over there!
What are you doing?
Nothing wrong with getting a little taste.
Hold still!
Do you wish to die?
She's a property of the king.
Spare me, sir!
Your father allowed it...
- You lie!
- It's true.
Was this your plan all along?
She'll be defiled at the palace,
it won't make a difference.
She's just paying for her father's crimes.
Will you give up your
power over petty grudge?
Makhana lotus flower blooms once a century.
She is the lotus I found!
It's too early to know
if she'll bloom or wither.
The path towards the king
won't be so smooth.
I was just startled.
A lowly butcher personating
a noble's daughter...
What are you really after?
Repaying my father's debt, that's all.
You chose to walk this path,
let's see how long you last.
Your Highness!
- Minister PARK reporting...
- Who dares to interrupt!
- Are they here?
- Yes, Your Highness.
Minister IM Sa-hong.
Minister IM Soong-jae.
We returned from our duties...
Okay! Good!
I've waited so long!
Good, raise your heads!
You'll eat Joseon's greatest delicacies
on gold plates to your heart's content.
You'll wear clothes of silk and satin,
we'll hold banquets on the
river, bathe in the valley,
hunt tigers together, and
make love every day...
However, if you miss your husband or lover,
or even think about escaping,
I'll behead you on the spot!
All right! I'll take you to our playground!
Let me introduce your peers!
This university is intended to educate...
Even Confucius said if you
disregard interaction,
you can't expect true growth, right?
There are strict code of
conduct between men and women.
I even brought your wife here.
So don't be so harsh.
How's our baby?
I found a wet nurse, so don't worry.
Until these comforters
become consorts,
they'll reside here,
and lower comforters will be
disciplined at nearby temples!
Yes, Your Highness!
This is unbearable.
Turning universities and temples
into comforter training camps!
This has gone too far and too long.
How long must we wait?
Who must we induct?
Who else? Prince Jinseong, of course.
Our time will come.
People's resentment is getting deeper.
Wake up!
Move faster! Hurry!
What makes an ideal woman?
Large mouth and clean teeth
that can envelop a manhood,
long black hair like silk
and slender ankles.
Satin-like skin and warm body temperature.
Full buttocks and thin bones!
And what makes a desirable vagina?
First, the opening should
be near the front.
Second, less pubic hair is best,
and must be thin and fair.
Third, it must always be warm and moist.
When it comes to size, it should be
just big enough to fit the king's manhood.
Sex positions all have one principle:
to achieve pure bliss
through proper contact.
How do you consider yourself
for the ultimate contact?
- Confucius said...
- With respect...
Aren't we just wet holes
for the king to fuck?
We're royal palace piss
pots, albeit the best kind.
Capable of taking any loads
from men of all ages and sorts.
We are like medicine.
Using our body to heal another.
That is the real contact.
Very good!
Whatever it may be, nobody
knows who among you
will become consorts
or discarded as slaves.
Contests and lectures will be held,
so do your absolute best.
Do you really believe you're a medicine?
I shall teach you how to be one.
How ridiculous, how ridiculous...
The king is a poet, so learn the metaphors.
He is a brilliant painter!
Use your body to express yourself.
Pierce the moon with your toes!
Raising your heels will
develop your pelvic muscles.
Cleaning with unbent knees
stimulates the uterus,
and tenderizes your inside.
Mix sulfur, gemmifera roots,
cornus fruit, and cnidium,
grind and sift them, then insert it.
It'll shrink your vagina and
make it more sensitive.
Mix 3 spoons of sulfur in
water and wash your privates.
It'll make it like a young girl's.
Who's there?
Do not flinch!
Feminine energy stems from lower abdomen.
After sensual Taoist trainings,
only two remained!
A butcher who hid her true self,
and a concubine who was
filled with deep jealousy.
Squeeze out the seeds
and don't spill a single drop.
Testicles are sensitive, only
use tongue to stimulate.
There are 6 intercourse guidelines.
Like a wet cloth, embrace him tightly.
Two, uterus must be warm.
Otherwise, there'll be vaginal discharge.
Upon insertion, tighten your vaginal walls.
When on top, gyrate your hips.
Moan seductively under him.
When you don't reach orgasm,
he may work too hard for it.
If he ejaculates too early,
it could only mean trouble.
- So you must climax hastily.
- It's all right.
It's not all right!
Do not forget these guidelines!
With everyone in one place,
it's like addressing the entire nation.
We're not worthy, Your Highness.
Pick a dish and introduce yourself.
I'm from deep valleys of Milyang.
Your southern accent will charm us all!
You're the Cutie.
I am...
Look at her!
I'll call you the Wimp.
The Elegant, the Beautiful, the Skilled...
The king inspected everyone very carefully,
but soon got bored of it,
and didn't even bother anymore.
That's her.
They say, a horse's penis
even gave Buddha an erection.
I am Seol, a Kaesong concubine.
With one glimpse, I can
tell you are special.
You are the Bewitcher.
Best of the bunch!
I'll see you in the palace soon.
Yes, Your Highness.
Anyone else?
That's inedible!
Stand up.
Where was this jewel found?
I'm Jung-hwa, Neungju Lord JO's daughter.
Do you know what you just ate?
It is heifer's uterus,
preserved with garlic,
a placenta dish.
It's my favorite dish.
How did it taste?
It was sorrowful.
Teardrops on a pillow,
raindrops on a step stone,
over the window, rain falls all night,
and a mother's jacket...
turns crimson.
A true diamond in the rough.
You are... the Master.
I am honored, Your Highness.
- Minister IM!
- Yes, Your Highness!
I want her in the palace right now!
- But it is not...
- Your Highness.
Good things come to those who wait.
You should observe until she's ripe.
If you so insist.
The fact is, I feel so empty and lonely.
Please rush the training.
Yes, Your Highness!
I never anticipated this contest,
but of all the girls, why her?
You see, it's unfolding as I've told you.
When I think of my life in
exile, while her father...
Do you think I'd hand
over such power to them?
Lord JO's daughter?
What a treacherous pair!
How could the IMs support a
daughter of their nemesis?
But I can see why he would support her.
Yes, there's something special about her,
even her scent is...
Minister YU!
Get it together!
My apologies!
From Neungju, right?
Find out more about her.
- Certainly.
- Right now!
You better up your game!
Looks like the butchering
gave you the edge.
But for an uneducated peasant,
how did you come up with such a poem?
Even a lowly girl has good taste buds,
I just tried to mimic what I learned.
As if in a dream,
a wave of realization came over him.
Her delicate hand gesture
startled his pupils,
and melted his frozen memories.
Can a father's crimes be inherited?
She was traitor Lord KIM
Il-son's daughter Dan-hee.
Your transfixion left you
ignorant to my presence.
My apologies, Your Highness.
As with last time,
you bring me many delights.
I'm not worthy, Your Highness.
I'll soon open a banquet
to test your training.
The winner will not only become my consort,
she'll receive a large sum of gold...
When I am in the palace,
even a million gold coins hold no value.
Then what'd make you happy?
This sword knows the answer,
but how could you not?
Minister IM!
Soong-jae! Come at once!
Right away!
- Let's play a game!
- Yes, Your Highness.
Come, you adorable things!
Did you notice the way the
king looked at Jung-hwa?
What do you mean?
We must change our way of thinking.
Consort JANG's girl is
no ordinary candidate.
We can't lose this to JANG.
Rush the liquor serving training
so Jung-hwa can move up.
She is still far from ready.
If we rush this before she's ready...
Do you still not know the king?
He'll suck her dry and throw her out,
it's better to send her in early,
and bring about a new change.
Must Minister YU do this?
Sit down!
Imagine him as the king,
and entice him with drinks.
Go on!
Hear ye!
Must I be humiliated by a worthless pussy?
Maybe you don't look like the king.
Remove her at once.
SEOL is up next!
May I
offer you a precious view?
Your Highness, what do you see?
It is a featherless quail!
Your Highness!
Now what do you see?
It is pink, and wet, like a ripe persimmon.
I shall tell you what it is.
What a strange sight,
what a bold sight!
Like a mouth of an old monk,
so bald and toothless!
Like a valley shaped
by centuries of rain
Like a groove in the wood,
made by a sharp axe
Like an oasis, it is
always wet and flowing
Like an abalone waggling its tongue
Like a large seed inside
a dried persimmon
Like a proud rooster with
bright comb on its head
An abalone, a persimmon,
a rooster and water!
It's a magnificent feast!
I told you to treat him like the king!
I've made a grave mistake.
JO Jung-hwa is next!
Minister, we aren't here
to save appearances.
May I suggest one of
the king's favorite plays?
Will you accept?
For every drink I down,
take an article off.
If I pass out before you're naked, you win.
If I still stand, your body is mine.
This is not appropriate, please retract.
I didn't realize you could be
so easily offended.
Please continue.
Have you heard of a nut-cruncher?
What is it?
It is an old method
to tame bulls and hogs.
A bull's hormones cause it
to behave aggressively,
so it is better to castrate it
when the time comes.
It is just a hunk of meat,
there's no use for the sack.
It's a repulsive sack of skin,
it's better off gone!
You bitch!
Even if you are a king,
you must treat a lady fairly.
You're no different than
animals with testicles.
Please stop.
If you can't even endure this,
how will you bed the king?
You'd better just quit.
I'll try again.
Murderous intent will blunt your moves.
Have you fallen for her?
If you take a king's plaything,
3 generations will perish!
We are grooming is a beast, not king.
When we scratch its itch,
we're rewarded handsomely.
Once that stops, the beast
will swallow us whole!
Eliminate useless feelings.
Empty your mind!
Do you really intend to have me bed him?
Are you training me,
or showing me that you're jealous?
You asked me if I consider
myself as medicine.
And what it treats.
I'll answer you now.
I am medicine prescribed to you.
But your feelings for me defies the king.
Is your daughter still sick?
She's... recovering.
But I just don't see her around anymore.
Let's be frank.
You've gone too far this time.
What do you mean?
The king's tastes are rather unique.
Why is he attracted to whores or butchers?
Perhaps a tyrant and butcher
are a match made in heaven.
Hurry up and get ready!
Good afternoon, sir.
Looking for this?
Why is it so sharp?
Just best prepared for the performance.
That's it...
So fair...
Come on. Come at me!
Protect the king!
Your Highness!
Protect him!
Protect His Highness!
Your Highness!
Take him out of here!
It's poison-laced!
A rare poison used in China.
This is the antidote, treat him.
How did you get this?
We're on the same boat now, understood?
Was that really necessary?
How can I watch a butcher bed the king?
Plus, she must have been scheming.
It had to be done.
Did you...
know who she really was?
You pathetic idiot! Haven't I warned you?
You can't give everything
up over petty feelings!
Petty feelings?
I am not incompetent like you.
Obedience and flattery
will not work forever.
Why you!
When mother committed suicide during exile,
you did nothing but watch.
- Shut your mouth!
- I'm not like you!
I have the power over the king!
Because I am king above the king!
Shut up!
Keep quiet and watch how I do it.
What would you threaten me with?
Forgot what you really
gave the king that night?
Will you betray your father over a girl?
Like father, like son.
Like a father who gave
up his family for power!
The assassin's already dead,
and no clue whatsoever.
How will you conclude this matter?
Since you favor Jung-hwa,
other comforters may
have instigated this...
This is treason.
How dare you!
In king's presence!
Do you really believe that?
Your Highness, this has to be treason!
What of your reputation
if your life was at risk over
mere comforters' jealousy?
You must wipe out your
enemies with this chance.
Who knows?
The real perpetrator may be among them.
Bring out the daughters of traitors!
This is unfair. Please save me.
Rash behavior will be met with discipline.
Get up!
Drag her out!
My father obtained this poison from China.
With enough dosage,
it could lead to death.
During exile, my mother didn't
want to burden my father,
so she drank this.
We obtained power that way,
so we ended up like this.
I've told you everything,
now it's your turn.
Why did you attempt to kill the king?
- What do you mean?
- I knew Lord KIM Il-son.
He was a respected official
and an upright man.
He was executed for criticizing the king.
Please stop.
- His remains must be...
- Stop!
You do not deserve to utter his name.
You must give up your revenge plot.
It's all pointless.
For a power chaser,
it's all pointless to you.
I will stop you.
If you do, you will lose your life.
I will use all my power
to get you out.
IM Soong-jae.
Is that power...
really yours?
This is unjust!
Minister IM has arrived!
Minister! Minister!
Please save me!
This is unfair!
Should have been careful, Minister YU!
For Consort JANG's sake,
I'll let you keep your neck,
so sit back and rest.
You are all wives and daughters
of those who plotted my death!
You'll be punished accordingly!
Have mercy, Your Highness!
But you may be pardoned
at today's shooting ceremony.
And I will accept you back
as my comforters.
We're eternally grateful!
Prime Minister's daughter!
Come forward!
Come here.
I'll aim, you just let the arrow loose.
Yes, Your Highness.
Father! Father!
Heaven's wrath...
Remove her! Next!
If you look away, you'll be flagged!
Let the game begin.
He embraced the comforters
and fired the arrows.
Left! Right! All direct hits,
the girls shed tears of blood.
A twisted celebration!
He danced and jumped in joy,
it was a gruesome
sight to behold!
He's not it!
He's not what?
That man is not my husband.
You were mine all along, Your Highness.
How will you prove it?
If he's not your husband,
then he should die.
Don't move!
Your Highness!
Come on!
Do it!
Tear her into pieces,
and feed her to the pigs!
Soong-jae, the mood is ruined.
Your Highness...
So many rejects.
Those who are called
are the contest rejects.
You'll be reassigned or become slaves!
HAN Ja-soon, HYE Dang-hwa,
HYANG Il-hwa, SO Hyang,
SEOL, and JO Jung-hwa.
What is it?
Suffering such humiliation
over a butcher girl.
What a pity.
Stupid whore.
Please ask Consort JANG and put me back in.
You want to be back in the contest?
Rumor says, a traitor's
daughter is a comforter.
She was put in that place
by someone high up.
Your Highness, may your
loyal subject speak?
Yes, what is it?
The contest may be ruined,
but a winner must be decided.
And she must fulfill her duty.
What should I do?
Result is important, but so is the process.
I asked the head trainer to
recommend the best one.
But, she came up with two names instead.
Two names?
Then pit them against each other.
Ergo, I had them brought here.
Bring them in!
All right, show your faces.
Your Highness!
They no longer have any right to compete.
They've poured their
souls into the contest,
and had been outstanding candidates,
so if they're deprived of their chance,
how can we say that
we're selecting the best?
- Your Highness!
- Enough!
I was sorry to let them go.
Let's have a final match!
Yes, Your Highness.
- You're a schemer!
- Why're you so enraged?
It's not like she'll die in his bed.
Or can you not love someone
tainted by the king?
Must you be so cruel?
No matter what, you can't have her.
She has no feelings for you.
Why not just take her?
That's more like you.
Love isn't your style.
I will set you straight,
even if I have to kill you!
I'll look forward to it, my Lord.
Use the hidden silver knife, no mistake.
Minister, you can't come in!
I heard the rules, so don't worry...
So you'll do it at all cost?
Life itself is prison for me.
I'll take whatever punishment.
Fine, if that's your wish.
This is the final lesson. Strip.
- Lord!
- It's an order!
Lose, you'll die, win, you won't survive.
If you so desire to die, listen carefully.
Remember this sensation with your body.
Be aroused first, and you lose.
Not aroused, you lose.
Control your own senses,
and you become the best.
It's not too late.
Give it up and leave at once.
Do you still entertain such futile hope?
I promised never to get you killed.
Fate played tricks on us.
I owe you nothing.
Such warmth from a cold heart.
Even if my body isn't,
my heart is frozen solid.
I will have you and melt your heart.
Even if it does beat,
I will not become yours.
Tell me, that you'll stop.
Just tell me.
Prove it with your life,
then I will say it.
Most desirable woman would
seduce with her scent...
I'm bored.
One cannot claim to be the best
by killing a few soldiers.
One must defeat the enemy general.
A tiger and a phoenix.
Seduce each other before me.
I will award the winner with
the loser's pretty head.
Your Highness, this is against nature.
Look at their eyes and say that.
We've forbid any contact
between comforters...
Must I cut off your tongue?
Good, very good.
That's it!
So Soong-jae trained Jung-hwa?
I did everything possible
for your pleasure.
So, is it SEOL?
Get into it!
That's right.
Bit more.
Don't stay still.
That's right!
Jung-hwa this time?
Jung-hwa, concentrate!
Very good!
Oh come on.
Flip over, flip!
Don't lose, keep going!
Seek your chance!
Keep going, harder!
Keep moving, go on!
It's not over! Go on!
Concentrate! Keep going!
We're almost there!
Try harder. Harder.
Tired already?
Unable to finish without an instrument?
It is pitiful and desperate.
A struggle towards the sun.
Venting with a dagger in hand.
The dragon's hand swings ferociously,
and the snake's tongue remains silent.
This is what I've been waiting for!
Be aroused first, you lose,
not aroused, you still lose.
Control your own senses,
and you become the best.
That's it!
I'm dead, I'll lose my head!
Move aside.
Didn't you promise me a pretty head?
And I'm fulfilling that now.
Let the girl go.
But she won't be pretty if dead.
A true Makhana lotus!
Your Highness...
Make SEOL her slave and
I'll bed the winner tomorrow.
Let's go another round.
Delicate flower, with its crimson radiance,
greets the young east forgetting to bloom.
Is the sky dark blinded by madness?
Or is the sky turned dark by a bleak mind?
My old friend.
You still got it.
You're too generous.
Now, as promised, let's hear your request.
Please select another girl
as your new consort.
Are you in love with her?
Do you remember when we were young?
I did everything you told me to do.
Even if it wasn't fit for a boy.
Yes, we were close as these balls.
So I beg of you, give her to me!
How dare you!
Coveting a king's property
is punishable by death!
Answer me this.
Do you desire her at the risk of your life?
Do you also believe I'm mad?
No sane man can live through
this turbulent age.
Turbulent age?
My madness has turned the sky black!
Will you stop me?
Even after deflowering thousands,
the ghosts of the dead won't leave me!
I've gone utterly insane!
Life is like dew on grass leaves...
Go on.
Please stop me.
Your Majesty, kill me instead!
No, no!
How can I kill a loyal subject?
You couldn't fulfill your duty
due to my lack of virtue!
Stop me...
Please! Please!
Your Highness!
Let go!
Your Majesty!
Who dared to bother my little baby.
My baby.
Rest easy in mommy's bosom.
That's it, everything's all right.
I'll take care of him, leave us now.
It is time, my lady.
I'm here for the new consort.
This was the only way to save you.
The boat will depart soon,
don't ever come back.
But how...
It was her request.
Are you ready?
Make no mistake.
We cannot miss this chance.
If you hear the signal, kill everyone.
Even the new consort.
I've waited long for this moment.
I too felt the same.
Your Highness!
Before you can have me,
you must solve a riddle.
A riddle?
Go on then.
It normally floats, but sinks at times.
You have 3 chances to solve it.
Stop right there!
Floats but sinks?
Can a man ride it?
You're close.
A horse?
Your Highness! You really don't know?
Or a palanquin?
One last chance, what is your answer?
It's a boat!
It normally floats, but
sinks in harsh waters.
I shall ride you, you're my boat today!
Unfortunately, you're wrong.
It keeps a boat afloat or sinks it.
It is water.
It is said, the people is
water, the king is the boat.
You're the boat that the
water will sink today!
Sly bitch...
Your Highness! Are you all right?
Who hired you?
The king is not fit to rule,
so I did what anyone'd do.
Bring him in.
Lord JO, is this your daughter?
Spare me, Your Highness.
Minister IM...
Please speak on my behalf!
How could we...
My lady, glad to see you alive.
You there, is this your daughter?
No better than a mad butcher!
Get a grip!
Here it is, Your Highness.
This was hard to find.
I'll ask for the last time.
Is she your daughter?
Lord KIM ll-son!
Why are you silent?
So disloyal!
Why isn't anyone answering me!
Why! Why?
You are pathetic.
Surrounded by pigs
busy stuffing themselves,
with your eyes and ears shut,
who'll tell you the truth?
What is the truth you're
so desperate to tell?
Go on, tell me.
Become a human, if not a king.
Is this a masterpiece or
should I put your name on it?
I am solely to be blamed
for my son's faults.
Please take my life and forgive him!
How can I forgive anyone, when I can't even
recognize my mother's belongings?
Remember this? A symbol
of our relationship.
Without this, I'd still be a
plaything for her enemies.
So let me ask, why'd you bring me this?
I was sincerely looking
after your well-being...
My well-being?
I used it to solidify my throne,
and you regained power.
Your sincerity is noted.
So can I throw it away now?
Your Highness!
But it's your mother's article!
It's my mother's, so why do you care?
The late king worried
about seeds of trouble,
so any articles that belonged to the queen
were all destroyed.
Did you really took me for a fool?
The late queen was indeed
killed by conspiracy...
I'll ask again!
When a king makes an error,
should his subjects object,
or should they comply for
the fear of their lives?
A loyal subject should...
Pandering to my needs,
regardless of its consequences,
you're a treacherous subject!
You blinded me with flattery,
you're a traitor who ruined this nation!
Your Highness! Please take my life!
No loyal servants exist in my court,
only faithful dogs.
But a dog should not be
put down over one bite.
What an interesting family.
A father, who offered
his own wife's keepsake,
and his son, who offered his lover.
What will you do for me now?
Can you bring me paint for the drawing?
Get out.
Do it.
I've no reason to live...
Yes, this is it.
This is my reward to you,
so retain your loyalty.
I'm eternally grateful.
And recruit for the next
group of comforters.
No mistakes this time.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Dying in your hand will be an honor.
She'll be taken out of the palace.
Treat her well.
That is the reason why I kept you alive.
This was your sister's,
and the only detachable
one from the screen.
I'd have used it too,
to avenge a sister who
met a shameful death.
Shouldn't have trusted a whore.
Care for an amusement?
When blood river soaks the dry land,
old boat's clamors shake the world!
Cowardly boatman!
Seize the moment to build a new boat!
Treacherous words from
a treacherous subject.
Round everyone up!
Close the door, another purge is coming!
Hide yourself, they'll take you away!
You are all pigs!
Fattened up on the king's lands,
and offered back to the king!
That is the very reason of your life!
Peasant blood and sweat
fueled the king's madness,
it knew no boundary.
If the screams of his populace
don't stop his dance,
he must be stopped at any cost.
When IM returns with new comforters,
public's rage will be at its limit,
we'll start the rebellion.
You bastards! Heaven will judge you.
Go to hell, you bastards!
Don't you have family?
How is she?
She's a stubborn one.
Why is everyone so desperate to die?
I've returned from duty, Your Highness.
Where is everyone?
Due to long travel, I've
allowed them to rest.
But I should at least greet them!
They will look better when they are rested.
All right, I can wait a night.
You must also be tired, so rest up.
Go now. Take a rest.
Thank you, Your Highness.
Anyone there?
Yes, Your Highness, are you all right?
They should all be rested, right?
Pardon me?
I wish to see the comforters now.
But I must alert the security guards...
You can be my security detail!
Get ready at once!
Your Highness, Minister IM is here.
If you had everything ready,
you should've told me before I got drunk.
Forgive me.
I was too conscious of others.
It's okay, very good.
Everyone's so afraid of me,
always, 'Your Highness!'
Shut the hell up!
Damn it!
- Soong-jae!
- Yes, bud!
Let's have some real fun,
like we did as kids!
Soong-jae, where is everyone?
What's going on? Don't joke around!
Do you remember?
The girl role play, that you liked?
Now, you take the role
that I always had to play.
You must be mad!
If you want it intact, hide it.
What's going on?
- My Lord!
- What happened?
Don't be upset over the past.
I understand, I'll forget about this.
So sheath your sword.
Sheath your sword!
The world will be better off without it.
Fine, fine.
You think I won't do it?
I will...
Your Majesty!
Yes, Lord!
How dare you look at me that way!
Contempt for the king won't go unpunished!
I only see a murderer,
so where is the king?
Do you still feel inferior
for your mother's passing?
Since you love blood so much, how fitting!
Why are you doing this?
Evil wins power, so all
desire to be more evil.
It's the source of our tragedy,
and what tortures your soul!
I shall uproot it.
Even if I die, you can't take my place!
Friend! Evil is replaced by a greater evil.
You underestimate me!
Your Highness.
I'll bring out the comforters,
and leave you be.
Pale skin, full buttocks, sharp nose tip.
They fit your taste,
so please fulfill your duty as a king.
You bastard!
Stop right there!
Is anyone outside?
Let's go!
Do not back down!
We must take the palace!
Minister YU, you brought reinforcement.
We can't last very long this way.
Still no orders from the king?
He's nowhere to be found.
The palace gate is open!
What took you so long?
I want nothing more than
to save this country!
I heard that fox Soong-jae visited you.
How can you lead the
uprising with his help?
And, I know I'm late to the party,
but reserve me a spot in the court.
IM Soong-jae!
Are you not afraid of the heavens?
Do you not know who I am?
Of course we do!
A former concubine, who
feeds off the populace,
you're just a temptress who fueled tyranny!
Take her out!
You're just a pathetic pawn!
I was a loyal subject...
Die, you bitch!
Do it! I can't endure more shame!
You've done so much harm,
you call this shame?
It wouldn't be enough to rip you to shreds!
What are you waiting for? Kill me!
Did you think you could
redeem yourself this way?
I too have blood on my hands,
how am I any different from the mad king?
If you could at least laugh at me...
Stay alive.
Your sins will not wash away so easily.
Survive and live to undo all your wrongs.
Undo everything.
Majesty, I'll take care
of her, please stay back!
Your Highness!
Why're you wearing the king's robe?
I am playing my part as
the treacherous subject.
What have you done to deserve it?
A hero is a nobody during peace,
and a moral man is useless
on the battlefield.
What's the difference?
No, my son.
It's not too late.
Where did you hide the king?
We should kill him first!
Power cannot be contained.
Like you said, we can build a higher levee!
Have you gone blind?
You're the blind one!
I know you started
everything for that bitch!
Move aside, I'll kill her
and bring you back!
This is the only way for me as your son.
No, no, please!
Please no! Please!
You can't! Please!
No! No!
Soong-jae, my son!
For upholding tyranny, creating a mad king,
blinding you with power,
being a terrible son,
I'll pay for it all.
No, you have to live!
How can I face your mother
if you die like this?
- No, please!
- Fools...
How did you not know?
You destroyed both of us.
We could have accomplished
so much together.
I thought we had the dragon
but it's only 2 vipers.
Drinking bud,
it will only end by taking my life, right?
Do you have a last wish?
Take that whore, and send her far away.
She's rather irritating.
Do you have any regrets?
I had the king and the
world at my fingertips.
I had my share of the world.
Your vile reputation
will last a millennium.
The king is not here, move out!
Rest easy now.
Do you also covet my comforters?
Go on and take them.
The pigs had the last laugh!
1506 A.D. After Joseon's first uprising,
The Beauty Recruits perished
With King Yeonsan-gun.
Those who led the reform soon became
the new treacherous subjects.
Not quite civil officers,
but more than a concubine.
Not quite selection process,
but exercising power that was given.
How could I best explain this?
So what happened to the
mad king in the end?
Haven't you been listening?
His sexual appetite got him banished,
so comforters were what got him killed!
Good riddance!
Tell us once more about how the
treacherous IMs were killed!
The IMs tried to help a concubine,
and the two were found in ashes.
Do that to me too!
Their ashes were spitted on,
and they deserved the
worst fate in the world.
If your drinks are empty, get going!
It's here! It's starting!
It is 3 years into the era of tyranny,
the two IMs were up to no good,
so desperate to get on
the king's good side,
can't just let this cruelty continue!
The enraged mountain god sent a tiger!
I'm gonna hurt my back!
Empty your pockets!
It searched the world for deluded subjects,
It searched and searched
but could not find them.
Hidden behind a human mask,
can't tell what's in his heart.
All right, feed on my body,
and if you're a good man,
I'll strengthen your body,
or I'll become poison and kill you.
I found you!