The Tree That Saved Christmas (2014) Movie Script

Molly, slow down!
[LAUGHING] I'm flying!
Wait up! [GIGGLING]
Are we there yet?
Uh, almost. Keep going.
We came all the way
up here for that?
It looks like a Charlie
brown Christmas tree.
She needs our love, Lucas.
What's so special about this one?
Someday, she's going to be the biggest,
most beautiful tree in the forest.
Why did you bring your guitar?
Music helps her grow.
Have you named it yet? Not "it."
She's a girl tree? Of course.
I mean, well, just look at her.
Why don't we call
her Molly's tree?
Molly's tree.
Sign the final page there...
And now we need
one more duplicate.
When I think of all the
trees that were sacrificed
to make all this paper...
think about how all this paper
is going to buy you another
200 acres of farmland, Gordon.
We're going to pay off this
loan as soon as we can, Elliot.
That's our plan.
Of course you are.
Sign here.
Initial here.
Is that one of Lucas's?
His mother made me bring it
down, put it in the office.
It's beautiful.
He's very talented.
He should be outside playing football,
not holed up in a darkroom somewhere.
I suppose you have the
same problem with Molly.
No. We're very proud of
everything Molly does.
She wants to be a
writer, doesn't she?
She's the brightest
kid in her class.
She could be a school
teacher or a nurse.
These kids with their
pretentious aspirations.
They're just children, Elliot.
Yeah. Right.
Ah, one last signature,
and we're done.
I hope we're not
making a mistake.
You're just doing what
your father did, Gordon.
Every generation
expanded the farm.
If you follow your heart,
you can't go wrong.
Come on, let's celebrate.
Merry Christmas!
What are you working on, honey?
Every tree has a story to tell.
You know that.
What about this one?
What's this tree's story?
Well... Maybe...
It's going to go to a family who doesn't
have enough money to celebrate Christmas.
A priest from their church
will buy it for them
and leave it at their
doorstep as a surprise.
It's gonna be their
best Christmas ever.
Where in the world do you
come up with this stuff?
Lucas and I are going to
move to New York City.
He's going to take pictures of skyscrapers,
and I'm going to write stories about...
About everything!
Mom, where's dad?
Up on the Ridge route.
You have to take me up
there, right now!
They're making room
for the healthy trees.
It's not right!
If your father doesn't do it,
they'll be a lightning
strike or a fire.
That's the law of the forest.
That's a fake grown-up
law, and you know it.
You know what, you are right.
Let's go.
Molly! Molly!
Wait! Molly, wait up! Molly!
- [GORDON]: Molly!
- Gordon! -Molly!
No! No!
Molly, sweetie, what are you doing?
That's a running saw.
Listen... that's my tree.
You can't cut her down.
Leave her alone.
We have to cut it down.
I mean, it's not going to make it.
That's a girl tree.
Her name's Molly.
This is part of the job.
If we take her,
we give all the other trees
a fighting chance. But she deserves a
fighting chance just like everybody else.
I'm afraid we're just too late.
It would take a miracle
to save that tree.
Then make a miracle, daddy.
You can do it.
Oh, Gordon,
isn't there something you can do?
Lots of it.
Tons, yeah.
There we go.
this tree will have
a story to tell.
[YELPS] Ugh!
Ew... Really?
Uh... Hello!
Yes. Oh, yes, sir.
I will be there a.S.A.P.
Yup, I am on my way.
Good morning, Tara.
He's screaming for the bradbury file.
[SIGHS] I was just
grabbing some lunch. Lunch?
It was fast food.
Not fast enough.
Ms. Logan?
Sir, you were asking for the
bradbury acquisition file?
I have something
far more pressing.
Something you're
better suited for.
Um, these are
Christmas wish lists.
Get my girls
everything they want.
Have it gift wrapped, with
cards, you know what to do.
Isn't this something you
might want to do yourself?
And I need you to run
dinner over tonight.
The cook's down with the flu.
'Tis the season.
I actually have my
writers' group tonight.
It's really important to me...
And while you're Christmas shopping, pick
something out for yourself.
Excuse me?
Whatever you like, within reason.
And get something for Tara.
Inexpensive perfume.
She reeks of it.
Lord Voldemort letting
you go home early?
That'll be the day. Right?
You must be so
excited about tonight?
I spent months on that short story,
and now it's going back on the shelf.
Oh, no!
Well... What is it this time?
Christmas shopping for
Victoria and Sofia.
You know, I took this job, thinking
that I would be reading manuscripts
and writing story reports.
And the only writing
I do these days
is penning sick notes
for his girls at school.
This is what an Ivy
league education buys us.
Be proud, at least he gave
you the shopping assignment,
and you're the new girl.
Do you think anyone ever called j.K.
the "new girl." J.K. Rowling was
practically homeless before "Harry Potter."
At least you have a job.
Good point.
See you later.
I'm starved.
Did you get mushu?
Let's go.
Thank you.
Well, you might want two.
Oh, you can use a fork.
No, I want to do it like you.
Okay, like... like this.
Can you stay over tonight?
We could have a slumber party.
We don't have school tomorrow.
Uh, well,
I actually still have a few errands
I have to do for your
father, but you know what,
Carolyn's going to take over at 7:00.
We hate Carolyn.
Her breath smells like mothballs
and she's always wearing men's shoes.
She's a good sitter, you guys.
I wish you could live here.
Did you bring any
of your stories?
What happened?
Read one! Please?
We love your stories.
My dad always says the first
sentence is the most important.
All right,
but just the first sentence.
"Though she had no wings, "she knew in
her heart "that if she had the courage,
she could fly."
You guys are an easy audience.
I need to talk to you.
Bring the calendars.
Confirm the holiday guest
list with the party planner.
He'll be decorating
the townhouse today.
I want it to look like
winter wonderland.
Oh, the girls are
going to love that.
I've decided on the azores
for their Christmas break.
I've scheduled a meeting with
one of the bradbury partners.
He'll be vacationing
on the island.
Well... I'll be thinking
of you basking in the sun
while I'm freezing and
shivering up in Vermont.
I plan on closing that
deal while I'm away.
I expect you to be on my
desk to field the paperwork.
Dunlap, it's-it's Christmas.
I know, I'm disappointed, too,
but the bradbury acquisition
is far more important.
I knew you'd understand.
So sorry.
Walter dunlap's office.
Such enthusiasm.
Hey. I'm just having
one of those days, Ryan.
Sorry to hear that, kiddo. Hmm.
Hold on a second, I've got a
skylight stuck to my finger here.
Have you talked to mom
in the last few days?
Uh, no, actually.
I was just about to call her,
because I'm going to have to
change my travel plans. Well,
this might change your
travel plans even more.
the bank is foreclosing on
the Christmas tree farm.
What? I got a call from
an old high school buddy.
He told me about it,
and then I called dad and asked him,
and he tried to brush it off.
Apparently, they took out
some kind of second mortgage,
like, 20 years ago, and got behind
on the payments during the recession.
Now the bank's
trying to foreclose.
They weren't going to tell
us until after the holidays.
This is crazy.
Mom and dad live and breathe the farm.
It gets worse.
They've already lined up a buyer.
Apparently, they're going to turn the place
into a golf resort.
They're going to clearcut all the trees.
[DUNLAP]: Molly, I need you.
Go, before he has a coronary.
H... Molly? Hello?
The party planner is on
his way to the townhouse.
I'll be right with you, sir!
I need you over there, now.
Don't let them go crazy with the
ribbons and bows, and no red velvet.
Yes, sir! Understood.
Ryan, what are we going to do?
[OPERATOR]: We're sorry.
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Oh, no red velvet.
Orders from on high.
It's a beautiful
structure, though.
Good strong bough weep
and good needle retention.
Wow, you sound like an expert.
Oh, no.
Well, may you and your family
have a wonderful Christmas.
Thank you,
it's not for me, though.
My apartment don't even
have a plastic Santa.
Thank you.
Well, again, merry Christmas!
Uh... guys?
Uh, I think I need a little help here?
Because... guys?
No way...
Well, I have no idea what it means,
but in a city of 19 million
people, this tree found me.
This is real life, sis,
it's not one of your short stories.
I've got to go.
What was that tone
in your voice?
What are you going to do?
[MOLLY]: Mr. Dunlap,
I've been trying to reach you.
I've arranged for another
tree to be delivered to your
house. The one they sent over
just really wasn't right.
I'm so sorry,
but I'm actually headed to Vermont.
I have a family emergency. I'm having
someone cover my desk for the holidays.
I'm really sorry to leave you
on such short notice like this,
but I will check in with
you as soon as I can...
Merry Christmas.
This is my tree.
Merry Christmas.
Dad! Oh, sweetheart.
Hey, mom.
What are you doing here?
I thought you couldn't get away?
Oh... Ryan?
He knew all along, didn't he?
We wanted to keep it a surprise.
you didn't need to bring a tree.
This is not just any tree, dad.
Right over here.
What are the chances of something
like this happening, though?
I mean,
my tree found me. It's amazing.
But how do you know
it's your tree?
Oh, no question. There's the gash
in the trunk, and the orange stain.
When I saw it, I just,
I knew I had to do something.
Chance, random act.
I mean, whatever you want to call it.
This tree brought me
home for a reason.
It's a sign.
Of what?
Ryan and I are
going to help you.
Look, honey,
let me stop you right there.
We absolutely appreciate the
support, but we don't want
to burden you two with
our financial problems.
We're all in this together, dad.
When we took that second
mortgage, we never expected... mom,
it's no one's fault.
Well, let's not ruin everything talking
about something that happened 20 years ago.
Your father and I are just happy to
have you kids home for Christmas.
It's like you never left.
This is tough on all of
us, Molly.
I know how much the
farm means to you.
"Every tree tells a story," huh?
It's a beautiful sentiment.
Dad... Ryan and I are really
serious about helping.
My heart's always
going to be here.
I mean,
this place is what grounds me.
I don't ever want to lose that.
You know what?
We should decorate it tomorrow.
We'll find that big glittery
angel that we usually put on it?
What do you say?
Everything's packed, Molly.
You packed the ornaments?
There's not even a
strand of lights?
Your father and I decided we
didn't want to do a tree this year.
Mom... It's still Christmas.
Putting up a tree would
have made this even harder.
Your father is being a Saint,
but I know this is killing him.
At least we've got one more
holiday here all together,
and that's what's important.
It stands the test of time, huh?
Maybe a little touch-up
here and there.
Should just declare it
a historic landmark.
You know, like those doll
houses you built for me.
"This is where Ryan Logan
started his career."
I've been thinking
about taking it apart,
shipping it to Seattle.
I just can't bear
the thought of it...
It's not going to happen.
We're going to beat this.
Hello? Yesterday was just
full of surprises, Ms. Logan.
Yes, Mr. Dunlap, I'm so sorry
that I couldn't track you down.
I hope everything is
okay with your family?
Yes. No.
It's-it's complicated.
everything is not okay here.
I already had to
let go of the temp.
The agency is sending
over a replacement,
so she'll probably call
you to get up to speed.
Tara's absolutely useless.
So, does this mean
I still have a job?
We'll talk about that later.
The girls want to know if they
can Skype you from the azores.
Of course. I really felt so badly
that I had to leave so quickly...
Tara! And she's gone.
Gotta go, Molly.
Wow, look at those fancy New York boots.
These are my work boots.
Can you use a hand?
Come on, let me do something.
Don't you remember
what a good help I was?
Remember what to do
with one of those?
There you go.
You see?
We still make a good team, huh?
I learned from the best.
Where is everybody?
Doesn't anybody buy
Christmas trees anymore?
Ours aren't cheap to grow.
I can't beat the prices
at the big box stores.
Money's tight.
Can you blame them?
Well, the beer tastes the same...
A little skunky, a little rank.
Yeah, Lucas and I used
to sit in this booth.
Oh, we'd sit here for hours.
This was our "make-out" spot.
Yeah, we planned the rest of our
lives right here in this booth.
Wow, I haven't heard you talk
about him in a long time.
Oh, I never think
about him anymore.
You are a terrible liar.
You ever hear from him?
It's been a long time.
Well, you did kind of break his
heart, little sis.
I doubt it.
Come on, he's probably married
with four children by now,
and doesn't even remember me.
I heard that he's working at
the bank with his old man.
Lucas? Mm-hmm.
Are you serious?
That man couldn't balance a check
book if his life depended on it.
Hey, Cassie!
Well, well, well.
Speak of the devil.
What are you doing?
[LUCAS]: The usual.
And extra fries?
Well, he's aged well.
[WHISPERING] Shh! Stop talking!
He might see us.
Is that a suit he's wearing?
Yeah, nice suit.
I don't know about the
tie, though. Lucas in a tie?
Why don't we go over and say hi?
No! Are you out of your mind?
Is he getting take-out for one
or a family?
Did you lose something down
there, honey?
Uh... I just, um...
I just spilled my drink a little bit.
Mm... It's fine.
It's good, though. Yeah.
Now I remember.
This booth, fake ids,
and a whole lot of kissing.
Reliving your old high
school years, huh?
Oh, no, no, it wasn't that at all,
actually... well, let me tell you, honey,
you walked out on prince
charming in that one.
So, another round
here, I assume?
Yes. You look like you need it.
Yes, please.
You kids are crazy.
Like, when you move away,
you're losing your minds.
Lost our minds
and saved our souls.
Cheers to that.
I just wish we could
talk to Lucas's dad
about mom and dad's loan.
What? That guy?
Are you serious?
He is the worst!
Do you know that he was the
coach of my little league team.
He said that I ran like a girl, and then
he announced it from the P.A. system
during the all star game.
Ugh! That's just because
you build doll houses.
Excuse me?
Architectural doll houses.
There's a difference.
If they could just
modify their mortgage.
Or if our student
loans weren't so huge,
we could borrow the
money ourselves.
Nah, do you know what?
I think you're better off
talking to Lucas directly about that.
Oh, no, there's no way.
I could never do that. Never.
I hate that dad still
works out in this cold.
He looks so tired.
You know, I never thought about
him as old until this morning.
Yeah, I just hope
we're not postponing the inevitable.
Don't you remember
when all of these places
were decorated for Christmas?
Yeah, it's been pretty grim
around here the last few years.
Yeah, I mean, really,
it looks like the town that Santa forgot.
When we were little,
all of these merchants would decorate
for the holidays,
and it was always so beautiful,
and gaudy. [CHUCKLES]
All the mom and pop shops are worried
that if paradise resort happens,
they're gonna get replaced
by big retail chains.
I don't blame them.
Is this the bank?
This is the bank.
Is anybody looking?
Molly, what are you...
Let me show you how it's done.
Oh, that's a good one.
Run. Run, run, run.
Run, run, run!
Whoa, you run fast.
Ah, that burns.
[LAUGHING] I haven't run that hard
for years. I mean... [GASPING]
Aren't you coming inside?
It's freezing. Ah, no, no,
I'm still on west coast time.
Sweet dreams.
Hey, if the cops come by, I'm going to
tell them the snowballs were your idea.
Thanks a lot!
Oh, Lucas.
Oh, watch your step.
800 pristine acres.
36 holes of golf.
12 ski lifts.
230 condos...
And a five-star luxury hotel.
we plan to bulldoze the house
and clearcut the flatlands,
while preserving the natural
beauty of lookout mountain.
And with your help,
we will become Vermont's
first self-sustaining,
all green, luxury resort.
And if you look in the distance,
you'll see a spring-fed river
that be diverted into
hydro-electric power.
we used to swim in that stream.
Uh, hi, folks.
Why don't you guys, um,
just take a look around
before we move on?
Wow, what a sales pitch.
I think I'm ready to buy
my timeshare.Molly...
I didn't know you were home.
Yeah, and I never thought
I would see you in a suit and tie.
How are you?
It's been a long time.
When did you get in?
Does my father know you're here?
Because as far as I'm concerned,
I'm pretty sure this is still our property!
Your parents have been going along
with things every step of the way.
you've known my family forever.
I mean, you spent more time at our
dining room table than your own.
How could you get
mixed up in this mess?
You really look great.
Things must be going well.
Ryan and I want to
talk to your father
about restructuring their debt.
I've had a million conversations with him.
He's not gonna do it.
But look at it this way,
this might actually be
good for the community.
I mean, we've projected it's going to
bring 400 permanent, good-paying jobs.
When did you start
drinking the kool-aid?
Can we go talk inside?
It's been so long.
You must be freezing.
No, I'm not cold.
I'm not cold. Right.
I forgot about the
self-righteous anger.
This is not funny.
No, you're right, it's not funny.
Listen, we need this resort.
The recession just
about destroyed danbury.
Almost half of the businesses
on main street collapsed.
The bank did everything
they could...
Yes, I'll be right there.
Just give me...
It's not like New York City
where there's endless resources.
But it's still the same
problems, Lucas,
it's just a matter of scale.
When a small business goes
under in a small town,
it's like dropping a
Boulder into a pond.
It's an economic tidal wave.
I've learned a lot of ugly
lessons over the last four years.
Lucas, you've got to
stop rationalizing this.
You know this is wrong,
you know that in your heart.
At least you think
I still have one.
Come on.
Molly, if this goes the
way we have planned,
your parents are going to have
something in their pocket,
and they can move on, and start a
life for themselves somewhere else.
A new life?
Do you have any idea
what they would
be leaving behind?
I'm sorry, I can't even do this.
Molly? Can you... wait a se...
We have a lot to talk about.
How dare he come here with
a bus load of investors.
I don't like it either,
but he has every right.
No, he doesn't. Not until the day they
take us away kicking and screaming.
Let it go, honey.
I almost came and woke
you up at 3:00 in morning.
I have an idea,
and I want to talk to you about it. Well,
Ryan, you would have found me wide awake
at 3:00 in the morning,
staring at the ceiling.
You said something yesterday
that got me thinking,
about my doghouse being declared a
historic landmark? I was kidding.
No, no, no,
my dog house has nothing on this house.
It's almost 200 years old.
It's survived floods, and
fires, and god knows what else.
Our great-great-great-great
grandfather built every piece by hand.
Didn't he even sign the
land Grant for the town?
Jonathan Logan.
Yeah, mom said he was the first
mayor, or something. Yes!
And yes this house is
beautiful, but we need money,
not a spread in
"architectural digest."
Hear me out. Most states offer
protection for historic monuments.
You get the designation
for either the architecture, or to honor
a historic person that used to live there.
We have both!
So, what are you saying?
Once it's declared a landmark,
a building can't be torn down.
It's protected.
The banks can't do anything.
The state issues an e.I.R.
What's an e.I.R.?
"Environment impact report."
It takes at least a year,
but that'll buy us some time.
Oh, you remember that girl I
dated, Karla?
Whatever, it was junior high.
she now works at the city council.
You should call her.
I already did.
We're making a presentation to the
council tomorrow night. [HIGH-FIVING]
...we wish you a
merry Christmas
we wish you a
merry Christmas
and a happy new year
good tidings we bring
Have you seen this email?
They're holding a hearing
tomorrow on the Logan property.
Who stirred up
that hornet's nest?
Oh, you find that
amusing, do you?
They're claiming that
that rundown cow palace
is a historic site.
- Well, dad, it might be.
- I don't care.
It's coming down.
Along with everything
else on that property.
Bulldoze into the
fracking ground.
That Christmas tree farm is
history, young man.
Do whatever it takes
to make that go away.
This is incredible.
It says 1856 right on the frame.
Yeah, that's Jonathan Logan.
He brought his whole family over here
from Scotland, then he built this house.
He looks a lot like you,
Ryan, especially the smile.
This is important stuff, dad.
I mean, not just to the
family, but to the town.
It should really be in a museum.
Well, with your
help, maybe it will.
You guys, I'm worried this
isn't going to be enough.
Are you kidding?
I could lecture the
council for three hours
on our house and this family.
but that's exactly our problem.
We don't want to
bore them to death
with some powerpoint
presentation. We need pizzazz.
You know?
Like when I'm writing a story,
I'm always looking for the hook.
So, what's our hook?
Wait a minute.
I need 100 pounds of sand,
paper bags and matches...
Dad, can I borrow your pick-up?
Uh... sure?
The logans had come a long way
from this first simple
farm house in the 1850s.
So many families in danbury
have made the trip to buy their
Christmas tree right here.
And, uh, that's our presentation.
I'd like to thank you all
for taking the time to
come down and, uh...
Very impressive, Ryan.
The council appreciates
all of your hard work.
Thank you very much, sir.
uh, sister, Molly,
wanted to finish up...
She seems to, um,
have been delayed.
Granting landmark status
ensures that we can save
this valuable resource
not only for our family,
but for the entire community.
All hail the troublemaker.
Be quiet, dad.
I'm Molly Logan.
When my family first
came to danbury falls
nearly 200 years ago, there was...
there was no town,
there was no main street,
there was no services whatsoever.
All they had was...
Well, a dream, and 50 acres
of the most beautiful
forest imaginable.
They built their house without
the use of power tools.
They cut down trees,
and milled them to make siding.
And then they went
on to build this town
with nothing but sweat equity
and a dream for the future.
And now that dream is in danger.
So if you could be so
kind, and just stand up,
and please follow me outside.
This is very unusual, Ms. Logan. No,
you won't be disappointed, sir, I promise.
Everyone, come on. Please?
If you'll just
follow me outside?
What in god's name is she doing?
I have no idea.
Well, come on, then.
Come on, folks.
Come on.
Let's go.
This street used to be
bustling with shoppers,
and holiday lights,
and visitors who came from all over
to buy their Christmas
tree in danbury.
It's not just our house
that's in jeopardy,
it's our entire town.
It's our shared experience
of the holidays,
it's our sense of hope.
So, please,
help keep Christmas
alive in danbury.
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
Aw, thanks, dad.
You did this all on your own?
Some of the merchants helped.
Everyone wanted to do something
to get into the Christmas spirit.
"The hook." I get it.
Thank you, Molly,
for your beautiful presentation.
This meeting is hereby adjourned.
We'll issue a ruling
within the week.
One hot chocolate to go, please.
Coming right up.
Never liked vegetables, huh?
Nothing green,
you know my rules.
Rules are never a good thing.
Still have authority
issues, huh?
You know,
that was incredible tonight.
Thank you.
I mean it.
Did you see the way people
were taking pictures?
Everyone's so happy.
I wasn't expecting a compliment.
There's the smile I remember.
Don't be charming, Lucas.
This is already hard enough.
That's our song.
Our senior year,
do you remember?
I... no, I don't think I...
This song?
You were always such a bad liar.
Oh, come on.
A hundred years from now
you will still be on my... mind
I was never the singer.
So, you're eating dinner alone.
I take it you don't have a family.
You are correct.
I have two dogs and a
goldfish, though.
I eat here about
four times a week.
Do you want a...
A glass of wine or something?
Oh, no, I'm just waiting on my
hot chocolate to be finished.
One glass?
Consider it a peace offering.
Not much has changed around
here, huh?
Including the music.
That juke box is frozen in
time. Yeah, it's the original jukebox.
a few things have changed.
Um, my mom divorced my dad.
She moved back to Boston
and took whatever heart
he had left with her.
I'm so sorry.
That must have been really hard on you.
Harder on my dad.
He never really recovered.
But my brother, Joe,
has got four kids now.
- Can you believe that?
- Really? -Yeah.
Um, I got my mba.
And um... Time has kind of
stood still since you left.
Lucas, we really screwed up.
Again, I apologize
for what's happening,
but I really think that this resort
is gonna be good for this town.
No, I'm talking about New York.
I'm still furious with you
that you didn't come with me.
You got a scholarship to Pratt.
I mean, you blew away the admissions
committee with your photographs.
It wasn't an easy decision.
Was it even yours?
You broke up with me.
No, as I remember,
you broke up with me.
And somewhere in
between lies the truth.
I was moving to new
York to write novels,
you were coming there
to take photographs.
We were gonna have this
great life together.
You gave me an ultimatum.
Who does that to
someone they love?
What was I supposed to do?
Yes, I love it here.
I mean, this is home, but if I would have
stayed here, I would have suffocated.
Well, at the end of the day,
did you get the life you wanted?
I work crazy hours for someone
who doesn't appreciate me.
I'm drowning in student loans,
I never have time to write,
and in may, I'm going to be 30.
But, yes, it's my life, and...
I own it, for better or worse.
I hate the way we ended things.
Things haven't been the
same here without you here.
Time to go home, folks.
It's pumpkin time.
We close at midnight.
This... this was a mistake.
We can't relive the old times.
I mean... This juke box
may still have our records,
but they're worn and scratched.
It's... It's just gone.
I have to go.
The proposal has ignited
a firestorm of debate
over the fate of the
Logan Christmas tree farm.
The Logan family has been
providing Christmas cheer
for almost 200 years...
Dad, what's going on?
It's been like this
since we opened.
Could you help your
mom on the cash?
When I read the newspaper article
about the council meeting,
I just had to bring my kids
down here one last time.
Thank you.
We really appreciate it.
I wanted to let them know
that Christmas trees don't grow
in the gas station parking lot.
Here we go.
That's what we came for.
Thanks, honey.
Why don't you ring that?
Come here...
Here we go. Yeah... [RINGS BELL]
You keep fighting the good
fight, you hear. Thank you.
Come on, kids.
I didn't know there were
reporters there last night.
This is a small town,
you made big news.
You should have seen
your father's face
when he came out
and saw all this.
I haven't seen him
smile like that in ages.
Hey, how about you come in here
and do the credit card sales,
and I'll do the cash?
Sounds good.
Oh, my gosh, hi!
What are you doing here?
Hi! We hated the azores.
It was horrible!
I got sand in my bathing suit.
All daddy did was
talk on his phone.
Oh, Mr. Dunlap, hi.
It's good to see you.
I-I don't understand...
I wanted to call ahead,
but the girls insisted
it be a surprise.
It's simple, they wanted snow.
They wanted a real Christmas.
Oh, well,
you've come to the right place.
We booked a suite at the sky
summit lodge in inverness,
I've always wanted
to stay there.
Oh, I worked there one
summer as a short order cook.
It's a miracle no one
got food poisoning.
So, when can we go on a tractor ride?
Molly, can we have a slumber party?
We haven't done anything
fun for days. Aw...
Girls... we don't mean to intrude. No, I
would love to have them over, sir, really.
You should come inside
and meet my folks.
Is that a horse?
Yes, he's super friendly.
Come on, let's go!
I'm sorry about what
you're going through.
How-how did you know?
We caught the local
news at the airport
and then someone uploaded cell phone
video of your presentation last night.
It went viral.
You captured lightning in a
bottle, Molly.
It's kind of different than how you
guys grew up in the big city, isn't it?
Oh, you have to look
at the fireplace.
Believe it or not, in the olden days,
they would actually cook in here.
In the fireplace?
Yeah, isn't that crazy?
See that hook? That's where
they would hang the soup from.
Whoa, cool.
How come it doesn't
have any ornaments?
It looks naked.
Well, my mom actually packed
all of the decorations away
because they're-they're moving.
It's a long story.
That tree needs
ornaments, Molly.
It's Christmas no
matter where you live.
You don't need to go to all that
trouble, Mrs. Logan.
It's Betty, and I insist.
You've come a long way.
I can't imagine
what kind of gruel
the airline fed you,
even in first class.
The girls must be starving.
Dad, they have a barn!
With real sheep!
Real sheep?
can we see the baby lambs?
Come on,
I want to pet the horse again!
Your daughter was all they talked
about the whole time we were away.
We were at a five-star resort
with a suite overlooking the
ocean, our own personal chef.
The girls could have
anything they wanted,
but all they wanted was Molly.
The first night,
the chef offered to prepare our dinner,
but I realized I didn't even
know their favorite foods.
I didn't know their bedtimes.
I didn't even know what
stories to read to them.
It's not easy being a parent.
You've raised a very
special daughter, Betty.
I wish I could take credit
for how she turned out.
Ever since Molly
was a little girl,
she's been a force of nature.
In the world we live in,
you need that force to move mountains,
because you're climbing
them every day.
Molly told me that you lost your
wife a few years ago. I'm sorry.
That must be very hard for you.
It's even harder for the girls.
But I try to plan
for everything.
But I just can't seem
to get any of it right.
Listen to me, I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm going on like this.
It must be jet lag or something.
Why don't you just sit over
here a spell and relax?
Do you mind if I
call you Walter?
Bye, Molly! Bye, Molly!
Bye, girls! Bye honey.
Bye, sweetheart.
Aren't they cute?
Oh, my goodness.
Sweet girls.
Interesting man.
but his heart's in the right place.
Yeah, it was weird
having my boss here.
He actually asked me about what
was going on, like... he cared.
[SCOFFS] Of course,
he cared, honey.
I think his visit is kismet.
Mom, no one says that anymore.
Well, I do.
Kismet, I tell you.
It's a mother's intuition.
Okay, well,
what else do you know?
Are we going to
survive this mess?
Aw... Listen, they can threaten
to take away the house,
they can take away the farm,
but we'll still have each other.
Don't you worry.
It's our shared experience
of the holidays...
It's our sense of hope.
For god sakes, Lucas,
turn that woman off!
It's bad enough I hear it in my sleep.
Sorry, dad, I...
I don't know really know that got on there.
You admire her, I suppose.
Molly's fearless,
she always was.
Fearless? I call it reckless.
Don't go pining for her, son.
She may claim to be a
champion of the people,
but she's actually just jeopardizing
the future of this whole town.
Dad, give her a
break, it's Christmas.
Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, your mother
took Christmas and half our stock portfolio
with her back to Boston.
Yeah, well,
just because you're feeling bad
doesn't mean everyone
else has to be.
You've been down that road
before, Lucas.
You're chasing a woman who
is always going to leave you.
Why should this time be any
different? I want these publicity stills
for the paradise brochure.
When are you going to get that done?
I've just been busy working
on the sales proposals.
Well, either you go
back to the farm today,
or I'm hiring a professional.
Dad, I take amazing pictures.
Why would you want to do that?
Just take care of it, okay?
Thank you. Merry Christmas.
Hey, Lucas.
Good morning, Molly.
Honey, I want you to take
Lucas up to lookout mountain.
He needs to shoot
some publicity shots, or something. So,
you're going to need four-wheel drive,
take my pick-up, okay?
I-I'm supposed to
be relieving mom
at the hot chocolate stand, dad.
If it's a bad time, I can come back.
Both of you, it'll be fine.
Just go.
Is that the same camera
you had when we were kids?
It's my old case,
I couldn't bear to part with it.
New camera.
You were always such
a great photographer.
I miss it.
But that's life, right?
You grow up,
and you've got to leave things behind.
Why did you guys decide to
call it paradise resort?
When I was little,
I used to tell my folks
that this was my idea of
paradise, this place.
You know, you grew up here,
with the beautiful
stars and the mountain.
I was in the city with the
street lights and sidewalks.
I cannot believe
it is still here.
some things never change.
You know, when I was a kid,
I thought "fork-in-the-road"
actually meant a fork
in the road?[CHUCKLES]
Well, I mean,
you always were a concrete thinker.
Do you ever wonder where we'd be
if we'd taken a different path?
All the time.
Let's go.
now we'll always know the way.
If we stick together,
Lucas, we'll never get lost.
Here, grab my hand.
Don't let go.
The steel and glass canyons
of Manhattan don't compare?
Not even close.
Just the mountain air,
there's just nothing like it.
I know.
Why did you give it up?
Give what up?
I mean, it was your dream.
You didn't just take pictures,
you captured people's souls.
dreams aren't practical.
They can cause more
heartache than they're worth.
The light is so nice,
I couldn't resist.
- Please don't.
Watch your step.
Have you been up all night?
Yeah, I can't really sleep.
What's wrong?
I was up on lookout mountain
yesterday with Lucas.
You still have feelings for him.
What is wrong with me, mom?
Why can't I let go?
You have to forgive
him, forgive yourself.
The only one you're
hurting is you.
We made so many mistakes.
We were just kids.
You know, I was the one who talked
your father into taking the loan.
He was afraid to
expand the farm.
You and Ryan were young,
and we were already under
a lot of financial strain.
It's taken me a long
time to forgive myself.
But I'll tell you something,
I wouldn't trade what
we did for the world.
So, what are you saying?
You can't go back
and rewrite the past,
but if you follow your heart,
the best years are ahead of you.
Hey, girls, looks like
somebody's ready for a sleepover.
This is amazing.
Look at the crowds.
Molly, where's Ryan? We've got
seven people waiting for trees here.
[MOLLY]: Okay, dad,
I'll be right there.
Know what, Mr. Dunlap, why don't you bring
the girls inside? I'll be right there.
Daddy can help you.
Oh, no, no, we'll be fine.
Why not?
I can tie a knot with
the best of them.
I was in boy scouts.
[SHOCKED] You used
to be a boy scout?
Eagle scout.
I won awards for
cooking, for camping.
Dad, you only know how to
do is order room service.
You just haven't seen
me in my element, girls.
Watch... Mr. Logan, tree me.
Here. Go back the other way.
There we are. No, look...
Just hold that one, okay?
This is the best TV show ever!
Dad, there's something
I want to talk to you...
Mr. Mayor.
It's good to see you.
Lucas. I didn't know you
had a meeting this morning.
I can go get my notebook...
No, no, no, that's not necessary.
Uh, we're just finishing up here.
Just give us a minute, will you?
Oh, my goodness. Shingles...
That's the goopiest roof ever.
Can a gingerbread house
have three chimneys?
Of course,
it can have as many as you want.
There's no rules.
Good job.
Hey, that's pretty good, right?
Good job, you guys.
Oh, no!
I can't believe you
know how to make popcorn
without a microwave.
It tastes so good this way.
Who taught you to play?
My grandfather.
He used to say
that it would help the trees grow.
You know how to do everything.
So, what are all those books?
Oh. Well...
You guys ask a lot of questions.
My dad says never be
afraid to ask questions.
You know what, your dad's right.
Those are just my journals.
I've been writing stories
since I was a kid.
Read us one. Please?
No. Maybe some other time.
Is that from your boyfriend?
I don't have a boyfriend.
I don't believe you.
You have the boyfriend
look in your eyes.
Well, aren't you going
to write him back?
I don't know what to say.
[TOGETHER]: Write him back!
"My father told me" that
the tree I had picked out
"was very, very sick.
"He said that it was terminal,
but I refused to believe him."
What's "terminal?"
When someone's going to die.
Like mom?
"I went to bed that night
praying for a miracle..."
[SNIFFLING] Come here.
He's going to think it's so beautiful.
It's perfect.
There he is.
Hey, girls.
Daddy, we made a house! Wow!
That looks fantastic.
They were excellent guests, sir.
That says it all, doesn't it?
They're great kids.
There you go.
Oh, I'm going to miss you guys.
Molly gives them
permission to fly.
The sky's the limit,
and they are fearless.
A parent's lament.
You want them to fly,
but you want to be sure
they have a parachute.
I can't thank you enough, Betty.
This is what my kids need.
A real family.
You already have that.
Family is a state of mind.
I hope my girls grow up to be
as amazing as your daughter.
Tell her that sometime.
I think she'd
appreciate hearing it.
All right, why the sad faces?
We miss Molly.
She's so fun, dad.
We have a great day ahead.
Ski lessons and
then a sleigh ride.
Why didn't mommy get better?
Excuse me?
Did the doctors do everything
they could to help her?
Of course they did, honey.
Your mom never gave up,
she always kept fighting.
Who looks more like
her, me or Sofia?
Well, Sofia,
you have her smile...
And Victoria,
you have her eyes.
She never wanted to leave us,
but her time was up.
She loved you both
very, very much.
What brought this up?
One of Molly's
stories, about a tree.
Molly's story?
She's always writing a story.
Don't you know anything?
What happened to the tree?
It was very sick,
but it got better.
It was a Christmas miracle.
It grew up to be the
tallest tree in the forest.
Maybe you could read
us one for bedtime.
Molly's always
reading us a story.
Molly wrote these?
Our Molly?
She's a writer.
Isn't that why
she works for you?
Molly, hey.
Mr. Dunlap, girls,
what are you doing here?
Your mom called us. We're here to support
you and your family, right, girls?
[MAYOR]: Hi, folks!
If everyone can just take their
seat, we'll get started.
[FEEDBACK WHINING] Is this thing on?
Can everybody hear me okay?
I want to welcome
everybody here tonight.
I've got some exciting news,
and, well, we just couldn't wait
until Friday's city council meeting.
To share it with you.
The council has
voted unanimously
to declare the Logan
house a city landmark,
thus protecting it
from demolition.
Required by state law.
We have you kids to thank.
No, no, this was Ryan's idea.
He's responsible for this.
Ryan, you're great at
this preservation stuff.
I think you've found your true calling.
Settle down, everybody, settle down.
There's even more good
news, folks.
Elliot bishop and the
danbury falls bank
have proposed preserving the
house for future generations
by relocating it
here to main street
where it will become
the future home
of the danbury falls
historic museum.
Hang on a minute,
you want to move our house
so that he can proceed
with his resort?
It's a win/win
situation, Gordon.
It's a magnanimous
offer from the bank.
Absolutely not!
Work with me halfway
here, Gordon... you snake!
You think you can buy and sell
everything in this town! Well, you can't!
Dad, don't! Is this the death of
Christmas in small-town America?
Mr. Logan has no comment.
Do you plan on mounting
a legal defense? Gordon!
Molly, I didn't know.
Is this what you wanted
to talk to me about?
I knew my dad was up to
something, but I had no idea.
I'm going to make this
right, I promise.
You promise me?
Lucas, you can't even keep
a promise to yourself. Molly?
Well, what did that cost
you, dad?
It's the price of doing
business, son.
You think I'm going to
let that girl jeopardize
me doing what's
right for this town!
Dad. Dad!
I gave everybody false hope.
It was the worst thing
I could have done.
Hope is the air we breathe.
There's nothing
to apologize for.
I disappointed you, dad.
What are you talking
about, Ryan?
For generations,
the oldest son would stay behind
and help with the family
business, until me.
I screwed it up.
Ryan, don't... I
abandoned you and mom.
Everybody knew Molly was
going to go to New York
and become a writer,
but I should have stayed.
Absolutely not.
When you got accepted at mit,
your mother and I were ecstatic.
Mit? Architecture school?
Come on, Ryan. You don't have to
say that to make me feel better.
If I'd stayed, worked harder,
maybe none of this
would have happened.
I'm gonna tell you
something, Ryan.
Yeah, I took over this
place for my father,
he did for his father,
but truth be told,
I wish I'd had a choice.
I didn't get to go to college.
It wasn't an option for me.
Of course, I would have
loved it if you'd stayed here
by my side,
but I saw what you could do as a boy.
You had talents that were
beyond a life on the farm.
Do you really mean that?
I am incredibly proud of
you, son.
Girls... I'm going to
tell Betty we're leaving.
The family needs
to be alone now.
Dad... Everybody's so sad.
Can't you do something?
I wish I could, sweetheart.
You taught us we have to help our friends
and familywhen they're in trouble.
We don't want to interfere...
Molly's practically family.
You know,
I think you two are right.
I have a couple ideas,
but I'm going to
need some help here.
"Girl power" help.
Anything, dad.
We'll do anything for Molly.
You put up a good fight.
I'm afraid Ryan and I
have just made it worse.
It's exactly what my
parents warned us about.
I've been watching you
the past few days, Molly,
and what you've did for
them, that was extraordinary.
I'd be proud to call
you my daughter.
Take it from someone who's
had his share of street fights
in the business world,
it's not over, not by a long shot.
You think?
I know.
You have something very
few people possess.
Don't doubt yourself.
That tree didn't bring
you home for nothing.
You don't get it, dad!
Not now. People are looking to buy
more than a treefrom the logans,
they want to connect with
the Christmas they lost,
or forgot, or never really had...
Molly is just using you
to get what she wants.
She's already walked
out on you once.
I'm the one who
walked out on her.
I made my choices,
and I was wrong.
You cut a deal with the mayor.
The mayor is doing what's
right for this town.
The finances are shaky.
The numbers don't add up.
We've done nothing wrong.
That's how the
business world works.
I don't want any part of it.
10 years ago,
you never would have
pulled a stunt like this.
Mom wouldn't have stood for it.
Don't you talk to me
about your mother.
You're punishing
everyone around you
because you're still mad at her.
That's enough!
You think you've won, dad?
Well, let me tell you something,
you've already lost
everything that matters.
Dad, you promised,
no phone calls.
Just one second.
Yes. Done.
Good news!
We're closing the bradbury deal.
The office needs me back
as soon as possible.
But, dad,
what about our secret project?
What about girl power?
I know, I said that.
Molly needs us.
Sometimes, when you're the boss,
you have to make
tough decisions.
Well, I'm the boss of you
and we're not going anywhere.
All right, girls.
What's next on the list?
You taking the day off?
You're not at the bank.
I'm going to be having
a lot of days off.
I quit.
I've been doing a lot of thinking
since you came back, and I've realized
I gave up on two of the most
important things in my life,
and I've been
miserable ever since.
Lucas... I should have stood my ground
for what I wanted a long time ago.
And what I want is you.
Do you really mean that?
With all my heart.
Please tell me there's
still a chance for us.
I want to believe you
so, so much.
The last time I
made you a promise,
I broke it.
I didn't come to New York.
But this time,
I promise I won't let you down.
I've missed you... So much.
It's strange to think
we'll never do this again.
I thought they went back to New York.
No, mom invited them for Christmas Eve.
I'll bring the rest later.
Hi, girls.
Wow, are you moving in?
Even better. Shh!
Remember, it's supposed to be a surprise.
I'm so happy that you're
spending Christmas Eve with us.
You know this is a
very special night.
It's your last chance to ask
Santa for whatever you want
and hope that it comes true.
Is that for real, dad?
Whatever Molly says.
She's the expert when
it comes to Christmas.
It's true.
Now, I've been given
explicit instructions
that no one is to go in the house
until you close for the day.
All right, well,
that's what we'll do.
[GIGGLING] Come on.
I hope it has a
good story to tell.
The family lives
over in ralston.
Mom's a music teacher,
but she's been out of work.
Dad's in the reserves.
They really wanted one of
our trees for their kids,
so... [CHUCKLES]
I just gave it to them.
That's beautiful, dad.
God has blessed our
family over the years
with so much good fortune
why not pass a little
bit of it along, huh?
Okay, everybody,
let's go inside and light a fire.
No sad faces.
It's Christmas Eve.
[WHISPERS] See you in there.
I'm so sorry, dad.
I'm so sorry.
Life goes on, sweetheart.
Life goes on.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes? No, not yet.
They're all here, Sofia.
It's freezing.
Okay, okay, let them in.
Are your eyes closed, Molly?
Okay, open them.
[LAUGHING] Oh, my gosh,
this tree needed decorations,
and since yours were all packed
up, we went and bought some.
We worked all afternoon.
This is beautiful.
I don't know how
I'll ever thank you.
This was entirely
the girls' idea.
They cleared out the store.
And we found a special
angel for the top.
Her name is Molly,
and she has something for you.
Read it!
Go on, read it.
it, honey?
"In honor of your
service to the community
"for almost 200 years,
"the dunlap family agrees
"to become the guarantor of
your mortgage "for the purpose
"of sustaining the Logan
heritage Christmas tree farm."
"Signed, Walter e. Dunlap sr..."
It's just until you
get back on your feet,
and then I'll drop away.
This is all still yours.
You mean...
The Christmas farm stays open?
For as long as you'd like,
and the bank can't touch you.
we can't ask you... don't.
It's done.
I don't know how we'll
ever be able to repay you.
Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
It's a beautiful night.
It is now.
Can we start to talk about
how we're going to handle new
yorkwhen we get back next week?
Yes, I totally understand
if you have to let me go.
There is that.
But we have an even
bigger problem.
I can't have you
on payroll twice.
As a writer and as an assistant.
I'm afraid that your
assistant days are over.
What are you talking about?
The girls meant no harm.
They should have told
you they borrowed them.
So this why they were
asking for a flashlight?
They asked me to
read them at bedtime.
Do you know how long it's been since
we've done bedtime stories together?
The writing's quite good.
You may need some
editing, a little Polish,
but what you have
there is solid.
What would you say
about putting those stories in a Christmas
anthology? Y-you want to publish them?
Unless you're planning on
getting in a bidding war
with one of my competitors.
You've hit on something unique,
the idea of every tree having a story.
Where did that come from?
I guess I just always
believed it was true.
You know, look at my tree,
look at how many people
it brought together.
Well, we'll hammer out the details
when we're back in the city.
Thank you, sir.
You know, I went all the way to New York
City to try and find my dream, and...
It was right here
where I started.
You know what, guys,
let's get a group shot.
That's good. Ready?
One, two, three.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas! Perfect.
It's a perfect Christmas.
was Christmas Eve
"and the girls had
decorated Molly's tree
"with hundreds of
twinkling lights
"and hand-painted ornaments.
"The tree my father thought
"would never live
to see tomorrow
"now graced our living room,
"standing proud and tall.
"In that perfect moment, "my mind drifted
back "to my days atop lookout mountain...
"And I was filled
with a sense of hope."
"My miracle had
finally come true..."
"And my words took flight."
The end.
That was amazing. Thank you.
Thanks, dad.