The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) Movie Script

Ms. Roberts,
is it true that while we are
here at this news conference,
the Indians are honoring
the students who were killed,
in a special burial ceremony
out on the reservation?
Ms. Roberts,
has it ever happened before
that so many thousands
of rounds of ammunition
were fired
into the dormitories
in such a short period
of time?
It happened many times
before here.
Kent state,
the orangeburg massacre--
27 kids were shot
at that one.
Or Jackson state
or Houston,
any one
of a dozen others.
Students are slaughtered
by trigger happy police,
and nothing
is ever done about it.
Besides Billy Jack,
who else was shot?
How many
were actually killed?
There were three deaths,
and two still
on the critical list.
Dr. Bernard russert,
Dr. russert.
Has Washington replied
to your request
for an investigation?
Are you kidding?
Remember after Kent state
how Attorney General
John Mitchell said
there was no need to explore
the causes of the killings
because he knew in advance
the causes
couldn't possibly be
the national guard
or the police.
But didn't an FBI
report subsequently prove
that there were no shots fired
by the students
but there was grave culpability
on the part of the guard?
They sure did.
But, as usual, Washington
did nothing about it.
Does this mean that it's
the end of the school?
Will you have to close
it down now?
Maybe not.
I honestly don't know
at this point.
I'm sorry, folks,
Ms. Roberts is very tired.
You're going to have to leave.
Thank you, Ms. Roberts.
My publisher still
thinks that it's vital
that a book be done
about your school
and how the massacre
happened there.
I wouldn't even know
where to begin.
Maybe you could start with
the arrest of Billy Jack.
Wasn't it what happened
at the trial
that made you so determined
to make the school succeed?
That was-- what--
four, four and half years ago.
Wasn't Billy Jack's
main belief
that a man who doesn't go
his own way is nothing?
That's right.
That's why they tried Billy.
But we all knew that
what they were really trying
was each man's right
to find his own center,
to follow his own conscience
and to do his own thing
without hurting or interfering
with anybody else's.
That ideal, to all of us,
was Billy Jack.
What your saying, then,
is that it doesn't make
any difference to you
whether this jury finds you
innocent or guilty,
and it doesn't make
any difference to you
whether you live or die.
You expect us to believe
that you have absolutely
no fear of the death penalty?
I have a lot of fear,
but I have a lot more respect.
Long ago I learned that he
is my constant companion.
He eats with me,
he walks with me,
he even sleeps with me.
I'm sorry, I must have
missed something back there.
Who is this faithful
companion of yours?
- Death.
- Oh, I see.
Tell me, is this death
companion business
some special part
of your Indian beliefs?
Every one of us has death
as his constant companion.
He sits with every one of us
every second of our lives,
only we're too terrified
to really think about that,
but once you do,
it will completely change
your entire outlook on life.
How so?
You ask yourself,
even in
the most serious crisis,
how important
would this really be
if I were suddenly told
that I just had
one more week to live?
So, you learn to take
nothing too seriously.
On the other hand,
you ask yourself,
if this were
my last act on earth,
is this what
i really want to do?
So you learn on the one hand
to be detached from the
temporary things of this world,
and on the other hand
you learn to appreciate
every little thing in it
all the more.
During the trial,
sheriff Cole resigned,
and posner,
who never really quite recovered
from the death of his son,
sold out all of his companies
to his brother the banker,
and he quietly left town.
And though we were happy
about it then,
it turned out to be
one of the worst things
that ever happened to us.
The prosecution,
for it's part,
savagely attacked
our character
and tried to make it look
like I wasn't even raped.
So miss Garrison lies,
and you swear to it.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
Now, Ms. Roberts,
isn't it true
that you were never raped?
Isn't it true
that you made up this story
in a desperate attempt
to try and justify
the violent
and insane killing
by the man you love?
I feel terribly sorry for
your children, Mr. Williams.
You feel sorry
for my children?
Yes, and you, too.
You know me,
and you know I don't lie.
It must be terribly
degrading for you to pretend
in front of all
of these people, that I do,
just to earn your money.
Yes, I was proud
to go through west point.
I was taught there
a code of honor and manliness
that, while it went
overboard at times,
I basically liked.
Yet you brought charges
against your own officers,
including two staff commanders
and a general.
That's right.
I charged them with the
deliberate and senseless
slaughtering of innocent women
and children in the field
either directly
or by men under their command,
and by failing to report
these atrocities
or covering them up
with full knowledge of same.
And after you proffered
these charges,
the army suddenly made up
charges against you,
of cowardice in the field,
and they offered to drop
these charges against you
if you would drop them
against the officers.
That's correct.
And did you refuse
to drop the charges?
I did refuse
could you please tell us
in your own words
exactly what led up to your
refusing to obey
this order in the field?
Was it before
or after my lai?
It was about seven months
before my lai.
We were out
on a search-and-destroy mission
on a small
south vietnamese Hamlet.
Just like at my lai,
there had been plenty
of advance warnings,
so when we got there,
there was no resistance,
no military in sight.
Not a shot was fired.
All the village
was filled with
was women, children,
and old men.
They were frightened
and very eager to please,
so we quickly herded them up
into a ditch,
and we sat around waiting
for several hours
for some word
from headquarters
as to what we were to do
with them.
People in the meantime
were kept in the ditch
in the boiling sun,
and were not allowed
to relieve themselves
or go for any water.
Get them in the ditch!
Way down to the end.
There must be some mistake.
There's no mistake, sir.
The order was perfectly clear.
Get me headquarters
on the phone again.
Give me that phone.
I want to hear it myself.
If you fellows refuse,
all hell can break loose.
You know that.
Are you absolutely sure, sir?
There can be no mistake
down the line?
Yes, sir.
I understand, sir.
Waste them.
You mean the civilians?
That's the order,
clear as hell.
Direct from Saigon.
We're to waste them.
All right,
all you men on your feet.
Think clearly, now.
You disobey this order,
and they can hang you.
Lock and load!
God almighty.
What's happening to us?
So it was this
senseless slaughter
and sadistic brutality
coming as official orders
from Washington
that turned you
against America.
No, not really.
In war,
when you've brainwashed men
to become
cold-blooded killers,
you expect them to kill.
Then what was it that made
you bitter toward America?
- Lieutenant calley.
- Lieutenant calley?
You mean because he was tried
for war crimes at my lai?
No, he should have been tried.
And so should all those
colonels and generals
and white-house aids
who ordered the whole affair
but were mysteriously let off
Then why lieutenant calley?
Because America made him
into such a great hero.
To me they were sick and
diseased men filled with evil,
who cut
innocent women's throats
and blew out the brains
of babies,
and America had raised him up
and made him an national idol.
What was that part
about the president
switching his colors?
On December 81969,
every newspaper
in this country
carried president Nixon's
sacred promise
that he would personally
investigate my lai
and he would personally
see to it
that everyone involved,
if they were found guilty,
was punished
to the full limit of the law.
And so you feel that since
every officer involved to date
has gone free,
Nixon failed his pledge.
Like any other mealy-mouth
sell-out politician,
when he found out that he could
get more votes
by supporting calley,
he did a complete flip flop.
And when I saw
that the American people
supported him in this,
I knew then that the American
conscience was dead
and that the great spirit
of this nation,
which to me began back in
Boston and Virginia
the American revolution,
that it could never again
be revived.
Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,
have you reached a decision?
We have, your honor.
We the jury,
unanimously find Billy Jack
guilty of involuntary
Well, that's that.
I think you'll find
that the end
of your little school
out there, doc.
Well, it's not my school,
but, I'll take a bet on it.
Billy Jack wasn't the center
of power of that school.
Who, then?
You know,
to prove something for Billy,
she's going to make
that place grow and grow.
My guess is it's going
to take off like a brush fire.
That quiet little girl?
That quiet little girl, my butt.
That's like saying a
rattle snake's got a
quiet little bite.
For all our sakes,
i hope your wrong.
your good intentions, doc,
when people have such wildly
different attitudes,
there's no way
they are going to live together
without generating violence.
We've all had
too much of that already.
So, though the trial of
Billy Jack as a person was over
and he was sentenced
from 5-15 years
in the state penitentiary,
the kids decided
that Billy Jack was really
kind of a symbol to live by
and that the trial
of Billy Jack
as that kind of an ideal,
had just begun.
So they immediately set out
to make the school bigger
and better than ever before.
That first year
that Billy was in prison,
they found an old abandoned
military academy,
which they renovated entirely
by themselves,
begging, borrowing and
scrounging everywhere they could
for money or materials
to make it go.
Listen, everybody.
L just had a bakery that donated
100 loaves of bread.
The entire school was built
and owned by the kids,
and they governed themselves
on the simple philosophy
that where there is power,
there can never be love,
and where there is love,
there's no need for power.
Knowing that you can't really
deal and understand other people
until you first understand
yourself, every program was
based on learning how to
cope and understand
your own feelings first
in order to understand
and relate to other people.
This philosophy
they carried into everything,
from meditation
and body awareness exercises,
all kinds of dance,
even belly dancing.
Music, band, drill team,
arts, crafts,
advanced physics,
mathematics, psychology,
the classics,
even into athletics,
which they called
yoga athletics.
From yoga tennis
to yoga football,
and every sport in between.
The idea always being
that the thrill
of participating
and the self discipline one
develops while training,
preparing and learning,
made one a winner
for the rest of his life,
no matter how well he played
or how the temporary
contest came out.
And so winning and losing
or worrying about someone
grading your efforts
was just not all
that important anymore.
Growing and having the fun
and privilege of doing--
that was everything.
I heard something
about taking the Grant
that was given as part of the
deal for Billy Jack's surrender
and then building
a radio station
or a recording studio
or something like that.
That's right.
They went out and sold their
own recordings door to door
and the royalties really helped
the school to continue to grow.
With some of the royalties,
they started an institute
for child abuse
and children's rights,
and in working with these abused
and orphaned children,
they were stunned to find out
what was secretly going on
in children's orphanages
and juvenile courts,
state institutions for
disturbed and retarded children,
children's hospitals,
and education in general.
Was that when they started
their nader-type newspaper
and magazine
and then began
those scorching exposes
on government corruption
and consumer rip-off.
That's right.
And it was
in doing those exposs
that our troubles
really began.
We've been digging.
Remember back in December
of '73
when the-- the interior
called in,
was it 250 oil executives
to work
on the fuel allocation, right?
So we started digging
behind that,
and we found out that the
oil barons and the white house
the whole energy crisis,
including the Israeli war,
for just unbelievable profits.
It makes the Alaskan pipeline
look like kids' stuff.
But are you aware
what could happen?
I mean, that could blow
the dome off the capitol.
I mean we'd have the FBI,
the CIA, the plumbers,
the plumbers' plumbers,
the sequel to the plumbers...
It'd be a tremendous blow.
You know what they can do?
If we don't tell our sources
they can arrest us.
Just like that.
She's absolutely right,
i mean, it happened in '72.
The la times spent $200,000 in
legal fees defending their
reporters who were subpoenaed
to reveal their sources.
I mean that's the la times.
We don't stand a chance.
They're either gonna blow us
up altogether, or they're
just gonna close
the school down.
I want to do an expose
on the IBM ribbon conspiracy.
The fantastic reader
response made the kids
determined to bring these
exposes to a wider public
so they decided to build
their own TV station.
They put on a fourth of July-
type fundraising drive
which they called "1984 is
closer than you think."
And it culminated in the largest
drill team and band marathon
ever held in this country.
Kids came from all over the us
and Canada at their own expense,
and every day and night the
donated coliseum was filled.
Just pull it down.
Hurry up. You're on next.
was that before or
after Billy got out of prison?
No, it was just before.
I remember because Ford had just
shocked the nation
by pardoning Nixon and agreeing
to let him destroy the tapes.
We were all so angry at the way
politicians at every level
of government constantly used
television to lie,
con and manipulate people.
Oh, I know.
I covered a candidate
in California once who had
campaign contributions
from the oil companies.
Would you believe he dared to
advertise himself as the one
the oil companies feared
the most?
That's right. And because
of things like that the
kids decided to fight fire with
fire before it was too late.
I mean, look at how they
packaged Nixon
as the law and order candidate
who would bind the nation's
wounds and bring
us all together.
Well, we all bought it.
That's right. So the kids
decided to use television
to fight television
before it was too late.
And they took their
investigations being done in
the magazines right into the
streets where the public could
see for themselves the secret
deals and rip-offs right where
they were happening.
So in other words,
Mrs. Childs,
you missed one payment while
you were in the hospital.
No, I missed three payments.
I was behind before I went
into the hospital.
Okay. So you missed three
payments and then they
repossessed your furniture.
And when you went to
make up the payments,
you had found that
they destroyed your furniture
and repossessed it and now
they refuse to refund the money
to you on which you paid on it
two years before they
repossessed it.
- Now ,is that correct?
- Honey, that's correct.
Twenty-three years in this town
doing a helluva job, just
following orders, and because
of one crazy nigger, I'm dead.
It's not the woman.
It's that school
and their TV station.
I think the manager's going to
come out. Get on camera two.
Okay. All right.
Excuse me. Um, we think
as assistant manager
that we should have
the store's side of the story
so that we can have all of the
viewpoints presented fairly.
May we have a comment?
No comment.
We were just trying
to be fair, sir.
We tried.
Yes, sir.
Just a minute, please.
Telephone, Mr. bromner.
It's the home office.
Yes, sir.
Well, thank you, sir.
It's a tough situation.
Well, I just went according
to the manual, sir.
Right away.
Replace the old lady's
With used furniture?
With brand-new.
It just hit the wire services.
Those crazy, lousy kids.
What do they think,
I wanted to take
the old lady's furniture?
It was shortly after that
they started bugging our phones
and the FBI started making
mysterious and routine calls to
the school pretending that it
was was for clearances
for the federal Grant that the
government had been giving us
ever since Billy Jack
I guess it was at that point
that I really should
have realized
and made the kids stop.
Did you have proof
that your phones were bugged?
Yeah, one of the kids, a
graduate of Cal tech, I think,
not only developed a device
which could tell us when
our phone was being tapped but
he and another couple of
electronic geniuses developed a
lie detector that was even more
accurate than the
polygraph machine.
I don't get it,
how does it work?
Well, just by a person's voice
alone, off the telephone or off
or off the television.
It's even more accurate than
a normal lie detector.
I don't believe it.
Well, watch the--
watch the thing and
watch the needle.
And so it is your contention
then, governor, that the threat
of exposure by the freedom
school television station
will in no way find any
wrongdoing or kickback
of this federal money ever
touching the state capitol?
As god is myjudge, Mr. mudd,
if there were a stack of bibles
on this table before me,
I swear to you that I have
absolutely no knowledge
of any kind of corruption
by any member of my staff.
- Not one.
- Wow.
Good lord, that guy's lying
through his teeth.
Grover, think of what
this machine would do
to the advertising industry,
it'd just blow it apart.
Think of what we
could have saved
on the Watergate hearings.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I've got an idea.
Why don't we get the tapes
to the Watergate hearings
and run them off on this thing
and finally find out the truth?
Pardon me, Mrs. merrick,
we're from the FBI
and, uh, we'd just like to ask
you a few routine questions
about your child.
Is something wrong?
No, uh, does she go
to the freedom school?
Yes, sir.
Do you know about the
TV station that they operate?
Yes, sir.
Does she have anything
to do with that?
No. No, she doesn't.
Now, during all
this time Billy was in prison,
did you visit him regularly?
No. Billy's humiliation
at being caged up
like an animal was so great
that he wouldn't let
any of us visit him. Ever.
For all four years?
Didn't you miss him?
But he wrote to me every day
and that helped keep me going.
Except, every time the mail
came, I held my breath,
hoping he hadn't given them an
excuse to extend his sentence
or even kill him.
Have the doctors told
you if you'll be able to walk
normally again?
Of course she'll be able
to walk normally again.
So you really didn't
think they'd let
Billy out of prison alive?
No, not even if they had to
shoot him
when he was going
through the gates on parole.
Bet you remember that day
when he got out.
I sure do.
It was the day we had
our first international seminar
on child abuse.
Child abuse?
the kids had done
an expose on child abuse,
child battering,
and how widespread
it is here in this country.
Pretty soon, we became
as one of the few places
that could successfully
help parents
who battered their children.
This is our one-to-one
type therapy.
Almost all of it is done
by lay therapists.
Our kids here at the school.
Was the boy born
without his hand?
No, his father cut it off
in a fit of rage.
It's a horrible history
of torture.
All of our professional staff
has pretty much given up on him.
Only Carol refuses to take no
for an answer.
You don't really think
she'll succeed?
You obviously
don't know Carol.
Okay, tough monkey.
Time to shower up
for the press.
Go ahead.
You're just a couple of hours
away from freedom.
Go ahead and give me one
of those fancy kicks.
Now, Indian buck, move out.
So in summary then, you're
saying to love those
that we find really despicable,
that we really can hate,
and I can really hate
these people that cut off
the fingers and beat
their children,
and somehow in the experience
of loving them,
they are going to change
before our eyes
and stop
beating their children.
That's it, exactly.
As you know, in a normal
parent-child relationship,
the parent is there to supply
the child's needs.
But, in the case
of the child abuser,
the parent is so desperate
for love,
he expects the child
to fulfill his needs.
Well, when the child can't do
it, or is incapable
or for whatever reason,
the parent ends up
beating him.
I'm sure some of you have
experienced this, say,
of some parents that have
watched their children
in little league?
We find that one child
usually becomes the scapegoat.
It's usually the child
most resembling the parent
doing the abusing.
You know, when you think
about it,
there are many, many kinds
of child abuse.
But it's only when it breaks
out in physical violence
that we recognize it
as something horrible.
Dr. Roberts, your complete
claim then is that by loving
these battering parents
instead of punishing
or confining them,
that that actually works
in stopping further beating
of their children.
You're involved in child abuse,
and I'll bet you're using
some form of punishment,
threat, or maybe even jailing,
i don't know.
Now, you know your cure rate
is less than 25 percent.
Ours, on the other hand,
is over 90.
Dr. Roberts?
- I'm sorry.
- I beg your pardon.
Go ahead.
The whole fate
of the human race depends
upon our ability
to handle and recognize
normal aggression
and the hostility in us.
Now, have you thought
about applying this
to other areas of our society?
Yes, as an example,
this entire school here is
built upon the same principle.
And we would fervently like
to try it in other areas.
What Jean has really
taught us here
and in the child abuse center,
is that everyone has inside
of them a fantastic force,
and it can really change
people once it's unleashed.
So that's where the school
gets its pacifism?
I'm sorry, I just can't
stomach that word pacifism.
Because when people hear that
we're pacifists,
they automatically feel we're
sitting around waiting
and sometimes even retreating
from life, whereas we feel
the thing that we've got here
is a living, dynamic,
positive force
that has the ability to change
the most warped lives,
turn on the most confused
and lost people
and I think we all literally
feel here that it could
possibly rebuild the world.
Is this what you call
No, I'm sorry.
We call it by something
much cornier than that.
We call it love.
- Can any of us go along?
- No.
Billy, there's a big press
contingent waiting
for you up in my office.
And I think it would be
a good idea for you and me
to get together
and talk about what we're
going to say.
That it?
Billy, it would be
to everyone's advantage
if you would cooperate
with warden cells.
He's a hard head.
He'll be back.
No way. They've already
got him marked.
You mean they'll kill him?
he's coming.
He's coming.
He's coming.
You're not little Carol?
And sunshine?
Carol, could you come in here
a minute?
Billy, Carol wrote a tune,
uh, especially for you
when you went away,
and I think we should hear it
about right now.
Why don't we all kind of be
quiet and listen.
Thank you.
Nope, I missed.
- Karate?
- Hapkido.
I know that, but what are
you doing in it?
What do you mean by that?
It's just funny, I'm sorry.
You're such a timid,
squeaky clean little mouse.
I thought you were
supposed to be
nonviolent, for god's sakes.
Even the Buddhist monks had
to learn something to keep
from being attacked.
Think about all those men
out there
who'd like to get her hands
on their sexy little body.
Think about all the men out
there who'd like to get
their hands
on her sexy little body.
Here, let me help you.
All I care about right now
is my own body.
My god, you broke my back.
Billy, I'd like you to meet
Mr. han from Korea.
A hapkido master here
in the United States.
How do you do.
I have had the honor
of hearing about your kicks
in Korea.
Thank you.
Is it true, do you really--
can you jump the spin kick?
After you.
Be my guest.
Just hold it, like that.
I haven't seen one of those
in a long time.
Would you like to try it?
After you.
Be my guest.
You and I and my master are
the only ones I know
who can do that.
Thank you very much.
Running deer and his two sons
have been lost
for almost a week
in that snow storm
up in the taos mountains.
Blue elk wants to know
if any of our skiers
or any of the kids
from the survival program
can go up and search.
How about the rescue patrol,
blue elk?
Have they been notified?
The highway patrol
and the ranger stations,
they don't give a damn
when Indians are involved.
At the rangers station all
they could tell us
is that he's probably
out drunk someplace
and they refused to help us.
Okay. I'll get the sheriff.
Carol, you go get
some of the kids
in their winter gear.
And tell them to dress warm
'cause it's a terrible
blizzard up there.
The family has been starving
for weeks.
The father and the two sons
went out after deer,
and they're probably lost
in that storm
up on independence Ridge.
See if you can get a chopper
into latigo canyon.
If not, try to get someone
to ski down the other side
of independence. Over.
There's no way I can
get it open.
uh, ground control,
ground control, over.
This is ground control. Over.
We're moving
down the south range
and will try to get in with
some ground equipment. Over.
Ground rescue is underway.
Team three, is there any way
you can get around the storm?
Try to come in east
of the taos divide?
This is air rescue four.
We're over the taos divide
right now.
It's just as socked in
up here.
Looks like it's moving south.
What about ski patrol? Over.
They're all over the place
but the blizzard's so bad on the
ground they can't even see.
Stand by.
Uh, this is chopper
seven, the only way you
would get down there is
to lift them up these ridges
and let them ski in. Over.
They're being
lifted now. Over.
Ground, this is
chopper seven.
We found two of them,
two boys. One's dead.
The other one's almost.
Alert central we're on the way.
This is instrument four,
instrument four calling.
Can anybody read me?
Please somebody come over.
Somebody please, damn it,
come on in.
Rescue three, I've been
getting a weak signal
that keeps fading in and cutting
out and it could be coming
from the other side
of these peaks.
Let's go have a look.
Ls he alive?
Just barely, and I can't get
anybody on this thing.
No. You never will
with these peaks.
Can you get below this storm
down over on
independence Ridge?
I can try.
All right. Let's take this one
down to the morgue, huh?
Sheriff. I'm really sorry.
Why are you bringing him
in here?
That's what they told me
to do with him.
Well, he goes
down to city hospital.
Bundle him up good and go
with him in the ambulance.
Ambulance? Where are you
taking him?
- Down to the Indian hospital.
- Well, that will waste time.
Why not treat him here?
I wouldn't do it if I thought
it were dangerous.
You mean you can't even keep
an Indian here one or two days
in an emergency?
Look, I'm just an intern.
I don't make the rules.
Well, you're not
gonna move him.
He could lose a hand
or a foot.
- Well--
- tell me.
What would you do if he were
a white man and you
could treat him?
Well, I'd pack his extremities
and start him on some
vasodilator of ivs.
Show me.
You could be arrested
for making me do this.
You know that.
N ow.
What the hell
is going on here?
Vasodilator ivs for each one.
Come on, doctor. I'll take
the responsibility.
And bring those packs
over here and start applying
them to their lower legs
and I'll take the hands.
And raise them up.
Come on, doctor, move.
My client running deer wishes
to have it entered
into the record
that it is his position
that the Indian is a member
of the sovereign nation and is
not subject to the laws
of this land and this state.
And that therefore, this court
has no jurisdiction.
So entered.
Your honor, in so far as
the defendant
is still hospitalized,
and in addition has suffered
the severe personal hardship
of the loss of his oldest son,
the state petitions the court
for leniency and pleads
for a lesser sentence.
Hey, don't rip
your pants, buster.
In view
of the voluntary pleading
and the personal hardships
the court reduces
the mandatory sentence
for trespassing and illegal
hunting of deer
from one year
minus a day in jail
to ten days
in the county jail.
Quiet. Quiet.
And a period of probation
to be not less than one year.
Bailiff. Bailiff.
Oh, lord.
Now what are they
being hassled for?
All right, Ken. Tell
headquarters that we don't
need any more help.
I demand to know what's
going on here.
Look, lady, mind
your own business.
Get back in your car.
This is my business.
These are my students,
now tell me what's going on.
Lady, they were disturbing
the peace, we got
a report of possession.
We're just checking it out.
Now, I suggest you stand back
or I will arrest you
for interference.
You just try it.
Hey, they can't search you
unless they've got a warrant.
All right, punk.
Move it out.
I've got every right to stand
here, I'm a citizen.
Well, so am I, punk,
now move it out.
They have no right to search
you without a warrant.
Tell them so, out loud, and
they'll be in contempt of court.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
It's your choice, lady.
You can do as you're told
or get your head split open.
Listen, buster, you're not
gonna feel me up.
I'll search you right here,
or in the paddy wagon.
It's your choice.
Jim, you're out of line,
now knock it off.
Well, my dear.
You can feel me up right here,
in the bus or the lawn.
Anywhere you want to do it.
Well, can't win them all.
All right, folks. Move it.
We aren't gonna ask
you again, now move it.
Okay alley lawyer.
You can go now.
Unless you've got
something else to say.
Hey, we've got
a tough monkey here.
Feels he don't have to
move off like the others.
Okay, mister.
You were ordered to disperse.
And that means now.
Somebody else need a lesson?
Yeah, our tough monkey here.
Say, isn't that--
we're gonna have to shoot him.
Too big a mess.
Billy, you heard
what the sheriff said.
You just can't keep
doing this.
Well, what would you rather
i did, then?
Let them club him to death?
Under alienation and
guardianship the government
has the right to sell,
trade or give away
all the Indian land
to whomever it pleases.
Which are usually
their friends who put
up campaign funds.
And under guardianship they
control our water,
they control our plumbing,
they control our worship,
they control our land
and they control our money.
They control every damn thing
in our lives.
Mr. strump.
As our agent, we want to know
what you going to do.
What the congress declared
was a bill giving you
Hah! Congress is a bunch
of filthy rotten,
lying thieves.
And to get some industry
in here by either leasing
or selling this land
which isn't worth a damn
to anybody anyway.
If it isn't worth a damn,
why the hell
are all these oil companies
and mining interests so eager
to get their hands on it?
We'd like to know,
agent strump. Tell us.
Yellow hawk, give us those
statistics which show
how many jobs will be
provided for
here on the reservation
by these people.
That's not yellow hawk.
That's little uncle
Tommy hawk.
He's what crazy horse called
a loaf around the fort.
He's a bought and paid apple
and you know it.
It happens every time
you radical activists
come in here.
You tear up everything
and then you skip out.
And it's the children
and those of us that are
left behind that have to stay
and take the beating.
My father was
a tribal chairman.
And my grandfather was a man
of medicine for many years.
And I'm an activist.
He doesn't mean you, blue elk.
- He means me.
- And me.
And in a sense he's right.
They do have to put up
with pressure every day.
- They control our--
- how's it going?
Not very good, I'm afraid.
And you know who
the trustee is.
It's posner's
first national bank.
In this state.
And he's got $80 million
of Indian money in his trust.
I thought we were here
to discuss running deer.
To get the tribal permission
to use him as a test case
for international law
before the world court.
We've got names, we've got
dates and exact amounts,
and we're going to bring it
out in international court.
A person could get killed
with foolish talk like that.
Many of us already have been.
Because if they can't
buy us out
with scholarships and grants,
they kill us.
Well, what happened?
They voted it down.
And that damned yellow hawk
will probably get
a personal invitation
to the white house for that.
I don't understand.
How in the world do they keep
him in line so?
They caught him embezzling
funds and the white house
promised to hush it up
if he'd cooperate.
You know, the same old story.
Why don't you guys take
running deer's case
to world court
just by yourselves?
I mean, you don't
have to bother
with all these committee
and tribal decision things.
Well, that just divides us
by having Indian
fighting Indian.
You know, divide and conquer.
That's the way that they've
always beaten us.
Now, that's your whole problem
right there.
- Hmm?
- What?
You got all chiefs
and no Indians.
That is so bad.
I can't even believe it.
That is really poor.
That is really bad.
If it's illegal for an Indian
to go out and hunt deer,
how come it's all of a sudden
legal for you and your bunch?
Because it's deer hunting
season, and we've all
got our licenses. That's why.
Not on Indian land it isn't.
Not for you anyway.
It's still illegal.
Carl, this is no longer
Indian reservation land.
It's all been terminated.
The Indians won't accept that.
Besides, this land's
sacred to them.
There'll be trouble.
We do this every year, Carl.
You know that.
Yeah, but you don't lock up a
starving Indian every year.
Tempers are still pretty hot
over that one.
Carl, on this bus we've got
corporation presidents,
Pentagon officials,
Washington politicians,
and even
the lieutenant governor.
You big ignorant pig.
- Who you calling a pig?
- I'm calling you a pig.
With all of those big wheels
back there, do you expect
me to go say,
"sorry, we gotta all go home"?
Order, order! Order!
Crazy drunks.
Shooting at anything
that moves.
Our women and children
are afraid to move
out of their homes for water.
Who is it they're shooting?
What are you talking about?
Running deer couldn't even
kill a deer and feed
his starving family.
Indians have to go hungry.
But these trophy hunters,
they come in here and they do
as they damn please.
And kill all the deer
they want.
All right.
The question is, what are we
going to do about it.
Let's run them out.
I think we should take
some cameras and go down
and take some pictures
of them and their call girls
in the nude and turn them
in to the newspaper.
Hey. Better than that,
better than that.
Let's send them
to their wives.
--Got a right to hunt
on Indian land.
That's what the law students
were trying to tell you before.
That's no longer Indian land.
That's part of the reservation
that they've been quietly
terminating for our own good.
Not to me it isn't.
What is that supposed to mean?
I never voted for termination.
Did anybody in this room
ever vote for termination?
Do you know
of any tribal member
who knowingly voted
for termination?
Then to me they're still
illegally on Indian land
and this tribal council has
the authority to arrest them
and drive them out.
What do you mean, arrest them?
Who's gonna do it?
I will. The tribal police.
Or anyone in this room who is
man enough to go with me.
Or tell me something.
Are you afraid to stand up to
the white man even when he's
shooting at your wives
and your children?
Me and my rifle can be
any place you say
within half an hour.
Now, they're calling
this the international
symposium on the law.
And the American Indian
legal rights--
and let me tell
you guys something.
The real purpose of this is to
make it look like everybody's
stealing from the Indians.
Oh, come on, posner.
I've handled dozens of land
sales of Indians and even I
don't know what
termination is. Do you?
Look, these radical Indians are
taking payoffs on all sides.
Who cares? As long as they
don't terminate my lease.
I've only got 92 more years
for it to run.
Well, you sure as hell better
hope that conference
never takes place.
Because if it does, we're all
in for a lot of surprises.
I order you to drop your guns.
You sentence our brother
running deer to jail
for killing a deer to feed
his starving children,
and yet you dare to come here
and do this?
What, do you call this sport?
I was wrong.
I'll correct that injustice
to the Indian.
Well, tell me.
Just how are you
going to do that?
He's already spent ten days
rotting in your lousy jail
like a caged animal.
I'll give running deer a job.
A good job.
More money than he could
possibly earn.
Because he's an Indian?
And you've got one pay scale
for your whites and one
for your Indians?
Aw, come on, now.
Don't be childish.
All of you.
You are all illegally
trespassing on Indian land
and you are all going to be
tried by us.
Here and now.
If this is a tribal decision,
where is yellow hawk
and little bear?
Probably back home
sucking up your spit.
I'm lieutenant governor Barnes.
This is George shipley.
He's the president
of stonehearst mining company.
This isn't Indian land.
After it was terminated we
purchased a leasehold on it.
My company holds
the rights to it
and these men are here
as my guests.
How many days
after the president
signed that termination bill
did your company get
your leasehold?
Oh, I can't, I can't remember.
I don't see that has
any bearing.
How many days?
The day after termination
was signed.
And how much money did you
just happen to contribute
to the secret campaign fund?
What did you say
your name was?
My name is George shipley.
I'm President of the
stonehearst mining company.
You know, shipley, I think
I'll just kill you
right where you stand.
We've made a terrible
mistake and you've
got the upper hand for now.
Take advantage of it and all
you'll do is fan the flames
of hatred higher.
And then later on, all of us
here, somehow, we'll get even.
Trying us isn't going
to solve anything.
Blue elk?
Rolling thunder?
I know we don't think much of
each other, but we're realists.
Now, what the lieutenant
governor has to say is true.
You may feel good now,
but you're gonna suffer later.
All right.
We'll not try you now.
We'll just take a good clean
picture of each and every one
of you for future reference.
Okay. You heard him.
I want two lines here.
Women to the front and men
to the rear.
And I want all the men to take
off them hats. Now.
Oh, you've really gone too far
this time, Billy.
You're making a terrible mistake
photographing those men.
You know, the last time one of
you posners uttered
that lousy cliche,
one of you got killed.
Now tell me, don't you
ever learn?
You people back there.
That means you too.
Let's go.
And I'll swear to god you're
really gonna pay for this one.
Take that hat off.
I'm talking to you.
Jean, how much more is gonna
have to happen before you
get those kids to pull back
on those exposes?
Taking pictures of those people
just infuriated them.
It made matters much worse.
I know that, Carl.
But I can't tell the kids on
one hand I have
complete confidence that they
can govern themselves and then
on the other hand take it away
when there's an important
decision to be made.
Either you decide to trust them
on the vital decisions,
or you don't.
It's as simple as that.
Yes, but you can speak out,
can't you?
I mean get up and present
your point of view.
I don't see why you can't
argue against something
you think is bad
or destructive.
As long as the kids have
the right to vote it down
if they don't agree with you.
Yeah, I know.
But oftentimes kids have
a tendency to hero worship
and I just think if Billy
or I got up and argued a point
some of these kids
would just blindly follow
because they identify
with us so much.
And I'm sorry, I just don't
think that's fair.
What you're saying then is that
when you get right down to it,
you don't really believe they're
adult enough to make
their own decisions.
i would be honored
if you would teach me
how to Pierce the veil
and go to that other world
and make my own inward journey
to find my own center.
I would be honored, grandfather,
if you would teach me the way.
You have many enemies in this
world waiting to destroy you.
If you are to survive,
you will have to find peace
in yourself first.
That is why I want to make
the inward journey.
The inward journey
is dangerous.
Filled with terrifying evil.
There are many demons
of great power.
It takes much wisdom to
learn that they are
of your own making.
And first, you must learn
to see your own shadow.
How will I learn to see
my shadow, grandfather?
Many cannot survive
the dangerous inward journey.
But if you do, in time
you will come face to face
with your own shadow.
Then you will know
what I mean.
I think I see it, grandfather.
Yes, I see it clearly now.
What color is it?
Blue. Bright blue.
That is a spirit looking
to see if you are worthy.
It takes many forms.
Where did it go?
When you can tell me
where the flame comes from,
I will tell you where it goes
when it goes out.
Grandfather, where will I look
for my shadow demon?
We think the spirits
live out there
but they and the shadow
demon live inside you.
He is all the evil in you
that others can see in you
but you cannot.
Why is that?
We all put forth an image that
we want other people
to think we are and that we'd
like to think we are,
but we all have the secret evil
side that is
painful to discover,
though others
can see it in us very easily.
How can I come to know
my evil side, grandfather?
By the things in others
that make you angry.
Whenever you get upset
at someone or something,
it's because that quality that
you're upset about
really exists in you.
It is always easier to see
the evil in someone else
and by trying to change him,
think you are getting rid
of your own evil,
your own shadow.
It takes superhuman courage
to see that this fault
really exists in you.
That what you're really hating
and trying to change
is a quality of yourself.
Like the rugged man who hates
long-haired youth.
Underneath, he is secretly
afraid of his own femininity.
Grandfather, may I now descend
to the cave of the dead?
No, you are not yet ready.
First, you must seek
your own vision.
When your heart is open,
your vision will come.
And only after you've received
your vision will you have
some chance to survive
in the cave of the dead.
Hello, blue elk.
How long has Billy gone
without food and water?
Seven days now.
And on the eighth,
if he's worthy of it,
his vision will come.
But if a woman enters
these sacred grounds
the medicine is lost.
You'll have to go back,
I'm sorry.
What are you guys gonna do when
the women's lib
hears about this?
You'll have to take that
up with the spirits.
Come, Billy Jack. Come.
For I am going to show you
the true nature
of the white man
through all of history.
Come and look with me
over this river of time.
Look out.
There's St. augustine,
preaching the Christian creed
of love to the druid britons,
with the tips of their lances
dripping with blood.
Oh, and there's king Richard
the lionhearted,
slaughtering the heathen until
they convert to christianity.
Here you see the lie of that
old romanticism you were taught
about the crusades as a boy.
See how they butcher everyone
in this village of Jews
in the name of god and love?
And remember that great brave
Indian fighter, kit Carson?
Well, he had rounded up
over 400 navajo women,
children and babies
into this cave,
and his men bravely
and methodically
shot them to death.
What the white man calls
the spread of civilization,
his christianity, and so-called
democracy have a secret shadow.
Greed and power.
Look well into your own heart,
my brother.
See how much of your violence
comes from the same lust
for power over other people.
We've got names, we've got
dates and exact amounts
and we're going to bring it
out in international court.
A person could get killed
with foolish talk like that.
A person could get killed
with foolish talk like that.
That worked pretty well.
Which one do you think
goes next?
Come on, try it.
Let's try this one and see
what happens.
No good sons of bitches.
Oh my god.
I don't know where she gets
the Patience.
You've gotta remember,
Carol, Danny has been
in over 20 foster homes,
and he was even
put in solitary confinement
in one of the detention homes
when he was 4 years old.
He's never known anything but
brutality and rejection.
I understand all that.
But what can I do about it?
Every single expert
told me he's hopeless.
Honey, we can keep loving him
and loving him no matter
what he does.
But you've got to remember
he's going to have a hard time
accepting that love
because he's gonna be afraid
that it will be torn away like
everything else in his life.
Because he's convinced
he's so evil.
So we just can never never
get mad at him
and more important we just
cannot give up loving him.
Oh, I'm not going to give up.
But what I want to know is,
while we're doing
all this loving,
who's supposed to be
loving us?
I'll love you, honey.
This school has no legal right
to detain the child.
Now, if we have to find Danny's
parents and get them
to regain custody we will,
and if that doesn't work,
we'll have him committed
to a mental hospital.
You'll do what?
Any attempt by your group, or
posner's group, or any other
makes to attack this school
through this child will be met
by the finest lawyers
and the most widespread
publicity that money can buy.
You're just trying to get
back at us because we've
exposed the filthy conditions
of your state hospitals.
Why don't you go and clean them
up so they're fit
for human beings?
- You do that.
- We have evidence the child is
unhappy here, and is constantly
going into fits of rage.
Mister, you are so stupid
it's unreal.
Harry. Harry, this
is not constructive.
Now, it's clear that Jean is not
going to give up the child
without a legal battle, so if
you want to see it through
you're just going to have
to take her to court.
Fair enough. It shouldn't be
too difficult to prove
that this environment
is too radical an environment
to bring up a young child in.
What you men are really saying
is this constant harassment
and this bugging
of our telephones,
it will all magically stop
if we decide to give up
the Indian rights seminar.
Oh, wait a minute, I'm sorry.
I haven't any idea
what you're talking about.
But I'm sure your phones
aren't tapped.
That's illegal
without a court order.
Would you go get bugger
and tell him to bring
the machine in here, please?
So you can just go back
and tell whoever sent you
that they can just stop
bugging our phones
because we can knock out
their bug anytime we want to.
Is this phone
now being tapped?
Oh, yes. With an infinity type
that is picking up everything
being said in this room
from this phone without you even
lifting up the phone receiver.
So, whenever we want to talk
without anyone else
listening in, we just
call on bugger.
Bugger, hit the switch.
You didn't turn
this thing off, did you?
- Turn off what?
- I don't know, it's weird.
It's gone blank,
i can't hear anything.
Well, check your relays.
Mr. posner, allegations have
been made that the
$80 million trust that was given
to you by the Indian bureau
for the land sale was turned
over to you as trustee,
instead of the bank
in Wyoming, and this is
because of your heavy campaign
contributions in Washington.
Look, that's ridiculous.
I'm not even aware
of what campaign contributions
my executive committee
decides to make.
But I do know
that they are made
on a strictly impartial basis.
You mean you have no friends
at all in Washington?
I mean, there isn't anybody
up there--
well, certainly i--
or any heavy campaign
Certainly I have friends
in Washington. Don't you?
Now, what can I do
for you, Princess?
Aren't you responsible
for helping eisenhower
back in the '50s
effect the transfer
of Indian trust money
to local banks here and
throughout the state
so that you could, uh, invest it
at a great personal profit?
Ah, well, that was quite
a long time ago but no, no,
that's not true.
Absolutely not.
What does it say?
What does it say?
Basically, it says the man
is lying through his teeth.
What's that ticking?
I'm picking up a strange ticking
sound from the transmitter.
What's it sound like?
The governor's putting
the town under martial law.
The town? Why the hell isn't he
out here protecting the school?
Something about fearing the kids
coming in and retaliating.
Oh, bull. That jackass would do
anything for publicity.
Well, as long as the laws
work one way for the rich
and one way
for the rest of us,
looks like there's only one
thing left for us to do.
Go in at nighttime and bomb
the hell out of them.
The police won't help us,
we know that.
And we also know that our
just gets us stomped on.
The only thing those racist pigs
will ever understand is terror.
Wait a minute, Jocelyn.
Why don't you quit using race
as an excuse
for your own neurosis.
I don't think
all these marches and protests
and demonstrations
accomplish anything.
Oh yeah, well, look
at wounded knee.
Well, look at wounded knee.
What was accomplished?
Frightened middle-class
people who see
things changing so fast
around them, just when they are
becoming humane and beginning
to see
that there is an injustice,
they see violent demonstrations
and flee like hell right back
to where the politicians
want them.
She's exactly right.
She's exactly right.
Why don't we come up with
something different?
Something that we really want
to show the people in town
we're not monsters
and we don't go around
clubbing people
and throwing bombs.
Michelle, come on.
King tried that approach and
tell me where is he today?
Oh, come on. Come on.
That's beside the point
and you know it.
The hell it is.
I'm right on the point.
Where's everything he's done,
or anybody else for that matter?
They blew it off like they
blew off his head.
To go in and bomb now is not
it's reacting
to what they've done to us.
And the guy who's making
you react
is in fact controlling you.
I agree with Michelle.
Instead of reacting to them,
why don't we just once go in
and do what's good for us?
I'd like to add something
to that if I might.
Would you like to come up here
and speak, Jean?
Come on.
I thought we were supposed
to make our own decisions.
Come on. All this ruckus isn't
getting you anywhere.
But doesn't she have a say so
just like you do
and she and she and she?
Yeah, say so, say so, but she
knows she's gonna get up,
and make a speech that
in this room is going
to follow blindly.
That's right.
I don't gotta tell you.
Now, look, either we decide
or big mama over there
decides for us.
Joanne. Joanne.
Big mama doesn't want
to tell you what to do,
she just has some thoughts
she'd like to give.
It's a crisis right now
and you're trying to tell
us what to do?
That violates everything that
you've taught us to believe.
Here we go again.
Here we go again.
Well, it's about time.
My god, at least someone's
got common sense.
What do you mean?
Stopping these riots
before they start.
Thank god at least we've got
a governor with guts.
Aw, come on, blue elk.
We came all the way up here
just to see Billy.
Well, I can't help that.
You can't see him now.
This is a gathering
of medicine men.
Some of them are using
smoke from religious herbs
and others are purifying
for Billy's sacred journey.
This whole mountain is closed.
You mean they purify
themselves just to take drugs?
No, no, only some do.
And for them the smoke
of the medicine
is a divine spirit.
If one is not totally prepared
to meet him,
if one has not fasted,
or purified oneself thoroughly,
or if outsiders interfere,
the spirit would be angry
and make Billy sick,
or even take him away.
Like when a kid is spaced?
- Off in stony land?
- No, no.
You people don't know anything
about the other world
or about the power that can
so easily kill you.
So when like fools
you take drugs
for kicks or to get high,
you run a great danger.
And when something happens,
all you can talk about
is mental illness, or you
describe it as suicide.
Come on, blue elk.
We know all that.
But when can we see him?
Tomorrow morning. Maybe.
But you're going to have to wait
half way down the mountain.
- Now leave.
- All right, you guys. Come on.
You are going to descend
to the cave of the dead,
where our people
were massacred.
Be very careful, because there
are many spirits there
who would like to take
you with them.
And others who do not want
to pass on to the next world,
so they would like to enter
and possess your body.
The souls of these dead wreak
for vengeance
and they will
know your heart.
If it is that of a white man,
you will not survive.
I am ready, grandfather.
There will be demons also.
If you show any fear,
they will tear you to pieces
and the ghosts will possess
your soul.
If you show you are not afraid
no matter what they do,
the demons will stop
terrifying you
and become your friends.
Are you afraid?
You once taught
me that courage
is not the absence of fear,
grandfather, but the conquest
of it. I am ready.
Beware most of all
the red-eyed demon.
By his screams
you will know him.
He is the most powerful
of all the demons
and because you will do
much good if you survive,
he will kill you on the spot
if you show any fear.
Good luck.
No cobras live
in this country, my friend.
I know who you are
and I'm afraid
I'm going to have to ask you
to leave.
I've got to go
down the tunnel.
You're me.
I am loweklow.
Your inner self.
Someday, when you fully accept
your fate and your death,
then you will have me
as your inner guide,
but for now, you are to go
to the desert
and learn from the maiden.
I'm sorry,
i just can't understand
all that's happening here.
But that's your trouble.
You always try to think
and understand
everything with your head
instead of just feeling it
with your heart.
Now go and just experience
what the maiden offers you.
Billy Jack, over here.
Now who are you?
And where are we?
I am here to show you the way
to the house of the great one.
But first you must prove
yourself generous of heart.
All right. I'm ready.
Go and slap him in the face
and no matter what he does,
do not strike back.
And no matter what he does,
I'm not to hit him back?
That's right.
Run, get going, run there.
Go, go.
I've got a little bet.
No way.
I don't think you're going
to particularly like this.
Why, you stupid son of a--
that man was
on the lowest level
and reacts only
with animal instinct.
Treated with violence,
he was immediately pulled down
to the violent animal level.
No better than the man
that hit him.
And so he ends up being
controlled by the animal
in the man who hit him.
Hit another.
War of honor is something
that went out
in the middle ages.
War today is nothing but
economic gain, economic gain
for a few individuals
in this country who control
the top, top companies
in this country.
These companies go all the way
to soft drink manufacturers,
all the way
to prepackaged foods.
Excuse me a moment.
This is gonna seem as stupid
to you probably
as it does to me, but--
he was on the second level.
He could not be pulled down
to the level of the brute beast
acting on physical violence,
but was easily pulled
away from what he was doing
and lost control
of his own center.
So he too did not own
his own soul,
but could quickly be
controlled by another.
Once again.
Forgive me, I have no idea
why I am doing this.
I feel sorry for you.
Only a child thinks that being
a man
is being tough and violent.
Someday you may learn
that being a man has to do
with self-discipline over
one's time
and one's emotion with a deep
Compassionate understanding
for other people's feelings.
This man has reached
the third level
where he is his own person,
so that no man can
force him to react,
thereby control his actions or
take anything away from him.
But what about
the fourth level?
Who told you
of the fourth level?
I don't know, nobody told me
about the fourth level,
it just kind of popped
into my head, that's all.
Look, can I go
to my spiritual guide now?
You may never go to him.
He comes when he wills.
And of yet, you are not ready.
So why not?
I thought I just conquered
my demon.
You just met him, and learned
that your own
worst demon is yourself.
Your task now is to come
to thoroughly know
your shadow and accept it,
and by accepting your weaknesses
and human frailties.
When your shadow
has become your friend,
then your spiritual guide
will come for you,
and only then
will you be ready.
Grandfather. How is
all of this happening to me?
I tried to get them to go wait
down the mountain, Billy,
but they insisted
on seeing you.
That's all right.
We can talk on the way down.
Look, we're worried
because the kids at the school
are just going to forget
the whole thing
and go off on one of their
nonviolent love kicks again.
And all that will happen
is we'll get bombed again
and more of our kids
will get killed.
Yeah, look, Billy.
There's a whole group of us.
Billy, we'd like you
to lead us in.
You know, hit them
with a counterattack.
We could go in at night and bomb
their TV station for a change
or kidnap somebody
from the town.
Fight back.
Look, being strong is one thing,
but bombing is another.
Why, because it's not open?
No, because it's the act
of a sick coward.
So what the hell are we
supposed to do?
Just roll over and play dead?
Yeah, Billy, how much
can we take?
Look, if I were a kid
in the barrio
or the ghetto today,
and I had to grow up seeing
my parents
every day out of work
or else lucky to get
a two-hour
bus ride into the city
so they can make a few dollars
cleaning up
the white man's filth
and then return only to be
insulted by the landlords,
the teachers and the police--
the police?
They're so damn corrupt.
I know they are, and I sure
as hell would be
tempted to go off and do things
that would make
the fanatic radicals
look like kindergarten kids.
Well then, come on,
let's do it.
Nothing else we can do.
Does that mean you're going
to lead us
in to bomb them back?
- Yeah, come on, Billy.
- No, not in a million years.
Why not, Billy?
Because that kind of violence
never helps anybody
or liberates anybody.
It just gives some psychotic
who's filled with a lot
of self-hatred
an excuse to kill a lot
of innocent bystanders
and maybe grab a lot
of headlines
by spouting
some sophomoric slogans
about class struggle.
And the end result
of the whole thing is it gives
the law and order mentalities
like posner
a chance to grab even
more power.
As far as what's going on
back at the school
I think you kids
are just gonna have to go back
and decide all that
for yourselves.
what the hell is that?
I don't know, sir.
Sounds like drums.
Lieutenant, you better put
the men out on alert.
Sergeant, go out and see
what the noise is.
Hey, colonel.
Maybe your revolution is gonna
come limping in here
with a musket, fife and drum.
lieutenant, I don't think
you're gonna believe this.
Come one, come all
to the world's first
total man meet in history.
Howard cosell, where are you?
Each team has a poetry team,
a belly dance team,
a rock band,
a sprinter, a pole vaulter
and a relay team.
No prizes, no awards,
and no politics.
Just the fun of competing.
Anyone can form a team
and join in.
Man is both body and soul,
and physical and spiritual,
so come to the first
total man meet in history.
Hey, colonel. These radical
can be awfully dangerous.
Think you and your men
can handle this one?
Lieutenant, escort them.
Attention all units,
attention all units.
Be on the alert.
This could be a clever
diversionary tactic.
All right, Carl,
knock it off.
It's no use, the wheel is just
getting deeper and deeper.
Have you got
the tow truck yet?
Hey, Jerry?
I've already called
the tow truck
and they can't come out
until morning.
Send another bus.
Oh, wait a minute.
I think maybe there's
help coming.
Yeah, someone's on their way.
Russell, that's not help.
Jerry? Jerry?
Something funny's going on.
Call the sheriff.
Well well well.
If it ain't our candle waving
culture group.
Looks like you've got
a little problem here, huh?
Well, I tell you, while you're
waiting for help, we'll, uh,
we'll provide you
with a little culture, okay?
Give me one of them violins.
That is a guitar, stupid.
They still can't find
the sheriff
and Billy's on his way.
Tell him to keep trying.
Try the state police.
Well, lookie here.
Really big man,
Jason, aren't you?
Fellows, we can't fight
and we're not interested in--
just tell us what you want.
Look, now, you've had your fun
and you've really damaged
our bus.
Now, you don't need
to burn it too.
Please, don't burn our bus.
Oh, my my my, huh?
You boys out for a little fun
and games?
You just decide,
it's Saturday night,
roll a bus over or two, huh?
Well, it's something to do.
Yeah, it beats going
to church, doesn't it?
Well, yeah. Yeah.
Oh, man.
He's a big one, jas.
- 6i9ll.
- 6i9ll.
Really? How much do you weigh,
about 265 pounds?
- No, 285.
- 285.
Two hundred
and eighty five pounds?
- Right.
- Jason, I didn't think
you guys piled it that high
down here in your part
of the county, huh?
Well, you know the funny thing
about being so big though
is that a little girl,
like this
luscious little
belly dancer here,
she could take you right off
at the knees just like that.
What's she going to use,
a buzz saw?
No. She wouldn't use
a buzz saw. Just her knee.
Her knee? She couldn't even
get her knee up high enough.
She doesn't have to kick you
in the family jewels.
What she would do is...
Right down there
inside the thigh.
Oh, I'm sure.
And you know, not only that,
but if she did it right,
you would not only go
down like a bomb,
but she might even tear
that muscle
all the way
down under the kneecap.
You might even
have to have surgery.
Indian, you're full
of karate crap, you know that?
Well, I knew he was going
to say that.
I just knew you were
going to say that.
And I suppose that means that
i will have to say to you
that I will have
to show you, right?
Be my guest.
And I suppose that's all right
with you, isn't it, Jason?
Good luck.
That's one thing about you,
you've always had such
a generous heart, Jason.
You don't mind at all that i--
- go right ahead.
- ...Take him on, or--
- sure.
- Wonderful fellow,
wonderful fellow.
you can't say that I didn't
warn you. Right?
- Right.
- And you can't say
that I didn't warn you?
- No, no.
- Ls he a valuable man?
- Ahh.
- So-so. So-so?
That's all you are?
Well, in any event,
you can't say
that I didn't
warn you, right?
Now I suppose we're down
to that time when there's
really nothing left to do
but show you, is there?
Be my guest.
Joanne, what do you think
you're doing?
Getting even.
What do you mean
getting even?
This just pulls you
down to their level.
Well, what the hell do you
call what you just did?
Come on, Billy.
Come on, you can debate
your visions later.
Law association wants to know
if you want to open
the legal seminar,
- or speak last.
- Last.
After everyone else
has gone home.
What's the matter?
Look who they said
would never leave his room.
Danny thinks he might like
to have that thing now,
wouldn't you, Danny?
What thing?
The thing that will help
his arm grab onto things.
How in the world did you
ever do it?
Okay, almost. But you've
got to put this here,
right like that.
- I'll never learn.
- Yeah, you will.
And you'll sing up on
the platform
- like the rest of the kids.
- I'd be so embarrassed.
Will I really get
to play up there?
Yeah, but you've gotta
work hard, okay? Ready?
- Really?
- Yeah, okay.
Do you mean he's actually
talking now?
Yeah. With Carol he's become
a regular chatterbox.
That's beautiful.
Change over to here,
like that.
Well, Jean, I hope this is
going to end
your Indian
legal rights seminar.
I know, I know.
Not a mark on him and death
by accidental drowning.
Well, what the hell
did you expect?
Yeah, a sign?
Courtesy of w. A. Posner
and his friends from the CIA?
The mass confusion over really
what are the Indian rights
makes it impossible
for even Indian lawyers
to grasp the laws that are
mostly aimed at depriving him
of 13 million acres
of prime real estate
in the United States.
Let us now look closely
at how these committees
control the entire congress
and the entire spending,
so that 220 million people
are totally controlled
by the votes of 4 or 5 men.
The traders are given
a complete monopoly
on the reservation
by the bureau.
Prices are inflated, sometimes
as much as a thousand percent.
And when the little money that
these people have is gone,
the traders extend credit
to them at interest rates
usually falling between
48-75 percent annually.
And the bia parading
their sell-out Indians around
before the public
as a camouflage,
refuse to throw the traders
off the reservation
or to even regulate
or in any way control them.
Can you tell me why?
The only possible reason
must be kickbacks,
tied in
with the first national bank
and Mr. posner's trust funds.
These again regulated
by the bia.
And the people that are going
to be the ones
that are suffering
are my people.
People that are
on the grass roots level.
Not the tribal councilmen.
Not the fat tribal councilmen
with their...
Government or tribal cars.
Not them.
And for years since I was
a little girl
I've seen this go on
amongst our own people.
Graft and corruption.
I call you brother, but I have
my hand in your pocket.
She calls me sister.
She has a knife in my back.
We talk about unity.
Unity in the world,
in the government?
Better start at home.
Charity begins at home.
And so in closing, please
let us try and remember
the overwhelming despair
gnawing at every Indian
and every other person
in the United States
knowing that there
is no longer
any way he can directly affect
the destiny of his country,
and therefore, he can no longer
control his own life.
You know, it's hard to believe
that this country,
which was started
in a small corner of Virginia,
where even though
the population was very small,
god created
such incredible people
as James Monroe, James Madison,
George Washington,
Patrick Henry, George wythe,
Peyton Randolph,
George Mason, the unbelievable
Thomas Jefferson
and many, many others.
The question now is
whether that incredible spirit
of those men
which created this country
is to be completely obliterated
by the greed and corruption
which exists
at every conceivable
political level
from the white house
to the teeniest trading post
on the Indian reservation.
Do you know that one word,
just one word could change
the entire course of the
American Indian legal destiny
and thereby change the destiny
for all of us here?
And that is the word "honest."
That one word could change
this government
and special interest groups
back to the spirit of Thomas
Jefferson and Patrick Henry.
Which is of government
of the people.
Jefferson summed it all up
in one phrase.
"The entire art of government
is being honest."
To those of you who make
peaceful evolution impossible,
it is you and only you
that will make
violent revolution inevitable.
Thank you.
A conservator is like
a guardian, young lady.
If you hit me, you'll be
in contempt of court.
I'll do it, I swear to you
I'll do it, now get out.
I'm taking the child.
No, you're not.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
I haven't discharged
this patient yet.
We petitioned the court
to name me as conservator.
Normally, I am a peaceful
man, Carl.
But if he's not out of this room
by the time I turn around
I'm throwing this vile,
decaying dung heap
right through that window.
Now you get him the hell
out of here.
Until the court does appoint
you conservator,
this is illegal, Harry,
and you know it.
Now come on. Let's go down
the hall and talk this over.
Now, don't you worry, honey.
We're gonna get him back
to the school. All right?
They're coming
to arrest grandfather.
They're coming
to arrest grandfather.
All right, Cole, what's
this warrant for?
You're not going to take him
in, Cole.
Cole, I don't believe this.
This is absurd.
Absolutely absurd.
Grandfather would never
accept lease money.
Yellow hawk is behind this.
Obviously that's a frame up,
but just as obviously
you can beat it.
Unless someone else does
something stupid.
He's right.
Come on, grandfather.
I'll go in with you.
Hey, blue elk.
It's me, jas.
Got a minute?
What's up?
Well, uh, they asked me
to come out here and see if
maybe you want to come in
for a little private talk.
Maybe we can do something
about the old man.
Who's they?
They just, uh, told us
to come out here
and see if you would be
interested in a deal.
That's all. They just want us
to come get you.
You wouldn't be playing
any games, would you?
Now look, if they'd
have wanted to hurt you,
they would have done it
a long time ago.
Yeah. What do you think?
Well, if it will help.
Yeah, why not?
Columbus took a chance,
didn't he?
There you go. And look
what happened to the Indians.
Just go around the other side.
Hey. He!!!
well, we worked him over
then we worked him over again
but still no deal.
- Well, where is he?
- He's out back.
Well now, what in the world
happened to you, blue elk?
What's the matter
with you, posner?
I'm not one
of your drunken Indians.
Doing this to me is going
to create a lot of attention.
That's the general idea.
In other words, blue elk,
we're going to make an
example out of you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we got a special attraction
here tonight.
Our good friend blue elk
is going to do
an authentic Indian war dance
for you. Ain't you, boy?
A little music there, maestro.
Let's get out of here.
Give me that stick,
drummer boy.
that damn Indian ain't gonna
Oh, he's gonna dance,
all right. Ain't you, boy?
You gonna dance,
ain't you, boy?
'Cause if you don't dance, son,
I'm gonna burn all the skin
off the bottom of your feet.
Use your head, Billy.
I thought after the last time
you'd see
this creates problems,
it doesn't solve them.
What about your vision,
you going to throw
that away again, too?
Damn it, Billy, does somebody
else have to be killed
before you'll learn?
Look. There is a human being
lying down there who also
happens to be my friend.
Now you tell me what do you
want me to do,
just leave him lie there?
Oh my god.
Come on, honey, this is insane.
Let's get out of here.
Why? It's time
they got theirs.
I said now.
Mrs. clure, how could you
do this?
Dr. alem, you're a dentist.
You took an oath.
Don't you dare turn
away from me. Look at him.
How could you
possibly enjoy this?
What are you,
a bunch of animals?
Aw, come on. You guys
aren't going to really use
all of these things now,
are you?
Try us.
If you're giving me a choice,
i would just as soon
quietly walk out of here
and go on home.
Billy, stop it.
Somebody stop it.
What are you, insane?
All we want to do is take
our friend blue elk
and quietly walk out of here.
Not this time, Billy.
Oh, posner.
For god's sakes.
There are witnesses.
Hundreds of them.
He's not walking out of here.
Well, if that's the way it's
going to be, buster,
you're going to have to
club me down first,
are you ready to do that?
If I have to.
Damn you.
Somebody get the police
and hurry.
Just your feet
against all of this?
Well, looks like we're just
going to have to improvise.
You know, I don't remember who
it was, but somebody one time
told me that if there's
absolutely no way that you can
get out of taking a terrible
the only intelligent thing
for you to do
is to try to get in
the first lick.
Get him.
I dislocated it.
Oh come on,
it's just separated.
Quit bellowing like such
a baby, I'll set it for you.
Bring it up.
This part's going to hurt you.
Oh, posner.
Look, up until now, it has been
just a couple of broken bones.
So why don't you put the gun
away, and back off.
Tell me something.
Were posners all born
to be jackasses?
If you miss me, you're going
to hit one of your own men.
Please. I'm asking you nice,
if that will help.
Why don't you just put the gun
away let's quietly go on home.
I'm arresting you
for assault.
You have no right
to hold me here.
I'm a free man.
I'm arresting you too.
One false move
and I'll kill you.
By god, I'll kill you.
Han, don't.
L'm begging yo"-
don't think I'm kidding.
You satisfied?
I'm taking you in, Billy.
No, I can't let you
do that, Cole.
My god, man. When are you
going to stop being a fool?
If I let you take me in,
we both know that would be
a bullet in my head.
Not while I'm around.
Billy, I have to do this.
No, Cole. I'm not going to
let you take me.
It's a full-scale riot.
They want the guard and the
standby federal troops.
Yeah, who's screaming
the loudest?
You want them
in alphabetical order?
I heard posner's been killed.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
Billy Jack.
Well, get him.
I'm afraid we can't, sir.
The whole world saw it, it was
clearly self-defense.
I said arrest him.
Glad you got here, colonel.
You have no legal right
to be here.
Sorry, ma'am.
We're taking our orders
directly from the governor's
the governor's office.
This show of force is just
going to fan reaction.
Is that what you want?
Just what are your orders?
To stay in this position
until Billy Jack is placed
under arrest.
On top of everything else,
now it starts to rain.
I don't know, Billy.
Maybe I should have listened
and cut back on some
of those exposes.
You know what I think?
No, what?
I think that your refusal
to stop those exposes
and give advice is kind of
a cop out.
Just what do you mean by that?
Well, by not ever giving
advice you don't ever have
the awesome responsibility
of someone following your advise
and making a terrible mistake.
Maybe getting hurt.
It's kind of a nice, safe way
to do it.
Are you accusing me of being
afraid of responsibility?
In some ways, yes.
Why else didn't you speak up
about the exposes?
I mean, after Nixon resigned,
why didn't you do something
about it then?
Because I thought the kids
were doing the right thing.
Your trouble is that you think
everybody is pure of heart
and gives a damn.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, you think that all
you have to do is bring
all these injustices
out in the open
and everybody's going to rise up
and do something about it.
Look what happened to Kennedy
after chappaquiddick.
Or all the crooks with Nixon
and Watergate.
Things went right on.
People forget.
Come on, to hell
with all that.
The only important thing now
is how can we get
out of this mess
without somebody getting hurt.
I think you've got to try
and slip out of here
any way you can.
It's funny. Last time you were
the one
who couldn't wait
for me to surrender.
It's not funny.
It's totally different
this time.
They're going to
kill you, Billy.
How many kids were shot
at that Kent state
and all those other--
what in the hell does that
have to do with anything?
It has everything
to do with it.
If they have to force their way
in here looking for me
a lot of people
are going to get hurt.
Now look at who's
the nonviolent one.
No, I'm not being nonviolent.
I'm just trying to buy
a little bit of time.
Besides, they wouldn't dare
hurt me now.
Don't anybody move.
All right, I'll surrender
if I have the governor's
personal word
that you'll take
all these troops,
move off the campus and clear
out of the reservation.
Those are
the governor's orders.
We're to pull out just as soon
as you're in jail.
That's the deal, Billy.
You heard it personally?
That's right, Billy.
I was there.
All right.
I'll be down shortly.
I came up here so fast
i forgot to bring bullets.
Come on. They wouldn't dare
do something to me now,
it'd be much too obvious.
I'm sorry, Carl,
but this warrant
is from the state's
Attorney General.
He's under state custody.
The hell he is.
- I'll take him in.
- No, you won't.
The Attorney General received
orders directly
from the state supreme court and
gave them personally to me.
I'm sorry, Carl.
Then I'll follow along
and make sure nothing happens.
He's yours, Stanley.
Move that truck.
Are you going to move that
truck or am I? Now move it.
Sergeant, do you think we have
who can do something
about this?
What the hell is that?
Just a precaution, ma'am.
What do you mean precaution,
i thought the deal was
when Billy surrendered
the governor would take
all you gestapo out of here.
Don't bite at me, lady.
I'm just an order taker.
All right. Go ahead
and take your leak.
I never said I had to
take a leak.
Pick it up. It may be dangerous
out there in the dark.
Now, that's
the funniest thing.
You know, one time,
i don't remember where,
somebody told me
that if at any time I was
ever arrested and they gave me
a handgun and said something
about taking a leak--
My god, man. Do you realize
what they will do to us?
Shut up and fan out.
I'm not going out in the dark
after him.
Are you nuts?
To hell with you.
I know I hit him.
Fan out. Move it.
One sound and I tear out
the windpipe.
Now get your handgun out and
bring it up to me very easy.
All right.
Now, I want the keys
to these cuffs
and the coil wire from this car
and the microphone.
You understand?
Real slow.
Well, did you see anything?
No, sir.
Not a damn sign of him.
Yes, there is.
This looks like blood.
Turn on the headlights, ed.
Swing it over here.
I was wrong when I said
to turn the other cheek.
Brute power can only be met
by brute power.
We've got to fight back.
Better than that,
we can bomb the dam.
Shut up. We'll get
that coverage on CBS.
We don't want to hear
some speech.
Shut up! Shut up!
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Now, Jean, built this school
without any help from us
and she does not need any help
from us to rip it down.
She can do just fine on her
own if that's what she wants.
I think she has a right to,
you know,
voice an opinion
on what she wants.
Stop that.
As long as this is the end
of our dream,
and the end
of our school,
I think we should let
Jean talk.
Stop. All of you.
Damn it, I'm mad.
And you, Jocelyn, I don't care
if you want a speech or not,
you're going
to hear one, baby.
I've never asked for one thing
from one of you in this school
in my life and damn it
I'm going to ask now.
I've decided this minute
after sitting here
and watching you guys,
I'm going to stop giving.
And I'm going to demand
that you give me five minutes
of your lousy time,
and believe me, right now
it's plenty lousy.
I can tell you,
i can promise you,
if the cop came
into this room
that shot Billy Jack,
I'd shoot him.
I'd shoot him.
I know that.
But god help me he's not here
now so I don't have to
and I can think a little bit.
Now, we could go out there.
Some of us would get shot.
A few of you would get killed.
You, maybe, Jocelyn.
You can die now
if you want to.
Go ahead.
What's a life?
It's easy, you can make them
like that, right?
Dying is a big step,
and if we wanted to,
and if we really want to die
and if we really want
to ruin this school
and totally destroy it,
I think we can do it
just as easily tomorrow
as we can tonight.
And it may give us a chance to
find out why we're doing this.
Why, what's this
happening for?
My feeling is, and I know right
now it doesn't mean a damn thing
to any of you
but I'm going to say it
I feel that right now
this is our crucial test.
Oh, we're all big mouths.
We've got great mouths in
telling about this
great love
we have here.
And what it means.
And boy this whole school is
really built on it, isn't it?
I saw it tonight.
It was beautiful.
Just gorgeous.
But the question is can
this great love withstand
what they are doing to us
out there right now?
Or is that brute violence
the thing that's going to
overcome the world?
Now, you all know Danny,
and you know
the tremendous love
and time Carol has put in
to what everyone told us was
an absolutely hopeless case.
She has been working
for over one month
to try and teach him a song
because he's wanted to come up
here on this stage
like you big guys,
you big shots, and sing.
Well, there may not be
a platform here tomorrow,
there may not be
a school here tomorrow.
You may not be here tomorrow.
You may not be here tomorrow,
because you may decide to go
out and get yourselves shot.
So I'm going to ask you
one small favor.
Can you give Danny his chance
to be a big guy?
And I hope to god he doesn't
turn out like some of you.
So Carol, Danny,
would you please come up now
and please,
let him have his chance.
Want to start us off?
We did it.
All the way through it.
Thank you.
I'm well aware of that,
but ask for them anyway.
I don't give a damn,
we need some help.
All right.
Well, they won't pull out.
We're trying to ask
for federal marshals.
Has anybody gotten through
to the governor yet?
Oh, Jean, I've been trying
to get him all afternoon.
No, he doesn't have time
for a phone call.
But look at him. He's acting
like the archangel Gabriel.
So I pledge to you
that while we will never
provoke any confrontation--
- damn you liar.
- ...We will never surrender
one square foot of this state
to any lawless anarchists.
Wherever the first firebomb
is thrown,
wherever the first
brick is thrown,
wherever the first house
is set on fire,
then we will make our move.
I have been in contact
with Washington
and have been promised
full support.
Well, so much for any hope
of getting the federal marshals.
And to every citizen
in this state,
let me be perfectly clear.
We will move with everything
in our power
to protect all life--
oh, no. Would you believe it?
Look at that.
This has been
a remote telecast
direct from the governor's
at the state capital.
God above. How can they
be so stupid?
No, it's not stupid.
It's a well thought-out plan.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Call Joe, tell him
i won't be in to work
k for three or four
more days.
Please, please be careful.
Don't worry, for god's sakes.
Why is mommy so upset?
Well, she's just
being silly, Danny.
Now give your old dad a hug.
It's gotta last me
a couple days.
The governor's office
wants verification
that radicals are pouring
into the school
from all over the state.
- Verified.
- Verified.
All right.
Now, it's your job to cover
the hill.
Any kid comes up from the school
you warn him once.
You fire a warning shot in the
air and then you shoot to kill.
Now, they've got snipers
all over the place out there.
Is that clear?
Do you understand that?
Does he really expect us
to shoot college kids?
You're damned right.
Their snipers will hit you
without batting an eye.
Pardon me for sounding stupid,
but, uh, what are we
shooting them for?
the medicine failed.
Those bullets are killing you.
Grandfather said it's because
you didn't respect your vision.
You acted the same way after
as you did before.
Grandfather is right.
But we still
have to stop them,
because they're going
to try to kill Jean.
Will any of you help me?
Please. I can't do it alone.
Let's burn their supply shack.
Have any of you guys
seen Danny?
Please, have any
of you seen Danny?
- No.
- Yeah, I think I saw him
running back towards
the girls' dorm.
Thank you
has Danny been through here?
- You mean little Danny?
- Yes.
Yeah, well, I think I saw him
go down to the bonfire.
Carol, you can't
go down there.
I have to.
I have to find Danny.
Carol, please.
Now they've set
a shack on fire.
You better send a fire truck and
more men to push them back.
Right. Over.
Form your lines. Form
your lines, gentlemen.
This is Jean Roberts
at the freedom school.
I have urgent information
that can stop all this.
Tell the governor he's got
to get on the phone now.
Wasn't that a sniper?
Sure looks like it.
Well, why didn't you
fire back?
I'm not doing anything
until I get my orders.
Why don't you just go call
an ambulance.
Yes. Any kind of statement
from you
will calm things
down considerably.
Would you please let me go out
and tell them anything?
Anything direct from you?
If the students draw back,
and seal themselves
in the dormitory,
then I'll pull back
the militia.
If not, we'll stop this
at all costs.
Well, you pull back
your militia
and I'll get the kids inside.
God above, at least
give me that chance.
- Have you seen Danny?
- No, I've been with joanne.
Try the playground,
I'll try the barn.
He's probably
down with his burro.
General, there is a sniper.
Lieutenant stowe, take
your squad around the hill
to the other side of that wall
and see if you can find
that sniper.
Yes, sir.
What kind of buck shot
are you using?
Double ought.
That's equivalent
to a .38 caliber, sir.
I know what it's equivalent
to but if it will kill a deer,
it will kill those bastards.
Sieg heil! Sieg heil!
Hendrick, fire a warning shot.
What the hell was that?
The sniper, he's firing at us.
God, they're
really shooting at us.
This is sergeant tibbs
at the north wall.
Being fired on by a sniper.
One man's been hit. Over.
They're firing
on all sides, sir.
Damn it to hell, return fire.
All state troopers.
Fire at will.
Stop it. Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it!
What the hell
are you waiting for?
Come on, move it.
Not in the damn air, mister.
Down into the crowd. Now.
Danny? Danny?
Please someone help me!
Please help!
What the hell?
Colonel, what's going on
down there?
Help me!
Under authority
of the treaty of 1868,
I am arresting you for being
illegally on Indian land.
If you resist, or if you
want to continue
this senseless slaughter
of these unarmed students
who are here
under our protection,
then you'll have to shoot
your way through us.
This is a monumental step
you're taking.
You give us no other choice.
If this country must have
another civil war,
then let it start here.
What the hell is he doing?
All right.
I'll notify the governor.
Somebody help us, please.
No, we're pulling out.
You should have been here
tonight, old buddy.
We got a couple of them.
It's funny.
I thought the freedom school
was a symbol of everything
good and right
in the American spirit.
We had kids
of different races,
ideologies, religions,
all living and working
together in peace and Harmony.
For all the kids
at the school,
we really want you back.
Aren't you going to
open it again?
It's not the kids.
It's the townspeople.
They not only supported
the shooting,
but if you can believe it,
they were actually happy
about it.
What do they think?
Will he come back
or is he dead yet?
No, not yet.
Some of the old men say that
he's lost the will to live.
Go see if you can find Jean
and get her up here.
You have not learned enough
to come over
to this side permanently.
Why? My spirit progresses
so poorly on the other side.
That's because you don't value
your visions.
You must carefully listen
to them and change your life
according to what they say.
I understand that.
But why can't I do that here?
You must go back, for when
people can see how someone
as violent as you can change
and find inner peace,
then you will set
a good example.
After you have gone back
and practiced the fourth way,
then you will meet
your spiritual guide.
Well, how am I supposed
to do that?
I don't even know
what the fourth way is.
My friend will tell you.
But you will not be able
to reach the fourth way
until you stop covering
your weaknesses
with violent acts.
The fourth and highest level
is when,
no matter what
they do to your body
they cannot touch your soul,
because you are so deeply
into your own center.
Then you see violence
and anger
and bullying
not as threats,
but as cover-ups used
by panicked men
who are
frightened and in pain.
Instead of hating them
you truly feel sorry
for their weakness,
and can easily turn and offer
them your other cheek.
Now go back and do
what you must do.
And take Carol,
for she will help you carry on
the teachings.
How are all the kids?
I don't know.
I haven't been back there yet.
What do you mean you haven't
been back there?
You mean you, you haven't been
back to the school?
Why not?
Don't they need your help
getting the whole thing
started again?
You mean you really want to
go through all that again?
Are you telling me
you're quitting?
Look over there.
Well, that's a strong sign.
That doesn't change
your mind at all?
Tomorrow, all over the world
kids are going to march
to rebuild the school.
We're going to try to start
other schools, all over,
just like you've done
for us here.
Instead of stopping
the exposes,
we've got to work harder now
than ever.
With Ford and rockefeller,
nothing will really change.
Everyone suddenly forgot
about all the urgent reforms
so we've got to keep on
until those reforms
really happen.
We've all decided.
We're going to dedicate
the march to you.
Please come in.