The Triangle (2016) Movie Script

Hey, buddy.
Just got a postcard...
from Nathaniel,
and this is what it says...
"Dear Stilly,"
our leader has asked me to
invite you up here to Ragnarok.
If you can round up
Pitman and David
we know that we have an incredible
subject for a documentary.
If you are interested
meet me in the Winnett bar
in Winnett Montana
sometime between 2pm and 4pm
on July 13th.
If you are not there,
this is my goodbye.
"You have always been
a true friend"
and this is in capitols,
I'm calling up Davy.
I think we are probably
gonna be headed north.
Those people he's with,
and him there, I mean...
I've meet some of them.
They're awesome, they're crazy.
We've had
crazy deep conversations.
So I don't know how deep their
conversations are going these days!
I don't know man,
I feel like I can be
one step away sometimes
from sending somebody
a postcard like that.
I think that-I think that
it's gonna be... awesome!
I'm excited!
I'm excited for this!
We're in between projects.
I mean...
it makes perfect sense.
Why wouldn't we go do this?
We've always kind of wanted
to make a documentary.
My initial reaction is that
I didn't want to go.
I was like, "screw that."
And then you guys were like
"Yeah, yeah it's fun.
It's gonna be fun, excited."
And I was like, what are they
not reading that I'm reading.
Why are you guys not worried
about this situation?
I mean the postcard
is really weird.
I am overseeing
all things sound related.
So are you excited?
I hope there's
some cute girls there.
The thing that I'm
struggling with is if this a...
cult or a commune.
That's what I...
What's the difference?
Cults are, in my opinion,
seem much more insidious.
- Stilwell?
- Yeah?
Do you think Nathaniel's gotten
himself into some real trouble?
No. I don't.
Like... I don't know what it is,
but I don't think trouble.
I really Don't.
That's it, isn't it?
Welcome to Winnett.
Hey, you haven't heard
of a commune in the area?
- Not at all?
- No.
Where at?
Is it out at the bench, or...
Out kind of by the...
by Mussel Shell River, or...
Okay, there's...
There... It's not really
so much a commune.
It's... They're kinda
settin' down there.
- They made their own little... niche.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You guys have a good one.
- Take care. Bye.
- See you soon.
12 ounce steaks, video gambling.
Outside 100, inside 75.
Where do you wanna be?
Where are we?
The Winnett Bar and Grill.
Why are we here?
Lord knows.
He said to meet when?
Between, two and four.
Two and four.
So they very well could be
in this bar at this moment.
You guys lost?
We're not lost!
We're filmin' a movie!
Right, the commune guys!
What are they...
what are they like?
What do you mean what are they like?
You don't know?
Then you're on your own, dude.
Yep. Here we go.
You got beers in here?
All right!
Doesn't mean you get any.
Ooh! This place is all...
Very nice. This is great.
Is this your bar?
How long have you
lived in Winnett?
Are you FBI? CIA?
I'd say nonya!
- Nonya?
- Nonya business!
How long have you
lived in Winnett?
- All her life.
- All my life.
Have you met any of the people
living in the commune nearby?
No, she hasn't.
- My God.
- My...
Are you serious?
- How you doin'?
- My God.
This is alive!
We weren't sure.
Yeah, that excuse
don't fly around here.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Better join...
Pitty's mad.
Are you mad at me?
I haven't heard from you
in three years.
I tell you what.
When we get out there
you'll understand exactly why
I've been gone for three years.
You know who we're meeting here?
- Do I?
- Yeah.
Creek's dried up.
- And the bus ain't runnin'.
- Shit.
- Hey, Rizzo.
- Adam Cotton.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- You too.
Hold on. Hey.
Adam Pitman.
- Andrew Rizzo.
- Hi.
Hello. David.
Andrew Rizzo.
Pleasure to meet ya's.
We got some problems boys.
We gotta kind of move quick.
The bus is down.
You know, I am just going to be a
little transparent with you guys.
There are some people who
are not really happy at all.
You might be walking
into a little bit of stuff.
You know what, the best time
to come see Ragnarok
is at that sun's going down.
So let's-let's D. D. Mao.
Let's get on the road.
Anyone wanna ride with me?
Pitty, you wanna go with him?
Davy you go with...
with Rizzo.
I'll go.
I'll ride with you.
That's okay.
It's okay.
I might need to put more water
in this bitch.
- Car?
- Yeah.
All right. I can...
I can just use
what's in my water bottle.
- Yeah, I'm gonna...
- Are you okay?
That's what this is all about,
I don't know how, but if
you can ask him if like...
if any of the people that are
worried about us filming,
if... we are going to face
any hostility at all?
- Okay.
- Like violence...
- I... They wanted us out here.
- Let's get that sunset!
I know. Okay. All right.
Okay, I'll see you guys
out there.
See you out there, brother.
Just stay close behind us.
I am excited for this.
I don't have any real ties
or any real...
and nothing anchoring me
and so I...
Why the hell.
The only advice I'll give you,
sir, David, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- David.
Is check you expectations
at the door
and your assumptions at the
door and you'll do just fine.
Got it. Easy to do.
Yeah. For some.
'Kay, so we just
met Andrew Rizzo.
So like when you were...
when you wrote in your postcard,
the leader, is that him?
Is that... That's Rizzo?
That's who Stilwell
thought was the leader.
Are those your cows?
No, These...
We don't have any cows.
We do have sheep, though.
I'm coffee drinker.
I brought a couple
of frappuccinos for myself...
and for anybody who wants one.
Well be care... I mean...
Like I said
it's like the natives.
If you give the gifts,
you know...
When I was in the army
years ago,
when I was over in Iraq,
you give em toilet paper
or jeans or anything like that
you make friends real quick.
Use your frappuccinos, or
whatever it is you got, wisely.
And if you are
half as laid back...
If your half as laid back
as you are right now...
you're gonna be fine.
- I'm pretty laid back.
- That other little guy, he seems a little nervous.
He's a little nervous.
They're gonna eat him up, man.
They're gonna eat him up.
So I'm a little worried
about the...
the people that aren't excited
about us being out there.
Yeah, well, you know,
you just have to understand
that for some people cameras and
movies and things like that
are one of the symptoms
of the world
that we're trying to...
get away from.
So there she is.
If you turn that camera
right over here.
- Ghetto Gypsy.
- There it is!
There it is.
Is this really far away
from camp?
Yeah, it's about half way.
Welcome to Ragnarok.
Who is that?
- By the way.
- Yeah?
No smoking. Fire danger.
I don't smoke.
All right, some quick
housekeeping, brothers.
lot of rattlesnakes,
especially up in that area,
and that cave up there,
we had a collapse,
our boy Nicky, you know Nicky,
he almost got crushed
up in there,
so stay away from it.
I wonder if I should get out...
of the car.
Two, no booze
in the Triangle of Ragnarok,
and you will understand that
when you get in there.
You can come drink
at your car, so...
No, I think that's...
leave all of your gear
in the car
and someone will come
and take care of it
and put it in your yurt for ya.
Krunk, come on, we gotta go.
D. D. Mao!
Where are you going?
I got some stuff I gotta do.
All right. Okay.
- See you guys down there.
- See you. See you, Nathaniel!
I can't believe
I haven't been here yet.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Camera's out.
- Hey.
- He's Pitman.
Holy shit.
Nice to meet you, man.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Roos.
Hello, cameraman.
Wow, that's a trip.
And we just got...
these, we had...
some trouble
with our old structures,
so we just got
some new structures, and...
Working on 'em,
figuring 'em out.
That's pretty cool.
That's creepy.
That's a nice spot to die.
Regretting coming here.
You see the people up there, David?
People up there?
- Whoa.
- David.
- God.
- David.
Welcome to Ragnarok.
Are you serious?
- Hey!
- How's it going, man?
Come on, Pitty.
- Don't be too weird.
- Keep up with us, man.
Holy cow.
Good, man.
- Fuckin' nuts.
- Yeah.
What's up?
- How are you?
- Welcome.
Show you guys around real quick,
and then show you
where your stuff's at.
We'll get you in your place
and then we will eat dinner.
This is the whole crew?
This is everybody?
- Yeah. I'm David.
- This is it!
- Hi, hi!
- I'm Adam.
- That's Sugar Slim.
- Adam.
- Adam, as well.
- This is Dave, this is John.
- Adam.
- They call me Cotton. That's my last name.
- Cotton.
- Keep the confusion down.
The cameras are on us.
Capturing every move.
How was the drive?
- It was good.
- It was good. Hot.
Don't go in Martha's kitchen.
You know, or rub my back
or my feet, or be dinner.
All right, she's cookin',
so we'll let her be.
- How're you hangin' in there?
- I'm good. Yeah.
This is the water buffalo.
So you guys need to drink a lot
of water while you're here.
- This is your kitchen?
- It is.
There's a lot of stuff going
on, but it's a lot of fun.
- What's your name?
- I'm Martha.
- Adam.
- Adam, nice to meet you.
Kind of has a little bit
of a sulfur taste to it.
It's 'cause it's soft water. Tons of
minerals, really, really good for you.
- Stoking!
- Thank you stoking!
But it does smell
like fart water, so...
- These are beautiful.
- What's your name?
Put some racks in 'em,
cover 'em in mud,
and bake away.
You guys like lasagna?
This one has...
I just ran out of sauce
for the top of the...
- I'm David.
- Hey, David.
How ya doin', man?
Nice to meet ya. I'm Nick.
Nick. Nice to meet you, man.
- Gabriel?
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
All right, well I think
that's it for these guys.
David, there's prickly pear,
so anything inside the Triangle,
you'r pretty much safe,
you can kinda like...
you know, step with
your flip-flops and stuff.
Why do you call it the Triangle?
'Cause it's like a triangle.
It's-it's like the shape
of the community.
It's where everything fits.
We're pretty tight knit,
you know,
so it keeps everybody kind of
tight knit and cool.
Let me show you guys
to your yurt.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
We get a yurt?
- Yeah.
- Holy shit.
So, man, this is all you guys.
I am gonna go check on dinner,
see if I can help out and...
- Okay. Cool, cool.
- Make yourselves comfortable.
- There you go.
- Awesome, man.
Thank you.
- Stoking.
- Thank you stoking.
- What's your name?
- Rick.
- Rick. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
How was the journey, man?
Welcome, welcome.
What's for dinner?
Lasagna and some salad.
I haven't met you yet.
What's your name?
- I'm Ciara.
- Ciara? Hi.
- What's your name, by the way?
- I'm David. Sorry.
- Very cool. I'm Reid.
- Reid? Nice to meet you, Reid.
- Hi, I'm Sarina.
- Sarina. Nice to meet you.
- Hailey.
- Hailey. Nice to meet you, Hailey.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, I'm David.
Hey, Rizzo?
Sorry to interrupt.
What's the protocol for dinner?
- Hi, buddy.
- Protocol?
How long do you plan to be here?
I'm not totally sure.
I think... two weeks,
three weeks maybe?
Yeah... yeah.
What in the hell?
I don't know, there is
something about electricity
and energy that I get, like,
it makes sense to me.
Do you feel like its ironic
that you are trying
to get away from it?
The things that make us comfortable
sometimes make us too comfortable,
and we start to forget
what else life is really about.
- You know?
- Yeah.
I found myself that way
years ago, and...
you know the Burning Man
experience for me
definitely opened my eyes to
alternative forms of living,
you know, and it's...
it's a treat honestly.
That generator...
with a five gallon tank
probably can run about 12 hours.
But we are not big
into fossil fuels around here
unless it's a special occasion.
And luckily
you're a special occasion!
Cool! Thank you very much.
No problem!
The idea that
there are scorpions,
and like I said we're so far
out in the middle of nowhere.
No cell phone service.
That cell phone booster
does not work at all.
It says there are three bars
but it doesn't call out.
It doesn't connect.
I'm very uncomfortable.
- I know you are.
- It's not...
But, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What if this is good for you?
In what way?
Like a spiritual...
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm gonna have this thing
that pulls me out of, I mean...
- Out of your comfort zone.
- Sure, I understand that.
What do I always say?
If you spend your life...
being comfortable all the
time how do you ever grow?
Right, I understand.
You've got some things
that you need to...
I saw somebody.
Somebody was at that window,
looking in the window.
Somebody was looking
in the window.
- Geez!
- Jesus Christ!
It was Nathaniel.
I think you have some things
you need to work through.
My God. Jesus!
That scared the shit out of me.
What ya doin' in here?
We're having a conversation.
That's all.
- No, it's awesome.
- God.
That really scared me.
All right.
Are you all right there, Pitty?
Keeps coming up like
"What are you guys doing here?"
And it's like... what?!
We came out here
'cause you asked us to.
Because you invite us out here!
We were invited.
And I actually only feel comfortable
enough talking about it
'cause I don't think they can
hear us over the generator.
But I mean there were some...
There was a few moments where
we talked about
the people who...
the people who don't really
want us here.
Not individually
and specific but...
there is some people
who don't...
It wasn't there choice
to bring us here.
But, he talked
about you, Pitman,
and the fact that, you know, you
didn't want to ride with him,
and you know he kept saying,
"If your squirrelly friend
brings that into the Triangle
they're gonna...
they're gonna pick up on it."
Does that bother you?
I mean, I wasn't actually even
gonna mention it to you at all.
Shh, shh, shh!
- Can I come in?
You scared me.
And my tru... Why do I have this
trust issue with Nathaniel?
Yeah, he's one of
your best friends!
We just gotta talk to him.
Whenever I see him
he looks pissed off.
He looks like he has the weight
of the world on his shoulders.
Yeah, and he said, "We..."
It's a big deal, like,
we got a subject for a..."
Maybe that's it.
Maybe we need to...
We need to talk
to those fuckin' motherfuckers.
- I just love it in here.
- Yeah.
- The yurts are new for us.
- Okay.
Yeah, they're a new...
We're trying them out.
We had a little
surplus money and...
You said usually you guys are
doing kinda the bigger tents.
Yeah, we did those canvas tents
you know, even though they're
shady they get pretty hot.
So, are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- You good?
Yeah, I'm good, man.
I'm-I'm good.
You're stressed a little bit?
You know, and I don't... You
know, we invited you guys here,
and I don't want to put
any of this on you, but...
you guys have to understand
that you're walking
into a situation where...
these people
have built this place,
and they put it together,
and they made a lot
of personal sacrifices
and financial sacrifices
to be here,
and, it can pose a little bit
of a threat,
and they're concerned about
how they're gonna be portrayed.
- Yeah.
- But we've got a good thing going on here,
and we want people to know
that this is possible,
that you can do this
and you can find happiness.
In an environment where...
That's why you asked us to come?
Well, I need you guys
to know that...
there is some stuff going on
that I am not really at liberty
to talk discuss right now...
- Great.
- Within the group.
And just know that things are
gonna level off...
It's an adjustment for you guys
to land here,
and it's an adjustment
for us to have you.
That makes sense.
Where are we goin'?
Straight to the top, baby!
That's beautiful.
Why are you here?
I'm here
because of these people...
and I am here to experience...
and create a culture
in a setting of our choosing.
When you get all
the outside noise, you know...
dimmed down, quieted down,
you know,
you can do the best writing,
do the best singing,
you can do the best dancing,
like just feel free.
The ability to make change
in this environment
is so immediate,
and so powerful, and...
the struggles that we go
through, we go through together.
This is a place to be...
aware of yourself,
and connect with other people,
truly and honestly,
and be open enough
with yourself to...
connect with other open souls.
So I am very out front,
like I enjoy bathing
in front of people,
and I think that's kind of one of
the beauties of our community.
And just shows, sort of,
you know, an extreme level
of intimacy
that we somehow managed
to achieve
for a fairly decent sized group
is bathing out in the open.
I mean, you can see people
shitting up on the hill up there.
It's all... But it's all like,
why should it be shameful?
Why should it be? It's like
it's all something we all do,
we all have to deal
with our bodies, like...
- We're all animals.
- Yeah, exactly!
And attaching
this notion of shame,
it seems like a very sort of
Catholic, Protestant sort of,
you know, way of living that I,
you know, so-so desperately
been trying to avoid
ever since
I have been old enough
to make my own decisions.
What's in here?
Please don't film in here.
Okay. Sorry.
When an emotion rises up,
like, I don't like
the way that David's
asking me this question,
I have a choice to try that on
and take over my vessel.
It's almost like a fight.
Within a fight you've got two
things that you are in control of,
time and distance.
The distance
you've got to cover,
and the time it takes
to get there and strike it.
- You know what I mean?
- Sure...
So when a thought or emotion
comes up
for me five years ago I would
be like "David hates me!"
and I would be like, you know,
fuckin' I gotta clock this guy.
You know? And I would be talking
to you, going "fuck you."
And now I allow, I go,
"David hates me." I look at it,
kinda separate it, I get a little time and
distance in between me and that thought
before I let it
take over my flesh suit.
I watch it,
and then I have an appropriate
amount of distance
to say "is that something
I really want to try on?"
Is that something I really
want to give to David?"
Because to be quite...
quite frankly, I do.
I am disliking the way you are
asking me these questions! ...Sorry!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What was your name again?
- I'm Ciara.
Ciara. David.
How are you ladies
feeling today?
Kind of stuffed up.
- Yeah?
- Are you getting that too, a little bit?
Just, I don't know if
it's the dryness or...
The heat. The heat
and the desert dryness.
Yeah, I think I need to lay
down, my head is kind of...
Lay down, baby.
I was walking around
in my bare feet,
and got a prickly pear.
I stepped on one...
and I got all these little
thorns in my foot.
And they're like,
"We're rakin'!"
I was like "You don't have to
rake, I'll put on my shoes."
"Nope, we're gonna rake
this whole place."
I was like "No! Seriously,
don't rake. It's fine."
He's like
"No, you're our guest."
Rick said, "If you have
a thorn in your foot,
we have a thorn in our foot.
"We're gonna rake
this whole place."
And they've been raking all day.
It's all because somebody gets a
little prickly pear on their toe.
Next thing you know
you're rakin' all day.
This is a...
appearance release.
I thought this was
a handshake sort of a deal.
We can't
when it's a production...
Should I go talk to him?
Hey, R...
What do we do?
- It's just one of those things.
- I get it.
We still have to deal
with the real world
and I am not trying
to be an asshole.
- Bring that stuff to me first...
- Yeah, yeah. Okay.
- Before he brings it to...
- Yeah, absolutely.
Absolutely. Yeah.
We want this movie
to be in theaters.
Of course, but hey, hey, hey.
But hey, keep your dicky...
keep your dicky...
keep your dicky in your pants
and we can fuck next week.
We invited you, we did.
We asked you to do that but...
The thing is, that we do need
every single person here
to sign these agreements.
That'll happen...
'cause it could be just a film
about 20 jerk-offs
in the middle of nowhere,
but if you're kind to us,
there's things that we
understand and we know...
that can really...
be mutually beneficial.
Do you, want these?
Do you want to read 'em over?
Listen, I know what this is.
Put 'em by the toilets.
That's how we feel
about it too, man.
You know that.
We hate this shit.
- It's a lot of paperwork.
- I mean, some people don't...
- It's just reality, and...
- Listen.
Some people don't even
have addresses.
Where ya gonna put
the address on here?
We don't need...
What address, a grid coordinate?
Put the signature on there
and you guys
can figure out the rest.
Yeah, and it doesn't
say anything
except that you aren't gonna
sue us, and I doubt you will.
No we'll kill ya
before we sue ya.
All right. All right.
If we can help with anything,
I know we're trying to...
You know, I don't know...
Put this douche on a leash.
I'm just kiddin', I like ya,
I do, I really do.
He's like that.
He makes jokes.
He does.
So wait what happened? You
just like brought them out...
I wasn't around when...
Forget it. Fuck it.
- Armpit.
- Armpit.
You sliced his femoral artery.
Good job.
- Deadman.
- Splittin' wigs.
Hey, where's that Pit-man guy?
Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
No, sit down.
Sit down.
Does it feel like
there is something in there
or is it just a pressure?
- Hey Pitman.
- Yeah?
Sorry sorry, cut it please.
We usually do a good breakfast
and then a snack,
because it's so hot out here
that you don't really wanna
eat that much
in the middle of the day.
And then at night we...
I try to feast,
'cause everybody works so hard
out here.
Ya know, there's just always
things to do,
always things to do, always
things to fix or create, or...
ya know... and it gets
hot and heavy.
There is
an interconnectedness...
that's very real.
You know, living out
in the wilderness
you see the ants move around.
You see the way that they're
communicating constantly
and they are feeding
off of each other,
and we are feeding
off of each other.
So we work...
very hard to keep that in mind
and so every action that I do
is going to affect
everyone around me.
On small levels
we are all a part of making
this massive thing move,
and if the gears aren't,
taken care of individually
it doesn't...
it doesn't go anywhere.
Trying to do it
off the grid is...
not the easiest.
Definitely gives you
an appreciation for our...
fore-fathers who came
out here with nothing,
no gennies, no electricity,
no plastic
to cover their shitters.
You need water?
- Are you ready to do this?
- Yeah, yeah, sorry.
It's a place
to regain your perspective,
a place to touchstone on,
to come back
and relearn how to...
The basic, needs in life,
to learn how to cook your food,
to learn how to survive
in the elements,
no distractions, no advertising,
people not advertising
to each other
about things
that are meaningless
to your personal evolution.
Not saying that
the world outside is...
meaningless to
personal evolution,
I think it's a big lesson
in what not to do.
Like the American culture,
Western civilization which is,
ya know, in my estimation,
has just sort of poisoned
the entire world.
Is... It's just all
so much horseshit.
Like, you know,
New York is such...
is the epicenter of it,
of all the advertising,
of all the...
It feels like you are in there
and you are a fucking lab rat.
And everybody there is having
all these social experiments
and advertising experiments.
Test it out on them,
police presence at every turn,
you know constantly having to
watch what you are doing,
and an arrogance to it,
like a belief that...
a belief that somehow it's
the pinnacle of civilization,
it's the pinnacle of progress,
and it will always be like this,
but you take a step
away from it,
and you come out
to a place like this
and you walk through a a canyon
and you look at a mountain...
and you realize that the
land doesn't give a flying fuck
what we call important.
What we, ya know,
we have been going
to the burn together for years,
and this was just kind of
the next step, you know?
It's now been like three years,
I guess.
Losing track of time, 'cause I
rarely even know what day it is.
Now we are in this space
and time
just kind of goes through us.
You know?
You know what I mean?
Yeah, absolutely.
What was the question?
It's... I'm sorry. I think I need
to move out of the sun a little
- because I'm getting kind of...
- Okay.
Let me move my...
I'm sorry,
I'm getting a lot of...
- feedback right now and it's a little overwhelming.
- Yeah... yeah. Okay.
Yeah, thank you.
It's-it's okay.
Yeah, I just... I gotta go.
I'm sorry,
I don't know if it's the...
I think it might be the ca...
I think I'm a little sensitive,
and I didn't really shield today
and I'm little... No worries.
So we sell the chimes.
We sell petrified wood mostly.
We also do sage bundles,
'cause there is really great
burning sage out here.
And if you've noticed,
I don't know
if you've looked around.
There's a lot of cows
in the pastures,
and when the cows take shits,
there is a special little thing
that grows on them shits,
and we kinda dry up the things
that grow on them shits
and sell 'em.
Joe here is an Akbash,
and he is really, really thick
fur coated in the wintertime
so when it gets cold
he has no problems
staying out all year long
with the sheep.
So they just ward off...
They ward off coyotes,
any predators.
They ward off coyotes, yeah.
Mainly coyotes out here.
No problems with them at all.
It generates revenue.
It gives a lot of people
something to do,
caring for the animals.
You know, eventually we want to
learn how to make our own clothes,
I mean, and this is
the beginning step to that.
It's a work in progress
and here we are, ya know.
At the bare minimum, ya know,
I think we could...
make a...
documentary about...
a different way of doing things,
and showing people that...
this energy can be
brought back into communities.
Whatever that...
whatever that means.
But just knowing that
there are other ways
and there are other options.
It's something
that is very real.
And It's something accessible
to us if we choose it.
And that everything
that we do is...
ultimately as we know...
by our own design.
And this is what
we have chosen to design.
If we form a relationship
and you wanna stay,
if you form a relationship
and you like this place...
then I'm happy, ya know?
If you come out here and...
you demonize it,
if you don't enjoy it,
if you think that something's
wrong with this kind of thing,
then I'm okay with it.
But the most important thing
for me
is to give people
the opportunity
to make up their own mind
about it.
I don't want to come at
you guys like a hard on,
but it's very important
to understand
that if this door blows open
and comes off,
this thing turns
into a fuckin' kite.
You got to really make sure that
you keep it shut at all times,
and if the door starts to come off
you got to re-tape it yourself.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Sorry about...
- It's important.
- Okay.
- It's important.
It's important.
Thank you.
Sorry. Sorry.
My beard's growing out,
my hair is growing out.
Haven't shaved.
Yeah, that hair is...
That hair
is really cuttin' loose.
You might be leavin' me behind.
Where are we goin'?
We are going
to the Ragnarok well.
Here we go.
I think that some people
are a little threatened
that you guys are out here.
Just 'cause it's...
I mean you got a camera,
you know.
Usually everything we say and do
just kind of drifts off
into the ether.
Ya know, and here you guys are
kind of recording everything.
- Yeah. Awesome.
- Is that good?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?
I'm just kidding.
- All right, you're good to go.
- Good?
The word "cult."
I mean...
Yeah give it a name.
We are...
according to the predominant,
you know, paradigm
of what a cult looks like
and what a cult is.
It's the cage of words.
Ya know, you can wrap
this place in a cage of words
and try to intellectualize it
and understand it,
but it's just an Alamo.
It's to retouch...
the human heart in a new,
different way.
Not even a new way, to revisit
a way that has been lost
in our contemporary society.
A cult seems to signify to me,
a unified belief system.
Which means, a belief
is attaching to something...
that you have the answer
to the unknown.
one thing
we definitely don't have is...
is, an answer to the unknown.
Roos just passed out out here.
Stilly, what's up, man?
What's goin' on?
How you doin'?
I think it's the headaches.
You okay?
Would you turn that camera off?
Why didn't you help him?
Hey, you guys?
Roos just...
We need some shade.
Can you, like, stand back?
Pitman, get the camera off.
I didn't...
I didn't even know.
I was-I was, like, in shock.
I didn't even know
I was filming it.
No, it's not your fault.
They brought us in here.
We got the cameras, we're supposed
to be shooting all the time.
Like, what are we
supposed to do?
Let's be respectful, though,
when they say "cameras off."
I mean, I know we're supposed
to be capturing al the dramas,
you know, but I...
I don't want to...
ruin relationships
around here. I wanna...
I think Pitman's
had his camera on 24/7.
I don't think he...
Its like a thing,
when you get it in your head
you just have it on...
I will say sorry.
Like, he's really scared
of things like that
and he was shocked
and I don't know if he knew.
You know what I mean?
I really...
Something's happening out here.
When you're a member
of this community...
you are officially a part
of the we collective.
- Right.
- We take care of each other here.
I'm okay. It's just...
livin' on the fucking
prairie, you know.
- Just normal stuff.
- All right.
Good. Okay.
Can you-can we just
have this conversation
without the camera
for a couple of minutes?
I'm a little concerned
about, Rooster.
This Morning the same thing
happened to Ricky.
I mean he, collapsed,
he got up and was fine, but...
Did you ask him, like,
if that's, like,
what it was,
or if it was just...
No, he said it's so hot.
It was the heat.
You know, and how global warming
is going to affect us.
And, you know,
scientists don't really know.
So, who knows?
Next year we might not even
see a drop of rain.
This broccoli is really
confused by the weather.
Right here this
is about to flower so...
it's flowering
and its not ready.
So it's in this weird
limbo state
that a lot of these plants
seem to be in.
I just want to ask you
real quick,
there's been a couple, like,
people passing out lately,
you know?
I think it's just the heat.
Like I think I was
telling you earlier,
usually, you know, it's hot
for like three days
and then we get, like,
a spell of rain
and everything cools off,
you know.
This is just like steady,
steady heat.
well we have been dealing with
it the best we can, you know?
- Yeah.
- Makes weeding kind of a pain in the ass.
Yeah, right?
Did you guys eat some dinner?
Yes, it was delicious.
This emptiness...
I accept that I will be
his feast.
When I open my eyes
the hot breath of the beast
blows my hair back.
We are eye to eye.
It bellows once, loud and long,
its jaws foaming with hunger.
I smile,
but it alternates shape...
This is, something, I guess.
I don't know.
I don't know how much I'm...
I don't know how much you guys
are supposed to know about this.
I'm surprised actually
they played it tonight.
There's-there's some
common links in this group
that some people have
and some people don't,
this has something
to do with that.
You guys,
did everybody have
a good day today?
- Yeah.
- Hot day.
Felt good?
It was really hot?
Hot day.
That's what I heard.
Its teeth carved with characters
from an unrecognizable,
unknowable language.
Maybe turn in?
And... I'll see you tomorrow.
- Good night.
- Good night.
How come you said yes
to come out here?
You want to see
your friend Nathaniel?
You think he's been swept away
by a bunch of freaks?
What intrigued you
about this project?
What made you-what inspired
you to get in a car
based off of a post card,
and come, what is it,
two thousand miles?
Well I don't anything about you
you don't know anything about me,
so maybe me and you we could...
I'm not judging you.
I know you're not judging.
Of course not.
But maybe me and you can quit the
assumptions about each other.
I'm all about bein' friends,
How are you doin'?
- I'm good.
- How are you feelin'?
The old bitch is runnin'?
All right!
He, propositioned me.
- What?
- He propositioned me.
- What do you mean?
- To come by and...
and experiment in his tent,
or in his yurt.
What does that mean?
Sexually experiment.
- Hey, buddy.
- Yeah, no problem.
That was a great interview.
My pleasure.
Where're you guys going?!
We are going to...
make sure nobody stepped up
into this cave, and...
dig it out a little bit.
What's going on here, buddy?
You know, just getting ready
to put another layer of mud
on those ovens!
One of us!
One of us!
Keep pilin' it on the bottom
he said.
My little child.
Yes, it goes in the oven.
It was getting to the point
where I felt like I wasn't
really going to make it...
out there, you know?
And I came here
and I feel important...
and I feel loved...
and I don't get in trouble.
Are you going to miss us
if you stay out here for...
the rest of your life?
Yeah! But, I mean...
you know, depending on
how this thing all pans out...
you know, you can come back.
Saw that lightning strike.
See that car there?
Those are our guys.
Another townie.
Man, look at...
It took em two days
to get choppers
out to that one.
There's only one chopper
in fucking Billings.
Keep moving down the line, the
next guy will get what you miss!
What are we doin', Riz?
Stampin' out. We create a fire
barrier so it can't move.
We burn it out here,
it'll burn back on itself.
That's as far as it was
away from us
when we were over there.
We did it by ourselves.
One more.
Where I am now
as a human being...
I can say that
I don't think I'll regret
anything that's happened
out here.
So far.
When I was interviewing Sugar,
this spider-there was a spider
inside of the tepee.
And he said...
"I know you'e not gonna hurt me,
but you're not welcome here."
And he kind of shooshed,
flooshed it out of the...
I guess I don't
need this, Cotton.
- He flooshed it.
- He flooshed it out of the teepee.
Wait, so he floofed it out.
He floofed it out of
the teepee, and he said...
- Floof? Is that a word?
- Floofed.
- Makes sense.
- Yeah.
Spiders are,
not good spirits
in every culture.
That's not true.
- Gentlemen?
- Yeah?
- Hi.
- Hi.
We are meeting
out in the circle right now
and we'd like you
to be our guests.
- Okay?
- All right.
I tell you what,
if it's that difficult
I can take it
and take control of it and...
- see if I can figure it out.
- Okay.
Is it on?
I think it might be on.
And this is like focus thing?
There's a red light on, it's on.
- It's focusing.
- Okay. That's cool.
- Yeah.
- Wow, this is nice.
Have some fun.
I gotta get my shoes on.
It's just a giant eyeball.
Pitman was ready for bed.
This is gonna be fun.
David, please have a seat
next to Adam.
Adam, please have a seat
next to David.
We are trusting you.
It's time for you
to start trusting us.
These are our releases.
Thank you.
Sip, don't gulp.
It smells so nice out there.
God, I'm movin' here.
Yeah, well, welcome home.
Stilly... Krunk, it's time.
Stilly, let's go.
Point your camera
this way, brother.
Yeah, come on.
Keep the camera rolling.
Is your sound on?
Double check, boys.
You notice that everyone...
has not been feelin' so well.
We think this is the reason.
Yeah, there it is.
- Fuckin' weird!
- What is that?
This is why you're here.
Stay up here, Michael.
God, whoa.
Fuckin' A.
It's coming from there.
That's where their sh...
- Pitman, over here.
- What?
Over here.
What the fuck?
Can you hear it?
Fuck yeah, I can hear it.
My God.
My God.
This is where it's coming from?
And the further we dug it up,
the louder it got.
And we got to a point where
people started getting sick,
so we stopped and that's
when we called you guys.
Pitman! Pitty!
Okay, you guys.
People don't know about this, not
the whole camp knows about this,
so you guys can't just
talk about it, all right?
- We're a democratic society...
- We wanted to bring them out here...
- you've seen that, right?
- So that they could see this, the world could see this.
- There was no vote on this one. This was not a choice.
- I know that. I know that.
- You're not helping the situation.
- To show us that thing?
- I just want them to know...
- Nobody knows about that thing
- except for the people out here right now.
- That this is...
We voted on having you come in
and they voted no,
but we did it anyway
because that thing
- is a fucking problem, and we need to fix it.
- I'm trying to just tell them.
Come over here.
Stilly, not everyone
is getting sick.
It's only certain people.
Is that when the,
like, the passing out and shit?
Yeah, about a month ago,
after Nicky found it.
- The headaches?
- Yeah... yeah.
As you get away from it,
do you feel better?
Yeah, it wears off.
It's nauseating,
just very nauseating.
Stilly, when we get close
to that fucking thing
it feels like your cells
are fucking vibrating.
It doesn't just...
You don't just hear it.
You feel it in your teeth.
You feel it everywhere!
And then the...
I mean...
Yeah, and there's
some more information.
Not everybody knows about this.
We've gotta go back in there.
And we'll talk
about this tomorrow.
We'll talk about how we
go about dealing with this.
Hey, guys.
Guys, hey.
I think something's going on
out there.
No, I heard-I heard...
- It's really fuckin' early.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hey, sorry guys.
- No.
Unlock the door.
Have you guys seen Ciara?
Not even before you went to bed?
- No.
- I don't know.
Sorry, buddy.
Come on.
Have you seen Ciara?
When was the last time
you saw her?
Did you see her
last night, or...?
But not this morning?
No, we...
What's up?
I can't...
I can't find her.
What's up, John?
Maybe she went for a walk
or something.
Well, she d...
I went to bed...
She never came home,
so I don't know if...
- What?
- She never came home last night?
No, she never was next to me
at all.
Get out of my face.
Just find her.
Quit filming and let's find her.
- She out there?
- No.
- Monte?
- Yeah?
You okay?
I just got a bloody nose
and I gotta shit real bad.
She's usually here by now.
Where do you think she'd go?
You guys haven't seen her?
They're not doin' so good, John.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
Do you guys have a rag?
I need something.
Rizzo's bleeding.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just any-anything?
They're really...
- hurting.
- What the hell's going on?
Ciara's missing.
- Are you okay?
- No.
Ciara's gone...
Rizzo seems really sick.
Rizzo's sick?
Buddy, you got a little blood
in your ear.
Go to Martha, okay?
- Pitty.
- Nathaniel's...
Yeah, it seems like
something's going on.
Rizzo, what's goin' on?
Can we all come together here
and maybe,
figure out some sort
of search party thing, or...
I have the flu or something.
I don't feel well.
Jesus Christ.
- You need water?
- Yes, please.
I need water.
I don't have a glass.
When's the last time
you saw her, John?
I saw her last night some time.
I'm gonna get...
I'm going to go get a doctor.
I'm taking your van.
I'm going to go get a doctor.
She could've gotten sick
and gone off.
What the fuck is going on?
I have no idea.
I think we all
have food poisoning.
It's got to be something we ate.
I ate the same thing.
I feel-I feel fine.
Yeah, we ate the same thing.
Want me to turn the shower
on your head?
Yeah? Yeah?
- Put the shower on his head.
- Jesus Christ.
Here, drink this.
Drink this, buddy.
Your head hurts really bad?
Are you fucking serious?
Come on!
Get him to the teepee!
Okay. Come on.
Come on, buddy.
Rooster, let's go.
- Come on, buddy.
- Come on.
Stay with me.
Keep your eyes open.
Are you doin' okay?
We need to make sure
- It's not working.
- It's not turning over.
What the hell is going on?
Something's going on.
It's getting...
It's getting worse.
Is it working?
None of the cars
are fucking working?!
What's up?
Are you gonna go for help?
Get him a rag.
Get him some water.
I feel exactly the same way
that everyone here who's been
kept out of the loop would feel.
Who knew?
For that we're beyond apologies.
What do we do?
We get outta here.
We need to get outta here.
I will stay back with John
and whoever else needs to
and we will find Ciara.
People need to get
their shit together,
only the necessities,
and start moving toward Mosby.
We need to stay calm.
This thing is something
that's above us.
It's something that is
beyond what we can understand.
We're all in this together.
It's everybody
who had the dream.
When did he leave?
You okay?
Just let me get a breath.
Nathaniel, what'd he mean
"the dream"?
Is that him up there?
- Shit.
- Where?
No, you guys go get 'em.
Aw fuck! Fuck!
Andy, Andy!
I'll get his legs.
- No, no, no, no.
- Here, I'll take him.
- Help me!
- Let's get him. We got him.
Come on.
- How you doin', man?
- Jesus!
Water! Come on!
Try to get him to lay down
in bed on the table.
He's bleeding. He's bleeding.
What do we...
Where are you guys going?
I got some water here!
I have to...
- I have to go!
- No!
I have a baby, I have to go!
- You guys can't go.
- Here's some water.
She has a baby!
Put your head over...
Put your head over here.
- She has a baby!
- Listen!
The further we got away,
the worse it got!
The further we got away,
the worse it got!
- Please!
- It's in your heads!
- It's in your fucking head!
- Guys! You can't!
- Here, here, take some water.
- I love you so much!
- You guys, you can't!
- Don't worry about it!
Someone's gotta follow them.
Someone's gotta...
- Slowly.
- What happened?
Where you goin'?!
- Rizzo!
- Don't go!
I'm sorry!
- You can't go!
- No! Come back!
The further you get on the road,
the worse you get.
- Okay, listen.
- Was it the tone?
I have a baby, I can't!
It's gonna get worse!
Where's Tyler and Kendra?!
It's the tone, it's the dream,
it's in the cave.
It's happening. Everything
that we fuck around...
It's happening.
- I don't know what.
- And it started a month ago.
It started a month ago.
Rick, what dream?
There's 15 people here
who have had the same dream.
And it has to do with
that skull that's up there...
I just think
that we have to stay calm.
I'm not gonna go!
Monte's gonna walk you.
- Monte'll help you, okay?
- I don't wanna go!
I can't go.
Pitman and Stilwell were okay.
They were fine,
they were completely fine.
We are gonna have to get
anyone who can leave
pack together water.
You need to go get help.
Get to Mosby.
There is an emergency phone
at Mosby.
Get to Mosby, call,
get people out here.
I know It's ok. Listen, listen.
Kyle, you are gonna have
to get her out of here.
Get the stuff that you need,
get-get... I love you.
Get the stuff that you need
and start.
gather everyone at the road
and make sure
they're all together,
and then go together.
Take care of 'em.
- Okay, who's going?
- Anyone who's not staying, let's go.
They need water.
They need water.
Gather all the water
in smaller jugs.
They're all gonna leave, they're
gonna walk. It's 41 miles.
They got enough water, there's
enough shade along the way.
I mean, but it's gonna
be 24 hours
before anybody comes in
to get us.
- Okay.
- It'll be 24...
More like 36, man.
40 miles?
None of them are prepared
for that kind of a hike.
Tyler, Kendra!
Come on!
We're here!
Okay, what happened?
Move all those blankets
right here, since they...
Here? You got a pillow?
Hey, yeah, hey, hey.
It's okay. Shh.
It's okay.
All take your boots off.
Tyler, get a rag on her belly.
- She...
- Get a rag on her belly.
She says she...
We need shade for them.
We need shade for them.
- Water...
- Let 'em get air.
Get an umbrella.
I'll go get the umbrella.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
We don't know what the hell's
going on.
Mikey, please. Nobody knows what
the hell is going on, okay?
I don't need to you to tell me.
Mikey, now is not the time
for you to start telling...
Let her get better
and then they can see this.
We'll talk about
how they see this.
This is the f...
It's about her right now, okay?
We'll talk about
how they see this.
We'll talk about
how you see this.
I know it's important. We'll
talk about how you see it.
Did you have this dream?
I never had the dream.
You didn't have the dream?
I mean, I know about the dream.
I first had the dream
when I was seven...
at the same time
I was friends with Karen.
kept it quiet from everyone
in our lives,
that we shared it.
We just assumed we were
some sort of cosmic twin.
When we were younger we were
in a friend's basement
and she was
drawing a picture that...
I recognized from the dream.
Cut to Burning Man.
Another person, another person,
another person.
The more and more
we started finding out
that people had had it too...
Go on a website, there's a blog.
Five more people.
I guess we had
kind of a mission.
I didn't choose this,
we were chosen.
Part of my dream was I was...
I was in a shack...
And this young person
without any genitals,
without any nipples,
without any belly button...
Have people been
discussing the dream openly?
It morphs between
this pit bull and...
A beast, a bear...
It's like a shape-shifter,
it can take many forms...
And the bear
actually services us...
It's the end of the fear and
the beginning of this path...
When after lightyears and eons
of walking with this creature,
our guide, our friend,
our mentor,
he dies at our side.
It decomposes
right next to me...
And what's left of him
instead of bear bones
is this giant
Tyrannosaurus Rex skull...
It's this T-Rex skull
in this cove...
With ancient etchings
in his teeth.
But we've never figured out
what those mean.
It looks...
exactly like it looks
up in that cave.
That is the reason
I sent the postcard.
It's a physical
manifestation of...
one of the main images
in this dream that we've had.
And at the end of that dream...
we're gone.
I just wish I never had it.
I wish I never had this dream.
We didn't know
how it was gonna play out...
and we needed someone here...
to see how it was
gonna play out.
I'm gonna let you...
get some rest.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Can I...
Can I say something to my mom?
Mom, I...
Goodnight, angel.
Do you... Is it...
It's Ciara?
It's definitely Ciara.
We got something to show you.
Come here!
She doesn't leave?
John, I think we...
Last night I set up a camera
on a tripod
to film time lapse of the cave,
and... we filmed this.
So right there that's Ciara
on the edge of the frame there.
And she walks towards the cave.
I'll just play it, hold on.
'Kay, she's walking
towards the cave.
And then she takes off
her clothes.
Hold on I'll fast forward.
She goes in the cave.
Look at this.
There's a flash!
She does...
she doesn't come out, Johnny.
No, no, no, no. No!
Hey, Johnny!
It's all fucked up man.
You should...
They're asking about...
They're asking about you.
We'll hang here,
go down there
and get some food, water.
Seriously. Okay?
One of its teeth is glowing.
What do you mean?
It's true!
It's so loud!
What is that?
What is that?
- Do you see that?
- Yeah.
On the tooth.
The back tooth.
It's making the noise.
That's where the...
I don't think
you guys should be down there!
- All right. I'm gonna go back up.
- Should I just go?
We're going.
It's inside your head!
I don't think
you should be down there!
My God, it's so loud!
She dug it out, man!
It looks like a crystal.
It's like a glowing crystal.
Don't touch it.
I think... I don't think
we should be here.
Okay, I am coming.
You guys gotta help me up
out of this place.
Okay. I'm coming.
You guys gotta
help me outta here.
Can I tell you something?
I'm... scared.
I know.
We can't let them see that. They're
all way more scared than we are.
There's a weird thing going on
in their fucking brains,
and I don't know.
They need sleep.
It's like, cra... Like...
They just need sleep.
I mean... it's been
a long fucking day.
I'm feeling amped up myself.
There's something weird
going on with them
that they can't leave.
Maybe if the day passes,
it was a crazy fucking day,
you know?
They've passed out before,
they've gotten sick
and then gotten better.
Maybe if they wake up in the
morning they will be fine.
You know? I mean... just...
Don't you think that we
should tell them, though?
That's probably
what is going on.
That's probably
why everything is happening.
What is...
What is telling them gonna do?
Yeah, look at how exhausted
everybody is in every way.
Like, at this moment,
is that going to do any good?
I think that we should set up
cameras at different points...
and just, if anything happens,
if Ciara comes down, if she...
if anyone else leaves
we'll be able to see it.
The help we need to do...
to perform is here, now.
See it through to the end.
We need to put those cameras up.
We need to make sure...
Reid and Martha
are checking on people.
Reid is checking these yurts
so they don't fly away.
What was with that storm today?
Have you ever seen
anything like that?
- And that tone? That noise?
- Yeah.
Well the noise is...
obviously the weird thing.
What happened today?
They almost died,
our cars won't start,
a storm hit that ripped open
a yurt,
40 mile-per-hour winds,
a glowing tooth,
someone disappeared.
It's a lot of crazy shit
in one day.
I know!
I'm done.
Bury that fucking skull.
Bury it.
- Wake up.
- What?
I mean, I work up in my yurt
and Katie wasn't there.
Check your camera.
It's still rolling!
Still rolling.
What is that?
What is that?
This is Sugar's.
I don't think
we should go in there!
Adam, I'm serious!
What's in there?
What's in there?!
It's empty.