The Trouble with Money (1936) Movie Script

Comedy of money.
Come in all of you.
Tonight we will show you a film
for the young and for the old
for the rich and for the poor.
A film that makes you think...
a film that will educate you.
And that film is: The Comedy...
The Comedy of Money.
For money... that doesn't talk...
that doesn't straighten
what crooked...
that bends what's straight...
hides what's bad...
corrupts what's perfect...
makes falter whoever is good...
money which rules the world...
and which brings us...
to our knees.
If you offer ten, you've got it.
Sir, I only do this because
these are bad times.
Will you really take good care of
him? White bread, not brown bread...
he can't tolerate that...
and on Sundays a juicy bone...
that he's fond of. Shall I
tell you something about this dog?
You must walk him often without a
leash. He need a lot of freedom.
Goodbye, madam... goodbye, sir...
goodbye, dog...
I'll see you...
Stupid, if you hadn't made it obvious
you wanted that dog at any cost...
I'd have got it for five.
10 guilders is cheap for such a dog.
Darling, honey... We are going
to be good friends!
Yes, yes, a well known trick... dog
trade... dog kennel... police... quick...
What have you got? What's wrong?
Don't say a word.
Act dumb. There's trouble with that
dog trade. That's just not normal..
I've told you many times, it's
sure to go wrong with that dog.
What is it? Are they biting?
No, police.
Hello... do you gentleman have
a permit to fish here?
Oh... it is you Mr Brand...
so, that's quite all right.
Well you gentlemen haven't
ed a nice day for fishing...
on' get many bites today.
Well, have a nice day, gentlemen...
This is the last time you pull that
stunt. I don't intend to have...
a nervous breakdown for your sake.
If you're not decent enough to...
What is it... police again?
Be quiet.
What then? Are they biting now?
It's not that.
Then what? My partner!
I mean a man who makes his living
in the dog trade...
and who has practices
that you cannot call...
exactly 18 carat...
We therefore...
would be most appreciative...
also in your own interest...
if your contact with this person...
with this person...
do you have that? Certainly.
Even if he is your
would be terminated.
Read and signed as correct...
Thank you.
Well, Mr Brand. Would you
please sign this?
Here you are.
Yes, the painful aspect of
the whole thing...
is that he is my brother-in-law.
It must be done anyway.
As bad as you picture him there,
he isn't really.
True... there may have been rouble
in the past... he's a pretty dealer...
I admit that, but when it comes
to the pinch he has a heart of gold.
Yes, well, you will and that
we cannot take the account.
Of course not, sir, but you should
see how kind he is a als...
that's how you learn to judge...
someone's character when we go
fishing once in a...
I've always observing him...
it's such a good opportunity...
to watch someone... to study him.
I've witnessed it
a dog had fallen in the water...
Yes, that's all very nice Mr Brand...
but irrelevant in the business
world there are certain rules.
And they are not to dled with.
And that's why forced
to have you s.
I don't like it very much.
It's very urgent... it's
my whole existence, kid.
I'm very sorry, but I cannot
give you access any more.
Why not. Orders of the Director.
It can't be helped... I've received
orders to turn you away...
Someone who has orders to turn
people away... nice job.
Do you want to end up behind bars?
- Are you hungry?
- Yes.
Would you like to make
a dime in an honest way?
Deliver this note... stand... here.
To the other side... the
Continent Bank... and then you ask...
bank messenger Brand...
Mr Brand.
- Give him this note.
- Yes.
Here is your dime.
Thank you, sir.
Is Mr Brand in?
Take the stairs, go left.
Mr Brand.
Is Mr Brand in?
He isn't here at the moment.
One doesn't get time for
a quiet bite there days.
Just sit there for the time being.
Enjoy your lunch.
If you wait a moment
Mr Brand will be here...
he went to the cashier desk.
5000... 6000... 7000... 8000.
Dammit... why can't a man
enjoy a quiet lunch?
Yes sir... I'm on my way.
Well, that's quite a lot... How much
would that be in Dutch money?
About 350.000 guilders.
That's not a small amount.
No, well, it's just twelve noon,
at 12.30 you can
be at the Neptune,
and back before one.
Make sure that you are at Groenburgwal
not later than a quarter past twelve.
They've come to take my dog away.
They're holding my dog...
can't you pay the fee?
No... I want nothing to do
with it any more.
Thanks a lot.
I don't care what you think... there
are certain notions of honesty...
You must do this... you must,
you must, you must.
Boy, you're using his words.
But you must indeed, otherwise
the people won't believe you.
But have nothing to do with
such people... goodbye.
Just a moment, Ferdinand.
At what time do you have to have the money?
Before five.
Come to my house at four o'clock.
Thank you.
Just a moment, Karel.
You don't happen to have that ten-
guilder-note on you...
Are you kidding?
No, well... on you.
No, I don't.
Not one single ten-guilder-note?
And in that bag... is there not a
single ten-guilder-note in that bag?
I don't understand you...
What do you mean?
The messenger from
the Continent Bank.
It is already past twelve thirty!
Come, come, come, come... Hurry up,
come... what took you so long?
I am sorry, I was detained.
I ran into my brother-on-law...
he always detains me.
How about it?
The money... is... gone.
- Gone.
- What do you say?
What do you say?
Sit down... in that chair there!
He fainted.
The shock... quiet now.
Hello... hello... hello... hello...
I can imagine. I've been whistling
for your father for 15 minutes...
Something much more important has
happened... I've obtained my diploma.
"Certified teacher of
physical education."
I'll make over a hundred
guilders a month.
I'll but my father a barge. You know
uncle one of those houseboats...
we can spend weekends
in the country.
Then I'll buy him a big fishing-rod
and real camel hair for his boats.
Congratulations... now your father can
finish his business with me...
Come on we'll go together.
Let me go alone first, so it will be
a surprise, you understand?
When you've sorted it all but give
me a signal from the window o.k, ?
Father... father...!
A surprise... a really big surprise...
a very big surpr...
Who are you?
- Who are you?
- Police.
What is the matter?
Are you Mr Brand's daughter?
Yes, I am.
Your father has been arrested.
You know what to do... go upstairs...
give them my regards and ask them...
if they could interrupt the fest-
festivities for five 5 minutes.
Come on... upstairs.
Police headquarters...
give me room 128...
Department police inspector
your honour...
no... I don't know...
I can't find any explanation
at all... I...
But Mr Brand, you must know where and
when you've made that cut in the bag?
No... I didn't do it, your honour...
I... I swear that... I don't know
how that cut was made.
Yes, but if you don't know,
who does?
But I have to let you go, due to
a lack of legal evidence, Mr Brand.
Then I am... then I am free?
Yes, Mr Brand, your free...
you can go.
Yes, yes...
Morning Mr Brand, congratulations.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Hey, just a moment, Mr Brand!
Here is a letter for you,
from the Director.
"You are fired."
Where are you going?
I wanted to go upstairs for a
minute to pack my things, you see.
O.k... go on... in fact I'm not
allowed to let you in, you know.
But hurry up then... I'll pretend
I didn't see you...
otherwise they'll have my ass.
Say Brand, make sure that
you sign the chit, eh?
For everything you're taking
with you.
And that fat red pencil...
That's the firm's.
Eh, well, goodbye, eh?
All the best.
Two... three... four... five.
One... two...
Miss Brand, just a moment.
Miss Brand, would you be so kind
to come with me for a moment?
You know the mater is this...
Why is the teacher suddenly
You are aware of my personal
opinion about you Miss Brand.
Yes... but that doesn't change
the facts.
It's all right, children.
I have lived with debts
for years...
and where the most important
things are concerned on credit...
Go to Brand with the receipt.
You never know if you're going
to get your money or not.
How much is it this week?
One guilder twenty.
I don't have it this week.
Too bad I'll have to take
the vegetables back.
Good day.
Since you... instalments.. the radio
receiver you purchased..
Reminder... to settle your arrears...
for your health insurance...
has not led to any results
we are forced...
to give notice...
and we demand that you...
within a period of not more than
four weeks, vacate the apartment...
give notice... confiscate...
take steps...
payment or press charges...
confiscate... payment...
taxes... within four weeks...
Well, I'd rather not read it
any more.
It's always the same.
Don't be so heavy, father.
There will be different times.
Any moment there my be a charge.
Honestly, miracles do happen.
See... perhaps there are
good tidings already.
The line will be cut off tomorrow.
Yes... yes Thank you, miss...
thank you, thank you.
Well, what was it?
Nothing a wrong connection.
Willy, don't do that.
Why shouldn't I?
Yes... yes... fine.
Of course...
I have to come and
introduce myself.
Ah... that's very good.
Then everything is fine so far.
And I'm sure we will come to
an agreement about the wages.
Only just to be sure. I'd like
to discuss it with my husband.
Sit down for a moment... yes...
just a moment.
Girl... yes, and such good
references... look at that.
You see? Isn't that beautiful?
Look at that name... Brand.
Oh... that's the...
We are sorry, but we are going away
to Switzerland for a few months.
Yes and eh... later, when we have
come back, we can always see.
So eh... there you are, miss.
Thank you.
Goodbye, miss.
Well... is it all settled?
Yes, in a few days I can begin.
Good, I'll have something soon too.
References I don't need.
Hot meals... free beer and
two quarters a night.
In exchange you have to set up
the bowling pins...
return the ball and
indicate the results.
You know bowling? Yes, yes sure.
And don't walk on the alley when the
ball is rolling... it's dead simple.
Working is not something to be
ashamed of...
you can start right away.
Well then... Come on, throw.
Hurry up, kid, throw!
My wife almost hired the daughter
of that man who...
was connected with
that Continent affair.
But... I kicked the little lady
out just in time.
A great nanny for my children...
she would have been.
I feel pity for such people,
but such is life.
There it goes.
Father, father, what's the matter?
What's wrong?
I've had... had a little too much
to drink...
I went somewhere... when I left
the bowling alley and...
walked into a chair.
Why no light?
Because we have to save, Willy.
In a few days I start
my new job, father.
Get some sleep now.
Sleep well, Willy.
Sleep well, father.
Good night.
Dear Willy, I am saying
farewell to this life.
I request one minute silence,
gentlemen... in honour of the deceased.
Thank you very much, gentleman...
I am very touched.
And now item two on
this day's agenda...
I might as well say:
This night's agenda.
The passing away of our highly
esteemed board member...
and founder of our company,
Dr Winlerlmans...
has created a painful situation.
It became evident that
there are large deficits.
Wrong speculations, serious banks
don't want us as a client...
the concern is deeply in debt...
It is painful for me to have
to use this harsh word.
We are heading for a disaster.
There is no way out...
no way out.
No way out.
There is only one solution.
One solution... one solution.
We pay tribute to our esteemed
president, Mr Moorman...
for his brilliant idea.
And invite him to bring this man
here as soon as possible...
if possible before tomorrow,
to avoid a scandal.
The man who will bring us
new money.
Can be here any moment.
I have prepared everything.
Father... their is someone
to see you.
Father... father...!
Why is that door locked...
Yes, yes, I'm coming.
What is that noise?
A car. They've come to get
It's Brand they've come to get.
It's a shame...
in the middle of the night...
when decent folks are sleeping.
Left, the big stairway.
Do sit down.
And then they've taken him away.
What is going to happend to him now?
I don't know what to do.
A position.
I thank you.
I thank you... I am very happy
that there is at least some trust...
For 25 years I did my job as a bank
messenger to general satisfaction.
This is not for a bank messenger.
I'd be happy to do a different job,
of course, event the smallest one.
Small? On the contrary...
this is a very important position.
Really... well, so much the better,
I can do a little bookkeeping...
You could also give me the job of...
cashier... I have always made a
little money on the side, at home...
No sir...
I offer you the position...
of director.
I don't think it is very nice
of you to pull my leg.
Recently I've had quite
a few problems...
a lot of misery and then it's hard
if someone is trying to pull such...
No... the International Finance
Institute offers you...
the position of director
for the following reasons.
We finance a company
which aims...
to enable the little man
to buy a house of his own too.
That's why we are looking for
relations in your class.
That's why we are looking for
a man of your social background...
to whom we can trust the
leadership of our subsidiary company.
A man who represents us...
that's what the masses want.
That's what the masses need... that's
what the masses are warning for.
The man of irreproachable
The man who started small, the honest,
simple, decent fellow.
That is the leadership we need.
We have followed your trial with
extraordinary interest, sir.
You probably don't know this
but right now you are
a very popular figure.
Mister eh... what is your name again?
What is your name?
That's why we've selected you,
Mr Brand.
The money that is behind you and that
leads the necessary credibility...
to your position...
will most likely not be called
upon in any way.
But it is of course extraordinarily
pleasant that it is there.
I have no money at all, sir.
Yes, you're right to pretend you are
poor, I took you for the intelligent...
man you are right away, but
that doesn't interest us anyway.
In this case it's not about money.
It's about credit.
It's never about money.
What is is about that people
think there's money there.
They must think: Yes.
And if the question is asked: Is
there money? And the answer is: No...
then the people still have to be
convinced: Yes, it is there!
So, what do you say, do you accept
the position, yes or no?
Yes... yes... yes... he said.
His answer is yes and
he shows he's a man...
his "yes" worked the right way
at the right moment...
the world couldn't careless
for genius or talent...
the world asks for "yes"
at the right moment...
when you'd like to become
more than you are...
always say "yes" at
the right moment...
never show your hand too soon
or too late...
say just one word: "yes"
- at the right moment...
because "yes" at the right
moment makes you big...
it saves your from misery,
problems and need...
and lifts you up,
too cast to believe it...
up, up, up.
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
What floor, sir? All the way up.
Yes, sir.
Morning... morning... morning...
The director is not available.
No, madam, Mr Brand has no time...
next week Wednesday.
I am very sorry, Mr Brand
is in an urgent conference.
So this will be our new project,
green village "New Life".
Very pretty, very pretty...
wonderful job.
I'd like to have a good look
at one of those houses.
You'd better take this one.
There are the two upper rooms...
parents bedroom and
oe for the children.
Very cost and tasteful.
And very cheap, we've stayed
five percent below the budget.
Which direction is south?
There, Mr Brand.
In that case everything is wrong.
It should be turned around.
Everything turned around...
come with me, gentlemen.
Look... the children's room
should face south.
Children need sun.
I have a daughter myself,
so I know, don't I?
We just turn the whole thing
around, right?
Wait a moment, wait a moment.
And the windows, gentlemen...
the windows much, much bigger.
The windows are far too small.
For everything we need sun, Sun,
sun and sun again, understood?
And then this. I have a hobby
of my own.
Look, gentlemen. I would like...
wait a moment... that is a good
spot, that is a good spot...
I would like, behind those houses
there should be a little canal...
a canal or a little ditch...
well designed, that's cosy...
a little water in the area...
Will there be gas in the houses?
That goes without saying,
Mr Brand.
Two or three jets in the kitchen
for cooking and two in the bathroom.
That should be electricity,
I don't like gas.
Gas doesn't give me
very pleasant memories.
So, gentlemen... be careful
even with those changes...
the first store must be laid
on the first of September.
On the first of September.
Of course.
Things are sure to simmer down.
Let Mr Brand play at being
director for a while.
There are still some financial
problems to overcome.
And then there are the dates
that have been set.
And all those projects.
And after all, there is
still the Board.
You understand what I'm saying?
Of course, Mr Moorman.
Please close that window, that noise
drives a person crazy.
One can never work in peace... and tell
the janitor to chase that fellow off.
- But immediately!
- No way!
Mr Moorman's orders.
I have nothing to do with
Mr Moorman!
I've been hired by director Brand.
I won't chase anyone away.
I've been chased away by
janitors so often...
that I've sworn that if I ever
become a janitor...
they'll never get me to do that...
you understand!
Let's go upstairs... to Brand.
To every little man
his little piece of ground.
There we are...
because what good is a little
piece of care ground to us?
How does it go on?
May he be happy... and...
Not bad at all... not bad at all.
May he be happy and healthy.
May he be happy and healthy.
You know what?
We'll write it on the roofs.
No. I know something even better.
We make it come from the chimneys
like smoke... in the air.
Mr Brand...
Just a moment, gentlemen... tomorrow
we soak about this matter again.
And be careful... never promise more
that you know for sure.
- Has something happened?
- Yes.
Does the music etter you?
Me? No, why?
It's a nice tune, isn't it?
Piet Hein.
Yes so why send the organ-grinder away.
Who says so?
Message from director Moorman,
that highflyer.
Are those my colleague Moorman's
Yes, in that case I think it is
better to send him away.
I won't do it, what nonsense.
You have to send him away,
- I won't!
- You must!
I don't want a conflict with Moorman
about such a tiny matter.
There is too much at stake for me.
I don't have to tell you, Ferdinand.
You understand what it is all
about... about big things!
It's not just about your job,
your nice, steady job...
your beautiful cap!
And your uniform...
It's about something else!
It's also not about my position...
everything I'm planning...
everything I want to create...
there is a certain build-up...
a certain development...
there's an idea!
I disagree.
Yes, of course, of course.
Of course, because you don't under-
stand what it is all about, Ferdinand.
But I ...I know why I... give in...
in this matter.
Oh, that's what you mean.
All people who come from nothing
to something...
begin with giving in little.
Just a very little bit.
And then it's finished.
What is the matter anyway?
Who do you think you are?
Why are you here?
You come in without knocking...
you interrupt my work...
I think you're drunk,
aren't you?
No, unfortunately not.
As sober as today I've
never been... Too bad.
Too bad indeed.
How long do you make on morning?
Well, two guilders.
Here ...but go now.
Wait, aren't you that fellow...
that so pull that stunt
that dog?
Here is another five... go now.
That's just it... for me it's
all going too fast.
I'm a little worried
about all this.
- Do you think so?
- Yes.
Hey, Willy, remember... you come back
like a worldly lady, right?
Yes, it's just that I'm afraid...
that you won't know
your old father any more.
But remember... whatever you learn
there, he's learnt too!
And where can an idyllic love-affair
jave a better start...
than on the Lake of Geneva...
in the sultry afternoon sun.
You idiot, I am a much better
swimmer than you are!
Excuse me... I only wanted
to rescue you.
But I promise you I won't do it
Do you speak Dutch too?
At your service, sister...
despite everything... see you!
In our existence down here,
love plays...
a too important part.
You can't imagine life
without love...
so, without love no film
and no drama.
Yes... no... yes!
A German man, no!
You are crazy... no way...
that won't happen.
I haven't taken on all those worried
for that... for that I haven't...
spent all those sleepless nights.
I struggle, I work... and then you
come home with such a surprise.
But we're not rich enough to allow
ourselves such extravagances.
In the old days you didn't shout
at me that way, father.
All right, if that isn't posh enough
for you, I can ask it softly.
I had imagined my first evening in our
new house quite differently, Willy.
I've tried so hard,
I've given it all my heart.
To make sure that everything would
be nice and pleasant for you.
I've sent you abroad, so you could
have a wonderful life.
So you could learn everything
you had to miss.
Look around... how beautiful
everything looks.
Those are external things,
father, I can do without.
I can shake them off,
like I take off my dress.
You, yes, but I can't.
Because I can't anymore.
Because I...
The gentlemen are here.
Good, let them wait next door for
a minute. I'll be there shortly.
Yes, then I have to tell you
something, Willy.
Something you never knew before.
If things weren't the way they are
now, I 'd never speak to you about it.
Everything I've done,
I've done for you.
I don't want you to think
I ask for gratitude.
Not at all I just want to explain.
Look, Willy...
Of course people have put
their trust in me.
But doing that they've also kept
the money in mind.
You know... the money...
that was behind me.
And then I did something. Willy...
I really shouldn't have done.
I left them in that conviction,
in your interest.
You've done something very wrong,
Is that... is that all you have
to say to me?
Yes, father.
Bring me cotton, please.
A former master of mine...
count Lynden van Hardenberg...
used to say: Tell me how thou
lockest the door...
Please... a little more cotton.
Go... go!
So gentlemen...
our decision is final.
This one Is good and
that one Is bad.
We use the good ones, of course.
You are right, Mr Brand...
there is a difference of quality
between the two bricks.
But don't forget that by using
this second-rate material...
we can save forty percent.
The project profit will go up by
thirty three and one third percent.
The shorter durability of
a newly built house...
will only after some five years
become apparent.
And finally we have calculated...
that these houses will be paid
off in about eleven years...
and some time later, the whole
project would have to be renovated...
then our company would only
benefit from it.
Yes, but that is not my intention,
I intended to build small villas,
that would last a whole generation.
Of course we can use the more
expensive brick...
but that will affect
the financial plan...
and that will make it impossible
to start building in time.
But look, gentlemen, it is
impossible to build with these...
it can't be done...
it's impossible... that...
that is deceit!
Excuse me, Mr Brand...
I'm not sure you have the correct
view of the building profession.
For that, you still lack the necessary
professional knowledge.
Professional knowledge...!
Common sense... that's worth more
than professional knowledge!
Still, we would like to ask you
urgently to accept our advice.
In that case, would you be kind
enough yo sign this document?
Yes... one moment, gentlemen,
I'll be right back.
One moment.
Willy... Willy... I forbid you
to slam the doors!
Willy. Willy, where are you then?
Willy... Willy... Willy... Willy...?!
You wish?
Do you happen to know
where my daughter is?
As far as I know,
she left a little while ago.
But you don't know where she went?
It's not for me to answer
that question.
A former master of mine.
Prince Alexander van Zilverhuizen...
always used to say...
a good servant is like
a bad radio.
One turns it in and it is silent.
And your decision, Mr Brand?
Decision? Ah yes... no, we will
discuss that tomorrow, won't we?
In any case I can't give you
an answer tonight.
Very well, Mr Brand.
Has she come back?
In that case, I would not have
answered myself...
the liberty of appraising
you of that fact.
Good Lord where can she be?
A former mistress of mine, whose
name has escaped me for the moment...
and whose manners always were
of an edicational character...
always used to say...
when a young girl leaves
the house at night...
then there are several places
where one must not look for her.
Not in her own bedroom.
Not in a political meeting.
Not at a public entertainment.
And also not in a refuge
for the homeless.
Oh Lord... shut your face right away...
Yes... who's there?
- Me.
- Me... who is me?
Well... Willy, it's you?
I thought you were in Switzerland.
Who's that man?
I'll tell you upstairs.
You have to help me...
come on... quick.
Yes... I'll open the door.
With which I don't wish to say
anything against... who says...
the number of sleeping polls one
has to take...
is inversely proportional...
to the size of someone's
bank account.
And... if you stay away tonight...
your father will have a bad night.
That'll make him turn around...
I know him.
You sleep here.
If you're hungry,
you can have a bite to eat.
You crash here, on the couch.
Then I'll go... eh... to the kitchen.
Sleep in the coalhouse.
And tomorrow morning... I'll talk to
your father... I'll arrange everything.
And... you sleep there...
and you sleep there.
Yes, boy, I'm sorry to disturb you
for a moment.
But you stay in the living room
and you keep watch nicely.
Then I'll put in that chair
there... in that chair...
in the boss' honorary chair.
And... I don't have to tell you... as
soon as you smell a rat, wake me up.
To be sure I'll put a chalkline
Goodnight, children.
Goodnight, uncle.
A good rest comes with
a clean conscience.
45.000... 46.000... 47.000...
48.000... 49.000... 50.000!
Do you accept the position?
Yes or no?
It's in your interest that I...
you've done the wrong thing
again, dad...
and your decision, Mr Brand...
Don't disturb.
Help... help... help... help...!
Come in.
Good morning...
I hope sir has rested well.
Why? How... what do you want?
I wanted to use the opportunity
of this peaceful morning...
to communicate to you, sir...
that, as the result of the family
and this night's exciting
I have decided to leave this house
and terminate my employment...
alternatively, I resign.
- What?
- Yes.
You rascal... resign...
you've given me a good idea.
You've slept badly this night...
or you had bad dreams...
or perhaps you've just got up
on the wrong foot.
No, no, I can't go on like this.
I lack the strength for
this position.
I always thought I wasn't
equipped for it, but...
now I'm certain.
Well, my dear Brand, the directors are
extraordinarily satisfied with you...
No, no, Mr Moorman, no, no...
no, no.
I am and I will be a little man.
It's beyond my powers... the job
is... and my personality too...
You know... it's just like with
someone who goes fishing and...
who is expecting to catch
a stickleback...
and suddenly finds a pike
on his hook.
His rod will be destroyed,
because the load is too heavy.
It's a family matter.
I have to go.
What you say there doesn't
surprise me one bit.
The outcome of the experiment we've
done with you was anticipated.
It's been a risky thing... but as far
as I can see, it corresponds exactly..
With my calculations.
I knew that the position I've put you
in would become too much for you...
and that you would want to leave.
That day has come now.
You want to go... excellent.
Yon can go.
Your money will stay here, of
course... A small formality.
Your security of 50.000 pounds.
I don't have that, do I?
We must have it...
because you know very well that
we only could get an important...
amount of credit, because
you joined our institute.
And even if you said "no" on
that occasion...
everyone knew it meant "yes".
But you say "no" today, that is,
resign officially, then "no"...
means really "no".
And even if you would say "yes" now,
to us it would mean "no".
I thought that, during
the night in question...
my views on the credit
system were clear.
Yes or no?
You have never thought, I hope,
that a decent, honest...
and serious entrepreneur...
representing a trust...
would nominate a common bank
messenger as its director?
Just for his good looks? We are
not a philanthropic organization!
I will give you one more chance...
to resign from the company
in a decent way.
You have to make sure...
that the money is on this table
before two o'clock.
In which way, I don't care.
Can't you read?
Nobody is going to send me
away... I've got to see him.
Or I'll break down the door and
you too... and the whole office!
Come, quick... into the fresh air...
I have tell you something...
I've taken a decision
about Moorman.
Where to? Ground floor.
I understand... if that's the
situation, there is only one solution.
- What?
- Gamble.
That's allright... allright.
How many have you had?
Quiet... quiet.
That's just what it is all about...
You've had three.
No, I've had six.
I'm seeing double already.
Great game...
you say three and I say six.
Some game.
If it's six, you stay director
and everything is o.k.
No, everything is not o.k.
That's just what I don't want.
Ah, that's what you mean.
So, if it's six, you don't stay
director, and everything is not o.k.
Something like that.
Waiter... barman...
how many have we had?
It says here... ten between
the two of you.
Not six, not three... ten.
That's five each.
Listen... we keep the glasses on
the table... so we can count.
And we'll drink beer,
that's much healthier.
I know a nice little game.
Yes, but not such a difficult
one then.
Difficult... if I play
I play seriously.
A gamble.
I take a handkerchief and keep it
in front of my eyes.
Look... in front of my eyes.
And I take a light one and
a strong one.
You'll have to tale two light ones
and two string ones.
You're right.
Two light ones and
two string ones.
Piet Hein... Piet Hein...
Piet Hein's name is small.
But his deeds were big,
his deeds were...
Check please!
Yes, I'm on my way.
Yes gentlemen, I'm on my way.
Stay where you are... just stay.
Send the check to
director Moorman.
President of the Board of the
International Finance Institute.
Do you gen end to pay or not?
To Mr Moorman,
president of the...
Don't worry... he's a little drunk.
He doesn't tolerate it, you know...
doesn't tolerate it.
I'll show you something.
Look, that's where we stood!
Where were we?
He conquered the silver fleet...
he conquered...
This is where you were when
you were beating that bag.
Come over here... over here,
old boy.
And then you were beating that bag
like the prime minister...
at a cabinet meeting.
And then you said... you must be
honest... you must be decent...
you've come far, haven't you...
and then you stamped your foot
and you said...
you must... you must... you must.
Dear, oh dear... how low have I sunk!
Hey, where are you?
Wait, I'm coming.
Where are you... where are you?
My, that door is a heavy one.
Can't have been opened in years.
Where are you?
It's pitch-dark in here.
It's dark here.
Bello... Bello... the light.
Are you still alive, boy...
are you still alive, boy?
Where is that loyal dog...
where is it?
Bello, what have you got
in your mouth?
Are you drunk too?
The money... the money!
Here is... here is the money.
Fifty thousand pounds altogether.
I wasn't wrong about you then...
You have the money...
You've always had it.
And now we have it.
Had? Rather: Seen.
Here you are... I've only
come here, Mr Moorman...
to leave again...
to settle the accounts.
You understand... You're not
getting the money.
And neither do I...
it's here in my bag...
and I'll go on my way...
my was as a bank messenger.
I'm going back to Neptune.
They've been waiting for me
long enough.
But I'll come... I'll come, Mr Moorman
because you can trust me.
I'll come... Brand, the bank messenger
will come, yes!
Brand, the bank messenger,
will come...
Brand, the director,
has gone... finished!
Finished... Finished...
Mr Moorman, goodbye.
Goodbye, excuse me.
Take good care of yourself,
Mr Moorman... take care!
Give me my house...
call Erwin to the phone.
The room next to the bedroom...
pack... airplane ticket to Lisbon.
Immediately... Palace Hotel...
and check if my passport is all right.
Hello... hello... hello!
Hello... hello... I want to speak
to the board right away.
What is it about?
I've come to return something.
That money... has been found.
There you are.
Ah, Mr Brand. If I'm correct.
Please have a seat. I'll notify
the board right away.
Fine, but... I want to pay...
tell the director I want to pay!
I want to pay...
I want to pay, I insist!
Very painful... very painful,
you only knew...
a very painful matter.
We cannot accept the money
under any circumstances.
Very painful.
Even if it were only for
the collateral.
The insurance has paid us back
and it's been written off.
So there is only one thing
we can do.
I want to pay... I want to return
the money... I want to pay.
I want to pay... I want to pay!
Just a few small details.
Mr Brand, nothing will happen
to you.
The case has been proved and
sentence has been passed...
on embezzlement charges...
as far as the defendant Brand
is concerned...
the fact that the money
was returned...
can be interpreted as
a mitigating circumstance...
declares to be legally certain
that defendants have committed...
the crime they've been
charged with.
I therefore sentence the defendant
Karel Brand...
to one year and
his co-defendant...
Nicolaas Moorman by default
to three years in prison.
But, ladies and gentlemen...
we won't let you go home
like this.
Don't you believe, ladies and
gentlemen, that we know what...
we owe our esteemed audience.
Poor Brand was innocent...
is innocent and will be innocent
till the end of his days.
We only have to find an explanation
for that mysterious cut...
in his bag.
You remember this scene, ladies
and gentlemen, pay attention.
Do you remember this scene
with the boy?
The boy sat on a stool in the bank...
when Mr Mulder went away
for a moment...
and Brand was still at the
cashier's desk, the child was alone...
Then the following thing
he was hungry,
ladies and gentlemen...
have you ever been hungry?
Then the boy believed that he might
dig up something somewhere.
He is looking...
and then he remembers in a flash
what he saw lying on the table.
He sneaks in that direction.
He does it.
Then he was caught by fear
and he ran off.
Then you saw Brand come back.
When he put the money
in his bag...
he didn't know about the cut.
Later as well, on the canal, he
hadn't the slightest hunch.
And when he was moralizing to his
brother-in-law, his words...
came from an honest soul
and a pure heart.
You must, you understand, you must,
you must, you must, you must!
And that was the moment that fate's
irony began to play its part.
Without one of those involved
You are the good soul.
This is higher justice,
ladies and gentlemen.
Belief in the future...
belief in the young generation.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to bring
a Happy End to this film.
Great, boy, hurry up!
But he didn't walk alone...
all his friends walked with him.
From court to freedom...
In reality takes a few years...
a few month, a few weeks...
at least a few days.
In a film... not more than
a few seconds.
Fortunately you are the one
you used to be again...
a man who's satisfied with
his rod and pond.
Who's fishing for bass and
pike and has recovered...
from the misery he had to suffer
as a result of money.
Of money, that doesn't talk and doesn't
straighten what's crooked...
of money, that we honour
and respected.
Which caused him to want
until it taught him...
to despise money as deep
as he can.
Only here is the ruler
of the world.