The Trouble with You (2018) Movie Script

There. It's over.
No, five more minutes, please.
Please, Mom, five.
OK, five minutes.
The fuzz!
Piss off, bastard!
I'm gonna waste you!
I'll get you!
Drop your gun! Drop it!
Drop it, OK!
Don't make a move.
OK, boss?
I think I sprained my wrist.
No way?
Just kidding, you jerk.
That's how it happened?
I'm not sure about the make of car...
but the rest was like that.
Go to sleep, Tho.
Dad was strong.
Like a lion.
Never did he disappoint us,
never did he waver.
And so, for those reasons,
from today on,
as a unanimous town council decision,
our dear Old Fisherman's Square
will now bear the glorious name
of a man who, for 14 years,
watched over our town with honesty,
courage and efficiency,
a man who gave his life for it,
the great, fearless and eternally young
Jean Santi.
here among us today,
the woman who first was
his colleague and friend
before becoming his fiance,
then his wife,
the mother of his son
and finally
his widow.
The woman who, today,
occupies his place
at the Valrose police station,
Lieutenant Yvonne Santi.
I often came here with Jean.
To have a drink or oysters
at Mathieu's.
Jean loved life and his work.
He loved to ensure
the possibility for happiness and peace.
For 10 years, I was happy with him,
I was at peace.
It was so moving.
The statue's ridiculous.
It hasn't got his outline,
his nose, his shoulders...
It's nothing like him.
It has his gun.
Tho saw me drunk...
Everyone saw you drunk.
Shit, was it obvious?
Not at all.
You're a good man, Louis.
Why say that?
You're such a bad liar.
You hold your breath.
It's true.
It's touching,
like you want to vanish.
OK, everyone saw,
even the back row.
I'm not up to it anymore.
I'm lost on my own.
I can't decide what to say or do.
I live in slow motion.
Even at the store,
I stare at yogurts for an hour.
Probiotic or not...
Weasel to Monkey. Where are you?
- Copy.
- They're early.
- All there?
- Yes.
We're at the nest.
We move in when you get here.
Five minutes.
You can take a bus.
- What is it?
- An S&M brothel. Minors, dope...
- Louis, take me.
- No way.
I want action,
not paper clip orders!
I can't, OK.
I've been stuck in an office
two years!
I can't take you. It's not allowed.
Shit, I've lost my guy and my job!
Look out!
Sure you can! Take me.
It's over.
If anything happens to you,
I'm dead meat.
Sorry. Take the bus.
Please, Louis,
get me out of the mothballs.
Get out! I'll miss them.
Monkey, what's up?
Just one hour.
C'mon, Louis, please.
Pain in the ass.
Nearly there.
How's it looking?
4th floor.
Jules in the hallway,
Simon on the stairs,
Fanfan near the pink oleander.
Channel 5. Ready?
I want to hit and get hit.
That's lucky.
Yvonne, be careful.
What's that?
Police! Everybody out!
Don't move!
Here you go.
I'm not a minor.
I'm 22.
"I was going to my mother's
and got the wrong floor."
On opening the door,
the apartment owners gagged me.
Suspecting a hoax,
they ignored my protests
"and put me in this outfit."
Sit down, please.
- Tighter!
- It's as tight as it goes.
I can't.
"The items found on and in me
are not my property.
It's a simple misunderstanding."
Is that it?
In a public area,
your face must be uncovered.
I'll remove it.
Calm down.
Bring me the Phantom.
Have a seat, please.
You must remove the mask.
Want to call your lawyer?
I can't. He's been arrested too.
Well, you had 4 g of cocaine
in the company of a female minor.
My God, I don't believe it...
Turn that off.
I didn't know she was a minor.
I don't use coke, it wasn't mine.
It gives me heartburn.
Besides, I didn't hurt the girl.
She was hitting me.
Tell the judge that.
I'm a married man.
I have children.
I'm sorry.
Read this through and sign it.
Your ring...
Did you know Jean?
I'm sorry?
Jean Santi.
Did you know him?
Did you know him?
You're Yvonne.
You're Yvonne.
Thank you, God. Thank you.
Who are you?
I'm Gurin.
The Massna jewel store accountant.
The fake hold-up in 2009.
Your diamond... I gave it to Jean.
Do you still have the earrings?
The blue and white sapphires?
"I had never been there before
and knew none of the people present."
- Is that right?
- Yes.
OK, Father, sign here.
Shit, Yvonne!
Look at me.
Yes, look at me.
What's wrong, Yvonne?
It's a nightmare.
- That guy told me horrible things.
- What?
That Jean...
It can't be true...
What did he say?
- He said...
- What?
That Jean was someone else.
How d'you mean?
He said...
Oh, shit...
He said he was a bent cop.
He thought I knew.
He gave me details.
It's not true.
It's not, right?
Tell me it isn't true.
It's not true.
I worked with him seven years.
I'd know if he was bent.
- What?
- Shit, no...
You made your lying face.
Yvonne, I swear.
Breathe, you'll suffocate.
You'll hurt yourself.
You don't get it.
For 8 years,
I lived with a scumbag, a bent cop.
I ate, slept and fucked with a stranger.
Shit, I even had a kid with him!
Know the worst?
He put an innocent in jail.
Remember the 2009 jewelry hold-up?
It was Jean's case.
It was all a con.
An insurance scam.
They held themselves up.
They made an arrangement with Jean.
They needed an ideal culprit
and picked the only innocent person.
The workshop guy.
Know how old he was?
He was 26.
Shit, Louis.
Jean arrested him.
He hid the rocks in his car.
He got 70,000 euros
and my damn engagement ring for that.
Thanks a lot.
Anything else I should dump?
I don't know, Louis.
You know it all.
Tell me what isn't mine.
How d'you mean?
Any stolen, extorted stuff?
Tell me the damn truth!
Fucking hell...
Fucking hell!
Why doesn't Dad fight back?
Cuz I'm tired, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
Put his teeth back.
No, not tonight.
But we can tomorrow.
Gold ones too.
I bet he'd like that.
Sleep well, Mom.
Thank you.
Dad'll massacre them tomorrow.
Inside job by model employee.
What a bastard.
Where're you going?
To the judge?
Estelle said you were.
Can we talk?
Louis, back off.
Back off.
The guy isn't dead.
He works out,
learns Corsican songs...
You think that's funny?
Has your brain melted or what?
You saw Jean too much.
You can't do this.
What do I do?
Let this guy rot in jail?
His time's done in two weeks.
Are you stupid?
Leaving innocent or guilty is the same?
He's getting out this week!
I'll tell the judge everything.
Don't you realize this wasn't
Jean's only screw-up?
All his scams will come out.
It won't be pretty.
Like an idiot,
I spent eight years with a bastard.
I'll try to accept it.
But I can't let this poor guy
suffer for nothing.
What are you afraid of?
Nothing. I've done nothing.
Are you just acting dumb?
I'm worried about Tho.
Once it comes out
his dad was a bastard,
what bedtime stories will you tell him?
I'll manage.
I'll buy a good book.
His dad died two years ago.
He's just getting over it.
You really want to kill him again?
A quick piss.
That's the tea.
Coffee's different.
A cup of tea and in five minutes...
I'm losing my trousers.
Who cares.
They're ugly anyway.
Shit, this T-shirt's itchy.
I'll sit at the back.
Ticket, please!
Shit, my belt's too loose now.
He's my brother. He's not well.
He's a bit disturbed.
That smells good.
I'll pay for him.
What's that smell?
Shit, it's dog shampoo.
It smells so good.
It's delicious!
It's fantastic.
No, it stinks.
It stinks to high heaven.
Dump that dog...
Stinky dog.
Tiny dog, tiny tongue... Stinky.
Was that supermarket there?
It wasn't...
There was a soccer field there.
No, we used to pass a...
There was a field there.
Two years ago, the new mayor...
I'm talking.
What is this?
You don't interrupt people.
Even old folk are impolite now.
That was the car glass place.
The old bat was right,
even if she stinks.
You're right, ma'am, it was there.
Right there.
They said this evening...
6 o'clock, they said.
This can't be.
Why didn't you call?
My battery's dead...
Why did they let you out early?
I don't know.
Remorse, maybe.
Good, isn't it?
Why didn't they tell me?
I wanted to be there.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
Don't say that.
I'm talking nonsense.
I just wanted everything perfect.
I've waited so long for this.
I wanted to watch out for you,
see you arrive...
I'm so surprised...
it's taking away all my joy.
What a disaster.
You smell nice.
No, I smell of sweat!
Can you do it again?
Go back out of the garden.
Count to thirty.
Open the gate with a squeak.
Walk slowly over the gravel.
Come up to the door and knock.
Will you do that?
It's wonderful, you're here.
I love you, Antoine. I love you.
I've missed you.
Go out and come back again.
Can you stop on the path?
As if hesitating.
As if you're scared,
unsure of what you'll find.
It's wonderful, you're here.
I love you, Antoine.
I've missed you so much.
So much!
What'll you have?
How are we for money?
Don't worry.
Warm lentils, caramelized shallots,
balsamic cream, parsley,
new line, 13 euros.
Poached eggs
in Chinese mushroom broth,
black trufle, missing an "f",
new line, 16 euros.
Sardine and chervil bake,
root vegetables
fork-crushed in italics...
I want it all.
I'll have asparagus
and chicken.
I'll get some cigarettes.
Give me five minutes.
- Shall I order?
- Go ahead.
I don't understand.
Two Marlboro Lights and matches!
I only carry Camel Light.
Hand them over!
Move or you get it!
- Hand 'em over!
- I'm out of Lights...
Screw that! Hand 'em over!
First year,
Franois Villon Middle School?
It's you, Santi?
What's going on?
Fucking Santi. Bastard!
You were top of the class,
the teacher's pet.
Until you got me expelled!
You said I set that lab fire,
but it was Verrier.
Why? It wasn't me!
For six coconut balls.
Yes, Verrier gave me six coconut balls
to say it was you.
Six coconut balls?
I'm sorry.
I could've been a surgeon.
It's not too late.
You look like you know chemistry.
I have contacts at Bayer.
- You do?
- Yes.
Everyone gets a second chance.
I swear.
You've turned me into a monster, Santi!
Use a bit of burn cream.
I was innocent.
You ruined my life, Santi.
Dad's so smart.
So smart?
Don't you understand?
Your godfather's here.
Going out again?
Sorry, sweetheart, it's for work.
OK, go to sleep now.
Good night.
Thanks for this.
I'm glad you let me see him.
You're welcome.
No one else was free?
Is he in bed?
He wants a story?
Already done.
Why aren't you at work so much?
To be with Tho.
So I see.
And I don't want to be robbed.
You avoiding me?
Just don't particularly want to see you.
Wait, Yvonne.
Why are you mad at me?
I didn't do anything, OK!
- You knew!
- I should've sold him out?
What about me?
Shit, Louis.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
Why not warn me?
You loved him.
You loved each other...
I couldn't destroy that.
I mean, look where you live!
I thought you knew.
I'll get a drink.
Vodka, please. A triple.
He took my wallet.
Where is he?
He went that way.
You enjoyed it?
Yeah, it was great.
Great music.
I worry you'll get bored.
You must've expected so much.
Celebrations, high spirits...
One long party.
But there's only me.
Me and ordinary life.
I expected
nothing as beautiful as you.
You, as you are now.
- You're not angry?
- No.
I feel no anger,
no rancor.
I'm at peace, Agns.
That's him.
The bastard!
Stay here.
We'll waste you, fucker!
I'll show you, wise guy!
Stop it, you're crazy!
He tore out my hair!
Are you OK?
Get the guy in green!
Police! Stop!
Police! Stop!
Police, godammit!
Police, shit!
- What happened?
- He robbed them.
Then attacked us from behind.
Describe him.
Describe him?
I'm fucking showing you him!
Watch it.
That's him, in green,
and his woman in Grey... red.
His jacket's Grey and...?
Green jacket, girl in red.
Red jacket?
It's green!
The girl's in red.
Calm down.
They're taking a cab!
Calm down, sir!
When did you last see the suspect?
What was that?
No idea. We got mugged.
Are you kidding?
The state they're in?
You calmly beat up people now?
It was like
you were tidying your office!
You were like a psychopath.
Your mouth's all bloody!
OK, sir?
Sorry, yes.
Eight years inside,
don't hassle me over a few slaps
or a purse.
So you're allowed to mess up
for eight years now?
Gouge out guys' eyes on the street,
smash their teeth in,
tear-gas girls,
or scalp bouncers?
You bit the guy's ear off!
Sorry. Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
You too got mystical in jail.
Can stealing and fighting
give your life meaning?
Only your life in jail.
That's something.
I don't know who you are.
Say something reassuring, please.
Every night I dream
I hold up the jeweler for real.
I go in and ice them all.
With an AK-47, or an axe,
or a flame-thrower...
That isn't very reassuring.
Not very, no.
It's like that since you got out?
You hadn't noticed?
I was happy, couldn't you tell?
I thought you were like me,
Could Chinese on Wednesday
and a club on Saturday erase it all?
My ear!
The bottle!
Hand it over!
Why did I tell her that?
Why did I talk like that?
Can't you shut up?
Not even for five minutes?
Then again...
Look what she said to me.
"I don't know who you are."
Why did she say that to me?
He'll argue with himself all night...
Who am I?
What am I?
That's the question.
What am I? Where am I?
Where am I?
I'm out.
Out of the little square.
And not in the big circle.
I'm out.
And I'm alone.
Alone like a dog.
Never a dull moment.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe I've gone mad.
The bastards made me mad.
Why the hell am I here?
I have better to do.
I have a life.
A shit life.
Please, no. Not mad.
Yes, mad.
Mad, crazy.
Really crazy.
Totally lost for this world.
Mean and alone.
What do I do?
What can I do?
What's the time?
How do I do it?
- Where now?
- How?
- Damn heels!
- Must I keep going?
Why did I marry that jerk?
It's beautiful.
What's that?
Are you OK, sir?
You OK?
Fucking hell...
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
I'm sorry, sir. Please...
No, I'm not OK.
My shoulder.
I don't believe it.
Shit, where did you come from?
I saw you jump.
I thought...
That you...
I just wanted to dive.
I've done it since I was 11.
It's my cove!
God, it hurts!
Sorry, it's a misunderstanding.
I'm so fucking stupid!
Miss, you dislocated my shoulder.
Pull on my arm.
Really hard.
Shit, I really need you.
That's so kind.
Come on.
- I'm pulling.
- No.
A sharp tug.
- I'm pulling.
- Tug!
Shut up, I can't!
Just tug!
I fucking can't!
- Ask someone else!
- No one's here!
I'm losing it, totally losing it.
What the hell?
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
No idea.
To Italy.
Come back, it's OK.
I screw up.
No, you don't.
I do.
You were right to jump.
I wanted to die.
Are you saying that
to make me happy?
Why did you jump?
I lost eight years of my life.
Eight years in jail.
I was humiliated,
beaten up,
They stole my youth.
For nothing.
I was innocent.
Everyone says that, but I was.
Since getting out, I screw up.
Mostly, I hurt people.
A lot.
I think I've turned into a monster.
No, not at all.
Don't believe that.
You're not a monster.
You've been wronged,
seriously wronged.
It's your right to be angry, shit.
To be violent too.
It's your right.
If I were you, I'd want to bite.
I bit off a guy's ear tonight.
- That's normal.
- It is?
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You can't be mad at yourself
or want to die for that.
It's not worth it.
Better a bastard than a victim.
A Samaritan but tidy.
What're you doing?
Stealing a car.
- Why?
- To go back.
Let me call a cab.
Why not?
It's my right, huh?
My first time.
Make a wish.
You're right.
Better a bastard than a victim.
Is this yours?
Can I see you again?
You can't say no.
It's your right?
my right to a little understanding.
A little gentleness.
A little beauty.
A little of you.
I can't.
I'd love to see you by day.
You'd be disappointed.
It's not fair.
Fairness is rare.
And indulgence?
Life needs it.
What you said really struck me.
I know I'm wrong,
but hearing I'm right to be wrong...
is very pleasant.
Your hand on my back is pleasant too.
I'd love to kiss you.
It's your right.
I have to work.
What? Wait a bit.
Just a minute.
- Let chance decide.
- It's too short!
It's too short. Two minutes!
Shit, I feel hot.
Did it all go well?
He woke, so we played.
That's great.
It's normal.
I want to apologize
for what I've said lately.
It was unfair and violent.
I had no right to say it.
Sorry I was so disdainful.
After all, we do what we can.
You can disdain me now if you want.
No, it's OK.
You don't have to respect me.
Not too much anyhow.
All the same...
No, Louis. I'm weak too.
Yes, I am Louis.
Are you?
And, you know, this weakness...
It's not that unpleasant.
Two years, I've been holding back.
- You understand?
- Yes.
I want to let go.
I have the right to some indulgence.
Some tenderness.
Are you high?
Are you OK?
- Louis?
- Yes...
I want to be kissed.
I'm tired, sir.
Secrets are exhausting.
I killed my aunt in the kitchen.
With scissors.
I stabbed her
cuz I thought she was laughing.
First of all,
I stabbed her in the chest.
Like the other two.
Then her neck,
and I ate her eyes.
To stop her staring.
You understand?
I understand.
I sawed her in two
and put her in a bag in the garage...
two weeks ago.
But I'm scared at night.
So I hold her hand.
I've brought it with me.
Obviously, when you open it,
it smells a bit...
Of course.
And so?
That's it.
Sorry, forgive me, I wasn't following.
Can you start again?
- The whole story?
- Yes.
Right now,
I don't think I could.
I understand.
If it begins again...
- I'll come back.
- Yes, do that.
I live nearby.
We'll see you out.
Can I have a quick word?
Of course.
I wanted to say...
It's not easy.
OK, I wanted to say...
I can't really stand this job anymore,
and this place even less.
The thing is,
I've stayed in this station so long
because of you.
To protect you from Jean
and then the others.
And to see you.
I didn't split ages ago
cuz I see you every day.
The days your eyes linger over me,
the days you hold my arm to talk,
those are good days.
The others are meaningless.
I'd been waiting years
for what happened last night.
And it was better than in my dreams.
- Shit, Louis.
- Yeah?
I was miles away.
You were saying?
- It was about...
- Will it take long?
I have to see to something.
It was about a parking space.
OK, sorry...
Go ahead.
What's that Ferrari outside?
An arrest. Jol made it.
An arrest?
Hi, Michel.
I'll bite you!
Calm down now!
Pick him up.
You're crazy!
The door!
He bit my ear!
He bit a piece off!
The maniac.
How's your wife?
She's OK.
You're asking me this?
Do it on the quiet.
Your husband's words.
The guy's innocent.
He isn't anymore.
He wrecked a sports car
and ate a cop's ear.
I'd be lynched.
It's our fault.
The guy's a total mess.
He won't survive jail again.
How do you know?
You met him?
- A little.
- You're crazy!
Does he know who you are?
Stay away from him.
He'll rip your head off for it.
Crazy woman.
Hello, sir...
You said to come back
if it began again.
Sorry, I'm too busy now.
It's begun again, a bit.
Not now.
Was it last night?
Say he's an informer.
If I get caught, I've had it.
Are you thinking about me?
You're too proud.
To interest you,
a guy has to be a hero
or a victim.
Why do you say that?
What happened with him?
Nothing happened with him.
Only with you!
You've forgotten?
- Hi, inspector.
- Hello, chef.
- A double stretch?
- Please. No onions.
I can explain...
That's why you won't meet?
I'm ashamed.
Of what?
Of who I am. Of what I am.
I forbid that.
You're indulgence, gentleness,
- You're a balm.
- I am?
Last night on the beach,
I was wondering,
"Who can understand so easily
and accept without judging? Who?"
When I saw you here...
it was obvious.
Loneliness, chaos, fragility,
you see that every day.
Don't be ashamed of what you are.
You're an angel.
I don't care you're a hooker.
I'm Antoine.
Your work name?
Yvonne sounds slutty?
No, just...
My name's Louise.
Are you free tonight?
Not at all.
Last night, you said,
"Let chance decide."
And it has decided.
Do you realize?
I'm allowed a miracle.
Life is paying me back.
You can't refuse.
Just once.
It's my right.
But not mine.
Listen, Antoine, I can't.
I don't want to.
My life is complicated.
Louise, last night...
for the first time in ages...
I finally felt at peace.
You did?
That really touches me.
Last night, thanks to you...
I finally left jail.
La Mare restaurant on the harbor,
at 9:30 tonight?
We're quits.
Now, we're quits.
That theems fair.
200s or 500s?
Give me a mixth.
I hear you're doing a jeweler's
and have a deal
with the owner...
Introduthe me.
Don't puth it.
Put a little ring athide.
For my fianthe.
You can't interrupt!
Too long.
Besides, Dad's putting on an act.
No, he isn't putting on an act.
Tho, listen...
Even the smartest people screw up.
Cuz they're scared
or want to spoil the ones they love.
They screw up.
Not him.
Not Dad.
Well, maybe.
I'm sorry.
About last night.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to be.
I mean it.
I acted like a bastard.
I'm so worried,
it must be unbearable.
You're worried cuz...
cuz I'm tense.
Only cuz I'm harsh.
You're harsh cuz...
cuz I hide what I am cuz...
cuz I lie to you.
You lie cuz I don't trust you.
Instead of looking at you,
I watch you.
You watch me cuz...
you love me.
I love you
cuz I know who you were.
Cuz I know who you'll be again.
Who was I?
Your name's Antoine.
You're handsome,
considerate, curious,
You're innocent.
You're a jewel-maker.
You resemble your trade.
You find beauty where no one sees it.
You can see the diamond in the stone.
I was having...
a quick shower.
What is it?
Why aren't you asleep?
Come on, it's early.
You look rough.
When you didn't come back last night,
I was so scared.
I didn't sleep.
Rest now, close your eyes.
Whenever I close my eyes,
you're gone when I open them.
Good night, Agns.
Good night, Antoine.
What's up?
- I need you on a job.
- What?
The Corsican's in town.
- The Corsican, dammit.
- Who?
Shit, call in at work now and then.
The Sail Gang's shooter.
He's here for his money.
He'd be a huge catch.
I need a fake wife
and Elise is off.
- I can't.
- What?
I have something I can't cancel.
I swear.
That nutter again?
Look, it's complicated.
The guy's a mess.
You wanted action, right?
But carry on paying for Jean's shit.
I'm on my way.
I'm off. Have fun.
Your Sig.
I prefer my Manurhin.
Watching or coming?
- Screw it.
- Here we go!
Got a description?
40, black, dreadlocks, yellow backpack.
The Corsican's black?
Yeah, seen their flag?
Who's with us?
SWAT team guys you don't know.
We should split up.
- What?
- We meet on the main lane.
OK, I'm waiting.
Shit, stop talking to yourself.
I'll stop talking.
I'll stop talking. Shut up.
I'll have a little wine in my glass.
I'll have a bottle of cognac, please.
- Cognac?
- Cognac, with bread.
Do you wish to order?
No, I'll wait.
I promised.
That's good.
Sorry, I'm still at work.
No, I can't leave.
Yes, I owe you,
but I've too much on my hands.
What do I mean?
I mean...
Three? Wow.
Your disdain is hurtful.
I'm not disdainful,
I totally respect your work.
What's that noise?
I'll spare you the details.
They're getting annoyed.
I shouldn't be on the phone when...
I understand, but will you be long?
I think they're...
I don't know. It's complicated.
Be patient.
I really have to go.
Yes, I hear them.
I'm going.
See you later.
Oh, fuck.
Hello, children.
Louis, pick up.
Come on!
Come on. Yes!
- The Corsican's behind you.
- I can't hear.
- Behind you!
- It's noisy.
Just a second.
Got a light?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
You were saying?
You saw him?
Still nothing. No Rastas.
It sucks.
Hold on a second.
Jesus, what a jerk...
What's up?
The SWAT guys spotted him
at the ghost train.
Meet me there?
Half an hour.
No, sir, sorry.
Please pay up and leave.
You're very inflexible.
It's very late, I'm sorry.
I worked for you for years.
- I'm sorry?
- Making the napkins.
3 euros an hour
embroidering fucking lobsters.
A friend of mine made this one.
The very last one he made.
He's out now?
You could say that.
I'll have the vegetable motley
with baked fish. No nutmeg.
I'll have to call the police.
Nutmeg then?
Hostage situation.
I repeat.
Possible hostage situation in sector 3.
Possible hostage situation. La Mare.
A maniac has cornered the staff.
Closing a kitchen at 11:30 pm
is normal.
He stabbed me with an oyster knife.
He cut my ear.
Better by the day.
Shit, where is that jerk?
He's down here.
I don't believe it.
You're uncontrollable.
They wanted to close.
Provincial life.
Antoine, you promised.
I'm sorry.
I lost patience.
Lost patience?
It's like Beirut!
The town's on fire!
Shit, the car's losing oil.
Are you hurt?
A little.
Shit, you need to get that seen to.
Can we go to your place?
Fucking hell...
Aren't you sick of me?
Shut up! Of course not!
How do you do it?
Why did I leave you?
I'm even sick of myself.
Leave me.
Police! Sir! Please...
I know, I know!
Where are we?
Where I work.
You're pretty specialized.
Kind of.
You're full of secrets.
You've no idea.
It's warm.
Very warm.
Maybe it was too much.
You're kind.
You OK?
Just great.
You bring me peace.
Every time.
It's the morphine.
You're so tolerant...
Each time I see you,
I feel I have the right to live.
You have the right to live.
I only believe it when you say it.
Don't go thinking I'm a good person.
You are.
You're saving me again.
I'm patching you up.
You could've left me under the car.
I could never do that.
Why not?
I don't know.
I know why.
Because we're the same.
Look around you.
Just look.
We're the kind
people like to hurt.
Sorry, I can't tonight.
You know...
stories need a bit of heart,
But I can't tonight.
You understand?
Yes, I understand.
Go to sleep now.
This man went missing 72 hours ago?
- Yes.
- Spell his name, please.
T, Antoine.
People return after even longer.
It might be a boozy evening...
Or a fling.
Something happened at the harbor.
I read that some guy blew it up.
It may not be him.
He's been seething
ever since he got out.
He thinks he has every right.
Jail again would kill him.
I know.
You do?
I understand.
He used to be...
the very opposite.
He was...
Are you OK?
Yes, fine.
I get allergies.
It's my fault.
Don't blame yourself.
- Are you sure you're OK?
- I'm fine.
He changed and I didn't see.
It happens, believe me.
I thought I'd be enough,
that our old life would.
It's normal to believe that.
Our old life is dead.
You all killed it.
He's angry. Obsessed
by lost time, revenge
and that damn jeweler's.
It'll all end badly.
He has to be found.
Don't worry, we'll do everything
to get your husband back.
I don't know why I came here.
This is where it all began.
I must be desperate
to turn to my tormenters.
What happened to you?
I can't take any more.
I can't go on like this.
- It's not possible.
- I know.
I know.
Agns, I wear myself out
trying to be like I was before.
But I can't do it.
I'm sorry, Agns.
I'm sorry, my love.
It's not us.
I think I need a fresh start...
with someone...
who doesn't know me.
who isn't disappointed...
by what I've become.
Excuse me, it's me again.
OK, but not now.
When then?
I don't know... Monday?
Could I stay here for the weekend?
That'll do, sir.
Got a minute?
Not now, I'm messed up.
Believe it or not, I am too.
I hate myself.
That's funny, I hate you too.
You do?
That's dumb cuz I love you.
You love me?
Yes, Louis, I love you.
I love thinking of you.
I love waiting for you.
And I love your presence.
It calms and disturbs me.
I love your voice too.
When you speak,
nothing bad can happen to me.
And I adore your secret looks.
Cuz when you do that,
I want to be beautiful.
And I love your smile.
I love you.
As much as I hate myself.
And that's a lot of love.
How about a drink?
Why are you here, sir?
Homicide, sir.
Let's get down to it.
Come with me.
- Involuntary.
- Never mind.
You know...
when you were in jail,
it was hard getting to sleep sometimes.
So, once a month,
I allowed myself a story,
to get to sleep, the same one.
I would imagine...
you were really guilty.
And you escaped
on a full moon night.
You came to our room
and you woke me gently.
You took me by the hand...
and led me out to the garden.
There was a hole.
And, in that hole, treasure shone...
so brightly.
There were jewels, diamonds,
rubies and...
two plane tickets to a warm land.
And then...
Then, no...
You came back innocent,
with the cruelty of victims.
It's better this way.
You won't have to put up with me.
You're free now.
But I'm like you.
It doesn't suit me.
Shit, it's child size.
We need to talk seriously.
About what?
- The future.
- It's here.
- What's up?
- I'm doing the jeweler's.
- I won't let you.
- I know.
Are you crazy?
- Shit, Antoine!
- I'll be an hour.
Unchain me!
Why do this?
I'm sick of being innocent.
Pain in the ass!
Pain in the ass...
Fucking hell!
86, Boulevard Massna.
86, Boulevard Massna!
Let's go!
Take Rue Carnot, it's quicker.
Absolutely... Carnot.
Haven't we met?
I don't think so.
Are you sure?
I see a lot of people.
Stop outside the jeweler's.
Hey, Baptiste!
Still smoking?
Everyone freeze!
Lay on the ground!
What did he say?
On the ground, alright!
No idea.
Pray to Allah.
Shit, it's Isis!
What's that?
Lay on the ground, alright!
What's he saying?
Are they stupid?
On the floor!
Lay down!
What're you doing? Lay down!
Hold on...
What's that thing?
I don't know.
It looks like a huge...
Not Isis.
Are you OK?
Quick, they're on their way.
Hold on, I don't have enough.
Quick! The cops are coming!
Hold on.
- What now?
- I want the lot.
Are you stupid?
I want the lot!
I don't believe it!
Excuse me.
Let's go. Look at all we've got.
I want the lot!
Go or I'll shoot you.
I won't go without you.
This is for us.
No such thing as "us".
I lied.
The cops will be here in four minutes.
How d'you know that?
I know.
I have an earpiece.
I'm not your love.
I'm your worst enemy.
I'm a cop.
I'm a cop.
And Santi's widow.
I thought I could help you...
Shut up!
I'll fucking kill you!
For God's sake!
I'm trying to help you.
Can't you see?
I lost eight years of my life too.
Maybe, but it was your choice.
none of this makes any sense.
You have someone waiting.
No one's waiting.
I have nothing now.
Nothing at all.
Give the crackers a rest!
Shit, they're almost here.
- Sorry.
- What is this?
What the hell are you doing?
Might be some kind of performance art.
The new left-wing mayor...
Why did you do that?
I'm sick of being guilty.
What's your name?
Only time I told the truth
you didn't believe me.
Goodbye, Yvonne.
It was fake, but it was good.
No kiss?
I've lost weight.
Jail's good, you slim down.
- It's not tomorrow?
- A day early.
Sorry, it's not ready, I wanted to...
Don't worry, I know what to do.
Hold on, don't worry.
Wait there!
Don't move!
Sorry, chief, this isn't easy for us.
Ten grand in my belt. Take it.
Take it for your kids.
Thanks, chief.
Six grand in my back pocket.
I can't.
It'll only go to waste.
The other.
Thanks, chief.
I have diamonds up my...
Take them, it's OK.
I'll pass, chief.
- Sure?
- Yes.
You'll be OK?
Don't worry. I gambled and I lost.
What happens after?
Nothing, sweetheart.
It's over.
I understand.
You've grown.
Not too much.
Good night, sweetheart.
Good night, Mom.
Look out!
He's getting away!
He's running off! Grab him!
The asshole hit me!
The End
In memory of Philippe Elkoubi