The Troubleshooter (2010) Movie Script

You have reached
KANG Tae-sik Crime Lab.
We solve all cases confidentially.
Please leave a message.
Ls he reliable?
Check his resume.
The past isn't important.
The present is.
He's as good as they get.
Not a bad past.
There's drama.
He was always the best.
Since his police days.
You know this goes
only one of two ways.
No middle ground.
Let's get started.
If sold, the profit would be
close to 3 trillion won.
Doubts surfaced that the bank
was sold at a giveaway price.
Prosecution announced
it is reopening the case.
The prosecution apprehended
YOON Dae-hee, a key figure.
Hey! Pull up a bit!
The investigation is moving
along rapidly.
He's cutting in. Jerk.
High ranking government
officials were bribed...
Polls showing 38% one year
before the presidential election.
Dad, Uncle Pil-ho ignored
my text again.
Uncle Lightning's real
busy these days.
Why is he so busy?
Assemblyman CHO shows
He starved for 7 days and lived?
They said he did.
Why'd he starve?
'Cause he was full.
Now we're moving.
Let's go!
We're not late.
Did you send my
academy tuition?
Why didn't you tell me?
L told you ages ago!
You should have left a note
for your busy dad.
Don't you have to prepare
for these things early?
Lt's a tragedy that
you're my dad.
Hey, hey, hey!
Make sure you have a kid
just like you later!
You'll be at the academy
after school?
Don't know.
I'm too embarrassed to go.
The teacher keeps hinting
that I haven't paid.
Hey! Quit that place!
- L never went to no academy.
- L should be a messenger?
Who does she take after?
Keep your phone on!
Don't know!
Ls the money in?
Yeah, I just checked.
Go to this address.
Prism Motel, Room 609.
Something's not right.
We do the tracking but
they usually come to the bust.
She says she's too nervous
to see for herself.
We're fine as long as
she wired the money.
Make sure you get some
real proof.
So they can't argue
they were just holding hands.
- That's basic for an affair.
- I'm here. Call you later!
- Not there, honey.
- Sorry.
What's this?
Who's this?
Don't you know her?
What is all this?
You should have checked
before you took the job.
You didn't used to be
so sloppy.
Who are you!
You should get out of there first.
No time to deal with witnesses,
cameras, or fingerprints.
Turn left down the corridor.
You can get to the roof.
You might make it
if you run fast.
Fuck you!
- A Team, report.
- We're here, sir.
- Hey.
- Hey, you!
- Hey, stop!
- Freeze!
Don't move!
Top right there!
Come down.
Get in the car.
Why, the...
Bonchi, we're screwed.
Can you trace the client?
Hold on.
I'll call you back.
What's this?
So slow.
L see you're screwing me
but you underestimated me.
Don't piss me off!
I'm just trying to help you.
L know you didn't
kill that woman.
You help me and I'll
send the tape you saw.
How do you know that psycho?
Oh, yeah, You know him.
That's not important now.
I'll hand him over afterwards.
Ask him yourself.
How can I trust you?
You will.
Use that phone from now on.
- What are you up to?
- I'll be in touch.
Tell me the truth.
What is your relationship?
L mean we're just
honest people.
Hey, Jongster!
Just a minute.
Get anything?
No, they just keep saying
they're honest.
Want an honest beating?
Sorry, sir.
And the honest cops
first on the scene?
Well, I heard their story.
They were so surprised
they don't remember a thing.
And the dead woman?
Well, she's a psychiatrist. Yeah.
- Got the surveillance tape?
- Yes, sir.
Check the dead woman's lD
again just in case.
- Check the suspect's car.
- Yes, sir.
I'm just trying to help you.
L know you didn't
kill that woman.
You help me and I'll send
the tape you saw.
L need to have a meeting.
Find someone for me within 3 days.
He took my money.
This is the Central Hotel.
L got your invoice.
My boss won't pay me.
Bastard. Get my money!
L filed for divorce 2 months ago.
What's your fee for getting
money back?
You should get a receptionist
or something.
Keep the phone on at all times.
Keep the phone on at all times.
Hey, Bro. Where's Lightning?
What happened to you?
Long story. I'm screwed.
That's for sure.
Find Lightning for me.
His team's awfully busy.
- His phone's not working, is it?
- L don't know.
Everyone's looking for you.
Did you really kill someone?
L got framed.
Can't explain over the phone.
And Bro!
Could you watch Soo-jin?
Don't tell her anything.
And take her out to eat
something good.
No. L got it.
I'll call you back.
Hold on!
Huh? Found it.
Chief! L found the vehicle.
The owner...
used to be a cop.
KANG Tae-sik?
L can trace it since
it's a pay phone.
But the locations are
all over the place.
- But not out of town?
- No.
Run a check on this cell phone.
He gave me
a high frequency model.
Bastards got no scruples.
This is supposed to be untraceable.
Lt's registered in your name.
Keep going.
They're jerking your chain.
Maybe they're getting back at you
for a big case you did?
Judging by the amount of
manpower and planning,
there's serious money involved.
Security's almost corporate level.
Cut the crap.
- The tap's on.
- Yup.
So record every call
that comes in.
You do know that
it's expensive hardware?
How'd you get in there?
L figured you were
up to no good.
You need to tense up.
Too much money's
a problem too, right?
This is my last warning.
Keep the phone on.
Why are you doing this?
You're a psycho, too?
The kid on the video
is the psycho.
I'm leaving the knife he used.
What do you want from me!
You crazy son-of-a-bitch!
L think you have guests.
Go to Room 708 at World Hotel
if you wanna talk.
PARK, it's the top one.
You're getting slow.
Let's go in.
You need practice.
KANG Tae-sik Crime Lab?
Give me a break. Shit!
Your call cannot be completed.
1805264. KANG Tae-sik.
'T' as in 'tennis'... Yes.
All right.
We're tracing his cell.
He made a call near here.
To who?
De... Detective WON Joo-bong.
He's an older detective
he used to work with.
We called him after
identifying KANG Tae-sik.
Let's get him before
he cancels his number.
Call him with Detective WON's
- Let's get him.
- Yes, sir.
KANG Tae-sik...
I haven't talked to him in ages.
Keep it down over there!
I'm busy so you come
here if you need me.
Hey, Tae-sik.
Hi. Still no word
from Lightning?
I've been trying
but I can't get through.
His entire team is
out of reach.
Probably because they're
on the special investigation.
Remember the psycho
I put away 8 years ago?
The one who attacked
Soo-jin's mom?
Of course.
Isn't he in a mental institution?
L don't know how he got out
but he killed someone today.
I'm being framed for it.
I'll find Lightning.
You just keep in touch.
- Send the picture out!
- Yes, sir!
KANG Tae-sik
- Did you find him?
- No, I didn't.
Who the hell are you!
Look, I know it's tough.
Let's have a quiet talk.
Like hell!
Well, I...
This is frustrating.
We lost him.
Turn it off.
Thank you for waiting.
Let's begin right away
so we can all get lunch.
Like we explained. Embargo.
Remember our agreement
when you ask questions.
Please make sure everything
goes out simultaneously, okay?
Then let's begin.
Prosecution reopened the
Daehan Bank case a month ago
with nothing to show for it.
They claim members of
our Minguk Party are involved.
But we have found no evidence
for their allegations.
During the trial 3 years ago,
FSS stated that there are
no further people involved.
But the ruling party calling for
special prosecutor laws
to reopen the case
is clearly extreme.
And against the judicial system.
Lt is a typical political operation
to discredit our candidate.
Who is running for
the presidential election.
What's this?
What the?!
You should know better.
Caught your breath yet?
Give me time to do that
and you'll be really sorry.
Use good stuff. The fake
beard's a dead giveaway.
Enough bullshit.
This seems important so
let's talk face to face.
No need for that.
Dump the first phone
in the vase.
Lf I don't?
Then see what happens.
Your troubles will be
over by tomorrow.
Once the job's done,
I'll send the video
and throw in the actor
as a bonus.
You'd make a good salesman.
That's my next move.
What the hell do you want?
- Just get someone tonight.
- Who?
Someone you know.
After a month in
hiding, Right now.
Ln front of you.
YOON Dae hee will appear
at the prosecutor's office.
You know quite a lot about me.
Since you seem to know
this kind of business well,
give me a job I CAN do.
How do I grab a witness
due in court tomorrow?
You see those people
camped outside his place?
Why go there?
He's right above your head.
Room 808.
Let's begin.
You became CEO of Rising Sun
lnvestment Korea, March, 2006.
Your first mission was to
take over Daehan Bank?
Have some.
The BIS rate of Daehan Bank
at the time
was substandard.
Only 6%.
That was a worldwide
warning sign.
The Korean government poured in
1 .2 trillion won
but Daehan Bank's bad loans
continued to grow.
The FSS's third quarter
analysis report showed that
about 2.7 trillion won
in bad loans...
ls that right?
Everyone knows it was
badly managed.
Who was at the
takeover negotiations?
The head of the bank of course.
Who else would be there?
I'm not asking about
the obvious people.
Look, prosecutor.
You know...
What year did you pass the bar?
Chairman of Rising Sun
lnvestment Korea, Danny YOON.
This is Chairman YOON Dae-hee.
The people that you suspect.
You're right.
Whether it's a bank or land,
buying low and selling high
is fundamental in business.
Daehan Bank is such a case.
You know how to do
great things, Chairman YOON.
I'll make sure they get it.
Just keep your fingers crossed.
This is a recording of that night.
Lt doesn't look like much
but it has tremendous impact.
Like a nuclear bomb, you know.
What do you want?
Who are you?
Speak in Korean, you jerk.
Who are you?
Remember me?
Who are you, sir?
Let's start with a beating.
Clench your teeth.
- Tight!
- But wait!
Who are you?
Do you know who I am?
You'll be shocked when you
realize who I am.
Oh, God! Blood!
There's a car waiting
in the B2 parking lot.
Use it.
Take the stairs,
not the elevator.
I'll call back when you're
out of the hotel.
What are you planning?
Please let me live.
Let ME live first! Please!
You got Tae-sik's call?
Hey, Soo-jin.
Lt's Uncle Joo-bong.
Where are you? Did you eat?
Yeah. I'm in class. Bye.
Detective WON isn't
answering his phone.
He's onto us.
- Let's get going.
- Yes, sir.
You dumb bitches!
You let this happen 5 minutes
before your shift is over?
- What are you gonna do!
- Sorry, sir!
His testimony determines
whether we have a new law.
Should have protected him
with your life if necessary!
Find him tonight or
you're all fired!
- Got that?
- Yes, sir.
You may ask questions now.
Excuse me.
We have a problem.
Ls this right here? Check it.
Assemblyman CHO!
What a surprise.
How's your health?
What the hell are you doing?
What are you talking about?
There are things you
shouldn't mess with.
L really don't know
what you mean.
YOON Dae-hee.
Did he change his
testimony or something?
L know you're ambitious but
kidnapping YOON was reckless.
L don't know what you mean.
But here's a bit of advice.
Wasn't starting all this
based on a crook a mistake?
Risking your health for
the election is reckless.
Who sold off a bank that
could have been revived
just because the
government ran it badly?
And who told the public
the crisis was over?
The buyer who bought it dirt
cheap now wants to sell high.
While people who made
the bank are helpless!
Who's going to take
And YOON Dae-hee can?
Lf the special prosecutor bill
is passed with his testimony,
then we can find
who was behind it.
Then why don't you
start with YOON?
I'm hanging up now since
we're behind in the polls.
Take care of your health!
- Hey, Jongster.
- Sir.
This KANG Tae-sik fellow.
His past and his present
don't quite add up.
Yes. A former cop becoming
a contract killer
is pretty unusual.
L mean his face is on
every billboard.
Committing murder in a
fit of rage makes sense
but this is obviously a hit.
Lt's too amateurish.
- Jongster.
- Yes, sir.
- If you
- Yes.
Were forced to kill someone,
would you advertise your name
all over the place?
L wouldn't kill anybody.
You wanna die?
Let's say the fingerprints
were a mistake.
But leaving the murder
weapon in his office.
Even an amateur
wouldn't do that.
Lt stinks.
- The tape's being analyzed?
- Yes, sir.
- Let's take a look.
- Yes, sir.
Keep the phone on at all times.
Keep the phone on at all times.
Where to now?
You fucking blind?
I'm going round in circles
answering the phone!
What the hell do you want?
You really don't know me?
Who are you, sir?
Clench your teeth.
- Why do you keep warning me?
- Attention.
L can't. My hands are tied.
- Attention! Hands down.
- Wait.
- Attention. Hands down.
- But...
What a loser. And you
call yourself a lawyer.
I'm not a lawyer anymore, sir.
You should study at the
academy with friends.
Not play games here.
L was just taking a break
from on-line English class.
- You had dinner?
- Kind of.
Why are you calling me now?
L can't use my phone now.
L don't want to use the one
that bastard gave me.
I'll use pay phones from now on.
L looked up the psycho.
He said he's still
in the mental hospital.
- Who did?
- Lightning, of course!
What's going on with him?
The guy who exposed
the Daehan Bank.
He's watching him.
Nobody on his team's
allowed to use phones.
Want me to find out
that guy's address?
I'm with YOON Dae-hee
right now!
What? YOON Dae-hee's there?
I'll explain later.
- Put Soo-jin on.
- Okay.
She says no.
Lt's an emergency!
Make her!
- Did you eat?
- Nah.
Then ask Uncle Joo-bong to
buy you something expensive
like sweet and sour pork
or pizza.
And I'm sorry but
can you sleep over at Uncle
Joo-bong's tonight?
Can't I sleep at Uncle
Pil-ho's place?
Uncle Joo-bong's place
smells like an old man.
But Uncle Pil-ho is busy.
Shall I call him?
No. I'll try calling again.
- Put Uncle Joo-bong back on.
- Okay.
Hold on.
I'll call you back.
Get me the hospital address
and phone number.
- I'll call back.
- Okay.
What now?
Where the hell is that?
Stop giving me the runaround
and just come here!
Hey! You!
Why, the little...
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Stupid idiot.
Stop! Stop!
Hey! Moron!
Stop! Stop!
What a moron.
Pisses me off!
How the hell did he
pull this out?
Don't come closer!
Moron! Come here!
YOON Dae-hee. Come here.
- You little... Shit!
- Why?
Why are you doing this to me?
- Come here!
- Who sent you?
- Who?
- Stay away!
- Sure they did!
- Stay away!
Hey! Shit!
Fuck! You wanna mess up
my life?
You ever heard of eyes?
YOON Dae-hee!
Why are you jumping in
front of a speeding car?
Come on! Wake up!
You saw that, right?
Trying to hit me up
for cash, huh?
Fucking nightmare!
YOON Dae-hee, scheduled
to give his testimony
has been abducted.
The suspect is also wanted
for the motel murder today.
His name is KANG Tae-sik.
They could have used
a better picture.
What the hell.
Where am I?
This isn't the way to
the police station.
Huh? Fuck.
Changed my clothes too.
You bastards wanna die?
Shut the fuck up and
give me your phone.
Wait. Go back.
Zoom in on the
numbers in the elevator.
None of you noticed this?
Lt's missing.
That part's missing.
Lt goes up one by one.
But drops from 6 to 1
on its way down.
Lt's a magic elevator.
From the woman entering
to when KANG gets in.
Lt's been edited.
Analyze this in detail.
Prepare a briefing on KANG Tae-sik
and YOON Dae-hee.
But chief.
Lf like they said on the news.
Lf KANG and YOON are
linked together,
should we really dig into it?
Want me to dig your grave?
We'll figure that out
at the end.
Let's see it again.
Did you see the file
I sent you?
lt's locked, so it'll
take a while.
You fuck!
Can't you do anything right?
L looked up KANG and YOON.
But everything's all mixed up.
When KANG was working on
his last case before retiring,
PARK Hyung-joon, the serial killer,
murdered KANG's wife.
He bent all the rules
and worked the case
to put him behind bars.
PARK got the death sentence
in the first two trials,
but got probation
on his last appeal.
His psychiatrist SONG
testified on his behalf,
This morning's motel victim.
So he pleaded insanity.
PARK'S defense lawyer was...
- The... Rising... Sun...
- YOON Dae-hee.
Yes, YOON Dae-hee.
- Good job.
- Sir.
Lt looks like KANG is
avenging his wife.
Let's see.
SONG Ki-hyang, the
witness is now dead.
KANG took the lawyer,
YOON Dae-hee.
And this guy.
Where's the psycho now?
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I'm here. What now?
- You took your time.
- Get to the point.
Take YOON Dae-hee to
Block B, Room 304.
- Hand over the tape first.
- You'll get it there.
You're not the one
giving it to me!
You said to go there!
Let's settle this before
I head home.
I've been very patient!
Don't you want to see
the psycho yourself?
Tae-sik switched YOON Dae-hee.
What should I do?
Listen. Change of plan.
Calm down.
Stop the psycho first.
- Understand?
- Got it.
- Stop, Hyung-joon.
- No. I'm gonna kill him.
Don't kill him yet!
Tell me.
Who's behind this?
Tell me, you bastard!
What about Soo-jin?
What are you doing here?
What? You texted me
to come quickly!
The address I found was
the same as what you sent.
So busted my ass getting here!
What do you mean?
L never texted you.
They dragged you into this.
What about Soo-jin?
Don't worry.
L left her at my sister's.
What a friggin' headache.
Answer, damn it!
This is nuts!
L told you she's asleep!
No use going there.
Someone beat you to it.
We have to get out of here.
What the hell happened?
What a mess.
- You have a call.
- Huh?
Lt's okay.
But what if it's Soo-jin?
Lt isn't her.
Who's calling at this hour?
Who do you think?
L have a personal life,
you know.
Where's YOON Dae-hee?
- You know about that?
- You told me he was with you!
Come to your senses!
L don't know what the hell's
going on today either.
Go downtown.
Why are we here?
- Wait in the lobby.
- Hey.
Sorry. I'll move it.
Lightning, Lightning...
What the-?
Kill Tae-sik and YOON Dae-hee together.
Where's Lightning?
With the special task force.
They can't use personal phones.
You didn't used to be
so sloppy.
Who the hell are you!
I'm just trying to help you.
You know quite a lot about me.
This is nuts. Where's Soo-jin?
Don't worry about Soo-jin.
I'm with Tae-sik
picking up YOON Dae-hee.
- Bonchi, it's me.
- Yeah, boss.
- Locate Soo-jin's phone.
- Huh?
Who's Soo-jin?
My daughter, you idiot!
- What's this?
- Hey, Jongster!
You're in over your head.
So who is he?
He's got no lD.
We'll have to check his prints.
He looks like a gangster.
This was in the car.
Rising... Sun... lnvest-
- YOON Dae-hee?
- Yes, YOON Dae-hee.
Why's it so complicated?
He was moved to Room 303.
He gained consciousness
soon after he came in.
Then he fell asleep.
You have a call.
Detective WON Joo-bong?
Who's this?
You're hard to contact.
I'm CHOI Sang-cheol
in charge of KANG's case.
L know you want to
protect him and all.
But we have proof
that he's in trouble.
If we don't do something,
he's in serious danger.
I'm KANG Tae-sik!
I'm a police officer.
Can you find a patient?
YOON Dae-hee.
There's no one by that name.
Can I use the phone?
Tae-sik took my phone.
He did what?
L just replied to the text
you sent me.
What did you say?
Worst case scenario; Leave
Tae-sik's body with psycho.
Tae-sik figured it all out.
Check the cameras and
find out where he is.
I'll get there as soon
as I can.
Lf the local cops come,
insist that we're
on the case, okay?
Damn it.
Suspected of murder.
Pick up, Soo-jin.
I'm telling you
we're on the case!
That doesn't make sense! Shit.
L didn't say anything.
Fine. We're on our way
there anyway.
Just text me his number.
What is it?
They're saying they're
on KANG Tae-sik's case.
So they sent their
team to the hospital.
What a mess.
We'd be like that if we were
on someone else's case but...
Stay alert.
Cops are after Tae-sik KANG.
Of course.
That's not what I mean!
Cops are trying to frame him!
Please pick up.
Please pick up.
You got a death wish,
you fucker?
Anything happens to my kid,
I'll kill you myself!
Look at my face.
You know me, right?
All the men out there
want to kill you and me.
Lf I wanted to kill you,
I'd have done it already.
Remember the psycho?
PARK Hyung-joon?
And SONG Ki-hyang?
The doctor.
They both died today.
You're next.
Please don't kill me.
L just did what they
told me to.
L know I shouldn't have!
I'll ask for forgiveness.
Fucking loser.
Trash should behave
like trash till the end.
Not have a sudden
change of heart
and confuse the hell
out of people.
So you'll let me live?
You can shove that
crap up your ass.
I'll make sure you get to
the prosecutor safely.
Stop being stupid
and complicating things.
You didn't work alone.
Who has your back?
L don't want to be screwed
giving you to the wrong guy!
Assemblyman CHO Hyun-cheol.
Lf I meet him and the
prosecutor in charge...
Where are you?
L think your friends
beat us to it.
What happened between you guys?
What's with you?
Stick it out for as
long as you can.
They catch you now
and you're in real trouble.
How can I trust you?
You don't trust anyone anyway.
I'll send you a picture
of my family.
Take it out on my kids if
you think I screwed you over.
You're an expert at
checking backgrounds.
How come the daughter
looks like her dad?
Tae-sik! We need to talk.
Enough talk.
L just need to get what I need.
L know you're confused
but you have to trust me.
L can put you away
for good if I wanted to.
Take the easy way.
Tell the officers to grab
that doctor and patient!
L told you to stay put!
He bolted after he
got your call!
Get him!
Why is it getting
so complicated?
Lt's not what we agreed on.
What is?
We have our sources.
I'll make sure he doesn't
do anything till tomorrow!
Move, you fuck!
Joo-bong. Bro.
How could you?
L didn't expect this.
Wait till you get older.
Lt was for money?
Tae-sik, don't!
For your kids' tuition?
Where's Soo-jin?
Where's Soo-jin!
Tae-sik, I'm sorry.
Soo-jin's safe.
Sleeping at my place.
I'll meet KANG Tae-sik.
You wrap up here.
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
Lighting. L must be getting old.
Where's Soo-jin?
Does Tae-sik know?
Do we have to do this?
You told him.
We've gone too far.
You don't belong in
the violent crimes unit.
Weak ass.
- L was upset earlier.
- Let's get one thing clear.
There's still time.
YOON Dae-hee's gone.
The police are on this.
KANG Tae-sik got away. Right?
Just wrap things up now.
- Take care of loose ends.
- I've never let you down.
We know when to call it quits.
Lt'll only get uglier.
I'll do it myself.
What the hell?
L sent the photo.
I'm CHOI Sang-cheol.
WON Joo-bong is dead.
WON Joo-bong is dead.
And you're the main suspect.
No need for details.
He'll clear everything up.
Lt's risky for you alone.
Let's stay together.
No. My kid's in danger.
L don't have time.
- What about my proof?
- After I get my kid.
Take him to the prosecutor!
Assemblyman OH Joong-ho
This is he. This is unexpected.
Sorry to call so early.
L know you're not
feeling so well.
Being toxin free has
made my mind clearer.
Your daughter's formidable.
L heard she was rude to you.
Please understand.
She's young and passionate.
She got overzealous.
L apologize on her behalf.
I'm sure that's not
why you called.
Assemblyman CHO, I may be old
but I have eyes and ears.
30 years in politics
helps you see many things.
A little while later,
you'll get another call
bearing good news.
L have a proposal.
I'll go somewhere else.
Assemblyman CHO is coming, right?
But can you trust him?
For now, yes.
We'll see.
Lt's your father.
We only have 10 minutes.
Yeah, boss.
You traced my kid's phone?
Lt's Jeggidong, right?
That's what it says.
You saw what I sent you?
Doesn't that guy
have the password?
You should have told me
earlier, you fuck!
Crack it before I call
you back!
Yeah, yeah.
Please pick up. Please.
Lt's almost over.
You did a good job.
L don't quite get it.
Think simply.
The tides have turned.
Lt's time to put on the breaks.
What took you so long!
You're okay, right?
Of course.
And Soo-jin's sleeping.
Hurry up now.
What the...
What the hell!
You're a businessman
and I'm a politician.
When we first talked,
we thought the special
law would affect the election.
But not anymore.
He's sending again.
Reverse all the evidence
and everything else
that happened.
And you'll get what
you were promised.
Things got complicated but
I have the upper hand.
L have his kid.
Forget everything else.
Make sure you destroy
that video file.
But, sir.
L don't have the file.
No need to worry.
Chairman YOON.
I'm sure you don't need reminding.
This meeting never happened.
Let's go.
Assemblyman OH Joong-ho
is resigning.
KIM is at the press
conference now.
Assemblyman OH will announce
he is dropping out of the race.
You're here.
Uncle Pil-ho's taking me
to school today.
Step out.
Dad! Dad!
She's just under anesthesia.
Kids nowadays don't' get
enough sleep.
You motherfucker!
Fucking coward! I'm tied up!
Hit me again and I'll...
Father and daughter
both have good reflexes.
How could you do this
to Soo-jin?
Joo-bong, you,
me and especially Soo-jin
could have come out
of this unhurt.
Forget about me.
You can't do this to Soo-jin!
What do you want?
Screwing YOON Dae-hee
was exactly what you wanted.
L didn't think you'd
react this way.
You didn't have to
kill Joo-bong!
His life was pathetic.
He took bribes to send his
wife and kid to Canada.
Internal Affairs was already
after him.
L did what I could
but you messed things up.
Pil-ho. Pil-ho.
Lt's no good.
You' re already exposed!
My back was covered
from the beginning.
L made a copy! L have a copy!
L made a copy!
Then what's this?
The original.
Good. That's what I
was paid to get.
Lt was for money?
Look. L don't have to
live like you, do I?
You fuckers!
Let Soo-jin go!
Let Soo-jin go!
Just go quietly.
Sorry, bro. This is my job.
What's that smell?
Lt's the gas. L turned it off.
Take the kid outside.
L told him he shouldn't
have gone alone.
- Hey, kid.
- Mr. KANG! Wake up!
L know you worked hard.
I'm sorry, father.
Don't be.
This is all part of politics.
I'm sure you learned something.
Elections come and go.
5 years is a short time.
Don't worry.
These guys will go with you.
Nothing's gonna happen.
What do you mean?
Not you, dickhead!
- You did what I told you?
- Sure.
You know me.
I'm looking at it now.
Man, what a cast.
There's that woman too.
She's real famous.
She was on the news.
Really good on the
TVdebate, too.
- Hey, Kid.
- Take good care of her.
Let her lie down.
Why didn't you?
- Hands in!
- Bye!
Hurry, Mr. KANG Tae-sik!
OK! Ms. KANG Soo-jin!
Shouldn't you go too?
You breathed in more gas.
- I'll lose him.
- The famous politician.
- He's leaving the country.
- That old man's daughter!
Do you even know where he is?
That's it.
OH Kyung-shin!
What'd you say?
OH Kyung-shin!
So it's over?
Too bad I couldn't
make him king.
Let's not meet again.
You said the same thing
a few years ago.
HQ! Send backup to Yeouido!
OH Joong-ho to make announcement.
HQ! Send backup to Yeouido!
Requesting emergency backup!
Send them all there!
You can send that
to the press, right?
You're serious?
- It's gonna be huge.
- Do it now!
- 8184. Black sedan.
- Dear fellow citizens.
Close off all ramps to Yeouido.
- Repeat. 8184. Black sedan.
- With a heavy heart...
Yeouido Patrol.
JANG Pil-ho!
Suspect vehicle spotted!
Heading for Yeouido Park!
Despite all your support
for the country,
our people, and myself,
I have decided to
drop out of the race.
Oh, what the hell.
They can wipe their own ass.
The bastards!
Watch out!
Move it!
Out of the way!
Move! Move!
- Move!
- Move!
What the hell?
Promises I made as I
announced my candidacy
couldn't be kept.
L am deeply regretful.
Assemblyman, I have a question!
Ls it true?
Sir, you should go.
Cool shades.
Move back here.
Get back, lady.
You can't beat me.
KANG Tae-sik! Get up!
Get up!
Come here.
I'll make sure they get it.
Get up!
Come here!
Come here, Pil-ho.
Come here!
Get up!
Guys! I'll take care of this.
You block other areas.
Block it!
Lt's time to put on the breaks.
We thought the special
law would affect the election.
But not anymore.
What a beautiful sight.
We got a lot of stuff off
JANG Pil-ho's computer.
Let's call it a day.
You have to send your
kid to school too.
Car keys. Lt's over there.
Business is hurting bad.
Tough raising a kid?
You know how it is.
When do you start
investigating JANG?
He's conscious now.
How could you beat
him up that badly?
Oh, yeah.
The key I told you about.
The money he gave me.
I'll use the money we
found in your office.
You said business is bad.
See ya.
Hey, kiddo!
An anonymous tip this morning
called the YOON Dae-hee x-file
is brewing up a storm
in politics.
The prosecutor's office
held a press conference
stating their investigation
into Assemblyman OH.
His response to the charges-
I have the people's best
interest at heart
as I announce I am
dropping out of the race.
Shut up.
Fast asleep.
L want to sleep too.
Hey, Mr. KANG.
I'm Danny Yoon.
You know, YOON Dae-hee?
2 years later
I have something that will
turn the country upside down.
L think you'd do a
great job, Mr. KANG.
The two of us.