The Truth (1960) Movie Script

Brichet, court today.
Her and her damned doors!
Marceau, court today.
Come on, dear.
You have a hard day ahead.
Get off my back.
Empty the pot!
Leave her alone.
You know she goes on trial today.
She's your little pet.
Well, I'm no murderer!
Sure, you're in here
for being such a saint.
We'll suffocate in here!
They're opening windows in back.
my apologies, madame.
Let's see here.
Would you open this?
I'll have to check with the chief.
Just tell him I wanted
a place for madame.
Thank you so much.
I couldn't see from back there.
Of course, you lawyers
must find it all very boring.
Only those who've lost their edge.
parvier's such a ham!
mainstay of the grieving mother.
You're hard on her.
She nearly fainted outside.
parvier probably had
a photographer waiting.
- Where have you been?
- With our client.
- While I see to madame Boutereau.
- I can't do everything.
Her husband's company means
five million a year to us,
much more than
miss marceau's delicate feelings.
Any progress?
- No, she still wants to tell her side.
She'll see reason in the dock.
They all do.
- I really doubt it.
- Then we're in for it.
This would be a great profession...
if it weren't for the clients.
Doesn't look too tarty, does she?
No, but there's no hiding
her good looks.
All the worse for us.
Look at our jury pool.
This way.
Out of the way.
Eliminate the women.
- Happy with my article today?
- Very good.
Grim, huh? Just what I need.
Who do you rip apart today?
Witnesses? The accused?
Everyone. I go easy on no one.
Especially up against him.
Demand the maximum penalty.
You'll get it if you press.
Now I'm worried.
I thought you said
they didn't get along.
Just wait.
- Are they as bad as all that?
- Worse.
We're starting.
The court.
This court is now in session.
Name, age, and occupation.
Dominique Marceau, 22 years old.
Fine. Be seated.
Clerk, please read the names
of the prospective jurors.
Vidol? Remain seated.
Try to relax.
This will take an hour at least.
more waiting!
I've been on edge all morning.
Still, try to calm down.
You'll need
all your strength soon enough.
I'll now draw lots for the jury.
First juror:
monsieur Verdier, number seven.
- madame Tardy.
- Challenge.
- madame Galon.
- Challenge.
- The shysters.
- You're young.
What do you make of her?
A bitch.
Obviously premeditated murder.
- Gurin will plead a crime of passion.
- He's crazy.
If it works, she'll get five years
and be paroled next year.
Nice deal.
- parvier will put her away for life.
- or worse.
We'll see about that tomorrow.
First we need today's story.
There's a bench up there
for those wishing to stay.
Jury, please rise,
and I'll administer the oath.
You do swear before God
to examine most carefully
the charges
against Dominique Marceau...
to betray the interests
neither of the accused nor of society...
to communicate with no one
until your verdict is delivered...
to yield neither to hatred nor fear
nor envy nor sentiment...
and base your decision on the arguments
and your own conscience...
with the impartiality
of free and honest men...
and to keep
your deliberations confidential.
The accused will now listen...
to the charges.
Clerk, please read
the commission for trial.
"The Paris Court of Appeals,
meeting on October 15, 1959...
pursuant to the charges
against Dominique morceau..."
With a girl like that, truth may be
the best defense for once.
- But which truth?
- Oh, I don't know.
That they were just kids.
You don't know juries.
I'm not falling on my face
for that little ninny.
my line is that Gilbert was a rat
who lied to get her into bed,
and the little fool fell for it.
When she finally opened her eyes,
she killed him.
- Not very original.
- Nothing in court ever is.
"On December 15, 1958,
the police received a call
from Andr Martineau,
who had stopped by his friend
Gilbert Tellier's apartment.
Before leaving, Martineau had warned
Teller that he could be in danger..."
Your paper.
Back to see Mr. Tellier again?
- Yes, we're having dinner together.
Don't practice too late.
Neighbors have complained.
We won't, madame Gaubert.
Open the door! It's me!
madame Gaubert?
Did monsieur Tellier go out?
No, a young blonde
came to see him.
Good God! You have a key?
I do. What's going on?
What an awful smell... like gas!
maybe there was an accident.
I'll do it.
- Out of my way!
Damn it!
Don't light any matches!
Don't touch a thing.
I'll shut off the gas.
monsieur martineau,
the girl's in here!
Call the police.
- I'll call the firemen.
- I'd let her croak.
She's pretty far gone.
Are we doing her a favor?
She wouldn't suffer.
Very convenient for her.
"Dominique morceau
shall be bound over
to the Circuit Court
of the Department of the Seine,
there to be placed on trial
and judged according to the law."
The accused will rise.
You stand accused of murder...
and risk the death penalty.
Proceed with your examination.
You were born
on October 12, 1939, in Rennes,
where you lived until the age of 18.
Your father being away
on active service,
your mother saw to raising you
and your younger sister, Annie.
All character witnesses
describe the same faults:
selfishness, moodiness,
ingratitude toward your parents.
Yet your childhood was that of a child
who was well cared for and happy.
my needs were met...
- Were you mistreated?
- No, but it was dreary.
Your mother lived a quiet life
befitting a woman alone.
You hated her sense of duty
and your sister's perfect behavior.
She was always held up
as a model.
You hated her even as a young girl.
I have here...
an account of a typical incident.
Your sister was given
a beautiful doll.
You stole this doll,
tore out its hair...
dug out its eyes...
and dismembered it
with alarming ferocity.
murdering a doll! Well, well!
Counsel, please!
I was eight.
And already jealous of your sister!
No one gave me anything.
Because you didn't deserve it,
whereas Annie worked hard.
Learning always came easy to her,
but not to me.
You never made an effort,
while your sister was diligent.
Gentlemen, Annie worked hard
at school while also studying the violin.
You ran around with boys...
in shocking attire.
They shock easily in Rennes.
You brought a scandalous book
like The Mandarins to school!
We passed it around,
but it was pretty boring stuff.
That book didn't surprise
or shock you? I must say!
Your Honor,
choosing a page at random...
page 74.
"His lips teased at my breasts,
caressed my stomach, moving lower..."
"I gave myself over to the pleasure..."
Your Honor, three carefully chosen lines
out of 600 pages!
- Are they not in the book?
- It won the Goncourt Prize!
So you'd give it to your daughter?
Is Simone de Beauvoir on trial here?
We're not here to criticize
Counsel's taste in literature.
I'm glad to hear it.
I only mention this episode
because it led to your expulsion.
more idle than ever...
you paid no heed to your father,
by then retired and living at home.
You frequented cafs...
and went to the movies
three times a week.
This dissolute life...
quickly led
to its logical consequence:
You took a lover.
Isn't that right?
- I volunteered that at the inquest.
And I recognize that fact.
Curiously enough,
the young man denies it.
Poor Henri.
Yes, well, it's usually
the other way around.
The man is now married.
In any case,
people started talking,
and you left town
to escape the consequences.
Escape the consequences?
That had nothing to do with it.
Annie had won a music prize
and was to go study in Paris,
and I seized my chance.
If Annie goes, so do I.
Why not?
You're staying here.
I might as well die.
- What sort of talk is that!
- She's sulking.
You should have worked harder.
- I'll work in Paris.
You're useless with your hands,
and as for your brain...
I could be a secretary.
You can't type.
Then there are shops,
beauty parlors.
I'm not paying for my daughter
to become a manicurist!
- What will become of me here?
- Indeed.
As a beautician I'd earn an income
much sooner than Annie.
I'll pay you back in a month -
Then I'll kill myself.
And I'll slap you silly!
- Fine!
You'll be sorry!
The stew's excellent.
Good night, sweetie.
Go straight to bed now.
You could have had your way
if you'd played your cards right.
Come on, I know you're not asleep.
It's not my fault, you know.
Cut it out now.
This is ridiculous.
That's enough!
Dominique, answer me!
Say something!
You have to admit
it wasn't a serious attempt.
Wanting to die is always serious.
But did you really want to?
- It was an act!
- merely the first.
You call that just an act?
The doctor's report.
When an 18-year-old ingests
two grams of Veronal,
I call that a tragedy!
Let's not exaggerate.
The doctor they sent for
called the suicide attempt "theatrical."
Theatrical, but not faked.
I quote:
"The patient was semicomatose.
The amount absorbed
was a lethal dose."
Don't stop there.
If you quote, quote in full,
and don't change the punctuation.
"...was a lethal dose,
but the patient was never
in any actual danger."
I'm waiting.
Weren't you going to read it all?
Then I'll continue.
"...the patient was never
in any actual danger
thanks to prompt
medical intervention."
Because he arrived in time.
- She was counting on it.
Neither the doctor nor her parents
doubted her sincerity.
That's clear from the fact
they thought it best to give in.
Quite right.
Your parents were weak
in that regard,
taking on even greater sacrifices
to send you along to Paris.
To La Chapelle,
an hour away by metro.
A bit remote, perhaps,
but with lots of fresh air,
where for a modest rent
you enjoyed comfortable lodgings.
Are you going to keep that up?
You might give me a hand!
They call this comfort!
You really are a klutz.
Squeak away!
The easy life quickly tempted you.
Drawn to the bustle
of the rich neighborhoods,
you were dazzled
by all that was false:
displays of wealth,
elegant shop windows.
- Not for long.
- Quite right.
You soon abandoned
the Champs-Elyses for the Left Bank.
But not to seek contemplation
or more studious companions.
You discovered caf life:
the boisterous crowds,
the physical and moral dissipation...
the unsavory atmosphere...
and the false camaraderie
that reigns there.
The wild crowds
where anything goes
were inviting.
The crudest advances
didn't offend you.
Pardon me. Not bad!
Far from being shocked,
you felt at home amid such depravity.
You flourished there
and quickly attracted the attention
of your future friends.
You'd found your milieu.
You returned there night and day...
meeting others like yourself,
whom you called "the gang."
Cut it out!
He's cramming, the loser.
I have to work somewhere.
my room's freezing.
- Want some?
- Too early, thanks.
Coffee with cream!
- Which lover boy is paying?
- I am. Want one?
Such generosity.
I'll make a note of it.
What's he noting?
You're now in his novel.
- Where's this novel of yours?
- Up here.
- And there it'll stay.
- The idea's what matters.
- You using this chair?
- Yes.
What's it about?
my novel? Life.
- Big subject.
- You said it.
- Could you lay off?
- I'm looking for a beat.
- After studying music all day!
- I'm no good at music.
You play?
I'd rather drop dead.
What do you do, then?
I need to know for my novel.
nothing much.
So you broke your promise
to your parents.
What promise?
Weren't you going to work
to pay your way?
Is that all you can say?
- I enrolled in beauty school.
- And attended for one week.
I'm not at my best in the morning.
Be that as it may...
you indulged in the sloth
and licentiousness
that later led you to crime.
To escape your sister's good example,
you stayed out late...
or even the whole night.
See you tomorrow.
- Michel!
- What?
Tell me...
do you ever think of suicide?
- Of course. Everyone does.
me too,
whenever I ride the metro.
I don't want to go home tonight.
What will you do, then?
- I could stay with you.
- Sold.
I warn you, it's very small.
And so is the bed.
'Night, Daisy.
- She lives here?
Michel, you got a light?
- Keep it.
- Thanks.
Nice water damage, huh?
You like my mobile?
Yes, it's something to look at
from the bed.
- Barbaste made it for me.
- Who?
You don't know him.
What's this rope for?
What we were talking about earlier.
It's for hanging myself.
- You figure on using it soon?
- I'm in no hurry.
Hanging's not for me.
Too nasty.
It's gonna be crowded.
I can sleep anywhere.
You don't work at night?
I never work.
Thinking is what I do.
We're never bored with each other,
though we don't say much.
That's why!
With all these missiles,
there'll be real fireworks one day.
'Night, beautiful.
- 'Night.
Get the light, will you?
You're nice and soft.
You want to do it?
Just as friends.
maybe neither of us knows how to love,
and that's why we get along.
I've had it!
Your panties in the basin,
stockings on my music stand,
jelly on my Mozart!
Stay out all night if you like,
but don't make this place a pigsty!
You steal my cologne.
You use all the soap.
You never use it anyway.
And now we're out of sugar!
I finished it yesterday.
Couldn't you buy some?
On my day off I have to shop too!
What's the rush?
Stores are closing soon.
Without me, you'd die of hunger.
I'd die of joy!
Sorry. I was looking
for Annie Marceau.
- She just went out.
- Forgive me.
Where are you going?
You can wait here.
She won't be long.
Come in!
Close the door.
You can come closer.
I don't bite.
So you're Dominique.
I'm Gilbert Tellier.
- Sit down.
- No, thanks.
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks.
When I heard your record,
I thought I had the wrong door.
It's not Annie's scene.
She's a real fuddy-duddy.
- Me too.
- No kidding.
That Latin music makes me vomit.
It turns me on.
Has Annie never mentioned me?
No, the little hypocrite.
You play the violin too?
No. Piano, organ, composition,
and now conducting.
Being a virtuoso is fine,
of course,
but to really serve music,
conducting is the way.
I'm boring you, huh?
No, it's fascinating!
Do you see Annie a lot?
- Quite a lot.
Have you two screwed yet?
Now you've gone too far!
Annie's a nice girl.
So what are you waiting for?
She might lighten up.
She's just fine as she is.
She's a wonderful friend.
We go to concerts,
we play duets, I advise her -
Sounds like loads of fun!
There's more to life than fun!
Perhaps you don't understand -
I've had enough
of high principles in my life.
It's obvious you two
were made for each other.
What are you doing here?
- I have tickets for today's concert.
- Kind of you to think of me.
Markevitch is conducting Bartk...
Sounds very nice.
- Then I'll see you there.
- All right.
Now you've gone too far!
I put up with it when we're alone...
but in front of people I respect!
What will he think?
I'm ashamed of you!
All for that pompous ass.
Pompous ass?
He's a prodigy, the most talented
student at the conservatory.
Here we go again!
No, that was the last straw!
I've had enough!
Fine! I won't be here
when you get back!
I hope not!
Thus you broke all remaining ties
to family and respectability
and went to join
your lover, Michel Delaunay.
- Not at all!
- Wasn't Mr. Delaunay your lover?
- Yes.
- Didn't he live at the Htel Boileau?
And you moved in there.
So you went to join him.
No, I lived in Daisy's room.
We split the rent.
As for Michel, that was long over.
Long over? You'd only become
his lover a week before that.
- Something like that.
- And you'd already broken up?
What happened?
Nothing. It was just over.
Yet you kept seeing him.
I saw him before, I saw him after.
What's the difference?
That's beyond my comprehension,
but anyway...
According to you, Gilbert showed up
at your lodgings one day...
quite unexpectedly.
- Annie had sent him.
- Not true! Your sister denies that.
- Annie seemed sincere on that point.
- So does she...
No, the rhythm's not there.
Something wrong?
No, just wondering if you worked
things out with your sister.
- She moved out.
- To where?
Htel Boileau,
where her gang stays.
- Why? You looking for her?
- No!
But it was all my fault.
If she does anything foolish,
I'd feel sort of responsible.
Oh, forget about it.
Come in!
It's me.
Mr. Prodigy!
The one who does this?
It's more like this.
- Well?
- I'd like to talk to you.
Go right ahead.
I think he'd prefer a word in private.
Am I right?
- Yes.
let's make ourselves scarce.
Very discreet, your friends.
I practice discretion on occasion.
"Exit stage right."
- Smoking marijuana?
- No, it's just incense.
Better than opening the window.
I hate drafts.
Like to take it easy, don't you?
I do. Is that what
you came to tell me?
No, your sister sent me
because she's worried about you.
Couldn't she come?
Perhaps she feared
running into your lover.
Michel? Ex-lover.
An ex who's still in the picture.
Oh, we don't do much these days.
He caresses my feet
to please me...
or my breasts to please himself.
If you think you shock me...
Then what do I do to you?
You interest me.
You're an amusing case
to observe.
my ass!
Save it for your mother.
I have to get dressed.
- So early? It's barely 3:30.
I'm starving.
And eating's the best tactic
with guys you can't get rid of.
Tell me... does every guy want
to sleep with you right away?
Right away?
might as well, right?
You're not the type.
You detest me, don't you?
You're not so bad now.
Can I have another with cheese?
Two even!
He's loaded.
He teaches piano to rich kids.
- Three little brats.
- And your undertaker gig.
He means I make money
playing the organ at funerals.
He feeds off human suffering.
Lucky guy.
I babysit.
mommy goes off to the movies
while I wash the diapers.
Where did you get
this fantastic shirt?
A gift from a girl.
- You're lucky.
- No, talented.
Allow me to demonstrate.
He really is talented.
- You two are impossible.
- Then why keep coming back?
- He's obviously in love.
- It's not getting him far.
Even harder. That's it.
You love being touched.
The poor thing's jealous!
When you're finished being silly...
You free tonight?
- No, not tonight.
- Who's that?
You don't know him.
No, I'm all alone.
I'm going to the movies.
With a guy.
Okay, bye.
You're going to the movies?
With whom?
A real loser.
You're a dork, but you're sweet.
- Can I come up?
- No.
Daisy will be there.
And besides -
- Does the idea turn you off?
- No.
It's just that you're so serious.
But this is serious.
I love you madly,
even with all your flaws.
Does that upset you?
No, I like everything.
I like being loved too.
Prove it!
- Sorry!
- No, come in!
Just in the nick of time.
Fine, I get the idea.
Good-bye, Daisy.
How long you gonna
make him suffer?
I don't know.
I'm making it up as I go along.
For two weeks
you refused to give in. Why?
To make yourself more desirable?
A legal question, Your Honor.
How long before
a young girl may give herself?
It seem three days is too short.
She's too easy.
Two weeks is too long.
She's being a tease.
What is the jurisprudence
in such a case?
Counsel, let your client answer.
Come, now.
You're no model of virtue.
Why put off the only man
you claim to have loved?
It felt like it should be
different with him.
So that's your answer.
Self-imposed celibacy
for this great love you'd found...
a sort of engagement period.
That's right.
No, it's not! And you know very well
what I'm referring to!
You little rat!
Can't you blockheads watch out?
- Hey, killer!
- You old swine!
- She's a beaut, huh?
- Hi, Louvier.
- Hey, champ.
- You're here too?
- Business must be good.
- Better than hitting the books.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Go for a spin?
- I can't just go off.
Just around the block.
Two minutes.
Burn some rubber!
I'll time you!
That guy's crazy!
- You like his bike, huh?
- He's not bad either.
You make me sick. Come on.
They're all like that.
It turns them on.
- Where'd she go?
- Here they come!
Stop that racket!
Can't we have a little fun?
I have to get up early for work!
Go to bed earlier!
You won't be such a grouch!
Very funny!
We'll hear them in three seconds.
28... 29...
Where the hell are they?
- maybe they hit a red light.
- Yeah, maybe.
You can stop counting.
Going off with a dope like that!
- She jilted us all.
- Could be an accident.
But not the kind you die from.
And you didn't die.
Was it normal to cheat
on Gilbert like that?
I wasn't even his lover yet.
Fine. Then let's have no talk
of an "engagement period."
Just say, "I enjoyed
making a timid lover suffer."
It's not true. I just felt like going
for a motorcycle ride.
And you became Louvier's lover
on his motorcycle!
It's so easy to make fun.
And despicable too.
You're here to safeguard
the memory of the deceased,
not to conduct the prosecution.
Don't forget you're a lawyer.
I'm attempting to establish the truth,
even if it's inconvenient for you.
This is my examination.
Getting back to Louvier...
It meant nothing.
To you, perhaps.
But what about Gilbert?
There you are!
We wondered where you'd gone.
Waiting for Dominique?
- No.
If you want to sleep with a girl,
running after her isn't the way.
I know.
If I were you,
I'd get good and drunk.
maybe you're right.
- You got the time?
- Twenty past 10:00.
- You!
- Where have you been?
- None of your business.
- I almost froze waiting all night for you!
- Serves you right.
- Get in.
Are you crazy?
I have a wedding at 11:00.
The church in Epinay, and hurry!
How was your little ride?
Okay... in bed?
And... how was it?
All right.
You plan to screw
the whole list of guys?
What if I do?
It's really quite beautiful.
I'm not sorry I came.
Stop bawling me out.
You're not my lover.
I'm going to be.
- We said no. It's better this way.
- I should just play the fool?
- Want to be on the list? Fine!
- You're ruining everything.
No, you are!
Yes or no?
Come on!
Let's just get it over with!
Come in!
Daisy, get up.
We need the bed.
Oh, I get it.
Good morning, by the way.
Warmed and ready.
It's me!
Come on, let me in.
Not now. Come back later.
You know...
I'd never have believed it.
me neither.
- Bye-bye.
- It's almost ready.
- No time.
- Something wrong?
I think I'm in love.
Excuse me.
The seminar in conducting?
Second door down the hall.
- Is it okay to go in?
- If you keep quiet.
Annie, have you forgotten
how to count?
Tellier, watch the horns.
They're really weak.
Let's take it again.
Four measures before E.
Horns, play out!
That's enough!
That's all for today.
Not bad at all...
but it's still too energetic.
I'm not done yet.
Keep a tighter rein
on the orchestra,
or they'll get away from you.
See your sister there?
Gilbert's a fast worker.
Bravo! I never knew
you were so fond of music.
Forgive me...
You're worse than I thought.
Please try to understand.
I do understand!
You're disgusting!
Good luck!
I love you!
You were wonderful!
Annie looks furious.
She's upset.
Are you surprised?
The little fool.
Poor Annie.
Women are so complicated.
You got a handkerchief?
I'm drenched.
Nothing smaller?
Tellier, we haven't seen
much of you lately.
I've been very busy.
Oh, I see!
We've been discussing your idea.
- And?
I think it's a go.
You can count on 30 of the guys.
- Good players?
- The best.
Hear that? I've been trying
to convince them for weeks.
Now you've done it.
See you later.
You hear that?
They have faith in me.
We're going to form an ensemble.
I'll have my own orchestra.
It's a funny feeling.
I wasn't sure before.
I was afraid.
But no more. Now I'm sure.
They're locking up.
Come on.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Look how beautiful it is!
This is where I feel at home...
where I can breathe.
Some days you feel
you have everything.
You're beautiful.
So very beautiful.
I can't live without you
any longer, darling.
We'll get married.
- What?
- We'll get married.
That's awful fast!
We're 20 years old!
All the more time to be happy.
married people look so unhappy.
Others. Not us.
I thought of you all night.
I didn't sleep a wink.
I'm never letting you go again.
You're mine now,
no matter what happens.
I'm trying to understand
your motivations.
Let's try again.
Didn't you rush to the conservatory
to taunt your sister?
Taunt my sister?
I just wanted to see Gilbert!
Yet you refused
his offer of marriage.
I didn't refuse him.
I wasn't ready to marry.
I just wanted us to be happy.
Is happiness incompatible
with respectability?
Is marriage so respectable?
Perhaps not to you.
But when Gilbert asked
for your hand,
it proved his intentions
were honorable, right?
He never asked formally!
He just dazzled her
with the idea one day
when he was penniless
and knew she couldn't accept.
Miss Marceau, was Gilbert
sincere that day, or wasn't he?
I'm asking your client.
I forbid her to answer!
- Very prudent.
- No, just too old for that trick.
Of course she believed
he was sincere,
or she wouldn't be here.
That proves her credulity,
not that Gilbert was sincere.
I have a question for your client,
though you may instruct her
not to answer.
Did Gilbert ever mention marriage
or introduce her to the family? No!
But he did tell his landlady
he was engaged.
That was only so we could
be together at his place.
Hear that?
I'm not deaf.
Here comes the first entrance.
See what he conjures up
out of nothing?
Got any movie magazines?
That's all you can say?
This is Bach, darling!
I like to read while I listen.
You're just trying to bug me.
What really moves you, if not this?
Marlon Brando.
No, three lousy movies
in two weeks is enough.
Then what do we do?
- Go back to my place.
- Again?
Let me go!
What is it, kitten?
Don't you love me anymore?
Sure, but that's all you think of!
I'm a person too, you know!
- Of course you are.
- Yeah, in bed!
But there's more to life than that.
I want to go out, have fun,
see my friends, dance!
I haven't seen anyone else
since you fell in love with me.
I can't waste time
with your friends.
I have too much work to do.
I've fallen behind
these past weeks.
Love is two people.
Between your music
and your mattress, I'm suffocating!
Then go get some air!
You don't have to tell me twice!
I'm leaving!
- Fine. See you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
Just who do you think you are?
I didn't come chasing after you!
I'm leaving for good!
Kitten! Don't be silly!
No, she's not here.
I don't know.
She left in a huff three days ago.
It was silly, I know.
But that was no reason...
on our two-month anniversary.
That's quite a while.
I had a present ready.
So did I.
She's here now, Daisy.
Where have you been?
Who were you with
these past three days?
The usual gang.
Don't pretend with me.
Look in the mirror.
- I don't see anything.
- You don't?
- And that shirt?
- That hurt!
Where did you get that shirt?
I recognize it.
of course.
Everyone knows it's Jrme's.
So what?
So what?
You're crazy!
Stop it! You're hurting me!
No, Gilbert! You brute!
Help! I'm sick of this!
So am I, you slut!
I never want to see you again!
What's going on here?
It was a dreadful scene.
Her screams could have woken
the neighborhood.
The next day I told poor Gilbert
I wouldn't put up with it,
that she wasn't
to come around again.
He understood. He didn't argue.
- Anything else?
- I don't think so.
Prosecution, any questions?
The last altercation you described
was particularly violent.
Do you know the reason behind it?
- She cheated on him right and left.
- That's not true!
I cheated on him just once,
with Jrme.
Just once?
With a good-for-nothing?
- No special reason.
Come, now!
Infidelity with all comers
is a way of life.
But when a faithful woman
lapses just once,
there must be a more solid reason.
What was it?
A moment of weakness?
You lost your head?
- Over Jrme?
- No?
Then what was it?
It just sort of happened.
We were in my room.
He was wearing this great shirt.
I tried it on
and wouldn't give it back.
We tussled a bit and...
- And he let you keep it?
- It was the least he could do.
Any other shirts
catch your eye after that?
- What do you think I am?
- A liar.
You never loved Gilbert!
That alone explains
your constant infidelity.
Eighteen months of investigation
have turned up this one instance,
and she volunteered
the information herself!
She led a free and easy life -
But is she on trial
for promiscuity or murder?
You're the one pleading
a crime of passion.
Give that up
and I'll renounce my case.
But let her play
the grieving lover? No!
She flouted Gilbert's love too often.
- Gilbert's love?
Let's talk about "Gilbert's love."
Madame, you said
you gave Gilbert a choice:
Dominique or the room.
That's right.
And without hesitation
he chose the room.
- That didn't stop him from seeing her.
- But only on the sly.
- It sufficed for what he wanted.
- There we agree! Thank you!
Thank you, madame.
Next witness.
Ludovic Toussaint.
Name, age, and occupation.
Ludovic Toussaint,
30 years old, restaurant owner.
You swear
you're not related to the accused
and that you'll tell the whole truth?
Raise your right hand.
- I swear.
- We'll proceed with your testimony.
How did you meet the accused?
She needed a job.
Her father had cut her off.
Parents are ingrates. They ditch you
when they've had enough of you.
- I have to do something!
- What can you do?
It's not her fault,
and I love her for it.
Well, that won't feed her.
The man should support her.
- I hope to later on, but meanwhile...
- Exactly.
"Candy shop seeks salesgirl."
- "References required."
- "Under presser."
- What's that?
I'll explain.
"Salesgirl, lingerie.
Neatly dressed."
With these clothes?
"Qualified... specialized...
Wanted: young girl
with nice figure and pretty face.
- Who asked you?
- I need a hatcheck girl.
I'm serious. my girl's sick.
- Where?
- The Sputnik. Know it?
We'll drop you a line.
- What's wrong?
- I forbid you to take it.
Charlie, hand me a chair.
- Nice shoes!
- Idiot!
- Where'd you get the diamonds?
- More like rhinestones!
- Hold these.
- Is this any way to live?
You kidding?
I can make a living
without getting up early!
I work during the day.
We never see each other.
We always have dinner together,
and I'm off Tuesday.
- If that's enough for you, perfect!
- Hatcheck girl!
Bundle up tight.
- If I catch cold, will you nurse me?
- I promise.
I feel feverish already.
- You think that's funny?
- I have to be nice to get tips.
- Charming.
- What's the harm?
You get them excited
and let them paw you.
Two hundred francs buys a smile.
It's disgusting.
What do I get for 500?
Whatever you like.
What I'd really like
is to slap you good!
Hey, over here!
Your buddy's starting
to get on my nerves.
Camels over there.
- You'll lock up, right?
- Will do, boss.
- You look beat. Want a ride?
- I better not.
- Where do you live?
- Rue Antoine Dubois.
- Get in.
- okay.
She'll go far, that girl.
- Do you have to?
- You don't like it?
It's not that.
But I love Gilbert.
Is it serious?
All right.
I'm kind of involved myself.
Too involved, in fact.
Quit grumbling. You're ruining
our one free night together.
Our life together is ruined anyway.
Because I work at the Sputnik?
It's not just your work.
It's you too.
All the men ogle you!
- That's not my fault.
Last night wasn't your fault?
I'm 20!
These legs love to dance!
- Not with me.
- You don't know how.
- Well, not the cha-cha.
- or rock.
Then teach me!
You really want me to?
We'll go to a great place tonight.
- Hold on.
Not tonight.
I'm rehearsing.
You do it on purpose!
One week it's for your grant,
then your mother, and now rehearsal.
The hall's free tonight.
So am I! You choose!
Don't make me choose!
There are 40 people waiting
to give their all for me.
You understand, don't you?
Just one evening!
I just can't.
Not like that!
Just the two of you.
Now you're late.
We'll stay till 4:00 a.m. if we have to!
That's it!
once more.
One measure before 13.
You've caught a bad cold.
That hall was freezing,
and they rehearsed till 3:00.
- You should have left.
- You don't know Gilbert.
He'd have thrown a fit.
- So let him.
I just couldn't.
He's so happy
when he's conducting.
He doesn't give a damn about others.
He's all selfish ambition.
No, Gilbert's a great guy.
There were times last night
when I forgot everything.
- You fell asleep.
- You think I'm a simpleton.
I happen to like
classical music sometimes.
Then if he's busy next Tuesday,
I'll take you somewhere.
Strictly as friends.
Really? Where?
The mass in D.
It can't have just disappeared!
Sure you lost it here?
It's not at the hotel.
I've looked everywhere:
my room, the lobby,
the rehearsal hall.
It has to be here.
- maybe you lost it in the street.
- Impossible.
- How do you know?
I just do!
You're getting on my nerves!
Keep looking!
Check behind the bar.
We have to find it.
- Lost something?
It looks like one foot is blind.
- Did you look through the sawdust?
- I'd have noticed it for sure.
Paulette, is Dominique here?
- Up here.
- Look what I found.
Guess where I found it.
On the sidewalk outside.
Isn't she lucky!
- I'm coming.
- Get a move on.
The door.
What are you doing here?
Bravo! Adding the boss
to your collection?
- You've got a warped mind!
- Screw you!
- Don't be a fool!
- That's just what I've been,
while you two run around together!
- I give her a ride one night -
- Every night.
- What of it?
- Save your breath.
I oughta punch you good,
but I don't care anymore.
- Let him go!
- No, it's not fair!
- This is stupid!
- Don't touch me!
I haven't done anything wrong.
I love you!
You're lying.
You're just one big lie.
Don't look at me like that.
Now I see you for what you are,
and it isn't pretty!
You're wrong!
I can explain the whole thing.
- Enough lies.
- You can't walk away!
I certainly can. I'm free!
Free and glad of it.
So thanks and good night!
You've got it all wrong!
Too bad!
- You really mean it?
- You bet I do.
I'm fed up with your pathetic lies.
Well, I'm fed up too.
I've done nothing wrong
these past three months!
If you want to leave, go!
- The bastard!
- You said it.
- Where to now?
- Anywhere... just to show him!
- Saint-Eustache?
- Let's go.
But of course you didn't go
to Saint-Eustache.
No, I took Dominique
to Montmartre for a nightcap.
And you ended up
at the Htel Radio.
Yes, Your Honor.
It seems the accused took
the breakup in stride.
No, she was furious and wanted revenge.
I was wrong to go along.
You seized the occasion.
Believable enough.
However, your employees say
you were already lovers.
Not true.
I'll make mincemeat of this guy.
Did this sudden affair end there?
You didn't try to see her again?
I called a few times,
but I was always told she was ill.
I only saw her later,
when she returned to the Sputnik.
And during this period in question?
I ran into her now and then,
but that's all.
Prosecution, any questions?
You've stated that
the whole time in your employ,
she seemed to be truly in love.
She worshipped Gilbert.
Yet other witnesses
have spoken of violent fights.
Gilbert always started them.
- For no reason?
- He always found one.
An overly generous tip,
a joke, a smile.
He even criticized her
for working nights.
He should have provided for her.
- Perhaps he lacked the means.
He could have found a way,
but no.
When she needed shoes once,
she starved for a week to buy them.
Note that this is the first time
Gilbert Tellier has been depicted
as cruel and stingy
and Dominique Marceau
as faithful and loving. So be it.
Your relations with the accused explain
but do not excuse your attitude.
One small detail.
When questioned about Dominique,
did you mention your night
at the Htel Radio?
Yes or no?
No. I didn't think
it mattered at the moment.
I see.
You didn't think it mattered
until you were confronted
with the hotel register.
So when you say now
she wasn't your lover
the night that Gilbert
found you two together,
I wonder if there's a fuller truth
that "doesn't matter" at the moment.
I don't argue with liars.
We clearly differ there.
Let's consider this "friendship."
One day you run
into a lovely but penniless girl.
You offer her a job,
expecting no reward?
I don't exploit the down-and-out.
Yet a few weeks later you asked her,
in a "friendly" way, to be your lover.
She refused. I wasn't upset.
On the contrary,
you two got along even better.
Gilbert makes scenes at your club,
embarrassing your clientele.
You ignore them in a "friendly" way.
Then one day you drive off
with the accused in the early hours,
in a "friendly" way, of course!
She was tired.
I drove her home.
Do you drive all your staff home?
It was on my way.
What are friends for, right?
But why keep it from Gilbert?
- He might have misunderstood.
- No doubt.
So he had no reason
to suspect you.
Yet late one night he's lurking
outside the Sputnik -
a friendly joke, no doubt -
and suddenly breaks up with her!
For no reason, it seems.
- I've already answered under oath.
And oaths clearly mean
so much to you!
Hand me that.
"Ludovic Toussaint, age 30."
That is you, right?
Your earlier oath:
"I solemnly swear I never had
sexual relations with Dominique Marceau
either before or after
her breakup with Gilbert Tellier.
That is the honest truth."
That "honest truth"
under oath was a lie.
Surely you understand.
Oh, we all understand, sir!
Silence! Defense?
Let's forget the rhetoric
and reason this out.
Counsel says your affair with Dominique
was already long-standing.
But in that case, she'd have
broken up with you or Gilbert...
but not both simultaneously!
She simply couldn't face you again,
having given in to you in a moment
of weakness, to her regret.
The following day
she starts holing up in her room
and burying herself
in her grief and sorrow.
- She doesn't try to speak to Gilbert?
- Of course not!
She longs to see him
but doesn't dare call him.
She feels guilty about the night
with Mr. Toussaint.
She doesn't know where to turn.
She wishes she were ill.
Still in bed?
I think it's the flu.
But nervous breakdowns
can prove costly.
- Where are your coats?
- I sold everything.
Summer vacation arrives,
but Dominique stays put.
Daisy is in the States,
and a foreign girl
has taken her place.
I've paid two months' rent now.
It's all right. I understand.
I wish you could stay, but -
Keep my trunk.
No use lugging it around the streets.
Here's for a roll and a coffee.
A small coffee.
Thanks, Jrme.
A coffee with cream.
- How you doin'?
- Not great.
You're in bad shape.
Too much sleeping around.
I slept at the station last night,
and tonight looks grim too.
My place is out.
The owner has it in for you.
- What about your place?
- You're a real pain.
I know.
You can stay tonight.
But find another sucker tomorrow.
You got 300 francs?
I won't fall for that, honey.
Then drop dead.
You're going about it all wrong.
Gimme that.
You enjoy sleeping
on park benches?
See the guy with glasses?
He's a Yank.
Came to Paris for a good time.
You could help him out.
Probably has a room with bath.
Good evening.
may I?
- Get a load of you!
- How was your Yank?
I just saw him off at Orly.
- That was quick.
- Four days were enough.
- Did he leave you some dollars?
- No, but I have his room.
Dominique, come here.
Where have you been?
- At the Mondova.
They were looking all over for you.
Your father had an accident.
How horrible!
The funeral home
should have removed all this.
I'll call them.
Dear Lord, it's like a hurricane
came through here!
Go upstairs and rest.
I'll tidy up.
No, I'll stay to the bitter end.
It's so unfair.
my poor Marcel, so good and kind.
What will I do without him?
mother, you managed well enough
without him for years!
That wasn't my choice!
When I married an officer,
I didn't realize...
No one's blaming you!
That's all I need now!
Drink this.
Don't be sad, mother. I'm here.
Thank God I still have you,
my only comfort.
But for how long?
You're getting married soon.
Not for many months.
And you'll come visit us often.
Annie's engaged?
You're engaged?
To Gilbert Tellier.
They'll make music together,
have a few kids,
live happily ever after.
The Prodigy and miss Perfect,
a match made by the muses.
It'd make a prize-winning novel.
But he doesn't love her!
He couldn't possibly!
What do you care?
Calm down.
Your face is all puffy.
- I cried all night.
- Because of Gilbert?
No, because I've grown old.
Just like that?
From young girl to old woman.
Christ! You've started to actually think!
When did this happen?
On the train coming back.
Trains are bad news.
Hey, don't start feeling bad
about the past!
- He was my youth.
- So was I!
more than that creep!
You never understood him.
I admit it took me a while.
But you nailed him right off
as "a pompous ass."
- I said that?
- You mocked him constantly.
Were you under the bed
or something?
You're telling me what I said?
I may be a liar,
but I have an excellent memory.
You're saying
I wasn't mad about Gilbert?
What about Louvier?
I'd forgotten all about him.
Which proves
only Gilbert mattered!
Who are you kidding?
Dominique was sincere...
not one of these society ladies
in their mink coats
juggling husband and lover
while they moralize to others.
- Confine your remarks to the accused!
- Another good witness self-destructs.
Dominique spurned
the hypocritical morality of our parents.
That's why she's here.
You're all older.
You wouldn't understand.
She should be judged
by young people.
Right or wrong, we think differently.
The little jerk!
The witness -
Counsel, I'm asking the questions!
Your Honor, the witness has
a somewhat literary style -
We may not understand young people,
but we do understand French.
So you maintain
that Dominique was in deep despair
after her father's funeral,
knowing she'd lost Gilbert forever?
Yes, Your Honor. I realized then
that she'd never stopped loving him.
- Prosecution?
- No questions.
Perhaps I'm too simple
and lack your literary flair,
but when I don't understand something,
I require clarification.
You seem intelligent,
though I could be wrong.
I'm not?
Good. Then you can explain.
You said you realized then
that she'd never stopped loving him.
But for that,
one must first be in love, right?
Did it seem like love
at first sight between them?
Not right off. But later -
Let me help you.
When she refused
to sleep with him?
When she preferred
to go off with the biker?
When she made
a fool of him with Ludovic?
When she broke up with him?
When she turned to prostitution?
No? Then when?
But she came back to him!
When she discovered
he was marrying the sister she hated.
- They didn't get along, but -
- But what?
If Dominique loved Gilbert,
nothing adds up.
From the moment they meet,
she calls him a pompous ass!
That's very odd.
Then three lovers,
one after the other.
Very odd for a woman in love.
And after their breakup...
a woman truly in love would call
or do anything to see Gilbert again!
She did nothing!
You think that's normal?
And this went on for six months.
Six months of spinelessness...
of debauchery...
of silence.
Then suddenly
she can't live without him,
so she finds a gun
and rushes to him.
It makes no sense to me!
Whereas if Dominique
hated her sister...
and was determined
to take Gilbert from her,
it all makes sense.
When they first met,
she was lounging in bed,
provocatively, indecently.
He wasn't her type, but she wanted
to steal him from Annie.
It all falls in place.
She strings him along
and only yields to him
when it looks like
he might go back to Annie.
Barely dressed, she rushes
to the conservatory. Why?
To announce
the big news to her sister
and present her
with the irrefutable facts!
It all fits perfectly.
With Annie now
out of the picture for good,
why bother any further with Gilbert,
the annoying bore?
She cheats on him...
she leaves him...
she forgets him.
It's all quite clear.
But in a sudden dramatic turn,
Gilbert and Annie are reunited!
Annie has forgiven him,
and they're engaged.
Has Annie won...
leaving Dominique powerless
against their happiness?
No, there's still one way
to tear them apart.
And she uses it.
Perhaps I'm too simple
and lack your dramatic flair,
but when I don't understand
something, etc., etc.
So you want the witness's opinion
of this jumble of hypotheses?
- It's idiotic.
- There's your answer!
In all seriousness...
when Gilbert and Dominique met,
did she make the first advances?
No, he ran after her.
Wouldn't leave her alone.
- Why this ardent courtship?
- He wanted to sleep with her.
He wanted to sleep with her!
Once he got what he wanted,
was he tender and attentive?
I couldn't say.
He kept her out of circulation,
locked away.
So this flighty, fickle, and independent
Dominique we've heard about
suddenly sacrificed everything
for this self-centered
careerist drudge.
She stayed at his side,
putting up with months
of boredom and sermons
and even violence,
as was reported.
Why? For money?
- He never gave her a cent.
- Then why?
- She loved him, obviously.
I'm glad you said it.
And after the breakup,
who was depressed? Him?
I know you didn't see him
because he was busy.
But she was miserable,
wasn't she?
She was a sorry sight,
moping around all day...
like a zombie.
I was waiting for him.
I was sure
he couldn't have forgotten.
I didn't dare tell anyone.
But you understand, Michel!
Go on, tell them!
Why do you never believe me?
I should know, after all.
I spent nights crying my eyes out.
So you say, but you provide
no proof of your desperate hopes.
One even wonders why
you would cherish such wild hopes.
- His datebook.
- What datebook?
There's been no mention
of a datebook.
"Gilbert Tellier Ensemble seeks
oboist and bass player for tour."
See that? He moved.
Thinks he's made it.
A few provincial tours and he thinks
he's Toscanini, the swellhead!
Not much to swell in there.
Lend me your pen.
Who's there?
Say something, for God's sake!
It's you?
What do you want?
You know what time it is?
Three o'clock.
You show up in the middle
of the night... for nothing?
Then good-bye.
Let me come in just for a minute.
All right. One minute.
What's all this about?
I told you: nothing.
I just wanted to see you,
to hear you.
Well, you've seen me and heard me.
What now?
Don't you understand?
I love you!
It feels so good to be with you.
I've been so unhappy!
Forgive me.
Forgive me for disturbing you,
for being what I am.
Forgive me for everything,
for the past.
You haven't changed.
Still beautiful...
- It's not true!
lying, amoral...
shameless, indecent!
- It's not true!
- Yes, it is!
I'm glad you are what you are.
Thank you for coming here.
Dominique, please hurry up.
I'm late.
Sorry, darling. I didn't know.
I've been telling you
for half an hour.
I'll be ready in three minutes.
You'll see.
Where shall we meet tonight?
Right here?
- Not here or anywhere.
- What?
I said not here or anywhere.
Not because of her, I hope!
It's much simpler than that.
You know, kitten...
I suffered a lot because of you.
That night with Ludovic...
I thought I'd die.
I buried myself in my work.
I forgot you
a little bit more every day...
but something still remained...
as if I were hoping
for what happened last night.
But it's morning now...
and I see clearly.
- You don't love me anymore.
I don't think I ever did.
I can't help it.
I'm sorry.
No hysterics, please!
Don't look like that.
It's not the end of the world.
Get back!
Give her some room!
- What happened?
- She tried to kill herself.
- No, I didn't.
- Are you okay?
A pretty girl like you -
I'd never forgive myself.
I'll need your name
and address for my report.
Listen carefully, madame.
The accused maintains
she visited your tenant
in the early hours of December 9...
and stayed from 3:00 a.m.
to approximately 10:00 a.m.
Not true.
Reflect carefully, madame.
This is important.
If, as the accused says,
the victim welcomed her
and, shall we say,
lavished affection upon her
before so casually
sending her packing,
the claim it was a crime of passion
may have some merit.
If not, matters will appear
in a very different light.
No one will reproach you
if you were mistaken.
I'm positive.
The front door opens
automatically at night?
Yes, but everyone must announce
themselves or else I come out.
You're sure you weren't asleep
or momentarily distracted?
It's never happened in ten years.
I see.
And you didn't see the accused
leave around 10:30 a.m.?
Definitely not. A neighbor does
my shopping for me in the morning,
so I never leave my post.
Not even for an instant!
You needn't make that face.
I'm a honest woman.
An honest woman
whose testimony makes me wonder.
If you have any doubts,
let's hear them.
I do indeed,
but I'll leave them for later.
Do they involve
the bus driver we heard from?
We're coming to that.
madame, the same morning
that you claim you did not see
Dominique Marceau
leave your building...
a previous witness nearly ran over her
on rue Docteur Barbier.
His official report reads as follows:
"On December 9, at 10:47 a.m.,
outside 3 rue Docteur Barbier,
a young woman was almost..." etc.
You understand what that means?
Come, now!
It makes one thing quite certain:
The accused
was outside No. 3 at 10:47,
so her claim to have left No. 9
shortly before that seems plausible.
You have to admit that.
So nothing escapes
your watchful eye, does it?
By day you're at your post.
By night you sleep with one eye open.
It's my job.
I was curious enough to send
someone to visit this fortress.
To forestall any objections,
I had my colleague accompanied
by an officer of the court.
Here is her rather surprising report.
It seems the fortress
was undefended.
"On November 28, accompanied
by an officer of the court..." etc., etc.
"We arrive at 10:00 a.m.
The concierge is not in.
Her office is closed.
On January 7, at 9:30 a.m.,
we find a note on her door:
'Back in a minute.'
No tenant was able to inform us...
when the concierge might return.
On march 6...
at 3:00 a.m...
the front door opens automatically.
We do not identify ourselves.
We fumble around a good while
to find the light switch.
We climb up to the sixth floor
and back down
and leave the building undetected."
Some people have a lot of nerve!
We were never made aware of this.
Prosecutor, I'm surprised
you didn't think of doing it yourself.
You have the entire
criminal division at your disposal.
Allow me to stress the confidential
nature of these proceedings.
You mustn't be hasty in drawing conclusions
from this information.
It merely proves that
the accused was on that street.
Any claim she entered the building
is mere hypothesis.
Anything that makes the prosecution
squirm is a "hypothesis"!
The prosecutor has been forbearing
in his choice of terms.
Your client's shameless lying
is hardly a "hypothesis."
on December 9, the day
after this supposed night of love,
Gilbert went to meet Annie,
and we know exactly where they went.
We went to city hall
to publish our marriage banns.
Any further disturbance
and I'll clear the court!
We'd meant to do it earlier,
but Gilbert was so busy.
He was rehearsing for television.
He was tired and worried.
But that morning
he came rushing in.
He clasped me tightly
in his arms and said...
"my darling,
we've put this off too long.
We were made for each other.
We'll grow old together."
Now that's all gone.
Why did you do it? Why?
I didn't mean to. I loved him!
You've never loved
anyone but yourself!
- I'd give my life for -
- Silence!
Your conduct is intolerable.
please try to control your grief
and be as candid as you can.
Did Gilbert give any hint
in the weeks preceding the crime
that he had seen
the accused again?
No, and he hid nothing from me.
He wasn't about to tell you that.
I swear he took me in his arms
as he had before.
It's not true!
It was all over between them.
Gilbert told me many times...
"I'm glad to be rid of her."
He'd never say such a thing!
I may be worthless,
but you frighten me, Annie.
You're lying because your pride is hurt.
You're heartless!
No! I came here thinking
I might help you,
because I pity you.
But Gilbert was too decent
and upright to do what you say.
I'm afraid my sister is lying.
- Why would I make it up?
- To hurt me! You're jealous!
Jealous? Of whom? Of what?
Take a good look at yourself!
He and I were what mattered,
not you!
- He was marrying me!
- To darn his socks!
One more outburst
and I'll have you removed!
It was true love.
We were happy like she'll never be.
She killed him
so that I'd never be happy!
She had every man she wanted.
All I had was him.
You never did have him!
He never made love to you once!
Remove the accused!
He made love to me a thousand times!
Shut up! You killed him!
It was me I meant to kill!
me, not him!
- Smells good.
- Smells like sauerkraut.
Enjoy. It's the last can.
- I forgot my cigarettes.
- Look in my purse.
You go all out, don't you?
A Walther PPK,
full metal jacket bullets.
A little present for myself.
My noose.
You've got ambition.
But suicide isn't that easy.
I speak from experience.
It takes planning,
imagination, and talent.
To pull a trigger?
That's for amateurs.
You look like hell
when they find you.
Who gives a damn?
Just proves you have no clue.
I've rehearsed my suicide
down to the last detail.
But you're not dead.
No, but almost.
I was on a chair
with the noose in place.
Then I looked in the mirror.
- You chickened out.
No, I thought it over.
I knew my little act would be a flop.
- A flop?
When the audience arrives,
the actor's already left the stage.
Suicide is for yourself, not others.
Wrong! It's always a protest
against an individual or community.
If you never see their faces,
what's the point?
You're right.
There should be a witness.
Hey, I won't be your audience!
I wasn't thinking of you.
Come on, let's eat.
You're right.
Suicide only has an impact
when the person's healthy.
So it was you who warned Gilbert
that his ex was armed
and out to kill him?
But how did you know?
You didn't know her.
Jrme Lamy told me
to warn Gilbert.
I call Jrme Lamy.
He already explained he was simply
repeating a remark by Michel Delaunay.
Michel Delaunay,
up to the stand, please.
Let's not rehash the entire inquest!
All this bears very strongly
on the question of premeditation.
Mr. Delaunay, were you aware
the accused intended to commit murder?
Absolutely not.
I only knew she'd bought
a gun to kill herself.
And you allowed
your suicidal friend to keep a gun?
Suicide had become a common topic
of conversation between us.
I'd kept a noose around for years.
She seemed intrigued by the idea.
So you never took
the threat seriously?
No, and I was wrong.
But if talk of murder never came up,
why did you warn the victim?
- I never warned anyone.
- Mr. Lamy?
Didn't Mr. Delaunay
mention it to you?
No... at least not directly.
He was talking to some friends.
He said Dominique was armed
and might do something foolish.
I thought she might use it on herself,
and that's what I told Andr.
Adding that Gilbert should be cautious,
though you both imagined suicide.
What's wrong?
- I don't like this talk of suicide.
- It's all bluff.
You never know
what might happen...
when a girl carries a gun around.
You're cheerful!
You sure she's not angry?
I admit she can't be very happy
that I'm marrying her sister.
See? You have to be careful.
You're not going out.
We'll eat here.
- There's nothing to eat.
- I'll buy something.
It's going to rain.
I'll make it fast.
- Where can I buy some wine?
- Ask the concierge.
Take this, idiot.
Weren't expecting me, huh?
How long are you going
to keep up this game?
make up your mind.
I see.
Listen, do me a favor
and just go away quietly.
I've had enough drama and tantrums.
It's all over!
That's right!
It's over for good!
Don't worry.
I won't bother you again.
I've suffered enough.
I'm worn out.
I'm going to leave you
in peace for ever.
Right, your impending "suicide."
Well, I don't buy it!
Pathetic loser.
And to think I thought
you were so wonderful!
You're just a pathetic creep!
To kill myself over you!
Who are you kidding?
In the six months we lived together,
you cheated all the time.
One day we both said, "Enough!"
Now you decide
I'm the man of your dreams
and you want
to kill yourself over me!
All I can say is
you've gotta be fuckin' kidding!
I can't help it if I love you.
You're lying! You're just trying
to ruin my life again.
Just go, will you? Right now!
Beat it.
Go on, or I'll throw you out.
Get the hell out of here, damn it!
What the hell did I do
to deserve this?
You're crazy.
You're sick.
I'll never bother you again.
Here we go again!
You really are dense!
I've had enough of your crap!
I've had enough!
I never want to see you again!
You make me vomit!
I've had it up to here!
If you want to die,
just get it over with!
my job was not to determine
the order of the shots
but only to examine the wounds.
The first shot was fatal,
striking the posterior thoracic wall
and puncturing the right lung,
causing severe hemorrhaging.
Go on, Doctor.
I was saying, the bullet struck
the posterior thoracic wall,
penetrating the right lung
and causing severe
intrapleural hemorrhaging.
That means it entered here
and I found it here.
The second bullet was also fatal...
- There were six!
- If he keeps going, you're sunk.
...the hairline
at a slight downward angle...
passed through the right hemisphere
and lodged at the base of the skull...
resulting in damage to the brain.
None of this is contested!
my client admits she fired the shots!
Dr. de Girard is simply giving
his postmortem report.
Which has already been accepted!
Six bullets, three of them fatal.
We don't need
every technical detail and trajectory!
What matters is the human truth!
Gurin's laying it on thick.
What do we do?
The accused has never denied
causing the wounds.
What she denies
is any intent to kill Tellier.
You don't insist on a full report?
Anything you wish to add?
As the court wishes.
- We thank you.
- What about me?
Despite my respect and admiration
for the prosecution,
I must beg to differ.
The accused should
be made to clarify
certain points.
She admits she fired the shots.
And no further discussion?
How convenient!
She's lost all memory
of that horrendous scene.
So let's just forget all about it,
is that it?
Your Honor, might the accused
come down before the jury
to act out the scene
and thus see if technical details
and trajectories accord
with the "human truth"?
Bring the accused down.
This exhibition
hardly seems compatible
with the gravity and dignity
of these proceedings.
Counsel, I decide
regarding decorum here.
And we're still far from the truth.
I'm not seeking to influence the jury,
but they're entitled to the truth.
Your client claims she intended
to kill herself in front of Gilbert,
but as tempers rose,
she lost her head.
Let's try to verify that.
You were less timid
when it was for real.
How did you hold the gun?
That's how you planned
to kill yourself?
No, first like this.
And the bullets hit Gilbert?
I see!
You're confusing her!
She doesn't understand.
Then let's begin at the beginning.
Was Gilbert far from you?
Here? Like this?
Facing you, of course.
I don't remember.
- The bullet fired facing him...
- Entered here and exited here.
So that was fired from above.
So Gilbert was already falling?
- Most likely.
- So it wasn't the first shot.
The only bullet fired horizontally...
that is, while he was still standing...
hit him here!
She said she doesn't remember!
Why all this melodrama?
She fired in a fit of anger -
from whatever angle you like!
No, not what I like!
Facts are facts!
And they prove you lied twice.
You never mentioned
suicide to Gilbert.
He'd have taken the gun.
Anything but turn his back.
There was no discussion.
You threaten someone to his face!
He said horrible things to me!
That was all?
You're quick on the trigger...
and you don't let up.
He's on his knees,
not threatening but begging.
You shoot him again,
in the head, and he falls!
Four more shots finish him off!
Doctor, those last four shots
you were about to describe
when you were interrupted -
Their angles indicate
that the victim had fallen.
That's all.
Guard, return the prisoner
to the dock.
Doctor, the court thanks you.
I defy anyone to claim there was time
to reflect between shots.
They came out in a fusillade,
without interruption.
A hysterical woman empties the magazine.
What more do you want?
That she be honest...
and stop this nonsense
about passion and suicide!
She was found at death's door!
And just in time, as usual.
You knew martineau would return,
so there was no great risk.
I didn't think.
I rushed into the bathroom.
Just like that?
What? The man you adore
may still be alive.
But you don't even look.
You go running off.
To kill myself.
Thinking of yourself once again.
The gun was empty.
Clever of you not to save a bullet.
She wasn't counting!
You didn't jump
out the window, of course.
Too dangerous.
You preferred gas.
You knew you'd be saved.
I wanted to die!
He got her!
It was your third or fourth
failed suicide attempt.
I must say you're better at murder.
I'm finished.
You're all intellect and no heart!
To judge love
you must first be capable of love.
How dare you question
her suicide attempt!
You portray this woman
as a man-slayer, a Circe.
Can she help her looks?
men pursued her like wild game,
Gilbert above all.
Did she ever encourage him? No!
For three weeks
he pursues and hounds her.
Nothing deters him,
not even her obvious affair.
He wants her.
He has to have her!
And he takes her,
still warm from another's embrace.
You call that love?
For seven months,
all he offered her was his bed!
Every day, I grant that,
but just one hour per day.
A whole night together
might upset his routine.
But he did propose marriage!
Sure, when he risked nothing
because he was too poor!
But he forgot about marriage
when his situation improved.
In fact, they broke up. Why?
malicious gossip,
a misunderstanding left to fester,
as you yourself said!
As Gilbert's prospects improved,
Dominique became expendable.
And you call that love?
- This isn't the moment for your plea.
- Not the moment?
Is there a right moment for justice?
For months she goes hungry,
begging, even prostituting herself.
Did he lift a finger to help?
No! And you call that love!
One night she comes
to beg forgiveness.
He allows her to hope
so as to take advantage
of her once more,
then kicks her out
like a common whore.
She returns,
saying she means to kill herself,
and he dares her to do it!
And you still believe that's love?
I don't.
But Gilbert did love me!
You just don't want to admit it!
You can't bear to!
That's the only truth!
I was silly and cruel,
with flaws galore...
but he loved me anyway!
Now I'll never see him again.
Never again, you hear?
So do as you like with me!
I'm not afraid!
You sit there
in your ridiculous outfits!
You judge me,
but you've never lived or loved!
That's why you hate me -
because you're all dead!
These insults are a scandal!
And who drove her to this?
That's the scandal!
You go too far.
Your cruelty besmirches
the robe you wear.
What's that?
Gentlemen, please!
It is now 7:30.
This court is adjourned
until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.
Gurin really went after you,
and you deserved it.
Why were you so vicious
with the girl?
Because I represent
the victim's mother.
I speak for her.
If it were your son who was shot,
you'd understand.
Gentlemen, Dominique Marceau
tried to kill herself last night.
She's unable to appear in court.
I will read aloud a letter she wrote.
"Your Honor,
I must write in the dark.
If I turn on the light,
I might be seen.
I don't know
if you'll care to read this...
but I realize now
that everyone was right except me.
I was wrong all along
regarding my sister,
my mother, my teachers...
and you too.
I ask you all to forgive me."
Gilbert's mother above all.
I never loved anyone but him.
I'll never love anyone again.
It's not much of a promise,
since I'm going to die.
I swear it's true...
that I meant to die
after killing him.
I only failed because I'm so inept.
But this time I won't fail.
And if Gilbert can still see me,
he'll forgive me.
He loved me too.
We just didn't love each other
at the same time.
" the same time.
That's why he's dead now...
and I'm going to join him.
I've tried to explain-"
I've just been informed
that Dominique Marceau is dead.
I hereby declare this case dismissed.
This court is adjourned.
I'm glad I'm not in his shoes.
We will be next week:
the Moreau case.
Nasty business, huh?
Hazards of the profession...